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Wine & Dine 2021 Weekend Wrap-up — AKA Run, Princess, Run: Entry Log 4

So I am back from the World and have finally digested (see what I did there??) all the happenings of the first live RunDisney event since Princess 2020! I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up a little bit walking into ESPN Wide World of Sports seeing all of the Villans weekend banners. The expo and bib pick up were very well organized and felt very safe. Cast members were there to assist and remind you to put on your mask while indoors. The virtual waiver did not go well for some folks, and went very smoothly for others. Runner relations was running like a well oiled machine when I arrived on Thursday afternoon.

So, a little side note, this was the first time that I got to spend some alone time at Disney. Thanks to the WDW Radio Podcast & Lou (Episode #…) I knew the ins and outs and the ways to make the most of my time alone. I decided to represent the WDW Radio Running team in my blue shirt at the expo, secretly hoping to meet some of you fabulous clubhousers and running team members! The WDW Running Team did not disappoint!!! Shout out to Aly Miller who came up and introduced herself to a girl, whose name she thought was Beth, and  welcomed me with open arms into the fam, even though I am not Beth.

For those that are skeptical when Lou says you are my family or friend, I can attest through Deanna (Lou’s other half) that it’s true! The WDW Radio Running Team is a family of fantastic people that want to run, enjoy Disney, raise some money for the Dream Team Project and are there to root each other on (even if its raining and freezing!). I promise this isn’t an ad for the WDW Radio Running Team, but if you are even remotely thinking of joining, I would highly encourage you to!

Ok, back to the races! For those that ran both the 5k and 10k, they can attest that it was not ideal conditions to run in. It was rainy, cold and windy. Somehow, it was one of the best races that I have run! I had the most fun trudging… I mean running… along with folks who at this point were just making the best of things. RunDisney folks for the most part are people who are just there to have some fun and a little rain isn’t going to stop them, especially after a long absence! The half was cold but at least it wasn’t raining, and while I wasn’t out there running it was still so good to see so many people in the parks with their medals on, celebrating their victory! 

This race was a personal victory for me. I ran the 10k faster than I have in training, and my Personal Best. I’m thinking maybe this Princess can run after all!

Also big shout out to the Clubhousers for voting on my running outfit & raising some money for the Dream Team Project!!! 

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My name is Sarah Niswender and I have WDW in my veins, going to the parks several times per year as early as age 2. Growing up in SoFla I was fortunate enough to have a lifelong Disney education, thanks to my mother (and hardworking father)! I am now passing the love for everything Disney along to my daughter and somewhat reluctant husband. I have participated in several runDisney events and am looking forward to participating as a part of the WDWRadio running team. See you on Main Street USA!