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WDW Radio # 674 – 10 Reasons to Watch (and Love) Marvel’s Moon Knight

Marvel’s Moon Knight on Disney+ is one of the most interesting and unique characters and series we have seen from Marvel, and this week, we’re going to look at 10 Reasons to Watch (and Love) Moon Knight. Not just why you need to watch, but what to look for, and the elements that make this so wonderfully different.

We discuss the character(s), Egyptian mythology, Marvel’s shift in tone and genre, the mysterious (and mystery) villain, its distance and connections to the MCU, Easter Eggs and mysteries, Moon Knights powers, and the opportunities for the character going forward… and who he may end up teaming up with in the MCU!

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Lou Mongello: When we start again, take two. When we visit Walt Disney world, it is often a time to relax, indulge, and enjoy what the parks and resorts have to offer from Dole whips to. Fuzzy tauntaun to relaxing by the pool and kitchen sinks for desserts. It's easy to sometimes get away from our routines or even desires in trying to be healthy.

But in fact, not only is it possible, but I think there are some easy ways to make some smart choices and take advantage of some great opportunities while you're here on vacation, that won't bring your healthy routine to a screeching halt. So this week we're going to look at how to stay or dare I say, even get healthy and fit at Walt Disney world.

And joining me are two friends, fellow Walt Disney world locals to help guide us along this journey. I want to welcome back to the show. Amanda Bonner from Disney travel for all and the relatively brand new ish healthy disney.com.

Amanda Bauner: Thank you so much. It's been a year now since I've lived here and I'm so excited to be back here with you.

Lou Mongello: Best thing you ever just did, isn't it? Absolutely. And for the first time in ever, I want to welcome very, very new transplants. Welcome home, and welcome to the show. Julie Voris from Julie voris.com.

Julie Voris: Well, hello. It's funny, Amanda. It's funny that you said that. So Amanda, cause we were just messaging. We're like, this is the best thing ever that we live here.

Now I'll text her like isn't that the ticket transfer stations that are very, that I'm hearing right now

Lou Mongello: thing. So my fair share of texting me like, oh my God, I can't believe I live [00:02:00] here. Look at me. I'm over at the boathouse. Look at. And so I love it. And that novelty, I will tell you never really wears

Julie Voris: off.

I hope not. I hope.

Lou Mongello: Yeah, and we're going to, I'm actually going to touch on, we did a show. We get a two-part show up, moving to Disney a while back. I'm going to touch on that again and either do a followup show or a followup live show, which I'd love for you guys to be a part of, but for today's purposes, we are talking about getting healthy and getting fit or staying healthy and fit while you're at Walt Disney world.

And both of you and all of us, really us, I should not include myself in this conversation, but are on your own fitness, journeys and paths. And you're also both helping others make healthy choices by not just following along with you and what you do, but by you helping to educate and inspire them so quickly.

Uh, Amanda and Julie, tell us about what you're doing, your fitness lifestyle like Amanda, you, you have healthy Disney. And then Julie, what you do is.

Amanda Bauner: Yeah, I'll start. I, well, I have Disney travel for all podcasts that started a couple of years ago, and that's aimed more at adults and solo travelers who want to come to Disney parks or cruise.

And then, um, you know, as I lived here and started to look for ways I want to do. My health. I thought there's not much out there. There's everything you could find about. What's the most delicious treat. What's the best drink and don't get me wrong. I do enjoy that, but I'm working on improving my overall health.

And I do understand what it's like to come on vacation even though I do live here now locally. So I want to approach it both ways, right? I have the advantage of being able to go pop in and out of a park and walk and try some, maybe new healthy treats that I can help other people to understand as they're here on vacation.

So what started the healthy Disney aspect and I'm actually [00:04:00] doing now a monthly you'll walk the world where we can meet at different places around Walt Disney world. And soon maybe I'll be going to other locations too and walk the world and other places. And it's just a great way to meet up and connect and get some exercises.

Julie Voris: I love that so much. Well, I feel like movement's been a part of my life, my whole life. Um, I don't think Lou, this will surprise you, but I've always been the girl who can't sit still very well. So I've just sort of translated that into a career. I was a high school English teacher turned fitness instructor, turned a master trainer and now turned online business owner.

And those last pieces all revolved around this connection that I feel this deep, deep connection I feel around your fitness. Your life, you know, what you do in your workout is what you do in your life. And fitness creates and builds habits and mindsets so much deeper than just a six pack. Abs. I mean, at the end of the day, who really cares about that.

But if you learn that you're stronger as a human through your workout, through your fitness, I think you can translate that to every other aspect of your life. And after you move your body, I'm just saying from personal experience, after you move your body, you are much better able to take care of let's say, I don't know, a crying toddler in the supermarket or, or a feisty teenager, or, you know, whatever it may be happening, a husband or partner or whatever it is.

I feel like after you move your body, you just get more patient, more kind, more clarity, more ability to handle all the stuff that's going on in the world. And let's be clear. There's a lot of stuff that's going on in the world. It's one of the reasons why we come to Disney. It's one of the reasons why we love it so much.

It's a little bit of a escape from that. It just doesn't have to be an escape from healthy habits that help us feel better overall.

Lou Mongello: And what I love and probably the reason why I wanted to do this is just because you are escaping to Walt Disney world on vacation, where to sort of clear your mind. It does not mean that your fitness journey, your health quest has to [00:06:00] necessarily come to a stop.

And, and I, and really inspired by you and questions from listeners. And I think because we all are on our own individual and often very different fitness, quests, or desires, whether we've started or not. It's important too, to remember that you don't have to stop become when you come to Walt Disney world.

And I really want to start off by dispelling a myth that has been going around for a long, long time. This whole idea, that calories don't count when you come to Walt Disney world. When you move here, you will realize just how untrue that really is. I think what I, I think I figured out when you're inside the Disney bubble, the calories don't count.

As soon as you step foot off property, it's like the nutty professor, like all of a sudden, like you just like get big, like that, all the calories kick in. So it it's important to be mindful of. Making a lot of those healthy choices. And before you say, well, listen, I'm not worried about fitness. I don't care about exercise.

I also want to be clear in terms of who this is for, because I think it really can and does apply to everyone. So if you're a parent and you maybe don't want your kids to be eating hotdogs and wired on sugar, so they never sleep again. This is for you. If you are someone who works hard or not so hard and wants to stay fit, and doesn't want to blow it.

When you come to the parks, this is for you. If you're somebody who would like to and would need to start exercising, but also, you know, don't want to be worrying about going to the gym. Like you still want to have. This is for you. And maybe if you're looking to start getting healthy and think that now is the time now is the best time.

This is a way if you're a local like us who live here and want to be healthy and realize that the calories don't count is, [00:08:00] is a complete and utter mythology. And if you don't believe me, look at pictures of me from eight years ago. When I moved here, if you have special dietary needs or wants or restrictions, look, I think you, everyone, anyone should always try and be healthy and quote unquote healthy doesn't mean.

