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WDW Radio # 658 – Top Ten Boat Rides in Walt Disney World

I sit down with Mike Brassell, the voice of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover and Living with the Land attractions in Walt Disney World to discuss the process (and pressure) of being the voice of beloved attractions in the parks. We also discuss his career at Walt Disney Feature Animation, working with Roy Disney, his cameo appearance in the Disney animated short film “John Henry,” and working at The Magic of Animation building at Disney-MGM Studios. Mike also talks about composing the musical score for Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, alongside Michael Giacchino’s score for Disneyland’s version.

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Lou Mongello: What makes a great Disney attraction? Is it the perfect proportional marriage of story imagery, technology in the multitude of unquantifiable elements that make us smile, cry, and cheer and all? I don't know. I think it's very subjective and that is a beautiful thing. And I think we all love different attractions and types of attractions for different reasons.

And one of my personal favorite ways to experience attractions is on through and sometimes under water. But that's another story for another day, because I think there's something about being in a boat that is often relaxing, sometimes thrilling and always fun. So this week we're going to look at our top 10 boat rides in Walt Disney world.

And joining me as a man who awkwardly can't get on a boat without running towards the bow screaming "I'm king of the world". He is little Timmy Foster from Celebrations Magazine.

[00:01:05] Tim Foster: I literally just did that on my trip down there.

[00:01:08] Lou Mongello: And I did well enough to know. I try and avoid boats with Tim foster.

[00:01:15] Tim Foster: Now I got yelled at because I did it on it's a small world, but

[00:01:19] Lou Mongello: can you do well, look when you're feeling it, you feel it wasn't that's right.

And you're probably never going to see 99.7% of those people ever again. So it's not that big of a deal, but you know, I was thinking about this and Disney attractions take so many different forms. There's walk-throughs Omni movers, cars, swings, trains, and everything in between. But for me, there's something about being on a boat that just adds this wonderful, additional element, which I think can enhance the attraction self by either making it more relaxing or more thrilling, or as in your case in any way, every attraction can go on a little more wet, um,

[00:02:05] Tim Foster: a little more, you know, what a fun thing would be to name it attraction that would not be enhanced by making it

[00:02:13] Lou Mongello: being a boarded boat Soren.

But how,

[00:02:22] Tim Foster: how cool would it be to get wet on sword though? You should, when you're

[00:02:26] Lou Mongello: flying. Well, hold on. I missed you got a little missed here and there. Um, and you know, I I'm, I'm going to be very curious to hear where you go and I'm going to not spoil a word because I think when people, when we say boat rides, I think people's minds probably go to one of, if not all of the big three, and I won't sort of mention what the big three are, but they sort of instantly come to mind.

So I know for me, in my list, I went a little off the rails as many boats, Walt Disney world actually are, but you are my guest. You are my friend and you are always, I'm always intrigued to see where your mind goes. When we talk about topics like this. So favor us with your first of your top 10 favorite boat rides in Walt Disney world.

[00:03:18] Tim Foster: Well, once again, as you lay out some rules that I was not privy to, when you sent me.

[00:03:25] Lou Mongello: Oh, I said was, oh, and to full disclosure, all I said is top 10 boat rides there wasn't no,

[00:03:31] Tim Foster: literally that's literally all you said. So I took that to mean rights on a boat, which could be anywhere. And you also said nothing about water.

So with my first one, I stuck to it attraction, but I threw the water element out of it. And I went to Peter pants, like, yes, I stole it from you. I knew you were going to take that one.

[00:03:55] Lou Mongello: I had it on my list and I took it off. Cause I'm like, you know what, Lou, that's a tool move like Peter pan slight, because your thing is shaped like a boat, but I'm not saying you're a tool for putting it on.

Uh, no, that's exactly what

[00:04:07] Tim Foster: you just said. I got, I got it.

[00:04:09] Lou Mongello: I going to insult you, but I took it off because I wanted to try and be as literal in my definition, having some association to water. But I love it because you know of my affinity for Peter pan and his.

[00:04:24] Tim Foster: I know, I mean, not only on your, are you on a boat, which is cool enough, but yeah, I maintained it.

It being one of the oldest attractions at Walt Disney world. I still think it's one of the coolest ride vehicles in all of Walt Disney world, because you know, you're flying, you're flying, you're literally flying enough. There's no other traction that behaves quite like that. And to me, no matter how many times I do it, I mean, I'm in Shanda's by looking everything, the little cars in London, looking down that volcano, all of that stuff, but just the, the sheer magic and

[00:04:58] Lou Mongello: novelty

[00:04:59] Tim Foster: of literally flying through the air on the boat just gets me every time.

The only complaint I have about that attraction is I want it to be three times as long.

[00:05:09] Lou Mongello: That's all. So I love it. I agree with it. Obviously. I just tried to be a little bit more literal with literal. I know. For you listening. If I was to say quickly, run through and list your top 10, your top five boat rides in Walt Disney world.

The first one on my list might actually come in last on your list, but I have a love and affinity for the Liberty square riverboat. It is not high tech. It has not changed very much save for some changes to some of the vignettes burning cabin, how I missed you. So, although do you remember quick aside, do you remember way back when in the burning cabin scene, there used to be a dead settler laying outside the cabin with an arrow through his chest and he was later removed and the story changed that it wasn't an attack, but a moonshine cabin that had exploded, which is why it was on fire before the fire was eventually turned off.

No. Yeah, there was thanks, Disney, but I love this, this, this idea of this simple, you know, stern paddle wheel steamer that allows you to step back in time on this wonderful, slow moving scenic cruise on the rivers of America. I love the fact that it is not a ride vehicle that is disguised as a, you know, steam powered paddlewheel or, but it really is, although it does sort of operate on a track.

Everything else on an, in that ship is authentic and this slow moving 17 minute voyage, lets you go through not just so many of the different scenes that are being told, you know, by Horace Bixby, but, uh, and, and, and Samuel Clemens, but you see unique views of the Hotard mansion of splash mountain of big thunder mountain and they're woven into the story.

So I think you get this wonderful blend of American history and music and adventure and just the kinetic element that it adds to it. Um, of being able to see these attractions and the lands from these unique points of views. So Liberty square riverboats, I actually give a lot of love to. Oh, I love

[00:07:55] Tim Foster: that.

I think it's, I don't think I know it's one of the most, one of those overlooked attractions that I talk about all the time. Even I overlook it when I'm, you know, race into pirates to space, mountain and everywhere in between. Um, but it is great. It's great for photographers, professional photographers, amateur photographers, those use, you mentioned of the haunted mansion and thunder mountain.

