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WDW Radio # 591 – What to Watch on Disney+ to Enhance Your Enjoyment of the Disney Parks

What to watch on Disney+ to Enhance Your Enjoyment of The Disney Parks WDW Radio 591 Lou Mongello POST

Disney+ isn’t just a great way to watch, revisit, and discover movies, series, and specials, but it also afford us the opportunity to bring the magic of the Disney Parks home. This week, we’ll share our playlist of what to watch on Disney+ when you can’t get to the Disney Parks, which is a compilation of the titles that will enhance your enjoyment, appreciation, and understanding of the parks through new and classic documentaries and films. We will then go park by park and land by land, and share what movies and series you should watch (and why), and how they connect and relate to the attractions, shows, and lands. We’ll also share some “hidden treasures” on Disney+, our personal favorites, and ask for your recommendations as well. 

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What is your favorite Disney Parks content on Disney+? What “hidden treasure” is something that shouldn’t be missed? 

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Thanks to Conor Brown from WDWOpinion.com for joining me this week!

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