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WDW Radio # 636 – The Voice of the PeopleMover, Mike Brassell

I sit down with Mike Brassell, the voice of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover and Living with the Land attractions in Walt Disney World to discuss the process (and pressure) of being the voice of beloved attractions in the parks. We also discuss his career at Walt Disney Feature Animation, working with Roy Disney, his cameo appearance in the Disney animated short film “John Henry,” and working at The Magic of Animation building at Disney-MGM Studios. Mike also talks about composing the musical score for Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, alongside Michael Giacchino’s score for Disneyland’s version.

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WDW Radio # 636 - The Voice of the PeopleMover, Mike Brassell

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Hello my friend. And welcome to the WDW Radio show your Walt Disney World information station. I'm your host Lou Mongello and this is show 636 and together each week. We're going to celebrate the magic of disney parks movies. And more as i take you from the parks to the screens and everything in between here on the podcast. My weekly live video on facebook every wednesday night community books audio to his blog and more. Please be. Subscribe to the podcast and apple podcasts. Spotify and find everything else at w. radio dot com so this week i sit down with mike pursell. The voice of the tomorrowland transit authority people mover and living with the land attractions. Walt disneyworld to discuss the process. And i think the pressure of being the voice of beloved attractions in the parks. We'll also discuss his career at walt disney feature animation. Working with roy league his cameo appearance in the disney animated short film. John henry and working at the magic of disney animation building at the disney. Mgm studios. mike also talks about composing the musical score for space mountain and tomorrowland alongside Michael Giacchino's score for the disneyland version. Then are the answer to our last. Walt disneyworld trivia question of the week. And i'll pose a new challenge for your chance to win an all new disney. Maybe marvel prize package then. Stay tuned to the end of the show for the question of the week. Updates your voicemails and more so sit back. Relax and enjoy this week's with the ww radio show welcome to a voyage of discovery and awareness of the richness the diversity in the often surprising nature living with the land. Our journey begins as dramatic and sudden changes are sweeping over the land. The approaching storm may seem violent and destructive to us but to nature. It's a new beginning in the cycle of life. Oftentimes those who helped make the magic we know love and enjoy in the disney parks and onscreen are people whose names we might not instantly know were recognized but in my continuing effort to highlight those individuals offscreen backstage in the studio at their desk and often behind the scenes. I want to introduce you to one person of many talents to say the least and one who wears many hats. He is a composer animated voice over artist and much more. He is mike brazelle and mike. I wanna welcome to the show. Thank you so much. I appreciate honestly survey out Like i said you you have worn many many hats in our man of many talents incredibly gifted and talented crew through so many different parts of the disney company and the parks and the movies. I almost don't know where to start. But i think like any good story. We need to start at the beginning. And i think the beginning i literally in the beginning of your early childhood because literally from the time you were born you were instantly surrounded by some of the greats in their field or in this case in their sport. What a great transition. Yeah absolutely three days. As a matter of fact. Before i was born my father was in the ring with George foreman and he was fighting. 'em us professional fighter. My dad left and had a great great A great career at was is proud to be a part of that whole bank to be part of his family. Of course he didn't win. That fight absorbs elite. He talked to us about this. My brothers and he was fighting Door great as a matter of fact and then he said out former brought down like this brown house on his forehead knocked him to his knees. He wasn't mac. Daddy was just. I'm forbid but his trainer knowing format. He's like nana were there on the towel. So he literally through the towel. My dad did not get a chance to finish fighting. Zogby lead Or part of his career.

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but that was Be at three years old but that was a knox was texas fighting format. It was it was fun and of course he goes on to fight at spar with mom and on each and this is my water. Sports i'm remember. Abc's opening logo with the wasn't skier. That just kinda tumbles off. The i remember that my dad had an exhibition fight. All my brothers do in fact Where he had a seven round exhibition fight with ali. Because my dad was just speedy. Worked with angelo ben ali's trainer and just was a working with employment. That was really really awesome. Great curious i'm really proud of and yes you're right. He was he was among the greats. And i'm just so proud to be a part at all legacy now that's great. I love it and kids. You can george foreman grill guy. But i'm telling you hit an amazing career as a professional boxer before that but but let's get to your story and how your story begins because especially when you talk to a lot of voice over artist these are the kids who were doing voices in school and where the class clowns are sort of trying to imitate and mimic so many voices. They saw onscreen. How did all of this start for you. In terms of your childhood leading into what became your career while we were My brothers and i. When i saved we. We were left after a by my grandmother. During summer we were latchkey kids And so we used to watch the looney tunes all the time and of course looney tunes concert cartoon for plenty kids. Three o'clock you knew. That was the time that you hear. This is beautiful music coming out and was going to be a daffy duck or bugs bunny silly. at of course we've got to learn those voices and do those in the summer in the country where i live. It was just so cool to be able to actually Be a part of that whole bag that that was awesome. Everyone loves those And that's really kind of what affected me here in the beginning like white. Oh wow that was a one person doing all of those voices. It was amazing to me to be able to see that and understand that of course never knew going to be part of the disney culture later on and kind of bring that out with this was a nice transition it was. It was really cool to build to that and it was fun. You know kids at home just doing whatever rushes and just being silly. The of you never know what that can do for us. So i keep Keep a dream alive folks. So asha growing up because your your career sort of the two main aspects of our our the not just the voice over work but the music work so where does your early career and education start leading you down. What path did you begin. I i appreciate that. Question is a matter of fact that starts me Again at seven years old Again at my grandmother's house Being watched there we didn't have a whole lot to do. You know as kids kind of make your fun So i had a piano accidents too. And that was right. When star wars was released in four star wars. I should know even surprised lucas. At how how. How popular became in help us. That story was right story right time and so everyone and i will say rule but for most people that saw was captivated their imaginations and so did mind to the point. That was like wait a minute. What is this absolutely awesome music. And listening to i i was just never i had never heard something like that in music and movies especially so far so it really many people. It really captivated by immagination. Maybe list to the sound. Check and how sony walkman where west just list to the state over and over again to my via date so much that Sitting down at the piano. Bear my grandmother's house just at seven years old and i can viscerally remember. This was like a lightning shock. Sitting there going. This is the thing that's going to be with me. The rest of my life period. And it's been a laser focus. Ever since i've been interested in composing and of course the insularity of voiceover says happened as well and that's thanks to my dad. My dad was very instrumental in Public speaking and all that good stuff so we have a lot of courses of my brothers and is sort of took on our own and just never afraid to do. Tell you this. The reason why. I feel like we've been able to do it we've been able to do. I've been able to do what i've been able to do a simple because my dad never said that we could want a great influence. I don't have a cap if you will in my in my growth.