Slipping into your Lulu. Lemon's drinking your 50,000 calorie protein shake at 4:00 AM. Not that I'm looking at your jewelry, there's nothing wrong with that. But if you just want to take care of yourself and feel better, look, we only have one body, one mind, one life it's important that we take care of it and ourselves the best way.

Look, I think sometimes we take care of our things better than we take care of ourselves. So I want you to either continue on your journey or maybe be inspired to start getting healthy when and you're, and while you're at Walt Disney. Yeah.

Julie Voris: I can add something to that. First of all, I love that. And secondly, I just think we come here because we love it so much.

And you know, as people who love it so much, when we know our friends are planning trips here, sometimes we want to help them because we want to help them have the most magical experience. I also want them to feel the best when they're here, so they can actually enjoy the most magical experience. It's no fun to walk around.

And I have been there I've eaten something that has an agreed with me or whatever, and to walk around feeling like junk at this place. That is so amazing. Like we just don't have to, and there are sort of two sides to this in my brain. It's first of all, just knowing that you're worth taking care of and that, as you said, Lou, we get one shot at this.

We have it's one ride. And my gosh, if the past two years haven't taught us how fast time goes and how precious time is. I don't know what else it's taught us and we just get one shot at this. So let's take the best care that we can have ourselves not perfect. It's not perfect. It's the best care. So then we come to this amazing place.

We can have an amazing time. And at the same time, let's not be so precious about it. We don't need [00:10:00] to spend four hours in the gym ever. Not at Disney, not in your life, not ever, ever, ever. You don't need to do that. You don't need to be perfect on your, I don't even know what perfect is. So just knowing that you're worth taking care of no matter where you are, and also not being so precious about what that routine looks like.

And then knowing that the better care you take of yourself and the better choices that you make, you're going to have an even more magical time at the space that's already. So, I mean, And

Amanda Bauner: I, I love what you said, Julia. It doesn't have to be perfect. It's a bunch of small steps that add up for me, someone who's more plus-sized I am working on losing weight, but also in guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewinds open, I don't want to worry about how I'm going to fit in that seat.

So that's a huge motivation for me. And I imagine for other people, but even if that's not your motivation, just to feel better, like you said, and be able to fully and enjoy your time and then not have to go home and be like, oh, I gained that 10 pounds or whatever the case is, you know, I didn't get this much sleep.

And then kind of, you're already going back to work or whatever, you know, real life quote, unquote, have to have that added burden when you should be feeling amazing after your vacation.

Lou Mongello: And you also, you don't want to worry. Having, you know, treating yourself to a fun snack. We're being overly regimented while you're on vacation, right?

Like there's this balance and we're going to talk about balance and moderation and everything in moderation, because you want to stay healthy. You maybe don't want to come home with, you know, forget the freshmen 15. You don't want to come home like with your Disney four or five, you know, your Disney cruise line 10.

Cause you can apply this to Disney cruise line too. You still want to enjoy your vacation. I think that there's ways that you can do that. And we're going to talk about some of, not just the avenues, but I think the opportunities to start getting, I mean, it, it, it might not make any sense, sort of be comfortable.

You can sort of start your healthy journey while you're at Walt Disney world, because we're going to talk about some of the exercise [00:12:00] that you probably don't realize that you're doing. Already. So you can almost use Walt Disney world as a catalyst to begin your journey. And actually, before we started recording the both of, you talked about the same thing, the importance of starting at home, right?

You don't have to take a vacation from your routine just because you are on vacation and sort of carrying over, you're able to carry over what you are probably, or hopefully doing.

Julie Voris: Yeah, that routine. Um, well, you know, I'm a big believer on morning routine, which Lou does not mean getting up at 4:00 AM. So contrary to popular belief.

I do not get up at 4:00 AM, but I do have a morning routine because I believe that our morning hours are so powerful. And what we do in the morning sets us up for our day, sets up our life. So if you've got some pieces in your morning routine that help you feel the way you want to feel in your day, why would we stop doing those?

Just because we're in a hotel room, I can still make my pre-workout drink in my hotel room. I can still make my shake in my hotel room. I can still do those things in my hotel room. Not because I'm regimented about it because they make me feel better. So why do I want to walk into the magic kingdom?

Feeling anything less than awesome. So that means why would I stop some of those habits that I'm doing at home that make me feel awesome at home? I want to actually feel awesome or at Disney's. So I want to even take better care of myself almost to a point. So I just take those habits that I have at home.

And I, I bring them down here.

Amanda Bauner: That's exactly what I was thinking. When I go on vacation, I want my self care to actually increase, not decrease. And I want to make room to have maybe that indulgence of a little something sweet at Emirates patisserie, or maybe I get a rum drink at trader Sam's. Cause that's the only place I can get it, but I am balancing it out like Lou said earlier.

Julie Voris: Well, I think to Amanda's point, I always think of this in the holidays too. Like Amanda, you specifically mentioned something you could only get to that bakery or only get at [00:14:00] that at trader Sam's at the end is. It's that mindset that I also take into the holidays, like, what am I going to spend my calories on?

That's air quotes. I want to spend my calories on, am I gonna spend my calories on something that I could get any day of the week? Or am I gonna spend my calories on my aunt, Susan chocolate eclair cake that only she has the recipe for that she makes from hand and she only makes a one-time a year. It's going to be that.

And I'm going to enjoy every single bit of it. So when you come to this place, what are these, these pieces that you can maybe only get here for us when the girls were young? I mean, there was always a crisp rice treat or a lemon freeze. And what went along with that? I was sitting on the curb, waiting for the three o'clock parade.

So they wouldn't have a lemon ice, which they could not get in Indiana. And so on that curb and play cards with their mom and their dad and have this lemon ice, which was a tree that they wouldn't get any other time while they're watching for the parade. I guarantee you right now, that's a core memory for them.

It has less to do with the food and more to do with the whole experience, but it was also a food that they could only get here. And I think that's kind of all part of it too. What can you. Here that's maybe where you go, rather than the food you could get any other time when you're back

Lou Mongello: home. Well, and I think that's really where we should start to is with food and, and, and eating healthy at Walt Disney world.

Not just because, hi, I'm Lou but fitness. Isn't just about what and being healthy. Isn't just about what you do with your body, but what you put into it. And I think Disney has done a remarkable job, especially over the past, probably five years of making it easy and convenient to eat healthy at Walt Disney world, not just a table service restaurant, but quick service and snack carts and fine dining.

There are amazing healthy option. There's plant-based options. There's allergy friendly options, smoothies, and salads, and low calories. And, and while we're not going to [00:16:00] necessarily go into. Individual menus and items, because there are so many and they are incredibly plentiful, but they're also easy to find.

