“ Here’s to the future… and you!”

“Here’s to the future… and you!” ⠀

This was not only the theme song for RCA’s “Home of Future Living” (the original post-show area for the Walt Disney World version of Space Mountain), but I think it today stands as a promise to guests from the Disney Parks. ⠀

Today marks an incredible milestone in Walt Disney World history, and one that not just represents the reopening of the Magic Kingdom, but with every “Welcome home” and “Welcome back” that Cast Members greeted guests with, there was an inherent commitment to the future. That every day will be even better, that our expectations will continue be exceeded, and that when we’re in the Disney Parks, we’re with family… and home. ⠀

I am immeasurably grateful to every Walt Disney World Cast Member and executive for the monumental undertaking that took place behind the scenes to make today happen… and so flawlessly. ⠀

Guests were welcomed back with the same commitment to safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency that is the hallmark of their unparalleled service, as was evidenced by the countless smiles and tears of joy that could be seen in guests’ eyes. ⠀

THANK YOU to everyone who made today, and every day happen in Walt Disney World and the Disney Parks worldwide. ⠀

My heart is full today because of you. I may not see you on stage, but know that you are immensely appreciated. You are true makers of magic.