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WDW Radio # 635 – Top Ten Pre-Shows in Walt Disney World

Sometimes, a show’s opening act can be as good as, or even better than, the main attraction. This week we’ll look at and count down the Top Ten Pre-Shows in Walt Disney World.

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WDW Radio # 635 - Top Ten Pre-Shows in Walt Disney World

Hello my friend and welcome to the WDW Radio Show your Walt Disney World information station. I am your host Lou Mongello and this is show number 635 and together every week will celebrate the magic of the disney parks movies. And more as i take you from the parks to the screens and everything in between here on the podcast weekly live video on facebook every Wednesday at seven thirty pm eastern community books audio tours blog and more please be sure to subscribe to the podcast and apple podcast and find everything else at. Www dot com. Because sometimes the show's opening act can be as good as if not better than the main attraction to this week. We'll look at and countdown down. The top ten pre shows in walt disneyworld. Then the last. Walt disneyworld trivia question of the week and then stay tuned to the end of the show for more information updates announcements more details about our radio inaugural cruise on the disney. Wish your voicemails and more so sit back. Relax and enjoy this week's episode of the ww radio show everything. We experience onstage in walt disney world. Really as part of an overall performance. But i believe that each individual attraction is in fact a show in itself and many of these attractions and shows are set up with wonderful and memorable pre shows for many they are the opening act was the opening scene of the attraction and some of them rise to remarkable levels. And so this week we're going to look at the best of the best and why in our top ten free shows in walt disneyworld and joining me. This week is a man who needs no pre show. No opening act nor introduction. The is of course mr timmy. Foster from celebrations magazine. I'm not getting an introduction. You just got it. That's in idaho. Thanks short and sweet just like just like rights right. We we know now. Listen but he didn't talk about this ahead of time. And you probably set yourself mum jello. We've done this already because back on show one thirty two. We have was literally probably ten. Plus years ago did our top ten qs. In walt disneyworld which should go back and listen to but i think this is different right because i think the q. Is that a mouth of all of everything right. The overall visuals and the stage setting as opposed to working to talk about this week. Which are the pre shows. And so i want to ask you. Because i have a definition sort of in my mind. What a few timmy. Foster constitutes a pre show. Well i i'll preface my definition with My first one is going to be a go with me here. And i'm like break my own rule but that being said i did think about this like it's not it's not a q. It's not the stuff you see in the queue. It's not the not the safety spiel solely and i waffled on that a couple times but it sets that moment where you're standing there and you're watching something which sets the stage for the attraction. Might be telling you the back story getting in the mood. Something like that. So it's a tricky. It's a tricky line to walk. But right and i did it. Were we were in agreement here because it really is and for my list had to almost constitute a smaller show that takes me before the main one and to your point about the safety spiel sometimes. It is able to address that but in a humorous or stage setting type away. And i think that's what these two often set the stage in the mood and the tone and sometimes even setup characters in in the pre show some that make an appearance in the main show some that only exist in the pre show which i think is interesting which makes me think i know one.

