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Welcome to the NEW WDWRadio.com – Content, Community, and Conversation!

I told you something was coming… well, actually, some THINGS were coming.

And I am SO incredibly excited to let you know that “Now is the time, now is the best time…” and here is the next one (the first one was the completely redesigned LouMongello.com web site).

The completely redesigned LouMongello.com – Click the image to learn how I can help you through one-on-one coaching, small group masterminds, events, and as a keynote speaker

WDW Radio has been in existence (in one form or another, with its beginnings as DisneyWorldTrivia.com) since late 2003. The site has undergone much growth and many changes in terms of content (with nearly 6,000 blog posts), and new additions, including LIVE video, the Dream Team Project, Running Team, WDW Radio Nation, and much more.

And today, we turn the page to the next chapter for WDW Radio… and our community as well. Some things are new, but in many ways, they remain the same. Because tonight, I want to introduce you to the next step in the evolution of WDW Radio… a project that I have been working on for over a year.

The progression of the WDW Radio Disney podcast cover art

Please explore the completely redesigned WDWRadio.com. Built from the ground up, the interface on desktop and mobile is all-new, easy to navigate, and faster and more robust than ever. You can find more of what you’re looking for quicker and easier than before, whether you are new to the show and site, or have been here since 2003.

There are direct links to your favorite content, including now more than 600 episodes of the podcast going back to early 2007, as well as the LIVE video broadcasts, events, and shop. There’s also an updated About page, as well as an all-new Start Here page, both for new visitor as well as those who may want to find some things they may have missed before.

And as with everything I and we do, this is always a “work in progress” as I will continuously working to improve the site and experience.

The new, cleaner, WDW Radio Disney Podcast cover art

To that end, look for even more content on the blog, from our amazing team as well as new authors and topics (if you’re interested in possibly becoming a writer for the blog, or helping WDW Radio in some other way, there are a number of open positions. Please visit this page to learn more). The site, show, and live video will continue to share the worlds of Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, from the parks to the screens, and everything in between.

Of course, NONE of this is possible without YOU. WDW Radio is by, for, and with you, a valuable member of our community.

And speaking of community, there is a slight change there, too… in name only.

The “home” and name for our community has, for more than a decade, been affectionately referred to as the “Box People.” 

That name came from when I first started LIVE broadcasting from my laptop back in 2007. Live streaming was in its infancy, and when someone asked me at an event who I was talking to on my computer, I pointed to my laptop and referred to people watching “inside the box.” The name stuck, and The Box People were born.

As I have said since the very beginning, I may have “built the clubhouse, but it’s YOU that populates it.”

I am never concerned with trying to be the biggest community out there, and in fact, I never look at “the numbers” or for massive growth, because I am more concerned about the people who are already here! But to that point, the numbers DO matter, because I know and appreciate that every single number represents a person on the other side… a person that I am grateful for and care about. 

So know and remember that this is always your home… wherever it may be. And like your home, I want you to:

  • – please invite your friends into it
  • – know that you are safe here
  • – remember that you are among family
  • – know you always have a seat at the table
  • – share with others 
  • – make yourself comfortable (and grab a snack)
  • – talk about whatever is on your mind
  • – be respectful of others
  • – have fun!!!

I want you to call this group and community your home, invite your friends, play, share, and live here… and that’s why I think that name is so appropriate. Wherever it may live, be it on our Facebook Group or eventually somewhere else, YOU are the community… and this is our Clubhouse. And with that, the WDW Radio Clubhouse will be the new name for our Facebook Group (but you’ll ALWAYS be a member of the “Box People”).

So that’s it… for now, anyway. I have a few other “irons in the fire” and projects I’ve been secretly working on and will reveal to you soon.

In the meantime, I want you to know that everything I do, I do for YOU. And all I asking return is that you continue to enjoy the show and site, please help SPREAD THE WORD and invite others to join the community and listen to the show, and, as always (and most importantly) you #ChooseTheGood, and be a shining light and example for others. Positivity is contagious.

THANK YOU for making WDW Radio your home, and for all that you have done for me.. and each other. I love and appreciate you. If you need anything at all, just ask me, OK?



P.S. Remember when I said that “some things were coming?” I’m not finished just yet… Stay tuned.