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WDW Radio # 679 – Three Bridges Live Review: Is This The Best Lounge In Walt Disney World?

Come with me to Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Villa del Lago at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort for a live dining review of a resort lounge with an extensive, surprising, and eclectic menu that makes Three Bridges a true dining destination.

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Thanks to:
– Lisa DiNoto Glassner from The Castle Run and Core Memory Candles@TheCastleRunner
– Jason Canapp from Here With The Magic and After Hours Live
– Kenneth Johnson… and his cat
Marion Mongello
– Nicolas Mongello
for joining me this week!

Have you ever been to Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Villa del Lago at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort? What did you think? Where do you think it ranks among Walt Disney World lounges? After listening, is it now on your list of places to visit?

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Lou Mongello: [00:00:00] When we talk about dining experiences, it's not just what you eat, but oftentimes where you eat it. And Walt Disney world, not just have some of the best dining locations in terms of the variety and the quality of the cuisine, but where you are able to enjoy it as well. And tonight. Everything lined up just right, because they're sitting outside at arguably one of there's a top 10 in here, somewhere, the top 10 restaurant views and Walt Disney world.

We are sitting literally over-water at Lago Dorado at Disney's Cornado Springs resorts at a place that I have never had a full meal before I was here when it opened. And I've never been here before we are at the three bridges. I almost don't even want to call it a lounge because as you'll hear the menu is so big and so extensive, and I have a feeling so delicious that this may just be.

A destination dining experience, but that's why we do it live. And because the menu is so break, I brought in friends and I brought in extra backups so we could justify ordering more. Joining me once again, I will always believe in ladies. First is Lisa DiNardo. Gosper from the castle run and core memory candles.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: I am so hungry and so excited for this meal.

Lou Mongello: And coming back, it's been a long time since Jason cannot from here with. And oh my God, all that. It's like you have some of the things that's here with the magic and you've got the late night show. Welcome back. Thank

Jason Canapp: you for having me back to my fairy. What's one of my favorite restaurants in all of Walt Disney world.

And I'm so excited to it.

Lou Mongello: When I suggested this, I was like, oh, let's go over to Cornado. Should we go here? Or Dolly launch? We actually went to both. You're like, those are two of my top three. I'll be curious to hear later on what fills in the trifecta and with no website to speak of, once again, still, we're going to come up with one just for you.

So we have a place to send people. Is Kenneth Johnson?

Kenneth Johnson: Well, I can't believe I'm [00:02:00] here for many reasons, especially the last appearance, but Lou I'm honored and thank you so much for inviting me tonight. Really excited about this menu. I've actually never been here before. Uh, actually, well, I should, I've been here, but never dined here.

So really excited

Lou Mongello: and back on the show once again, and I'm not kidding that I was last, I looked at the menu. I'm like there's too many. For, for people to order on their own. Joining me once again is my daughter Marriott and my son, Nicholas kids. Welcome back.

Marion Mongello: Hello.

Lou Mongello: Hi. And you guys have literally never even, you've never been to Cornado since the tower has opened.

So all of this is brand new for you.

Marion Mongello: Yes. It's brand new and it's a very pretty, I'm very, I love like the whole aesthetic vibe of everything and I'm more excited for the food.

Lou Mongello: I was gonna say, when you walked in what we were sort of just very quick thoughts about the tower and then there's no really other restaurant like this in Walt as well.

The sort of over-water open air outdoor lounge that has a number of tables by the water or there's fireplaces. There's a bar to sit in as well. I think this is an we'll all sort of talk about this. One of the coolest places to sit.

Marion Mongello: Yeah. And even as I was walking around, it kind of reminded me. It's like a little like community here.

It's, it's so huge. And there's so many different places you can eat. There's certain places you can even like all the little lounges are just cute little, you know, please, you can sit around. So at Ryan we had like a little like community or like a campus, which I thought was really

Lou Mongello: interesting. Well, it is sort of, there's a village around the lake.

So you build a Lago is where these, uh, you know, the Casita's around the lake thought to very quickly on sort of the aesthetic, the vibe of Cornado as a whole. And then certainly here at three

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: bridges. So I think like we were saying before, um, we started recording, you know, we sort of used to write off Coronado because we associated it with conventions.

And while it was a very nice resort with good options, it wasn't really a destination in and of itself. And it's definitely a destination now. And I think we all agree that like grandma's Destino is. Far and away one of the [00:04:00] most beautiful properties now. And I love the, I mean, I love the setting here and I guess like, you know, nomad lounge, Geyser point, that's sort of where my head goes when I'm someplace like this, but I think you get the best of both worlds here.

Cause you get the gorgeous view, but then you get a menu that's as extensive, I think, as any restaurant.

Lou Mongello: And I S and I love sort of the theming, which is very subtle out here in this idea of this sort of a little bit of adventure and nostalgia and the search for the seven cities of

Kenneth Johnson: goal. Uh, yeah. You know, you might even say that it evokes a bygone era in which intersecting travelers shared epic tales over food and drink loop.

Lou Mongello: Good. Gone to you are so eloquent. Somebody should take that and put that on a webpage somewhere. I'll

Jason Canapp: just say this. When I was choosing a place to stay for our honeymoon honeymoon for our anniversary for our 25th anniversary. We stayed here. Say no more. This is one of the most beautiful resorts on property.

It's super romantic. It's got great places to eat. We've talked about the lounges and I think it's absolutely worth looking at it. People think of this as a convention hotel, you need to, you need to reconsider that.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. There is a resort report coming for here because it did the, the building of the Dustino tower changed the entire sort of approach.

I think to this resort as a hotel, it no longer was the quote unquote convention hotel. It has some of the, well, obviously some of the best dining options, you're going to find out where, and the tower itself is beautiful and the rooms are spectacular and evens or the upgraded rooms, which over the last several years have happened through all of the Casita's.

It is a big, it is a sprawling resort, but this, this sort of area right around the lake here is absolutely gorgeous.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: And I think an interesting thing to point out that I don't think about that often. It. You know what Riviera obviously is to Caribbean beach, um, grand Destino is to Coronado, but I think a big difference here that we might not think about that often is that there's one entry here.

So when you're coming into this resort as a whole, you're entering at grand Destino, and that kind of [00:06:00] sets the stage now, as opposed to revering Caribbean beach, where you've got two different entries. And so you're still sort of entering Caribbean beach or entering Riviera. So when you come here, it's very grand from the get-go.

Yeah. It

Lou Mongello: reminds me sort of, almost like an outliney feel when you walk into sort of, um, that, that sort of, as opposed to something like Riviera, which is very small and I think romantically, wonderfully, so this is much more grand metropolis with that, you know, multi-story atrium, but we'll get to that.

When we get to the resort report, my daughter's giving me the let's go dad, moving along. I'm really, really hungry. Well that's okay. Marianne. Cause you're in the right place because I came to three bridges, not just for the views, not just for these incredibly comfy sort of has a. Uh, Geyser point type feel in terms of sitting outside.

And if you get a beautiful night like this, but it was the menu here that really attracted me to this, and I've never had a full meal here. I just sort of came by when they first opened, but the menu is extensive. I did a very quick count. There's about 22 to 25 or so different starters salads, and full-blown entrees.

And that's why I said, this is almost more of a restaurant than it is a loud. It really is a restaurant.

Jason Canapp: It should be speaking to their restaurant, but it's, but you can not make an 80. You can't make a reservation here. It's a walk up on. Um, but you can get on the walk up via the app if you're on property.

So it's, but it's, it's, I mean, of all the lounges, it's got the most extensive menu of any lounge of property,

Lou Mongello: for sure. And it's only open for dinner. Um, the restaurant doesn't open until four 30,

Kenneth Johnson: so it's open the late it's open till midnight. So after the barks, this is probably the place you want to be late night.


