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Creating Your Own ‘Disney Wall’: Instagrammable Magic at Your Doorstep

Disney Parks spark lasting trends such as popcorn buckets, mini backpacks, and sparkling Minnie ears. One trend that also continues to draw audiences in the parks is taking photos featuring the ‘Disney Walls’ to share on social media. 

‘Disney Walls’ are murals painted in different areas across the parks, like the popular ‘Purple Wall’ in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland or the Lion King mural created in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Each mural brings charm and attention to otherwise non-distinctive walls, even temporary ones.

During our most recent WDW visit, my family ventured to Epcot to explore the Flower and Garden Festival. Although Epcot is currently under many renovations, the construction walls were themed to correlate with the festival with large paintings of butterfly wings — creating a fun photo opportunity for guests. My son loved posing with the unique butterfly wings, which inspired me to recreate this ‘Disney Wall’ magic at our own home!

On our concrete surface, we used masking tape to create large geometric shapes and then colored the shapes with various chalk colors chosen by the kiddos. The kids loved stretching out and placing the tape, but their favorite part was removing it to see their colorful creations pop from the pavement. 

I stepped in to create symmetrical butterfly wings drawn with chalk. Our kids loved when we took their picture with these wings almost as much as they did during our vacation, and we loved this simple way to bring a little Disney magic to our home!

Invite your family to simply grab some chalk, masking tape, and their imagination to draw Instagrammable masterpieces inspired by their favorite ‘Disney Walls’ on your pavement at home!

Pro Tips: 

  • Encourage little ones to choose their chalk colors.
  • Fill in and over the taped area for clean, sharp lines. 
  • Add other tools like water and brushes for more advanced young artists.
  • Take a photograph directly above the chalk art for the best perspective.

Tiera Tanner lives her life spreading pixie dust. Whether creating art in her studio, or raising her two young sons, Tiera is inspired by the magic of Disney, and is always encouraging her husband to plan their next trip to the parks.