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There's no reason to save now. This will do it and take. You can't write it stat type of thing. So star wars influenced me john. Williams has absolute my favorite composer. I i it's awesome like composers composer. They all love him as well. So this guy is unbelievable. And that's what. I have my heart to this day. As a matter of fact to not to be like him but to be inspired by him and this works in albans done and to try to do whatever i can to achieve excellence that apps. Well i i. I have to comment on your father's support and encouragement. It is so incredibly critical. I had the same thing growing up as a kid. Something i try and instill in my kids and other people as well so for you. Music becomes the focus. And you go to school for. Is this a self taught thing. And how does this go from education to career. What are the steps that you take along the way that eventually bringing a disney great question and i don't have a the world's best answer for this except that i just add inspiration to to do this thing so therefore i did the best answer. I think that is the best like you inspiration. There's a lot of. There's a lot of power inspiration. There was here with this which drove me. It drives me now that it drives me now. It truly does and education. Of course you can pick up everything that you can't from your peers from ups circle from your influence circles. Wealth to get a pieces of tidbits on get better and of course listening using your ears to me is one of the best features that i've been able to tap into to actually understand whether or not i can actually do this thing. You put yourself out there. He tell people forced marketing. Wise that you can do this thing and you start getting jobs in actually start doing this stuff. And then there's the belief circle right there. Look guys i could do this fauria they give you do it for them and so therefore you just try to get better and better better That was my education. I took a little bit of classes there berkeley Which is always a consummate job. Composing school Creative great. I loved them. Plug them as well but really it's all just by ear and natural practice. I guess just doing it. And it's the best best best bites a half so you're in you're in california. How does how do you get to start working for disney and in what capacity initially great question never thought of myself big at disney being from the midwest and love. The movies just never thought i'd be a whole thing. Well i started with cats. Don't dance believe it or not next. Turner speech Turner feature animation. Ted turner's attempt at In the animated studio did great with one of the previous ones that he did. I've trying to remember the name of it i can't remember. forgive me. But they were successful with that Previous movie got me on on cats. Don't dance and that was a great time. i joined. it was my first foray. It's animation itself. I got a chance to the whole lot of relationship building with the producers and all the cast and crew. They're really fantastic into force through those relationships. I made a bridge a job to disney at. I started with fantasia two thousand and that was my first floor with this for such animated disney and i came on as a production assistant. I did whatever it is. They need to do a copy. Paper gave innovators coffee It was just was a great great job shot scenes. I enjoyed that. I had never known anything about industry like that. My got it to. Wow this is cool. I know people. This i really did. So it's really cool and made more relationships. Of course. As i told you in marketing for myself i was still able guy to write music. I could do that. You have to believe in yourself now believe yourself enough to tell people what you can do have them have them engage you and so that that happened throughout my career is idea to let me get my foot in the door and and at some point i will be able to show them what i can do from a music perspective and start writing music for yeah absolutely. That was my intent but of course disney has their way on doing those types of things themselves and you have follow the rules. No problem i got a chance to actually get a contact with eric. Goldberg one of the most consummate animators of business. That guys is tremendous. He was awesome and so then my words reached him his and so his wife comes and asked me if i would speak with them. I'm the pa on advantage.

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That a guy. And that's not a problem and i go to speak with air concealed nervous whether i got trouble. And then he's asking me eight I've got an idea. And i love to work with your music. So why are you kidding me. It's about heart out of Yeah absolutely i'll absolutely do this for your eric. And so he sits down. He talks to his idea. It was the princess So the frog prince. That's what his idea wasn't. And i go home and i. I'm just in on cloud nine. I can't believe i'm able to do this in erica's asked me to write the music with them. And so i get on my keyboard. Go work it. Come up with five songs. He sings some icing. Some and he'd pinches this to michael eisner who was time and it went over well. I'm happy to report. That was that was so great and had talked about that and then of course they They put it on the shelf for awhile into not doing it. Still purchase sohn's that is still disney property. The first time. I've action sold in each music to disney. Now's by i touch creatively with disney. Outside of being a pa so that was exciting. It was exciting. I hate that we did get a chance to music of course and you know they had the princess and the frog later on. I'm not sure how much they use eric's but that was so exciting to be able to do that. It was so fun. And i can remember the movie. Now's pagemaster. forgive me okay. Yeah yeah sure. Yeah but just to have that experience of somebody recognizing your initiative your drive your talent new creativity to say. I'm eric goldberg guy. You know i worked. I was the animator for the genie. I want i want you to be the guy to come and do this with me. Look you know at disney node. Good idea no good piece of music ever dies so you never know. There might be dusted off the shelf and used elsewhere. But in addition to that you had your hand in and and worked on a number of films right. Hercules atlantis Tarzan tell me about some of the other roles and responsibilities that you had during your time at feature animation. Absolutely i started because a sort of in pasadena we asked the old scope were building over by burbank. Airport fun. I love that. So much Pink tables everything. I mean you really was a fun time. Those animators worked very hard to tell you that might give us all fun all the time. Those guys got down to work. And i was there and my team to support them. Phone be able to do that. We did Support with milan in florida. And then i worked on fantasia as you had mentioned of course and that we did Humid again beauty and the beast allah making adding that song. What a nice nice of project. That was kinda work on something that was a classic I missed anqing days so this was just nice to work. Beating the base as well and then i got moved over to kingdom of the son it was and it turned into emperor's new groove of but i that was training for me back in tarzan. I got to train on and moved to my new job as an assistant or assistant production manager in florida. So they moved the florida studio as well there. Of course milan had come out and done really wealth and ford studio building and all that stuff. They're working at disney gm timeless. That was the park named in all my goodness. My wife and i are served time. We ran through our silver. Pass the clients all over the place. It was astounded. We talk about it to this day. I believe or not had not gone to a busy world. Ever before i came down to work on reno and stitch and brother bearish and some of my family. I got down there It was just the best thing. We had expensive parks off four all the time. He doesn't wanna go right to terry. Somebody just go right tired. We give in head home before the big crowd in the park late at back we get a chance to see by works out of our door. It was absolutely astounding. I enjoy every moment of that That's that took me as a matter of fact so we got down to florida a just sort of kappa. Round off free of we did to cap it. We did leeann stitch with his brother bear. We get some winnie the pooh pooh attractions. We did goofy on a house. And that was pretty much it. We're going to another production. And i wasn't able to continue on with them around two thousand to two thousand dollars. Maximum close studio. So there's a couple. There's a couple of things i wanna. I wanna put pain during your tire. That's their one of the films that you worked on was is still what i think. One of the most underrated disney films. Atlantis and correct me.

