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WDW Radio # 697 – Top Ten Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in Walt Disney World

To celebrate the spirit of the holiday season, and help you enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of the Disney Parks and resorts during the holidays, this week, we share our Top Ten Ways to Celebrate the Holidays and Christmas in Walt Disney World. From classic traditions to new favorites, we’ll look at what to do, where, why, and how… including some “best of the best” must-dos you may have never tried (or heard of) before)!

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Thanks to Tim Foster from Celebrations Magazine for joining me this week!

What is your favorite way to celebrate Christmas and the holidays in Walt Disney World? Do you have a favorite activity, experience, resort, or restaurant?

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Lou Mongello: [00:00:00] With the holiday season in full swing in Walt Disney World because it's early November and the holidays literally begin overnight, thanks to the magic that happens on Hollow night as November 1st, the parks have transitioned to Christmas time. It is the perfect time to look at some of our favorites, maybe even overlooked ways to celebrate the holidays in Walt Disney World.

From classic traditions to new favorites, we'll look at what to do, where, when, why, and how. Including some personal sort of best of the best specific must dos that maybe you've never tried or even heard of before. And because there's so much, we're gonna look at our top 10 ish ways to celebrate the holidays and Walt this world.

And when you hear top 10 and the holidays, you hopefully don't think of little Timmy Foster dressed in his holiday onesie waiting to sit on Santa's lap at the King of Pressure Mall like he did last year. But instead, you think of Little Timmy Foster joining me once again. One's the optional little Timmy Foster.

Welcome back my friend.

Tim Foster: All right. Number one, not last year. Last week I was at the King of PRUs Mall , sitting on Sand la And do you think of me in

Lou Mongello: onesie? I try not to. It's, it's okay. It's Halloween nightmares. Um, is king of PR ball even still open?

Tim Foster: Not only is it open, it is bigger and better than ever.

It's like if Walt Disney World were inside, I think that's what it would look like. So that's where I go to get my Disney magic on you. Sand is there. The trees are there. .

Lou Mongello: So did you just say if Walt Disney built a mall it would be King of Prussian? No, no, no, no. If

Tim Foster: Walt Disney World were inside, I have the street, you're walking down Main Street, but it's like a mall and that door goes to small world and that that's, this is what

Lou Mongello: it would look like.

It sounds like a very different mall than when I was attending Villanova University. However,

Tim Foster: I hit, I hit go with me here before

Lou Mongello: we even got started. . [00:02:00] I'm sure it's not the first, nor shall it be the last. Nope. But look, there is so much to do and to get into the holiday spirit or your holiday onesies and going to Walt Disney World, I think is like going to Walt Disney World at any time because there's no way that you can see and do and eat at all despite your best effort.

But there are some must dos every time and things that maybe you haven't thought of trying once, and that's why we're here to help again, because is it not our first foray into the holiday season? Timmy Foster back on show number 44. Like that's a long time ago, brother. I'm not gonna let you. Yeah. Top 10 holiday moments in Walt Disney World.

In show 96, we talked about yield Christmas shop. In show one 50, we talked about the best of the best Christmas in Walt Disney World. We've done the history of Christmas at Walt Disney World and show 4 67 and the Guide to the Holidays at Walt Disney World. 10 things you need to see do and eat back on show 5 0 2.

I'm gonna link to all those in the show notes, but this is something different, right? Because we wanna, we, because you, there's so much to do that Disney puts into the parks and resorts and Disney Springs during the holidays. Like I said, you can't do it all. And I think sort of helping people figure out.

Top 10 ish things is going to be re really helpful. So we never discuss these ahead of time and I'm very curious because you are my guest and my friend to hear. What is number one on your holiday list of things to do? Go.

Tim Foster: Besides the ones Z and Santa's lap and

Lou Mongello: all that. Again, it's a family show. Okay.

Tim Foster: So I am going to go , Well, we'll start with a big one.

I'm gonna go to the Mickey's very Merry Christmas party. We're about to go in a few weeks, but here are the things I'm looking forward to this year that I haven't done yet. Um, cuz there's the usual, there's the, the parades and the fireworks and shows, which we all know about. [00:04:00] There's a a few attractions I'm anxious to see cause I haven't experienced these before during the holidays.

I'm not sure that these are new this year or I just didn't pay attention. But over in Tomorrow Land of course Space Mountain is all decked out and it's Christmas. Goodness. I will confess I'm usually not one to go on the Tomorrow Land Speedway cause it's the Speedway, it's noisy, it's slow, and I'd rather go on the tta.

But I actually would really love, and I hope I get the chance to get on the Tomorrow Land Speedway race through the holidays overlay, which will be going on this year and it should be a lot of fun. It's at night, so you have Christmas lights. There's gonna be all these displays with presents and holiday decorations and like last time, hopefully it'll be the case.

Maybe they'll light up Tron, which is amazing to see at night while they're still working on it. But, Again, I haven't been on the Tomorrowland Speedway during the holidays and frankly, in a long time. So that's gonna be a lot of fun. And when I'm done, then I'm gonna head over to the Monsters Inc. Laugh floor, cuz they're also gonna do a Christmas themed show with Christmas jokes and that sort of thing.

And Lou, I've got my joke lined up. The one you text in ahead of time. And my trick is I say, I say I'm Timmy, I'm six from Philadelphia. But I hope that they'll get my joke on cuz they usually see mine. But this is my joke, so I'm gonna try it out on you and tell me what you think.

Lou Mongello: Okay. Are you ready, ? I'm laughing already just at the mere thought of this, but go ahead.

Tim Foster: Why is a cat in the desert like

Lou Mongello: Christmas? Christmas? Why is a cat in a desert like Christmas? I'm frightened and have no idea cuz

Tim Foster: they both have sandy claws. Oh, that'll get me on. Will it?

Lou Mongello: No. No. And you know what? It probably is the perfect joke to get you on such a monster sink laugh. It is a monster, by the way.

Tim is a dad in case anybody's did not put that together. [00:06:00] Right. .

Tim Foster: But, uh, and last thing we're gonna do on Vicky's, Mickey's very merry Christmas party, we have a weird little family tradition going so at, at after hours parties we've taken to finding the, the exclusive party hotdog. I know it's weird. It started when we went to the villains after hours party, couple years ago.

My daughter got the Hades hot dog, which was a buffalo sauce and a black bun and everything else. And at the not so scary Halloween party just now, we had the pain and panic hot dog. So hey, we're gonna go for the trifecta. When we get to Mickey's very merry Christmas party, we're gonna head to Casey's Corner.

It sounds weird, but I wanna get that holiday dinner dog that has cranberry mustard stuffing funnel cake and cheese curds. I dunno, it sounds weird. But I'm going for it. So are you with me? Are you up for a holiday? Uh,

Lou Mongello: hot Tim. There there's a part of me that wants to just follow you guys around and live stream it almost as like a pay view type of event.

