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WDW Radio # 692 – Ten Memorable Moments from Disney’s D23 Expo 2022

We look back at Disney’s D23 Expo 2022 and share our Ten Memorable Moments. From the panels and presentations to the show floor and the people, we react, reflect, and respond to the weekend, and what it may mean going forward in the parks and on screen. I’ll then share a short, personal story from my Expo experience and my thoughts and impressions with you.

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Lou Mongello: [00:00:00] Some things are worth waiting for. And I think that's true in many respects, including when it comes to Disney and that's gonna have additional meaning and context during our discussion today. But I think it also applies to Disney's D23 Expo because after being postponed last year, for obvious reasons, the expo returned to the Anaheim convention center, September 9th through the 11th for what was the biggest expo yet.

And when I say bigger, I mean it more panels, more presentations, more people more to see and do. And more to react, reflect and respond to, and like the expo itself, there's no way to do and cover it all. So after a little bit of rest and recuperation today, we're gonna share our 10 ish memorable moments from Disney's D23 Expo 2022.

And while I may have my own sort of personal thoughts, um, everybody does who was there or followed online because this is a very sort of subjective look at what we feel the most memorable moments are, which is why I brought along some friends and family to discuss. I wanna first welcome back, Becky Mankin from MEI and mouse.

Fan travel

Beci Mahnken: is so good to be back to talk about this wonderful experience we just had. I, I can't

Lou Mongello: wait Becky Mankin by the way, perennially living in hotel rooms and cruise ship state rooms. Thank you for making time for being here today, Jeremiah. Good from laughing laughingplace.com.

Jeremiah Good: Lou. It is always a pleasure.

I got to spend more time with you than probably anybody else. That's this expo. So I'm glad we can talk about it and well, talk about

Lou Mongello: what we can, I'm not going to say that spending time with you helped really make this my best expo at yet. Well, I just did because it it's actually true. Uh, and someone else who's here who was [00:02:00] in a stroller when the very first expo launched and now towers over me, my son, Nicholas mano, nothing

Nicolas Mongello: really happened at this expo.

It was kinda lame, honestly.

Lou Mongello: I disagree. I think expo was a lot, right. We all sort of talked about this. Really kind of from day one and I continued and continued to describe it as wonderfully overwhelming in the best possible way. So Becky, Jeremiah and Nicholas, give me a, a word or a single sentence to express your impressions and feelings about expo.

Beci Mahnken: You always make me go first when I have to think

Lou Mongello: about these things, I believe in ladies first. So when you,

Beci Mahnken: when you, when you leave it to just one word that's difficult, um, overwhelming, um, Overstimulating, I guess would, would be too, just because it had been three years, I kind of had forgotten just how intense that experience can be from everything on the floor, to all the announcements and to all of the people.

It, it really was overwhelming in a

Jeremiah Good: good way. I, I think I would probably go with, uh, and this is, you know, as cliche as I can get magical. I, I think I had so much fun. This expo. I'm still recovering a week later.

Lou Mongello: There's definitely a post expo recovery time. Like it's a real thing, not just the exhaustion from the expo end, your feet needed just to get off your feet for a couple of days, but just the, the overwhelm.

Um, and literally like having to take some time to think about all these things. Nicholas, what about for. The best

Nicolas Mongello: way to describe it would be, there was just a lot happening at the same time. Like you'd be coming out of a panel and then have to run to another one. And then after run to go see someone, and it was just so much going on in a really good way, but it was just.

Lou Mongello: A lot. [00:04:00] Yeah. And, and with that good, I think sometimes comes again. I use the word wonderful intentionally because there's also like frustration because you can't be everywhere all at once and you can't see everything all at the same time, but hopefully you've had some time to distill your thoughts down a little bit and take an overwhelming three days and narrow down your sort of personal, because it is, I said, it's a very subjective list, your personal list of memorable moments from expo.

And that can be, and I probably should have told you this before we started recording, but it could be anything that happened in a panel on the show floor to you personally, whatever it is, because I think expo while it is this wonderful group event, it's also a. Personal event too. And sometimes some of the most wonderful things that happen happen, not on a, a macro scale, but on a micro scale and Becky like it or not.

I still do believe in ladies first. My dad raised me. Right. So please feel free to share your first magical moment. I'm sure this is gonna be overlap. We will discuss as we hit them all. And then Jeremiah, Nicholas, and then I will go. So please, uh, the floor and the microphone are yours.

Beci Mahnken: Wow. Thank you for that.

I think because as I'm looking at my list, I, I don't, it's hard to say this was the most important memorable moment because there were so, so many, but I think that I'm gonna first gravitate towards the, just the energy of the people where so many of us have been well, so many people have been, um, cooped up for two and a half years and not seeing other people and not being part of that Disney experience.

I talked to. So many that just came to the booth and said, this is the first time I've traveled since March of 2020. And this was the important thing for me to be here and be with the Disney fans and to see the cosplay, to see that creativity and just to be together. So I, I think [00:06:00] one of the moments that hit me most was when they said the doors were open on that first day.

And you saw the people streaming in to run to wherever they were going, whether it be to a panel or to a booth or to come see us. Um, I, I had more hugs in three days at expo than I think I've had in the last two and a half years. And. That is what sticks most in my head is seeing the faces and getting those hugs and not having to talk through a mask and just soaking in all that wonderful, vibrant energy that the Disney fan community has to offer.

That was the, the first and foremost thing that sticks in my head.

Lou Mongello: I actually had this last on my list because I thought it was, I, I sort of balanced between, do I do it first? Because it's the first thing that came to mind. Yeah. Or I save it to last because I think it's the most important part and to, well, didn't specify

Beci Mahnken: that we were going from one to 10

Lou Mongello: or 10 to one, I told, I told you that you, you attack your list.

However, it feels right for you. Right. I want this to be your list, not me telling you what your list should be. And I wanna the last need more instruction. I will send you a dossier before every time we record. Thank you. I do believe that. Yes. It takes people to make a dream reality, but it takes people to make events like this special, Jeremiah, Nicholas, you all, we all love doing, not just expo, but ComicCons and fan conventions.

We lost that for so long and there's no way to replicate online or on social, the energy, the essence, the, the, the, the feeling of having like-minded people, wherever your fandom might lie. But like-minded people together in that, you know, parenthetical one room,

Jeremiah Good: Jeremy. [00:08:00] I, I, I cannot agree more. And just like you, Lou, this, that was the top of mind.

Thanks Becky for, you know, setting it low while we set it high. Um, , you know, uh, I had the chance to go to San Diego ComicCon earlier this year. And while that is. One of my happy places. D 23 has been my home since oh nine. Like I've been every single expo, uh, each year or each time it's gotten bigger, more, more, more teeth, more fun.

And you know, to sound completely cheesy, the chance to hang out with you, Lou, Becky, Nicholas, everybody, you know, laughing place had a booth. So we were all, we all had that chance to, well, we almost had that chance to kind of decompress and hang out with our friends a little bit. But those few moments, I mean, I, I will say one of my all-time favorite times is waiting for the, uh, the DEP the parks experiences product panel with all of us standing in line together.

Like half awake, but enjoying the time together, cuz yeah, we've had times where we've all been the chance to hang out a little bit, but that was all of us, you know, half awake, um, excited for what was coming and sharing something that, you know, we, we, as a small group can share those memories forever,

Lou Mongello: but like that's part of the fun, right?

Part of the fun is getting up early and getting in line and yes, we might complain about it and it's hard and it's awful, but it, there is something to that, right? Hols we've how many times have we done that? Not just here but elsewhere. and while it's awful getting up at two o'clock in the morning, sometimes three o'clock in the morning.

We also, sometimes can't sleep because of just how excited we are.

Nicolas Mongello: I a hundred percent agree in all the rooms that you had to get up at 3, 4, 5 to get into. You could tell the energy in those rooms were higher than it's ever been [00:10:00] before. Cuz everyone has been stuck in their houses for the past few years.

And it's been waiting to come back to different conventions like D 23. So everyone's just so happy to be back and like be in the

Lou Mongello: magic again. Yeah, there, it's almost a wonderful nervousness, right? Because you don't know what's gonna happen once you get in the room, we're, we're waiting for all these surprises that, and I'm sure we'll get to that many of us speculate on and set high expectations for, and I think that's some of the things that, that I loved watching other people as much as I loved just sort of being there, you know, present for myself.

So I agree with you a thousand percent, uh, Jeremiah, what is first on your list?

Jeremiah Good: Um, first on my. I would have to say is walking into the arena and seeing Walt's plane. Um, that for me was one of the things when they announced it almost a year ago that, uh, Amazon was bringing Walt's plane and they're going to rejuvenate it and bring it back to a way it looked.

I kind of pictured the last memory I have of it is it's sitting rotting on the back lot at Disney Hollywood studios with the googly eyes, cuz it was a car is themed or I'm sorry, planes themed, um, time and then walking in and seeing it just amazing. And it wasn't just seeing the plane there, but seeing it in an arena and you kind of go, how did they do this?

And it looks spectacular. The displays, the archives really went all out for it. And you know, it it's one of those things that you've always heard the stories about. Yes, you may have seen it on the back lot, right in the studio tour a few times, but to see it. Brought back to its original state and hear the stories from the Imagineers and the archivists that were there.

It was just, that was one of those. It brought it back to Walt for me.

Lou Mongello: And, and I agree, and it was really one, I mean, I think for us, it was the first [00:12:00] thing that we saw and I, I commented internally into, to, to Becky Klein from the archives and a few of the other people that were there again, like you, I said, how do they do this?

Right? How do they not only recondition this plane, but get this into the arena and get it across the country. Because I always like fascinated by the logistics, but I said it at the beginning of the expo, I said it at the end of the expo to a number of people, I said, thank you so much for. Remembering waltz in the way that you did and putting him and his legacy on display from the plane to the archives, to a lot of the other little elements throughout the expo, the plane was obviously the most sort of largest and most visual part of that.

But mm-hmm, Walt's presence at expo was very meaningful for, for me and seeing the plane again, it looks, it looks gorgeous and we all know who live in Florida. Yeah. What the sun can, what the sun can do when you leave a vehicle outside for years, the, the plane

Beci Mahnken: was one of the things that was high on my list.

Um, as I was looking through the announcements as to what was gonna be there and what the, uh, the panels would be and everything that kept gravitating to the plane and I'm, I'm really. Um, when I walked in there, I was very overwhelmed because like you said, they really made her look good. She's beautiful.

