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WandaVision Episode 6 Commercial: I Have a Theory… and It’s NOT What You Think!

I have a theory about the latest WandaVision commercial… You know, the incredibly disturbing, 90’s-era claymation with the shark and boy on a deserted (tiny) island who decomposes when he can’t open his Yo-Magic Yogurt? Spoiler alert… he dies at the end. Wow, Marvel… talk about DARK!!!

And I’ll get right to it, but first:


So after watching the commercial no less than 17 times, I tried to figure out what it all meant… who was the child, and who was the shark. Was it Vision? Could it be Agnes? Phil Jones? “The mailman?”

Nope. I think the boy is Wanda. And the shark is the Devil.

To put it succinctly: Wanda made a Faustian deal with the devil in order to be able to resurrect Vision and create the pretend life she is leading.

Like Faust (who was unhappy in his life and made a deal with Mephistopheles for his soul in exchange for knowledge and magic… read Marlowe and/or Goethe’s version! They’re amazing, and I won’t tell you how it ends.), she was unhappy at where she was and what she was/was not able to do, so she made a deal with Mephisto to bring back Vision and live the life she had dreamed of (while watching TV sitcoms as a child, and then while “on the run” with Vision in Avengers” Infinity War.

But now, life Faust, it is all unraveling, and time is running out.

And this dark magic that she was given isn’t even able to bring the dead (Vision) back to life.

So basically, Westview came to be because Wanda, in her grief, made a deal with the devil/Mephisto. Wanda gets her “perfect” (illusion) life, and the devil not only feeds on Wanda’s magic… but is getting her (his?!) children in return.

Like Agnes said during the pool club party in Episode 3; “The devil’s in the details…”

The details are in the yogurt.

And things are about to get VERY dark.

What do YOU think? Is the shark meant to represent the devil/Mephisto and the deal he made with Wanda that is starting to unravel? Share YOUR thoughts and theory HERE