Just following the Fosters through Mickey's very merry Christmas party. It's, it's the holiday season tradition you never knew you needed.

Tim Foster: That's right. We put our own little spin

Lou Mongello: on it. . Yes. Yes. And you. But listen, that's part of the fun, right? We all have our quirks and idiosyncratic things that we love to do or traditions in the parks, and that's some of the things I think that we're probably going to talk about and share.

And yes, ask you our friend, the listener that's sitting here with us, hopefully not eating one of those weird hot dogs. We're gonna want you to contribute and share yours as. For me, Tim, you know, when I was thinking about this list, you know, you start by just sort of brain dumping ideas and you're talking about the parties and the trees, and I said, you know, I, I, I wanted to look at some of the more overlooked experiences, however small, and I'm going smaller as opposed to larger because [00:08:00] I wanna talk about some of the things specifically that you can do while you're there.

Whether it's things that I have done before, things that I, I'm hoping to do in the future, or things that just are a little bit different and fun because you can't necessarily see and do and possibly even afford it all. So, One of the things that I've done in the past, and this is something that I really try and do twice a year seasonally, uh, I just did it with some friends during Halloween because they were staying there and I, and I love doing it during Christmas.

And the first thing that came to mind on my list, and I, and I would normally say, go rent a golf cart at Fort Wilderness to go see the holiday decorations. But I believe right now you could no longer do that unless you are staying there. So stay there. And this is what my sort of one way to celebrate the holidays might be because you might not necessarily think about it when I say to stay at, excuse me, Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort.

You don't have to pitch a tent or rent a camper. Both sound fun. I will eventually do and of course live stream it when it happens, cuz Godly knows. But here's a fun holiday idea that you might not have never thought about before. So during the holiday season, Rent a cabin, rent a cabin at Fort Wilderness, even if it's just for a couple of days.

Again, Christmas starts in Walt Disney World around November. As you start to get closer, sorry, obviously those that decorate their campsite, and it's like Halloween, Tim. I mean it's, it's this incredible display of individual campers and campsites, some of whom stay there for months at a time. It's like an attraction in and of itself.

So rent a cabin and look again. Rate in November, December, they fluctuate. Certainly as you get closer to Christmas, I saw rates around $500 a night, and that's for entire cabin. It's a queen bed, a bunk bed, a sleeper sofa. You've got [00:10:00] great views, but the trick is that when you stay there and if you want to camp and pitch.

Even better. You can rent a golf cart, you can rent a golf cart for about, excuse me, 65 to $75 a night. And that's the best, most fun way to explore Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground because it, you can fit about four people or so on there and tour the entire campground at night to see the holiday decorations.

Some of these displays are spectacular. I will try and link to the last video, the live video that I did when we went one night and drove around and, and the one that we just did for Halloween, because it really is an attraction. And so I think to sort of summarize, the thing that I would do is rent a, rent a cabin at Fort Wilderness, rent a golf cart, and I suggest renting 'em in advance cuz they do go every night.

Although you. Get the unreserved ones first come, first serve basis, excuse me, Tour the Christmas decorations. And while you're there, you must, you must go see the hoop de do musical review. That is a fun day or a couple of days or nights at Fort Wilderness that I think everybody should do at least once during the holiday season.

Tim Foster: I love that. I, I sort of had that on my list too, so I'll just piggyback off what you said. We did this once before. And I did check they are running them Again, if you don't, if you, if you wanna stay at your Grand Floridian resort all week long, I don't wanna do that. Um, they are doing the holiday sleigh rides again this year.


Lou Mongello: was just gonna say I had them on my list. Just check. Forgot to mention it.

Tim Foster: Yeah. Yeah. I just checked this year and they are running, I guess in December, but we're going soon, but they're not available quite yet. But it looks like in December, holiday stay rides are there and we've done that. And like you said, it's like, it's like drive, it's like going around your neighborhood that the night when you go around, look at everybody's lights in your car, like [00:12:00] right before Christmas.

And um, I they're beautiful. Like you said, I, I do kind of call foul on the ones that have Shrek up in the front line. Cause See, but you know, the, but they, they're amazing. And the speaking of Christmas lights, the other thing that's, If you're staying at other resorts is to, particularly at the DVC Resorts where you have people that are there for a while, a lot of those people will decorate their balconies and windows and stuff.

Not to the degree that you'll see in Fort Wilderness, but that's fun to see too, cuz uh, I know first time I saw it, it was kind of, I was expecting that at all. It was, it was kind of out of the blue, but there it was and pretty festive. So, and the, the, So holiday sleigh rides are, are fun too, if you Yeah, again,

Lou Mongello: reserve those in advance.

They're about $75 and you can fit four or five adults and, and small kids. Again, I've done that during Halloween time. I've never done it during Christmas. But now, as soon as we're done with this call, I'm gonna see if I can reserve one for December.

Tim Foster: Yeah, hurry up. But I'm, we're just missing them, so, uh, well, Lou, you'll have to drive us around on golf cart.

We'll get down. Are we counting that as mine or do I have another one to go here?

Lou Mongello: That, that was sort No, that, that wasn't yours. That was sort of a mish .

Tim Foster: Uh, let's see where I go. Oh, okay. I'm going to do this. Uh, this is me adding, I'm gonna add a new tradition to our holiday touring at Walt Disney World, and I'm gonna add a new element and I'm going to add the Skyliner in to our holiday touring plans.

And we're gonna do this when we go. And my, my vision is we're in World Showcase and we're gonna talk about Epco more, I'm sure before this night is over. But touring World Showcase in the evening, doing some holiday storytellers, getting some, getting some wonderful food, and then taking the skyliner over to the studios.

And once you're there, uh, I always feel like the studios Main [00:14:00] Street gets all the well-deserved love for that nostalgia Christmas feel. But sometimes we forget Hollywood Boulevard has its own nostalgia. Christmas a little different, but it's wonderful too. So I'm thinking from Epcot going the Skyliner, which is beautiful at night and end up at the studios, and then experience that old fashioned Christmas with those, with those old porcelain ornament figurines of Santa and the reindeer and everything that, that you grew up with.

Uh, the old Christmas carols, kind of like they do on Main Street, but with this Hollywood twist and, and spend some time at Hollywood Studios. Cause like I said, we usually all go to the Magic Kingdom at Apricot, but Hollywood Studios does do a lot of wonderful Christmas decorations and, um, And they light up that tower of terror too, with some cool projections, which I might talk about later.

But that's gonna be my new Christmas tradition, is to combine those two parks and join them up with the skyliner for a wonderful Christmas ride in this sky.