Lou Mongello: there's not a lot of those. Like I'm a late look. This is a body built on late night. Snacking. I love to eat like something like this after coming back. Even if the kids want to go, go to sleep in the room, coming down here, having a beverage and you know, [00:08:00] there's, and there's a lot of snacks. And again, it's part of the reason why we brought a little bit of extra backup tonight and it's divided into spreadable dippable shareable salads.

We'll make quick work of that. A number of entrees. Desserts. And then there's a completely separate kid's menu that we'll touch on too, including kids appetite or appetizers and create your own entries and selections. The problem that we're going to have tonight is because there is so much, like we sort of did a little, um, a little pre-game recon of the menu and we're like, what do we cut out?

Like, what do we cut out of the menu quickly through the spreadable? Typical shearwalls, there's hot housemaid guacamole with tortilla chips and tahini, which is plant-based the warm manchego cheese and HACA cheese dip. Yes. With Theresa roasted peppers and tortilla chips. The guac came in at 12. This comes in at 14 roasted corn dip with smoke to Jason's making the yummy sound.

And the you've had this

Jason Canapp: before. So good. I think I made up now. Corn dip actually.

Lou Mongello: There's the, um, okay, so there's the manchego cheese. There's the roasted corn dip dip, the pan con tomato with toasted bread, crushed tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. Also a plant basis, $10, the Curry hummus. You've all. Again, you're making the yummy face. It's the best

Jason Canapp: hummus I've ever had. And trust me, I know my hummus.

This is, this is so

Lou Mongello: good. You're going to love it. I'm looking at my daughter cause we eat a lot of hummus at our house and my daughter and son both love hummus with a lot of different things. And they're Schezwan peppercorn wings with toasted Sesame seeds coming in at 1450, like

Kenneth Johnson: in the interest of diversity and inclusion.

I just, I think it would be wrong to exclude anything that we've [00:10:00] heard.

Lou Mongello: Like I was almost going to exclude the guacamole because I believe not just because you're sitting here that my daughter makes the best guacamole, but do we get all like, do we get all of them, Nicholas? This is that excessive.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: It seems unfair to the guacamole.

I mean, how sad to be the only one that's not ordered?

Lou Mongello: My son's going tap. That's a lot of food I need to go to college.

Jason Canapp: I think it's also important to point out that there are three items on this, on the appetizer menu that are plant-based also, so it's a really good, it's a really good spot for people who are looking for a plant based on

Marion Mongello: yes, they're on the channel and on the kid's menu, they put plant-based options as well,

Lou Mongello: which is nice because rather than having to ask specifically, as you had in the past, like, can they make it plant-based Disney has done this a lot in terms of not just plant-based vegetarian, but vegan items as well.

A lot of allergy friendly items will come back. There's. Uh, there's six different salads. There is a village to log Lago salad with roasted red peppers, romaine rugal warm Yukon, potatoes, beans, and Sherry vinegarette. There's one with grilled chicken, one with grilled shrimp, a smoked fed a Greek salad, which is always delicious.

Also with grilled chicken or with grilled shrimp. I think I, I'm going to just speak for everyone. We're going to, we're going to bypass the salads in their entirety. And here's where I think this really shines. There are braised pork tacos, crispy Sloss. Some they co-teach. I'm not sure if you can hear Kenneth in the background and marinaded fruit at $16, coconut Curry chicken with basmati rice.

And you've had that complete I've

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: had that. I got that the last time I was here and it was unreal, like

Lou Mongello: steak freaks with char-grilled surlyn, which smoked paprika fries. And chimichurri our server came over before we were looking at, he said, The three bridges, signature burger may be the best burger on property.

Jason Canapp: It's hard. It's [00:12:00] hard. I would really need to have this like up against the bison burger from Geyser point, but it's really good.

Kenneth Johnson: That is a tall claim.

Lou Mongello: Crispy potato manchego, cheese roasted garlic lemon aioli, a rugala tomato service smoke looking for fries. There's a polka bowl with, or without salmon or ginger shrimp and her Risa lamb chops.

Like you would not expect to have you had those two and

Jason Canapp: everything I've ever anything except the salads haven't had the sale. So I'm disappointed. We're not going


Lou Mongello: I'm just kidding. All right. So very quickly, Marion, Nicholas, what on the entree menu jumped out at you first? Like if you had to order for yourself, what would be the one thing that you think you would order for yourself?

Nicolas Mongello: So the thing that jumped out to me at first was definitely the three bridges signature burger, like. It just like the crispy potato, the manchego cheese, low, little bit of garlic lemon aioli and the paprika fries. All of that combined just sounds like a really good burger,

Lou Mongello: like on paper. That sounds like a really good burger.

Marion Mongello: I love a Pokemon moment. So the pokey bowls, they all look really good, but the ginger shrimp one sounds especially except my girl right

Nicolas Mongello: there.

Kenneth Johnson: I'll have to say the impossible meat balls on the kid's menu. That's what really jumped out.

Marion Mongello: Genuine thing. I prefer impossible meat to regular like me. I, I do think that's a

Kenneth Johnson: genuine thing.

All right. We agreed on the cheese, but no, seriously though. I was looking at the Harrison lamb chop. That's what got my that's what caught my attention. Yeah.

Jason Canapp: I mean, everything's great. But the pokey bowls, the pokey bowls are really, really good then. It's here terribly big there, but they're filling and they're fairly fresh on any of them.

There's one that's plant-based so it doesn't have any, uh, protein in it. There's um, there's the shrimp one and then there's a salmon when it's, well, we've really all good.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: I mean, we [00:14:00] all have a good poker table. The last time I was here, I had that coconut Curry chicken and it was like, so good. It's

Jason Canapp: it's weird.

You wouldn't expect that here. Um, and it was in addition to the menu about six months after this reopened and, and it was, I tried it out of curiosity and it was just, it's amazing.

Lou Mongello: I am just incredibly impressed at just what an extensive and diverse menu there is burgers and pokey and lamb and tacos and Curry chicken, like it's wonderfully all over the place, which is sort of in keeping with this theme of exploration and adventure that this resort, the menu sort of reflects the overall theme of, of the resort.

I think you get all of the appetizers, maybe accept the guacamole, uh, or do we get the,

Marion Mongello: everybody

Lou Mongello: wanted the guac. Okay. All right. So we get, all right. And then what are we doing in terms of Andres? I think we have to get tacos, Curry, chicken, steak, freaks burger, and a polka bowl with ginger shrimp and oh, and the lamb chops and where guests are getting lamb chops.

I'm just looking, I'm looking around to make sure that there's other tables that want to maybe come over and help us with all this, uh, basically everything except we're, we're just choosing one of the three pole cables. Is that

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: a couple of apps? I think, do we need the. The Panchen to Matt? No, we don't need that.

Lou Mongello: That's more like we don't need bruschetta and

Marion Mongello: not the guac. If you have to

Lou Mongello: eliminate the, yeah, we, we, we come back. We'll come back. We'll come back from the walk. Okay. I think

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: I feel better cause we're eliminating too. So it's not like we're singling out the glaucoma, Guinea, all

Marion Mongello: the

Lou Mongello: desserts. We are getting old.

We might as well touch on it now because by the way, I'm not a sweets guy, but there are warm churros [00:16:00] with split sugar and chocolate sauce translate cheese, which is delicious. And something called a seasonal fruit sorbet, which is also plant-based it's plant-based

Marion Mongello: so that means it like changes. We have to ask what

Lou Mongello: is,

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: and it's worth mentioning that there's just like an extensive allergy friendly version of pretty much everything on the menu.

If you scroll down. So if you're you have food sensitivities, um, it seems like it would be a good place to come.