As compared to what it, the last time I saw it sitting in the back lot, and I loved all of the other little pieces of, um, of history that they had around it. So it wasn't just walking and looking at a plane, you got to see pictures and you got to see memories. And like you said, talking to the Imagineers and others who around it, so you could hear the stories behind it.

And I've really appreciated that they brought it all the way across the country, which made me think, how are they gonna get it back?

Jeremiah Good: that's they're not, they're just driving it down the road to Palm Springs. That's exactly. Uh, one of my favorite parts of that display was Walt's actual seat. They had that on [00:14:00] display mm-hmm and when I was talking to some of the arch archive, I believe Jeffrey was the one who was sharing this story.

They, they took it to the, uh, the shop at the studios and they built or rebuilt the inside panel for that window and the seat. Um, I mean, if you didn't get a chance to see the display, it will be in the Palm Springs air museum come later or early next year. But the, there are photos everywhere of the updates and everyth and all the different displays in there.

So it's something to go check.

Lou Mongello: Yeah, I loved it. And you have the, if you have the opportunity to go and see it, um, I certainly recommend it,

Nicolas Mongello: the plane, the way they were able to take that like old plane that was sitting on the backlog for years and years and years and years, and just rejuvenate it and bring the life back into it.

Like when Walt had, it was incredible to me and how they were able to recapture exactly what the plane was.

Lou Mongello: All right. Nicholas, what was number one on your list of, of memorable moment moments or, or impressive moments from expo?

Nicolas Mongello: The number one moment for me, like the first thing that came to my mind when I was writing my list, like five minutes ago was sitting in the parks and resort.

Um, presentation and seeing the figment balloon from our booth pop up on the screen, like me and Becky like looked at each other and were like, oh my God, it's actually there. .

Lou Mongello: So to give just a little bit of, of context to this, uh, every year since, uh, 2011, uh, Becky and I. First D 20 through expo WW radio had a booth mouse, van travel had a booth right next to it.

We decided to tear down the wall. We made it one giant sort of collective community booth. And, and we've been together doing the booth at expo ever since that following year in 2011, um, I have a friend Larson who introduced me to a friend of his, who is. Not [00:16:00] just a incredibly talented musician, but a remarkably talented balloon artist and long story longer.

He was willing to come out and create onsite balloon sculptures for us every single year that we've been at expo. We had Becky, what was it? A, a 12 foot tall sor and Mickey hat in 2011, we had a Disney cruise line ship that literally hung over the booth in 2013. We've had an add at Walker, a group, a Spider-Man small pieces, like a, a flounder and a gauntlet and the caps shield and, and balloon columns every year, not just a sort of.

Just be sort of attracting attractive things to the booth, but sort of iconic elements that people can come by and take pictures with. And in preparing for this year's event, we sort of tossed around a lot of ideas. And I said, you know what? I think we need to hedge our bets, that we're going to get the imagination announcement of an update, or at least just sort of embrace the 40th anniversary of Epcot.

And everybody's lovable little mascot figment. And that

Beci Mahnken: worked so beautifully because we knew even if we didn't get an announcement, we knew that it is so beloved that people would love it anyway. Right. And that was actually number two on my list. It's the, you know, the big figment in the room. Um, I remember walking in because John is an amazing artist and he had a couple of friends helping him put this together.

It took him from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM to create this nine foot figment, which I, I think it was like a. A foot over what we're supposed to, but who cares? And I turned the corner to see the final product and I, I start crying. It was so cute and so adorable and so perfect. Um, I knew that the attendees of, of the expo were going to love it as much as we did.

And sure enough, Nick and I are sitting [00:18:00] next to each other in that panel. And he was making, Josh was making the announcement that, uh, that figment was going to come back to the park and we looked at each other and sure enough, there were four pictures of figment and three of them included our balloon.

And I, I started getting texts from people and we, we couldn't believe it. It was, it was such a great nod to what we had created in the booth and what John had created in the booth, uh, to, to show up on the parks panel at, uh, presentation. That was amazing.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. Huge. Congratulations. And thanks to John Reed.

He is from epic Epica balloons. I'll link to it. He's epic balloons on Instagram and I'll link to his work on, uh, in the, in the

Beci Mahnken: show notes. Yeah. Follow him too, because he posts all the stuff that he does and you get to see a lot of us, his creation. So he's, he's amazing.

Lou Mongello: And he's just like the nicest guy on the planet too.

So love and, and huge. Thanks to John Reid. And I, we might as well say this here and forgive me if I'm stealing somebody as long as we're talking about figment. I, I think, especially for us who were there, you know, the, the expo is three very, very long days, but this year there was something about it that made them go very, very fast.

And there is this bittersweet moment when seven o'clock comes on Sunday and, and everyone is, is asked to leave and the lights go down, they turn the air conditioner off and it's time to break down the booth. Huge. Thanks again, to, to Corey Bassett. He is the keeper of the box. He is the, the, my man in the chair, in the booth.

All he wanted to do was one thing he said, please just let me see if I could climb inside figment at the end of expo. And he did. And he ran up and down the aisles for what might be the funniest moment I've ever had at expo. I posted on social. I'll share it again in, uh, in the show notes, but watching Corey forget Corey watching giant balloon figment run up and down the aisles was hysterical.

It even

Nicolas Mongello: started to attract like [00:20:00] other people from other boots. And they were like, why is figment running up and down the aisle? It was the audience part of the X bubble,

Jeremiah Good: in my opinion, that was definitely one following. Like I looked at that on Instagram that just started laughing at first. I thought it was you because that, that balloon doesn't seem like nine feet tall for me.

Um, one of the other great things about that balloon is. I there're always the stories of the 64 65. World's fair, where people said, oh, meet me at the tower of the four winds for its small world. I literally told people, meet me at the figment balloon. so that's, that was like the main mean point. Cause everybody that walked the floor knew about the figment balloon.

I love it. Beautiful

Lou Mongello: to see. Yeah, he did. He does, uh, does amazing work.

Beci Mahnken: That was so cool. And yeah. Thank you Corey, for giving me the laugh of the century, because when we figured out it only took one moving, removing one balloon to allow a, a human being to jump in side of that to walk. I, I laughed so hard.

I was crying and I. I, I, I got a video that finally went viral. Thanks, Corey. I appreciate that. , it's got some, it was just hilarious and all the people around had their cameras out and it was a good way to end three days of, of being on our feet.

Lou Mongello: So for me, when I was crafting my list, I didn't go in with any sort of intent while I wanna do parks first, or I wanna do movies first.

I just let, I sort of just do a brain dump and let them just fall onto a list. And I'm going to go with the first thing that I ended up dropping on my list. And I am not normally one, maybe sometimes I am four superlatives, but I think the most fun surprise of the weekend can be summarized in three words, Rogers, the musical, when Kevin Figgy got on [00:22:00] stage and we all know of our, of our love and appreciation of, of Kevin.

When he got on stage, the first thing he said and, and what look, couple things. One thing I love about Kevin foggy, not just beyond the work that he does, if you notice when Kevin foggy steps on stage, whether it is at a ComicCon, whether it's expo, he does not use a teleprompter and not there's anything wrong with using a teleprompter, but he does not use a teleprompter, which I think really is a Testament to him and his authenticity and his fandom.

And he casually talks about you don't even feel that there's a buildup coming, but he's casually talking about. He's been coming to expo for years and he, you know, he watches all the performances for the studios and, and Disney plus and, and that the D Disney family brings on stage. And he talk about how, like, you know, I've always been a little bit jealous too.

Like why can't we get our own musical number? Well, the lights dim, they come back up and we are treated to this incredible performance of, I could do this all day from that sort of show within a show Rogers, the musical in last year's Disney plus series Hawkeye, and I don't mean one or two performance like performers with a backtrack.

There were 22 performers, a six piece live rhythm section, a composer, and the conductor mark shaman was there who wrote the song for Hawkeye? Um, it was incredible to see it the first time on screen in Hawkeye. It was even better to see it on stage. It was a love letter and a gift to fans, maybe a little bit of a fun jab at Spider-Man turn off the dark from Broadway in 2011.

But for me, it was one of the, just the most joyful moments I had inside any of the panels.

Beci Mahnken: Yeah, joyful is a great word for that. And I have a suggestion because it went over so well, maybe they should move that production into the Hyperion theater in DCA. I think that would be [00:24:00] fantastic, but you're right. I, that was so unexpected. It was a moment that was a crowd pleaser from the first note.

And again, joyous laughter through the entire thing. It was a, a great idea. Kudos to whoever had that and pulled it

Nicolas Mongello: off. It was such a great surprise. Like the way it just came out of nowhere. I would've never bet in a million years that they were gonna do a live performance musical number at the Marvel panel it was such a great surprise and all the performers and all, and everyone did such a great job on stage, like make a full Broadway show out of that.

It was fantastic.

Jeremiah Good: Well for me, I wasn't in that panel. Uh I sadly was covering everything else during those, like I missed the animation and the live action panels cause I was on duty for other things. But coming off of that, I do have to say it was hilarious to listen to Josh, make fun of Kevin and that production in the parks panel where he is like, I can do this too.

And then we got the amazing productions, which we'll talk about later on. I'm sure.

Lou Mongello: Um, Becky what's next on your list?

Beci Mahnken: Uh, much like you, I didn't try to put these in categories and I just started writing them out. So the first thing was those energy of the people. The second was. A moment that was unexpected for me, which was when, um, Harrison Ford took the stage and they had announced, uh, Indiana Jones and his speech to everybody.

He teared up, he got emotional and I wasn't expecting that from him. I'm, I'm expecting, you know, strong Indiana Jones to come out and talk about this wonderful adventure that he's going to take us on. And [00:26:00] he got so emotional and teared up, which made me tear up, which made me like him even more cause his, the humanity of, of the moment.

Um, and, and for his age, I mean, he looks great for his age. Don't get me wrong, but to pull off this type of movie and what he's doing at his age is incredibly important and amazing. And his emotional outpouring about it shows just how much he loves it. And he loves the production and the people he works with and the fans as well.

And that, that really did have a, um, Uh, that emotional memorable

Lou Mongello: moment for me, this was very high on my list, uh, for a number of reasons. And it has nothing to do with Indiana Jones. It has to do, like you said, Becky with Harrison Ford, right? We've known Harrison Ford has been part of our lives, the zeitgeist for, you know, Harrison, Ford's 80, right.