Lou Mongello: So I love that because I agree with you about Disney's Hollywood Studios. You know, it's funny, Tim, when it first opened, it was characterized as the half day park because that's what in fact it was designed as.

And even so for some people, even with the addition of Galaxy's Edge and some of the other things, it's not necessarily one that people put first on their list or their favorites, but I do love it. Any time of the year, specifically for what you mentioned, I'm a sentimental, nostalgic, and I love bygones and I love the thirties and the forties for a variety of reasons.

I love the way the studios feels. I love the way it looks. I love the sounds, I love the music. I love standing on Sunset Boulevard and just listening to that big band era music for a much, much simpler, um, bygone day that, that part of me wishes. I lived in sometimes , but during the holidays, you are right.

The decorations that they put up are ones that, mind you, I wasn't alive in the thirties and [00:16:00] forties, but you know, growing up with going to Christmas and and weekends at, at my grandmother's house and seeing those sort of. Plastic, sort of, there's a sort of blown plastic, uh, decorations of Rudolph and yeah, the red and silver and greened, tinsel and garland that line the streets and the, the, the temperature of the light at night.

That sort of yellow temperature gives you a sense that you really have stepped back in time. And then when it snows on Sunset Boulevard, I, I'm with you a thousand percent. I, I think Hollywood Studios is beautiful during the holidays, and even if you're not going for one of the special events or other things that we may touch on tonight, there's a lot of reasons just to go and visit that park and even during the day, just walking down Hollywood Boulevard and seeing how the windows are dressed.

You know, I think about those ornaments that look like the Rockette sort of dancing girls in, in the Hollywood Five and Dime. It, it's just simple and it's subtle and it's beautiful and again, That old holiday music playing through the studios is, is just wonderful. And you don't need anything more than a park ticket to enjoy it.

Tim Foster: No. And Gdy the dinosaur. Where's the Santa ?

Lou Mongello: So, you know what I'm gonna, either I'm gonna piggyback on yours or, or sort of append it to yours with another one that was very, very high on my list and something that I haven't done in years. And I wanna go back to doing specifically for all the reasons that I just mentioned.

There are so many dining opportunities, whether they be individual snacks or full blown meals. And one of the ones I think that you should really try and do is dine with many at her holiday, dying at Hollywood and Vine back again this year. It's a great way to sort of, I think plus up your day or night in the parks, especially now with Fsic coming back and all these other different things here in this [00:18:00] buffet meal at Hollywood and Vine, you don't just see MI in her holiday best, but Mickey and Goofy and Pluto, and without going too far, you know what?

I'm gonna try and do it, and maybe I'll do a dining review of it when I'm there, because I haven't been in years. If only there was somebody, anybody who would do it with me. But the characters are great. The decor is awesome because again, it's an extension of these photo opportunities and they have that.

I'm, I'm not sure if it's backing in this year, I remember they had this. Silver tree that looked like it came out of the forties with peppermint bows and, and green and, and red balls on it. Just from a, a, a much older, simpler time. And the last time I looked at the menu, I think there was like prime rib and salmon with, with a beer blanc and also buco and mac and cheese with shrimp and Turkey.

And there was a few plant-based items as well. And they also have specialty beverages and non-alcoholic beverages and, and obviously a kid's menu as well. But the last time I was. The food was good, The character interactions were great. It's not a huge restaurant, so you don't feel like you're swallowed up in this sea of people, especially when it comes time to visit with the characters and go to some of the photo opportunities they have or when they do the walk arounds in the restaurant.

Hollywood and Vine, I think as, as a whole, is overlooked. Even more so during the holidays. And again, you don't have to wait till Christmas time. I believe the holiday D starts or starts in on November 7th or eighth, somewhere around there. So it's early in the season. So you don't have to necessarily worry about going to Walt Disney World, you know, Christmas week or even December in order to participate in a lot of the things we're gonna talk about.

Only someone would invite me. I'm literally inviting you right now, would be fun.

Tim Foster: Let's do it. You had me at Macaroni and Cheese, by the way.

Lou Mongello: When you come down, I'm gonna, I'm gonna try and get us a reservation one night.

Tim Foster: All right? It's funny you talk about Sam and all that, and I'm [00:20:00] going for the Mac and cheese

I love it. That's gonna be so much fun. I've never done that, so this would be fantastic. Oh, Hollywood, Christmas. Oh, let's see, where am I gonna go now? See, these are normal things you do, but our own special things. I'm gonna talk about the gingerbread houses, which again, that's top on everyone's list of what to do this year.

I'm anxious this year though because, uh, last year some of the gingerbread houses were up. Some were still nod up, some might be gone and, uh, I think more coming back online this year. So I'm anxious to see them. I know the, uh, ginger. House at the Grand Floridian got a 50th anniversary little makeover last year.

So I'm curious if it's gonna still be doing that this year. Um, I understand too, cuz this, I don't think this was here last year. The contemporary gingerbread, uh, Mary Blair Castle should be back this year. I understand. So that'll be exciting. That's one of my favorites. I think one of, one of the more overlooked gingerbread creations of Walt Disney World.

Cause you don't think of that. But it's fun. It's whimsical. It's, it's a fantastic time. The one thing we found out, uh, last time we went down there, which was, which was fun, as you probably know, you can get gingerbread. You can get gingerbread shingles at the Grand Floridians Gingerbread House. At the Beach Club Carousel.

You can pick up some gingerbread goodies. I found out while we were waiting in line talking to the people. One, the gingerbread is different at each of them. So just because you had one doesn't mean you will have tried the other one. So try them all out. The other thing I found out, which was, which was very fun, they're very competitive about their gingerbread

So where I think I was at the Grand Floridian waiting and I was remarking, Oh yes, we were at the beach club and uh, getting some gingerbread. Oh, ours is better. Really? Oh yeah, you don't want that. You want ours. So I never knew this. I never knew this. Go to the [00:22:00] beach club and you say, Hey, the Grand Floridian said there.

Oh no, no. This is the what. So it's fun.

Lou Mongello: So now I sort of feel almost responsible to take up this gauntlet to go Yes. For the gingerbread challenge. Yes. And try a different, Absolutely. I wanna see one, if what you're saying is true, and two, if there really is a difference and a winner in this overall gingerbread experience.

Tim Foster: Well, they are different. I mean, definitely last year and I assume that's the same, uh, I, I can't describe like, one was more gingerbread, one was more molo. They, they were definitely different cuz I guess it's the chefs at the respective places have their own, uh, recipes. So, uh, it's fun to do. And hey, if you're gonna tell me I got each gingerbread at all these places, I'll take one for the team, I'll.

Lou Mongello: I I, I'm really excited about this by the way, .

Tim Foster: Well the other thing I'm anxious to see, and I didn't get to see this last year, was the American Adventure Gingerbread display. Again, another one that a lot of people might not be aware is there, and it's inside the rotunda and it's little, it's not like the giant gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian, but they're gingerbread recreations of like, you know, the Washington Monument, the White House, uh, and that sort of thing.

