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Take a Visit to Dreamlight Valley

Did you know that in a far-away-but-not-distant land, Mickey Mouse lives next door to Maui and Wall-E, Uncle Scrooge sells real estate and Goofy sells crops, Ursula and Ariel can be seen popping out of ponds, and my wife plants seeds and constructs iron ore?

Mickey talking to a Character in Disney's Dreamlight Valley
Yes, Wall-E’s BNL Dump Truck is in the background.

Probably half of you are saying “What?” while the other half are saying “I love Disney’s Dreamlight Village!”

Disney’s Dreamlight Village is a new video game, similar to Animal Crossing, that is available for the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft X-Box, Playstation, and more. Soon, it will be coming onto the App Store for iPhone users as well.

You’re the star of the story (or my wife is in our household). You visit this forgotten land that you remember from childhood, running into Merlin from Sword in the Stone. You’re sent on various tasks, jumping into various lands (like Remy’s kitchen from Ratatouille), discovering new characters and much more. 

Merlin talking to a character in a dress in front of large vines in Disney's Dreamlight Valley
Kids, Merlin was in classic called Sword in the Stone. 2023 will be the film’s 60th anniversary.

As you progress, you’re “hanging out” with various characters that help you on your tasks. Maybe Mickey will join you as you mine for precious metals, maybe Goofy will help you catch more fish, maybe Scar will help you be snarky.

At our household, the game is one of the ways that we’re introducing more characters to our 2 and 4 year old as we prepare for a trip to Walt Disney World (at least that’s what my wife tells me when she boots up the game). The villains aren’t overly villainous, and the content is OK for any toddler that happens to look over your shoulder as you play. 

Female character in Disney's Dreamlight Valley standing in front of castle

Plus, bringing Merlin from Sword in the Stone, Mother Gothel from Tangled, Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, Kristoff from Frozen and more introduce characters that typically aren’t first thought of when you think of Disney.

But don’t fret, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Anna, Else, Moana, Goofy and more are also currently in the game.

Female character in Disney's Dreamlight Valley standing in front of elephant graveyard
She blinked. It happens even in Digital.

And, since everything can be connected to the internet, the game can be easily updated. A recent update added Scar and the Elephant Graveyard. Upcoming updates that have already been announced include Buzz and Woody from Toy Story

You can find out more about the game by visiting DisneyDreamlightValley.com. The game has various different price points, depending on how many “bonus items” (aka decorations and clothes) that you might want. For example, we bought the $29.99 regular Digital version for the Switch. However, you can spend up to $69.99 for the “Ultimate Digital Edition.” 

Just be forewarned, the game is very addictive, and your wife might steal your video game system.

Photos are screenshots taken from author’s Nintendo Switch.  Thanks, Sara!!!