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25 Days of Christmas on Disney+ — Week 2

I hope you all enjoyed the first week of the 25 days of Christmas!!! We managed to watch all of the movies/shorts (all on the weekend, but who’s counting…). So far my daughter’s favorite was the superhero salad! 

Tell me in the comments, how did week 1 go for you??? What was your favorite part?? Any tweaks I should make for next year? 

12/6: Prep & Landing: Ugh Mondays… This 22-minute cartoon is for sure going to make your Monday better! For dinner we are going to grab a cookie cutter and do Christmas tree PB&J’s with red and green apple slices. 

12/7: Lego Star Wars Holiday Special:  What could be better than the Star Wars Holiday Special??? The Star Wars Holiday Special in Lego form of course! This is 48 minutes of pure Star Wars bliss! To mark this occasion, we are going to make red and green lightsabers. Take white chocolate and some food coloring, dip in pretzel rods and add some sprinkles. Let cool in the fridge or freezer for a bit. 

12/8: Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas: This one is a little longer on a week night at 1 hour and 8 minutes, but the three stories are a family favorite!  Since its a school night, the weekend before I am going to grab a bag of sugar cookie mix and my Mickey head cookie cutter and pre-make Mickey head shaped cookies. We will decorate them and watch the movie.

12/9: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure: This is 26 minutes of pure Frozen delight! I am such a sucker for Olaf and his wacky antics. There are a few fun snacks that you can do for your night with Olaf. If they have Kringla in your neck of the woods, that would be an awesome snack to go along with this short. You can also make snowman mix: mini marshmallows, pretzel sticks, cut up baby carrots, and mini chocolate chips

12/10: Santa Buddies: Talking puppies and  Christmas…yes please!!!! This is a great Friday night movie!! Tonight’s snack is puppy chow! Where I am from, this is a Chex Cereal mix you can either make or buy in stores now. It’s delicious! 

12/11: The Santa Clause 2:  Saturday nights are a great night for breakfast for dinner!! Christmas-themed pancakes are a big hit in our house. You can make a Christmas tree out of different sized green pancakes, red velvet pancakes and cream cheese icing. Chocolate chip/peppermint pancakes are also a fave! You can do strawberry/banana candy canes as well! Let your imagination run wild.  

12/12: The Muppets Christmas Carol: If I only watch this once during the holidays I would be very surprised! As previously stated, I love anything Muppet and this movie is no exception! Instead of a craft or a fun snack, I like to use this movie to help teach my daughter about charity and helping those less fortunate. We will gather the toys that she doesn’t play with and books that she doesn’t read for donation.  We will also go get some new toys, clothes, and books that she will get to pick out for other boys and girls.  There are some great organizations that will accept gently used toys, books, and clothes for kids. 

12/13: Ice Age Christmas: Let Skrat the Squirrel make your Monday better!  This 23 minute short is perfect to laugh and decompress a bit as a family on a Monday evening.  This movie will be paired (like a fine wine) with popsicles.

12/14: Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas: Like the first version, this one is a little on the longer side for a week night at 1 hour and 11 minutes. But that just gives us more time to enjoy leftover Mickey-shaped cookies!

My name is Sarah Niswender and I have WDW in my veins, going to the parks several times per year as early as age 2. Growing up in SoFla I was fortunate enough to have a lifelong Disney education, thanks to my mother (and hardworking father)! I am now passing the love for everything Disney along to my daughter and somewhat reluctant husband. I have participated in several runDisney events and am looking forward to participating as a part of the WDWRadio running team. See you on Main Street USA!