I just missed it last year cuz when we were there, they were just starting to put up the Christmas trees. We were a little bit in November and I kept going to the American venture, Winter's gingerbread coming up. We don't know, I think next week. So, but it did show up and it will be back next this year.

So, uh, I'm anxious to get back and see that, cause I missed it last year. And that's, uh, that's a fun treat to see and see how many pounds of eggs they used and all that kind of stuff. I don't know if they sell gingerbread snacks, but, The other ones definitely. So yes, gingerbread the gingerbread tour. We will have to do that.


Lou Mongello: well, Tim, I wanna share something with you, and this may come. Yes. [00:24:00] I am not a sweet guy, . No,

Tim Foster: you're, you're a, you're a savory kind guy. But I

Lou Mongello: do love gingerbread. I do like, I really, really enjoy gingerbread, like with a nice cup of like tea or apple cider or whatever. So I'm really, really excited about this.

Something else that I'm. Also gonna be a shocker. I'm not an athlete. I know you can't tell by looking at this incredibly toned stop. Adonis, like physique of mine. I am not an athlete, but the next thing I'm going to put on my list can almost be considered an athletic event. If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.

It's from Greece, one of my favorite movies. It doesn't matter. Moving on the, the outside the park holiday thing that almost like you really could make this to him, a holiday tradition for you and your friends, or you and your family is to go and play golf, mini golf at winter, Summerland. I love Winter Summerland over at Typh.

It's right, right by Typhon Lagoon and the Disney Springs. You can take a bus there if you don't have a car. It is a miniature golf experience that has not one, but two specially themed 18 hole. Golf courses. There is a summer course and there is a winter course. And the story is that Santa sort of built winter Summerland as this off season vacation destination for him and more importantly, his elves.

And again, going back to this idea of nostalgic, you know, Christmases of old, as you walk through this incredibly well themed and decorated area, there's like Airstream RVs and sand castles and this winter adventure to the north hole with icy obstacles and peppermints. And it's real, it's a lot of fun.

It's not overly challenging, like it's a great course to do, uh, with friends or families [00:26:00] and little kids can enjoy it as well. It's not expensive. I think it's still. Like $14 for an adult and maybe $12 for kids. You can do one course, you can do both courses. It is a really, really nice way to spend an afternoon, or better yet, even an evening outside the parks.

Uh, it is a lot of fun. I think a lot of people don't even know that it's there. And like, I've gone and done both courses, like with my kids and with friends before, like the summer course has surfboards and sand castles and the winter course has these sort of like your, your journey to the North Pole with peppermint and hockey sticks and this drawbridge of a castle.

It like, it's really, really cool. And again, at $14 per person, it is a great like, value for your money as.

Tim Foster: I'm thinking the W DW Radio, Winter Summerland Mini Golf

Lou Mongello: Challenge. So Tim, that is, and I think I may have mentioned this, this is, that is actually something that I had planned years ago. Oh. Like I had logos, I had the whole thing ready to go.

And for a variety of reasons, I had to cancel the event before I had, before I was able to announce it. I know, but I will tell, you know what I'm planting my, my stake in the hole in the right. I am going to announce the WW Radio Winter Summerland Mini Golf Challenge. I mean, I'm not, I'm announcing that.

I'm going to announce it, but you're, you're announcing that you're going to ING .

Tim Foster: I love it. Well, if I'm there, by the way, this is what myself,

Lou Mongello: I in a ringer. This is when I get myself in trouble when I just sort of announce things and then like, I'll figure it out later. Uh, let's, that's what happened to me on the cruise years ago when I'm like, I got up on stage during like a, a thing and I was like, Wait a minute, it's the 40th anniversary of Wal Disney World.

I'm gonna announce a 40 hour show. And I did a 40 hour live show because I didn't think how insane it was at the time. But the Winter Summerland Mini Golf Challenge, the mini golf classic I think is what I called it, the WW [00:28:00] Golf Mini Golf Classic is going to happen. Stay tuned.

Tim Foster: Ah, I love it. I'm there. Oh, let's see.

See I have just regular stuff left on my list here. There is

Lou Mongello: no regular stuff because it's Disney and it's so much fun.


Tim Foster: that's true. Yeah. I'm gonna use this, but I'm gonna take the opportunity to do this cuz one of the things we love to do, we always tell people to do this when you go at Christmas, not even going in the parks, is to just do some resort hopping.

Whether it's Epcot, which we talked about, going to the board, uh, Boardwalk and Beach Club and checking out the under the sea themed trees and the yacht themed trees. But our favorite is of course, doing the monorail loop. And, and Lou, I'm, I wanna ask you, so of the Christmas trees at the lodge and the contemporary, if you go outside and the Grand Floridian and the cute little one they have in the Polynesian, I always ask this to everybody, what, what is your favorite Christmas tree of those?

Can you say,

Lou Mongello: So my first inclination was to go to Wilderness Lodge because I think that tree, that lobby, that that entire resort is spectacular during the season. And I'm gonna try to not waiver away from that. Although I do understand that Grand grandest tower supposedly has holiday decorations and I have not seen it for the holidays.

So I'm going to put, Yeah, you know what? I'm gonna stick with Lynch Lodge. I'm not even gonna pull Lou and mention three other ones. Like, I'm like, I'm tempted to.

Tim Foster: No, I, I, I think that's ours too. Well, we're staying there and I'm, I'm looking forward to going there late at night when there's nobody there.

The trees are up, the garlands up, everything is lit up, going down to Roaring Forks. And I, I'm oddly excited to get myself a walnut bacon [00:30:00] bunt cake with cream cheese icing. It's Lou, it's got some savory in it. You, you'd be all over that, right? That sounds true.

Lou Mongello: Is that too? I'm not a sweet sky, but man, that sounds really good.

Tim Foster: But now we love that whether, whether it is at the Grand Floridian Wilder ISS lodged to go there, just relax and get a snack from Roaring Fork or Gas Grill, wherever you are. And just enjoying the trees, uh, the music when it's there at the Grand Floridian with the piano player. Um, yeah, we, we can spend a whole day resort hopping without ever going to the park and get so much.

Disney Christmas Joy out of it. And we always seem to discover something new every year. Them, occasionally chocolate sculptures will appear at the Grand Floridian and other places and, uh, you know, it's, it's fantastic. Even more amazing. Lou, you talked about how Halloween Halloween Day, It's Halloween, November 1st.

