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Is a Real Marvel “AvengerCon” from Ms. Marvel Actually Coming? Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Says…

Ms. Marvel debuted on June 8 on Disney+, and one of the most talked-about scenes takes place in Camp Lehigh, New Jersey (which, as you may know, is a huge Easter Egg in itself, as it is a call back to Captain America: The First Avenger and where the Strategic Scientific Reserve trained candidates for their Super Soldier project… including Steve Rogers).

In the first episode, Camp Leigh is where the first-ever AvengerCon is being held… and it is PACKED with references to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes including Iron Man, Hulk, Star-Lord, Black Panther, and of course, Kamala’s personal hero, Captain Marvel.

The idea to create AvengerCon and send Ms. Marvel’s titular character Kamala Khan there came directly from the writer’s room, and one that Marvel Studios President and Executive Producer Kevin Feige agreed to immediately, saying, “Yeah, it makes sense. She’s a fan, so AvengerCon could be a real thing.”

Kamala Khan is desperate to attend the first AvengerCon ever… and even tries to convince her (reluctant) parents into letting her go by telling them that it’s an “educational experience” with a “historical reenactment” (which is really just costume contest).

This fictional fan convention has fans not only drooling, but pausing and rewinding to find all of the hidden Marvel references throughout. Activities and exhibits in this in-universe fan convention include “The Realm of Asgard”, “Things Hulk Smashed”, and “Gigantic Dude Ant-Man.” More importantly, it has fans hoping, wishing, and dreaming that AvengerCon can one day become a real thing they can attend.

And they’re not alone. In fact, Feige recently shared some thoughts on the matter as well.

Just before the release of the first episode, I participated in a Ms. Marvel press conference, where Feige was asked directly and explicitly about AvengersCon:

“Avengers Con seems like a great idea, especially after last weekend’s Star Wars Celebration. Any chance Avengers Con can ever become a reality?”

As he is The Man Who Holds All The Secrets, I was expecting a very Feige-like pleasant, but incredibly and wonderfully evasive answer. What we got was something much more direct.

Feige said, “We were definitely talking about that on the set. We shot that right, you know, in the
middle of COVID protocol, so there hadn’t been a convention for a very long time. And it was
very cathartic for all of us to see that. And we were shooting Spiderman No Way Home on the
stage right next door, believe it or not. Actually, the scene with the three Spideys…. and a lot of that crew kept sneaking over to see, and attend Avenger Con, walking around. So, I think that might be fun to do some time, yes.”

Wait… he did NOT immediately dismiss this as fantasy and fiction?!

Ms. Marvel Executive Producer then went on to tease that some of the Ms. Marvel props “are going to be circulating… I think on the Disney campuses or something.” Could he mean an Avengers Campus in a Disney theme park?

Feige chimed by adding, “There might be a few places that you can go and visit the Ms. Marvel version of Avenger Con, yeah.”

Hmmmm…. that sounds promising, right

Ms. Marvel Head Writer and Executive Producer Bisha K. Ali admitted that there is a draft email from every single writer in the writer’s room being like, “Bisha, how do we pitch Kevin Feige to make Avenger Con real?”

And it’s not just fans and crew members who are fascinated by and want to visit AvengerCon… and in fact, an actual Avenger DID sneak onto the set to visit!

During the filming of Spider Man: No Way Home, Feige took Spider-Man himself (well, one of them), Tom Holland on to the set just so he could check out AvengerCon!

So what do YOU think? Would you like Disney to create a Marvel-themed convention like Star Wars Celebration? If so, what (or who) would you like to see there? Discuss this in the WDW Radio Clubhouse