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If i'm wrong mike but you're leaving out another little story because your involvement in that film did not necessarily just happen behind the scenes. Doing the work that you were assigned to do. I know that there a story about you being called into someone's office and and having a little bit more of a direct connection to one of those characters. Yes you're right. I hate to miss. I love this. it's the better back. What a trip. This was for made some walking on the hall. This was during lunch. And i get a call up. By mr ron husband animator Of course of the doctor sweet character as we sit down. And i know exactly what was going on at the time i said mitch But i was down at his desk and he gave me a bowl and he gave me some chopsticks and he coached me sort of moved my arms around and somebody to hold position. He draw a little bit. I knew he was drawing me. I didn't know what four so he did that for. Good fifteen twenty minutes. You said okay. I'm gonna get back to you eventually. Know if they accept this as okay cool so he has his character. Actor joshua sweet. Forget about this whole thing. Time goes on. I'm ph at all of a sudden he comes. He shows me he goes might look. They approved the they approved the model. What i look at it. And it's dr sweet apartment. That looks awfully familiar of course because this goes white goes chopsticks of the ball so i think he used me as the face models back. I know he did which was a huge honor for me. Are you can. This is absolutely awesome now. Normally and of course he did. He used the voice. Talents faces. Well mixed with mine too. So i wanna basis for the face model for dr sweet and my kids love that story. Of course. we started collecting donka. We've every dolls of bell. We got the cookies animated lantis again. Wage what a tremendous thing that follow me. He's matter of fact through john henry. I'm actually the preacher are right. Went jonah polly give marriage. You'll see a ball character preacher in glasses it. of course. i'm wearing glasses now. That was a that was made then in of course they did that with cobra bubbles as well stitch so how how awesome zab very honored to be indelibly etched in disney's films including eric goldberg. That's what being that one share also on fantasia. I'm one of the characters that the in a black suit one of the characters in the subway the sort of stumbles out And i know this because of eric's wife had told me about that and that was awesome. That was awesome. So i'm protestant in fort movies. Four animated features that disney. And that just makes me so happy. That's great and we'll and we'll get to talking about legacy and being indelebile part of not just what's on screen but some that guess continuing to experience today but but you were there during this time. It's a very interesting time in animation. Certainly here in orlando I remember as a kid going through the back. Lot tour and being able to look down into the the fishbowl as or watching those animators at work being fascinated that this park was more than just a a theme park. It was a place where that movie magic that i love was literally getting made there. We're able to see that happen. But when they closed the studios And i remember I remember speaking with tony. West when dream on silly dreamer came out which chronicled the story of what had happened with the closing of the park. And there's so much to that to sort of that that idea that so much was being captured along the way not expecting this to happen but that there was all this documentary archival footage that you're able to refer to it. Tell me about what that whole process was like from remembering what had happened when when the announcing of the closing of the studios happened and then moving over to dream on silly dreamer absolutely absolutely. We had heard about that a little while ago. We weren't sure what's going to happen. So i dan lund and i've worked with tony west. They were both florida tastic individuals. I loved to this day and they were talking about having that are footage wanting to do something with it Mention the fishbowl. I used to have meetings of my team that there is a a fake story room. If you will are meeting right there when the glass opens up and We had meetings there. It was so cool to be able to do that. I've loved that so very much. I it was the coolest thing in the world. Honestly to be a part of that why i wouldn't share that with this.

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What we're talking about. Where the star. Wars launched bay is now used to be the magic of disney animation and. It was a walk through exhibit. And you were actually able to look down through the glass windows to not just that that meeting room but there were artists at their desks. Literally you know doing pencil and sketch work there whether it was onstage offstage whatever it was but it was fascinating for us as guests to be able to see work. That was going on there. That was eventually going to end up on screen. That's the truth. It showed background affects it. Shipped compositing maturity that actually had their offices on the tour de right by the window. That was all part of my department. There's well yeah you're right about that. That was when a co thing that was that never actually took the tour myself. I don't think i got a chance to take it. But it was a. It was called zenith a tour. Mike you the tour. Yeah i would say what day my came in. And they were on the art of animation. Tour magic banbury tour at right at where we were at the Fishbowl beav of who was trying to think I can't remember west. They unlocked the door. And they allow my kids to come in and come down and that was just the coolest thing in the world me for them to kind of be able to join me in that whole experience. I don't know if it ever got chance. The back of a tour give but that was the coolest thing in the world as wow about office. You can see more of this. It was far further down the way but I don't know how much it has changed. I've been there in a couple of years myself to see the changes but But i'm hearing. I think my area has changed quite a bit due to start wars. If you're going to be replaced by right. I was there either but to go back to what you're talking about. Yeah tony weston. Dan had their sights set on this old documents. documentary of footage and archive thing and they had planned on doing it for a while and they started and it became dream on silly dreamer and dan lennon i talk and again. It's about developing relationships of letting people know what to do. I think it's important to market yourself. people believe that they believe in you at so they talked about the score for that film of course of course which job Disney roy abroad this disney's Nephew roy disney of course of of funded. This'll project i. That was exciting to have him. As part of its thing It was it was awesome and to be able to tell the story about how the ups and downs of a disney animation. Everyone loves disney. Still in their storytelling. All stuff that they did but it was amazing to see what the it with to the animation and you would never imagine that they would have closed those stores but they did admit continue on and of course they continue to be a innovators as themselves but felt the pressure to go to three d After two they felt was sort of Going by the wayside. Oh many talented artisans that that work. There tutti ed's stay My utmost respect to the mall. Some impromptu backs Actually part of that as well in composing That movie of working roy. That was exciting so exciting to have his name attached. This was just like the pinnacle but as as sad and disappointing as the closing of the studio was. Was this for you personally. Was this sort of that transition. Point for you or jumping off point. Where now you go from doing these You know behind the scenes. Backstage p type work. Now you've got this gig. Composing is this what helps to move you to not just composing for the parks but doing voice over work as well and then which one came first. And how rick questions and yes. That transition was exactly high managed to bridge the gap for composing anthropoid servers. Well i was doing voiceover just a little bit before the studio close as a matter of fact it's got first gig doing a nationwide tire sales of east coast I was working with coach at some of their people. Some of the coaches people there in orlando. I started to get more serious about doing voice over to the point where there might agent not agent at the time but the time that i was dealing with my agent through my coach had asked me to. It was like an emergency this mike and come to the studio and start doing a voice over for this tire. Reseller like Yeah i can do that. It's talks about boston. She's like yeah like going out.