Lou Mongello: Oh, right. They do have separate allergy friendly, spreadable salads, entrees and desserts. And it looks like there's everything on the regular menu, but allergy friendly American, you did mention, I think it bears mentioning the kids' menu because there are kids, appetizers hummus with naan bread and carrot sticks, a romaine cup.

And then there's a create your own entree, a hamburger tacos or impossible meatballs. And then there's kernel corn Mac and cheese and seasonal fruit cups. And then a few of you got some of the, um, non-alcoholic beverages, correct? What'd you get married?

Marion Mongello: I got the, I want to call it Berry mint smell. Thing.

It's actually really good. It has like soda water, it's

Lou Mongello: strawberry breath, Blackberry, lime mint, and soda water at 5 49. I got the prickly pear. Luminato just iced tea, lemonade, prickly, pear, and lemon.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: Yeah, I guess I've had that before. And it's really good. I got the Berry smash again this time and it's very like fresh.

It's just soda, water with berries and mint. So it's not sugary at all.

Lou Mongello: This is nice. I'm excited. And I'm finished. And look, the sun has just gone down. The lights are up reflecting on the water. Like tell me, this is not like, this is the way to spend the night.

Kenneth Johnson: It is. It really is. And you know, that's another thing this has in common with, uh, the other lamps with wilderness lodge is guys are point on the water.

You get this nice breeze coming off the water. And you know, here in Orlando, it's often very warm and humid. So this really makes it a very

Lou Mongello: [00:18:00] comfortable. And we, um, it obviously is our lucky night tonight because in addition to being here on this beautiful night, we also have Manny from who, from what I understand is one of the top rated servers and friendliest people that you'll find here at three bridges.

So we're excited. We're excited to have you

Manny, you're going to need an extra pen and more paper. Um,

all right. We're going to go, go with the manchego cheese and Wahaca cheese dip. Right. We're getting a woo.

Nicolas Mongello: Is that

Lou Mongello: cheese comes on the burger too, so nice. We're going to do roasted corn dip, coordinate Curry hummus.

Absolutely. Peppercorn wings are amazing. And we're actually getting on trays to entrees. We'll have the tacos please. Tacos tacos, the Curry chicken Curry chicken, the steak freaks. And how would you like that cooked medium. Medium, please. You, you spoke very highly about the three bridges signature burger.

Like it's a must get it's a must get. Absolutely. So what happens is the manchego cheese? It seeps into the Patty and then it just makes the burger 10 times jucier oh, fuck. All right. We'll have one of those please. And also another, um, how would you like that cooked medium, medium, medium, rare, medium, or medium rare.

Um, we'll do the polka bowl with the ginger shrimp please. And Kenneth, one more thing actually, um, with the notice of salmon on there, but it's actually an AHI tuna instead of.

We want, we want [00:20:00] ginger shrimp. We're AHI. Tuna.

We'll try it. We'll try shrimp. Okay. And, uh, Kenneth demanded the lamb chops, the land shots. All right. And another question for that one. How would you like that? Cooked medium rare. All right. Is that enough? Is that enough for the six of us to absolutely. That's more than enough. That's more than enough. My friends I'll go ahead and fire that up and I'll be right back.

Okay. Thank you. His face was like, are you people kidding me? So

Kenneth Johnson: I'm curious about this manchego cheese Wahaca dip. Why is it called Wahaca? Is it like got, is it from the region of Mexican? Well, where are we get? Are all the moly sauces and all of that happen? I don't know why you're looking at me

Lou Mongello: or you been here before, but

Jason Canapp: I didn't take like a history lesson.

Kenneth Johnson: No, but I mean, you've had the Dick, right. It's delicious. Okay. What's it like? It's delicious. All right. Delicious.

Lou Mongello: It's like history in your mouth. It's like history in your mouth. Well, there you go. And this is why we record these lines. Cause that's the only way you're going to get history in your mouth.

So we just devoured our way through our multiple spreadable dippable and shareable appetizers. Let's sort of take them one by one shareable. Yeah. Sharewell it's a relative term. When it comes to us, the first one we had was the war manchego cheese and will haka cheese dip with Theresa roasted peppers and tortilla chips.

You get maybe. Five inches or so in diameter, uh, sort of shallow bowl of cheese dip and then, uh, a larger bowl of very well. I love my tortilla chips, very salty, uh, thoughts on the manchego, cheese and Wahaca dip. I mean,

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: there, there are no losers here. It's, there's [00:22:00] no artichoke listed on the description, but I can definitely taste artichoke in it.

It has that like Hardy, earthy, artichoke taste. Everything was great. It's probably, and this is unfair. It's probably like my least favorite of the list. It's delicious, but like, it probably stood out the least to me.

Lou Mongello: Anybody else? Thoughts? It's it's great. But I think in comparison to the other stuff we're going to talk about, it's why

Nicolas Mongello: I is a really good cheese debt, but the other stuff is just better,

Lou Mongello: right?

Because when you put it next to the roasted corn dept with that smoke tip tomato, The Parmesan, the tahini and the plant-based tortilla. I have never had anything like that. I thought that roasted corn dip, if they would have come out, like in a large like cereal bowl style, that's the way I would've liked to have eaten.

Do you have some on

Kenneth Johnson: your nose by the way?

Lou Mongello: I'm perfectly fine with that. It was

Kenneth Johnson: really, really delicious.

Marion Mongello: Yeah. No, I love that one too. That was my that's my second favorite.

Jason Canapp: Th this used to be my favorite appetizer after the corn fritters went away. This was my second favorite advertiser. It's still amazing.

But then there's the other

Lou Mongello: thing. Well, there's two more. So I'm going to go out of order on the menu, the Szechuan peppercorn wings with toasted Sesame seeds, there was probably eight or so wings in there, and some of those wings were like from giant dinosaur bird, like chickens. Like they were huge drumsticks.

I love me a good wing. These were what I liked about these. There were almost like a baked roasted, like they're not heavily fried and there's just a little bit of heat in the sauce. It is not a first state food because you'd be looking at your fingers all night. But I thought those were really, really good.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: Yeah. If you can't eat that on a first date, then he's not a keeper that was delicious. And it came with these sliced pickles that were really good. It was, that was [00:24:00] awesome. Like I only had one thing I might've liked more and we haven't talked about it yet. And I think we all agree.

Kenneth Johnson: What could you like more?

I can't wait to, oh, I know. Okay. Yeah,

Marion Mongello: no, I really liked, I didn't, I don't like spicy, but I did have a pickle and the pickles were really good. And I'm a pickle

Lou Mongello: Nicolas. You and I, we go out for wings, a lot of different places in the area.

Nicolas Mongello: I really liked those winks as I have that little bit of subtle session, one flavor. Well, also not like overpowering it and it's not too spicy. It has a little bit of like a hint of a cake and it has a perfect amount of sweetness and all those combined just make for a really, really great wing.

Lou Mongello: And there's a clear way.

Like there's a clear favorite, and it's almost one that I think sometimes people might overlook because you're like, well, I can get this anywhere. I can get it at the grocery store. I can get it as an appetizer in most places, but this Curry hummus with the TKI and the HERSA and the non red. And it was absolutely that.

And then, and then a lot of people, they see the word Curry and they back off it is remarkably good. Right?

Jason Canapp: I did not. I told you, I said I would come here for the hummus alone. It's the best hummus I've ever had. It's that good?

Kenneth Johnson: It is really amazing. It's got sort of a, a greenish yellow color because of the Curry and there's so much mixed in the middle Lewis licking his fingers right now.

It is just it's work. Licking the bowl.

Lou Mongello: Don't tempt me. Don't tempt me cause I just stuck my finger in it. Yeah,

Marion Mongello: no, that was by far my favorite. And like they had these little, they almost tastes like those Japanese rice crackers that have like a kind of sweet coating on the outside. Um, it comes with that and I think like non, it was re like the little sweet crackers though, were incredible with it

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: experience the sweet crackers.

