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WDW Radio # 690 – Top Ten Walt Disney World Spaces and Places We Would Retheme

With Disney’s D23 Expo just days away, the excitement and anticipation continues to build for what is coming to the Disney Parks. Last week, I shared my Walt Disney World “Wish List” for what I hope and think will be announced. But this week, we’re going to do a little armchair Imagineering, and take a fun look at our Top Ten Places and Spaces in Walt Disney World That We Would Retheme.

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What space, place, restaurant, attraction, etc. in Walt Disney World would you retheme, and what would the new theme be?

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Last week I explored some of the announcements. I was wishing and hoping for dare I say, predicting for this year's D 23 expo, September 9th through 11th at the Anaheim convention center. And it got me thinking about some of the other locations in Walt Disney world that maybe actually, probably won't be getting an update and maybe don't really need one, but just for fun.

And to play a little armchair Imagineer for a bit, I was kind of mentally touring the park and designing in my head some locations that I would or could. Re them. So this week we're gonna look at the top 10 places and spaces. We would re them in Walt Disney world. And when you hear top 10, you know, it won't be 10.

And that little Timmy foster from guide to the magic will be with me little Timmy foster. Welcome back, buddy. I'm sorry

Tim Foster: to got my imaginary hat on with the, the propeller spinning on the

Lou Mongello: top. I'm I'm ready to go. I was gonna say, I have no idea what that looks like, but I'm sure it makes, oh, there you go.

Far less nerdy than you already do. Um, that's not possible. That's right. Yeah. So like I was, I've been thinking about this a lot. Right. And cuz expo was sort that time that we know that the big announcements are going to be made. We already know about not just not something that new that's coming, but the, you know, Tiana's body adventure was really sort of the thing, the, sort of the impetus that got me thinking about this and it wasn't.

Places that necessarily need an update and might not be getting one, but it might just be fun to kinda look at [00:02:00] them and sort of self Imagineer, how and where and why we would give some of these locations, not a, not a gutting, right. Not gutting a building and building something new, but just sort of re theming the space.

That's already there

Tim Foster: again. You're introducing rules. I wasn't privy to, oh, just get ready. That's okay. Actually, actually you did. You did say that. Yeah. You warned me about this

Lou Mongello: and, and I, okay. So first things first yes. And listen, just because I set the rules, it doesn't mean that you're not allowed to break them because,


Tim Foster: I I'm clearly not.

No, I'm, we're, we're going

Lou Mongello: outta it. We've been doing this for a long time. Like so like, so for me, excuse me, I specifically left Marvel outta the equation because right now it's very much just wishful thinking here on the Walt Disney world side of things. Until something changes. Yeah. But Tim, before we get into this list, mm-hmm , I think that there are some attractions that are absolutely sacred.

I think there are some attractions that cannot and should not be touched. Do you agree or disagree?

Tim Foster: Absolutely agree. But I'm kind of curious whether were our lists are

Lou Mongello: similar, so let's just sort of go through it just I'll I'll throw one out. You tell me if you agree or disagree. If okay. I like this. I like this, the sacred and untouchables.

If you disagree with me, you're gonna accidentally be dropped from the call carousel progress.

Tim Foster: well, you know what? I thought you were gonna say that and little caveat. No, but are, are we allowed to refresh the final scene once in a while? Refreshing

Lou Mongello: is fine raping and

Tim Foster: absolutely right. Yes. And don't you dare touch my carousel progress.

Lou Mongello: Exactly. It's Walt, that's all it. And I think along those same lines, it's a small world. Absolutely. I think again, beloved class classic [00:04:00] attraction, 64 worlds fair. It's Walt also untouchable.

Tim Foster: Exactly. Although I feel like I heard something new on my recent trip, but we'll come back to that, but basically, yes.

Lou Mongello: Don't you touch my it's a small, so here's a question for you cuz I don't know the answer to this. Yeah. Is the Tiki room untouchable,

Tim Foster: you know? Hmm. It's funny. Well, what do you think it's untouchable.

Lou Mongello: See, this is where my heart and my head sort of a conflict with each other, because I'll tell you a certain degree.

It is, but. A little refreshing, not the IGO refreshing, but a new type of refreshing might not, I don't know. I feel SAC SAC.

Tim Foster: I only mention this now. And you know, I mention this cuz I, I was just, I was just down there at Walt Disney world. I'm never there, you know this, but I actually was just there and uh, We were in the Tiki room and I'm loving every minute of it.

I'm singing along with the birds and all that, but I'm watching, there's a family next to me with three kids from, you know, four up to teenager. And, um, it, it was, it was actually cute. Cause when it started the littlest one, he was just looking up and awe everything. And it was that face, you know? And, uh, it was, you know, pulling at your heartstrings and all that.

But once you get past first couple songs and then you get into the, the, the luau thing and when it kind of slows down a little bit, I could see, I could see the heads nodding, the eyes, wandering the teenager. Uh, are we done yet? You know, that kind of thing. So I was, I was thinking don't, rehaul, don't change it to anything.

Maybe there's in the middle. We could perk things up a little bit with. But no, generally

Lou Mongello: speaking. No. Cause what we're talking about here is a re theming, like, okay, we're getting ticky birds. It's going to be something new. not necessarily a refreshing of the attraction, keeping the animatronics, keeping those birds in there as, as maybe their, their same [00:06:00] characters, but giving it an updated storyline, which is what they intended to do with under new management.

Right, right. Yeah. Pirate to the Caribbean.

Tim Foster: Uh, no, no little hesitant. No, I mean, I mean, uh, no meaning don't touch it. No, it, unless you wanna give it a fresh coat of paint or something like that, you can add some more pirates. I won't

Lou Mongello: mind if you do that. All right. I'll you know, I'll go through these quick.

I'm just gonna quickly like knock the, you just tell me when to stop. Okay. I'll give you. Yes. All right. Yep. Ha mansion.

Tim Foster: Yeah. Wait, what's my, yes. Don't

Lou Mongello: no, don't touch it. Okay. To make life easy. You stop me when you say no, it's not untouchable.

Tim Foster: No, it's not untouchable. So we're presuming these are on the untouchable list.

This unto object to that. I will yell. You disagree this

Lou Mongello: prior to the Caribbean haunted mansion, Peter Pan's flight Dumbo, the carousel. This one's a tough one hall of presidents right now. Now, again, this is not a political, this has nothing to do with that. No, no, no. I know.

Tim Foster: Uh, but now I'm with you. I'm at the

Lou Mongello: ke going keep right.

It's it's it's Walt, right? It's the thing that Walt. Yeah. Yeah. Place of America. Okay. Jungle cruise here. I'm gonna bounce out of, um, I'm gonna bounce out of magic kingdom. Cause I think there's one outside. Mm-hmm . This one might stop you in your tracks. Mm-hmm Walt Disney one man's dream. Nope. Okay. Keep going.

The Twilight zone tower of terror.

Tim Foster: Absolutely. And it's on my list to talk about later on.

Lou Mongello: Continue. Interesting expedition Everest.

Tim Foster: I don't go on that. So yeah, move alone.

Lou Mongello: And I'm putting Muppet vision on here because it can only have a Muppet update.

Tim Foster: Um, [00:08:00] well, when you phrase it like that, then sure. I agree.

I'm I'm update.

Lou Mongello: I'm update I'm up.

Tim Foster: I'm update all like that.

Lou Mongello: So let's go through, let's have some fun, let's go through our list of the top 10 ish places and spaces you would re them. You don't have to go too, you know, deep into this. I don't need you to sort of fully flush out the idea unless you have it, but give me the space and what you would refu it to.