It's Christmas, magically, overnight. We've been there. The nights when there's no tree up, we go to bed and we wake up and all of a sudden, oh, it's like, you know, it just miraculously goes up in the middle of the night. The gingerbread houses go up in the middle of the night. So yeah, that's, it's something I'm, I'm sure a lot of people do, but it's one of our favorite things to do is just uh, get on that monorail, take a ride around, get to contemporary, get on that boat to the wilderness lodge and hang there cuz I'm kind of with you.

That's probably my favorite tree too. So,

Lou Mongello: And I love that and, and I think touring the resorts and, and sometimes Tim, even just taking a day, if you wanna sort of take a day outta the parks, because depending on when you go, it can be a, a busy crowded time of the year. And I've, I've really visited, again, other than Grant recently, all the resorts store in the holidays and each has their own little spin on it.

But I wanna share one that there's a good chance you've probably never been to before. [00:32:00] And it's a shame because not only is the resort decorated and has special events and all, and, but it, it's Santa's favorite resort. Santa literally has proclaimed what his favorite resort is. Don't look at me that way.

It's the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin. Okay. They call it Santa's favorite resort. Yes, because for years, um, and I, God this has probably been going on maybe almost 10 years, they have all kinds of special experiences and entertainment during the holiday season. You can go to santa's favorite resort.com and find out how you can go and meet Mrs.

Claus and her little elf candy, CL candy cane on special nights, Santa's holiday hangout by the swan pool. Santa comes and arrives spoiled alert in this super cool themed golf cart. There is photo opportunities. There are. It's the world's largest chocolate santa is there. I've seen

Tim Foster: that. It's life size.


Lou Mongello: freaky. It's, it's really freaky. It's huge. Um, there's pastry decorating for kids, um, over at Santa's holiday Hangout, and it's like, $3. Like it's crazy. There's a dancing lake Spectacular. There is, If you're staying there, they, if you're staying there, there's other special things that they can do for you and your kids.

So for example, like if you're staying there at Christmas, like, how's Santa gonna be able to deliver? Presents for your kids. It's like, it's Christmas Eve and there's no chimney. If you stop by the cons, don't tell, don't let the kids hear this. But if you go by the concierge desk on Christmas Eve, you can pick up a copy of Santa's magic key to hang on your hotel room door.

So it looks like, Oh, kids look, Santa knows he's gonna be able to come in and, I mean, it's weird, the idea of now Santa breaking into your room, but he comes in your chiming, it doesn't really matter. There are, um, elves, there is a, there's a Christmas story with milk and cookies. There's a beautiful Christmas [00:34:00] tree, holiday gifts.

They used to have a train that went around the huge tree in the dolphin lobby. And again, you talked about that chocolate center display by a, it's like a world champion pastry chef. Uh, his name was like Lauren Bernard or, so forgive me if I mispronounced his name. But everything in that display, Made from chocolate, um, lots of different holiday treats in some of the, um, restaurants as well, including like sh Shula's, Blue Zoo, I Marino and Amari, which is over at the Reserve, which is real, like, it's really, really good.

Um, and other things too, if you are staying at the resort, there's some additional, but you don't have to, you don't need to be staying there in order to take part in Santa's favorite resort. If you just go to santa's favorite resort.com, you can find out. And um, yeah, it's a lot of fun. I go every year. I usually, I do like a live broadcast from there because, Santa admissions clause, seeing them on vacation.

It, they're a, they are a lot of fun. Like they are really, really, they're really fun. Don't bother me. I don't want vacation . No. They wanna be bothered. They're very nice. That's super, super

Tim Foster: nice. Yeah. Now, hey, speaking of trees, that was always one of my favorite trees. The super gigantic white and blue point Sedu tree.

Yeah. That they had. Yep. But I do, I do love and I, maybe you know what they're doing this year cuz they switched it over to this like, beautiful. Doesn't even describe that. This glass chandelier that they have, uh, in place to that tree, which is stunning. I think it was there last year. I assume it'll be there this year, but I'm not sure.

I don't know if

Lou Mongello: you know, I will go and do the research and find out for

Tim Foster: you. Check it out. But that I, it's, Hey, I mean, it's not your traditional Christmas tree. There is a traditional Christmas tree over on the side. Yeah. But that, that chandel. I calling it a chandelier is such a disservice. It is a work of art.

It is absolutely stunning. Yeah. And I love it. So if it's there, I, I wanna go over and check it out again cuz I can't, [00:36:00] It's just standing underneath it. It's like, it reminds me of, and don't actually, you've all done this when you have your Christmas tree at home, it's all lit up. It's night and you kind of go underneath it and just lie there and look up and look at all the Christmas tree lights.

Yes, I do that. So , this is so, Oh, for my, I I, you know, I only have one more thing on my list here and it's kind of a, it's, it's, it's not the. Biggest, boldest Christmas experience you can have, but it's one that I haven't experienced yet, and I am so looking forward to doing this. And this goes back to the overlays that some of the attractions get during Christmas.

And this is over at Epcot. And by the way, this year also for the first time, we're doing, uh, a dinner package for the candlelight processional. And, uh, my daughter's very excited to see Raul Spara doing the, uh, candlelight processional narration this year. So that's fun. But, uh, we've all seen the candlelight processional beautiful.

If you see it, whether you're walking by or you are actually sitting in there. But the one thing I'm looking forward to last year, I went. One of my favorite attractions, Don't laugh. Living with the land. I actually love it so much during the day and as I'm going through and it's, it's in November, I'm seeing Christmas lights.

They're not turned on cuz it's daytime. And like, what, what is this wonders thing I'm seeing? And it wasn't until I got home and saw pictures of the, uh, Living with the Land Mary and Bright and lights overlay, and I'm looking forward to seeing this for the first time. If you haven't seen this, they basically put Christmas lights and holiday decorations up all throughout, living with the land, through the boat, right through all the greenhouses.

You'll see snowmen in presents and snow sand men, I should say, and presents in all kinds of decorations. But, uh, the, the pictures I've seen are [00:38:00] stunning. I can't wait to see this in person cuz it already is one of my favorite attractions, oddly enough. But, uh, seeing it at Christmas is something I'm really looking forward to.

Li did you get a chance to see this at all when they were

Lou Mongello: I saw it last year and I love it. Like I really, you know, I can't wait. Yeah. Going at night is, is look epco at night during the holidays. Beacon of magic during the holidays, like it's, It's really, really nice and it's, it is sort of a traditional thing that I like to do and, and I'll often go live or do like a short video through there because they do a really nice job of, of transforming that attraction without changing the attraction.

It's, it's, it's, it's neat how they did it, but you also sort of glossed over something, which I think is important and is on my list. We, when we talk about sort of the things you need to do, we talk about the, the candlelight processional, and we've mentioned it multiple times on a number of occasions. It is a truly special experience that is included with your Epcot admission.