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So i did got into booth. They sent me into real quick put headphones on a sunday morning with the director. And he say mike mike. We need to do this and that. So i did that to not be like i said. A tire sales the company on the east eastern seaboard. Fantastic the reason. Why the guy a previous to me just to do what they were asking for many needed. An emergency quick fix turned out. I was a guy. I did everything they wanted to do. And they hired me on as the as a talent agency that day it was tremendous met job lasts for six months and it was just incredible. Isn't what this is awesome. When i left as well so yet that that really helped me with my voice over career ended up at with my agency. I got the circles of doing auditions for your mando agencies. There isn't he was one of them and that sort of work out with some of my relationships circles. Well i've met a good friend of the fires. Family charles moore who was connected with disney time. I don't know if you remember disney ideas. That was set by roy disney's well they did a whole lot of The media production back then. They were located at disney studios at the time. And i got a whole lot of learning and lots of other voiceover projects for them. Then now my agent out for the monorail. It was for the monorail. I didn't realize it. I got the script knows looking at it and it was celebration. Studio there in was doing this The real spiel. That was the coolest what is going on. I can't believe it. Up to even for audition. That was the coolest thing so he did it. I'd they submitted they it. They said i did not get job. It all good The callback of course or of were living with the land. After that. and that's what bridge that day and living with the land. Is you know it might not be the quota. What's sexiest attraction. But it is. it is one of. It's a staple of epcot center And so you what point to you and what year two. If you can remember do they change. And you become the narrator. 'cause 'cause isn't marsha mason in the queue and you're the narrator for the attraction itself yes i believe so i can't tell you what year was can't remember the year of so sorry but they did. You're right. They took out vote drivers as the field givers in the decided to go with the automated voice over. It may be the talent to replace tom. Eleven was somewhere around the undermine that. Because i think that's what chiquita took over the sponsorship so it might have been right around there. Yeah that's that's great since so it's been a good while it's about doing that and that was fantastic. I love that Big ups to my producer there of in orlando at walt disney studios For that job. That guy was awesome. Those things connected to this day His network disney anymore. He's retired but he's done so much for match nearing the disney company so happy to have worked vamps and for him to allow me to have this opportunity. Great guy and is that when it starts like d. doesn't has it hit the does it hit you that you know people millions of people every year come and they here and they know and they recognize and they you know remember and they probably mimic your voice because it is such an iconic part of that attraction. I gotta tell ya. I bet it'd be too later on. Do i didn't know how. I didn't know i just was ignorant of the type of impacted those attractions have my first four. As i mentioned down there while disneyworld will my family came down in two thousand two thousand matter of fact ninety nine nine hundred That we just kind of rain around the person we just didn't know type of impact so you say millions of people here it. It's still a stunning number to me. I just can't wrap my mind around. But i'm so proud to be part of the magic truly a especially for a ride. That's so relaxing. Just you get off your feet. Just go the vibes of it. The advice fears and it's sorta down during hot days. It's a cool big. I joined a absolutely probably be truly so. Listen let's we need to get to the you know eight hundred pound gorilla in the room because while living with the land is wonderful I will tell you that. I and i am not the only one that you are the voice of the one attraction that when i go to the parks i make sure that i ride over and over again. We all know the narration. We all try and do the voice but when you are the voice of the tomorrowland transit authority people move it.

[00:35:00] - [00:40:04]