I do want to talk about some tips that we can share about how best to eat healthy at Walt Disney world. And it's not, it doesn't require some sort of massive life change. Like I'm not going to eat carbs ever, which is actually bad, but it's some small things that you can do and almost all a cart pick and choose from some of these things that best fit your lifestyle and your vacation.

So, uh, Julie and Amanda, give me some of your tips about eating healthy at Walt Disney world.

Amanda Bauner: I love that you can do all the mobile ordering now for the quick service locations and you can sort by different dietary restrictions on that. Uh, it also get some of those have photos. It gives you, you can browse different restaurants before you decide where you want to go. Or like you said, Lou, do all a cart, go get something that might be a little healthier at PECO spills.

And then if you really want a hot dog, you don't get that at KC. So balance that out, there are all kinds of fresh fruit stands to animal kingdom in particular has some really great healthy food options. And then if you're doing table service, always, always ask for substitutions. I was going to, um, skipper canteen and I said, oh, I don't want a big salad with my entree, but I just want a little side salad.

She said, get the kids garden salad. So the servers know the cast members know how to do this. And if you tell them, oh, I'm working on being a little healthier, they come up with some great options for you and they'll work with.

Julie Voris: Let's go to when we were down here in December, you know, to sign the papers on our house so we could move here while we were down here, we were staying at Saratoga Springs and we went into the little quick serve restaurant [00:18:00] and there was nothing on the menu that specifically was vegan and gluten-free, and I was kind of, kind of walking around kind of, you know, talking to the cast member who was working there and just kind of lamenting that there wasn't anything that was the beginning of the gluten-free.

And he said, whoa, wait just a second. Let me go get the chef, went back, brought out the chef and the assistant chef. And they stood there and had a conversation with me about, well, on this salad, what could we do? What, uh, yeah, I'll add this. How about I add this? Would you like this? Would you have this? And then went back, worked some magic and came back with a salad that they had literally created just from.

All because I'd asked. So that ask is so worth it. When you've got some specific dietary situations that you want to add here to just ask, because more than anything, Walt Disney world wants to make you happy. They want you to have a magical experience. They want you to walk away talking about it. And I have talked about that story to anyone that I know that's coming down here.

I'm like, listen, just ask. And they will help you. And I do think again, you know, there's a difference between like Lou, you're a foodie and I, and I love that about you because you have such joy in the food that's here. It's all part of your experience here. I think that's so cool. And I don't know that everyone is to that.

The degree they come down and they just think, well, I have to eat all the things cause I'm on vacation. And my question would be the why if it doesn't make you feel good, you love all the, I mean you do. It's so amazing. And there's nothing wrong with that. I think that's the piece that there's something wrong with coming down here and no one should listen to this and go, well, you're telling me that I can't come down and enjoy the foods I want.

No, nobody is saying that. I'm just saying Amanda saying, Lou saying, how can you come down and feel a little bit better and have some healthier choices if that's the path that you're on, because I so desperately want you to have an amazing experience and I want you to go home and, and feel good and not feel like to me, like Amanda said, like you took 10 [00:20:00] steps back because you ate all the things.

So asking yourself, if the thing that you're eating is really the thing that you want. And if you're a foodie, these things that you're eating could be. But if you're not, maybe you're just eating it because you think it's the thing that you're supposed to eat. Or maybe you just didn't ask the chef to make you something else, or maybe you could have.

Brought your own food. We used to, we used to bring our own food at our suitcases, for the girls. We used to bring the juice boxes at the granola bars and all the days we'd bring that stuff down, not just as a way to stay healthy, but also, you know, newsflash as a way to save money so that we could kind of stay on our journey and also not spend all our money just on food, because that's not necessarily something I can take back with me, the memory of the lemon ice.

We can take that that's forever in my girls' experiences, but every little snack or whatever that we might've bought, probably wasn't the special dinner at 1900 park bear. Absolutely. Who cares what you eat? That's an experience, but that's also only something I'm getting here. So I really try to navigate that space between staying on my journey so I can feel the best and dipping into those special experiences.

I can only get here. And if you're a foodie, you should come down here and love on the food that you can only get.

Lou Mongello: And as we said before, you know, we're talking about everything in moderation and not trying to do what cold Turkey, because one it's not sustainable. Two, I will tell you from experience, it does not make you happy.

You know, there was a time I was on this sort of healthy journey and I thought I had to sort of go to, to this extreme. And it's not like, that's not the way to do it. It's not cold Turkey. You know, I think about it in terms of like the predo principle, right? The 80 20 rule for a lot of outcomes, 80% of the consequences come from 20% of the cost of decisions.

So you can eat, you know, Hey, 80%. And I'm not, this is not an accurate measurement, but like doing you're 80% healthy, but don't be afraid to indulge in that 20% [00:22:00] of whatever you wanted. So for me, when I thought about. Ways and tips to eat healthy. I figured, hi, I'm Lou, it's all about food and I'm going to make it a mini quick lightning round, top 10 list, 10 tips to eat healthy and Walt Disney world.

And you feel free to jump in, chime in agree or disagree. So I think one, obviously the, the thing that makes the most sense is thinking about healthier choices in terms of healthier foods. Like instead of maybe a burger. So many plates, salmon is such a good, smart, healthy food. You don't need to go to Victoria and Albert's to have salmon like sunshine, seasons, food, fair, Columbia Harbor house.

The commissary went there, a quick service locations where you can get. Uh, salmon as a, as a platter, as a salad. I love places that you can make your own. Like, I love make your own bowls and sort of create and portion what you want. So Tulley canteen is arguably the best quick-service restaurant in all of Rome because of the customization.

And because you can make it as healthy as you need it to be Paco spills. You're like, wait a minute. Magelo you just had healthy and Paco spills in the same sentence. You can get sort of the basics of what you want to eat, maybe without a bun take advantage of the Fixin's bar and the vegetables and the salad that's on there to make it healthier.

Maybe you get a wrap instead of a roll, right? You ditch some of those carbs, not entirely because you need them for energy and looking for things that are maybe fresh as opposed to processed. And look, I have a body that's built on French fries. I admit that, but you can ask to have fruits or vegetables on the side, again, not just at sit-down restaurants, but at counter service as well.

Speaking of the side, get the sauce on the side, get your dressing on the side. Like it is an easy way that you can. Like sauce to taste, but still save on some of those [00:24:00] calories. I think Julia, you mentioned don't be afraid to ask for an appetizer size portion order off the kid's menu, or even like a half portion of something.

You'll be surprised at just how accommodating places are

Julie Voris: split it with, with, you know, like if you're there with your partner or spouse, your kids like split it. So that not only do you save a little bit on calories, if that's your focus, but you also save money. So again, you know, you're just, it's an expensive trip.