And, and mm-hmm, , he's brought this character to life for more than 40 years. And what I loved about it is exactly what you said. I loved seeing the emotional side to a performer who let's be honest, often acknowledges that a lot of the roles that we see him in and love him in including, but not limited to hand solo are to use his words, just a job.

Right. He talks about how he's in the storytelling business, and it is a job for him. And. That apparent lack of passion can sometimes come across in a way that's off putting to fans who not only love the character, but who love the actor who portrays. We want to believe like he lives eats, breathes, and sleeps, Indiana Jones and Han solo.

And maybe he doesn't. And I think that that can come across a lot of different ways to people. And again, whether it's, you know, disappointing or, or, or even rude, but when he talked and that emotion that came out was clearly authentic, or he is at the [00:28:00] remarkable actor that we know him to be, but I believe that it was authentic.

He thanked us right. For making the films an incredible experience for everybody. Um, he held back tears. He had to pause as the crowd cheered him on and he talked about how proud he was of the production. He acknowledged, you know, his co-stars Phoebe Waller bridge and. He talked about the humanity of the stories, not just in sort of the, the human story to tell, but to use his word to a movie, that's gonna kick your butt as it is.

Um, he also was very honest saying, this is it right? I'm not gonna fall down for you ever again. So the fact that he brought the human side of Harrison Ford really made that part of the present. I mean, that was one of my favorite parts of the entire weekend was seeing the human side of Harrison Ford, uh, Nick, Jeremiah, anything.

Jeremiah Good: Uh, so for me, this was, again, one of those moments I wasn't in the room for, uh, but hearing about that, like I'm out on the floor, I'm in a different panel and I'm looking at social media and hearing about how he teared up. That it's amazing that, you know, we've done how many exposed now? This is the seventh one.

Um, and every time there's at least one major surprise and Harrison Ford walking at, I think it's gonna be very hard to talk. The person who, as you said, has been a part of our lives since we were very little kids that was, you know, amazing for everybody's in that room for me, my favorite part that has tie with that, and this was actually gonna be my next thing.

So we'll just kind of mm-hmm carry over. Uh, was the floor in the Lucas films booth. They actually had Indie's costume and two of the other characters and it was from Indy five, but nobody. [00:30:00] I stood there for probably 20 minutes. Just don't tell my boss that I stood in one place for 20 minutes. Um, and I just saw people walk by thinking it was just Indie's costume, not reading the plaque that says Indy five or the concept art that was for Indy five.

And seeing that, and then walking up to one of the Lucas film folk and going this hasn't been seen before. They're like, Nope, this is brand new. And nobody has picked up on it. It, it was just, again, D 23 knows how to spoil us. They, they know how to treat the people that are dedicated that walk in. You know, they could have just had like the star wars costumes, they had the, some of the upcoming stuff, but they also had Darth Vader.

They had the Willow stuff. It was for a booth that I think a lot of people overlooked other than getting the free stuff that they'd hand out every now and then. There were surprises in every corner of that booth. And that's really, the floor was, this was probably the busiest floor as far as things to see and do since the first expo.

Like I know that I missed things. I'm seeing stuff on social media that I still like, wait, where was that?

Lou Mongello: Yeah, we didn't even get over to Becky. And I were to, we didn't even get over to hallway until really the second half of the, of the last day. And I agree Jeremiah sometimes seeing props and pieces and costumes from these films and characters that we love so much in the Lucas film booth on the sides of the Marvel booth.

Seeing not just from the big screen, but from Disney plus I freaked out when I saw moon night. I, I, I also love seeing the costumes and, and not even having to do like a walkthrough exhibit. They're just there on display for you to take in at your leisure.

Nicolas Mongello: The Lucas film booth the way that it featured, not just star wars, but the Indiana Jones, five things.

And the Willow stuff [00:32:00] was really, really great in terms of being able to show all their different things. And I think that you're right, Jeremiah, that the booth was kind of overlooked by a lot of people, but the end of details and little hidden things inside that booth was incredible. So I, a hundred percent agree,

Lou Mongello: Nick, what is, um, what is next on your list?

Nicolas Mongello: So the next thing on my. Would probably be just the announcements made at the marvels panel, like overall after Rogers, the musical came out and they showed the trailers for a numerous different titles, Antman the wasp where off by night, that was like my highlight of that panel and the Waka forever trailer.

Like those three were the three trailers that really stood out to me in terms of getting me excited for those films coming

Lou Mongello: out. Was there one of the Marvel announcements, the question to all of you was there and I'm, and I'm sure you have these on your list, but for all for you, Nicholas, was there one Marvel announcement that excited you the most.

Nicolas Mongello: The one that excited me the most by far was wel finite because it's the most, it's one of the most unique things that I think Marvel has and will ever do in terms of the character's gonna introduce and how was made like the film being in black and white with all those details like that you'd see in a 1930s, 1940s horror film, I think that's just so unique and so incredible and like the different, like you really, really obscure characters that we're gonna see in that like the man thing and the world of finite.

I think that made me the most excited of all the announcements at that.

Lou Mongello: Yeah, man, let's talk about it. Ol my night was very high on my list. Um, I, I, I love the retro nod and sort of that, that Vincent Price vibe that this black and white trailer has to it. And if you're not familiar with well, Wolf by night, it is based on, uh, the Marvel comic run or runs of the same name.

We've heard rumors about this coming to Disney plus for some time, one thing I did not realize is that one of [00:34:00] my favorite modern composers, Michael Jacquino, I love you and lost. And many other things, uh, is hemming the project and it portrays, uh, Jack Russell, who is the original WOL in the comics who was actually interacted with a lot of other iconic characters, including iron man.

It's where moon night made his first appearance. So it's all connected, but I love not just the fact that this is this one off special. Not, it's not a series, it's just a one off special show. That's gonna debut October 7th. That is not just retro and not just black, black, and white bringing in characters like a man thing, but it is going to be this interesting balance and, and blended dichotomy of being fun and scary all at the same time.

And even the introduction like that special presentation introduction reminded me of those late seventies, early eighties, even sort of late sixties intros that we got on channel nine and channel 11, like back in New Jersey, you know, growing up as a kid, uh, you know, around Halloween time. So I'm with uni, Nicholas super excited for wel by night.


Jeremiah Good: I whereof by night is anytime they venture out of. The mainstream characters. I mean, yes, Ironman, wasn't a mainstream character until the movie came out. Really. He was always at third level, but world by night, especially man thing, man, thing's always been one of those characters that is, you know, yes.

The swamp thing and man thing, you probably can't tell him too much part unless you're fans, but it it's, it's not the norm. It's venturing into that dark side, which hopefully opens up the doors for more. I mean, it took the guardians of the galaxy to open up the. Kind of the cosmic realm for everything.

So hopefully this will venture more to that. I mean, I'm, I'm guessing we may get a surprise, [00:36:00] uh, appearance by blade in this, because that would be a great introduction. And then we'll start to see more of that. So that will be something that I'm looking forward to definitely come into Marvel or Disney plus I

Lou Mongello: can't zero idea.

Right? I

Beci Mahnken: had, I had zero idea what was popping up on the screen. I'm like, wait a minute. This black and white thing wears. Okay. Cause, alright, I'm not as into the comic books as you guys clearly were and are, uh, so a lot of this stuff sometimes is like, wow, that's kind of cool. How did they come up with that?

Oh, it's been in a comic book for, you know, 30, some odd years. Um, I'm excited about that. I, I love a little dark and twisty, so that looks like it's gonna have some, some, some fun attached to it. But for me personally, what I was really excited about was the, um, announcement of the thunderbolts and who each of them were going to be and how it was gonna come together.

And it, it's really kind of exciting to see the fringe of the, uh, of, of the MCU kind of come together in a strange way. And I know that this is, has some root in comic books as well, but I have no idea about it. So this was all a surprise to me and a very welcome one at that.

Lou Mongello: Yeah, it was. The Marvel panel was interesting.

And I'm sure we'll touch on this because we did get some announcements that we hoped for. We didn't get some announcements that we hoped for, but what we did get revealed were the identity of who the thunderbolts under, under, you know, Thunderbolt, Ross. Being unveiled. Right. And if you, in case you missed it, Julie Louis drefus is Valentina Allegra day.

Fontain David Harbor, who I love from stranger things is the red guardian. Hannah John Cayman is coming back as ghost. Uh, Sebastian Stan did not see that coming is back as Bucky Barnes winner, soldier, Wyatt, Russell. The man you [00:38:00] love to hates was amazing as John Walker who's will now be us agent and, uh, task master Olga, Olga co Cole.

Olga is coming back as task and ENA Belova Florence pew. Uh, coming back as, um, the Florence pew is back as ENA Belova. We saw concept art. That contact art might change. There might seem be some additional, uh, entrance to the UND to the Thunderbolt might be, might just be some, some additions coming to Thunderbolt.

But I, I agree, Becky, I love and we'll touch on these individually as we go through, but it's, it's an exciting time for Marvel as the page is being turned and characters that we have been introduced to are starting to bring us into the next phases, plural of where the MCU on the big and small screen is gonna take us

Nicolas Mongello: one more thing from the Marvel panel that.

I think on the world of by night or like almost above where

Lou Mongello: off by night, you better not take anything off my list. Boy, watch me right now. Don't do it, dude. Don't no, no, no. Don't say it. I know where you're going. Don't you take my thunder? I have an entire entry for this because it was number two on my list.

Okay. all right. Fine. Let's just get to it right now. Oh, Becky, you have to know you have no idea what I know.

Beci Mahnken: I have no idea what you're gonna say. Cause I was gonna actually say poor Nicholas and, and ask somewhere along the line. You'll actually ask us about what we didn't get.

Lou Mongello: We'll get there. We'll get there.

Okay. Because span picture, and we'll talk about that because again, expectations we set sometimes are our personal expectations. We'll we'll we'll address that, uh, expectation elephant in the room. Nicholas and I sat together during this panel. And even as we were leading up to expo, we had sort of talked about how we hoped to see not the character, but [00:40:00] a person walk on stage.

And when Vincent Donofrio was on stage talking about his role in echo, which I'm very much looking forward to, and the cast walked off as Figi was about to introduce the next topic. Vincent Donofrio, the kingpin. Remained on stage Nicholas and I start punching each other with excitement. We're like, this is it.

