Through the Years… the Evolution of

We’ve come a long way, baby.

Since WDW Radio began really as an idea for a book in early 2003, everything has evolved. From original concept and intent, to the first web site at, to where we are today.

WDW Radio Disney Podcast Logo Progression Since 2007

But while things may change their look, feel and sometimes even name, the mission has always remained the same – to share the magic of Disney with you, in ways that you are most comfortable consuming it, while focusing on creating and nurturing meaningful and welcoming community.

When did YOU find or WDW Radio?

January, 2004 - Original Disney World Trivia web site
2004 - Original Forums, just days after launching. The forums would grow to over 80,000 active members over the next few years.
May, 2006 - The site has grown to multiple authors and topic areas, including news, rumors, secrets, trivia, games, photo galleries, music, and more.
2007 - became to not only reflect the focus on the podcast, but the expansion of the site, show, and brand to more than simply trivia.
February, 2007 - The original, cleaner, WDW Radio web site
This 2011 Update reflected a major "renovation" of the site, including new color scheme, design, and focus on easy access to new content.
April, 2010 Discussion Forums - Updated, and reflective of current branding.
April, 2010 - A few more tweaks to the new layout and color scheme makes it faster and easier to find what you're looking for, and new content across the site.
October, 2013 - The tabbed content browser kept new shows, articles, conversations, videos, and events front and center, using a unique, customer-built interface.
March, 2016 - A faster, more mobile-responsive redesign is faster, cleaner, and acts as a portal to the latest content on the site.
September, 2017 - Expanding on the idea of the home page being a clean "portal" to information, must of the text was removed, giving fast and easy access to content by section. and what exactly visitors want to do.


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