Tim Foster: Okay, I'm gonna start, you know, it's funny. I, I gave myself a rule that I'm not gonna do attraction specifically. Mm-hmm but more spaces. And then I promptly broke my rule right away into the first question. But, um, so I thought I'm gonna start out. I'm gonna go to the magic kingdom. I'm gonna start with just generally tomorrow, Lynn, good place to start.

And, and, uh, and what I'm thinking is having just been there and noticing they're going back to a more austere white, um, kind of a color palette, subdued color palette, and the, then those neon colors and kinetic, uh, light displays are all. Kind of going away and I miss that. I don't like it. So I kind of wanna bring that back again.

Um, one thing I, I really ran to on this trip probably cuz I was staying at the contemporary where they're, they're pushing this theme and having seen Epcot and all its transition. Um, I really was getting a big, a strong vibe of the Epcot city, that Walton vision, the origins of the, the park going back to 1971 and so far.

So I, and a lot of these, I was trying to think it would be nice to, without building a city, to recreate the experience of just the glimpse of what that might have been like. And I was saying that tomorrow land, maybe you do. Cause right now it's like the TTA is a good place to start. It's just a tour of tomorrow land here's space, mountain here's this here's that we know back in the day.

My favorite iteration was the previous one. We were going through this fictional, uh, depiction of a city of [00:10:00] tomorrow and the hover burbs and the Metro retro society, all that stuff. And I'd like to see that come back, but you could also maybe re theme it as you are sort of in Epcot in terms of Epcot the city.

And you're just in this part of it, like the, the middle part or something. And the TTA is announcing this place goes, this line goes to the, well, the hover vers like it did before, but more in relation to what the city is. Um, but you could have some fun with that, with the, the, the signage and the decor and everything else.

Um, but one thing I thought we could have fun with this breaks my rule, cuz I said, I wasn't gonna deal with attraction, but there is one attraction tomorrow land. I would love to see them. And that's the Speedway cuz I never go on it. And I'm always, I'm always kind of, um, thrown by why it's part of tomorrow land, cuz it doesn't have anything to do with the future or anything like that.

I had a thought if we wanted to bring it in line with this idea of tomorrow land and, uh, what a, a city of tomorrow might be like, maybe we swap out the cars for electric cars cuz we're green now and that's more energy efficient. I'm sure would be better for them anyway. And you kind of retain the track as you're driving these new electric cars of the future through the city of the future and there's billboards and signs and little diorama scenes of, uh, settings that take place in this city and have it integrate better with the, the tomorrow land that it was.

And may, maybe I'd go write it more often. So, so that was my first thought take, take tomorrow land and take a re-look at it to recast it as some hypothetical vision of what tomorrow might be instead of a collection of roller coasters into. Fun attractions, but not really tied together with much. So that's where I'm starting and, and put that old, colorful sign back.

Cause I like

Lou Mongello: that one. There's a lot to unpack here, Tim. There is a lot to, there's a lot to unpack. Um, not the least of which is I, I, I have serious issue with the [00:12:00] fact that you call the TTA and I quote just a.

Tim Foster: No. Well, oh, wow. Did I say that

Lou Mongello: you you're you're you're treading on no, incredibly

Tim Foster: nice. TTA is hands down the greatest attraction ever constructed by human hands.

That's what I meant to say. meaning, but you know, the narration, we, I still remember when I called you the day the narration changed and you tried to calm me down, but, uh, you know, I liked it when you were, it was picking up the storyline, the backstory of this tomorrow land that never was and all that.

It'd be nice to bring that back again, but, and so, oh no, the TTA don't you dare touch all the T that's

Lou Mongello: one of my that's that should've been on the untouchable list too. I mean,

Tim Foster: yeah, I'm sorry I threw you there.

Lou Mongello: So you talk about re theming sort of tomorrow land as a whole, and you also gave a bonus with the bonus tomorrow land Speedway, if I'm, if I'm, if I was listening correctly, it's

Tim Foster: about right.

I'm glad you were listening though.

Lou Mongello: I, I mean, vaguely, um, I'm gonna sort of piggyback and I'll I'll agree with you. Tomorrowland Speedway was on my list. And I'll oh, really? It was, you know what, I'll actually stay in for you. I will stay in tomorrow land and I'll help connect the dots because, okay. I mentioned on last week's show, I've actually been thinking this is gonna be coming for a while.

I think that now is finally the time it is going to happen at expo. I think we are going to get, like, I believe we are going in my little like futuristic heart of hearts. We are going to get an announcement of an update coming to tomorrow land that just happens to coincide with the opening of Tron.

Tomorrow land is in need of a refresh. We see that attractions are closed. Some haven't been updated in a while. It's sort of, I don't wanna say it sounded the death now for, but it sort of rings in this idea that tomorrow land is due for a refresh stitches. Great escape has been closed for some period of time.[00:14:00]

It's actually a huge space. You know, people don't realize that there were the two identical theaters in there. So the reaming idea that I have doesn't fit here cause I'm like, oh, I cuz Tim I've wanted to see an end of like a Tron end of line club somewhere in tomorrow land. Maybe we'll see it at the tomorrow land light and power company by space mountain.

I would just love to see some sort of Tron themed location and oh, by the way, as long as you're out there at expo, you can announce that a third Tron film is actually going to be in development but I will say that stitches great escape for some time has had rumors even going back to last expo of a record, Ralph attraction coming into it.

I don't know if that's what I would put there, but I will piggyback on you. If we're going to update the tomorrow land Speedway and undoubtedly with the electric cars will miss that smell of those fumes and the sound of those engines driving . But think about this. . Yeah, I have two words for you. You ready?

Uhhuh sugar rush. You do a little wreck, Ralph sugar rush race. You sort of re theme it to the video game of sugar rush. You now have wreck Ralph and sort of this cool fun. Not necessarily futuristic, right? Cuz that's always been the issue of tomorrow land, but you now have this one wonderful fun and still I think relevant reaming of an attraction in tomorrow land.

Tim Foster: If I had a mic, I could do this with, I would drop it on your behalf right now. I love that. I love that. And, and then I can sing the song with no shame cuz I sing it now, but with a lot of shame, so, and I'm not gonna do it again. Thank you. Love that idea. Oh, I love yes.

Lou Mongello: Yes. Next on your list. Uh,

Tim Foster: let's see.

Man, this is a big one and I'm kind [00:16:00] of gonna, I guess I'll split it up into two. So, and I, I wanted to throw a caveat out there that I don't know if some of the stuff I'm talking about is maybe already well known that it's happening and I'm just not aware of it, but if that's the case, let me know. But I'm going to Hollywood studios next for.

And I'm kind of reaming the whole park. no, not, not really, not the whole park, not the whole park. Um, no, I, I was having a thought and I've had this for a while. I'm sure we've all had it for a while. When, when Hollywood studio started as Disney MGM studios, and this really was a glimpse into the movie making magic of Hollywood, and you went behind the scenes to see how everything was done from sound to special effects, to animation with Galaxy's edge and toy Storyland coming, which are both fantastic.

Don't get me wrong. But yes, we started to slip away from that overall notion of this is how we make movies. Now we're going to, into the worlds of the movies that we know and love, which is fantastic. So I'm not saying do anything with those, but it made me look at the original versions of the park that are still left and thinking about them down in this light.

Maybe some of them don't fit so well anymore. I think Hollywood Boulevard as it is, is perfect. And I wouldn't change that. And sunset Boulevard is too scary. I don't go down there, but that can change echo lake though. Always. That always kind of stood out to me even back in the day, cuz quite frankly, I didn't know what echo lake was and I would venture to say most people don't know what the real life references are to echo lake and go to the dinosaur and all that.