It can be an expensive trip. Here's another way that you could say money, split it, and then, you know, find something else that you can split. Now you get to try more than one thing and you know, you haven't spent and you haven't broken the bank just on food.

Lou Mongello: And I think knowing what to eat and when to eat is also helpful too.

So for me, I think. Eating a, uh, a healthy hearty, smart Breck, like Philip on breakfast, right? Why not only do you need the energy, but you're going to walk it off a lot during the day. For me, especially when like years ago, when I was trying to get healthy, I really tried to limit my carbs after five o'clock at night.

So I would eat a big, healthy breakfast. I would have a late dinner early, sorry, a late lunch, early dinner. So I wasn't doing this very heavy carb, heavy dinner, maybe a later night snack to sort of give me a little more energy, but eating your carbs early in the day. Not only we walk it off, but you get that energy in return.

Julie Voris: Well, why don't you get into restaurants easier too, if you can go on and some of those off times. So when you're eating, trying to find the dining reservations, if you are willing to go on a little bit of an off time, you're probably more likely to find a reservation. So, okay, now here's another win. So you get to go at a time that works for you, and that keeps you on your journey, but also you get to actually get into the restaurant that you've been wanting to get into because you're willing to go on.

You're willing to go to 11:00 AM or 3:00 PM because that's kind of how you've structured your day.

Lou Mongello: And we talked about [00:26:00] indulging and I think indulging is fine, whether it's a kitchen sink, Dole, whip, whatever it is, it's fine. As long as you do it in moderation, right? Like you just because you're in Walt Disney world, you can't just lose your marbles and be like, I want four Mickey pretzels and that owes over a delicious, fake cheese sauce, which probably isn't cheese, but who cares?

It's delicious, like doing it in moderation. Well, you

Julie Voris: could lose your marbles, but you're just giving up, feel

Lou Mongello: good. You're doing and to lose my marbles, just ask the boathouse. Um, the other thing you could do too, and again, you, you and I say this because I don't want you to be afraid or embarrassed to do this, but depending on where you go.

You can sometimes ask and I have no other way to describe it. Other than a word that I saw used at the food and wine festival recently is asking for your meal deconstructed. And what I mean by that is sort of referring to what I said before, having the dressing, the sauces, the toppings on the side. So you are able to control the portions and control the calories.

And the other thing, the other thing I think too, like for me, I would prefer to eat my calories rather than drink my calories. So skip the soda. Like I would rather see you skip the soda or even like, look, people forget how many calories and not so necessarily healthy. Yes. There might be fruit juice in your mighty, but alcohol is not necessarily the best utilization of your caloric intake.

Julie Voris: Well, I mean, have you been to Epcot recently and seen the drink around the world? We, the, we can all attest to the fools that are walking around there right now. So I'm just saying that I said what I said. Um, but hydration is, you know, to your point, that is super important. Just as humans, generally, we walk around in a mild state of hydration just as we are normally human beings.

So then you bring yourself down to Florida where it's probably warmer than, than where you might be. It's probably more humid. You're probably moving [00:28:00] more. You could be eating foods with more salts. And what you might think is hunger could be dehydration, cause you probably already started a little bit dehydrated just because you're a human being.

Not because you're a bad human being, just because you're a human being and this was just sort of what we do. So if you, if you feel like you're getting hungry, you might also ask yourself, am I hydrated? Cause I'm telling you right now, a hydrated human as a much happier human.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. And when you think hydration, like it's important to drink water, like soda and juice is not the answer to get hydrated.

It is plain free water that you can get. You know, you don't have to worry about buying a $4 bottle of water. You can go to any counter service location, and they'll be happy to give you, you know, a bottle of wine and a license. Like people like to bring their own bottles too. I know we're starting to see more like refillable drink stations.

I I'm thinking like in the marketplace in Galaxy's edge, which is great. So you bring your own bottle, uh, and, and that's sort of another tip too. And I think one of you mentioned this too. Is packing your own healthy snacks and water. Like when I travel, look, if God forbid, if we're on a plane together and God where the plane goes down, you want to sit next to me?

Cause I packed like 16 pounds of snacks in my backpack. Cause like I'm going to hold the shell on the island. Like I I'm ready, but you can bring healthy things. Like almonds are a great snack. Like they're high in protein. They're low in calories. They give you a lot of energy. Beef jerky, dried fruits, healthy trail mix because there's some unhealthy trail mixes just because it says health trail mix.

The fact that it has m&ms does not make it healthy. Um, they travel easy. They're easy to pack. Um, and obviously there's no problem with you. Bring them in. Like you said, Julie, it's a great way to save money to,

Amanda Bauner: yeah. Just keep in mind. Don't bring anything that melts because it is like you

Julie Voris: said, Florida and it's hot.

[00:30:00] Um, Lou, Lou, I'm so glad to hear that you have your own snacks. Cause this is a habit we're always working on with my husband. We're always like, I'm sorry. You're a grown man. How are you angry? Why do you not understand your, your cues? So just because you might be married to someone who thinks and sleeps and breathes health and fitness all the time, that's my passion.

That does not mean those habits rub off on everyone that's in your house. And so my husband's always like, I'm starving. We're like, well, did you bring. No, I did read like, well, that's on you. You're a grown man. So bring your own stacks, get your kids to bring their snacks, save money. You are more assured.

If they have food allergies that you're giving them, bringing something that is safe for them. And they like to feel in control of that. And it's just a great way to, to keep yourself on track without breaking the bank without losing your marbles. And as you say,

Lou Mongello: but if you're standing in a long queue for rise to the resistance or flight of passage, those few, that little handful of almonds is going to go a long way.

To curbing your craving for what might be an easy fix, which is something that is not as healthy. If you jump out of line or if you go get something else. Um, so don't be afraid to, to package that. And really the last tip I have is Disney's making it easier, um, for parents and for, um, just anybody at the park, look for the Mickey check symbol.

Um, it makes it very easy to identify nutritious and healthy meal options to make your decision-making process a lot easier. Uh, it was actually created really more for, for families like for parents to be able to decide what's really good for the, for kids. And I think it really sort of expanded almost into.

Seeing it on other menu items in, in quick service, um, uh, carts and, um, and table service restaurants as well. And I will sort of defer to the both of you because I've seen you doing it on this call [00:32:00] too. And I know you do it because Julie I've watched you live at five o'clock in the morning. You can also bring stuff and make stuff in your room.

So for example, I know like protein shakes, like you can bring your own sort of mini shake mixer. I don't know what the official term, like you make your own little shakes in your room before you go. It gives you good, smart calories. You're saving money and it gives you energy throughout the day as well.

Julie Voris: Amanda, what do you two, do you stay, Amanda? Do you stay in hotels as much now that you look. No, I do want to stay. I know.

