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What Are You Going to Do Next?

Superbowl MVP
Super Bowl MVP Parade – Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World

Much like with Disney, tradition is a staple in sports. This Sunday, Super Bowl LVI is no exception. Traditions such as the halftime performance, absurdly produced and high budgeted beer commercials, and camera flashes of the opening kickoff will be enjoyed across the world as people watch the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams compete for the championship.

One tradition, however, stands atop the mountain (a mountain most likely containing a yeti or a brer fox). After the winner is crowned and the pigs in a blanket are all gone, an ambiguous voice will ask the champion, “What are you going to do next?” And they say the phrase every Disney fan wishes to utter as often as possible to celebrate victories of their own, “I’m going to Disney World!” And then they go to Disney World! 

Beginning with New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms in 1987, these words have been shouts of ecstatic celebration from sports stars such as Jeff Gordon, Nancy Kerrigan, Tom Brady (and Tom Brady, and Tom Brady, and Tom Brady… and that’s just the times he’s been MVP). The Super Bowl MVP is named and then they go to Walt Disney World! What a great way to celebrate!

Super Bowl MVP – Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney World

My favorite instance was Super Bowl XL (2006) when Pittsburgh Steelers player Hines Ward punctuated his cry of “I’m going to Disney World!” by grabbing teammate Jerome “The Bus” Bettis and adding, “and I’m taking the bus!” Gotta love a good pun. 

So who will say the fateful, celebratory words, “I’m going to Disney World!” this year? My pick is Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford. Who do you think will be going to the parade as Super Bowl LVI champion down Main Street? Will they appreciate the People Mover as much as we do? Will they choose a Dole Whip or a Mickey Ice Cream Bar? Leave your answers to these questions in the WDW Radio Clubhouse on Facebook and enjoy the big game with anticipation for who will be making the trip to WDW on Monday! 

My name is Tyler. I live in Georgia with my wife, Ragan. I am a huge fan of the Disney parks after reigniting my childhood love of Disney on a trip in which I proposed! Since that 2017 trip, we have been back to our home away from home several times, and like many of you, we’re always in the pre-planning stage of a Disney vacation whether it happens or not. I have been a huge fan of Marvel and Star Wars my entire life on a very deep and highly invested level, and I hope my love and passion for these properties (as well as all Disney storytelling on and off the screen) comes through.


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