And there's history there and it's fun to explore and learn about if you, if you're a real Disney fan and wanna get into it. But for the casual person, I was always wondering if they even knew. What the significance of this area

Lou Mongello: was, if they listened back to show number 28 in 2007, they would know they would, would not know exactly what all the references to end [00:18:00] ate.


Tim Foster: But anyway, I thought even, even knowing what the references are, but since we're kind of getting away from this is your creation of the golden age of Hollywood and so forth. Well, why don't we pick up on this idea that we're recreating the magic of the movies, but in a different way. So maybe let's take the echo that entire echo lake area and transform.

I first thought would be, how cool would it be to me a Marvel area? But as you mentioned, there's a lot of why we can't to go with that. So in lieu of that, I thought it would be cool to do an industrial light and magic area. And it kind of, kind of keeps into the theme of we're still going behind the scenes of movies and going into the, the magic of how movies are made and so forth.

But now we can kind of tie the whole area together. And if we keep star wars or star tours in Indiana Jones, it's sort of makes sense. Although star tours now seems odd sitting out there away from why isn't it in the area of the park, where it should be, but it is where it is, but that would make some sense.

And then you could take some of the other theaters that are around either in use now, like the Mickey shorts theater, or just sitting there and put in some attractions or films or experiences that go into the, how special effects are made, how they're done. Cause quite frankly, that's what most people are interested in.

When you ask, how did they do this? It's usually a special effect, not how, how did they make that crunchy sound of snow in the movie? Well, that's interesting. I wanna know how they make tie fighters fly, so, so it could be fun to build a whole bunch of experiences and re maybe recast, Indiana Jones and star tours within this framework of an industrial light magic area.

Sweating just

Lou Mongello: a little bit. Okay. oh, you like, you talk about Indiana Jones and star tours in a symp in a single breath.

Tim Foster: Well, again, I don't know what's the future of those, but, um, like India, well, you know, I don't [00:20:00] know Indiana Jones, it's forever rumored that it's gonna go away, but I don't know if that's true or not true or happening or not, but, but anyway, that was my thought.

And then it would, it would kind of, you'd have a, you know, your star wars area, toy story, mania, your Hollywood area, but then you'd have a more, I think coherent area, cuz that go like to me, always kind of was a, just a mishmash of unrelated. Things.

Lou Mongello: So what, so give me sort of like laid out for me. Like what buildings are you talking about?

Like the old radio studio and the little theater that's in there or, or like, are you talking about, uh, the, the, um, the frozen singalong? Like what, yeah.

Tim Foster: Well, you have, I mean, if you, yeah, if you look at a map though, the one thing , I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but the studios, you know, is kind of a sprawling thing.

That's not the hub and spoke traditional layout. We know. So you can, you kind of redraw it however you want. So if you kinda look at a map, you have echo lake in the middle again, whether you even keep that or not to do something else with it, but yeah, you have that building complex, you just said with frozen sang along and the Mickey shorts theater, which, which I love by the way, I'd like to see that stay.

Cause I love that. But you could incorporate that into this new area. The commissary lane building even could be part of this area. Um, certainly, you know, star tours and, uh, Indiana Jones and the shop and all that. And I will say you mentioned Muppet vision and it's sort of in a weird little area that you could roll into this too and call it all one area.

This is a mass you're.

Lou Mongello: This is not echo lake. I mean, you are sort of like on the grand avenue, like this is

Tim Foster: a massive everywhere, everywhere Hollywood Boulevard west, I don't know what way north on my map here. And then all the way up to galaxy edge, you could call that all one area because it's all one area anyway, come on and, uh, and, and have some fun with it.

But like there's buildings in the middle. You, you could put in Hollywood Boulevard or on this side, that's [00:22:00] kind of the, the beauty of them, I guess. And because the map it's kind of vague how you would wanna divide the lands up, meaning that though, if you did wanna do this, there's lots of. Lots of real estate.

You could access. If you wanted to put in a new film, a new attraction and all that, you don't have to build new buildings and, uh, you know, things like that. For the most part, there's a lot of it still there, but it may, might make that a whole. Not that it's not a fun part of the park anyway, but give it a great new lift and let you put in last new dazzling, Hey, special events.

Cause that's what the whole area would be built around. So

Lou Mongello: I, I don't know if it's directly related to what you just said, but I'm having palpitations. Like I have a radiating pain down. My it's giving me the HEB G I don't know if this does good or bad. It's giving me the, he, I, I, I, I, I'm not , I'm not sure.

Are you alright with this? Like, I look, I love look part of what I love about. Disney's Hollywood studios specifically, we'll call it the quote unquote front of the park is that love letter to old Hollywood. Right? I love the twenties and the thirties and the forties and, and the decor and some of the tributes and the background music and dinosaur Girdy and men and bill and, and all the other, like, so this sort of a massive re theming of basically half the park.


Tim Foster: a, well, no, this makes you, this makes

Lou Mongello: you feel better. It's probably somebody, I mean, at least one person that's saying, yeah, Tim, this is an amazing idea. I'm not, I have to sort of process.

Tim Foster: If it makes you feel better, you could do it this way. Cause you'd be looking at a map. You, you could call echo lake as part of Hollywood or the lake itself with Girdy and, and the, and the boat and everything you could, you could.

Keep that as [00:24:00] part of Hollywood Boulevard. And like I said, I love Hollywood Boulevard exactly the way it is, everything you said the love letter to H you keep all that all the way up to the theater. Um, and, and maybe that whole area is it's just, as you get off, as you get out of the main thoroughfare and the Hollywood, and then, then yeah, you're venturing into star wars or toy story land as it is now.

And you just make this another, uh, and you know, as I call it the industrial light magic section, but not taken away from the Hollywood of vault and leave, Girdy there make maker part of Hollywood Boulevard. We can do it. We have the flexibility. We're

Lou Mongello: Imagineers, just, just to Windsor McKay. Marie LER. Frank Lloyd writes

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all this. They're rolling over in their graves, but it's okay. This is all about I, Tim. I need to like, if I don't move on, I might need to be resuscitated at this

Tim Foster: point. You know what? I keep, keep everything the way it is, but just put a sign up that says industrial magic. Gary put up a few neon neon, light posts and a couple paint, something, some bright colors and put some, put some fancy lights out in front of star tours to keep it the same and make it more glitzy.

And that'll keep me happy. And then you, you can have your

Lou Mongello: LA LA LA Hollywood, by the way, have you been watching light and magic on dizzy plus? That tells you story. How could you say, oh my good God, Gandhi. How could you say this and not have seen light and magic is, is now, first of all, I didn't even

Tim Foster: answer your question.

And you immediately jumped to the collusion that I haven't watched this yet. Well, could you start off with, well, unfortunately, and unfortunately for me would be right now regard, but there's a lot. I have to catch up on a Disney plus. I had so much going on. I'm so busy.

Lou Mongello: all right. I need to let me, you need to calm

Tim Foster: down.

See, you're not gonna like this, cuz it, that was kind of a two part answer. Where do I get the part two of this answer? Wait, there's, there's more, there's more, but I'm, it's gonna be my next,

Lou Mongello: my next scenes. I'm gonna, I need to go back to magic kingdom and [00:26:00] just I need to compose myself. Um, you know what I'm I will, I will, at least in my own mind as I went through the list, I'll I'm gonna, I'm gonna go back to tomorrow land, right?