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You might steal from me. But i'm going to try and get ahead of you know and i'll save those for later because i don't want to take away because i was thinking. Wow there are actually some characters that only exists in the pre show. But didn't they actually make the list. That is something we will see as we go through so i want to go through our list and then i wanna surprise you at the end tim and something that i don't think we've ever done on a top ten before acted like we know what we're doing. Well there's that too. But i'm to as always let you my friend go first and this could be sort of your number ten and counted down to one or just wherever you feel that you want to start or the first one that came to mind like i mentioned. I'm gonna throw in a go with me here one. Because i might be breaking my rules and as i was thinking about this pre shows cues and safety spiel as it sets a matter of semantics so for this case i took the attraction. Proper begins when you board your attraction vehicle anything before that at pre show which puts the haunted mansion at number ten on my list here because that show that traction does not start until you board that doom buggy so that being said the priary with the the ghost host portrait and the stretching room in my mind. that's a pre show. Now in your mind. Does that meet the criteria. Did i break the rules already. You broke the rules by having to qualify this. Because i will. I'm good golden. Then i will carry the harder. Mention is number one on my list. Not show nor i in close because i think to your point i think that the the stretching room itself and yes especially things that take place outside of the mansion or more q. than pre show but that affect that scene is still incredibly effective and powerful later with the music the visuals and everything else. The introduction of that goes toast character even more so in disneyland because it is actually a working elevator and that iconic script is one that all of us know right. We can't remember things but we remember this. We know that the paul frees voices and pauses and inflections and that and we and maybe it's just me but how often do we find ourselves internally or even speaking along with him as the tour begins in the gallagher in the gallery and going through the the entire pre show scene. It's eh like listen you however how many people follow to find a way out like seventy people doing that along with you. It's funny so yeah this. This was when i say like without question. This was my number one on my list. See i thought. I was often the wilderness somewhere. But i'll give you some all right. I'm sure yeah. Yeah we're just we're just getting started here so there you go. Yeah stretching room. So tim's number my number one interesting it is. It's the way it usually ends up right. It'll be listening to see where and how we meet in the middle somewhere. I'm going to go to what. I almost consider tim. The end of the spectrum both in terms of the newness of the attraction the how different is from a technological perspective. And i will i will give you words a fly passage flight of passage. Three were i said a fly the quote off. Now that you hear it in your head you can hear that guy in your head. Which by the way do you know. 'cause all the and i know this sort of love and hate relationship with flavor presage pre show because a lot of people don't like the other the alms and the earth which from what i understand the the line wasn't scripted at that way he just sort of did it that way as he was going through the script reading and and rehearsals with imagineering and that gave him a lot or a little bit of leeway. But i think tim that and this is where the line gets very blurry between what is a q.

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And what is a pre show for flight of passage. Because i i think the queue and pre show very much sort of blend into each other first of all because there are multiple segments of the pre show. Right there's the part with jackie ogden and then you move into i. You are going into the where you're being matched with your avatar and then you go into that second a shorter version. There's a longer version. Sometimes if there's delay on on boarding or disembarking guests from the attraction so does the pre show begin with that matching of the avatar. Is it that pre show video with jackie ogden. I think they sort of both qualify as part of the pre show. But i also feel that the pre show begins when you see hank in the tank and you are walking through that cure it. It begins and extends further than just the video stopping starting well. That's the great part about like all especially all the new attractions like how much they do build up the pre show and the q. And the outside so it's it's all one experience. It's not waiting hours which backs which back there you go. The whole thing's and experience. And i love that because no matter where you are. You're in the show and you're right. The lines get blurred my into q. March and the show is going on. So yeah i love are you. Are you a fan of the free. I love dr jackie ogden but the you know not digs because it almost seems like he is either disinterested. Or maybe he's just perfor- he's such a good character actor that he's been like up all night and a little bit. Sluggish sounds good. I was prob. I'm probably always too nervous about what's coming to really focus anyway so you know how i i. I'm actually surprised you've ever written all right. So what is next on your list. let's see. Most of mine are actually in the past. Or i'll stick with one. That's still air has a lot of mine. I did go back into the way back. She the one that's still there for me is Enchanted tales with bell and i maintained for everybody who just thinks of this as a as a attraction show for little kids known. Now make it a point. You have to see this attraction and the the pre show area which takes place in maurice's workshop while you're waiting for the next showed empty out first of all. That workshop is filled with all sorts of fun stuff. The drawings inventions. And all that. But it's that magic mirror that comes to life before your eyes and just watched a video of it again regard on the show and i even on my little tiny phone. I'm still mesmerized one. By how magical isn't to just. How did they do that. It's incredible and it's such an amazing affect which i didn't expect it all. I confess first time. I saw the show. 'cause i was thinking it's a place to meet balance cute and all that but it's pure magic and if you if you get if you go to that show for nothing else than see that magic mirror that is well worth rajar. The checkout so. I'm going to contradict myself. Because i not i had enchanted Tells on an honorable mention list. Because i didn't put it on my list. Because i believe the pre show is part of the show. I don't think that hillary line that blurry. A distinction right. Because i think that this attraction is parts interactive part show which part character meet and greet and the really is no almost clear delineation between what is in my mind. A singular multi seen experienced that starts in that cottage with all those gadget etc and that magic mirror is not part of a pre show but is actually part of the attraction itself when i know. We're we're splitting hairs. But i i did pull it out for that reason. Well i vote. Until i got that shining knight in shining armor mask in my hand which i keep getting so i can't appreciate the so stand with quarter until i get that in my mind. I'm still in pre shout so semi antics. You know so so mrs listen. As an attorney you are trained to be able to argue for and defend both sides of a position as needed to contradict myself for a third time.