Call it what you will. There's a lot there's something. There's a lot of gravitas to that. Because you are not replacing but you are following in the footsteps of a jack wagner and pete runaway. Tell me how you get this gig and does the d- you recognize at the time. Just how beloved and how important this attraction is to disney enthusiasts ch- great question again You're talking about constantly. Disney voices these guys. Ross jack wagner paper today. i don't know if i would ever question to dare to follow them. It's just what happened to me and thankful at said yes to the project. of course why would nice I'm happy to do it. But no i got to be answered questions here. I had no idea how the gravitas of this type of attraction to people i really. I didn't understand that honest And i hate when Let me say this right i. I don't hate sorry that. I i that disney themselves took out very popular to people some of the banks of old There was nothing i could do about it. They gave me a script in four such went in audition and did the job itself. And of course. I would do exactly what they're asking for me to do. They accepted the work. And they've put it in now and it's it's the t t a narration. I'm so happy to be a part of that. A really and by the way. I was back. I gotta tell you what boats because this last year of course everyone understands. The pandemic is coming to an end. That's great and they had taken the ride down. And i didn't know if i was going to be the narrator come back i just didn't know what was going on there and then i saw i saw video at youtube. They're like hey it back. Open no writers but it's back open for testing and it was my voice those yes a lot of might not know this disney fans do not like change. It is a very touchy subject. When you say you're going to remove something or someone that they just one. We get to memorize all of the narrations spills in english and spanish. They go in there and change it to somebody else. So there's a lot of people that are very happy that you remain the voice of this attraction all. I'm so glad to hear that. I too happy every check. So yeah. These are nice. I gotta say. I can appreciate big bigger. A voice attracted at so beloved. I it's still again from be instill. Is i just can't believe how many people year i'm try to calculate it. I'm just happy to be the guy they chose i really when they decided to change if they decided to change it. And it's all good. And i had fun ride. I joy. not it's so when you finally ripper kids away from watching atlantis for the five thousand time they come on kids. We're going to magic kingdom to hear dad again do you. Do you go and ride. And and take your family and friends. Not as close to orlando as i used to be so no not as frequently but we are planning to make another trip as a matter of fact got to do it by kids getting older and expensive when they're in their teens and stuff like that. I've got kids so my older ones have joined. The aimed wrote it themselves. It was awesome. How to talk with them. But i wanted to show the younger too cool for that. Like it's still cool for your kids to go. That's my dad that that's my dad. This attraction yes yes but nobody. But me i would have given my kids. Dvd's here give us all your friends and teachers. Yes absolutely absolutely. That's a fun fun fact. i joint doing. I really do I can't wait to take my kids so that they can experience themselves. That will be great. This is my. It's a final two kits by about. We're planning on doing that soon. So i'll give you an update. So maybe and i wonder if it was almost a benefit to you not knowing the importance of the attraction because when they when do get onto get this gig do you go back. And listen to the renna day and wagner versions. Do you take inspiration. Do you try and make your own. I did listen to the radio. Dave ed. You just can't. He can't top he wipers voice. And what they've done dizzy. Just establishing the voice direction for the parks and all that they've done those guys giants And how dare i. You try to follow the steps. I mean that's how i feel. I feel very humbled to be asked as a disney voice think But no i try to do anything that they would do.

[00:40:04] - [00:45:03]

I just tried to follow the direction of a my producer during the time we were recording just to give him what he wants. That's what voice christmas supposed to do. And as long as i did that and he gave me a thumbs up at the end of the session. I feel like i did my job all right so now like you know you're out is pre cova post copay. You're out you're at a party and people's help so mike. What do you do do you sort of throw in there yet. Your disney fan. I'm the voice of the ta. Do you sort of play that the on the voice of the tt card. And when you do 'cause you have to people have come to the voice like are you asked to do the voice and if so can you do the voice the and not ask them to do the ta. I don't i don't do that. People raise their eyebrows. What no wait. No i can doesn't match up to build like you can't live here and be the voice of tda that doesn't make sense. I don. I don't know who it is. That's the way. I felt it my history about revealing the ta a guy So no i have not done the invite wait that voice. They've asked me to do for. The t h is a little higher than what i normally speaking. Hi normally project. It's you never know who. You might see that kind of big. And i had to do that the whole time so i don't know if if people can put that together you know what i'm saying i should trust people more than i do. Maybe a little bears without. But no i don't usually do that is to it because it's with eyebrow race like what. Yeah that's i think that's the way i feel very. It is very different than the previous incarnation totally butchered puts. You had that very sort of deep welcome aboard pta travelers whether you android robot and where you are a little bit higher. Its a little brighter. It's a little bit more upbeat. And i think you know maybe even for kids like more inviting and welcoming and friendly. Yes yes. that's what they asked for for a younger higher voice asked me to do it. And that's what i came up with knowing. Yeah yeah we like that. So i'm going to stick with it. That's a disney lights now going to stalk you at the and i'm gonna ride with. He'd be like come on to the voice to the voice and the script. It's do it. i'll be there are there any Having worked down here and gone to the parks. Have you ever gone to an attraction. Go arm man. That's the one i wish. I hope someday they call me and ask me to voice over this attraction. What does the dream attraction for. You got this question before. I would never want to replace her She's awesome but it's dave judi dench for spaceship earth. I love that attraction. I think it's so cool. It gets one of those again. We get in and sit down and cool off and go through this whole history of the earth. I think that's so cool. She does well as he's just astounding as a person events an actor. She's awesome but i would love to do that. I would love to do that. i think. That's cool have you so you have you ever had sort of prior experience hearing any of the other. You never heard jeremy irons or walter cronkite on the attraction. We did hear jeremy irons on their before. Absolutely i did. And i loved it as well. Of course scar you go. Hey a for school so you you are now the voice. You're the voice. As far as i'm concerned you're the voice of tomorrowland right because that is that is the tomorrowland attraction. This leads you to remain in tomorrowland a little while longer but not doing voice over work trekked correct and that was really odd to me. It was odd to me. Oh of course very happy about it. But it's odd to me because we were walking my producer and i were walking a to tomorrowland transit authority. People mover this after hours after the parks close. He asked me to come in and just do a ride along with them and make sure that the voice was triggering appropriately and that everything was obsessed with the swirling chance of authority people mover. Which of course. I said yes to and i did and it was fun to build. It was just surreal. Honestly it was absolutely surreal to be there to to do that. That was that was a trip and any asked me. You said he adi write music. Can you write music. That was the question. Can you write music and no matter. What the answer is going to be. Yes yes oh come on home and learn. Yes i right to say. They're asking you. Can't you write music clearly up gingerly in his alias.

[00:45:04] - [00:50:10]