I didn't wanna sort of clump everything into this over overarching overhaul of tomorrow land per se, but I will give you a twofer just so I can sort of move out of that space. And it's why I think. It's so ripe for what I anticipate is coming. And my, my Toofer is too vastly different yet nearby spaces.

The tomorrow land terrace, AK the tomorrow land noodle station, you've gone through many names, iterations menus over the year. I wish I wish wish wish. And we've talked about this on a number of past shows and, and blog posts over@wwradio.com. I would love the tomorrow land terrace to go back to that original concept many years ago.

That was unfortunately abandoned of having it be the astronomers club. Oh, remember, very quickly. The astronomers club was this idea. I think adventurous club, this interactive. Theater in the round almost that would be, um, you know, that would consist of Victorian decor and telescopes and a gigantic telescope on top of that building, which is why that dome was there.

And you would also have walk around characters like Leonardo, DaVinci, and Galileo, interacting with astronomers and scientists and futuristic thinkers from history who would sort of talk to guests and put on a show. I, I don't know that it would be sort of this rotational ongoing show type of thing, where you have multiple different seatings.

I would love, love, love for something like that to happen in any capacity there and monsters zinc laugh floor while I love you. So this is on

Tim Foster: my untouchable list. So [00:28:00] be careful there. I, so wait,

Lou Mongello: the monsters zinc laugh floor is on your untouchable list

Tim Foster: for personal reasons. Yes. I have reasons,

Lou Mongello: but go ahead, hop in the way back with machine for me just a little bit years ago, there was discussion rumor, supposedly a green lit monsters, Inc roller coaster, going through the doors with boo, that was going to be wheres.

Pixar place was supposed to be where that Mickey meet and greet and, uh, who wants to be a millionaire play. It was obviously that idea was scrapped. We now have toy story land. It's a little bit too small. It's a lot, bit, a lot, bit too small to be in that location. But I, I do think that the laugh floor space, and maybe even that type of attraction needs some type of an update and I'm gonna be perfectly Frank.

I'm having a tough time figuring out. Specifically what I would put in there that would fit into this new, new, tomorrow land. Right? Because if we're going to have Tron, if we're going to have potentially wrecked Ralph, what else might make sense in there? What I would love, love, love to see, and I'm sort of shoehorning it in and having a little poetic license.

Give me a little big hero. Six. I don't know what, oh, I don't know what it would look like, but I love that character characters. I love the films. I even love the, the, again, going back to Disney plus that knew short form series that, that just launched not too long ago. I would love to see some sort of big hero, six in magic kingdom and monster zinc laugh floor.

We'll figure out what it would be. That's where I would put it.

Tim Foster: Okay. I'm with you gonna take my monsters zinc. That's fine. I like it does this mean it's my turn.

Lou Mongello: It is your turn. [00:30:00] Like it or not.

Tim Foster: All right. Let's see, you know what I'm gonna hold. I, I, I teased apart too, but I'm gonna hold that cause I'm gonna go to another one.

I'll come back to it mostly. Cause I'm afraid you're gonna take it. But, um, or maybe this didn't even occur to you and I'll get it an outer boy. We'll see. So one, one area. This is outside of the parks and this is an area I, I, I think none of us really think about it too much, but it is an important area.

And I think it could use for some refreshing is that ticket transportation center. Wow. TTC. I might have gotten that backwards transfer. Yeah. You know what I mean? And, um, and I was thinking about this cuz you know, I, I do, we do the monorail a lot and we do that transfer. So we spend, I mean, not a lot of time there, but we go through there a lot and it does occur to me that for a lot of people coming to Disney, especially we're coming for the day or, you know, if you're staying outside the park or something, this is your first well after you pass through the gates, of course, to say Walt Disney world, this is your first Disney stop before you get to the magic kingdom.

And it's, it's what it is. It's rather utilitarian it's, it's what it is. It's, there's nothing offensive about it or anything like that. But I was thinking about it. There's, there's probably the potential to do so much more. With it. And it's a tricky one. I don't know if I can get the Disney folks to agree with this, cuz I'm not sure it's gonna draw any more people than it normally would or anything like that.

Cause it's not an attraction, but you could certainly dress it up some again, if I'm going back to this idea that this is I'm, I'm gonna lean into the Walt Disney city, the future idea, this could be seen as part of it. This was part of the transportation system that took you in from the outer, uh, residential areas to the work areas.

So you could just play that up. Um, and actually as far as promotion, there would be [00:32:00] tastefully of course, but you, you, people waiting there to get on the monorail of ferryboat or whatever. It's a perfect time to really. Lean into the new attractions and new excitement. That's coming things to look for, whether it's, uh, signage or even displays or even interactive things people can do as they make their way towards magic kingdom or APCO, if they're going that way.

Um, it's to me, it's just a, it's just alar. Obviously it's a large space and it's more directional, functional than anything. So I think there's a great opportunity. You could really refu that into something that's pretty cool, but still. Stop on the way to your final destination, but you could make that extra magical.

And again, for a lot of people, that's your first Disney experience right there. So let's pull out stops and get that magic going right out of the gate. I haven't thought of the specifics of what you

Lou Mongello: put in there, but you could, it's interesting so much. You want to take something that is functional and industrial and utilitarian, somewhat futuristic ish, because that's what it was sort of designed to be in, in 1971 and give it some sort of additional themeing as sort of the stepping into the story for the very first time you're not winning.

Yeah. Plus it up, get into magic kingdom. Interesting. Yeah.

Tim Foster: And that will on AKA too, for that matter. When you go over to that side, you can talk about, you know, what it's ACO. And actually, if you're like you have the resort monorail, you could talk about the, you know, them a little bit, but kind of have the idea like you're, you're heading off to the residential area of that Wal Disney city of the future.

That kind of thing. And, you know, plug your new attractions. You got people there, they all know about this guardian thing should tell 'em about it.

Lou Mongello: So, all right. So I I'm gonna confess, I, I am going to take something off my list before you even get, I need to take something off my list. I'm gonna mention what it was.

Okay. But as, as I'm sitting here, it was the first thing I wrote down for [00:34:00] some reason, but my heart is taking over my head and I just can't do it. Hmm. Going back into magic kingdom again, I was sort of virtually touring in my mind's eye and I was thinking new fan. Not it's not new anymore, but new fantasy land.

And I went over to Pinocchio's village house and I look, I will admit call me old, call me sentimental, call me nostalgic. There's lots of things you can call me. I love the Pinocchio movie. I like Pinocchio's village house. Right. I don't always necessarily eat there, but I love the theming. I love the nods and the little Easter rings to the attraction.

My initial thought was how cool would it be to re them Pinocchio to the snugly duckling from tangled? Oh, right. Oh, I dig tangled a lot. Right. I dig tangled a lot. And this, you know, the idea of bringing, not necessarily this snuggly duckling, but tangled into the. it works. Right. They've done this over in Shanghai where they've got the tangled tree Tavern, but it's more of a coll college.

It's more of a cottage than it is the snugly duckling on Disney cruise line when they do, um, on the Disney magic when they do sort of the tangled takeover on. So they do tangled the musical on one end of the crews. And what they actually do is they, there's sort of like a snugly duckling takeover of O Gill's pub.

It's completely redecorated. It's transformed really into the snugly duckling. And it's not just a matter of decor, but you know, Flynn rider and all of his little Hogan friends are in there playing games and singing and the it's family friendly. And then there's sort of a, an adult-ish more version later on at night.

It really, really [00:36:00] plays well, but I just, in my, in my heart of hearts, I can't touch. Pinocchios like, I don't want this Tim to be, let's get rid of all the old quote unquote classic stuff. And it has to be something newer and more relevant for a younger audience. I think Pinocchios is timeless and maybe Pinocchio belongs on that untouchable list because it's Pinocchio.