Amanda Bauner: Yeah. But I do, even when I travel non Disney, believe it or not, I do travel non Disney. I bring my blender bottle and I make sure I also have my water bottle on the plane because that's one of the worst places you could get really dehydrated. Right. Uh, but I, yeah, I'll take my, uh, energized drink and my shake and just bring a little, um, sponges, cut up with dish soap on them that I can use every day.

I did it on the Disney cruise and it worked out perfectly. What's

Julie Voris: it asking you what you took on the cruise? Did you take your mini blender? Yeah, it

Amanda Bauner: took a, a blender bottle and had it worked out perfectly and then I would even get ice from room service. So that was

Julie Voris: great. I take my processor. It's a co it's.

I mean, I think it's supposed to be a copy Proctor. I don't drink coffee, but I take my coauthor everywhere I go and it mixes up everything that I need. So it's just, if it's in my bag, There, I don't have to have froth there. We'll travel and off we go and I'd mix it in my hotel room or I'll mix it at the park and, and off we go, and I know that I'm staying on track.

I'm feeling good. Um, I'm just staying align with my own food sensitivities and my own goals and how I want to feel and how I want to function more importantly at the parks. I want to feel and function at the parks. And it's just easy to take that stuff with you and saves you money and saves you time. I mean, you can spend a lot of time waiting in line to get a snack.

And I would rather, [00:34:00] I'd rather spend that time shopping or just standing in line for a ride or doing something else that's a little bit more

Lou Mongello: productive and they often come. You don't have to worry about bringing like your giant two gallon, muscle whey protein. Like they come in single service, single serve packets that are very easy to mix and pack and travel

Julie Voris: with two.

Yeah. And you can, I mean, there's just such a myriad of choices that you can take. I always take there's this, um, cookie that I take called gut happy cookies and they don't melt. So it's Savannah spoiled. They're not talking so they don't balance. And they come in a little package of three and I drop into my bag and off I go.

So if I'm standing somewhere and I can feel myself like. Okay. I think I need a little Samsung. I've already brought something in my bag. I know it doesn't melt. I also know it's right in line with my dietary concerns and my dietary issues. And I don't have to spend time waiting in line to get that. Now my husband will go get a Chippendale snack bag, which, oh, that's fine, too.

Whatever works for you. As long as you are in control of yourself, do not bring your hanger to us. So you gotta be. Cause my gosh, how many times have we all been a park? You know, it's like 4:00 PM and you can feel it in the park. And you're useful to turn to that parent go it's time for you to go home.

Now, like you have a hungry, thirsty child. You have not that you need you just, your day is done. I don't care. If you have aggressor reservations, you could go home. Now, your day is done and often just cause we just got off track with what there's been a sugar. You're not hydrated. You've eaten something, you know, whatever.

And, um, there's this, there's nothing worse than ruining your magical

Lou Mongello: trip. And you hit on the key point is that you have to find what works for you. There is no blueprint. There is no plan. That's why this is not, this is how you stay healthy. This is, here are some options you can sort of pick and choose Allah cart to what works best for you, your lifestyle, your goals, and how you want to medication.

And I think, like we said, part of this journey [00:36:00] is not just what you put into your body, but what you do with your body as well. I know you may be in shock that Lou Mongiello is going to talk about exercise. I've done it in the past a couple of times, but I want to, like, I want to start off by saying that you might not realize it, but you're already doing.

Whether you think you exercise or not. When you come to Walt Disney world, you're doing it. I'm going to come full circle to trivia, nerd, Luma, Angelo, and the very first book I ever wrote, which was a trivia book. Do you know, did you know that the average guests in Walt Disney world barring obviously special there, the average guests walks, wore the nine miles on an average day.

Like I think if you convert that to steps, it's like 30, some odd thousand steps, depending how you, depending on how you step. So, I mean, you are walking, you are exercising, whether you realize it or not, but there are so many ways, locations and types. Of exercise that you can get in while you're in Walt Disney world, that don't necessarily revolve around hitting the gym, pumping iron, whatever you do in, in the gym, you know, or the treadmill.

So again, Julie and Amanda, Amanda, and Julie, talk about some of the different opportunities that are plentiful for exercise in Walt Disney world. I think starting off with the most simple one, which is just.

Amanda Bauner: There are certainly not a shortage of places to walk. And you're absolutely right. I read that as well, seven to nine miles a day, but then you multiply it by the number of days, right.

Which is why I encourage people. If you can, to take a non park day, not necessarily to not walk, but just to have a little bit of a break and do something else besides the parks, because it can be very intense when you're not only walking, but you're standing [00:38:00] on that hard concrete waiting in line after line, after line in the heat, probably most of the time.

So it feels good sometimes to get out and walk maybe around Crescent lake by the boardwalk where you have. More open air, more of a breeze or to walk between the port Orleans resort said, that's a beautiful walk to walk around Disney Springs. We looped around Saratoga Springs got onto the golf course, had never done that before.

So we, you know, we, they're all different kinds of gray areas to walk, but it really, again, it starts where you have to prepare before you get to Walt Disney world. Because if you wait, you're not going to have as enjoyable experience.

Julie Voris: Well, I always come back to the idea of the blue zones. Two and blue zones.

Are those people where the live to be over a hundred? I don't know about you. I want to live to be over a hundred, because that means more trips to Disney world for me. So I want to take care of myself and live to be 150. I've already warned my children. I'm here to like I'm 150 years old, so they very get ready.

And in the blue zones, one of their core habits is they just walk a lot, not power walk, not walk for six hours. And they just walk the walk a few times a day. Generally after they eat, they just walk and that walking that movement because our bodies are made to move. They just, aren't where we are as human being animals made to move.

And that walking helps increase our health. It's one of the best, best activities that we can do. To live a longer healthier life, just walking. And the beautiful thing about that is it's not complicated. We'll have to be precious about it. It's just get yourself to Amanda's point about standing, get yourself a good pair of shoes.

Do not. I mean, when I see people show up at the park and they've got like heels on or flip flops, I'm like, what is happening right now? Like, I don't even know, like, I don't even know, get yourself a pair of good shoes and invest in a pair of good shoes. Get yourself a pair of good socks. You're going to need those and just [00:40:00] take it advantage of that beautiful, natural human movement to walk and walk a lot.

And if you are looking to further your health and fitness journey, start looking for more opportunities to walk a little bit more, maybe you take those extra steps. Maybe you're you have a step, a goal. You know, sometimes my girls and I would have like how many steps can we get in in a day? Just for the fun of it.

You know, not for competitive purposes, just kind of a, just for fun. And I've noticed since moving down here to flora, Cause it's very different weather than Carmel. Indiana was I'm regularly getting in like 10 miles a day. I'm like, I am going to live to be 175 years old. That's amazing. And all I'm doing is walking.