Here. It comes. And energy giggling like, like four year olds. We were ecstatic. Oh my God. It was like, this is why you go to expo. This is why you have to be in the room. Sorry, Jeremiah. Cuz we were punching each other with excitement. Just saying, please, please, please let him come out on stage. And when Charlie Cox Daredevil, Matt Murdoch walked out.

I, I was giddy. I was emotional. Like I home, I had hoped for it. I wasn't sure it was gonna happen. Because we know that, uh, Daredevil is coming back for an 18 episode run. Uh, that's gonna begin production next year. We lost it. We absolutely lost it. I, I I've talked on the show before, about how much I love Daredevil.

If you're we're recording, you can see the poster of him but behind me, uh, I loved Donofrio. I loved him in, in law and order men in black and, and certainly in, uh, echo, but really his performance and Charlie Cox's performance and Daredevil, Nicholas and I have talked about this a lot. This is not maybe another conversation for another day, but the Netflix Daredevil series, maybe arguably not just the best Marvel series, but some of Marvel's best work on screen.

Period. Like there's no qualifier there. Becky just said she

Jeremiah Good: three, 100%. Yeah. I need to see

Beci Mahnken: it. I know you guys have spoken so highly of it and I've heard other people say that it's one of the best, if not the best. So yeah, it's on the list. No,

Jeremiah Good: there, there is nothing that can ever top that show it. It was [00:42:00] also, we were so desperate for anything Marvel and anything real Marvel.

Like there's nothing wrong with the. But that show was so grounded in the comics and made you love every bit of it. And Vincent didn't offer you it wasn't king pene is in the comics where he is eight feet tall and 5,000 pounds and shoulders that are bigger than Lou lane on his side. Um, wait, what that he, you know, he put the fear of kingpin in people just from one scene with the car door.

And if you don't know what I'm talking about, when you see it, you'll understand,

Lou Mongello: not for the kids, by the way, not for the kids. This is the Netflix series or Becky you'll like this they're very dark. They are in times ex extremely violent, but some of the best. Cinematography Daredevil season one, you know, the scene that I'm talking about, that one shot in the hallway, some of the best cinematography, some of the best storytelling, some of the best character development Daredevil is almost less of a quote unquote superhero show as it is a character development show.

Uh, it's emotional. Um, there's a lot, you know, I've talked about sort of how I, I relate to the street level characters so much more, and the timing is perfect because this week somewhat spoilery we already know that he's coming to she Hulk on Disney. Plus we got our first taste of Daredevil coming into the MCU with this new costume in a little bit of a clearly lighter tone.

We find out why he's gonna, we're gonna find out why he's in LA in the first place. Uh, when you watch episode five of Shehe, but Nicholas, you see, this is number three on my list was, was Charlie Cox coming out on stage? I agree with you a thousand percent, like

Nicolas Mongello: everything that went through my mind when I like, when he, when vio, like didn't walk off [00:44:00] stage and he was like, who show are we gonna talk about?

And then you just hear Charlie cross' voice and be like, I think it's mine. Like she

Jeremiah Good: Hulk . We're gonna talk about she Holk ladies and gentlemen.

Nicolas Mongello: No.

Beci Mahnken: I like, well, you guys, I, I didn't see you breathe. Uh, I, everybody else was like walking up the stage. He was staying you two were punching each other and jumping it up and down in your seat and you did not breathe.

And that was so fun just to watch your faces as it was being an out. So that was


Lou Mongello: cool. Uh, listen, say what you want. I'm a, it's a good time to be a Disney and a Marvel fan. Like there's just a lot of good stuff that's coming. Uh, I think it's my turn

Nicolas Mongello: maybe. Yes, sort

Lou Mongello: of sure. Go right ahead. Why not?

Who cares? Are we doing turn still or I sort of, I knew, you know, with the overlap, it doesn't matter. Listen, that's why I say 10 ish because nobody, hopefully nobody's actually trying to keep score and make sure we hit 10. Um, number two on my list. Was, and, you know, I'm probably, you know, really as much as I love the Marvel and the movie stuff, I'm, I'm really like a parks guy first and Walt Disney world is my home.

Number two on my list is from the parks resorts discussion. But it is not from Walt Disney world because I am. And I, and I know it's probably not a huge thing and we're probably not gonna get an attraction and it doesn't matter. But I also was giddy with excitement when I heard the Pacific Wharf in Disney, California adventure.

Yeah. It's gonna be reimagined into San Fran. So from big hero six, um, I, I love it. And it just make, when you look at it, we went Toca a couple days during and after expo. And I was looking at that area and you can see how Pacific Wharf, which evokes that San Francisco waterfront can be reimagined into San FIO where, you know, modern technology meets old world tradition.

And, and we know that this is very early in development, but you can almost imagine [00:46:00] seeing ant Cass's lucky cat cafe, or, you know, maybe in the background, the San FIO Institute of technology, um, Cray tech industries, Fredrickson Fredrickson Manor, uh, the home of Fred. Uh, good luck alley and the trading post and that golden gate bridge with the Tory gates on top is gonna be amazing.

Uh, there's a lot of potential for there, even just from an aesthetic and design and themeing and maybe food, you know, maybe there's, they're gonna have a little noodle burger place in there as well, but I love the idea of themeing this to one of my favorite he's. I know he is a Marvel character, but one of my favorite animated Disney movies ever.

Jeremiah Good: Yeah. You just wanna hug Baymax. Yeah. Yeah. I can't wait to hug Baymax again, but I was sitting next to you and I, your face at that point, I think this was one of the few times where we weren't cheating and looking at the teleprompter for what was coming. Cause trust me, Nicholas, I was hitting your dad multiple times at different things and we were doing it above in front of everybody else who had no clue what we're excited for, but this one, um, I mean, if you look close at the concept, art is sadly the one thing that I, I will regret them taking away is it looks like the boating bakery and that area is going to turn into ant Cass's, which it, yes, it'll be nice.

Maybe ant CAS and BD will team up, hopefully. Uh, but that area as ant CAEs could be amazing. Uh, I know in the press release, it said we're getting dining experiences and the Baymax meet and greet. So. Having bay back Baymax back. I remember going to the last day he was in the parks here and hugging him.

And there's just something, you know, you, you get that feel of, uh, your, your feeling, the love from Baymax.

Lou Mongello: And what I love is like [00:48:00] the, the cafe is where ant cast does or stress eating. I like to stress eat too. So I'm gonna be, it's gonna be like an attraction for me.

Nicolas Mongello: You'll look like Baymax after just

Lou Mongello: eating there. Wow. You and Jeremiah teaming up. Listen. It's okay. I'm gonna get a bull fight. I'm gonna commit.

Jeremiah Good: No, I wasn't saying your, I was saying your length is, you know, pin, like he has big

Nicolas Mongello: shortlist, fluffy and

Lou Mongello: lovable. Yeah. Whatever I'm reaching maximum density. I get it.

Okay, Becky, you're next. Me, you are back to we back

Beci Mahnken: we're back to the infinite party. um, how there's like four things here and I'm gonna just choose one. Well, since we're on the parks anyway, let's talk about that Avengers campus announcement, which we, I was hoping we would get it, but we didn't get what I thought we were getting.

We got something completely different, which I think is actually a little bit more exciting in a way where they were talking about the new attraction. We'll have all the heroes and all the villains going to battle. And the poster that we got from that, I think Nick, you sat there with me, were pointing out, um, a bunch of the villains that I didn't even realize were on the poster.

So the entrances not going into where I thought the entrance was going to be, uh, right underneath the Quinn jet there in Avenger's campus. But. Possibly going through the other side. It it's, it was unexpected how they put this together, but it's very exciting too, with the possibilities. So, you know, as this multiverse completely opened up, I think that this made for a really interesting possibility for this attraction,

Nicolas Mongello: that poster just existing, just got my mind racing.

The minute I saw Daredevil on a Disney park poster, [00:50:00] I was like, holy Toledo, this is gonna be the greatest attraction ever made. And it has everybody like, even characters like that. We haven't even seen yet, like man thing and the world finite, they were both on there along with characters. We already know.

Lou Mongello: Yeah.

Nicolas Mongello: Variations, right? Like very variance of the different characters. And you could see the staples that we know like Thor, iron man, captain America, but also like the new just plus characters, Kamal K, like everyone is there and it just, the possibilities are endless for that attraction. So,

Lou Mongello: and I love the idea of creating a new character, right?

The, the concept for this, and it's been described as an epic family. Adventure is the, we have to team up with these. Quote unquote Avengers, because it's not sort of the defined Avengers for a battle with king Thanos, which is a new villain who was designed specifically for Avengers campus king Thanos is not in the comics.

And we saw concept art of Thanos with this incredible looking huge crown and sort of, you know, new beard. So I love the fact that they took the idea of not just walking into the multiverse and seeing the same characters, but you know, what if Thanos won, what if Thanos won it? Like, yeah. Brains falling flames from the side of my face.

Jeremiah Good: And I, so that poster and the concept art, like thankfully Disney gave us the concept art on things. So I was zooming in and looking at it just like you or Nick . Um, but also we don't know what this attraction's gonna be. Like. We have no idea what it's gonna be. We see three rows of four. Which could be any type of different vehicle.

People have said, it looks like a boat ride, which I would put money down. We will not be getting an Avengers boat ride . Um, but it, you know, could this be a [00:52:00] rise type attraction? Could this be attraction? We have no clue what it is. Uh, you know, when to go to pull back the curtain on some of us that we talked to different people, and we heard that the original Avengers attraction that was announced in 2019 was gonna be a, a variant of huh, of, uh, kind of the, uh, flight of passage where you'd be flying with man and finding that I, that that sounded like a great attraction.

But to me it was, you know, it's just gonna be flight to passage over Wakanda. And that kinda mm-hmm . So this, you know, when they announced it at the, uh, legends panel, which again, I wasn't in the room, uh, and hearing, oh, there's a multiverse. And then seeing the basic concept art that they gave, I think every single one of us had that concept art on our phone, just trying to figure out what's going on.

And then when we finally saw more of it where it's off to the side, and I think we've all kind of figured out that yes, the building will be built behind the Quinn jet. So it'll be the Avengers building, but the attraction will not be based in that building. Um, I, I want to see the construction as it goes day by day, cuz I'm pretty sure starting tomorrow when we have, oh, I won't spoil that one in case that one comes list uh, when there's a special guest on a major's campus, they could start tearing stuff apart tomorrow.