And so i did. Of course i did these so what. What an exciting thing to have happened. So i go home that night and i wonder what that meant. I had no idea about the refurbishments going on and i it probably four to six months maybe something like ford four months afterwards. It really was a time where i was working of course without my head at that point that that my producer asked me by music. A novel center received An envelope for disney imaginary. Oh my goodness to receive if lows. It's like winning the lottery really is for me. Open it up. It's eight by lebanon pulling that paper hotness. From imagining a mike we would like to ask you to compose music force base mountain. You kid blow space melted. Are you joking. I get oh so out frigging and i'm screaming. Jump around my studio a wife. she's thinking nominated for. It's just what are you doing. And of course i gotta take my wife offers support throughout my entire career. Not just my wife my family. My kids in sacrificed for me to be in my studio workout music voice over all that good stuff but I'm thankful to her. And so i said honey honey look imagineering his asking me to compose new music for space mountain. Can you believe it. She couldn't believe it was. Just what a trip To have that happen and so. I was excited. Nervous as all. Get out lou. What do you do when disney says. Hey there's an attraction we've had that people blood so much that you now have to replace the music too so that people can love again. What do you say you do this. What i don't understand. So so. I freaked out for a good while my producer. I talked and he told me what was looking for at least from imaginings perspective cash and they try to bang and thing did work. It wasn't me it was just. They wanted to use level things. Were going space. Not start at the top. Of course you go to the middle section on out for beta and then you got to the bottom of these at switch around there. That didn't work too. Because of the space the nature of the space space. And whether they're refurbishments cells had over one hundred and some outward speakers so there would be a whole clash in cacophony of tone in tune. If you were to do that try to mix three types of music together so they sent you know what we're gonna do. We'll just create one piece that runs the two to three minutes throughout the entire time. Just beyond loop and boy they the speakers that that just to see space mountain with the lights on and walk around the track to go to the elevator in the middle of the all. My goodness it was. I was i what i can't even believe i'm here it was astounding. It was tremendous. what a what. A great time. I had a doing. This of course writes something much like today specifications. We change it again again. Get the iterations rights. They're happy and they put in when they invite in to to listen to why they had it. Installed got ready to open it up. It was just. It was surreal again. That's probably the best word move for us. It was absolutely surreal to to know that. You're you're the guy a year that guy that has space mountain like the other two guys that have space mountain that are michael. J. keno and john williams. Are you joking john. I told you was my way. This dude is my hero. And here. I am now. I didn't say i wanna clarify for you. Listening john williams a never do i. I dare to be him. But i am in league with him. At least with these Subtraction and that is mind blowing. I can't believe it. I'm happy to be back and i'm proud of that. What a great opportunity for very blessed by that and g. kino's no slouch either either. There's no sense i love. Jackie knows work. Be to yeah. I'm a huge fan of lost. And i love his. Is the music and lawson numbers other incredible. I love all the stuff he's done. Yeah he's awesome so today. Just do they give you a feeling that they are looking for. And then you sit down at your keyboard with a pencil and a blank sheet of paper of lined paper in front of you and start from zero is that is that what you're sort of direction is given before you put down that i note so yes and no to to be specific about answering your questions. They do absolutely give me direction in the beginning. Okay one sound like this went to build like this where the energy to feel this so i'll get all of that information at the beginning of a talk to them but i do not right on stave paper That way.

[00:50:10] - [00:55:02]

I have not a trained classical composer if you will. I'm a guy who has ears used those ears and comes up with ideas on that way but no one would have known the difference. You know what. I'm saying because if you come up with something someone says hey i like that. They have no idea what you are classically trained or not as long as it's good and right in what they asked worse. So that's what it was league. I just had some ideas edge trying to fulfill that direction and thinking about what it is. I do and they wanted to kind of keep it moving. And they wanted to keep it exciting inhabit different sort of section in the middle so i had to change directions. They're not slow it down but just change direction to make an citing at the end That's what i did. Those were my ideas a match. I like i said. I had provided rations to them. They're like oh yeah we're gonna try that in the mount tonight and they might be like a chain space to this so i change it and do exactly what asking for until they get a final product that they appreciate injury and music is so critical right especially the energy that the music brings look. There's you can't under value the importance of music and storytelling write music in in movies and tv you also can't underestimate the importance of the storytelling and music as it were and and the story that you get to tell without a spoken word. That's exactly right. Music is absolutely important. Every director will tell you that. I at the end of a of a movie score obsolete at the end of a movie production It's funny we get forgotten about for a minute. And then all of a sudden the score comes in at directors are crying at just enjoying this element of a emotion that they're asking for to be a part of the music that drives music drives the movie along and underscores the emotion that actors. And it's just the the most beautiful thing. Would you see come together. And it's right. You would lose so much without music A wooded movies and all the other entertainment venues as well. It just helps to tell the story. It's a great companion and went done right. I lot john williams boy. It could just take over the top and i love that. I love when it's done right. I love. I love the music to an attraction. Because it's another element you can enjoy outside of. Its well you know. We started off talking about Inspiration and legacy. And what i love about your story mike is. That's what i think. You are great because you are a living proof that in order to pursue a passion for things like music. You don't have to go to juilliard in order to do it. You can go on ebay. Get yourself a mobile synthesizer and listen and right and learn on your own and you know might be able to do the same type of things. You've done that passion and turn into something that you get to do every day absolutely absolutely. You're right it can happen any which way for anyone so many talented people out there that you're right. Don't have to go to juilliard and not knocking juilliard or berkman or any other school. That teaches people music. It's great to be learned in that way. And i know you. You have different dimensions and you. You can apply going to those types of school to your craft not a problem that but music itself existed before the schools did so i'm trying to say and because it's a human thing and if it comes from us and it's bias of for us and through us than we can certainly tap into that anytime and tried to mind that skill and and give people what they're looking for feeling wise through the music. I think he can do it that way as well. You know we touched on the the impact and the importance of your presence in not just the movies you touched but even specifically now things like the parks i know and as we start getting older we start thinking about words like legacy and the things that you leave behind. Not just for yourself but for your family and the generations that are going to follow you your kids and their kids are gonna go and say. That's my dad. That's my grandfather is. That is that overwhelming to you. You know knowing that to get not just millions of other people are listening that you're you're going to give your kids that gift of that legacy that they'll be able to be proud of and talk about and share with others. Yeah that yes yes it is. And it's it reminds me to honor. My father is a matter of fact With his journey he touched the greatest as a matter of fact he the greatest.

