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Very Merry Memories — Felicia & Sean

The holidays are such a special time of year, from yearly traditions to being with loved ones. While this year’s celebration may look very different for so many people, one thing remains constant and that’s the role Disney has played in my Holiday celebrations.

For me, the biggest memory I have of Disney at the holidays is getting engaged. December 6, 2010 was the most amazing day…cold…but amazing. We were literally wearing our entire suitcase because Florida was in a cold snap and it was 40 degrees every day we were there. But if getting engaged wasn’t enough, add to it the holiday décor, the Osborne lights, the overall feeling of the season. It’s absolutely magical and every year I go back to that moment. Whether we’re in the park or not, just looking at those photos brings me right back. Also, we always have cinnamon buns on that day to celebrate our engagement because right after he put a ring on it, we celebrated with a cinnamon bun from the Main Street Bakery. I can’t eat a cinnamon bun now without thinking of that moment.

After we got married, we incorporated Disney into our yearly holiday traditions. Our tree, which started with just five ornaments our first year as husband and wife, is now full of Disney ornaments. We get a commemorative ornament every year we go to the parks and added to it at least four or five ornaments each year. Not to mention, our lawn is full of Disney blow-up lawn ornaments. I was reluctant at first to get any…they really aren’t my aesthetic, but my husband thought it would be fun, so I agreed. It turns out he was right. We have a nice mix of Mickey and Minnie and Star Wars, but we always angle the Mickey and Minnie ones to face a house that’s diagonal from us because they have two little ones who are Disney fans as well. They love seeing Mickey and Minnie looking at them through their window.