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We go because next on. My list is one that i could not leave off even though i i'm having a difficult time with that blurring this. We are talking about where does the q. And and the pre show begin. But you have to put rise in the resistance on there. Because i think that there's multiple sort of pre show elements and phases in this attraction. Whether you consider the hologram of ray which the first time you see. It is a spectacular effect and it is very much part of the pre show to you. Know being in the shuttle with lieutenant back and then coming off onto the star destroyer like this is all part of that interactive pre show. And when those doors open and you step on that starts for the first time it is one of the most off inspiring experiences that you will have anywhere in a disney park worldwide. I believe it is that impactful that to me. Tim is more pre show than it is q. Because not just because of the place and the space but because of the cast members those first order cast members are interacting with you there. That isn't sort of interactive theater. That's happening where completely in character they are making. You feel like you of board of that starter story. When you are queuing to go into the detention cell they are very deep in character and they are interacting with you that to me all qualifies not as q but as actual pre show no objections from the side. The court and this one actually might rank higher than where. I'm putting it here. The more i start to think about it because the affects both digital and real world and the effect of the cast member interaction really makes the queue. And when we've said this all along about rise. I think the forget about blurring the line between pre show an actual attraction. I think the line between the land and the attraction itself is also blurred. Because your experience for rise begins before you even get into the queue and it continues on. There's no that there's no real clear delineation when that attraction is over that are star. Wars experience is not still going on when you continue out into blacks buyer outpost. So as i'm walking around black spire outpost cheat. You're saying i'm still in that rise. The resistance story. Still i believe so. I i think because the attraction is so good. And there's this this this wild factor that sort of that remains on the palate as it. Were almost when you're done that it continues on whereas other attractions when you come off your clearly out of that place and space but here because you are so immersed in the land. I think those those lines are very blurry low test. You realize i'm talking from the unfortunate position of the net. The next time. I see the ray hologram will be the first time i will see the rate hologram. I wanna be there. I want to be there. I want you to be there with me like i. I was hoping you would use a say this one because this this is one attraction i have not had the pleasure of experiencing yet and i cannot wait so i was already last time i was there. Man got plenty of time so yeah okay cannot wait you need to. Yeah i hold my hand needle will be there. I'll also be there for your first. Frontal roaster okay. What is gas list. Well you know what let's keep that space theme and the and the rest of mine these are attractions at. Aren't there anymore. So this is kind of a journey back in the in the old way back machine. Let's see which one well let's keep. What that spacing for you. I was gonna i was going to talk about. Maybe stitches. great escape. Because i know i know it's your favorite but i'm going to take it back. One more notch talk about the terrorist drill alien encounter. Which i i always loved that attraction. I know it had. It's had its love. It had its hate the one thing. I always loved from about that attraction from fairly early time was the this this idea of the pre show. And that you've got not one but two pre shows if counting the pre show as anything came before when you sat down and got buckled into the theater and that it was.

[00:20:08] - [00:25:04]

