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Do you want to dine in “Walt’s booth?” – The Legendary Tam O’Shanter

The Tam O’Shanter is Hollywood legend.

Located near the Disney Studios in Burbank, The Tam is Los Angeles’ oldest restaurant, snd has remained in the same location under the same ownership and proprietors since 1922.

When Walt opened his Hyperion Studio, he would visit (often), as the Tam is located nearby on Los Feliz Boulevard, and he would eat at the same table in a quiet corner near the fireplace.

Inside this Scottish pub, housed in a Tudor-style building, Walt would dine at his favorite table (number 31) with his Imagineers, artists, executives, and guests. In fact, The Tam would affectionately be referred to as the “studio commissary.”

Stepping into The Tam is like stepping back in time. Looking around, you imagine that not much has changed in nearly 100 years… and that’s a good thing.

Looking at other guests, you can’t help but wonder what “Hollywood royalty” might be dining nearby (on my first visit here many years ago, Rose Marie from The Dick Van Dyke Show was reminiscing about Morey Amsterdam!)

Sitting at Walt’s table (in the seat I romantically rationalized him sitting in), I imagined the conversations he had there, and the dreams that became reality.

If you’ve never been to The Tam, you need to go when you visit “Walt’s carousel” (the one where he took his daughters snd was inspired to create Disneyland) in nearby Griffith Park or the Observatory. The food is wonderful… but more importantly, it’s “Where Walt ate.”