So preparing, getting good shoes, seeking out opportunities to get more steps in, should you choose to do so. And knowing that that is such a beautiful way to move your body a very natural, healthy way to move your body, embrace it, don't fight it, like really embrace it and know that it's going to help you be healthier.

And then, you know, what would be lovely is to continue that, how about when you go back home, maybe it's not 10 miles, cause that's a little harder to do maybe, but you know, three miles a day or something like that. And that just helps continue that, that blue zone habits.

Lou Mongello: Right. And I think to your point, we are already walking a lot.

We still can make some affirmative choices to maybe walk a little bit more, right. If you're staying at, you know, boardwalk or yacht and beach club or Swan and. Walk to Epcot, you can walk to Hollywood studios. It's actually a beautiful walk pathway that I'll give you a bit of trivia. It's called the Judson green walkway walked down the Judson green walk.

It's an easier to walk. It's easy to walk to Hollywood studios than it is to walk from Hollywood studios at night because you're exhausted. But do that. If you can look even things like gorilla falls, exploration trail, and the Swiss family Treehouse, you're doing a lot of walking the tree house. You're doing some stairs too.

So you are getting some additional [00:42:00] walking exercise while you're doing that. Obviously the next step from walking is running. I am. I'm not qualified. Look, I ran one half marathon. I've done a couple of five Ks. I do better. I think by cheering better than running, but we have, you know, we have a running team and we know a lot of people, all of us that who are runners.

And I think when you think about running, yes, there are run Disney events, which are these organized events that you have to pre-register for. And they are incredibly fun. They're great community building events, come join the running team if you want to do it, but there's also running opportunities throughout the parks that you can do on your own, um, that are actually set up for you already.

You don't have to sort of make your own, um, and can be fun as well. So you might not realize that so many of the resorts have their own built-in. Walking running, walking, jogging, wheeling trails in them. And I'm actually going to refer over because I'm not the expert. I'll refer over to our mutual friend.

Lisa Dinoto Glassner from The Castle Run has a, uh, a great post with pictures and maps of all the different running trails at the resorts, um, that I think range from about a half a mile to two miles. So depending on what your limits goals or boundaries are, you can take advantage of those. So do it in the morning.

Do it maybe while you go back in the middle of the day and maybe the kids are at the pool, you don't have to sort of base your run around this sort of organized event. I think she also has like a bunch of Spotify playlist too. So if you need sort of that music or Disney music to help, sort of get you motivated to it's sort of this, this complete.

Julie Voris: You mentioned that because, um, my husband and I we'll, we used to come with my parents. My dad was in the [00:44:00] military, so we'd stay at shades of green. And again, to my point about, I'm just a better parent on the other side of movement. He and I would get up early and had to be early because you know, it's hot in the summer and Disney and we would get up early and we would do a run from shades of green and we just kind of tool around Polynesian and wherever we could go, whatever, and come back.

And, you know, thankfully we had grandparents in the room that were watching the girls, but we were just better parents. On the other side of that, there was no set route. We just sorta kind of did our thing in the morning for 30 minutes or something. And it just, we were just better on the other side of that, because we took those 30 minutes that were just for ourselves and it wasn't any kind of sanctioned trail.

It was just us sort of zigzagging around the resorts to despite, you know, the mileage that we wanted. And we just, I felt like we were so much better on the other side of.

Amanda Bauner: I think a couple of my favorite places are, um, Caribbean beach resort and Riviera. That's a great walking and running trail around there.

And even if you're staying at over it, but you know, pop century art of animation, now you could take the skyline or over and then do your walk run there. And then Coronado Springs, I think it's three quarters of a mile around the lake. So, um, that's a beautiful area and I love that resort in itself. And then if you, I like the water, but if you don't want to be around the water Fort wilderness resort, the grounds there are huge.

Then you can see wildlife and they have so many great locations to walk.

Julie Voris: You can do the run Disney events too, not running because listen, I have done the running thing. I've been there. I've done that. I've done multiple half marathons. I've done this. We're not we're. I am not the one. I am not here for that anymore.

I don't do the running thing anymore. So my husband and I are doing the tower of terror, 10 miler this weekend as a walk, we're just doing it as a walk because we want to be a part of the events. We know there'll be a lot of fun and we're just doing it as a walk and I'm going to do the one in November.[00:46:00]

As a walk. So as long as you keep a certain pace, you can be a part of it. I learned that from abandon, like, should I walk, I guess, but you have to stay in front of the women that tell you that you're too slow. And I'm like, okay. So we're just going to walk them because I just want to be part of the community and, and be around other kind of like-minded, you know, healthy minded folks.

And, and I feel zero compunction to run these. I can walk them and be perfectly fine and still be a part of the event. And so I think maybe not everyone knows that, that you can, you don't have to be a runner to do these. Uh, Walker at a good pace and do these events and still be a part of it. And there's a lot of fun

Lou Mongello: and the nice thing too.

And I think this is sort of a hidden treasure in Walt Disney world. Then a lot of guests don't necessarily know about that in addition to the multiple run Disney events that happen throughout the year. So many of the resorts in Walt Disney world have their own fun runs that happen every week for guests.

And you don't need to be a re a guest of that resort in order to participate. Um, they are less expensive. I think they're like 10, $15, maybe much shorter than run Disney events. They are family friendly. You can, I, and I've seen people do it like with strollers. Um, they have, um, metals and, and awards and like pins and water bottles.

If you participate in. And I say that they're relatively hidden gems because other than looking at your resort, recreation guide, sometimes you don't necessarily know that they're even going on and what they normally take place about seven to nine o'clock in the morning. You only have to register the morning of you don't have to worry about doing it.

Same thing. You can walk instead of run, they happen at a number of different places. I'm going to refer over to Lisa slate, the castle run again. So they have one at, [00:48:00] uh, the port Orleans French quarter, the Bengay dash, which the only word I heard in that sentence was at Riviera. They have the TOPA Lino trot, uh, all-star has their own old key west Cornado Saratoga, Springs, yacht, and beach club.

Boardwalk has the seaside sprint and Fort wilderness also, I think has. Seasonal five Ks, uh, during the holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving. So you need to obviously check, especially now just to make sure they're back. Uh, I'll put a link to her list and her guide in the show notes, but these are great ways to, to add, uh, I think it's beyond the exercise part, but it adds a fun, additional activity that you could do alone.

You could do with your friends, your spouse, and your kids too, without having this investment of time, money and training, like a traditional run Disney marathon event.

Julie Voris: And, you know, to the point of just sort of making a memory and doing it with your family. My youngest daughter at night took a morning a couple of years ago and went over to Fort wilderness and rented bikes and just rode bikes around for a couple of hours.

We still talk about that. I mean, I don't know what that was $50. I don't even know if it was that much $20. I really literally have no idea. I just know that this many years later we still talk about, oh my gosh, that one morning was so much fun. And all we did was ride bikes around the property. We saw water, we were on trails.