Because i know that idea was it's keeping groups flowing through the attraction which is great but i always felt like you got at least two shows in one or three shows on. If you count that i won. I was watching a video of it again and even in that first show. This is more the safety. Sh- wasn't a safety spiel. But it said video screen of production which is kind of blurring align but some funny stuff on there like like the announcements of what's going on in the intergalactic metropolis that you're in The interstellar debate of mission to mars history or hoax. It's a hoax folks. Trust me but with professor tomorrow and not to the former attraction there but That that second pre show were you saw skippy and sir. Simulated intelligence robotics. Tim curry was such a phenomenon. That in itself to me was a show. When i got to the there was another part coming out of school but i always remembered it because of that because of all that attention that was put into just as i two rooms long before even got to the attraction itself and we talked about that animatronic many many times at tim. Curry's voicing and everything else so One of my favorites from the day. One and i i admit i i was not scared. I quite loved the Blood dripping on my head and the breadth of the monster on the back of my neck. Quite on you as i do. I'm surprised it's made you. Listen i gotta tell you honestly this is a great poll and this is a rape addition to the list which it wasn't even on my radar and feel guilty because you right and the idea of it having that sort of segmented first and second pre show areas. I loved Tim curry as sir. We trivia question. Yeah who was the voice of the robot before and what was his name. How many points do i get if i get this right one hundred thousand points how. 'bout stay off. Stay off wikipedia. Come on man. how about tom. Two thousand voiced by phil hartmann. You get nothing you lose. Good days because i know you went to wikipedia or had it open. It's under the heading cast. Tyra banks played the female Only right underneath right above references. And you know it's right there we We actually i actually read that though. I did not know that sets did not ever see that. They're zoom curry. listen tim. Curry will always be in my serb. In many facets but if you go and show three sixty three we did of a deep dive into the Extraterrestrial alien encounter including its history and the cast and the very intricate detailed plotline. And we go through it seen by seeing changes and tributes and it's all to ultimate demise again back on show three three sixty three but really really good pull i that one a lot and i will tell you that's a tongue twister is. They realized i. I said it wrong said terrorist. It's extraterrestrial i can. I can never say that word. It did not extraterrestrial roll off. So i'm trying to think what i want to put on my you know what i'm going to go here because i just i want to beat you to the cloud. I guarantee you. My next two are not on your list. And i'll give a cupcake. They are pretty shit. Okay so i'm expecting catching cavalry and just supersonic celebration. You cannot talk about a pre show in walt disney world without mentioning the name putty also known as also known as patrick warburton at your safety spiel narrator in sorin crock. Cronk gronk and again. Here's one of these characters that exists only in the pre show only for the purposes of delivering a safety spiel which is very short but very impactful because it has all of those quotes that we all know so well like i think this is one of the look at the end of the day. That's all this is it. It is a safety spiel right. It's a safety narration. But it's one. I think is beloved by guests. Were due in part because of who's delivering it. Here's a trivia question. Patrick warburton was not imagining first. Choice of was got me. John travolta really the word.

[00:25:04] - [00:30:04]

Greece is so one of the about years actually tweeted this story on twitter. A while ago saying that ra just about two months before disney california adventure had opened. They still hadn't even shot the pre show and they said that john travolta was interested but his shooting schedule was making it. Nearly impossible for them to coordinate plus. He had a beard and they didn't want to do that. So the team at imagining who was working on the attraction was invited to a screening of emperor's new groove and they saw cronk and like that's our guy like that guy and in fact ready for this name of the flight attendant initially was going to be sandy because it was going to sort of be paying tribute to sandy olivia newton. John's character in greece. i got bad john travolta in grease impression. But i won't reason come on now. You are such a tease. I are such t. But yeah i look you. Gimme some patrick warburton. Elise i think my john travolta might be better or worse but you cannot have a pre show without mentioning patrick warburton sorin or these little beauties. That was tipped by the way you can get into all here emails and all your emails to was this on your list. You know what when you're literally just have a list of this on there like not really no honestly it was like the first thing i thought of but then i was trying to anticipate the rules. You might institute for this top ten. And i could hear you saying before i even started when you talk about. Pre shows a safety spiel. Don't count they don't count. That's not what we're talking about. I heard that my head. So i- i regrettably said why don't know so i left. It will now. I'm curious to hear what else is on your list. Let's see ellen's energy adventures on my list ago. We love to go next to just and again. I'm counting the pre show as anything happens before you get that ride vehicle and this counts that. How long was it like six five seven ten minutes that opening seven minutes that opening opening theatrical the short movie you saw as we're all sitting on the floor as i'm standing behind the yellow line by the door thinking i'm smarter than everyone else. 'cause i know how to get to the front row or watching it but it was. It was hilarious. It set the stage. I'm still trying to figure out that this day. What bill nye. The science guy intended to do with aluminum foil clothes pin and a candle. Like i'm not sure what the experiment was. But i'm deter. I'm determined to find. Maybe i'll do a contest like in the. Come up with some fairmont. Somebody's you've got gotta use those three things and and i'll give a prize for the most unique or creative way to use only those three things. I'll i'll go to wnyc dot com slash clubhouse. I will post that there. And i love it. That's that's great and you can't make a tin foil hat. Which is was my go-to but can't do that. Well let me ask you. Let me ask you. This was formed from microscopic animals trapped in ocean floor sediments millions of years ago. What is come on. Oh this is my jeopardy question. Yeah you've jeopardy question. What is michael richards. Chris berman no now just. I'm just barking at people. Who were in the attraction. Thoughts also at the fossil fuels. You're really pay attention to stupid. Judy and petroleum which is the which is the answer but now it was great it set the stage like you mentioned earlier. Set not just at the state retraction set up the character set the plots up the storyline. Great fun list of again. Unlike the soren you know which is a couple of minutes long. This is seven minutes then forty five minute attraction. I mean you you went to ellen. You're committed man. You're you're in there for a good out of the bathroom. I yeah but i found that. This was one of the most entertaining. Like like ellen's any adventure there was no q.