Unbelievable. And you get some great, some great photos. The photos that you take home and people say, where were you standing when you took that photo? And you can tell him, you know, that boat, you never go on. That's where you were. So

[00:08:33] Lou Mongello: yeah, a lot of fun. I think a lot of people do overlook the riverboats, I think because it's not connected to an IP.

It's slow moving it doesn't there. But I think, I think you miss out on some, like what other attraction can you stand up? Sit down, get, you know, walk around, have the different decks on it is unique among all attractions, anywhere in, in any of the parks.

[00:09:02] Tim Foster: Yeah. It's one of those gray ones. This, when you round the beds, you, what are those attractions where you really feel like you're so far away from everything, you know, and you're offering your own little world.

[00:09:14] Lou Mongello: So where does that take you? Next? It


[00:09:17] Tim Foster: me to, let's see, let's see. I'm going to go. All right. This is a two for here. So. Over in Epcot, my friends, we're going to go to Norway. Um, I had frozen ever after, but more to the point maelstrom cause I loved, I love maelstrom. I love frozen ever after. Um, and I think the boat's essentially the same as it always was.

But the notion of maelstrom that you were getting on a Viking ship and riding up and you see the, the eye of Odin in the distance, um, and you saw this Viking ship or, uh, another famous Viking ship in the Norway. Which I always loved that film and I never understood why people would walk through the theater.

It was a great movie, but the, just the, uh, the way they designed that boat. And I remember how much it would rock every time you would go out of the queue when you go up that hill. So very cool. And again, it's with frozen ever after now, which I adored. Um, in my heart, it's always maelstrom that Viking ship and that eyeball just staring at me and the trolls, the trolls,

[00:10:31] Lou Mongello: you mean the actual trolls, not the internet trolls, which are two very distinct different

[00:10:37] Tim Foster: things.

There ended up trolls are mean maelstrom, trolls, frozen they're happening.

[00:10:43] Lou Mongello: The maelstrom trolls are nicer than the internet trolls, which is it's right. Yeah, that's right. So I actually did not have maelstrom on my list, um, because I did try to keep my list to somewhat 10 ish and it, as much as I enjoy the attraction and have fond memories, my dad loved it.

I've told this story a million times. My dad loved the attraction. I loved ending off the, and disembarking the boat in that quaint little Norwegian fishing village, which was one of my favorite parts. And I loved the ability. And again, what was unique about that? And now in frozen. When your boat turns and goes backwards and sort of hangs back over the falls before changing tracks and going down the other side.

But for the next one on my list, I'm sort of all over the place because I'm saving, I'm sort of saving the big three, I think just for what will be a conversation between the two of us, because I have to imagine that they are on your list, but I'll, you know what, I'll stay, I'll stay sort of in the same vein.

And I'm going to, you know what, I take that back. I'm going to go with a little Tim foster, go with me here because I want to get permission to just go wild and do what you do best. Okay. The rafts to Tom Sawyer. Nice.

[00:12:07] Tim Foster: I almost put that down,

[00:12:08] Lou Mongello: but it's, it's, it's not the attraction per se. It's more of a convenience, but I almost look at it as a little pre-show to the adventure that awaits you there when you, when you get to the island.

And it is once again, a unique conveyance because of what the rafts are. And I won't go sort of into, you know, too much about sort of these gas-powered rafts. You don't sit on them. They are not an attraction per se, but they are because. Of the unique views that you get on the rivers, you were literally like as close to the water as you possibly can be.

And you get these magnificent views of not just the island, but frontier land and Liberty square and the Liberty square riverboat as well. And I think the fact that it takes you a little extra effort to get to Thompson island via the raft is worth the payoff that you get, which I think like the Liberty square riverboat itself, I think a lot of people don't necessarily do the like, Aw, there's a line.

And then there's a boat. I gotta go. I gotta walk. I actually think it's something that is, it's a, it's super cool for a number of reasons, including, and especially because again, if you're a photographer too, some of the, the wonderfully unique views that you'll get from the rafts.

[00:13:34] Tim Foster: Yeah. Let's another.

Overlooked attractions because there's, I mean, what do you do? You wander around? There's nothing to do over there, but of course there's a lot to do over there, you know that, but, but I think probably a lot of people see it that way, but, and, and like I said, that's not the attraction per se. It's just the way to get there,

[00:13:57] Lou Mongello: but what a cool way to get there.

And once they reopened and I think they will, once they reopen aunt Polly's Dockside Inn and hopefully one day have food there, again, not just, you know, waters and sodas from a vending machine, but actually open up the kitchen that was there. Um, and you've got that wonderful little, um, uh, lattice covered dock where you can watch the world and the boats go by.

I think there's, I, I agree with you. I think there's a lot to do on Tom Sawyer island.

[00:14:31] Tim Foster: Now, when you, when you said. Boat rides. I think that's literally what you said.

[00:14:39] Lou Mongello: Correct? I

[00:14:42] Tim Foster: took that to mean rides on boats.

[00:14:45] Lou Mongello: Okay. Which means not just attractions. Correct. Okay. Okay.

[00:14:51] Tim Foster: I just want to make sure you're not going to scream when I go this.

Oh, no. I'm

[00:14:55] Lou Mongello: I'm with you. I'm going. Yeah. All right.

[00:15:00] Tim Foster: Well, one of my favorite ways to get around the parks, uh, besides the monorail of course, is the launch boat. So we've talked about the launch boat so many times, and I guess the trick is which one is my favorite. If I had to pick one and it's on hiatus right now, but the, the boat that goes contemporary, Fort wilderness and the wilderness lodge, um, sometimes around discovery island out in the middle of Bailey.

Um, that is my. Boat launch of all you're so far away from everything. When that happens at night, it's amazing. It's so tranquil, somebody gets stormy, then it's really, really frightening,

[00:15:41] Lou Mongello: but you know,

[00:15:43] Tim Foster: you get to see the wilderness lodge, uh, looking like a, a giant bear at night. I still don't quite see it, but people say it's there.

[00:15:51] Lou Mongello: Can I tell you?

[00:15:52] Tim Foster: Um, but there's so many large boats to pick from. I would have to say that once my favorite, I can't wait for it to come back. Like you said, it's not running right now, but, um, so much fun. And I guess that poses the question, like what would be your favorite launch boat ride of all of those similar types of conveyances?

