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Gotta Go Back to 1985! (Video – Kids of the Kingdom)

Dan Mulka (Co-Editor) — The year is 1985, and on stage at the Magic Kingdom is a group of young singers, dancers, and musicians. They entertain groups of young and old alike with songs from Disney soundtracks. They are the Kids of the Kingdom.

I’m five years old, singing along, smiling as each new song comes on, accompanied by new characters as well. I’m joined by my family (mom, dad, and older brother) and our close family friends that we referred to as our aunt, uncle, and two cousins.

The video itself is digitized from an old Betamax tape. My uncle and father operated this two-person camera, which they borrowed from work. One held the camera, one held the battery pack. (You’ll notice a stop and battery change mid-Mary Poppins in the embedded video).

The Kids of the Kingdom were billed as the “swingiest” new attraction at Disneyland in the late 1960s. Buena Vista Records released an album featuring the young singing stars in 1968. The Kids ran from 1981-2001 in the Magic Kingdom

A special shout out to all of the entertainment works recently laid off at the parks. Our hearts are with you and we know you’ll be back on stage soon!

Video Credit: Dan Mulka Personal Collection