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New Details as Disneyland Paris Approaches it’s 30th Anniversary

Several Disney Characters at Night in front of a Lit Up Disneyland Paris

April 12, 1992 was the historic opening day of Disneyland Paris.  More than 375 million visits later, the park is now about to celebrate its 30th anniversary.  And, Europe’s top tourist destination is revealing the latest details on its new celebration that kicks off on March 6.

A new era is dawning at Disneyland Paris, marked by transformation, limitless creativity, and new technology. 

In Central Plaza, in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, a new show entitled Dream … and Shine Brighter will take the stage.  More than 30 Disney Characters and dancers will be featured, celebrating the power of laugh, passion, and dreams.  New colorful floats and a unique iridescent costumes are part of the show.

To display these new costumes, Mickey, Minnie, and friends decided to put on a little fashion show. 

And before the crowd favorite show Disney Illuminations, guests will be treated to a jaw dropping pre-show called Disney D-Light.  Video projections, illuminated water jets, lighting effects, mist, famous Disney songs, and drone chorography in front of the newly-renovated Castle.  The Castle will be seen as never before.

200 drones will fly through the air as to end this pre-show, concluding by forming a sparkling 30 in the sky about Sleeping Beauty Castle as sounds of a symphony orchestra will be performing “Un monde qui s’illumine.”  It’s the first time a Disney Park will use drone technology as part of a daily outdoor show above its castle.

A new Gardens of Wonder will appear for the anniversary, comprised of 10 different theme-based gardens that will contain a total of 30 entirely new art pieces.  Kinetic Disney and Pixar sculptures will “come to life,” celebrating nature, embody the diversity of popular characters, and offer an enchanted promenade for guests.

Lighting effects, neon lights, and backlit kinetic mobiles will be used to the parks main places as well, including the Gazebo, Main Street Station, and Disney Village.

Concept Art for Gardens of Wonder

And since this is a WDW Radio article, we have to talk about the food and drink.  More than 60 new dishes will make their way onto the menu, including vegetarian options like a vegan panini and salted mashed potato waffle, delicious desserts, and exclusive cocktails.   Some of the can’t miss items include “Le Bouqet final” (a white chocolate and strawberry cake served under a dome, 30th anniversary-themed macarons, the pink “Happy Birthday Cocktail,” the “Smoothie with a Twist” (composed of blueberry purees, banana, and coconut), and the blue “Enchanted Flute.”

3oth Anniversary Cocktail
Plate of Desserts
Ice Cream Cups
Selection of sandwiches, desserts, and drinks from Disneyland Paris

The 30th Anniversary is the most significant product development program ever at Disneyland Paris.  There will be more than 350 new exclusive items at the park’s 63 themed-based shots and boutiques.

Limited edition collectibles, keychains, Anniversary-themed plus, iconic ear headbands, trendy sweatshirts and more. 

Selection of merchandise from Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary
Selection of merchandise from Disneyland Paris' 30th anniversary

And, Minnie Mouse is making history, as she’ll be wearing her first pantsuit at Disneyland Paris.  British designer Stella McCartney is behind Minnie Mouse’s trend-setting new look.

Drawing of Minnie Mouse in new pantsuit

In the Summer of 2022, Avengers Campus is scheduled to open.  Guests will embark on a brand-new epic journey consisting of heroic adventures and missions to fulfill. 

Disney Parks are in the middle of grand celebration, with both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris celebrating milestone anniversaries. 

Are you ready to dream?  2022 is the year to shine brighter!