They were gone before.

Lou Mongello: And I love that. Like, like almost like [00:26:00] borderline burnt naan bread. Oh. Like I would literally make a tea. I would put on pants for this. That's how good that is. And it's

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: not spicy. Sometimes Curry dishes are spicy and that's fine too, but this is not spicy. It's so good. And it's such an unexpected flavor combination, but it works really well.

Kenneth Johnson: Yeah. Something you might see at tsunami maybe.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. That's what I mean. There's like, there's a wonderfully exotic, but not in a scary way. Like flavor to all of these different. That is insane. You almost undersold. Just how insanely good. Wait, give me one more second. Let me stick my finger one more time.

Oh my God. It's really good. I like it though. It's a clear like, oh gosh, that Curry is so good. This was your favorite hummus by far hummus. I think hummus wings and then the corn, but in the corner would be my top three. How much wings and corn.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: Yeah. Agree in that order.

Kenneth Johnson: Hummus

Lou Mongello: and agreement. Yeah. By far.

Yeah. That's um, that's uh, and that's a nice, that's a really nice surprise. Cause I was like, all right. Curry hummus. It's almost undersold. Just how good that really is. I'm really

Jason Canapp: proud of my hummus now. I really, I feel sick and the corn abuse would be my favorite. And when I was here last week, I felt so bad because I forgot about the corn dip.

I, I was like, so into the hummus and the

Lou Mongello: corner sitting over there, you can have more, cause I haven't stuck my finger in the corn dip just yet.

Yeah. Like I would come even just for the appetizers right now. I think that a lot. So we just had, all of our entree is laid out on the table. First impressions, not what I was expecting at all. Like the, um, the presentation, especially things like the lamb chops and the tacos and that [00:28:00] it's beautiful and it's plentiful.

And if my kids eat one more of those French fries were Risa. They're so good. Like this is really impressed. Pep

Nicolas Mongello: regard on them. And they're so addicting.

Marion Mongello: They may be one of the best fries ever. They're like

Nicolas Mongello: really good, the perfect thickness. And they have a crispy Inez. It might just be because I'm really hungry,

Lou Mongello: but I'm going to just, I appreciate all of those comments, but get your hands off the fries, because we need to sort of pace ourselves just very quickly impressions on just like presentation.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: It's all so beautifully prepared. Like it's one of the most stunning spreads I've ever seen at a Disney restaurant. Like we ordered a lot, but it speaks to like how much variety there is too, because it's like, everything is,

Jason Canapp: and it's, it's plentiful. There's there. The portion sizes are really large as well.

Kenneth Johnson: I'm really excited about this lamb. The waiter said it's like a deconstructed Euro and it is, he was right. It's a side Tiki and it's beautiful. The way that the chops are really small, delicate, little looking things, but Molly, a little lamb. It looks delicious.

Lou Mongello: All right. Let's let's um, let's figure out how to dig in.

I, I, I don't even know where to begin. So we're going to begin at the beginning, we talked about the presentation. Let's sort of step through these one by one in no order of preference, I'm just going to go down the menu. In order, we start off with the braised pork tacos. There's three tacos with the crispy slaw, the salsa Verde, the Katia Katia cheese, and the marinaded fruit on top.

I could just eat a bowl of that cheese all by itself. I thought those were delicious and maybe there's a top 10 tacos. This would have to be part of the conversation

Kenneth Johnson: is the [00:30:00] perfect pork taco. If I were, I said this, when I tasted it, if I were designing a taco, this is what I would do. Roast smoked pork, the sweet vinegar sauce, that manchego cheese with a slice of jalapeno and the pickled onions, make it.

Lou Mongello: You are staring at these tacos, like love with love in your eyes. And I well good because Jason just took what little little was left of that.

Kenneth Johnson: So good. It's just really, I, you know, I'm going to surprise you guys. I was really excited about the lamb and I love that, but I think the taco stood out to me.

That was my favorite thing. Taco thoughts.

Nicolas Mongello: I think that the pork was like perfectly cooked and the corn tortilla went really well with the cheese and all the different veggies that were on there. So overall it was just a really well balanced, like delicious taco. Yeah.

Marion Mongello: The miss Mingo. Wow. A little like diamond in

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: the rough.

And it's something of me it's like, man, it says marinated fruit, which I had thought initially it was on it. I didn't realize it's what's sitting on the side.

Marion Mongello: Wow. That's like a little treasure, right? Like it was staring right in front of me. I D I, I'm not a huge like carnivores. So the tacos, they were really, really good.

Not my absolute. The manga, like I would get it just for the mango. The sides are what's pulling through.

Lou Mongello: I love how, like the pulled pork is so like moist and there's like a sweetness to it, like balanced so well, and you get three of them with the side and at $16.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: Yeah. I mean, it's, they're so light and I'm going to be saying this again and again, cause a lot of the dishes, even though they sounded heavy on the menu are actually very light.

This is a great late night, late night meal. Um, and yeah, the pork is very light and then the fruit is I would like to put a bite of the fruit in my mouth with a bite of the taco now, because I didn't experience that. But I think that would have leveled. Why don't

Lou Mongello: you do it? Cause there's one bite of fruit and one by the taco left and then we can sort of [00:32:00] put the money where the mouth is.


Jason Canapp: thing that I like the most. Well, I, the pokey bowl is always my go-to here, but the burger, that little piece of burger that. That's gone. There's no burger left. There's no, you can't tell that there was ever a burger here. That's amazing. Net burger was amazing.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: I would like to confirm that putting a mango in your mouth and then also taking a bite of the pork taco in your mouth is the play.

That was really good.

Lou Mongello: So it's funny because as we were ordering, I think we all probably had ones that we thought were going to be our favorites and then like, oh, we should just try the, I'm going to spoiler alert right here. Next on the list is the coconut Curry chicken with basmati rice, the marinated chickpeas and cashews.

That may be, I mean, it is my favorite thing that I've eaten here foreign away. If we were to do a top 10 entrees and Walt Disney world, this is part of the conversation.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: Yeah, I was so excited. I actually had this the last time that I was here and loved it. I always get the Curry around properties. So like rose and crown, I always get the Curry.

And then, so now we talked about, but I think. For me, I think this is at the top of the list for like an Indian option on property

Lou Mongello: and the chicken, just like, I'm just, it falls apart. Like just with your fork.

Kenneth Johnson: It's not overcooked though. It's not dry or it's really, really

Marion Mongello: nice. This very nice little bread option.

I will say it's spicy. So it's not my favorite thing, but this bread that's there. If you get it with, if you also ordered like the lamb and you put the on the bread, it's like a combo.

Lou Mongello: I love the fact that there's a there's it's not afraid to be a little bit spicy. You have to love Curry and you have to love spice.

But I think the flavor profile is outstanding. Yeah. I would say

Kenneth Johnson: as this is sort of a chicken tikka masala, and if you like Indian food spicy, this [00:34:00] is not spicy at all. Um, but if you are sensitive to heat, This is probably going to wake you up.

Jason Canapp: And the chicken is like it's, uh, it's, it's been cooked like 10 Dory style.

So it just, just sorta falls apart. I would also say if you aren't a meat eater, you could probably ask for just like a bowl of rice and the sauce and the bread and, and have headache. Is that good? I mean, loose shake is that, it's that

Lou Mongello: good? And there's a huge portion. It's a

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: huge portion. It's a nice, like tear off of the flatbread that comes with it.

I think it might be more of like, if you're an Indian food fan, it's maybe a little bit more like of a butter chicken than a, than a tikka masala, because it doesn't have that sort of heavy tomato base that a tikka masala has. Um, and all of them there, there are a few dishes here that did have a little bit of heat, but it's, it's like really, really well done heat.