[00:30:05] - [00:35:04]

Q. was a was a black room with curtain. So the only thing you had to focus on was the film as opposed to some of the things that we're talking about where there is a queue element so this had to do a very good job of capturing and keeping your attention and the idea of first of all it was funny. It was very well written. Her personality came through. And i think that when she breaks fourth wall and realized that there's an audience there and for those of you just walk in your late where lane. I love her feeling like it's almost a turtle talk with crush when she's talking to you. I think that's for me. That fourth wall breaking was a big part of the reason. Why i had this on my list as well. Good times. Great times einstein. Was there somewhere relatively speaking Off dear for the next on my lists. You know what. I'm going to go for this one. This one's tough to tim because this one too is a lot of the reason why i love. This attraction is because of the the pre show at which is very much part of the queue. And what i mean by that is in mumford vision three slashing awarding. The pre show movie takes place unlike ellen's in a very opposite environment where you have walked through a short q. But that holding room that pre show room even if the movie didn't play is part of the pre show itself but i'm specifically speaking to the film that shows inside that prop warehouse from the construction crew to scooter and fosse and the orchestra and we we see or for some people. They meet being bunny for the first time. So we're seeing all of the characters like miss piggy there. Gaza was there sam. Eagles there were seeing all of these characters as they are preparing for the show that we're about to see you're getting the pre show warnings and and and safety narrations in there as well and you know sam telling you to move all down the road put because it's completely unpatriotic if you don't. I think it's very funny. I think there's a lot of great humor that literally decades later still kills. I still find it really funny in there. So for all those reasons i absolutely had to put up vision. Three d really high on my list to plus you get music you get a little by the light of the silvery moon with what who are the three ds wait. The who's the three ds. I'm dina daisy and dorothy max. I was a bad. Max i apologize but now you you sold me. You had me at a net full of jello to that. He was sick so you and if you actually pay really close. There's great easter eggs. Not just in the cute but in that film itself so yeah i'll pay attention to drive one left or two left you. I mean technically this is number five. Okay so this would be the last one. This will be your last one. But you know we're we're pretty fun with in terms of all right. I had the line when you're doing honorable. Mentions i'll throw minden but so this is very much a not not with us anymore. But i really really miss it this and again this blurs the line where the show starting where to the pre show start the living seas and specifically the movie and to me this falls follows. My rules of that attraction does not start till you board that attraction vehicle and i actually found the movie online summary can find it and watched it again. It's been so long But the the movies memorable for all of us who remember at the it rained and it rained the deluge. You know all of that that the music the visuals. The the events of boiling superheated chemical which defy learned nothing from the living seas. I learned that that there's hot vents. That things live around that that i remember but then how it Morph told you. The story of the seas dutta But then morphed into you're going to go to sea base alpha. Here's a computer ice treaty wire frame rendering of it under the see you go inside you follow in.

[00:35:04] - [00:40:19]