You don't need anything else in order to go see that other than your Epcot ticket and patience because you, the lines. Get very, very long for the multiple shows that take place at 5 15, 7 o'clock and eight 30. And there are some folks, Tim, that will line up at four o'clock for the five 15 show that show's over and they get back in line for the seven and they get back in line for the eight 30 to see the same narrator because it is beautiful and it is breathtaking and it is incredibly moving and who your narrator is, although they may speak the same words and the retelling of the, the, the, the Christmas story is completely different.

And it is, it is an amazing experience to see the different and how different narrators inject their own personality, their own stories into it. So I'll just [00:40:00] give you a, a quick rundown of some. So, Simu Lu, Chee Rivera, Whoopi Goldberg, Isabella la Rossini, Damon, John the Shark, Josh Gad, Gloria, Stefan, Neil Patrick Harris is always a fan favorite.

Mm-hmm. Marca Harty from Law and Order. Cal Ripkin Jr. Marie Osman. Courtney Vance. Angela Bassett. I just saw Black Panther, Wakanda forever last night, night. No spoilers. I'm gonna spoil something for you right now. Give her the Oscar. Give her the Oscar . She was remarkably, remarkably good. Um, and that's all I'm gonna say, but yeah.

Okay. So I had watched the candlelight processional with a dining package on my list.

Tim Foster: Ah, there you go. I've never done this before. This is

Lou Mongello: our first. Yeah. I think it's a really smart idea because there are a number of restaurants that have a package that includes guaranteed seating in a specific location at the cant live processional on that same day, and a dinner with an appetizer, entree, dessert, or the buffet where applicable.

And you can do it at uh, Achu Royal Banquet Hall Beer Garden, the Buffet, Coral Reef Garden Grill, Laier Rose and Crown, and their same day dining packages at the Regal Eagle Smoke. And Spice Road table, they start as low as $40 per person for adults going up to a hundred dollars per person. For Laier, most of them run around the 60, $70 mark.

So Rose Crown is 64, Coral Reef is 74. So that's your dinner, that's your dessert and that's your guaranteed seat. You are also paying for Tim, you're paying for the luxury and the convenience of not having to wait in line. Think of it as fast pass sort of Genie Plus for the candlelight professional and I think it's absolutely worth it.

Candlelight professional is probably the one absolute must do on my list every single year. [00:42:00]

Tim Foster: Well, you throw in some shrimp and grits from the coral reef and I'm there cause that's what I have to look forward to. Did

Lou Mongello: I mention Angela Bass?

Tim Foster: I think so. Rewind it. See if you, I can't remember if you didn't.

Lou Mongello: Some of the performances that I have seen from some of the narrators, Look, I'm a crier. I'm fine admitting we're all friends here. Like I will weep. I'm rightly I weep out outwardly at this because the music is incredible. The, the, the choir of of cast members is just in so, so good. And there, there is an emotional component whether, and it doesn't matter what your faith, what your beliefs in what you celebrate or don't, the telling of that story and the music that accompanies it is, is one of the hallmark experiences I think in Walt Disney World, period.

I think it's that good.

Tim Foster: Yeah. And, and one of the things that's great about it too, if, if you, if you didn't have the opportunity or weren't able to get a dinner package, Or if you're not up for standing in line for, you know, a long time to get in there, it is one of those experiences you can just stumble upon, which I've done many times as you're walking around World Showcase, doing your tour at night, and you get to the American Adventure and being, as it's an open air theater, the Amer Guards Theater, if you're just casually walking by during a show, you'll get, you're not gonna get an up close glimpse of it, of course, but you'll hear it, you can see it, and under, underneath the tree at the American Adventure with all the lights on, even as you're walking by, it's, I, I just get this really warm holiday feeling walking by with a candlelight processional going on, even if I didn't, if I'm not actually in the audience for that particular show.

But, uh, you can see it from the promenade, which is a nice, wonderful, fun surprise as you're walking [00:44:00] around at night at, uh, World Showcase.

Lou Mongello: And I, and I'm going to, Since I was sort of latching onto your entry there, I wanna, I'll connect the next thing on my list with that, right? We're gonna stay in Epcot in addition to.

So there's a few things that you're learning about me today. So I don't love sweets, but I eat sweets. I'm not an athlete, certainly. Um, I love my savory foods and I'm also a crier. I also love scavenger hunts like I really do. I love scavenger hunts. In fact, I, I do, I create a scavenger hunt for Walt Disney World, um, in different parks and attractions and lands every month for the WW Rodeo Nation.

Just in case you're curious. Ww rodeo wtw radio nation.com/support. And in Epco, they have different scavenger hunts for the festivals. Back again this year is the festival. The holidays, scavenger hunt. With Ola, it is the OLA Holiday Tradition Expedition Scavenge Hunt, which is available now through the end of the year.

You can purchase a map and stickers, I think it's still 9 99, from different merchandise locations like the Creation Shop, Port of Entry and World Traveler at the International Gateway. And in order to do the scavenger hunt, You go through the different pavilions and you will find, um, you, you're searching for the, the traditions that old office found at each of the pavilions parents.

By the way, this is also a learning experience for your kids and for you, you, so you do that, you put your sticker on when you find it, and then if you complete the scavenger hunt or not, you can bring your map to the creations or world traveler at International Gateway and you can redeem it for a special holidays keepsake.

Oh. I'm not gonna tell you what it is come because I don't think it's been revealed yet, yet this year because it changes [00:46:00] every single year. And as of now, I don't think the 2022 festival and the holidays keepsake has been revealed. Tim, this is a lot of fun. It's inexpensive. It's under 10 bucks. You don't have to be a kid to do it.

You can give it to your kids so they have something to do. Get off your phone. Kids, you can. So they have something to do while you guys are walking around. If maybe they might be bored in world Showcase, you can do it together even better as a family, or they can do it alone as a solo traveler or together with your friends.

It's just fun going to the festivals, finding all off. And I like it here even more so than like the Easter egg hunts because it is tied to the traditions and the culture of each of the countries. So it's, it's, there's an, there's an added sort of benefit and interest level, I think to, to this one, um, as opposed to some of the others.

I'm in and I'm trying, I think last year, even if I don't know what the prize is, I think last year they, they gave away, um, they were like frozen themed plates and there was like three different ones that you can do and sometimes there's been like pins. There was um, I don't remember what else they've done in past years, but yeah, last year I think was, there were three different really nice frozen them.

Maybe 10 inch diameter, 12 inch diameter plastic plates. That's all I got. That's it.

Tim Foster: are, are we in honorable mention

Lou Mongello: mode now? Are you done like, is that it? Are you done? I'm done. Okay. So I had, so these are not honorable mentions. These are actually things on my lists cuz I end, I always end up doing like 10 or 11 on my list just in case.