It doesn't creep up on you. It doesn't overtake. Like if you don't like spice whatsoever. It might not be your favorite thing, but like, I can't do super spicy food and this is absolutely fine for me. And also if you're at a restaurant in Disney and there's a dish like this that has extra heat, you can always ask for a little extra yogurt to eat with it and that'll cut the heat as well.

Lou Mongello: Well, and what's nice is to see as we go through, if you like heat, it's here, but you, but you should not dismiss three bridges because you're like, oh, well it's all spicy food. And it's all very exotic. So for example, next is the steak freaks. Um, with obviously the, the fries never stint stood a chance. I am, I am a French fry guy.

Like that is my, like if I could only have one food on a desert island, it would be French fries, but the steak itself was delicious. This too had that, um, chimichurri sauce. And again, there was definitely some heat sort of, there was a tingle, I sort of felt on my. In a, in a wonderful way from the chimney tracers, you did not mind.

You didn't have any, Nicholas you'd have some,

Nicolas Mongello: yeah, the steak, it had [00:36:00] a really good, the chimichurri sauce on it. And I, when I first took a bite, I was like, oh, this is pretty good. And then I got a massive glob of it and my mouth was like on fire. But like, if you get a little bit of it with like that little bit of steak, like it's perfect.

Just don't get too much.

Marion Mongello: No, I, I, you know, I'm not a huge corner board, but I did just, you know, I had to try everything. Um, the steak was really well cooked. It was really, really yummy, but the fries, these fries are just, they were incredible. They went away very quickly, but like props to the fries.

Kenneth Johnson: I don't know.

Does the menu describe that as skirt steak? That's what it looks like. Are,

Lou Mongello: I dunno, I'm still, while you guys are talking, I'm still eating more of the coconut. Yeah.

Kenneth Johnson: Okay. So it's a sirloin, but it sort of the way it looks, it looks like a skirt steak. It's very thick. Um, and it's got the consistency of a skirt steak.

It doesn't taste like serve on at all. Actually it's not as tough as sirloin would be, but the thing that impressed me about it was despite how thin it is, they managed to get it medium rare, and they did a really good job with it. It looked, it looked to me like it was made with some care and it, and it tasted great.

Jason Canapp: And I, and I didn't find, I mean, I think that's the other thing to know is the spice range here is pretty broad. And I didn't find that chimichurri sauce that spicy, but I think you have to kind of gauge it and you've probably asked for it off the steak, like on the size. But I would do, if you're worried about it being too spicy, this stuff, it was delicious.

Very delicious

Lou Mongello: Canada. Why are you playing with that last piece? Just eat it, man. Just don't play with your food.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: So I will say it's delicious. And this I, the smoked paprika on fries is something that I'm starting to do in my house tomorrow. Cause I love smoked paprika, but I, for whatever reason, I've never put it

Lou Mongello: on. My kids were going to at least as for French fries

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: tomorrow. Um, [00:38:00] it's not my, it's not my favorite steak freedom property.

It's wonderful. Where is wine bar? George? I think wine bar George's steak free is some of the best it's it's that's in my top five meals on property. This is phenomenal. Not everything is going to be my first choice. It's it's a great, I mean, this is where you are. It's a great meal. It's not, I don't think it's the best steak freedom property, but it's very good.

Kenneth Johnson: One more. George is a little different experience. It's uh, it's more elegant food and a casual atmosphere. This food is a little more casual. I think that wine bar

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: George Harrison, but if I was going for like the best of something on private. Yeah.

Lou Mongello: And remember like we're at a lounge like this isn't even a quote unquote restaurant.

It is.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: I'm trying to say something that's not, oh my God. Everything is so amazing. It's

Lou Mongello: delicious. It's just,

okay. So, so going in, uh, our server told us, and I think Jason, you said too, that the three bridges signature burger with the crispy potato manchego cheese, the roasted garlic lemonade, only the ruble, et cetera, was one is, is in the conversation for one of the

Jason Canapp: barracks. I think it's the top two in the top two burgers on property.

Lou Mongello: Y so what is it? Cause we were just, we were talking sort of offline. If you go to steakhouse 71, you're gonna get something a little more like a Smashburger. If you go to someplace like, um, Geyser point, you're gonna get some, a little bit thicker kind of bison burger. What is it about this burger? Whether it's the consistency of the meat.

I it's

Jason Canapp: approachable to me. It's sort of just comforting. It's the button is soft that I love the way the meats cook here. I actually like it a little more. Smashable like that. And everything's just balanced nicely with the sauces and the, and the cheese. The cheese is really amazing. I thought it, I don't know.

I think I might like it a little more than guys are points burger. At least he's looking at me with this.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: No, I can. I mean, I can objectively appreciate it. I prefer a burger. [00:40:00] That's a little bit more of like a Hardy burger, like the bison burger at Geyser point. I don't love the one at steakhouse 71, just because it's almost too rich for me.

And it almost, it tastes a little bit more like a cheese steak than a burger. To me. This is delicious, but it's sort of, it's almost too rich for me for a burger.

Kenneth Johnson: This I'm going to be the devil's advocate. This is not my favorite burger. Uh, I thought the, the meat was very high quality and it was very juicy.

But it had fancy cheese and a rugal on it, and it was served on a brioche and it's just, it's not really my sort of burger, but like nice. But if you like, well, if you like, if you like fruit, fruit burgers, this is a good one, but I'd rather just have a straightforward Bereans burger. Is that what you're saying?

It's a macho thing, but I

Jason Canapp: think it's no, but I think

Lou Mongello: I barely, I like the other

Jason Canapp: kind of burger and this is,

Lou Mongello: this is this delicious. I liked this burger. I don't know if I didn't put it in my mouth and go, this is in the conversation for top three, top five. There was nothing overly remarkable about now we split it six ways.

We only literally had a bite. We didn't dip it in that sort of, that sort of aioli, um, which was a nice sort of, but I was sort of judging the burger on the burger itself. It's fine. It's delicious. I don't know if I'm like, this is absolutely a top X.

Kenneth Johnson: If you're bored with burgers and you're looking for a new experience, this is your burger, I think.

But if you love burgers and you never get tired of them, don't order this

Jason Canapp: order, it order it

Lou Mongello: at somebody. God, I want to hear you listening. I need to hear, you need to sort of be the type of, would you stop eating my coconut cream guys can keep

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: talking about,

Lou Mongello: I'm going to put the Curry on the other side of the table.

Um, next alphabetically on the list is the poker table with the ginger shrimp. Again, I mean, it almost looks like we didn't even touch it. Like it's a huge [00:42:00] bowl of rice and shrimp. I know Nicholas Marin, you guys dove in pretty quickly thoughts on, and we, we are a pokey bowl family. Like we love poking.

Maybe once a week. Yeah. Easily.

Marion Mongello: Yeah. I'm an avid Pokay girl, but, um, I was really excited about this and it was, it lived up to the expectation. The shrimp was like, it tasted very fresh and had this really yummy sauce on it. There's this like grilled marinated pineapple in the bowl too, which was just really, really nice, especially with the shrimp and with the vegetables and the pickled red onions.

It was, it was really, really nice. And it's super filling. It's full of white rice with this. I don't know sauce of some sort on it. Um, yeah, I liked it a lot and it's so like pretty, I love like a little colorful bowl moment

Lou Mongello: and the sauce is a white sauce. It's a coconut milk lime sauce.

Marion Mongello: There's like three sauces on here.

There's an orange sauce, a white sauce. And one that's like in the rice.

Lou Mongello: Right. So there there's that Saracha aioli is a slasher only, and that coconut milk lime. So this sort of balanced.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: And it's also worth mentioning that it's a buzz Mati rise, which is kind of an aromatic, like Asian, African style rice.