[00:55:03] - [01:00:05]

I can say a lot or mid. He fought ali Any bought a bunch of others metrics. Look spreaker die. He was no slouch and he left. A great legacy was great individual. I cannot leave that. I get a chance to do the same And lebron legacy from my kids and their their kids and my grandkids as you mentioned So eloquently put that that is astounding to me and to be a part of the disney legacy though is another level for me that i'm just amazed by just coming from like i said the mid west not knowing much about disney movies except that i enjoyed them i was going to be a part of that whole world Sorry but i didn't know how it's going to be a part of that whole bang And i am And i'm i'm such a part of it very happy to be that in that place very blessed and very glad that my kids can have some big backup. Say bad dad did some cool stuff That makes me very happy. Because i know how proud i am of my father so yes absolutely. I couldn't have asked for this. I don't even know how i got here. Lou i mean i got here but honestly i don't even understand that the the connection of but i'm very proud of it a very bitter those who helped me along the way and in maybe paying that forward then in in being thankful and being grateful do you have advice for somebody who's listening and i'm going to say it man. I want to put it out this way. That wants to be the next mike brazelle. Whether it's classes exercises disney films. They need to watch. What's a bit of advice that you would give to somebody that wants to sort of follow in similar footsteps. You know what. I would say. I'd say first of all. Don't be afraid. do not be afraid. If you make silly voices fun places. Keep doing it. He doing and then go talk to those who do this professionally so go get a coach. Go get some more knowledge figure out what the industry is like what they do what they want. What they don't want and follow those steps Stay away from the the minefields that other people gone down and go get a coach and they can take you along the patch that they won't blow up at. You might see some success. I can't guarantee anything more than anyone else cam. But i can tell you that there is a pack that does work. Disney's is looking voices themselves at disney character. Voices is an absolute institution in business. They're looking for people all the time. So are you the right one. Can you be the right one. I think you can with the right knowledge with the right direction. Certainly you can't be and not just excuse me for voiceover but for music as well listen to the great. Use your ears a again tested against a your peers. Who are in that industry It's an easy thing to do to start working on it and just start believing in yourself. doing it. change adapt grow and get better. I love all right so because listen i. I would be remiss. If i didn't ask you favorite disney movie. I gotta say the lion king lou. I've had a long time to think about which one and i can skip back and forth. 'cause there's no doubt but i gotta say the lion king and the reason why is because it's such a great redemption story. That's what i love. I love it so much. It just it's ever lasting that kind of be It's so good on. The movie itself is good emotional. It's everybody everybody understands in. Its course a father to son kind of thing absolutely relates that too. So it's it's awesome art your music guys your favorite disney song. Ooh favorite disney song. Wow okay that's how i've never been hit with dealt with before you give me a minute who Oh okay i think of this one sticks. In my head it's hercules. What is the sonke sings that come in the messaging in that one. Still very much I that. I just think that it's an awesome dude us barracks. I love that. I listened and i absolutely dig the genuine passion. The enthusiasm i can. I can hear in your voice. I can see it on your face And i love that. And that's why i'm so happy to be able to share your story with other people Tell the people who are listening where where they can find you if to your your website social etcetera absolutely. I'm not a huge social guy. But i hope facebook you can check there. You can check out appreciated music. That's facebook of course as well. I do have my result dot com slash slash rec- terrible dot com website.

[01:00:05] - [01:05:01]

It don't go. There is nothing there yet. it's still under. Its under the world plug ever his. Don't go there. don't go to my website. i need someone to help me But i'm also of course i music music library site and of course you go there and listen to some of the stuff that i produced by composer friends. I think like that out there for tv film and and all that good. Stop a twitter as well so you would be canceled. You could do that at microsoft dot com dr bike priscilla at twitter whatever. It is terrible homemade. I'll put links in the show notes. And when i share it out i'll share all your social and the anti see i write music and do boy so far what. I really enjoyed our conversation. I will tell you as a disney enthusiasts as someone who has enjoyed your work in the attractions and both the narration in the music I appreciate you man and as does my family. And i appreciate your your time tonight. sharing your story with me. Are you kidding me. I appreciate being on your show honestly. H this is awesome. I love talking about this. I don't do it that often. But i'm very proud to be part of the magic. And and now when i get asked to i'm happy to be able to do this Just because what a blessing it. I've opportunity has been i'm happy to talk about. It's awesome and a fateful disney for them to to say yes meat and stuff too. So i'm happy. This is cool. And mike look i would i. Would they will guy will. They will kill me. If i don't ask you to give me a little bit of people mover. Welcome aboard the tomorrow entrance with already. People who've require carefree highway in this. I remember i memorized. It and mike has it. But i gotta have it here somewhere. I know i let me see. I wanna get it for people. Who turn off atlantis for five minutes and pull up the people who just to give you just once again. Probably show your highway. Do habit I was nervous that too but that was fun. That was fun. Doing that. And i had so much fun studio recording that the people movers the perfect vehicle for people watching. That's it. that was me not mike just to be clear out. You did a great job. Welcome aboard the tomorrowland authority. People mover your quieting carefree highway in the sky. We invite you to sit back. Relax enjoy your grant circle tour of tomorrowland. i love like being there without the oppressive. Heat himself thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate you and appreciate your time tonight. Thank you so much. This was an honor. I'm so happy to be this. Thank you brass nut three shannon. It's time for our walt disneyworld trivia question of the week wow inviting test your knowledge. Walt disney world's history or see. How will you pay attention to the details. What you see here or taste thinking the enter. You can enter for a chance to win a disney prize package. This week's contest is brought to you by sideshow collectibles where you can let your disney side show with limited edition collectible statues art jewelry replicas closing and more from the greatest purveyor of pop culture in the known universe disney marvel star wars. I'm a huge fan of side. Show i have a number of pieces in my own collection. I'm gifted other pieces. Well you can find everything over at. Www dot com slash disney side. And if you sign up for their free email newsletter you'll also save fifteen dollars off your first order now before we get to this week's question we're going to go back review last week's then select a winner so last week. I asked you to name an attraction that has appeared in both epcot magic kingdom now. It had to be the same attraction but at different times in both parks in walt disney world. I wanna thank the hundreds of you who entered. Got this one correct or once again. We're very creative in your answers and knew that the answer was of course magic journeys now if you remember. Magic journey was an opening day attraction in epcot. But it's the only attraction ever to have a home in different locations on property and in more than one park if you remember magic.