[00:16:14] Lou Mongello: One I'm happy yet. Disappointed that you had these on your list. Cause I wanted you to go. You said boat rides. I only meant attractions, but I know, I know

[00:16:24] Tim Foster: you and

[00:16:24] Lou Mongello: rules citizen after, after, gosh, let's see. Uh, 16 years of doing this. You're finally starting to get me. Our relationship is really getting it, I'm getting it.

So I had this broken up into two separate things. It will sort of make it a, uh, a combined discussion because I had ferry boats and water taxis. That's where the water ferries broken up separately because the water taxis have multiple routes that run between magic kingdom and resorts on, on seven seas lagoon and bay lake.

And then there's also the water taxis that take you to Epcot and Hollywood studios and Disney Springs. And. Like a lot of these, these are more than just a way to get from point a to point B and the different taxi routes, I think have different appeals, right? So there's the, and each of them is, is marked by a different color flag.

So for example, the blue flag will take you to wilderness lodge, Fort wilderness, and the contemporary, the gold will take you between magic kingdom and the grand flirting and Polynesian. The red will take you in, but, and this is one of my favorites. Between wilderness lodge to magic kingdom. Um, I love everything about it.

I love the route. I love how long it takes. I love that. It's usually not very crowded. I love the dock. Like it's ridiculous. I love the dock and the walkway through the Cypress trees. Going back to when you get this sort of reveal moment, as you walk past the Geyser Ove wilderness lodge, proper look, I think it's just gorgeous and it's such a great way to either start or punctuate the end of your night and then have the green flag will take you in between Fort wilderness and magic kingdom.

So if we go into hooptie, do like go to magic kingdom, then take the watercraft, take the green flag taxi over to hooptie do, and then you can take it back again. It's so. Nice. And I like it so much better in terms of a transportation like conveyance then taking, especially then taking something like the bus and I'll tie that into something else that was very high on my list where the ferry boat look, I love, love, love the monorail.

Maybe not so much when it's like the middle of August and super hot and super crowded, but certain times a year, more importantly, certain times a day, the ferry is so nice and so special. And specifically like the magic kingdom ferry. I love. I love everything about it. Like I love the, I even love the names of the furries, right?

The Richard F Irvine and the Admiral Joe file, or the captain, Joe fodder Potter. I love the fact that you can walk around if you prefer to be on the top deck or like me, I like being on the lower deck and walking up to the front, not just because I like the views and the wind in my face and getting off really quickly when they get to dementia.

But you get such gorgeous views of the contemporary and Cinderella castle off in the distance. And even some of the smaller little islands in the seven seas lagoon, you hit that at the golden hour at sunset, or if you time, it just right when the electrical water pageant is going by, it is such a wonderful, beautiful way.

And even though there's other people on there, there are some times you can just stand up against that rail and feel like you were the only person on that.

[00:20:11] Tim Foster: It's funny. I had a friend of mine went to Disney over the summer, I guess. And he hasn't been, he hadn't been there a whole lot. So he was calling me for tips, like where do I go?

What do I stay in? And he had arrived at the magic kingdom park lot. They drove and I guess they were, they weren't up to speed on. All right, well, we're here. What's over there. What do we do? So he's texting me. What do I do? I said, well, you can go to the monorail or you can go to the fair. And his next question was, how much is the ferry?

And for once, for once, it was nice to say, oh, that Ferry's free. It doesn't cost you anything. I mean, it's one of the few times I could tell him it didn't cost him anything, but that was

[00:20:54] Lou Mongello: pretty fun. And I would be remiss if I didn't say, and if you've ever looking for a day, either outside the park or something else, new, I think one of, and I have to lump this in here because we're talking about sort of these fairy conveyances.

The Sasol river ferry boat that runs between Disney spring and French quarter and Riverside and Saratoga is beautiful. It is such a wonderful, relaxing, and depending on what route, where if you go round trip, it is almost an attraction to me that goes, and again, there's multiple there's different flag routes, you know, between French quarter and Disney Springs, Riverside Saratoga, that treat you.

If you want to go to Disney, uh, sorry, the, the, the tree houses, you could do that too. And there's different docs. There's the marketplace in Disney Springs and there's the landing and Disney spring. So different routes, different flags will take you to, and from different places, but it's a really nice, sort of very slow moving, very casual and accessible attraction.

[00:22:03] Tim Foster: Yeah. I had that on my list cause we stay at, um, old key west every once in a while. And you can take it from there to Disney Springs in it. Yeah. That's and it's so much different than even the other launches. Cause you're, you're just so far away from everything. It's more of a, I guess, a pontoon boat than, uh, you know, the big boat, you know?

So it's, it's got, uh, it's, it's really unique. It's really different from the other launches and it's definitely worth the ride even, even just to ride it, whether you're planning on, I know you're gonna not like this. Even if you don't get off at Disney Springs and have lunch, you just come back. I know that pains

[00:22:41] Lou Mongello: you for me to say, do that.

Who does not? Well, maybe it had a big French door. Second. Maybe you have, well, who am I talking to? Who am I to know your audience, Tim? No, you're right. That's right. So what does, since I sort of jumped on that with you, what does next? Right?

[00:22:58] Tim Foster: You only took 17 off my list here. All right, I'm going to go way out political way out of the ballpark here is where this is leading to is I think one of the big ones on your list.

So this is a way back machine one and

[00:23:13] Lou Mongello: one that I

[00:23:14] Tim Foster: miss. It's a little unusual because it's not one you necessarily ride while you don't ride it yourself, but you're still in charge. And that would be the boats at shrunk and Ned's

[00:23:28] Lou Mongello: junior jungle boats. Oh, I love it.

[00:23:30] Tim Foster: Outside the jungle. Look at you. You can pilot your own boat, tell your own jokes, get into

[00:23:37] Lou Mongello: your own brand of

[00:23:39] Tim Foster: trouble in the volcanoes.

And, uh, but uh, we always loved doing that. That was just one of those fun little diversions. It wasn't on the map. It wasn't really in the guidebooks. It was just there. Um, and it was just so much fun, especially with, with the kids and the kids are piloting. You are piloting, you're running into each other.

Just so much fun to do that. I miss him, I guess I can put up with the big boats, but I missed

[00:24:07] Lou Mongello: the little ones. So I will see your shrunken Ned way back machine. And I will tie in directly and I'll raise you the Plaza Swan boats, which you I'm sure you recall fondly back on show five sixty one. We touched on with our top 10 things that we miss in Walt Disney world and it, and it ties directly in because the Plaza Swan boats actually plied the waterways that would eventually be occupied by your, uh, your, your shrunken Ned's junior jungle boats.

