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WDW Radio Ranked # 1 Best Disney Podcast by ScreenRant!

ScreenRant, the most visited movie and TV news site in the U.S., recently released their list of the “10 Best Disney Podcasts That Fans Will Love.”

“In the world of podcasting, many shows revolve around all facets of the Disney company and cover anything a fan might have an interest in when it comes to the Mouse. From theme parks to movies to the streaming service and beyond, these podcasts are a must-listen for any Disney fan.,” said columnist David Mello.

From official Disney podcasts to fan-created shows that cover a wide range of topics, including Disney history, movies, theme parks, and more.

At the top of the ScreenRant list was WDW Radio, raked as the # 1 Disney podcast for fans.

“Even if one is not a Disney fan or a Disney parks expert, The WDW Radio Show is a must-listen. It’s just one of the best travel podcasts, in general. Hosted by Lou Mongello, WDW Radio has become a staple of the Disney fan community, and it remains a consistent beacon of hope, love, and fun, says Mello.

“There are tons of recurring segments on WDW Radio. Sometimes, Tim Foster will stop by to create a top ten list. Jim Korkis may appear to break down a hidden side of Disney history. Beci Mahnken may analyze a Disney resort. No matter what the topic, though (and Mongello has branched out to Marvel, Star Wars, and more; it’s not just the parks anymore), WDW Radio is a delight to return to every Monday.”

To be honest… I am still a bit speechless…

This wonderful recognition happens because of YOU, your friendship, support, sense of true community, and trust in me. And for every person that has ever joined me on the show… this couldn’t happen without you. So thank you to Screen Rant, and you! ?