Lou Mongello: Oh, I like it. and not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but I, I wanna sort of put a pin in this really quickly. This is what I love this, the, the announcement that comes that nobody was talking about before, and that nobody called it. Nobody expected it. Nobody predicted it. It's this thing that comes out of left field that is exciting for us and gets us like the anticipation building already.

I think sometimes people will talk, you know, about what we didn't get or, or the [00:54:00] disappointment when you get a gift like this and this, this was one of a few, when you get something like this, this is what I love when it's something that nobody had expected, nobody had predicted before. Um, and if I didn't love Avenger's campus enough, you know, here's just another reason.

Nicolas Mongello: I would've never thought in a million years they would put Daredevil into a ride at Disneyland. But thank the Lord that happened.

Lou Mongello: Cola has literally said to me, Kevin Figgy. Yeah. Nicholas says, dad, if Darville Daredevil starts doing a walk around at Avenger's campus, we're flying back this week.

Jeremiah Good: oh, I will go with you guys for that

Nicolas Mongello: one.

We were walking. I don't know where we were walking, but I was thinking like, they always bring the characters in right after the show's premiere. So I was like, Daredevil's gonna show up this week and it's gonna be the day after we left and I was gonna, oh man cry, but Nope, it's next week.

Lou Mongello: So Jeremiah, just get ready.

You might be taking a quick three of us. Might be doing a quick trip's next week when he shows up on she hill, I'll

Beci Mahnken: be there.

Lou Mongello: you might need to get book a couple extra rooms just saying yes. Or, you know, we can

Jeremiah Good: handle that if you need it. Or,

Lou Mongello: um, I don't know who, I don't know who that was. So who goes next? Jeremiah.

Jeremiah Good: Sure. So, sure. Um, now I have to think, because I did not write anything down. Um, for me as an old school Disneyland person, probably one of the biggest things. And I, I, I was actually having this conversation two days before the parks panel, when I was in Disneyland of where would the hat box ghost go at?

Walter's new world mm-hmm . And when they announced that, like, it was such a, it was a two second announcement. There was no big PO in circumstance. They showed the hat box, Josh like hat box ghost coming to Florida for the first time. That is just, I've [00:56:00] said this since they did all the massive upgrades a decade ago at Walt Disney.

Disneyland has the best exterior and stretching rooms. Walt Disney world has the best attraction inside and putting the hat box ghost that just brings it to that next level. So I think that also the fact that they are gonna have to shut down the attraction for at least a month, at some point, if not more means that they're gonna do some more cleanup mm-hmm and we could be seeing another, you know, massive update that we didn't even know we were expecting in ha mansion.

Lou Mongello: So Jeremiah I'm, I'm happy you mentioned this because I had this on my list and it was really sort of a, a, a, a two-headed hydro, because it was, again, it sort of flows from what we were just talking about, the idea of something that we never saw coming, nobody was talking about. I wonder if they're ever gonna bring the hat box goes to Walt Disney world.

Like we just we'd hoped for it, but we never really expected it. And I love the fact that this Disneyland original. That disappeared. And then came back again, back in 2015 is coming to Walt Disney world is very exciting. I think timing is everything because it's, you know, alongside the debut of the hat box ghost, sometime in 2023, the haunted mansion's gonna get a new film adaptation with Rosa area Dawson and Owen Wilson were and widow Odo rider.

And Danny DeVito, we saw Jimmy Lee Curtis coming out on stage in a doom buggy to play Madam Lido. And, uh, JTO is also going to be there, um, playing the hat box goes so it makes perfect sense. I, I love the timing. Um, again, I love the, the lack of expectation that we had for it. And it is this wonderful, you know, I, I, there's no other way to, I think it's a gift, right?

They don't have to put the hot box ghost in, but it is a gift to Walt Disney world fans who might not be able to get out to Disneyland or have never even seen the hot box ghost before.

Nicholas you're [00:58:00] next.

Nicolas Mongello: Oh, oh my goodness. I didn't realize, um,

Lou Mongello: while you're, you know what, wait, while you're, while you're looking well, you're trying to decide what's next. I'm gonna I'll tie this into some, cause I had this sort of, I had this announcement paired up with something else, right? The, the, no playing the he box ghost.

I'm sorry. Are you playing the hat box? I am not playing the hat box goes. Um, but in terms of things we never saw coming right to Walters world, we never saw the hat box ghost coming. We also, while we've been talking about imagination and by virtue of the balloon that we decided to have at the booth, we had hopes for an update to the imagination pavilion.

I'll get to that later on, but we're getting a meet and greet by the end of 2023. In that the imagination pavilion in Walt Disney world, which to me signals that we, that an update is going to be coming to the pavilion Figman is obviously not going anywhere. And I think in, in fact, he's going to be even more prominent in the park it's so he's sort of become these, this unofficial icon or, or a sort of mascot of Epcot, uh, Disney said in a blog post that he's coming to life in a whole new way, which makes me believe that he's not going to be the eight foot tall.

Um, You know, photo walk around, Figman walk around that we saw before. Makes me very curious to see how this is going to be executed and where, and I think hoping to usher in an announcement of what is coming to the pavilion, but I will get to that later.

Nicolas Mongello: I think they're just gonna take the balloon that we made, and then there's gonna someone walk around with that, and that

Lou Mongello: will character beat and greet.

Corey has been hired to just run around UPCO in the balloon.

Jeremiah Good: so Lou, to come off of that, um, one of the things, you know, you guys, the balloon, I think was definitely one of the triggers. Josh went in the back, said, you know, we have to do it. That's good one, but one of the things to go back to where figment was lost in obscurity, uh, and this is something that you and I, and Nicholas all.

The Disney kingdom's figment comic that that's kind of where figment came back to [01:00:00] it. And, you know, we both have good friends, so we're in charge of that. You can go to your local comic shop, just go to your local comic shop. Anyway, you can buy the hard cover it's worth it. And it it'll bring back the love of figment and dream finder.

Um, so, you know, there's a plug for comics everywhere.

Lou Mongello: Breach

Nicolas Mongello: those figment comics like opened up an entire door of possibilities. They could, they could do something like with things that you see in the comic, in the parks, just with the dream finder and figment and all that. Like, I love those comics so, so much cuz it brought figment back kind of from a Midat attraction.

So yeah.

Lou Mongello: All right. Nickles, I think you were, you were next. On your list. We, we covered, we did, we did our list sort of cover the, just

Nicolas Mongello: covered everything that I had

Jeremiah Good: so far. All right. Well, do you have, do you have to go to another room to write,

Nicolas Mongello: gimme 10 minutes and I'll have an entire new list.

Lou Mongello: So I'm going to, to, to move to something on my list, which was, and again, there was no necessarily defined order of, of importance, but something I think is, is important for me to have put on my list is not necessarily the announcement of what's coming, but why?

And I'm gonna preface this by saying that this is on my list because I applaud and appreciate when Disney and you can call Disney. You can call it Josh DeMar. You can call it Bob Jeck. I think it's a, it's a combination of both when Disney is able to acknowledge. When something, maybe isn't working. And is received as well as maybe they would've hoped and they make a change.

They don't just say it is what it is like. It, you know, you get what you get and you don't get upset happily [01:02:00] ever after is returning and harmonious is leaving less than two years. After opening. And these were met with very interesting, very passionate, I think reactions from people in the crowd, not just because Jordan Fisher came out and sang happily ever after, but this idea that this song is coming back and is going to be paired with, and I quote an updated nighttime spectacular at magic kingdom in 2023, acknowledges the fact that, Hey, this is not just a fan favorite, but one that people love and they miss.

And yes, enchantment is wonderful, but it is, it is clearly not resonating with fans the same way. I think in even a much greater way with harmonious Disney is not saying, look, we invested a huge amount of time and labor and resources and money into this show and the barges and the arms, and you're gonna have to like it.

This is a very fast response. I think, to Disney clearly having their finger on the pulse of what guests are saying, Disney listens, whether you think so or not, this is very clear acknowledgement of, Hey, this is not getting the reception that we hoped it was. We need to fix it. And we need to sort of write this ship and they are going to create a new show that is going to quote, carry on the Park's legacy of inspiring nighttime entertainment that unites guests around world showcase lagoon.

We don't know what that's going to be. We don't know what that's going to look like, but the fact that Disney was able to say we, that that harmonious has had its run and it's time for something new. I think speaking only for myself is something that I really appreciate.

Nicolas Mongello: It really shows like exactly what you said.

They, listen, they hear [01:04:00] everything that we're saying. Like they heard that people were not a big fan of harmonious. Enchantments they're like, okay, let's pivot. Let's bring back what people loved so much. And let's change what people don't love so much. And it shows the like transparency they have about being able to quickly pivot to what people like.

And don't like, and how they actually listen to every. Rather than just being like, oh, oh, well, they don't like the show. Suck, suck.

Beci Mahnken: Maybe, maybe in the meantime it really is gonna be FCO forever. Again, until the people comes out, uh, the, the timing of all, this is gonna be interesting. I I'm, I'm very happy that they do listen.

Um, and that the response to those shows while, you know, they had their merit weren't as highly regarded to shows that came before them. And I love the fact that they're going to reimagine. What's going to be next and well, I'm gonna be very interested to see how they do the timing. Are they going keep it until they turn it over?

Are they gonna put a cop forever back in? Are they going to come up with something else in the meantime, but, uh, I respect them for making such a, a quick turnaround on it.

Jeremiah Good: Yeah. I, you know, I've been a parts fan all my life and. Going back to the original mistake of Disney's California adventure, which took them 20 years, many moon, where they admitted that it was a mistake or 10, really.

Um, but the fact that they came out with happily ever after that set the crowd on fire and Josh just saying, Hey right off the bat, we're doing it. We're bringing it. The harmonious one is what really surprised me and champ was never, never received well, even when they put in the new beginning, which I love it is a beautiful opening.

It ties it to Walt and Roy and the opening of the park. See that before it glows away forever. But [01:06:00] harmonious was one that that is not a small investment of what they did. I, we don't know if the fins are gonna stay, we don't know what's gonna happen. My personal prediction is that it's gonna be called illuminations 100 to tie in with the hundred anniversary.

