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25 Days of Christmas on Disney+ — Week 1

Tis the season! The parade is over, the turkey leftovers are gone, so that means only one thing in our house… CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!!!!! 

As if life this time of year isn’t crazy enough, I got this idea to watch 25 Christmas movies/shorts/ shows on Disney+ and have a special snack or craft to go along with each one.  Now, full disclosure, I might not make it for all 25 days, because life, but I sure will try! This could begin a fun tradition for our family and hopefully yours as well! 

A little insight into our lives, my husband and I both work full time, and my daughter is in school. Some nights we don’t get home until 6:00pm and she goes to bed around 7:30pm, so just dinner, shower and books is a lot to fit into that period of time, so some of these will be very short and easy. Here we go! 

12/1: Pixar short Knick Knack: Starting off easy with this 3-minute short about a snowman in a snowglobe. Short and sweet! The special snack of this will be snowman string cheese. You draw a hat, eyes, smile and buttons on a string cheese wrapper 

12/2: A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa: Y’all know that I love anything Muppets! This is a fun 45-minute film that is great for a weeknight. For this one we are going to write our own letters to Santa. 

12/3: The Santa Clause: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday call for full-length movies! For tonight’s treat, we are going to have a hot cocoa bar. Some fun mix-ins for hot cocoa are marshmallows (of course), candy canes, caramel sauce, cinnamon sticks, flavored syrups, and of course extra chocolate! 

12/4: I’ll Be Home For Christmas: Be still my JTT loving 90’s heart! I am not sure if this will keep my kiddos attention, but we will be decorating gingerbread houses. That should keep them busy, so I can revel in my 90’s nostalgia! 

12/5: Jingle All The Way: I know when I think about Arnold, my mind immediately goes to Christmas… Not really. This one was a tough one to come up with a special snack or craft. So we are going to have superhero salad (any salad my kid will eat is superhero salad) and some Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle for dessert. If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you, first off, I’m sorry because its delightful. Secondly, you can mix some chocolate covered pretzels, chips, nuts and cookies and mix them all together. 

Join us next week to see what entertainment and snacks Week 2 have in store! Happy Holidays!

My name is Sarah Niswender and I have WDW in my veins, going to the parks several times per year as early as age 2. Growing up in SoFla I was fortunate enough to have a lifelong Disney education, thanks to my mother (and hardworking father)! I am now passing the love for everything Disney along to my daughter and somewhat reluctant husband. I have participated in several runDisney events and am looking forward to participating as a part of the WDWRadio running team. See you on Main Street USA!