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The Meat of the Month – December 2020

My name is Dan Mulka, and you may know me from the WDW Radio Hall of Fame. I’ve come up with something even bigger – which we’re introducing today.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Meat of the Month.

That’s right, meat with an a. For carnivores like myself, whether its steak, chicken, fish, pork, or any type of meal – it’s the best part of the meal. Who needs dessert when you have a beautifully cooked Filet Mignon, with perfect grill marks that cuts just like butter.

Since this is Lou’s web site, I figured that it’s only fitting that the first ever Meat of the Month be from The Boathouse. The Boathouse is owned by the Gibson’s Restaurant Group, which has several restaurants in the Chicago area. Having lived in Chicago for a number of years (and currently in the Chicago suburbs), the name Gibson’s is synonymous for steak. Its iconic Rush Street location is a must-dine. 

You’re going to be surprised that I’m actually designating the December 2020 Meat of the Month to be the Filet Sliders from The Boathouse. My 2016 post-WDW Marathon Meal was the NY Strip, and the main Filet itself is heavenly. 

Well, first of all … I wanted to use this photo of my son. That’s reason number 1.  (We didn’t let him have the sandwich, we just thought it’d be a fun photo to send to Lou).

And second of all … this is my power tip. You get two filet sliders and fries for $14. There really isn’t a rule that says you can’t order two sets of two. (Now, this works perfectly if you have someone that can take some of the “double fries” off your hands). It’s not a perfect translation to a Petite Filet … but it never hurts to save a buck.

Make sure to check out The Boathouse menu at https://www.theboathouseorlando.com/menu/ or https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/disney-springs/boathouse-restaurant/menus/.