Like, I never know if we're gonna have duplicates or if I change my mind as we're, we're going through it. Speaking of this isn't a scavenger hunt, but this is something else I think is really, really fun to do because I also try and find things, Tim, Tim, that if you notice I'm not necessarily talking about buy this ticket to [00:48:00] Mickey's very merry Christmas party, buy this thing, spend this additional money.

I also try and find things that you can do for free. Like, especially if you wanna take a day outside the parks. It's why we mentioned doing things like going to the resorts or Yes, it's an inexpensive ticket, like going to play miniature golf. I love Disney Springs, period. I love Disney Springs. During the holidays period, and back again this year are the themed Christmas trees at Disney Springs.

The Christmas Tree Trail, which they added a number of years ago, used to be some more experiential. It was located in a single location at the far end of Disney Springs with an entrance over by the Earl Sandwich. What they've done now is they have created, I think that there's probably maybe 30 or so.

Maybe even more than that, maybe 30. So different themed Christmas trees and have scattered them throughout Disney Springs, so it's completely free. You can now view these trees all day long. You don't have to wait until the Christmas tree trail would open at a certain time at night and have sort of a line going through this.

And it is almost like a bit of a scavenger hunt. And I think you can, I think, Tim, there's also an argument to be made to go and try and find the trees during the day and then go to see them at night when they're lit up. Because during the day you can really sort of get a sense of the intricacies of some of the ornamentation and decrement decoration, but at night you can see them all lit up and they take on a whole different life.

It's not a scavenger hunt because you can actually get a free map from guest services. But wait, there's more. So the map from guest services has the map of the locations and stickers and it shows you sort of the theme of whether it's hearted mansion, whether it's the Lion King, whether it's frozen, Moana.

I think there was like a, um, [00:50:00] I think there was like a pirate themed one, a bell themed one. Um, I know there's a variety of different Christmas tree ones. I think that there's a black panther. I know that there was one last year, I think there was one this year as well. If you're able to match all the stickers.

So what it does is you have this map and the map is blank. It has this locations with a blank, sort of a, um, a standard Christmas tree to show you where they are. But you have to go and match the theme sticker to where it is. If you get them all correct, if you bring your map back to guest services, you get a special surprise.

Oh, but wait, there's even more because on the opposite side of your map, not only does it show you where you can find some of the seasonal eats and treats, but there's also discount codes and discount, um, bar codes that you can use at some of the shopping locations and dining locations for like 25% off like food and merchandise.

Wow. I'm not kidding. It's true. Did I mention that? It's free? It is completely free. It is a lot of, again, you can do it just as you're walking around. You can do it as sort of this thing to do while you're there. I think it really is, um, it's a lot of fun and, and it's, it is, it's almost sort of like a must do cuz did I mention the fact that I love Disney Spring?

In passing. Yeah, maybe once or twice. I didn't even, I didn't even mention a boathouse when I said that too. No,

Tim Foster: I, You know what, I was wondering if you were gonna get through this show without mentioning the boathouse,

Lou Mongello: By the way, did, I haven't mentioned food, but something else that I put on my list is,

Tim Foster: Wait, you have mentioned

Lou Mongello: food.

I didn't mention. I don't remember mentioning food. Not at all. Okay. Maybe twice. Okay. Create your own right. We're talking about things that sort of Disney offers and help sort of guide you through. I think there's also a fun way for you to create your own foodie tour and your own top 10 or your [00:52:00] top five list.

There's a reason why we didn't get into the holiday treats and suites and drinks that are themed because there are so, so many throughout the parks, resorts, restaurants, Disney Springs. There are dozens if not hundreds of different holiday themed suites and treats. You can't do them all. I may try because I'm a researcher at heart and I'm a giver, and I'm doing it for you.

But I think if you find the thing that you like or the things that you like, create your own list. Try and make your own list of top 10 holiday suites. Top 10 holiday, cookies, cupcakes, adult beverages, whatever it is, make it a game. Share it on social. Go and do your quote unquote research like I do. Share it on social.

Come to the clubhouse on Facebook, the ww radio.com/clubhouse. Share your top five, top 10, whatever, holiday themed meal items, holiday themed cookies, holiday themed. You know, hot chocolates, whatever. I mean, and you know what? Maybe wait, I'll put this out there without thinking about it. If you come up with some amazing creative idea and list, maybe we'll do it together on the show.

What could possibly go wrong? Nothing could go. Right. And the last thing on my list, before I get to just a couple of very, very, very, very quick honorable mentions is you may be listening and saying, Mongie Foster, what if I can't get to Walt Disney World? What if I just can't get there this year? What if I, I just can't do it?

Are there ways to sort of bring some of this Disney magic at home? Yes. Throughout the year, on Wednesday nights, I, I can continue to do my WW Radio live show. I will be, I'm gonna try and do a lot of the live shows over the next few weeks from the Parks and resorts, so I can bring it to you best I can, but, If you wanna bring [00:54:00] some Disney magic at home, and maybe even Tim Foster, make a new friend and bring some Disney magic of your own to others, I have something for you.

Oh, I invite you, not if you dare, but if you like to join our WW Radio Annual Ornament Exchange every year for the past, gosh, we probably been doing this. Maybe seven years, five, seven years. Uh, thanks to someone in the community. We call her Shannon the Elf. Um, if you wanna participate in the Ornament Exchange, all you have to do is sign up and then you purchase or make a Disney themed ornaments less than $20, right?

And then send it to this randomly selected other member of the nation family, of, of the WW family. By December 5th, they get an ornament. You'll get an ornament as well. And then, you know, it helps sort of share some of that extra Disney spirit of the season. And if you wanna find out more, you can go to the WW Radio blog or go to wd wdw radio.com/exchange 2022 and find out how you can sign up.

It is so much fun. You never know what you're gonna get. You never know who you might meet and see some of the creativity from people. Some people, Tim, go all out and they make their own ornaments and write letters, and it's just such a nice. Simple, fun way. I love that. To bring people. Maybe Timmy Foster will sign up this year.

I, I think I might. That

Tim Foster: sounds like fun. Oh

Lou Mongello: my gosh. I hope I get Timmy Foster in the, in the random ornament exchange.

Tim Foster: Wait, well I won't know who I'm getting

Lou Mongello: though, right? You're not gonna know who you're getting. I mean, you'll know, obviously our EL will let you know. Uh, cause you have to sign up by November 18th by the way.

And the l will magically match you up. You'll get that person's name and address and then you

Tim Foster: will send send. Cause I wanna make a luman jello ornament, but I want to be careful.

Lou Mongello: My legal team is standing by just in case. Um, bring it. Couple of very, very, very quick honorable mentions because they're new.

This. [00:56:00] Space Mountain Holiday Run. There's a new holiday overlay at Space Mountain. Um, I don't know if you can see that outside of Mickey's very merry Christmas party. I'm very curious to see myself and I'm very, very excited for the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Overlay, which is new this year. There's some holiday, there's a new holiday, single or jingle, bringing joy to Terra and Zandar, and I'm very, very curious to see what that might be and what else.