So what I will do is I will take Pinocchios to snugly duckling off my list and maybe potentially contradict myself a little bit. Cuz now I'm gonna bounce over to Hollywood studios. Work with me here. Yeah. I'm going over to the voyage of the little mermaid. That's

Tim Foster: next on my list, dude. Good. We'll

Lou Mongello: we'll we'll we'll tag team on this one.

look first things first, right? Sort of taking the, the realm of fantasy out of this. I love live theater. I love and appreciate. Not just stage actors, but all the people that work behind the scenes that make it happen. My daughter's going to study stage management. I very much get it. However, I would not mind.

I don't necessarily think that voyage and a little mermaid is packing them in. It has gone seasonal, which in Disney speak means it's not necessarily long for this world. It's a space that is built for a stage show. So my thought was, well, maybe it has to be a stage show. And then I, Tim, I, I sort of started going through my head.

I'm like, wait a minute. Why am I only thinking about Disney sort of quote, unquote own IP and creative properties? Think about all the things that Disney acquired when they acquired Fox. Right. So I'm like, wait a minute, we have the Fox problem. He's scaring me. Where are you going show? And I'm like, well, national treasure, the musical that can't happen.

Planet of the apes also, probably not going to be there, [00:38:00] but maybe here's where we put the snuggly duckling. Maybe we put a themed dining experience into Disney's Hollywood studios, which I would argue, could benefit from some additional table service restaurants or even a, a quick service type of, of thing that has that interactive show like element.

Right? Let's go back to the adventurous club, astronomers club. You have live performers in there. So it is this living, breathing space that when you walk into you are in the snugly duckling, and you don't know what sort of characters just might show up while you're. I don't know if it could happen in that space, but I'm trying to sort of marry my love of tangled.

My love of Pinocchios and my thought that maybe this space is one that is right for an update.

Tim Foster: That was a lot. You talk about a lot to unpack. I don't even know where to start with that. I mean, I'll I'm with you, but I I'm gonna tell you though, if, if you put in a stage show for national treasure or plan the apes, I would be all about that.

So please figure that out now that you got me thinking about that cause,

Lou Mongello: cause I, I wanted to sing. I Kowski like when Mike Wasowski sings, put that thing back or so or so help me. I could see like a Charlton Heston person. take your filthy. It's never whatever I take your Fil hands off me.

that'd funny, you know, 30, but

Tim Foster: I think the most important thing I'm taking away from there is that I I'm keeping a list of clever ways. Lou. Convolutes a way to include two or three entries into one. Correct. And, and you got a new one now I'm I took this off my list, friends and here it's

Lou Mongello: and you went this, but I took that off.

Here's the one

Tim Foster: I meant to say

Lou Mongello: I was literally just being completely transparent and authentic in terms of Pinocchio tugging on my heartstrings. And now with the new Tom Hanks live [00:40:00] action version, maybe there will be an even more new renewed in Pinocchio.

Tim Foster: Oh,

Lou Mongello: oh, now you got me. I love Jim cricket. We all, we could use a little Jim cricket in our lives.

We could.

Tim Foster: We all could. Yeah, I agree with that. And I still, I wanna wave, well, I guess it could be anything, but I wanna wave to the people in pinoc village house from my little boat and it's a small world, but I guess it could, that could be anything. And they would still wave at me. I hope. But, um, Well, you talked about little mermaid.

So, so actually part two of my Hollywood studios thought was that area. And it was actually the whole animation courtyard. And notice how I'm leaving the middle of Hollywood studios alone and the, and the, these,

Lou Mongello: well, now that you've gutted it, obviously I understand why it's the other,

Tim Foster: it's the opposite side.

I'm done. You

Lou Mongello: really now the animation really just courtyard of course, just taking the bulldozer to Hollywood studios.

Tim Foster: now animation courtyard. It clearly is not animation courtyard anymore. There's nothing about, you know, animation left there anymore. So let's fix, let's put it back to where it was, and this is really an underused area of the park anyway.

So I'm not, I'm not disturbing much. Um, I, I love the magic of Disney animation tour. Let's bring it back. I don't know what's going on there. Launch Bay's not even open anymore, right. Or still on hiatus or I don't know what's

Lou Mongello: going on over there. I talked about this LA last week. I think launch bay, I should have listened, but wow.

Um, awkward. I, I was busy. I think launch bay is, is on its way

Tim Foster: out. Yeah. So anyway, there's the building. So let's, let's put the animation before back. Now. This is a chance though, to rethink it, cuz obviously it went through it's changes as it started out as an actual tour of animation studios and then had to change as the animation studios went away and kind of morphed into a less than it was kind of experience even though I still loved it, but this is your chance to just refresh it and make it honest to goodness magic of [00:42:00] Disney animation tour from the ground up knowing you don't have an active working studio there.

You know, let's recreate these areas and let's, uh, if we don't have people actually in there doing things let's, let's have, Hey, doesn't Disney have something called animatronics. They could do something with this and film and then all kinds of things to once again, let people relive, uh, how animations brought to life.

Even historically from the days of snow white, that multi-play camera all the way up through to CGI and the wonders of everything we see today, let's bring back the back to Neverland movie. Let's put it back there where it should be, or, you know, bring Mohu back, which whichever you prefer. Lou, I think I know which one you prefer, but, um, uh, but that whole, so that's that area.

Then there's a whole courtyard, which is fine, but on either side, you do you have little mermaid? I was thinking the same thing. It might be, you know, if you were gonna revitalize that and do something else, keep it a show, but you know, maybe you could transform it into if we don't do what you said, which is a great idea, but, um, keeping the animation, not, not recreating Phil har magic necessarily as an idea, but that kind of thing, maybe this is more a film show or, or a theatrical show, maybe along lines of the, like finding Nemo.

That's very visual and, and groundbreaking with effects and costumes and stuff. But taking you on a tour through classic animated films of Disney, whether it's of, of old, old, uh, time, or, or did Disney Renaissance or newer stuff, or kind of all of the above and even the theater, which I'll confess whether it's Disney junior or whatever it is.

I, I. I have never really ever gone in there. Um, and it's, it's one of those things as we, I talk a lot about attractions that people dismiss because they think they're for kids. When in actuality, you should go, cuz you will love this like a chanted tales with bell, for example. But I will admit that's one stage show.

I don't have a [00:44:00] small kid and I don't watch the Disney channel. So I, I really have no connection to it. So, um, so I don't know that that could stay, but that maybe that's a candidate too for let's pull that in or put a show in there that would tie into the animation themeing of this area of the park, cuz that's what this is about.

This is what this part of the park is supposed to be to let us discover that the history and techniques of animation, which is what built all this in the first place. So that's kind of my thing is, is just, let's bring the animation courtyard back to actually being. Animation courtyard.

Lou Mongello: I love everything about that.

I love the idea of the studio being, going back to a studio, not withstanding the gutting that you've done of the entire west side of the park. I am going time. Um, I, I'm going to move over to, I I'm gonna skip one cause I'm curious, curious to see if you mention it. And I think it's, it's sort of the, the obvious 800 pound, whatever in the room I'm gonna go over to Disney's Hollywood.

