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Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs Presents Toki Tuesdays in November

Morimoto Asia presents “Toki Tuesdays!” The intimate evening of authentic Japanese style street food was inspired by the sweet and savory ready-to-eat dishes sold by outdoor vendors along the open air markets of Japan. Hosted by Executive Chef Yuhi Fujinaga, Toki Tuesdays will take place on November 10 and November 17. 

Limited to only 30 tickets per night, the exclusive and socially distanced dining experience will adhere to the restaurant’s Dine Safe: Commitment to Care protocol with predetermined seating at individual tables and will operate in accordance to all local and state regulations. Held on the second floor of Morimoto Asia from [8:30] to 9:30 p.m., guests will be privy to an impressive lineup of menu items and beverages that celebrate the flavors of Japan.

Featuring classic recipes with a unique flair, attendees can expect everything from spicy beef miso ramen to seasoned octopus fritters. Tickets are $42++ a person and the price will include your first drink. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Four stations will feature the following authentic Japanese street food:

  • Takoyaki – Octopus fritters with okonomi sauce, bonito, nori, pickled ginger
  • Okonomiyaki – Osaka style savory pancake with pork belly, cabbage, Japanese mayo
  • Yakitori – Grilled chicken skewers, chicken meat ball skewers
  • Ramen – Spicy beef miso ramen, scallions, corn, beansprouts, sesame