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It’s Mickey Mouse’s 93rd Birthday!

Written by Tyler Johnson

No matter if you know him best as a cartoon character, a pair of ears sitting on your head as you make your way down Main Street, or a hidden scavenger hunt across the Walt Disney World property, we all have Mickey Mouse in our lives. He is THE Mouse that it all started with, after all. And we keep it going with the mouse via our coffee mugs, collectible figures, watch bands, phone cases, popcorn buckets, fridge magnets – the list goes on and on. As I sit here and write this, I count at least five Mickeys within view. Today, we celebrate with a mouse sized fanfare compared to the 90th Birthday Celebration that seemed to last until he was 92 and gave us the epic matching confetti costumes from Disney’s power couple, Minnie and Mickey. In the shadow of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, Mickey’s Birthday will not go unnoticed; not on the WDW Radio Clubhouse’s watch!

An animated Mickey and Minnie Mouse look through a giant book

Oh boy, how different this all would’ve been had he been named Mortimar… Nevertheless, Mickey has stolen our hearts across generations, country borders, from screen to shining screen, and all over our houses. We sure do love our merch. But he is more than just a plush that sits on the shelf or in the cribs of our children. Mickey Mouse is the triumph of the idea that a simple creation with just the right amount of heart, humor, and heroism can transcend the face value of those big ears of his and become a shared piece of magic to all those who call Disney home. Who doesn’t get chills when Mickey Mouse comes strolling down Main Street? Who doesn’t get excited when they see a new mickey backpack in a color they don’t have yet? Yes, this charming mouse has now been with us for 93 years, and the love for him continues to grow. So go out and celebrate Mickey Mouse today! Share your pictures of Mickey all around your house and your life; from phone backgrounds to car decals. Let those mouse merch pics fly! And we’ll see ya real soon.

A couple facing opposite the camera wearing Mickey Mouse hats, hers says He Asked, his says she said yes.

Tyler Johnson is a 24-year old Georgia resident.  He and his wife, Ragan, are huge Disney fans of the Disney Parks.  Their love of Disney reignited during a 2017 trip where Tyler proposed to Ragan. Since that 2017 trip, they have been back to our “home away from home” several times, and like many, they’re always in the pre-planning stage of a Disney vacation whether it happens or not.