Sorry. Disney's album kingdom. And I'm gonna combine two. I'm gonna sort of lay it out there ahead of time and I'll, I'll explain why I'm gonna connect the dots between these two, the icon of the park, obviously being the tree of life and the attraction, which lurks within is it's tough to be a bug mm-hmm

It's wonderful. It has possibly run its course. Is it somewhat? And this is a, this is a somewhat rhetorical question. Is it somewhat dated? Is it somewhat unrelatable for young kids? Remember this film came out in what year? What year did bug's life come out? Don't Google 1998. Correct. So the characters and the story that are in there while incredibly relevant to Disney's animal [00:46:00] kingdom might not be sort of relevant to younger kids or, or even older people who are coming to the.

My first thought was sort of the first inclination was, oh, Zootopia. Right. We, we have to leverage just how fun and beautiful and the animals in Zootopia, but I actually don't think Zootopia should go there. I actually think that there's a massive opportunity to not only leverage something that Disney recently acquired, but the stories, the theme, the messaging of conservation, the education slash entertainment that can be brought in by bringing in not geo.

National geographic oh, into the tree of life theater. If you've never spent any, look it, you know, when you fire up Disney plus it's very easy and very tempting to go to Marvel, to go to star wars, to go to documentaries, classic animation, live action, Pixar, all those different things and sometimes forget.

And, and this is not me like the work on the national geographic section of Disney plus is remarkably good. And you almost have to say, you know what, let me give myself a little bit of time to browse through some of these series. If you need some connective tissue, go watch the magic of Disney's animal kingdom and tell me it does not change your perspective of that park, the animals and the cast members that work within.

But there are a ton of series, both current and ones over time, as well as movies that's. And I don't know specifically what it is that could be leveraged and bring an entertaining educational and yes, because of the, the layout in [00:48:00] their hopefully interactive and positive changing attraction into that theater.

Right. I, I think there's opportunity there while still making it fun and interesting. If you have young kids, there's a ton of stuff for young kids. There's awesome. Animals, fearless adventures, animals show down zookeeper challenge. Weird, but true is, is really great. If you have young kids. So put Nat geo in there now you're like, man, Angelo, you brought up Zootopia.

Now you're like wedding my appetite. I wanna see Zootopia in the domestic parks. Don't worry. I got you. Because , I'm gonna to see, watch where I'm going. See,

Tim Foster: that's exactly what I was thinking. I'm

Lou Mongello: glad you said last week, sh there's a method to my badness. Um, last week I talked about how I think Dyna land USA is potentially reaching its end of life in terms of its themeing.

If we are going to re theme that area, maybe away from the dinosaur theme while still possibly addressing dinosaurs there or elsewhere in the park, we now have the dinosaur attraction again, updated at some point. Remember? Cause it was called what originally?

Tim Foster: Count down to extinction.

Lou Mongello: Yes. Look at you love him, right?

Look at me. So you now have this dinosaur film again, it's not sort of, you know, in your face in the attraction. Maybe now you have this attraction that will not fit, fit into the re theming of a land part of me. And I know this has been sort of banded about plenty of time say, well look, dinosaur and the Indiana Jones temple, the fruit of forbid eye and Disneyland are literally mirror attractions of each other.

Like the, the, the, the track is exactly the same. I don't necessar. And then like, well, the fifth movies on its way, whatever it, I, I don't necessarily think that is what I would put there. One reason is [00:50:00] I'm not sure it belongs there. Number two, I like having Indiana Jones in Disneyland. So I have yet another reason to go other than cozy ConEd and Avenger's campus.

So little Timothy Foster, the long and short answer where I was going with this is what if you made dinosaur re themed to Zootopia. You now have a fun sort of not so wild ride that is less scary than dinosaur. It's more family friendly. It is more updated, quote, unquote, more relevant and potentially for guests, especially with those with young kids becomes more fun.

And that is how you get from tough to be a bug to dinosaur, to Indiana Jones, to, to Nat geo, to Zootopia.

Tim Foster: You just gave, go with me a whole new ,

Lou Mongello: but it works it whole.

Tim Foster: Yeah. Wait, I have a question. So when you go on your Disney plus, cuz I do have Disney plus, and you wanna go watch an episode of the world, according to Jeff Goldblum, aren't I going in national geographics channel.

Isn't that where that is? Are you, uh, and I think we, I think you are. I wanna Google it, but, but don't wanna make a lot of,

Lou Mongello: I don't think the world of gold boom is on NA geo. Lemme tell you something, you wanna watch something that will knock your socks off and even sort of keep it on in the, uh, in the background.

And I know I've said this, like I, a there's a, a series it's a three part series called Japan between earth and sky on that geo. It is literally one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen on screen. Not just because I love Japan and know it's not all about sushi, but it is this beautiful three episode.

Docu-series through the [00:52:00] snow island and the mountain island and, and the, the blue island. If you have a 4k TV, you're gonna want you it's spectacular.

Tim Foster: That's wonderful. Now, back to what I was saying, so the sorry. Now the world, according to Jeff Goldblum, it is, is national geographic national you're correct.

It is national geographic geographic. So when you were saying that I in the back of my mind was, let's just forget it. I want an animatronic, Jeff Goldblum telling me about the wanders of, and he can talk about anything he wants to when I'm in. So I'm there now. That was, that was, that was long convoluted confusing.

And I loved every song. Welcome to

Lou Mongello: my life. that's describe basically everything that I do. There you go.

Tim Foster: Well, let's see, by my count, this is number five. This is it for me, which is good. Cause I'm getting at the end of my list. I kind of as usual, I kind of throw the big ones out. So you don't steal 'em so these are kind of in my honorable mention ones, but you know, I wanna throw this out because I, I will confess.

There may be stuff happening here. And I just don't know about it. And if there is, this would be my clevery of asking you, Lou say what's going on with this area that I don't know about. And I'm going back to Epcot. And my thought was let's once. And for all, do something permanent and, and fun and interactive, and it's there to stay.

Let's do something with the Odyssey restaurant building. Hmm. And as I say this, I, I do ask you cuz I don't know. I never know what's going on with this. Are there any plans for the Odyssey or is it in its perpetual? It's doing this, it's doing this. We don't know who knows. Is, is that where it is or is there news coming or are you thinking there may be news coming about this?

Lou Mongello: You know, I was there a few weeks ago and they took out the Epcot exhibit [00:54:00] right in the middle. Yeah. Unfortunately, which I thought was beautiful. Very well done. And I liked having that sort. Throw back to sort of the preview center, right. Of what is coming for mm-hmm it's in this weird space right now because it serves a very needed and viable purpose for the festivals.

It is a place where it is a festival sort of marketplace in there it's indoors, it's air conditioned. It has a ton of standing and seating areas. There was this weird sort of DJ thing going on during the last festival. I, it didn't sort of feel quote unquote right to me but I digress, I don't know Tim because of it's utilization for festivals and for special events.

And I do believe it is a space that can be re rented out for, you know, quote unquote corporate type events. I'm not sure if it's in the cross hairs of this is a space that we can. And should re them. I also don't know because of where it's situated, the way it's built over that sort of, I mean, let's call it what it is.

There's a giant sinkhole in front. It's why, that, that there's a water feature in front of it. Right, right. I don't know if you could put something else into that space again, it's also a one story building. It has the kitchen behind it, but I, I could be completely off. All

Tim Foster: right. Well, that being said, let's put it in the cross hairs and let's do something with it once and for all.

And it's, it's funny, cuz you were saying that I, I know it stands, it it's used for special events and that the festivals and uh, press events and other things, but. I, I don't, I'm not one of those that thinks, well, you can't do anything with the building because it does serve a function. It does all these things.

I think it's more like, I just feel like it's backwards. It's we use the building for these functions, cuz it's there. It doesn't mean you have to use it cuz mean you go to the other parks there aren't I get the magic [00:56:00] kingdom. I can't think like there's a similar nondescript, huge building in the middle of the park that just gets used for different stuff, you know?