We saw the horses, went to the stable. I mean, it was such a, almost like a non Disney type, you know, activity. And yet it was very Disney and we were having this wonderful core memory that we still talk about later moving our bodies being outside. So also explore some of those other places, the bikes over there, the horses over there.

And like Amanda said, the trails over there, that's kind of a cool resort that has some other activities as well.

Amanda Bauner: I love Fort wilderness. We took my goddaughters, they went canoeing. You can rent [00:50:00] kayaks. They did pony rides. I had friends that went on horseback rides over there. And then, like you were saying to other resorts, like Riviera has a botchee ball court.

Um, a lot of the deluxe resorts have tennis, basketball, volleyball. And of course my favorite swimming, whichever resort of course has the pools and then the water parks.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. And I think that, you know, that's part of what, what I want to make sure we deliver home. Exercise get and stay fit and healthy while still having fun doing it.

And it's not this room dedicated time in the gym. Like you mentioned, all those activities you can do alone. I happened while we were talking, I was looking at Lisa site and the photos that she has of her doing the fun runs are with their young kids. Right? Ballou. I think her kids are, are around seven or nine, seven and nine or eight and 10 somewhere around there.

And it's a fun thing that they can do together. And whether you don't know. This dedicated activity to go and get some exercise in the pool or play tennis. They have canoeing and kayaking rentals one, and this summer, like I promised them to do because I love to kayak. Um, and it's a great way to get some of the exercise while having a fun activity too.

And I believe, I think they're starting to come back in terms of the, the time of where, when we're recording this, but the resorts all. I have, um, fitness classes. And while you do need to be a resort guest to use the facilities and participate in the classes, if you go to the recreation guide or go to the front desk, you'll see that they have like yoga and total body toning and Pilates and aerobics, uh, at Riviera has this shake a tail feather family warmup workout at 8:30 AM on Wednesdays and Sundays on the movie lawn.

You can rent, sorry, bikes, there's foot golf. Like if you're not a golfer [00:52:00] pointing to myself, you could play foot golf at some of the different, um, at some of the different golf courses. So there's a lot to, to, um, take part in, I think there's, I think, I think a number of resorts still have, or have brought back, uh, complimentary yoga classes, um, in the mornings as well.

And I don't just mean to lectures where, like, I know all-star has it, um, by the real spots and boardwalk, tornado Saratoga, wilderness lodge, like again, check with your resorts. Um, and, and if you, if you have to be a resort guest in order to do it, but Disney makes it, I think very easy, very accessible, depending on where you are in terms of what you want, where you are in your fitness Jersey, the fitness journey, and, you know, they can be fun things to do individually or together as well.

Julie Voris: And that plays into the, I think the mindset that probably probably, I don't want to make an assumption, but probably this isn't your last trip to Walt Disney world. So it's okay. If you take a couple of. And go ride bike somewhere or play bocce ball, or do you sound like, because those experiences can become the core memory that you're also trying to make it magic kingdom or Epcot or whatever.

You can make those in other places too. And sometimes those are the memories that our children remember almost more than, you know, the mad dash into the park. So just wrapping your head around the knowledge that this is probably not your last visit here. And even if it was, you still wouldn't get everything done ever.

So that's the beautiful thing about this place. You'll just never get everything done. So knowing that it's okay to take a couple hours, come out of the park, give yourself a moment, go do something fun and active someplace else. Create a different kind of core memory with your kids, with your family, and then come back to the park later.

You'll probably be better for it.

Amanda Bauner: Yeah, absolutely. I even miniature golf, the different minister golf courses, [00:54:00] and of course, regular golf too. You could go any different activity level, depending on if it's a park day. Maybe you want to hit it hard in the morning when it's not as hot out in the afternoon, do something that maybe doesn't take quite as much out of you.

I mean, there's so many different options to play with, and I really think it is thinking outside of the box. And yes, there are the fitness centers at the resorts, but that's not necessarily what you always have to go to, to get in that physical activity.

Lou Mongello: And that brings me to my next point, because I've seen both of your Instagram stories and Julie has threatened out, promised me that we will do there's ways to sort of also get some of this exercise in your room.

You don't have to go out and do a run or. We're a bike there's things you can do just to sort of get your body moving while you're in your room while maybe the kids are still sleeping or everybody's showering, just to sort of get yourself ready for the day and get that blood pumping.

Julie Voris: Listen, I have a video somewhere in my archives of me doing.

Insanity, max 30 in our hotel room with everyone sort of walked. Like one of my daughters is doing it with me. Everyone else is like walking around behind me doing their thing. And I'm like, oh, and this is 30 minutes. And I'm going to be better mom. On the other side of this, I don't care what y'all are doing.

So I'm like, it's propped up on the desk. And like they're walking around Bobby. Like, it just is what it is. Uh, you know, it's 20, 22. Everybody knows there are plenty of streaming digital fitness platforms. So the, you know, the air air quoting the excuse that I just don't know what to do, or I just can't find anything or no, I'm sorry that doesn't no, no more.

It's 20, 22. There are too many affordable, convenient, digital streaming platforms that have everything you might want. Meditation stuff that doesn't require. Yeah, outdoor runs, outdoor walks stuff. It does require weights, kickboxing, yoga, whatever you want. There are too many platforms out there that have all of those pieces that you can [00:56:00] plug your headphones in and turn your phone on and do something 10 or 15 minutes, right in your hotel room and not mess with anything.

And maybe it's while your partner is going down to get breakfast for the kids. And you do 10 minutes of something, whether it's a meditation or at work, or it doesn't who cares, or you put on some music and you do your own circuit. So there's just, there are too many options now. Lou, I've heard you say before, you know, there's always an opportunity and adversity.

And as heinous as the last two years have been the opportunity that's presented itself as more and more digital options for all of us to bring convenience into our home. And one of those is health and fitness. So we can find something now on a reputable, digital streaming platform that we can take anywhere.

And golly, I wish I would have had that back in the day when I was coming with my girls were young and I might've had to go to the gym or I wandered around trying to figure out what the heck to do and the fact that I can do it in my hotel room and not even leave, especially if I had a baby to do. I can't even imagine how good that must feel.

Cause I know how good it feels right now. And my girls are older. I can't imagine how good that must feel as a parent now with young ones and you don't want to leave them.

Lou Mongello: So Julie, you talked about how I always saw there being opportunity adversity. There's also opportunity. Sometimes where you literally will least expect it.

I am going to share with you the secrets exercise location in Walt Disney world, that I will almost guarantee that the two of you and maybe you, our friend who's listening has never done before. Um, because you can have your cake and, and buy cake. I mean your quarter pounder and eat it too. And you're looking at me like the guy has finally lost his marbles.