Wow. Uh, but I know that's, I'm just calling that now, but it will be interesting to see what the future lies. And one of the things that came outta that, Lou, I have to point out is Josh. Har happily ever after is coming back, harmonious is going away. And then in the same little speech, he goes, and we celebrated our 50th anniversary with amazing nighttime shows like enchant and harmonious, like script writer was not the same person on both sides of that.

Lou Mongello: Um, Becky, so, yeah. Do you have anything else on your list?

Beci Mahnken: Of course I do. I have several things and I know we're gonna get to that, that point where we're gonna do the honorables, but I was gonna talk about something that I didn't actually get to see that I missed, but I heard so much about it and from the people who got out of it, I am so sorry I missed it and I wish I had gone it besides the se panel, by the way, let's set back to the side.

I would've loved my next loved. Okay, so I'll leave that alone. Yeah. But I don't think you may have seen this Jeremiah, but the Muppet Christmas Carol panel, did you guys get a chance? No, I wish I was there after I heard what happened in that panel was amazing, including, um, Paul Williams was there and so was, um, Hanson and they were discussing how it came about.

Of course, the history of the Mt. Christmas, Carol, and that nobody thought it was going to amount to anything. And of course, out of every single Christmas movie out there. It's my favorite. Yeah. [01:08:00] Uh, the cast Kermit piggy Gonzo, um, Fonzi bear all came out in their costumes in their Christmas costumes and sang 'em medley through of the, uh, music that's in the M Christmas Carol.

And they also had, uh, someone come out and sang when love is gone, which is the wonderful spirited, love song. Ish,

Nicolas Mongello: Jody Benson.

Beci Mahnken: Yes, it was Jody Benson. Thank you. that came out like, and I'm trying to remember all the stuff that happened and this people told me, and of course from the theatrical release, it didn't make the theatrical release, but it did make the whole movie piece.

So I never even knew that it wasn't there because I got to see it only once it came out on home movies and on DVD. So she came out and sang this, this missing song. They decided to put that on the cutting room floor because in the initial tests, some people felt that the kids weren't enjoying it, it wasn't making them happy cuz it brought the whole story down.

But it's such a, a, an integral piece that it's of course going to. Come back into the next release, but I would've loved to have been in that room. Mm-hmm to see all this happen and especially to see all these characters in their Christmas costumes, doing that med medley, whoever got to see it. I'm so glad you did, because I think that's gonna be one of the, the ones that people are sad that they missed.

Lou Mongello: Like me, like the lamp, not the rat, like the lamp, not the rat. Yes. I need

Nicolas Mongello: Tim who did not

Lou Mongello: buy it. I, I can't wait for Christmas just for that one line

Beci Mahnken: and then since, and then since I'm I only have one other feminist throw out here just to do it, the fun of it, and it'll be quick and fast, but who saw.

Disney treasure coming,

Lou Mongello: nobody. And if you say it, I thought it was gonna be,

Beci Mahnken: believe, I thought it'd be fan, you know, believe or imagine

Nicolas Mongello: or something like that. I [01:10:00] would've bet a million dollars. It was gonna be, imagine,

Lou Mongello: like, I thought it was gonna be adventure. I thought it was or believe

Beci Mahnken: well, because when they started talking about adventure at the very beginning,

Lou Mongello: the theme adventure, like here it comes, it's the adventure.


Beci Mahnken: And it was treasure and nobody had, I didn't have it on my list. I had a list of like 10 possibilities that wasn't even on the list. I think it is amazing to see that the color scheme that they've done for this one, I hope they take a different tactic on some of the spaces on board. Uh, then they have the wish, but that they showed us the, the, um, the concept art and, uh, Jasmine of course, in the, um,

Lou Mongello: You know,

Beci Mahnken: and the prince, uh, I'm excited for that.

I can't wait to actually see the ship now at the tr. I don't know it, it's not the name

Lou Mongello: I thought was gonna happen. I, I, I don't think any of us saw the name treasure coming. I mean, it makes sense, right? When you look at the concept art and some of the videos of that, um, grand hall, which like the wish is going to sort of embody this idea that you are in not a castle, but this time it is a, is a Giled palace, which clearly has influences from Asia and Africa while paying homage to ABA from Aladdin, the color scheme is different.

It's darker. I, I, I like the way it looks to your point, Becky, it'll be interesting to see how the other spaces, because this plane is already in flight in terms of construction, how the places and spaces might mirror or be different than the wish this is scheduled for delivery in 24. Of course, we know that we have.

Uh, this is the second of three new ships with a third plan through 20, 25 of the wish class. So, uh, be very curious to see additional concept art [01:12:00] as this gets closer, but you're right. Anybody who had treasure in the pool who thought they were gonna lose, enjoy your, enjoy your payday, enjoy your payday. I really

Nicolas Mongello: like, especially with the concept that they showed for the lobby, I really like how it's not just like a carbon copy of what the wish was.

I like how it's completely different color scheme, how it's like a new chandelier on the top, a brand new statue. Like I a lens, one of my favorite Disney Renaissance movie. So I was really happy to see the themeing come from IBA and this gilded palace. So I really enjoyed that announcement.

Jeremiah Good: Yeah, the announcement.

I think my favorite part of the announcement was Josh, uh, you know, really calling out a change, our new imagina, a new imagining of it as like. Did you guys listen to the fans already? and, uh, change that up, but coming outta that also, I, you know, I'm not the cruise person like you, Becky or Lou, uh, the Australia, New Zealand cruises for me was one of those like, wow, they're really doing it.

I mean, it's always been kind of a off in the distance possibly could happen now that we're getting more ships, but moving it down there for however long, it'll be. That's exciting.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. We, uh, Becky and I already, we've been, we've been talking so we'll have some, uh, on that trip. Yes. We'll have some announcements coming, uh, forth with about cruises.

Uh, Jeremiah, anything else you still have on your list? So I

Jeremiah Good: was one of the, you know, 12 people that was not in the legends panel, the Disney 100 panel to kick everything off. And I was, I specifically asked to go to the SCA panel because the SSEA the society of explorers and adventures, as you've done a great podcast where you hit upon so many beats, they went and [01:14:00] they talked about the origins of the SCA in the parks.

They talked about the origins of the SCA. And for those of you don't know, go listen to the lose podcast. It was about a year ago, very detailed about everything that goes in the parks. What's the number, Lou, do you show 5 79? There you go. Thank you. I knew you would. Um, so it was the author of the, the, uh, the, I don't wanna call a kids book, but it is definitely a mid-range read interviewing imaginaries that are working on projects that have worked on projects.

They touched upon everything from the origins at Tokyo Disney, DC, to the updates that they've done for the jungle crews that all ties together. And one of the things that they also talked about is where it's going without giving us a direct, okay, this is what to expect, but they have an overarching overarching plan that high tower, that name has been around since the thirties with, um, the American waterfront in Tokyo, Disney sea.

But they called out that they never found his body when the elevator down, but other companies have started to appear under the high tower name and they flat out said high tower. Could be Harrison could be some descendant is going to be the villain of the EA. So they they've got a story going that is, sounds like it's gonna be going for a while.

Um, one of the things they did put up and I was the nerd, that was the first guy at the microphone asking this question on the screens. They put up a timeline of the EA starting from way back in the, uh, fortress at Tokyo Disney sea all the way up to present day. So [01:16:00] there is SSEA going some of the pictures, I can see some of them.

I can't read what it says. One of the most interesting things, and I'm guessing this will either come out in a book or something in the future. 1955. Mary Oceaneer stages, miss till as an accident at typhoon lagoon and disappears. So not only are they plant this, they're RET conning stories that we've known forever as Disney world fans.

So it, no attraction is safe. And they, they actually asked the audience like, where do you wanna see the SCA go into next? And we heard everything from space, mountain in Tokyo, the new version coming to existing attractions. Like they, they were suggesting that ti is a member of the SCA and they were saying all these little things.

So I don't think we're gonna see it go all over the park, but they have some plans in the future.

Beci Mahnken: I dig. We'll take some love if they're turn anything into, to a, uh, profit center. I'm okay with that

Lou Mongello: one. Yes. Yeah, I'm all, I'm, I'm always down for, uh, for some more SCA in the, and I, and I love the fact that they, like you said, have sort of re con this storyline to go as far back as they need to and let it bleed over into existing properties that we see no pun intended that we see, uh, whether it's on cruise line, whether I didn't even know about the, uh, the, the miss till being staged over at typhoon lagoon.

Yeah. So I have a feeling we are just on sort of the precipice of really seeing a, not just with the, the new series of books, but a lot more se coming the stories coming front and center to the parks, as, as opposed to being this sort of ultra nerdy thing that, that some of us sort of latch onto and, [01:18:00] and gravitate towards.

I think this storyline will, will take a much more prominent place, you know, in the parks proper.

Jeremiah Good: Yes, absolutely. And I'm, I don't think that we'll have to wait too long, especially, uh, jungle crews updates. And this is something that I stumbled upon a little while ago. Not only are they have they done the jungle cruise updates with the Alberta falls, but if you walk through that extended queue in the, the boathouse, they actually have added new SSEA stuff in the past few weeks.

So they are still in the process of reaching out and seeing what they can do with

Lou Mongello: this property. And I love that it happens quietly, right? There's not a blog post about it. There's not anything there's no big announcement. It just sort of is trickling its way into the parks in a variety of locations. Um, anything else on your list, Jeremiah?

Otherwise I'll just sort of hit through a couple of quick ones.

Jeremiah Good: Other than, and I'm sure this could be one of your cook ones, the Hulk, which we never, well, we kind of thought we see him after they started showing the project. So exo stuff, uh, last year, but seeing him come out, you know, and they, I love the fact that they, Josh and Kevin even said, this could be very temporary.

Like, we're not sure how long the Hope's gonna last, because if you saw him, he looked great. But at the same time, he's definitely in a rough prototype. So I wish I could be out at Disneyland or DCA next or starting today that he could be out. We haven't heard, they said anytime this week, so hopefully he'll be showing up and will be seeing some, uh, better pictures of him than on the stage.

Lou Mongello: And we've mentioned this a number of times. I love how quickly, especially over at DCA in Avenger's campus, they are able to. Have characters come out as they appear on Disney. Plus like, I love that, you know, it like day after president Lokey shows up on Disney plus president Lokey is in the parks a couple days later, [01:20:00] you see, you know, Eleena Belova and black widow.