So, um, so let's do something. I don't know if FCON needs another restaurant, which is what the Odyssey started as, um, but space 20 or even another counter service since you have connections now, which is fabulous by the way. Um, I wouldn't say no to more food, but if, if it's felt that that's not necessary, you could certainly transform it into an experience.

Maybe not a full blown attraction, although I would not. B one to object to let's bring back some version of horizons type of attraction there. And by the way, you can put, I think technically it is part of world celebration. Now, as you draw the lines on the map, the, with spaceship birth and imagination, but you'll look at a map, it would totally makes sense to belong to world discovery and hence take on a more future forward looking scientific kind of thing.

You know, mission space and so forth. Um, you could make it a film. You could make it a, a mini intervention since we don't have that now, um, redo something like that. Maybe it could be an interventions kind of thing, which could be an ever changing experience. But one, that's always an experience cuz I like every time I go, if it's not a festival, it's just a, nothing nothing's going on there.

It's just the building you walk around when you're trying to take the, that shortcut to Mexico from test track. Um, and even in festivals, it's a walkthrough. Um, that kind of thing, when they had the Appco experience, that was really cool. That that's the case. There's something to actually go in and see and spend some time at.

So it'd be cool to turn, to turn that building. See, it just seems like a, an underutilized area building that's there and you, it could be an, an attraction, whatever it could be. Uh, I thought one thing that could be cool again, I keep, I keep going back is leaning into [00:58:00] the. Epcot original plans of the city and so forth.

But if you're gonna follow in the world's celebration thing, we're gonna have that. Walt is the dreamers point area and all that. It would be cool to maybe in that building, you have like a Walt Disney presents kind of experience, but at Epcot, but this is more really diving into what Epcot was going to be and how it got to be this.

And you could cleverly design it in such a way to walkthrough that part of the original city, there was going to be an international marketplace. That was part of what Disney plan and that sort of morphed into what became world showcase. So play that up, lean into a talk about it, have some food from all around the world, which I think they did at one point or no, the world's fair.

They did that in 1964 in New York. Um, but have it be a ni a cool way to transition from. World discovery celebration into world showcase, cuz that's how the city was going to operate was kind of the, in the, in that middle part of the city, you had these, this, the corporations coming in and showcasing their technologies to the future, combined with this international marketplace where we shared culture and stuff.

So married it to and let people know what was the history of Epcot and explore it and, and have some fun, but make it just something more permanent and more of an, an honest goodness destination instead of that weird building, we all walk around or through depending on what time of year its

Lou Mongello: so I like that idea, right?

I, I like the idea and, and in sort of keeping with the, the, you know, the rules as we laid out were not sort of gutting this space. We're not turning it into something that it's not. And from when it first opened in 1982, it has always been a restaurant, right. It has been a quick service restaurant when it was just mm-hmm the Odyssey restaurant and it was very sort of pedestrian, right?

Burgers and fries and hot dogs and things like that. If you go back to show 6 71. I know you remember this very vividly, Tim, we talked about yeah. To us, some ideas for a themed dining experience based on Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and so wars. [01:00:00] But I do like the idea. Of the Odyssey itself, both in physical space and culinary wise, being a gateway from future world into world showcase.

And I think there's opportunity here to represent cultures and flavors that might not have a pavilion on the promenade, or even be represented during one of the festivals, but have. A rich cultural and culinary tradition. Right. So if we're not going to, I mean, I know we have things like cocoa and, um, and, and some of the, some other cultures sort of represented in the pavilions that are there, but I think there's a lot of other, you could even almost tie it into, if you wanna bring some IP in, you could tie it into other films that might not necessarily have that culture represented in world showcase itself.

Look, I, I talked last week about how I would love to see in Canto. And I think we will see in Canto somewhere, but if you have this place that has a little sort of bite size portions of flavors from around the world, so you can have like, bunuelo from Columbia, you can have. Hawaiian food from Lilo and stitch, you can have, you know, Southeast Asia right.

In the last dragon. I mean, there's sort of ways that you can tie in to some of the cultures if you wanna bring it to IP. But I, I think you're right, almost like a mini buffet of a culinary journey around the world. I'm starving by the way,

Tim Foster: I can tell

Lou Mongello: Um, alright, so is that your number five?

Tim Foster: Yeah, I have like one, wait, what? I have two they're Mon honorable mention kind of things. Yeah. So this

Lou Mongello: is, so we'll sort of just kind of wrap it up. Cause look, I was [01:02:00] gonna mention, um, in Epcot I was gonna mention the grand Fiesta tour being cocoa, but I think we talked about it last week and I think it's something that may or may not actually be in the works.

I did bounce over to Disney's Hollywood studios. Briefly, because I do think that rock and roller coaster, right, there's been various sort of substantiated rumors that the contract with Aerosmith may or may not have been or been expired. So maybe a re theming is coming for rock and roller coaster. I've heard a lot of people talk about something, Tim, and I'm gonna hand in my Disney card.

Now we've talked about this in the clubhouse and on the live show. And I know I am embarrassed and humiliated. A lot of people are talking about making rock and roller coaster themed after power line from a goofy movie, which I've never seen.

Tim Foster: Do I have to hand in my card? No, I saw the movie, but I don't remember that was listen. It was one of the movies that my daughter watched for like, you know, the movie, your kids will watch for two months straight. Right. And you, it was one of those, but I don't really,

Lou Mongello: but I've also been warned, Lou. Yes. You just brought your daughter to college.

It isn't a very emotional time for you, maybe right now is not the time for you to watch like a goofy

Tim Foster: movie. Yeah.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. So, so maybe this is maybe this is the monsters Inc rollercoaster. Maybe that's what the rollercoaster through boo, you know, with boo and through the doors and visiting all of these crazy places and destinations from around the world.

Tim Foster: Can you do it in two minutes or however long it lasts? Probably.

Lou Mongello: All right. Um,

Tim Foster: I like it though. I, I would love that short and sweet

Lou Mongello: like me one last one, and I don't know what it would be. And I think, again, it's just a matter of time before this happens. [01:04:00] Uh, NBA experience. I wanna say how we miss you. So, but I don't, you didn't last very long.

Um, I would say this should be something like an ESPN, but city works is right there. So maybe this is where you put a Tron end of line club or some sort of wrecked Ralph two theme sort of fun internet space. I don't know. I would actually love to know from you, our friend who listener, like what you would do with that NBA experience.

It's a huge, huge multi-story venue. There's a lot of opportunity there to do something. Um, any, alright. Let's just quickly, any quick, last minute, like honorable mentions, you'd throw in.


Tim Foster: couple real quick. So we, I was just at the contemporary and as people know, there's an incredible theme going on, which yeah, like I hate it, but I'm I know you just invented, we renovated contemporary, renovated it again.

Wow. You kind keep it the way that no, you can keep it. And actually I really like it, but the other thing you have the incredible steaming going. Which is how we're talking about it, but you can also look at it. It's really got a sleek monorail kind of themeing that's going along at the same time. So I'm like, well, leaned into that a hundred percent and let's just ramp that up a whole lot more.

Um, Yeah, even the monorail. So now, now we're picking up on this is it's the monorail, the city future, all that's kind of stuff. Theme the pool to Incredibles, cuz the pool seems to need some theming just sitting there. and then the other thing I've talked about this a zillion times on this show, so I didn't make it one of my things, but making.

Just updating and attraction, not even it steaming with the way it works, uh, with tower of terror, taking the mission of space approach and making a couple versions of it. And I was act that can go slower and faster so everybody can ride it. I was actually trying to think of other attractions in Disney, that you could do that to cuz mission space.