That's not what you would get a polka bowl. You normally assume it's going to be like a sticky rice, which is more of a Japanese poker. Um, this is really good. It's, it's, it's different though. The pickled stuff that's in there is awesome. There's eight of my may, like Marian said, the grilled pineapple with the coconut milk is awesome and the shrimp were like nice and fresh.

Um, this is an easy go-to to like, I could see like leaving up cut late at night and rolling over here and getting this and it's nice and light. It's not heavy.

Lou Mongello: It's the lightest dish of everything would be,

Jason Canapp: this is usually my go-to is the, is the shrimp poke cable is it's just, it's it's mass to say it's light it's lightened flavor, but it is a massive portion size

Lou Mongello: and it's $15 without a protein it's 20 with either salmon.

He also said it was 200 tonight or the ginger shrimp. [00:44:00]

Nicolas Mongello: So other thing, his comment about the pokey ball, the shrimp are huge. The shrimp are ginormous. Aaron, look, when I first picked it up, I was going to be like this teeny tiny little thing and like a massive shrimp. So that was like the one thing I mainly took away from the puppy bowl.

Lou Mongello: And the last on the list was the one that Kenneth chose, which I'm not sure I would have ordered had Kenneth not been here because what I saw in my mind's eye was very different than what came out on the plate. And that's the original lamb chops, which you sort of mentioned sort of being the sort of lollipop style, small, delicate lamb chops with the Tuskegee sauce, the cucumber tomato salad on top of the naan bread aisle.

Kenneth, since this was your choice, I'll let you go first. As you continue to sort of pull what little meat is left off that bone,

Kenneth Johnson: I'm actually knowing the bone of the slam chop. It was that good. Yeah, I think, you know, the lamb chop itself was delicious and it, it is kind of a deconstructed Euro. It's on pita and it's got a nice orange sauce that I'm not sure exactly what it is, but in addition to the , it's a tangy orange sauce and it's just really, really delicious.

Um, you know, the one drawback is the, the lamb chops are on the bone. So if you want to eat it as a Euro, you know, up and bite kind of experience, you have to cut the meat off before you can do that. But it's really

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: delicious. Oh, crap. The whole thing around the bone and eat it off, like slight bone

Lou Mongello: out.

Yeah. Fred Flintstones, not a first

Kenneth Johnson: date thing,

Lou Mongello: but obviously if it's your first statement, Lisa, you just don't know what you're going to expect. So kids thoughts on the, on the Lam, did you guys eat.

Marion Mongello: I again, you [00:46:00] know, it was really, I tried it, it was really, really good. I'm not a huge meat person, but there is this like little veggie moment going around the outside, cucumber tomato, a sauce of some sort.

I really liked it. And the presentation was really beautiful with all the different colors, very fresh

Nicolas Mongello: building on that presentation. It was like a deconstructed Euro. And it was really pretty crazy because all of them were on their own piece of pita with a little bit of, to Ziki and all the vegetables.

Like I thought that was really nice. And then the lamb was surprisingly not as chewy as some other lamb, which I really, really enjoyed. And it combined with the pita and it's Ziggy and all the little things makes it like a lot better than I

Lou Mongello: expected Lam is that thing. And that if it's not cooked exactly right, your, your it's going to be ruined.

It can be. Yeah, it can be, it can be very tough and chewy too. I didn't find that at all. I was very impressed. And again, considering where we are for this outdoor outdoor lounge experience. And

Jason Canapp: this is one of those original items from them. This has been here since the place opened and it's, it's the go-to for a lot of people.

I know it's and it's perfect every time it's

Kenneth Johnson: perfect. Every time that's a good point. You bring up Lou about the game Yunus and most lamb. I didn't think about that cause I love lamb flavor, but if you are averse to lamb and you're afraid of it because of that, you don't have that at all. I mean, they, they really hide that.

Well, it's really

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: well prepared. Lamb is very hit or miss for me. Like I don't like a gamey lamb at all, and this is perfectly done. I'm trying to think, like, I can't even think of a, of a lamb dish on property that even begins to come up against this.

Jason Canapp: And the cherry tomatoes are delicious too. They're really good to keep that cucumber

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: was lovely with the little bit of sauce on it.


Lou Mongello: All right. So everyone, we come here, we get a bunch of appetizers. This is going to be our place for dinner. What is the entree that you choose?

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: I mean the coconut Curry chicken. Absolutely. Everything is really, really good, but like, that's just such good comfort food. I mean, I could see being in the mood for the polka or the tacos [00:48:00] or, but like the, I think this is that the chicken is probably the most special that that would be my go-to

Lou Mongello: ladies first Marian.

Marion Mongello: Um, mine would probably be the poker. I really am with a side of the fries because I love the fries.

Nicolas Mongello: I think that Curry chicken was like the standout of everything here.

Kenneth Johnson: You know, I think it would depend on my mood when I was choosing my starter. If I had the hummus, I would choose the lamb chops. And if I had the wings, I would either go with the taco or maybe that chicken.

I like,

Lou Mongello: I sort of mix them. Yeah.

Jason Canapp: I like, okay, good. My Mo, like I said, my unusual move is the pokey bowl. Um, the Curry chicken is the standout, I think, but I think. If you've been here, maybe one other time and try the burger the next time you come. Cause I, I actually think is worth trying. If you like

Lou Mongello: the burgers, Jason, Julie, he's really pushing hard for

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: that broken.

Yeah. I mean, somebody's got to show the burger some love. I would get the tacos, especially now that I've had the mango taco bite in your mouth together experience that I would highly recommend. It's

Lou Mongello: not a, it's

Jason Canapp: not a sausage like, so the pulled pork is not a saucy pulled pork at all. It's

Nicolas Mongello: it's a surprise

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: to me about it then.

It's not that it's a dry, not dry in a bad way, but it's not a, um, a

Kenneth Johnson: saucy. Yeah. I think it's only fair lid to remind your listeners some of Jason's historic choices like the India booth at food and wine. Yeah.

Jason Canapp: You don't judge a man by his worst day.

Kenneth Johnson: No, no, but Jason has redeemed himself tonight by recommending this place and everything he said about it is strictly.

Lou Mongello: So as I sit here looking over the carnage of what we left behind and how, when we were con this whole time, we were recording. Every time you guys were speaking, I was digging back into the car and there are still some left, which [00:50:00] I can't get away from it like it is, uh, it is, uh, an I love me. I thought the Pokay was going to be my go-to.

I think first foreign away is the Curry chicken. I think the tacos come in second, the steak, the lamb and the burger. And that does not, it's not taking anything away from the burger and Marian to your point. It's not just that the steak is. Those fries are like, I would order, I would literally ask if we can get like a basket of fries.

Kenneth Johnson: It's the fries.

Marion Mongello: Yeah, those are by far. My, that was my, I mean, we haven't gone to dessert yet, but those are mine.

Jason Canapp: I imagine, you know, they, those hummus fries, a spice road measure. If they use that hummus to make the hummus, right. Oh, that'd be so good.

Lou Mongello: So, and keep in mind, cause we're going to order dessert.

Obviously they wouldn't order everything that they have and then like, what's the perfect. If you came here by yourself, what does that perfect meal look like? I have my, I have my thoughts don't get full yet. So before we get to dessert, there's something that I wanted to, I just realized we literally ordered practically everything on the menu.

Yes. There are six of us. We ate a lot, but I don't, you know, you feel just gross and you just want to waddle your way back. I didn't feel that way at all, that there was nothing overly heavy about what we ate. So we decided to order all three desserts. The first were the churros with the, um, sugar and chocolate sauce.

I think they're, they're churros. I don't think there's anything necessarily remarkable about them. Um, right. Nothing sort of special about the churros per se.