And I, and so there's that I think part of the reason that there's such fresh life in that park all the time, because you could be walking around and you literally don't know who you, last time we were there, Nichols for star wars celebration, I'm walking by. I'm like, wow, that girl has a dress. Just like Americas.

I'm like, no, it is Americas Chava. No, like,

Nicolas Mongello: I didn't even like, she was literally just like walking by and there was no one there. And I was like, it's not Americas Chavez. But then I saw like a little mic on everything. I was like, oh my God, she's

Lou Mongello: that's her. Yeah, she was

Beci Mahnken: walking and we were able to

Jeremiah Good: catch her only cuz she had the microphone on like, especially in California.

I mean California has every race, creed, color, everything. So I. America Chavez fits perfect. And her just walking by one day. And then I was lucky enough to be out there when miss Marvel debuted. And I got to see America Chavez and Spider-Man talking together just as they were walking. One was walking off stage and was walking on and they just stopped and started talking about their costumes and everything.

And that, um, NCE campus is the definition. I think of what Walt wanted Disneyland to be ever changing could moving forward. And like you said, week to week, I mean, we've had somebody in there every Thursday, Friday when the new shows drop to see who's gonna show up and I'm guessing next week we will be seeing maybe the Hulk and Daredevil at the same time.

Oh my God,

Lou Mongello: Nicholas. See there.

Nicolas Mongello: so excited comes out next

Lou Mongello: week. I hope so. And Becky I'll, I'll send you pictures of Daredevil. So you know what he looks like when you see him, um, I think I could figure that one out. I just have a couple on my list that I wanna very quickly touch on that sort of flow from the, the current Marvel discussion one, uh, black Panther Wakanda forever comes out on November 11th.

This marks the final film [01:22:00] in phase four and Ryan KUER was there. We saw an extended exclusive look at a scene and some of the highlights from the follow up to black Panther from 2018, uh, this movie has more meaning, not just because of it being the, the end of, of phase four, but obviously because of Chadwick Bozeman, it looks.

Beautiful. Uh, Angela Bassett just looks and, and it, and what literal we saw delivers an incredible performance. I'm I, I love powerful Winston duke. Um, I'm looking forward to seeing NA more sort of a, a slight variation from what we see in the comics coming on to screen and what that is going to open up.

And the other thing, the other panel that we went to, and again, we, you know, Becky with, with the booth, we have to sort of juggle, you know, being live, being in the booth, trying to see things and cover things and, and there's a lot going on, but we did make it over to the Spider-Man's 60th anniversary panel.

Jeremiah Good: I forgot to include that. There's no question.

Nicolas Mongello: If you would've

Beci Mahnken: missed that, you would've lost it. So that was, that was a must

Lou Mongello: from a pure fan perspective. Right. And obviously I'm a, I'm a spy guy. I love the fact that CBS Simonovski and Spider-Man editor Nick low. It was just a couple of fans sitting up on stage talking about a character that we love.

They walked us through his presence in the comics and the variations in the comics. And at the end, right, the gift that we got was the presentation, but the icing, the, the cherry on the, the, the true gift was we got not one, but two special variance for amazing fantasy. 1000 that is exclusive. Two D 23 expo, which are gorgeous.

One variant and they're they're drawn BYO, Ramos and colored by Edgar Edgar Delgado. The [01:24:00] one variant has Mickey mouse handing Spider-Man a cake for his 60th birthday, and I love the brilliance of a second cover showing spitey giving a cake to all these Disney characters to commemorate the Disney company's hundredth anniversary next year.

it's awesome. It was so funny watching us all, walking out as if we were holding like Ft, eggs. We're like, don't get your, don't get your oily hands on it. Like trying to keep them from out, getting increased. But that was like from a, from a, a material takeaway that's super special.

Nicolas Mongello: And another one of the funniest parts of that panel was the people sitting outside the panel, trying to buy the comics off people, but like how much you want for it, how much you want for it,

Lou Mongello: like get literally waving cash.

Yeah. Like literally waving cash of

Nicolas Mongello: cash, trying to buy

Lou Mongello: these comics because it was in a small room. And I love that about expo is they allow small, relatively smaller rooms. So there is a sense of fan intimacy there as opposed to everything being in these cavernous arenas.

Jeremiah Good: I think that room was a 700 seat, so that wasn't much.

And as you were saying, how we were walking out, holding the fabric, Jay egg, the only time that I had any problem with cast members. Was how they were handing the comics to us because they just had the stacks and they were just grabbing them and hate them. And we were all just like hurting, like, no, no, please, please, sir.

Don't don't oh, but it was hilarious watching us all walk through. And hearing that Lou had bubble mailers that we all went and stole from him and

Lou Mongello: stuck our comics in the bubble. That's all Corey. That was all Corey. So

Nicolas Mongello: sorry. God bless Corey. Bad.

Jeremiah Good: Yeah. Talk about Corey having a line. We need to talk about Corey having a line of people just to see him at your booth.

Like that was one of those times when I walked up and there you go. What's the line for they're here to see Corey. Yeah. Okay.

Lou Mongello: um, and the last thing that I wanna mention, which I, I think [01:26:00] is, is certainly important to discuss was, you know, we haven't really talked about Walt Disney world a lot. Right. And I think that's, I think there's a couple of reasons for that.

But one thing that Josh talked about was the blue sky update, quote, unquote, coming to magic kingdom, Coco and Canto and villains coming to magic kingdom. In a quote, potential expansion opportunity. It's an early concept exploration. It's a brainstorming of what is possible when you dream big at the Disney parks.

What I actually think makes the most sense to happen and, and people saying, well, where are you gonna put it? What are you gonna take away? You don't have to take away anything. If you look at a Google map behind big thunder mountain, you can cross the, the waterway that sort of feeds the rivers of America.

And there basically is an island. There, there basically is an entire sort of undeveloped island, which I think. We'll eventually become villains island and this idea of somehow traversing out of the sort of story of Americana that magic kingdom has. And you go through some portal, some whatever, to some other underworld underground, other dimension.

Villains layer, villains island. People will lose their AB salute marbles. I'm raising my hand. Myself included. Yes. Whether it happens or not, we don't know, but I think the word villains is the thing that people really got very, very excited about. Yes.

Jeremiah Good: Cause we've been waiting decades for this ever since that proposed fifth gate, you know, the villains park and seeing that and you and I were hitting each other at that point, like, yes, the Incanto yes, the Coco, which both ha could have doorways that lead into a villain area very easily.

Um, you know, those were both. Oh wow. Those would be [01:28:00] great. And then when they finished it with the villains and we all just completely lost it because that again, who doesn't love a good villain and we could bring stuff from Beesley kingdom back, we could bring all those concepts, but again, I don't know if, when Walt said we have the space, I know where the roadway is, and I know where that goes.

We could be seeing, Hey, we're gonna have to redo the, the rivers like we did in California. We can connect over by haunted mansion. Mm-hmm which again would be a great walkway. Yeah. You know, we could be seeing a, if that goes, if, if, if, uh, if that goes, we could be seeing a huge construction of the park.

Probably the biggest expansion. Well, definitely since new Fantasyland.

Lou Mongello: Yeah.

Beci Mahnken: Yeah. I wanna, I, I wanna point out the fact though how much I appreciate the blue sky. Now. I know a lot of people like, well, wasn't announcement really, and it probably will never happen, blah, blah, blah. But if you look at even five years ago, uh, or, or, you know, for.

Expos ago, you didn't get information at all, unless it was absolute and it was green lit and it was going and, uh, you know, they were probably already digging holes and they already had a, um, construction work going on out there. I mean, if you remember way back when, when they were building, be like tower and we were looking and going, what are they building?

And you'd ask them, what are you building? What, what do you mean? What are we building? Well, there's there's construction equipment out there. Well, we have no idea what you're talking about. so to, to now see them, at least talking about possibilities, rather than pretending things aren't happening. I find that refreshing while others are, uh, out there saying, well, we know it'll never happen.

They're just trying to fill space. And they're just trying, cuz they've got nothing better is what I'm reading out on the wonderful. But personally, I appreciate hearing the blue sky, but I also know in back of my mind, yeah, it may not happen exactly [01:30:00] how, uh, they throw it out on the table, which is why it's called blue sky.

So as a fan, I love the fact that they're sharing the thoughts. Um, and we think that it might happen and great if it does, but also if it doesn't that's okay because there'll be something even more wonderful behind it.

Lou Mongello: Right. And, and, you know, to the point, I know some people said, well, we didn't get a lot for, for Walt Disney world, except for some blue sky and a few things here and there.

I, I think there's a method to the madness and me too, to, to use a, a Nicholas follow me around the room on this. I really believe as I thought they were doing two, three years ago that they are saving announcements for destination D. Right. I, I thought they were doing this three years ago before the world shutdown or was canceled for Walt Disney world.

I think they were saving some Walt Disney world announcements for Walt Disney world fans. Who will be at Wal Disney world and in the room, because that is where destination D takes place. I think that's where we're gonna learn about imagination. I think that's where we're gonna leader learn more about the boardwalk and the poly and the PO and, and the grand Floridian and the, the DVC tower coming to Polynesian village, maybe updates on Mary Poppins and the play pavilion, Epcot, the Roundup rodeo restaurant in toy Storyland new restaurants to Disney Springs, the real expansion that's coming to animal kingdom, whether it's Zootopia or Mor Mo whatever it is, maybe even tomorrow land, right.

To tie in with the opening of Tron. Um, you know, I like Becky I'm with you. I like the idea of, of, of getting these blue sky ideas, but look, you know, also. You can't be upset or surprised if some of what is mentioned here just as it has been in the past, doesn't necessarily come to fruition. The main street theater, cherry tree lane, mm-hmm, the original updated future world plans.

The second future world plans, the first Avengers eat ticket and all these things that [01:32:00] have not been built aren't done yet. And look, I, I get it right. We, we, I get that people and we sometimes have the feeling. That sometimes things take too long, right? There's a little bit of a root assault in all of us.

Right? Like I want it and I want it now, but you know, good things take time and I think great things take even longer. And that's our expectation level from Disney. Right. We don't want good, we want great. And I think that's what they've been delivering guardians of the galaxy flight, a passage rise of resistance.