You could do it too. I I'm pretty, I [01:06:00] assume you could do that to the tower of terror, take a version and go slow roller coasters. You couldn't do that on, I, I have to go fast for a reason, I assume to get up the hill so you can't make it that much slower. The only thing I could really think of was like a flight of passage, but that's not that scary in the first place, but, but I think the tower of terror, if you did that, uh, whatever you do themeing in the future, you're gonna change it.

That's a whole other story, but at least making it ex an experience that, you know, everybody could do cuz you know, we're getting guardians and Tron, some attractions that they just be Frank are not for everybody, which is what it is. But, um, So that'd be fun then there's the whole, I didn't really go into it because I'm sure stuff is coming and you were gonna talk about it, but the imagination pavilion as a whole, not, not the right, but ramping up the themeing, doing something upstairs, you know, you, you you've talked about it so long and I, I kind of suspect we're gonna get more info.

I don't know. You may know. Um, so I didn't really dive into it too deep,

Lou Mongello: Tim. I talk about it at length last week, but it's fine if you don't listen. It's it's it's no, no. I was

Tim Foster: in Disney world. What we do stop say, excuse me. I had to go back to my room a, so I didn't go into it. Cause I figured that was something that you, I you've talked about with like me on other shows and certainly recently, and I'm.

Yeah. So I had on list, but not wanna talk about, so those were the quick shots I had.

Lou Mongello: So I will very quickly go through just a couple that I did not flush out too much. Don't come at me, bro. They don't, I didn't. Oh, because some of these, I'm gonna quickly jump back to magic kingdom and I'm gonna give you not one, not two, not three, but four potential possibilities.

The Swiss family Treehouse. I'm not sure Tim, that enough people know the movie or even the story. So [01:08:00] you either won remake the movie, which is okay because 62 years, 62 years. Yikes. Since that movie came out, it's okay. I think enough time has passed. You could remake that amazing story for a new generation.

Here's a thought throw a little lost flare on there just because I love lost. And I would just love to see it in the Disney parks somewhere. Do you re them the magic carpets of a Latin? Mm. Are you asking me or is that re tour? This is another one that I struggle. Here's two more that I, that I legit struggle with Tom Sawyer island.

It's right. It's I love the island again, young kids connection to Tom Sawyer, the stories, hopefully if we're parenting well and teaching well, our kids still should be reading and knowing that it's hard to think about anything else you could do with it. Right. But there might be an opportunity there for some type of living adventure type update.


Tim Foster: yeah, I think I'll stay with that. I, I think that's one of those. If you dare change it, the uproar would be unreal. I I from, oh,

Lou Mongello: but we, as Disney fans do, right? Like we don't probably every time, but we lose our marbles, AKA a adventurous club in maelstrom.

Tim Foster: Right. And like, if, even if you just redeemed it, that being said, though, cuz I've talked about this.

I think for, for, for what? She said kids little, if you have little kids these days, I don't think anybody has the faint idea who Tom Sawyer is. And to, so to them ostensibly who this areas for none of this means anything, unless, you know, you sat them down and made, 'em watch the movies, but you probably didn't in which, which case they really don't know who it is.

So I think you could redeem it to something that would be a lot more appealing to kids and stuff. But yeah, the uproar I'm thinking Mr. Toad's wild ride uproar. That's what kind of uproar you'd

Lou Mongello: have. But yeah, listen, there's still some people that wanna bring back toed. Like if you're gonna redeem anything, re them poo and bring back toed.

[01:10:00] Right. I don't think that's gonna happen. Um, and last and possibly least. Very quickly. There are, there are a couple of properties that Disney now owns that I would love to see in the parks somewhere. Somehow some way Disney owns Firefly Disney owns that space, Western Josh Whedon Firefly series, and the serenity film find a way to put it somewhere, including potentially Rema and back on Disney plus, uh, they also own night of the museum, which I think would be an amazing entry into, yes, the Disney parks and Disney also owns Kingsman.

And I dunno if you've ever seen Kingsman, it's not necessarily the most family friendly thing, but I think it's a really cool, um, franchise and story. Look again with the acquisition of all the properties he Disney has, they have such a wide. Spectrum of characters and stories and fun and adventures that they could choose from.

And that's what this list was completely about was just us. And hopefully you having fun. I would love to know, and Tim would wouldn't won't listen, but I'm sure he would like to know as well, what your thoughts are telling me in terms of what place or space you would re them. There's a lot of different ways you could let us know.

I will pose this question in the clubhouse at WW radio.com/clubhouse. It is our fun, friendly family friendly group over on Facebook or better yet call the voicemail. I'll play it on the air. Let me know where you would re them what you would re them it to. Please don't yell at me about some of the things that I said, like Pinocchio's village house by calling 4 0 7, 909 3 9 1 that's 4 0 7, 900 WD w one.

And then when you put your phone back on the receiver and wind your cord up from across the room, then, and only then [01:12:00] you need to go to celebrations, press.com. Because according to my sources, there is not only amazing magazines and podcasts and all kinds of stuff going on there, but there is a brand spanking new, as long as we're talking about Epcot and the changes that are possibly coming.

So Tim gonna have to redo it all over again. There's a new Epcot book launched by one Timmy foster.

Tim Foster: Well, I'll happily make a new book in a few years, but yeah, we just launched our newest book. It's Epcot at 40. Um, it's a, it's a full color, hard cover coffee table keeps thick book like our 50th 50 years of Wal Disney world magic book that we did last year.

And this looks back on all four decades of that co goes all the way back to Walt Disney's vision of a city of the future, how it morphed into the park. We know today, all the attractions, all the lands, all the experiences, tons of photos, tons of fun facts. So much fun to put together. I think I cried the whole way through, through the memories, but, um, so that's on sale now.

The book itself is coming in October. We have a free monorail spaceship pin we made that'll go with it. So go over to celebrations, press.com. You can check out all the details to get a glimpse of what's inside and enjoy that Epcot magic. When the big celebration rolls around in

Lou Mongello: I'm literally typing. Wow.

You weren't kidding this time. It actually is beautiful. It's a big, it's a big, beautiful book. Wait a minute. Did you leave out the fact that it's not one, not two. It's not like a 30 page book. A six? No, no. Two hundred eight, two hundred and

Tim Foster: eight pages. 208 full color pages. Mind you?

Lou Mongello: Yeah. Wow. By that, that's a lot.

That's a lot. I imagine that's a lot. And look at that pin. You know what I think would order my myself, one of these right now, there you. Just say that was your cue to be like, no, Lou, don't worry. I'll send you one.

Tim Foster: You, [01:14:00] you literally, you literally cut me off as I was about to say it's okay. Lou, I have your set aside right here, but Hey, if you wanna, Hey,

Lou Mongello: that's well, that's awesome.

Definitely go and check it out at celebrations, press.com. I will link to that in this week's show notes, go out and give to me foster some love. And if you have an idea for a top 10, that you would like us to cover, make sure you email me, Lou WW, radio.com, and we'll add it to the long and still growing list of topics.

Little to me, foster man, to know you is to love you. I know you and I love and appreciate you brother. Thank you so much right

Tim Foster: back at you, my friend,

Lou Mongello: you just can't say the words like you just can't come out and say like, I love you, Lou. Thank you. Thank you. Say it one more time. So I get it clean

Tim Foster: Lou. If my heart were, I love you, buddy.

so I ran an out of metaphorical

Lou Mongello: fun there. You're like Tim Curry and home alone too. I love you, sir. I love you.

I'm happy you got that reference.