Nicolas Mongello: There's like their basic trows like, that's really all you can really say

Jason Canapp: they're soft on the inside. They're crispy, outside, soft inside.

Marion Mongello: They're not like your average crispy.

It's not


Jason Canapp: Disneyland Turo or anything

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: like [00:52:00] that. It's it almost, it almost tastes a little undercooked on the inside. It's a little doughy. It's I mean, nothing here that we've eaten has been bad, but this is probably at the bottom of my list. Like

Marion Mongello: if you like churros, you might like it. They're there.

They're pretty.

Nicolas Mongello: They're

Lou Mongello: true.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: I mean, I think the ice cream and chocolate will help if you're a nice premium.

Lou Mongello: They very quickly become not part of the equation because what we got first to the trees late chase, which is now nothing more than they could basically bring this back to the kitchen because you've guys have cleaned it.

The way you all reacted to the tree slate, just like Canada's little eyes are bugging out of it and marrying you too.

Marion Mongello: It was insane. I think this might be the best. It's not a traditional, like chase. It may be the best trace lectures I've ever had. It was real, like the cake was perfectly dense. The milk was so delicious.

And on top there was like, I don't even know what it was. Oh, really? Really

Nicolas Mongello: go though.

Lou Mongello: It was a, it was a, it was compressed to pineapple and marshmallow.

Kenneth Johnson: Yeah. I described it as a, as a bread pudding. That's what it reminded me of the whole thing reminded me of just the best bread pudding. But, and by the way, there is one good use for the churros because after you finished eating the trace late chase, there's a lot of sauce left in the bottom and the churros are actually good for that.


Jason Canapp: really good. And not nearly big enough. And the dessert. If it's one person dessert, it's definitely a one person dessert. Don't let anyone else don't let anyone else get in.

Lou Mongello: Kenneth is sopping it up, like an Italian on Sunday dinner with this bread and the spaghetti sauce. Like literally just like it's

Nicolas Mongello: there.

It's really good. And you're a sweet, the trace ladies. I love like a good moisture slate juice. And this is just like soaked in whatever that sauce is and all my God and

Lou Mongello: it, and it is definitely more, it's more [00:54:00] bready than it is Lonnie type consistency.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it will talk about my favorite in a minute.

I mean, this was good. I've had translators that I personally prefer prefer, but most of the table,

Lou Mongello: we can talk about the one from the festival of the arts and how good it was at the, at the encounter booth. That's one of the best translate geez I've

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: ever had. So the one, if you happen to be at festival the arts and went to the Encanto themed booth, they had a coconut trace.

Let Jason. That I loved. And that was not quite as saucy as this. I mean, this is good, but the next thing

Lou Mongello: is my favorite. Don't get saucy with me. Bernays, what movie? I

Marion Mongello: think I like this trace light. She's better is cause I like a denser. This is like, it's more of a bread pudding. It's really dense, but it still stops up the late chase.

Lou Mongello: Well, and then there's also, and the trace let's just coming by the way it comes in at nine, all the desserts are $9. Each the seasonal fruit sorbet also plant-based is

Marion Mongello: oh, mango lime.

Lou Mongello: And if you could stop stuffing your face for five seconds,

Marion Mongello: I think I love the translations. It was really, really good. This still might be my favorite.

And I also just, I'm a huge mango fan. And as soon as I heard that the flavor was mango lime, I said, pretty pleased. There's tahina on your menu. Bring us to heat life hack, get to heat on the side. It's like a seasoning.

Lou Mongello: So when you need to explain this, because you did, that was

Jason Canapp: really yeah.

Marion Mongello: Cause you always, I always put the heat on mango.


Lou Mongello: yeah,

Marion Mongello: I'm saying it like I invented it. No. Um, you know, many of you out to heat is like, uh, uh, I don't want to butcher the explanation of this. Um, it's a seasoning, that's like chili lime flavored and I put it on like cucumbers and fruits and mango all the time. Many people do. So when I heard that the flavor was mango lime, I was like that, taking this on your menu, can you please bring us a side of tahini?

And he was like, [00:56:00] mm. Okay. You might get a little weird look, but like it is the move. It's a little bit of spicy. Mmm. Sour on the really sweet sorbet. It's

Jason Canapp: amazing. So use that and not credit you for

Lou Mongello: it,

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: such a heinous chili, lime and salt chili, lime, and salt together. And it's just like a spice that you can buy it.

Um, some international markets and stuff and yeah. And you can get it like on fresh mango. Like if you go to a farmer's market, they'll give you like a mango kind of cut into a rose and they'll sprinkle that to heat all over it. And it's delicious. We keep it in the house too, but this was a great move to get the store Starbucks.

Marion Mongello: I always put in my guac. Let me say

Lou Mongello: why it's so funny. People don't realize that that the salt actually brings out the sweetness. That's why sometimes people say they put salt, they put, they put salt on watermelon. They put salt on like, because it brings out it makes it sweeter, not saltier. That's a

Jason Canapp: brilliant move.

I love it. I love that. And I want its own though. The surveys was really, really good in the berries. They're gone. They came with this lovely little mix of berries that were in there. They're gone.

Lou Mongello: And it's a huge, like it's a softball side. Um, sorbet, it's not like a little tiny little

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: Intermezzo with a lot of nice fresh.

Yeah. This

Marion Mongello: is

Jason Canapp: a sharable, right? Unlike the tree sledges, this is definitely a

Marion Mongello: shareable. I could see myself coming here with my friends and just getting like this.

Nicolas Mongello: That's a

Lou Mongello: really, that's a really, no seriously. I think that sorbet is literally the perfect way to end this type of a meal, like considering what we had.

So, so master your perfect meal at three bridges, we did. No, it's fine. Yeah. And they were so remarkable and there's a

Jason Canapp: churros and then there's this off menu thing that I guess it'll make it on there eventually, which is basically churros and nice cream. And cold, hot to cold

Nicolas Mongello: chocolate sauce.

Marion Mongello: I don't think it was on purpose.

One of the chocolate sauces is warm and the other one is cold, but I don't think it's on [00:58:00]

Lou Mongello: with the cold, with the cold ice room. It was, it's fine. It's, it's a chiro dessert. So craft your perfect sort of entree, appetizer desserts, let you mix and match however you want to do. What's the play right? The next time you come here with, if we come here together as friends, what's the play.

Cause we can't do this every single time.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: So I think I would do if I was here with people having trouble because my favorite appetizer and my favorite entree are both Curry. So I probably wouldn't double up personally. So I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to get a poker table to share. To start cause that's nice and light and fresh.

And then once we finish our poker table,

Nicolas Mongello: because I

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: can't think of another app that I would straight

Lou Mongello: up, it's really hard because you want to sort of get the hummus and the,

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: I want the hummus and the Curry, but I don't know that I would want both Curry dishes at the same time. So I would probably, I would do a Pokay because that's nice and light.

And then I would do the, to share with people. And then I would have the coconut Curry chicken, and then I would finish with this. As an appetizer. No, I was trying to,

Jason Canapp: I don't know who these people are. You're coming

Lou Mongello: with

so offended that you didn't like. So I was gonna say,

Jason Canapp: I would get the hunt. I would get the hummus for sure. I would actually get the roasted corn dip and the hummus as appetizers. I get, I would get the pokey bowl as an entree and I get the survey to finish it off.

Lou Mongello: And it's do you ever watch shark tank and all the sharks as are talking and mark Cuban is sitting there stone faced look at Kenneth he's.

He's like the mark [01:00:00] Cuban of shark tank. Like he's really sort of not only judging Lisa at her bizarre combination, but,

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: and I went first and I tried to come up

Lou Mongello: with a meal that would be so Mr. Cuban, there is, there's an offer on the table. What's your, uh, what's your,

Kenneth Johnson: well, you know, it has to take, say.