I I'm looking at you and look, you know, not every time a hitter gets up to bat, uh, they don't hit, they hit a home run. There's a few singles, a couple of dings, couple walks, maybe even a few strikeouts. Um, but if we look at what we have got and, and what we've gotten to do, and even as Disney and the rest of the world, continue to try and write their ships and get back to quote unquote normal.

Cause I don't think we're fully there yet. Um, you know, It's interesting when you go to something like expo and you see and hear either on the show floor or, or on the socials. And you know, my feeling about this idea of, of having keyboard courage and protected by the veil of anonym anonymity, by things like Twitter.

Um, do you think dizzy doesn't want to open new things? Like, do you think they don't want to do things to attract new visitors and make fans happy and oh, by the way, maybe make some more money by opening new attractions faster. Like it makes no logical sense to think that they do it on purpose. Like yeah.

You know what, let's take five years to open up Tron just to mess with people. Like they want to open things faster and, and, you know, I know people say, well, you know, other places down the street do it. And, and I get it and, and look, you know, sometimes those attractions aren't open all day every day. And look, I, I admit I am an unapologetic optimist, um, not just about Disney, but in general.

Um, I think the biggest win of expo. Was expo, right. Going back to the very beginning, Becky like [01:34:00] being there with people, again, sharing what we love about Disney and Marvel and star wars and Disney. Plus, I am a very much choose the good kind of guy and I am still celebrating what an amazing time I had it expo with old friends and new and family, like in the rooms and on the show floor.

Um, I, I I'm, I'm not just sort of saying it for the sake of saying it like this was, for me, it was my best expo. Not maybe because it's just so fresher because I missed it so much, but because of what we got because of what is coming because of the unknown that is coming and the time that we got to spend together, I, I really, really loved it.

Um, Becky, Jeremiah and Nicholas, any sort of final thought or personal moment for you that is, is a, a takeaway for you or something that you wanna share

Nicolas Mongello: the actual best part. Sorry, Becky, you can go first.

Lou Mongello: No. Go ahead. Well, wait, now I wanna know what Nicholas is gonna say, so we'll just tease that until you go ahead.

Okay. Good.

Beci Mahnken: Well, for me, um, I, I kind of wish I saw more baby Yoda, but I did get a little, I got Amanda Lauren walkabout, which is hopefully gonna show up eventually when I get to go back to

Nicolas Mongello: Disneyland for that,

Lou Mongello: you're not gonna get anymore, baby yoga until you stop calling him baby Yoda. And he hasn't me.

I'm going call him.

Beci Mahnken: I am totally gonna call him baby Yoda for as long as I feel like calling him baby Yoda, because that's what he is to me. And he's, I have to buy more. As a matter of fact, I have one right in front of me right now, admitting something. We actually didn't. I do have a problem. Well, at least you know what to get me for Christmas.

Um, yeah, there's that hundred thousand dollars one. I think that'd be great if you wanna. Anyway. Um, the lucky season two is something we didn't mention either. I was really thrilled to see that coming. My, I have two more things. First of all, the thing I didn't get that I wanted so badly was Deadpool too.


Lou Mongello: really, really wanted dead. You mean Deadpool three? You mean Deadpool three, but that's okay. A three, sorry. Super fan . I [01:36:00] really

Beci Mahnken: wanted quiet. It's all a thing to me, Deadpool. I wanted a new Deadpool and I didn't get it. So that really bummed me out.

Lou Mongello: Um, by the way, Jeremiah, I'm looking at you because we know of nevermind.

Go ahead. What just, it just watch, watch, watch the things you're supposed. Watch the things you're supposed to be.

Okay. Anyways, watch the hope. I'll be texting both of you on that. Just go watch the hope. Good Lord. I, I haven't been able

Beci Mahnken: to, cause I've been on the road, um, anyway, TV

Lou Mongello: right behind you like scream, it,

Nicolas Mongello: watch that and charitable at just the same time. I'm

Lou Mongello: I'm not kidding. I'm literally going to off the

Beci Mahnken: way.

My last, my last thing is again, how much I appreciated just seeing everybody and thank you to all of our, our clients and the people who, who, um, listened to WDW radio, who came to the booth, who gave us hugs, who just said hello and met you. And it meant the world. To me, it really did just seeing people face to face and sharing all this wonderful fandom that we have, this love that we share for this crazy thing that we all.

Can't get away from, um, just being there, being with all of you and experiencing this together, whether it was moments in the booth or moments and panels or on the floor. Um, that includes all of you guys. I mean, Nick, you and I had some really fun times together sitting in that parks panel.

Nicolas Mongello: Oh my God, that park panel,

Beci Mahnken: uh, that was so great.

That just the whole experience with you and with those of you who came to the booth and with those of you who were in the box, it just meant the world to me. And I thank you very much for a wonderful three days. Oh. And by the way, um, [01:38:00] my other real big thing that I, that was amazing to me and will always stick with me forever, kind of is when the in and out burgers showed up at the booth, for tear down God, then load out, that's gotta be a new, that's gonna be a must do for every tear down going forward.

Someone's gonna deliver us in and out burgers because that was amazing.

Lou Mongello: Jeremiah out.

Jeremiah Good: Um, for me two really personal moments. Um, the first one was, you know, Lou, you and I were lucky enough to go in, to do the media preview of the floor and everything. And as a kid in Disneyland, I can remember walking into the premier shop on the of main street as a kid and seeing this beautiful model of splash mountain and looking at it for hours and just dreaming about how amazing that attraction was.

And then when we walked into the parks, uh, exhibit area and they had all sorts of great models and great everything, and then I turn the corner and there. I would say the exact same model that they just chopped the tree off of and made it even better of, uh, Tiana's Bayou adventure. I sat there, like there was stuff in the panel.

People have asked me or in the, in the exhibit. And I was like, I have no clue. I, to be honest, I sat there staring at that model and the tune town model for hours. I walked in there at least two more times. And it, it was that it took me back to being a kid and walking into discipline, just like in awe of this is what we're getting.

And I don't care about everybody. Oh, the Bo's not there. This it's gonna be an attraction. Like none other, just like splash mountain was all those years ago. That was my first, very personal moment. My second personal moment, um, laughing place had a booth. That was my home where I could go drop off and do work.

Walking into [01:40:00] your booth, uh, seeing you, your wife, Becky, Nicholas, everybody. It was, it was like going to my family home. Like I knew there was a hug there. I knew if I needed something, I could go to you guys. And it, it's not it laughing places where I work. I, I love you guys. I love WW radio. You've been so kind to me over the years, I can remember in 2019 coming out of the parks, um, and then sitting in your booth and feeling privileged to be able to be interviewed by you, but now walking in and just going.

Wow. I, I can get a hug from anybody. I know if I need something Nicholas ran and got some tea for us. Lot

Nicolas Mongello: of, a lot of pineapple lemonades over that weekend.

Beci Mahnken: and the squishy carpet, by the way, that helps

Jeremiah Good: too. Oh, it was. But by far, the most personal feeling of that entire booth is me walking out and saying hi to Kevin Figi.

As he passed me running into your boat to give you a hug, Luke

But no, you guys like, I, I am proud to call you part of my family.

Lou Mongello: Oh, thank you brother. We love you too. That means a lot. Yeah, man, cuz you know, you're, you're not just all you, you, all of you and you listening at this table with us, you know, you're not just you're, you know, I don't like the F the fan word, but you are more than a friend.

You are family and you know, that's, it's weekends like this, that we get to do these things together and, and share these this time together. That really, really is a Testament to that fact. So thank you for saying that, man. Cool.

Nicolas Mongello: All right. So my, this was actually at number one on my list. It was a really emotional moment for me, but my favorite part of expo was when they gave everyone at the parks panel, Portos and I was walking out and it was so

Beci Mahnken: good.

Oh God, you are your father's son, man,

Lou Mongello: by the way, someone stole my Portos mom. Did I? Yeah, I know. I wasn't gonna call her out, but it was her. [01:42:00]

Jeremiah Good: I'm sorry. You, you weren't very hungry at that point, Lou, like we'd had good lunch

Lou Mongello: was that it was that really? Your, your very,

um, Yeah, there were, there were, um, there were, were incredible moments in the booth, on the show floor, in the panels with those who were able to share some of the experience as we were broadcasting it live. I would love to know from you, my friend, our family, who's listening. Your thoughts on the announcements.

Um, what are you most looking forward to? What got you excited? What, whether you were there or, or, uh, watching at home, what was your sort of one moment emotion takeaway from D 23 expo? There's a couple of different ways you can let me know. I'll post this in the WW. Clubhouse is where our family gets together for fun stress, free drama, free conversations on Facebook at WW radio.com/clubhouse.

You can also call the voicemail. I'll play it on the air. Share your thoughts by calling 4 0 7 909 3 9 1. And then of course, when you want, when they wanna come to expo, next time go anywhere in the world, go and visit Becky and her amazing team. By the way, over at mouse fan travel, you can find Jeremiah over@lastinglaughingplace.com Jeremiah, anywhere else I can connect with you on the socials.

Jeremiah Good: Uh, Instagram laughing, underscore place, uh, Twitter laughing, underscore place. Jeremiah. Good at Instagram, Jeremiah. Good at, uh, Um, Twitter. Um, I, I know that you guys didn't get a chance to video everything cuz I was sitting next to you, Lou and I had my hand up for the entire two hours. So I'm gonna plug this.

If you guys do want to see the highlights of the parks panel and a lot of the different panels that we were able to go to, the laughing place, YouTube, uh, did a lot of the leg work. So if you didn't get a chance to, and you do want to see those, a lot of that is up and you can hear Lou and [01:44:00] I going quite in the parks panel

Lou Mongello: and I will, uh, I will certainly link to all those things in the show notes@wwradio.com, Becky Jeremiah and Nicholas.

I love and appreciate you. Thank you for, uh, the best D 23 ever. Uh, when can we do this again? Years more Portos, more port. Yeah. I need Portos in my life. Now, since I've heard about it, you know, there is a Portos,

Jeremiah Good: like,

Beci Mahnken: can I do this mile and a half from Disney hit?

Lou Mongello: Well, when Daredevil comes to Disneyland, the three of us are flying out in and out in and outs.

Daredevil done

Nicolas Mongello: all you really

Lou Mongello: one day in and out. That's all we need and I will, I will absolutely do it. We'll make it happen. I'll be there

Jeremiah Good: Friday.