[01:05:01] - [01:10:01]

Journeys was a three d. Show that was originally in the imagination pavilion with music composed by the sherman brothers and in february of nineteen eighty-six. The show closed to make way for captain ill. In december of nineteen eighty-seven. It was dusted off the shelf and began. Its new life in the fantasyland theater. That was once home to the mickey mouse revue. It closed there in late. Nineteen ninety-three to make room for a new attraction legend of the lion king so once game. Congratulations thanks to all who entered. Got this one correct and again last week. You're playing for a brand new. Wwe open and keychain animals gonna throw in a bonus prize as well and last week's winner randomly selected is larisa. Spiro larussa congratulations. I have your mailing address and get your prize. Pack it out. You're right away if you played last week and didn't win. That's okay because here's your next chance to enter in this week's walt. Disneyworld trivia challenge so with loki debut. In this week on disney plus. I'm very excited about that. By the way. I wanted to ask you a question about his brother while half brother and it's very simple lucky is known as the god of what only god ram and. I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that. I agree with you captain. America but loki is known as the god of what now this week. You're not only going to play for the w. w. radio pin and keychain which you can only get by winning a contest prize here in the show but also going to include a special marvel mystery prize and it literally is a mystery not just to you but to me as well because they blind box package of. That's part of the mystery to have until sunday. June thirteenth at eleven fifty nine pm eastern to go to www dot com click on. This week's podcast use the form. They're so good luck and have fun. That's gonna do it this week. Show thank you so much for taking the time to tune in this every week. I hope you had fun. Learn something new and that the show brought a little or a lot of happiness and disney magic to your your week. Our question of the week this week is if you could voice one attraction in a disney park. What would it be. And why post this question in the clubhouse that is our community over and facebook where you can be part of the conversation by going to www dot com slash clubhouse you can also better yet show off your voice. Call the voicemail at four zero seven nine hundred nine three nine one. That's four zero seven nine hundred. Wd w one let me know what attracts new like voice. And if you wanna send me a little bit of an audition you can do that as well. You can also connect with me on social and atlema angelo on instagram. Facebook twitter linked in pinterest. And be sure to like the w page on facebook at facebook dot com slash w. radio turnover occasions. So you don't miss a thing including our wednesday night live show every wednesday seven thirty pm eastern at w. w. radio live dot com. We talk about this week. Show what's news in. Walt disneyworld on the disney parks marvel star wars a share. My top five live where you are. Part of the creating of the list also do twenty questions contests lots more disney plus pick of the week which obviously to loki again every wednesday seven thirty pm eastern at w. w live dot com. Speaking of loki. I invite you once again to please join our spoiler support group at. Www dot com splash. Spoilers this is a fun safe place. Unless you don't like spoilers to talk not just about loki but anything on disney plus or coming out in the movies again. Wwe dot com slash. Spoilers speaking of loki by the way please check the ww blog at www dot com for something that i share about loki from my childhood that ties in to the disney plus show and modesto anyway speaking of marvel also we still have availability on our marvel at sea cruise february fifth through the tenth on the disney magic out of miami by going w. w radio dot com slash marvel cruise. You can find out more and if you can't make it in february that's fine because we're going to also go on an inaugural cruise on the disney wish june twentieth twenty twenty two for four nights to find out more. Get a free. No obligation quote. You can go to wwi radio dot com slash disney. Wish twenty twenty two. And by the way if you can't make june twentieth for a variety of reasons stay tuned. We are going to cruise again on the wish as a group in the fall.

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I'm going to be out covering avengers. Campus very very soon stay tuned for more information about. When you'll be able to join me live. Either if you're out in disneyland out of interest campus or when i'll be broadcasting from the vendors campus and you can be there with be live stay tuned. Hi my name is sherrie. I'm calling from new jersey. I just finished listening to episode number six thirty four on the podcast about the beach club. I wanna tell you it. Brought back such great memories. From six years ago i decided to splurge for my nieces sixteenth birthday so i did book us into the beach club and everything he said in the podcast is true it is to needs a number one resort at disneyworld and i hope to be able to afford to go again next year with the rest of the family but the the hotel selfish so great indoors breezy. It is sunlit Just gives you this. Great feeling and as far as outdoors goes besides see convenience to get epcot and hollywood studios. It's i'm not a waterpark person. But that storm along bay sold me. It was great lazy river. There's just nothing better at the end of a park day to go out and float around your tube and have some snacks in a drink. You guys you. And becky were right on with your assessment of this place. And i just wanted to add how much i enjoyed. The show brought back so many wonderful memories of that trip where everything just went perfectly. And i wanna thank you for your weekly podcast because you are just as bright and sunny the resort. Thank you lou by lou. This is rob from windermere. florida Loved the conversation you had in regard to the pre shows walt disneyworld. I gotta say though. I'm very surprised and disappointed. How could you possibly forget. The voices of liberty prior to the american adventure live entertainment. Real live honest to goodness people you can interact twist and nothing. Nothing prepares you for the Dare i say vomiting patriotism. It is about to be poured all over you for the american adventure. Nothing prepares you for that more than the voices of liberty That's so Afternoon mr mondello. This is brian wilson from saint augustine florida. Sitting here on my balcony changed a green. My wife Surprised us with the little family station. Just to get away for a little bit for this memorial weekend. Just one to Take some time and reflect and Remember all of our frozen and sisters to what does what does holidays. Actually really all about so I remember that it's not barbecue holiday and that Hopefully i have a great safe moyle weekend. It's elizabeth from massachusetts. It's been a hot minute since i've called in i've been so so busy But yeah i would just actually in walt for You tucson it. Which is leading dishing. Which i know is a lot of times the end or the butt of the jokes for disney but i will say it was absolutely fabulous to be back home and to be doing what i love where love most My kids that's so much fun has always there's nothing like espn zone and what it does for kids and athletes across this country. So i any of our listeners out there is just there for or know someone who has a hard of it. Hope you're happy had so much fun. and enjoyed their time. I know i did. So everybody's doing while i just listened to the club. Resort report fabulous is always a cannot agree more than it is one of the most beautiful resorts during the holidays And i was like for guys to go ahead and do the garage next. That'd be great I don't think he's on our yet or could be wrong anyways. Yeah say i think opening up more. Everybody thinks i'm excited to be back again. In the world in june for family hetian and i hope everyone is doing well. Staying positive magical. Sprinkle some pixie dust matter where you go and make somebody file. I will talk to you all leader injury your day and hero bye.