Lou Mongello: And we won't judge you,

Kenneth Johnson: you know, most people will fall trying to do what I did, but I mean, you have to be a professional, but I would order the chicken wings.

And then I would follow that with the tacos. And then I would have the trust Lages for dessert, but I don't think most people would be able to eat that much. So if you ordered the chicken wings, you might want to just see one or two because the tacos can be very filling in that. And you have to save room for that dessert.

Jason Canapp: So bay just melts around everything open. Do you have to tell them, you have to tell them you want the terrain though. You're getting the survey.

I want the salty Lyme stuff.

Marion Mongello: No, he was looking at me weird when I asked, um, you can

Nicolas Mongello: go personally. Okay. So my perfect meal would be. Like simple hummus, uh, chicken translate, chase done.

Marion Mongello: I love the hummus. I think I would skip it though. I would just come and get like a, a little fresh drink, like the little lemonade or something, and then I would get fries.

Oh yeah. You know what? I'd get the hummus. I'd get a side of fries and then I'd get two desserts. I'd get the translators and the survey. And then you were like a little like light grazing vibe.

Lou Mongello: So the pro I understand the problem, the problem. And you have to sort of go, I think you have to sort of go backwards to forwards.

So you obviously, you get the mango sorbet. I mean, I [01:02:00] just can't, I can't get away from the coconut Curry chicken. I understand like Curry hummus, Curry chicken. Like it's it's a lot. No, what I would do, I would say I would ask the server if I could go a little off menu. Is there any possible way to get some of those smoked paprika fries as an appetizer, and then sort of sashay my way into the

Nicolas Mongello: what?

It's like what I just

Lou Mongello: said. I wasn't paying attention. I was busy in my own head. No I wasn't listening to you. Wait, you said the same thing.

Marion Mongello: I'll just get miss it fries and dessert. When I

Nicolas Mongello: didn't see

Lou Mongello: that Sasha, um, I was trained in the French culinary arts and you sachet from one meal to

Nicolas Mongello: bring

Lou Mongello: up well, because it's not on the menu because I don't want to set unreasonable expectations. There's not fries as an appetizer on the menu.

Nicolas Mongello: Well,

Lou Mongello: you know what else I'm going to ask for tonight? Separate checks and let's see how you like it.

Well, without one thing we can all agree on is that three bridges for me anyway, exceeded expectations, like way more than what I thought it was going to be. Uh, we really enjoyed the menu. I think this is what we're doing is exactly the way to come and enjoy it. You get your family together and you get some friends together.

You sit outside on a glorious night like this and just attack the menu from every different direction. Everything for the most part, Cheryl, Nicholas is still eating churros, by the way. I don't know how you're doing it. Um, [01:04:00] yeah, I think this is, and when the conversation starts to happen about what is, what is the, or, or what are some of the best lounges on property?

I think this, this is, this is definitely in there. And I think in terms of the variety of the menu, the size of the menu in terms of lounges, I don't know if a lounge, it has this much to offer in terms of

Jason Canapp: dining, Cape town lounge, because you can order off the Jayco menu is I think it's the only thing that would come close to.

But that

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: even, I don't feel like it's the same thing because you're almost just borrowing from the restaurant next door. Whereas this is like, I mean, the only thing about this that makes it a lounge to me is that it's open air and doesn't open until four 30. I mean, this is a little right. But that part of it is really nice because how often can you come in and get a meal like this with no reservation, like after park close, even to come here?

Like after you leave? I think that's the

Jason Canapp: move. Really. If you're, especially, if you're, if you're closing down Epcot, you just roll over here. This is, it's a great way to finish the night

Kenneth Johnson: for sure. Yeah. And I would say as good as this food is, come with friends, it's just, that's what made it tonight.

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: Really? I don't think we've paid proper service to this setting and this evening, like it was a hot day, like mid nineties and we're sitting out here it's breezy and beautiful under a fan, looking out on the water and grand Destino, which is so gorgeous.


Jason Canapp: I think it's worth saying if you are alone. I mean, there's, uh, there's also bar seating here too. So if you want. You don't want to, if you feel weird sitting at a table by yourself, which I don't know why should, but if you do, you can always sit at the bar to chat it up with the bartenders. And

Kenneth Johnson: yeah.

You know, when I've made solo trips to Walt Disney world, some of the best times I've had have been sitting at Mars because you meet other Disney fans. Some of them are on solo trips, and it's really a lot of fun.

Nicolas Mongello: This like this lounge, like it isn't really a lounge, like the quality of food and just like every little aspect combined from the setting to like the food again, like every single thing [01:06:00] come used to make it more like a five star dining experience rather than just like a lounge.

Marion Mongello: Um, I've already texted my friends. I told them that we're going to, that they would love the vibe, my friend, Macy. This is like her vibe, the like interior of like the lobby and everything. So we already planned, we're going to come here and I'm telling them that we're just going to come and like get sorbet and sit outside over the.

Lou Mongello: It's a T it's a destination lounge. It is, it's a destination lounge, especially if you're a local, like I would make a

Kenneth Johnson: special trip. The only caveat I would say is it took us an hour to get in right tonight. We were at a party of six and it was an hour. But you know, we killed that hour by walking up to Dali and having, having some other food.

We didn't tell you about

Lou Mongello: if only I could find somebody to review Dalai, lounge, somebody, anybody who would review that with me, it's another review for another day.

Kenneth Johnson: Oh, this meal is even more shameful than we're letting on. We cause we actually ate before we came.

Lou Mongello: Well, I cannot thank you all enough for a wonderful meal, a wonderful evening. So many laughs and incredible food. Uh, please do me a favor. We'll go around the horn quickly. Tell everybody where they can find you on the socials and the internal. My

Lisa DiNoto Glassner: name is Lisa to Noto Glassner. You can find me@thecastlerunandatcorememorycandles.com and on Instagram as the castle winner and core memory Campbell's,

Jason Canapp: uh, Jason can out with here with the magic and here with magic.com also on Instagram and Facebook, but you should check out the soundscapes podcast, which is an immersive listening experience.

And if you kind of love that 3d sound thing, you're going to love soundscapes.

Lou Mongello: And don't forget your Thursday night, Facebook lives after

Jason Canapp: hour. I think when I don't want to take too much time after hours, let's talk Disney with Carlos pumped upon to Silva and Colin puddles, Kendall from guide for WDW. Yes.

Lou Mongello: And we finally have somewhere to go for sort of, kind of for Keta. [01:08:00]

Kenneth Johnson: Uh, you can follow my cat on Instagram. Um, it's marbly cat, that's M a R B L E Y C H. Um, if you wish, uh, otherwise I know a lot of you have connected with me on Facebook and I welcome new friends. So

Lou Mongello: I really want to see how well we could make marbly cat do.

And I'll obviously put links to all those in the show notes.

Marion Mongello: And you should follow me on Instagram, married Mandela to see my Pittsburgh adventures

Lou Mongello: and your Pittsburgh adventures are taking you where

Marion Mongello: Carnegie Mellon university school of drama next year. Woo.

Lou Mongello: I'm not crying. Maybe I am just a little go follow Kenneth's

Nicolas Mongello: cat.

Like that's where I'm going to send you.

Lou Mongello: Well, I want to know from you, our friend who has been sort of virtually sitting along here with us, have you been to three bridges? What are your thoughts? And if not, is three bridges on your plans for your next trip and actually better yet. If you come to three bridges, call the voicemail at four oh seven nine hundred nine three nine.

Let us know exactly what you think as it happens. Nicholas Marion, Kenneth's Cat, Jason, Lisa, server... wherever you are. Thank you guys for an amazing, delicious and wonderful light. It's

Nicolas Mongello: My one takeaway is Kenneth's cat