So if you're like, what's a Swan boat and what are you talking about very quickly, these oh, so very graceful, which is exactly what. Boats operated only seasonally from like spring of 1973 through August of 1983, only a little bit less than a little bit more than a decade in the canal that surrounded Cinderella castle, and actually went through parts of adventure land.

And it was a 17 or so minute ride that was originally only guided by female cast members. They had these like white and blue sailor uniforms in later years. There were male cast members that were blight white and blue. They had this like white little sailor cap on. And if you had somebody who was wearing red and white, it was actually a lead.

And the boat would depart from the original dock was, and you might not know this. The original dock is located where the seating area across from the Plaza restaurant is so where those little tables are, was the original dock. There was a second dock that was located just to the right. If, if you're facing Cinderella castle off to the right, where at one point the Plaza rose garden was, and there used to be, if you walk through the, remember walk through the Plaza, rose garden, as you got down to Waterside, there was this, uh, covered seating area that sort of had that same.

Uh, patina metal lattice covered roof that, that looks like it ties very much into that section of main street USA, but there were these 1226 or so passenger boats in the fleet, um, that would occasionally, you know, apply these waterways and would go. You can sort of follow the path really from, you know, main street USA around past the crystal palace by the tree house, through genital cruise around past where the bridge to Liberty square is, which obviously used to be much higher to let the boats go through.

And then under Cinderella castle back to tomorrow land. And it was this wonderfully live narrated. Tour, um, you know, it was not sort of a mode of transportation in these little natural gas, water propulsion, uh, boats system that did not run on a track about one point they were supposed to run on, on this electrical guidance system.

It never worked. Yes. Occasionally the boat boats would crash here and there, but they were all named, oh, I should make this a trivia question this week, but I won't. They were all named after heroines from classic Disney films, Tinkerbell, flora, fauna, Merryweather. And if you've ever been to a Boston public gardens, they had Swan boats back there in late 1870s.

And believe it or not, Timmy foster, it was a D ticket attraction. No way, way, I would not let her lie to you. Wow. I would never lie to you. So you can find photos of these. Um, a lot of the, the, and Disney publishing has just released a bunch of Disney history books, especially for the 50th and have some great photos of the Plaza, Swan boats.

There. I will dispel the myth. There are Swan boats on lake Ebola in Orlando. Uh, they are, they're not the same ones that were used in. So if you're trying to get a little bit of Walter and history, that is not it, they were sold, they were sold a property control. And I know some of them were, um, destroyed, et cetera, but it was serene.

It was charming. It was like the TTA on water, which is exactly, I think why I liked it so much.

[00:28:55] Tim Foster: Uh, now you did. It is that's one of the things I never got the chance to experience is my times that Disney did not coincide with when they were running. So, and, and the funny thing is I heard about him forever, and I knew about him in my head.

There were always little like paddle boat fakes, you know, not like, cause I have Swan paddle boats or they did over at the Swan and dolphin. And I was kind of thought it was like that. But then I saw pictures of, oh my gosh, no, these are,

[00:29:23] Lou Mongello: these are big. The only thing that I can maybe compare it to is like the storybook canal, boats, and Disneyland.

But there there's a story. There's these little vignettes there's things you're seeing. This is more of just sort of a guided tour of magic kingdom on water and like the jungle cruise, but even more. So your tour guide would sort of, you know, your, your, your trip would vary based on who your tour guide was.

[00:29:55] Tim Foster: Very cool. I miss him. We should bring it back. You should pilot a boat. Could you

[00:29:59] Lou Mongello: imagine you piloting? I still think that they're wonderful. I mean, I think you'd have issues now in terms of, of capacity and things like that, which is part of the reason why I think it went away, but it would imagine seeing magic kingdom on this slow moving quaint little themed boat, plying those little waterways.

I love it.

[00:30:22] Tim Foster: I don't know ever back to me now. Huh? Let's see. Maybe I should knock these out. Cause I, I had several, but they're boat based attractions, but they're actually very similar. As far as the boat itself goes, they are pretty much the same. So I was thinking of Na'vi river journey, ground Fiesta tour, and even it's a small world as boat rides.

And at the end of the day, they're all basically the same kind of boat, more or less. So is it fair to talk about all of those together? Did you

[00:31:01] Lou Mongello: really just lump three attrac attractions in different parks into one answer? Yup. Yup. Thank you.

[00:31:15] Tim Foster: Well, I

[00:31:15] Lou Mongello: don't know. What do you think? I mean, I had some of those broken out separately. So you had Na'vi river journey. It's a small one.

[00:31:22] Tim Foster: I had, I had a bunch of, you know, the water-based

[00:31:24] Lou Mongello: attractions. Oh, so now you're just lumping anything on water into one and no, no, no. My friend let's know what is the connective tissue between each the connective

[00:31:35] Tim Foster: tissue was more or less.

I could talk about how great the Navi your journey is. And I love it. And doc, talk about a great it's a small world is that I love it. And even grand Fiesta tour, but none of what I talk about other than we're on water and it's cool being in a boat has much to do with. You know, the actual boat and how it works and everything like that.

It's about the experience. So I kind of thought it not fair to speak about them separately because it was just kind of the same thing. Like I love the attraction cause we're on a boat and we're floating and that's such a cool thing to do,

[00:32:10] Lou Mongello: but that kind of applies to all three of them. I mean, that's sort of your

[00:32:14] Tim Foster: journey does have the decor.

How was this designed is really cool how it looks.

[00:32:19] Lou Mongello: I mean, that's sort of by definition, Tim, that's what a boat is. It's something that floats on water. So it's all the things we're talking about. And I actually listen, I'm going to give you a point counter point. I completely disagree. I think good to service by not talking about them individually.

All right. Let's talk about them individually. Let's do it not so good. I'll find I'll. I will chime in and I had, okay, so I had Na'vi river journey. Separate. And I included it on this lesson. I know if you're listening and you're rolling your eyes, hear me out. And I have no horse in the race, but I, but I think that this leisurely cruise, which is exactly what this is supposed to be through the gorgeous bioluminescent, a forest of Pandora earns its place on this list.

And you're saying, Lou, I get on this attraction and nothing happens. I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. You can certainly make the argument. I'd like to see more story. There's no real story. You know, first, second, third act, uh, that that's being told here, but you might not even need it because I think we are meant to sort of craft our own story.