There's a high later which then come to life as it were and then you board and then you know movie opens and you were hydrologist. Now just reflecting on how. I mean love nemo. Don't get me wrong but how much that movie that whole experience it was one. It was so connected as texted so well now if you bypass the movie that was on you and you messed up. But they connected the movie to see bay south of to the hydro later experienced too when you finally got to the aquarium floor yet like you really felt like the aquarium was part of the experience like the one lament i have now neiman friends as much as i love. It is a lot of people. I think the aquarium is an afterthought you know yeah. We're saw the attraction now. let's go to. There's so much more but when he had the movie in the hydro leaders and all that it really felt much more unified owners very much at epcot. future world. experience of going to this pavilion. You're going to be there twenty minutes half an hour. Forty five minutes going to be entertained. And you're gonna learn something. So i was getting all those feelings back as i was watching that movie again and even though i've seen it so many times i would sit and watch it every time you hit on something interesting as as an epcot nostalgic and enter walt disney world for so many years especially in places like epcot we talk talk about ellen's being a great example when you went to pavilion might not have been a lot of them but you spent a lot of time. There was so much to do in their from attraction pre shows to the post shows these again blurring the line. Between what does the post show area of the living seas versus what is just part of the pavilion proper. I think like rise. The resistance almost the pre show flows into the attraction which flows no pun intended but awesome anyway which flow into which flows into not just that aquarium but those interactive exhibits. And you remember. They used to have the scuba divers. That would come up and down the tank in the middle for for many years so that too. I think it was a great addition. I i sort of feel like. I have two left because we had some some duplicates. But that's okay. Because i'll have a throw in a couple of quick honorable mentions and there's one dash there's a. There's a few that i wanna add on here. And no matter which. I pick of the two and the sentimental one the awe that i want to you to whichever to pick out of these two people. Why is this other one not on this list. But in terms of attraction pre shows that need to be on this list there is no way tower of terror is not on it. It has to because i think tower of terror and it ranks very very high on my list has one of the best as a pre show. I think almost by definition has one of the best setups for an attraction the backstory the easter eggs. It's incredibly quotable It it again. Blurring between what is q. What is pre show but even if we just sort of put ourselves in one of those two rooms and you enter into that that the lights go down and that narration plays amid the glitz and glitter of the bustling movie town at the height of the golden age. This is one of the other two that we know. A lot of those quotes. If you were a twilight zone fan as i am. There are amazing. Easter eggs in there. But you almost need to experience the pre show in order to appreciate everything that you see after because it absolutely does set that stage for everything that has to happen once. Those library doors open. And there's nothing wrong with appreciating the pre show even if you take the chicken exit for meal. There's nothing wrong with that. I agree one hundred percent. I do agree. 'cause that's the only way i ride. Have you never ridden twilight zone now Twice that was. that's listen. That's cool not every attraction. But i am happy. I'm happy that you experience because again too. I think almost like rise. Your twilight zone. Experience begins as you start walking down sunset. Think it. I think it ends continuing as you walk down out past sunset because it is that that the tower is not just so ominous foreboding but it really does sort of amusing hand gestures if sort of bleed out onto the streets of of on sunset.

[00:40:21] - [00:45:05]

And as i've talked many times they should have green team version of it. That would be cool though. 'cause there's i i really want to experience that pre show and all the effects and all that but you know there is a height requirement. So it's a problem for some of us. But hey hey. I'm standing right here but now like like so many of the new especially the newer attractions Just so incredibly thing. Not just the attraction but the pre show and all that it's it's it's such a shame you can't handle it but should there's so much miss so anyway just like some of the subtleties in the script itself inviting you if you did a several. Because in tonight's episode you are the star like the fact that that is pleasing you in that starring role. I think is brilliant in terms of crafting the narrative itself. I love it. So i i think i qualified ten which we never normally keep a list of but there's a couple that will i say. What are the odds of you stopping at ten zero you. Let's let's here's a couple a few others in central. Call alamo engines for your consideration and i had a really tough time because i actually as i was just brain dumping my list. This actually went very high like it came out of my mind. pretty high. and i'm talking about mickey and minnie's runaway railway and i put it. They're not so much for the pre show movie itself but literally breaking the fourth wall as that train comes in and the explosion happens and causes which is a spectacular effect causes that large hole to fill to appear in the movie screen which you get to walk through the first time you see that you cannot help but be wide eyed and agape and have a smile on your face but i couldn't that affect alone couldn't allow me to put it on the list which is why i sort of opted to keep it on. Well i'll leave wide eyed. The first time i see it so i'm not i don't watch videos but don't spoil it sorry to boilers pass acid. This was the lumine jello sentimental one. But i really feel this way. And if we're talking about a pre show and our definition of a pre show and the fact that a place like magic kingdom you can visit without stepping into a queue or viewing a show because the the park is an attraction in itself. I think that the dapper dans the characters citizens of main street that opening number on main street is the pre show for all of the adventures in magic. Kingdom you will have on that day and for some people. It's the first part it's an appropriate pre show for your entire trip and i know you know. I'm sort of waxing poetic. It's true. I feel that way. And i had very much goes to the importance of appreciate that. And what the cast members do to help set the stage and set the tone. It's beautiful. Thank you very quick honorable. Mentions very very quick on mentions four. I have four honorable mentions is honda. Knocker and the ratio smuggler's run on. That list note is dr seeker dr marsh from dinosaur on that list absolutely are the country. Bear jamboree is the country. Bear jamboree with melvin. Max in buff on that list. Are you insane. I was just asking goodell seeker. Dr marcia in the pre show of dinosaur is but country bears are not to see where you were. No they are not on my list. Also if i can tell you the other one's real you know what. I was gonna put a monsters inc lafleur but it kind of the line. Because i'm really talking about. That was a five minute pre show. You get which is really there to buy time till you get there. It's funny tells you what's going on rise doesn't you know and their stuff to see there.

