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Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew coming to Disney Springs

The forecast for Disney Springs looks delicious, with intervals of thick icing downpours, and scattered showers of a rainbow of toppings headed to the West Side.

Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew, located near Splitsville, will be a new quick-serve concept created for guests strolling the promenade in Disney Springs.

“We like to say our little oasis of indulgences is going to be where ‘Happiness is Glazed Daily,’” says Mark Gibson, co-owner of Everglazed. “The menu will be full of sweet surprises and a unique spot for guests wanting a quick treat, cold brew or nitro-infused chilled coffee.”

With more than 10 billion donuts made in the U.S. annually, these artisanal rings of dough are the crown jewels of comfort food. Everglazed will be specializing in hand-crafted donuts featuring mouthwatering yeast and cake donuts with an assortment of cold brew latte’s and coffee cocktails and a few sweet yet savory sandwich bites that will be a feast for guests’ eyes as well as their palates.

The design of the building is a unique spin on a classic donut shop. It will feature graphic pops of color indoor, iconic signage, and outdoor seating in the “donut garden.” An added culinary experience unfolds in front of you through the windows of the exposed kitchen where guests can watch hot and fresh donuts being made daily.

“The humble donut has truly become a global phenomenon. The fried circle of dough is a simple concoction with the ability to showcase chef-inspired flavors and toppings,” says Guy Revelle, co-owner of Everglazed. “We can’t wait to offer guests at Disney Springs our robust menu of sweet delights, but you are officially warned: We spoke to your diet – and it’s taking some time off when we open our doors.”