Or maybe just maybe enjoy the cruise for what it is. So imagine, and I'm sort of thinking about this as, as I'm saying it, but if we take sort of leisurely cruises through, you know, a rainforest through, you know, if you, if you're down here in Florida and you go through some of, um, you know, you take a kayak to her somewhere, you don't necessarily need the story per se.

This is about floating past these exotic bioluminescent, glowing pat plants, the Pandora and creatures. You have this musical Navi ceremony coming on and you do have that climax at the end with the shaman of songs who. Is is meant to sort of represent this connection between Pandora and life and energy and positivity and all those things.

And I like the fact that it is this slow moving accessible. Any guest can ride on this attraction, I will say, excuse me, it was originally intended to be much longer. They cut out from what I understand, they cut out 40 to 50% of the length of the attraction that this was supposed to be for whatever reason that may or may not have happened.

I wonder how the storytelling element might have changed. I wonder what elements were cut out of this, and this is not the first time we've seen this look journey to imagination. Now shed's tier is a 40%, excuse me. And then the original, the best incarnation of that attraction and the singing shaman at the end.

And we can talk about her as just the animatronic herself and, and the technology. But I actually think there is, I think there's reason to ride and to just take in Na'vi river journey for what it is you don't have to look for and try and piece together a story and what you can just be in awe of the, the plants, the animals, the music, and that sort of multisensory experience that takes place on this lovely leisurely boat ride.

The defense rests. Well, I'm not, I'm not arguing with you. Well, I just think it doesn't mean that, you know, the lawyer in me coming out now,

[00:36:27] Tim Foster: I mean, like, I guess the commonality between these three attractions, like to me, They're not the biggest headliners in their respective parks, but for me, they're one of my favorite attractions in each of the parks each and every one of them.

And I love flight of passage. Don't get me wrong, but I love navvy river journey to death. I could ride that all day long and same a small world and same with grant Fiesta tour. So, um, that's kind of, to me, what those three have in common is that, um, they are leisurely boat rides that take you into these very different locations, depending on which attraction we're on.

Um, and if a lot of people

[00:37:10] Lou Mongello: will overlook them or

[00:37:12] Tim Foster: not give them the love that I think they deserve, but I think all of them are amazing for all the reasons you said, but not if you're a journey and we've talked about it's a small world over and over and how much I love that. And, and even grand Fiesta tour, I think one of the most overlooked and why not right if nobody's ever on it attractions and all of that pod and world showcase, but this is such a delight, but they all have that, that tranquil, peaceful boat ride element to them, which you don't get by do buggy or a dark ride or anything like that.

So, and that's, that's a thread that does tie them all together in one reason why I do like all of them so much, but yeah, I'm with you, I'm on your side kid,

[00:37:53] Lou Mongello: but I also excuse me. And when I said big three earlier, I had small world as, as one of the big three and Navi, and I did not have Navi and grand P S as the other two, which will sort of help you sort of complete what you think the trifecta is gonna be.

But it is not just the happiest cruise that ever said, look, you have to have small world as its own entry. Um, I think, I think I'm

[00:38:17] Tim Foster: convinced it's its own entry. Let's talk about it.

[00:38:20] Lou Mongello: I felt bad. Three things. Mary Blair, Richard Sherman, and Robert Sherman, the influence the small world is just such, it's its own thing.

Again, I don't want to go down the rabbit hole of talking about why small world is so iconic, so important. So the history, so the music Sozo, but it is. And I think we would be doing the attraction, a disservice and an insult to the people that, that created it by not having it be its own entry.

[00:38:59] Tim Foster: Yeah, absolutely.

And I'll say actually we got, I was just down there and I hadn't been to Disney in a long time. Like a lot of us have, um, I will tell you, they, there was a refurbishment that got done probably a while ago, but I hadn't seen it. Oh, breathtaking. I was just going through each and every room looking at all the, and that nothing changed.

You know, but everything's just brighter, more sparkly, cleaner it's it's so, I mean, it was amazing to look at before, but it's just, it was just breathtaking now. And, you know, I love, I adore Mary Blair. She's my favorite artist of all time. And just being immersed, surrounded by her colors or designs or whimsy, um, never fails to make

[00:39:46] Lou Mongello: me choke up a little

[00:39:47] Tim Foster: bit.

And, uh, and I always do. And yeah, I'm with you. I love it. Yes. It's own

[00:39:52] Lou Mongello: entry. Absolutely. I did not have grand Fiesta tour on my list. Well, and I think what's wrong with you. I think it's because I miss that know the specific section that, that the horn and trumpet section of LDL real Del Tiempo theme song, which I just love and conjures up such wonderful memories.

I think that's probably. Well, the part I, I do

[00:40:18] Tim Foster: really like about grand Fiesta tour and, and in a real guilty of Rio Doty was that is the first part where you're out in the Laguna and you're underneath the pyramid and underneath the night sky in front of the restaurant. And that's, that's unique once you get inside.

Um, I always compare it to it's a small world in terms of, you know, the basic themes and concept, especially that one section where it is very much small world ask, but, but that outside area, when you order the period, that pyramid, that is a very unique attraction setting, um, uh, in anywhere that's every time we think about world showcase, we think about our favorite pavilion.

You know, Mexico always comes to mind because just that atmosphere that's inside that Twilight

[00:40:59] Lou Mongello: sky. And I think you're right. Grand Fiesta tour is almost two attractions in one, there was the load area there's going by the San and hell. And when you start to get into that first, uh, the day of the dead celebration, and then when you go sort of into the attraction, if small world, and if you had, if it's small world, and if you had wings went to Mexico and had a baby, that's what that right.

What's one of the funny Kenji types of animations and, and vignettes going by. But it is part of the reason why I think I love and again, have a nostalgic sentimental connection, more so to El Rio than I do grand Fiesta tour. Although I am happy to see that the animatronics from the Mickey master reviewer there, but oh yeah.

Yeah. I, you know, you want to know what else is not on my list. What's not on you're living with the land is not on my list. Oh,

[00:41:59] Tim Foster: you know what

[00:42:01] Lou Mongello: I meant? I meant to have a living with the land is not on my list, but listen to the land. Okay. I see what you dish. Come on. I got the song in my head. I'm not going to sing it as much as I want to.

Why do you tease

[00:42:13] Tim Foster: us like that? Why do

[00:42:15] Lou Mongello: you tease us? This attraction is more informative than quote unquote entertaining per se, but I love the idea of learning. Like I love the vignettes. I love that it's ever changing. I love that it's a real world attraction. This is almost a tour as much. Again, there is the attraction part at the beginning, and I think the tour part in the second half, from a practical perspective, it's a long attraction, almost 20 minutes that normally has no way.