[00:45:05] - [00:50:04]

But it was kind of blurring the lines that a pre show or not. That's why did put it on your mission space and test track and those attractions with of their own pre show. We talked about those many many times But those those four were my honorable. Mentions i won't. I won't go into a deep dive on them but they are. The admission space was one of those where i was sort of a had on off the list. And it's one of those where characters are introduced that you really don't see again right right so you know for years. We had lieutenant dan and now we have we washburn we went from. I love gina torres by the way. Because i'm a huge firefight. Flan fire fire flan. Thank other places because we mentioned let's come full circle. We talk about some of these characters that exist only in pre shoes alley san san in star tours by like again those the two iconic syllables that you know exactly what you're talking about. You know you can do this. You can talk about you know putty and some of those iconic raises by all. You need from allie sandwich. People love allison janney from west wing etcetera and in the enchanted tiki room. You have clyde. And claw. I al- i almost put them on my whole bunch. Listen i i almost plant at this. Yeah because they're out there funny. Yeah although i do. Miss do mr the the older version. But they're never seen again. And i think the pre show tiki room is one of those things that if you can see the whole thing you absolutely should as opposed to trying to skip it So yeah. I'm glad you mentioned next. I forget i was thinking about that one so that is our entire list and know what we do. We're sort of. We're sort of all over the place in it but we are actually had to put this if we actually had to create a top ten list and go through it and really rank vs in terms of where we think. They should be of deer. And because we're not together it's a little bit more difficult. But i tried to sort of figure it so for me so we can even just do like our top three like for me. I had haunted mansion as my first while you mentioned it. I yeah what do you think your countdown from me. Three two one. What your top. Three out of your top. Ten out of this top ten list would be. Oh gosh i. I'm gonna tell you i'm a little handicapped because i'm thinking i would put flight a passage and rise the resistance but i haven't been on rice the resistance yet or runaway railway. Some kind of. I can't put those on with good conscious. I'm gonna go haunted match my going one two three or three zero three two one. Three two one. I'm gonna go. I gosh living seas ellen and an homage living seizes three right. You said ellen to and want to mention his one. I'll go on demand since since accounts then absolutely haunted. Mentioned is what i what ellen's is very high on my list. Ellen's was very high. Because i actually sat down. I was like all right. Let me let me sort of put these in some sort of list counting down i had alien encounter runaway flight passage for me was was between eight and seven. Because they also had the dapper dans and citizens there muppet vision and ellen's and then my top three was rise. Tower and haunted mansion mansion wins honnor metro hundred mentioned wins do mansion wins. But wait do you. But our friend. Who's at the table to having this conversation and snacking with us does horrid mentioned win for you. What is your number one or your top three. And why i'm going to put this question in the w. w radio clubhouse group on facebook at www dot com slash clubhouse. I invite you to weigh in their better yet. If you want to be heard on the air share your thoughts and your list or just you're number one. You can call the voicemail. And i'll play it on the air at four zero seven nine hundred nine three nine one. There are no wrong answers here. And if there's one that we missed by all means feel free to pick up the phone. Dial little heart out and yell at me or tim and tell us what we missed and what should be on the list and why and then only then only once you do any or all those things then you gotta go to celebrations.