That's it. Oh, you know what you, it's too late to join ours. But just in a couple of weeks, Tim, I'm doing my very first group, WW Radio, very maritime cruise on December 5th. If you've never taken a themed cruise on Disney Cruise Line, do it. Um, they are some of the best cruises. They also do ones for Halloween.

They're decorated, they're special events. And then we do a lot of things specifically for a group, like we have a white elephant gift exchange, an ugly sweater contest, group dining, some after hours, very special events, which I'm not gonna say because I have to keep it as a surprise. Pajama parties and pin tradings.

If you go to our events page, again at ww radio.com/events, you can find, I really, really am super excited for this and need to figure out what my ugly sweater is going to be. And the last thing I will leave you with is when to go and, Because as you get closer to Christmas, it not only gets more expensive, more difficult to get a room, but more crowded.

And I think the first two weeks of December have always been sort of that sweet spot and that that secret has obviously gotten out, uh, over the past few years. The week before Thanksgiving is, is pretty good too because a lot of people wait until Thanksgiving, but not all of the Festival of the holidays, events and activities start until after Thanksgiving.

So keep that in mind in terms of if the entertainment at Epcot and some of those things is important to you, use that in [00:58:00] your decision making process. It is why having a travel agent like Mouse, Van Travel can help you with that, um, as well. And I, there's one last thing I will say, but anything else that you want to add Timmy Foster to our list or in your case that you want to plug?


Tim Foster: I can plug things. I all I with Christmas, since we're going a couple weeks, I'm sure I'm gonna find some new things I've never seen before, whether they're new or new to me. So, we'll, I'll report on those when we come back. But, um, hey, if we're plugging things, uh, we have our new for for Perfect for Holiday giving our Epcot 40th anniversary.

Keepsake book is here. It has arrived. We have that. We all said the 50th anniversary keeps a book, which are great by themselves or make for a great pair. We have a new Christmas pin coming out that we're gonna be announcing in a week or two and a new Halloween pin we put out. And of course there's the Mag magazine itself.

Our winter issue is out a great Christmas gift, but you can find all of this@celebrationspress.com, and we're gonna be putting some Halloween gift bundles together in the coming week. So keep an eye out for that.

Lou Mongello: Maybe I'll put Tim on the spot and say, You know what would be really cool, Tim, is if one week I gave away as a trivia contest prize, a little celebrations magazine, holiday gift bundle, I mean, I'll buy it.

I have to, but wouldn't that be a nice gift to give someone? It would be

Tim Foster: such a great gift that out. We're going to do it. Let's do

Lou Mongello: it. Maybe Timmy Foster will even sign it,

Tim Foster: like, Yes, absolutely.

Lou Mongello: I mean, unless you don't want that. Unless you don't, maybe you don't want Timmy Foster to sign it. Um, I will share.

I love it. And you can obviously find all these things at guided to the magic.com. I'll link to it in the show notes. Um, you know, I wanna, I'm hesitating cause I, [01:00:00] this might be stupid and maybe I'll just cut this out even though I don't really edit this at all, obviously. Um, but I, I wanna admit something.

Because we're all friends here, and I love you and I trust you, you, not just you, Tim, but you, who's listening. Um, I loved Christmas as a kid. Like I loved Christmas as a kid. I remember like, and again, because I know kids are listening, I'm not gonna share too much, but I loved going to my grandparents and, and pretending to go to sleep at, at midnight for, for Santa Claus to come and just spending hours opening presents and then having sausage like at, at, you know, two o'clock in the morning.

But as I got older, um, for whatever reason, I, I, I didn't love Christmas as much. I, I don't know what happened. There's no sort of, you know, dramatic, traumatic thing that happened to me. But for whatever reason, I, I started sort of move away from my love of Christmas, but Disney World made me love Christmas again and.

There is something very powerful and very moving and special about being here during the holidays. I don't know what it is. If, if you get it, you get me, you get it. If you think I'm a crazy person, get in line. You're not the first, but I, There is there, there's something special about this place, which is why I still love it.

Watch why I still get excited. But there's something even more so about the holidays at Walt Disney World and like now I can't imagine not visiting here every single year. Not just because I live here, but I think because Christmas and the holidays and, and Hanukkah and Quantum and all festivals, whatever it is.

Being celebrated here that the time of the year, not even necessarily that single day, makes this very special place even more extraordinary. And I don't know why I'm telling you this, but I'm grateful for it and it's meaningful to me, and I'm sure I am not the only person out there. [01:02:00] But I do want to hear from you.

I already heard from you, Tim. Not you, but you, our friend who's listening. How do you like to celebrate the holidays in Walt Disney World? What is your family or personal tradition when you come here? Where do you stay? Where do you like to eat? What do you like to do? Where do you go play? Do you go swimming?

Even though it's 50 degrees out like so many other people do. Um, when they come here, like I see kids like, Hey man, I'm on vacation, I'm going swimming. It doesn't matter. Is it living with the land? Is it the jingle cruise? Is it gingerbread? Is it seeing Santa? Is it trees? What is it for you and then some of the ways that you like to go and celebrate the holidays in Walt Disney World?

Come be part of the community and the conversation and the WW Radio family over in the clubhouse on Facebook at ww radio.com/clubhouse. I will post that question there and I would really love to hear your thoughts and your answer. Better yet, instead of just posting it there, call the voicemail (407) 900-9391.

That's 4 0 7 900 WDW one, and I will play it on the show because I love you. I am grateful for you and you, Timmy Foster. I got all the holiday feels going on, even though it's like November 11th and 85 degrees in Orlando. I'm feeling all the spirit of Christmas and it has nothing to do with presents. It has nothing to do with family.

It just has to do with friendship and family and love, and somebody gimme a hug. I just need a hug. I,

Tim Foster: Hello.

Lou Mongello: I'm in my office by myself and my arms are stretched out. Like, Come on, somebody give a hug. I don't know what I'm waiting for and you can't see it. I don't know why I'm embarrassing myself. And there you go.

That's why we love you. Favorite holiday food in Walt Disney World? Go out outside of Walt Disney World. Favorite holiday food at home? What's the thing that you have to have during the holidays? Peanut butter

Tim Foster: fudge. [01:04:00] Homemade. Did I make by myself in Christmas shapes

Lou Mongello: first? First of all, that you need to send me some.

Well, yeah. Peanut butter fudge. Yeah. I don't

Tim Foster: know. You put me on the spot. Oh, oh. Reese's Peanut butter. Christmas trees. Best

Lou Mongello: candy ever. There's a theme. There's a clearly recurring theme. .

Tim Foster: I'm the sweet. You're the savory.