And, you know, it's real, all of it. The cast members, the experiments, the food that is, is used in restaurants. Like you can eat the ride, you can, I mean, lady, don't get off in the middle and try and grab the cucumber. But I was going to say, you know, there's a holiday overlay. Like I, yes, I miss that too. I love this attraction.

I really, really do. I, I always had, I do miss having the live cast member narrator, but that being said, and that's why I sort of qualified, listened to the land. We all love nature's plan will shine above. Let's listen to God. I want to sing it so bad. But listen, listen to the land is on my list. You

[00:43:39] Tim Foster: know, the only one stopping you is you.


[00:43:41] Lou Mongello: know we're moving on.

[00:43:51] Tim Foster: Um, let you know, let's see. Well, I'm getting to the big ones. I'm sure this is, so now I'm curious, I guess, of your big three, we knocked off one of them already,

[00:44:03] Lou Mongello: correct? One or two. I mean, do we want to just sort of put the other two together? Do you, do you want to just sort of talk about the 500 pound jungle in the Caribbean and just knock those two out.


[00:44:16] Tim Foster: love how you phrased that. So yes, let's do it.

[00:44:19] Lou Mongello: Right. Joel Cruz and pirates of the Caribbean. They don't need long explanations. Um, I think jungle cruise after that renovation and updated is still classically and wonderfully corny. It too has a holiday overlay. It has everything like it has everything that the quintessential Disney attraction needs to have in it.

And, you know, pirates to like. If you, even, if you sort of took the attracting attraction, vignettes themselves out of the way, the boat ride itself is both relaxing and adventurous and scary. And so I liked that you can experience and enjoy that attraction, both for the quote unquote ride itself, as well as the attraction that takes place in the scenes around you.

[00:45:13] Tim Foster: And I think for the jungle cruise that you have the, um, uh, the Liberty square riverboat decide, but compared to, uh, pretty much every other attraction based, uh, thing that we talked about, that's like a real boat. It's a boat. It's not, you know, it's not a like small world, for example, is a, a craft that can be on water with rose.

But the thing I love about the jungle cruise is how authentically detailed the boats are. Maybe that's the best way to put it. And it feels like your pilot is actually pilot. Piloting the boat around the river, we know better, but, but you know, it's just, it is so cool. They're hard to climb into. They're hard to climb out of, but Hey, that's the price we pay for authenticity, my favorite boat and pirates of the Caribbean.

Isn't even the one we're in that would be the wicked wench. Of course. It's still called that, right? I

[00:46:11] Lou Mongello: believe so. Okay.

[00:46:14] Tim Foster: That's my favorite. That's my favorite boat in all of Walt Disney world. I don't think that quite lived up to your rules. So I kind of had it as an

[00:46:22] Lou Mongello: aside, but you're able to drop it in. So could I

[00:46:25] Tim Foster: dropped it in any way because I know you're going to say it anyway.


[00:46:30] Lou Mongello: so I do have a couple more on my lists and they're all their unique entries because I think one is, is specifically. One is a quote-unquote attraction and one is a create your own adventure. Huh? I will start with the quote unquote attraction. And in Walt Disney world, specifically Walt Disney world, it is the only place in the entire world that you can experience this, not in Disneyland, not in an overseas Disney park anywhere because the only place that you can get a guided tour in a vintage and for car, the boathouse.

In Disney Springs. That was a way for you to do that. Hypothetically speaking, Tim, if we were to go have a leisurely brunch, which is delicious on weekends or lunch or dinner, we can hop into one of these very rare cars that drives on land and then splashes into the water for a 25 30 minute or so guided tour of some of the landmarks of Disney Springs.

This is not just meant to sort of me, you know, sort of trying to, to weasel in the boathouse. Cause I love it so much there, but I love the story and the. Features of this, right? There were about 4,000 of these amphora cars. These, these amphibious vehicles that were produced during the 1960s, less than 400 exist today around the world.

Steve Schussler, creator of boathouse and yak and Yeti and rainforest cafe owns a large number of them, had them completely refurbished and brought them to the boathouse. In Disney Springs. You can take a tour. If the weather's fine. Uh, just by walking, you don't have to even eat at the boathouse. You could just walk into the boathouse boutique, which is the boutique, which is the store.

And it's, I believe it's a hundred and twenty-five dollars per car that you can fit. Three, maybe four people in. But once again, it's fun. It's funny. It's unique. It there's great photo opportunities. They have a photographer who takes pictures of you, um, from the dock and even outside by the, by the dock side bar, as, as you, as you come back in, it is, I mean, you can see the people that sort of gathered around to take a look, I've done it a number of times.

It is a lot of fun. And again, if you are a, a boat person, it, it, it is truly a, uh, unique experience. I will, as a quick codicil say, they used to have the Venetia, the Italian water taxi list, beautiful mahogany, uh, 18 foot water taxi that unfortunately isn't there anymore, but the amphora cars are, and they were a lot of fun, really cool thing to do, like for a special occasion or something like that, too.

I can't wait for you to take, I will. My, I swear. We'll, we'll go to the house and I will take you on an AFA car. Excellent.

[00:49:41] Tim Foster: What was your other one? I had a couple that I just thought of, and I didn't think of them right away.

[00:49:46] Lou Mongello: All right. So I'll quickly, I'll give you the last one on my list. I'll give you all the last two on my list, and then we

[00:49:51] Tim Foster: can probably the two

[00:49:52] Lou Mongello: I have on my list here. So I will go, I will, I will go to the, choose your own adventure because, and this is one of the things Tim, I wish not just in Walt Disney world, but I wish just in general, I could do more because.

Uh, I'm not an athlete. I don't have zero athletic ability. I don't, you know, I don't run, I don't do, but one of the things I like to do on occasion is I love being able to get into a kayak and just go out. I've done it in Alani. I've done it. So the kayaks and canoes in Fort wilderness now, remember I said, boat rides, not boat based attractions.

So this fits that's right. Whether it's a kayak or a canoe, and they're technically not the same thing. The canoes are a little bit more open. They use a single paddle, a kayak has a closed cockpit and has a double paddle, but you can, whether individually or as a family, You can rent a kayak or canoe and go on your own little adventure on these wonderfully gorgeous streams and scenic ponds and these tranquil waters by Fort wilderness.