We're talking about eating healthy, the words, eating healthy McDonald's don't necessarily always go mano a mano hand-in-hand however, and this is just a little fun too. There's actually [00:58:00] only one. Remaining McDonald's in actually in on Walt Disney world property that a couple of years ago underwent this major renovation and it it's, it's actually beautiful.

It has this gorgeous outside seating area. There's solar panel awnings everywhere. Like it's actually nice if you just need your quarter panel with cheese and let's admit it, everybody other than Julie, every now and then we just need a quarter pounder with cheese to make the world. But when you go there, uh, around the side, they actually have stationary bikes.

And if you peddle the bikes, there's a L this is a quadruple super surprise. If you pedal the bike fast enough, you make the gigantic Mickey D logo light up. So there's bikes that you can use. There's hand bikes. So I listened. It's 73% of what I say is not a lie. And this falls into that. No, it's true. So the McDonald's over by, um, uh, all stars, star resorts.

So they have the stationary bikes and they got these, uh, hand bikes. And so you can go there, take your little Julie Voris workout and get on the bike and go do your thing while your kids just need that, you know, may or make cheese happy meal. And if you want to do sort of the upper, the upper body strength, there's a hand bike there too.

Julie Voris: I did not know that. Did you know that Amanda?

Amanda Bauner: No. And I have been at that McDonald's

Julie Voris: you have wowed us all. We had no idea, no idea. And I do

Lou Mongello: a Wednesday night live show from that McDonald's you to get on the bikes, I'll get in front of the quarter pounder.

Julie Voris: And if I will light up the light up the side, I love,

Amanda Bauner: I do love that.

Lou. I love that as a good example, too, though, of anyone that might, uh, be needing an ECV. Cause I have an episode [01:00:00] coming out soon about accessibility issues. Um, it's important to, you could get a workout with the upper body. So that's a great example of a way to do that. And to again, think a little bit outside the box, even if you're just wanting to rest.

If God forbid you hurt your foot while you're walking around, you know, and you can do that with your upper body.

Lou Mongello: And I think really to sort of wrap this in a bow. I think that the takeaway, at least for me, is that you don't have to go all in to be healthy. You don't have to sort of go cold Turkey. I'm never doing this.

I'm not eating a carbogen goodbye, pasta. Trust me. I did it. I was very hungry. I was not a happy person to be around everything in moderation. You know, I think about doing, uh, like a healthy swap. Like if you swap, if you, if you want to have that donut, maybe walk a little bit more. If you want to have that other drink, get in some additional steps.

If you want to have that quarter pounder or your fuzzy, tauntaun maybe take the long way around to get to your car or get out of the park, making those balances and, and doing things in moderation is the way to have an enjoyable, delicious, and healthy good experience at Walt Disney world.

Amanda Bauner: Lou, I would say, don't forget the spas.

Talk about some nice self-care and staying healthy. You know, there, there are plenty of spas to visit and also to check in with your body. I once was on a trip and it was day eight of 10, and I was with one group of 14 friends, and then they left and then I was with another group of like eight friends and their kids.

We were at the Halloween party late at night, you know, so I tripped getting into the Tomorrowland Speedway car, completely busted up my knee. Luckily it was just surface damage, but, you know, I should have listened to my body that I was quite tired and had had enough for the [01:02:00] evening. So it's good to do that.


Julie Voris: That's a great point too, because just like the parents with the kids at 4:00 PM, or like they're telling their parents, like we're done now, you know, you do have, there is a, again, it's not your, it's not your only trip to Walt Disney world. You'll come back and it's hard to withdraw from the magic and say, okay, I've had enough because it's so amazing.

Um, but I think that just knowing that, you know, your, your goal for coming down here, To have more magic in your life. And your goal for any vacation is to create an, a memorable experience. And you'll be more likely to do that. If you take care of yourself, if you make some good choices, if you, if you're not too precious about it, if you keep it simple, if you keep it accessible and whatever habits that you have at home, just bringing those down here too.

If they made you feel good at home, continue those down here. Don't take a break for them and then feel like you're stepping back. Just do everything you can to, to make this as magical as it can be. So when you go back home, you're already, you're booking your next trip down here and you know, you're going to feel good when you come down here because you've got these awesome habits in place.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. When you're, when you're exercising at home, you're training for your trip to Walt Disney world, because it can be exhausting. And when you're there, you're keeping yourself conditioned for when you go back and it is this wonderful cycle and circle of life. Uh, thank you both so much for sharing. What I think are some enlightening eye-opening and some fun ways to stay healthy when you're at Walt Disney world, Amanda, and then Julie, please tell everybody where they can find you on the social.

Amanda Bauner: Oh, certainly I'm at Disney travel for all on Facebook and Instagram, and also add Amanda Bonner and Instagram, where I'm sharing more of my health journey there, but kind of merging that in with the healthy Disney at Disney travel for all. And of course the Disney travel for all.com website, where I have some healthy Disney items there too.

And my podcasts and I do a few episodes on healthy Disney. And I'm [01:04:00] looking to do more of those studies.

Julie Voris: I am@julieboris.com. I'm also on the gram and listen, I love the gram. So if we can connect on the gram, I'm all about the grab. I love it so much. I go live on there. A lot of on my stories a lot when I'm in the parks.

Um, I'm always trying to share that and, you know, it's, can I show when I share those pictures and I share those those times when we're over there, I'm always hopeful that people are never interpreted it as like, look what, look what I'm doing. I'm always sharing it. Like, oh, look at this. It's so amazing.

Like, I can't believe I get to do that, but I just want to share with people because I, I just, I want people to know. You know, if they're thinking about making the move down here, you can do it and don't wait and you can come down here. And I promise you'll be like Amanda and I and Lou, and wish you would've done it sooner.

And you can have, you will all live to be 150 going to Disney every day.

Lou Mongello: Absolutely. And I will link to all of your stuff on the social. We will have to do this again. Maybe we'll do a live dining review somewhere where we actually put into practice. Some of our eating healthy at Walt Disney world tactics.

And by us, I mean, the two of you can do that while I eat my chicken. Sugo rigatoni at

Julie Voris: Kate, we could have tried to let chase cake it's so good.

Lou Mongello: Al fresco during the festival is, is so good. All right, now that you take us out ladies with what is your indulgence, right? We've taught it all the healthy stuff to do, but if you could go to wa like, what is that thing that you just need to sometimes indulge in, in Walt Disney?

Amanda Bauner: Mine's just a plain Dole whip swirl with vanilla ice cream. Can't go wrong with that. Classic.

Julie Voris: I would say that too. Um, because, because I'm vegan because I'm gluten free. The Dole is like, nah. And now that they have flavors and there's even a place in Disney Springs where you can get off flights of different flavors.

Yes. Okay. Let's go. I love that [01:06:00]

Lou Mongello: because it has pineapple it by definition makes it

Julie Voris: healthy. It's healthy. Yes, that's correct. Yes.