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Press and check out little timmy. Foster and all the goodness that is celebrations magazine. See you say this all the time. I feel like if you wanna go to celebrations. Press i for you. Get down to voicemail. I think that's fine. Go ahead. it's more like a gun. It's a suggestion. These are these are guidelines harder to work on the fall issue. New stuff new books coming out. New pins are coming out. Keep your eyes up. There's lots of fun stuff should do. Is they should go to celebrations. Press and check out all the fun stuff that you've got going on. They should see. That's why that's why you're here lucas. And you know what. Tim if you you listener my friend. If you have a suggestion for a top ten that you'd like us to cover on an upcoming show you can also let me know in the clubhouse or better yet email me lou at w. w. w. radio dot com. Because i promise you have many. Were top ten to come. Tim my friend. I love you brother. These are always so so very much fun to do. And i appreciate you being here. I do want to put in my vote. I want to hear top ten new on jello impressions and song snippets. Top ten things. That will never happen. That will never happen on this show. You don't try it on brother. You don't wanna hear him. Say it's time for our walt disneyworld trivia question of the week ryan white. Eat a test. Your knowledge of walt disney world history or a. Coo you pay attention to the details. Sometimes what you see here tasteful. Remember thinking of answer you can enter their online form for a chance to win. A dizzy priced package. This week's trivia contests is brought to you by fun dot com which has the best selection of disney marvel and star wars gifts clothing toys. Collectibles for you your home your office your friends your family. Great prices amazing selection super fast delivery. And if you want to save fifteen percent off your first order just go to. Www dot com slash fund and sign up for their free newsletter. Now before we get to this week's question we're going to go back review. Last week's intellect our winner. So last week asher tell me wherein walt disneyworld can you find cutthroat corner. I thanks to all who entered. Got one correct or god created. This one was a little bit tricky. I think cutthroat corner through a lot of people off but the correct answer is actually the liberty square riverboat. Now the word cutthroat probably threw you off because you were thinking about. Pirates of the caribbean as opposed to the pirates. That your narrator. Sam clemens talks to you about at cutthroat corner which is the most likely place to find river pirates. I took all the correct entries randomly selected one and this week. You're playing for a brand new. Ww radio pin and keychain which you can only get by winning the trivia contests here on the show and last week's winner randomly selected is. Jason elkins from tennessee jason congratulations. I'll get your prize package out right away if you play last week and didn't win that's okay because here's your next chance to enter in this week's walt disneyworld trivia challenge this week. I want you to simply name an attraction that has appeared in both epcot and magic kingdom. I'm talking the same attraction that appeared at different times in both parks in walt disneyworld. You have until. Sunday may thirtieth at eleven fifty nine pm eastern to go to. Www dot com. click on. This week's podcast. Use the online forum there again this week. Play for the brand new. Wwl pin and keychain. And i'm going to throw an extra bonus surprise prize in there as well so good luck and have fun. That's going to do it for this week's show. Thank you so much for taking the time to tune in every week. Please don't forget to be part of the community in conversation by being part of the wwe clubhouse at www dot com slash clubhouse in his are fun very friendly family friendly welcoming group over on facebook. Also please don't forget to join me every wednesday at seven thirty pm. eastern for w. W radio live my live video broadcast and chat on facebook where we talk not just about this week's show but my top five live disney plus pick of the week questions contests and more and it can also connect with me on social at luma angelo on twitter instagram facebook. Lincoln pinterest if you have a question you want me to answer on an upcoming episode. Email me lou at www dot com or once again. Call the voicemail at four zero seven nine hundred nine three nine one speaking of community and thanks thanks the new longtime members of the wti nation.

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[01:00:09] - [01:02:21]

It's a little further down but really not by much The blizzard beach launch because blizzard beach was my favorite florida waterpark. I hadn't been to type them again. but blizzard beach was the one for me basically I remember going there shortly after it opened and then again a few years later i want to say That was always a part favorite part for my family. And i just would've loved to have that whole concept realized i wanted leave you with this Speaking about the pizzeria gaza's pizzaria and that whole concept of the animatronic rats with ratu to Epcot would you think it'd be interesting to see that concept revisited. And as seems restaurant to that name he w radio people percy marshon from fired him about early monday morning and i had to call to say very excited about our crews on the west. I am going. I can't wait to me all you people. I'm bringing my kids with me and potentially whole bunch of my relatives where between four eighteen of us getting time out so really excited be my first ever never ever been on one and you're supposed to last year and you know really But anyway i'm really excited about it and before anybody else go. You should try to do it. You only live one. I feel like there was something i wanted to say and i can't remember that happens when you get old. Your memory goes up a nice day. Everybody makes somebody's utilize day here in sunny I think you're going to the seventies who have a great day occupation.