It is so nice. You can go, you go over to Fort wilderness to the, um, by the metal recreation area. I think it's still like 12, $13 an hour. So bang for your buck. Lot of fun, they'll show you how to use it. Obviously, every gets life jackets and holdings. It is such a nice experience that again, you can do individually, you can do with your special person in your life, your mom and dad, your kids, your friends, whatever it might be.

And it really may look, Walt Disney world has been since day. One meant to be the vacation kingdom of the world, which is why they have experiences like these that I think are. Often very, very much overlooked by not just the everyday guest, but even long time, Walt Disney world annual pass holders

[00:52:01] Tim Foster: and nothing.

I haven't done, which I can't wait for you to take me

[00:52:04] Lou Mongello: out of them. I promise you next time. And you know, we're going to do, do you know what else is possibly not going to be able to do next time you come down is the last thing on my list. Oh, it's it's, you're not going to be able to do it yet. You can do it on you.

Maybe you can do it because I think this attraction has to be on the list because it combines all of it's multiple attractions in one, it combined. Indoor dark ride elements without door thrills with a leisurely boat ride with music, with characters with absolute first, second, third act story. I am of course, talking about splash mountain.

There you go. Which currently is splash mountain. Look at it. It's going to be three themed to Prentice on the frog, which I apt. I actually love, I love the movie. I love the music. I love the characters change is not bad changes often. Good. I think this is going to be one of those cases, even though I do love the music and the story and so much of, of splash mountain and, and what came from song of the south.

But I think because it sort of is you could make an argument. That because of the elements that it combines splash mountain is the perfect attraction. Yup. Dark ride, thrill ride inside, outside it's it's multiple attraction experiences in one lest we forget that 50 foot drop, right? Like there's a thrill aspect to that as well.

But then you come back up again and to go into that very sort of serene, you know, that, that, that outdoor scene, before you go inside for the grand finale, there's a lot, lot, lot to love about splash mountain. I think, whatever, excuse me, the theme or your favorite theme is going to be, but the design of what that attraction is, is possibly practically perfect.

In every way. I loved,

[00:54:25] Tim Foster: I was able to loop that so many times during, oh, the extra magic hours of old. Back when it was $12. I love that, but I used to be able to loop it and I would because you're right. It had everything. And I actually loved the dark ride portion of it more than anything. But, um, it was nice too, because you could sit towards the back and not get so wet, so you could ride it over and over again until they decided that wasn't the way it should be.

So they deliberately put water jets that fired cans of water on you right away. So that kind of, for me, took away the right ability when it's evening and it's, you know, 60 degrees out. But, but I'm with you. I love that. That is one of the favorite attractions of all time. And I, I had one more on my list that came to mind and this might stretch the definition of a book, but I think you already stretched the definition of a boat with the logs and splash mountain.

So I will see your rafts to Tom Sawyer island and give you the raw. Of Kali river rapids.

[00:55:33] Lou Mongello: It was on my honorable mention list. Ah, there you go. See why, so why is it on there?

[00:55:41] Tim Foster: It's a, it's, it's something on water and in my definition of what a boat is that qualify, but what, actually, one of the things that's really cool about it as pretty much unlike, um, at least attraction wise, anything else we put on this list?

Totally chaotic. You have no idea which way you're going to turn to which way you're going to go. You're not on a track. You're not on a predetermined Omni Rover. OmniMove you're going to face this direction, that direction. And I still remember vividly the first one times I went on, we got to loop it immediately because there was no one there.

The first time I went through. Yeah, dries about what's the problem. The second time hit that wave turned around like a swimming pool was dumped on my head. So that's one of the cool things I love about it, the randomness and the chaoticness of it. And you never know quite what ride experience you're going to get the end, as far as how, how drenched you will or will not get.

Now, the ride itself is just spectacular. Of course, do so many different

[00:56:44] Lou Mongello: elements to it. So I think the thematic elements taking the, the water flume aspect out of it, if you could almost walk the track, right, take a slow boat ride through. It's a beautiful attraction with a very important message of conservation too, which is why I had it on my honorable mention list.

Anything else on yours before I hit my last couple? That's it. Let's here. So going back to our discussion of the, uh, The, the ferry boats. I also had the friendship boats on there. Um, I, I liked the friendship boats in between the Epcot resort areas and the beach club and Hollywood studios. Um, I also had, let's go back in time.

I had the discovery riverboats, which is not really on my list, but it's sort of on my list. It's on there because, and if you go back to show 6 0 4, we talk about things you can't believe ever happened in Walt Disney world. The discovery remotes were not necessarily. A guest favorite where a quote unquote success per se, because it never figured out what it wanted to be.

But once again, think about the TTA on water in animal kingdom. Imagine traversing the waterways of all of Disney's animal kingdom, getting your unique perspective of the attractions, the trees, the lands, the foliage. I think if they were able to relaunch that, I even think with a smaller boat with a live narrator, I'm almost think something like Kilimanjaro safari, but maybe even if it was something more intimate where people could ask questions, almost like a guided tour.

The views from discovery riverboats is what necessitated it being on this island, not the radio Disney river cruise thing, whatever that was supposed to be. Now we see those boats, you know, carrying. Uh, characters, but I think for guests, we've, we've lost out on that, at least for now that opportunity, if you want to do something super cool.

One of those once in a lifetime things, the grant, I'm not doing this with you, Tim, but the grand one is listen, man, it's $400 an hour. Um, WW nation.com, grand white. I know my

[00:59:16] Tim Foster: price now

[00:59:18] Lou Mongello: is a captain yacht. Um, w you can fit, I think almost 20 guests on there. I think it's less. It's like, it's like 19 guests, but 18, because if you want the Butler service, they can, they can bring on a Butler coop too, but they have nighttime cruises with fireworks, viewings, and they pipe in the music and they'll do food.

They'll do desserts. They'll do champagne. They'll do strawberries. But again, Everything comes at a price and a premium. You can do a fire or regular fireworks, cruise up to 10 people. This is a lot of fun. We should get a bunch of people together and do this. If only anybody you can do one of the 25 foot pontoon boats that I believe seats 10 guests and for a fireworks cruise, I think it's this it's, I think it's 3 99 for the fireworks, cruise, same thing with snacks and beverages.

But if you split that up among 10 people, It's not that bad. And it's a really nice way to be on the waters of seven seas lagoon, see magic kingdom and the resorts, and a very, very try and do it on a night when they've got the 360 degree fireworks going. So during one of the parties or special events, if they have the full circle of fireworks.

And then the last one on my list, which deserves an honorable mention is the well, wait, I take that back. Last two things are the bomb around boats. Remember the Barbara? You don't remember the Bob around boats. So the Bob around boats were these, um, small round boats that were. Straight. They almost looked like if you chopped the top of a barrel off and then put a red and white Stripe canopy on it and throw it in the water, that's what the barber boat was.

Um, they were only there for not a lot of time and they were, you could fit four people in there and they were these sort of battery powered boats that you could take out on. Um, I think you'd take it from both the Polynesian and the contemporary and it had this little motor in the back and it was just you, like, there was no captain, you were the actual captain, but going back in time again, Walt Disney world vacation kingdom of the world, not sort of go okay.

It's one of the things I love is the ability to rent your own watercraft. I've done fishing on bay lake renting. A water mouse is so much fun. Like these are boat rides that are your own attractions, and whether you want to do a pontoon boat excursion, a single or two person water mouse on bay lake or seven seas lagoon, they used to, I don't think they have the sailboats anymore.

For a number of years, they had sailboats that you could take out. I know from the Polynesian, I think from the contemporary as well, uh, they were these little sun fishes. Uh, think they also still have pedal boats, a quick history lesson for a number of years. Boating was one of the most, like, I don't say important, but one of the most sort of focused activities.

At the resorts and Walt Disney world, again, it's the vacation kingdom. There's only one park in the seventies leading up to 82. So what else did you do for the five to seven days? You spent a lot of time at your resort and boating was one of the ways to do it. So they had Hoby cats, they had some fishes, they had things called Aqua LARCs and Aqua cats and little Capri boats.

The Bob around boats, the peddle boats, they had a float boat, which was sort of like a pontoon boat that had an operator. They had an Outrigger excursion that would come out from, so think like the wifi. Oh, right. Like an Outrigger from the Polynesian. All of these are not necessarily here anymore. And things are still sort of being rolled out in, uh, in the coming out of post COVID world.

But I. Lump all of these in together. I mentioned the kayaks and the canoes, but there's a number of different motorized watercraft and sailing watercraft that you could and still can take from a lot of the resorts, especially the ones, um, in, in the magic kingdom loop. Uh, there used to be a boat called breathless named after you remember breathless Mahoney that used to live from the yacht and beach club marina, which was amazing.

It was this super fast captained mahogany boat that I think would seat four to five people. A friend of mine, captain Mike used to take me out all the time. Unfortunately, it was damaged beyond repair and breathless never came back. But what boating has it's changed over time, but there are still some great boating opportunities.

And we're gonna talk about boat rides. I really feel I'd be remiss if I didn't sort of mention the different boat rides. It started off with Bob brown for me, and I want to sort of have them all in there. And the very last thing is a trip back in time, as long as long as we're talking about extinct boat rides of Walt Disney world, I want you to go to WDW radio.com/eastern wins.

W I N D S Eastern winds was the name of this Chinese junk, like an authentic Chinese junk ship that used to leave from the Polynesian village from opening day until probably 77 70. And when I say authentic Chinese junk, it was a 65 foot junk. That was a floating cocktail lounge. Well, and you could charter it.

It had a crew and a deck hand, it had a galley and a full wet bar as well. Um, I won't spoil because it's actually a fascinating story about the ship, how it came here, what famous NFL quarterback ended up buying it after it left Walt Disney world. And if you remember some old videos of Walt Disney world, you'll actually, and there's a photo in the article, you'll see where the Eastern wind was actually used as a prop for some of those old videos as well.

I never got a chance to ride on it, or actually, I don't remember even seeing it for myself in person, but we're talking about top 10 boat rides. If I could go back in time, I would love, love, love to, to charter and go out on the Eastern winds. Love it. So Davy, Crockett, Explorer, canoes. Where are you now? I was kind of

[01:06:26] Tim Foster: waiting for you to throw that in there, but

[01:06:28] Lou Mongello: the mic think keel pale boats, uh, right there.

See, that's what I mean, you, if you say top 10 boat rides, I think your Tim and you, our friend, who's listening along with us. You're probably your mind, I think, went to, well, top 10 boat rides. It's gotta be pirates, right? It's gotta be Joel cruise. It's gotta be. And I think we forget just what a vast variety of watercraft there are and, and boat based attractions, including some that we didn't touch on.

Right. We haven't mentioned everything. Um, but I want to know. What is your number one boat ride in Walt Disney world. I like if I could snap my fingers and you and I go skipping through the park to one boat ride, what is the boat ride we take and why you can let me know. I'm going to post this question in the www group on Facebook, in the clubhouse.

If you go to www.com/clubhouse, you can find it. There come be part of the community and conversation. You can call the voicemail. I'll play it on the air. Tell me what your favorite Boatwright is and why, or even if you're in, oh my God. Even better. If you're in Walt Disney world, Holly, from your favorite boat ride at 4 0 7 909 3 9 1.

And then when you're done with all that, you need to go to celebrations, press.com because I have a feeling that Timmy foster is going to tell me some of that. Amazing things that are happening there in a very short, abbreviated way,

[01:08:05] Tim Foster: in a very short way. While the winter issue is bailing, as we speak with celebrations.

Winter is coming, but the big news, the big news, the second, second printing of our new book, the 50 50 years of Walt Disney world magic is underway. It's here soon. It's a biggest book we ever made. It goes through year by year of the entire history of Walt Disney world, every attraction, every resort, every land with dates and fun facts and pictures.

So much fun to put together. And as I said, the second printing will be here very soon and we have a pin to go with it, a free pen with every book purchased. So we're very excited about that.

[01:08:46] Lou Mongello: And I'm not saying it just cause you're here, but you were kind enough to send me a copy of both. The book is gorgeous as with everything.

You've always done, Tim, that the quality and the love and the care that you put into it, um, it, it deserves a place on, on your shelf and it have a place on your coffee table as well, because it is gorgeous and very much lives up to the Disney name that you put on it. So thank you. Oh, thank you. And with that, uh, another top 10 ish has come and gone.

If you have an idea for a top 10, that you'd like us to cover, maybe even a top 10, that you could be a part of. You can email me. lou@wdwradio.com. or post it in the community. And Tim, if you were in Walt Disney World right now, I said little Timmy Foster. I will take you on one. What is your number one favorite boat ride.

[01:09:38] Tim Foster: It's a small world. Hands down.

[01:09:43] Lou Mongello: What is your favorite scene? I know this one already. Oh, give it the sides besides the final room. Give me the little, give me the little French CanCan girl. Oh yeah. It's creepier. Every time you do it.