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So… You Want to Be a Disney Runner…

–Sarah Niswender, WDW Radio Team

Have you ever done something and thought, ‘I must have lost my ever loving mind!’  

Well, that’s how I feel before I sign up for every running event, Disney or otherwise. It became a running joke (pun totally intended) in my family that we need to run a race to justify going to Disney.

Enter the WDW Running Team and just like that I found my people. I have polled the greatest RunDisney minds that I know. They have narrowed down the most useful / best / cannot even think of running without items. Note: These are just items we love, there is no arrangement with any brand or company. 

Hydration: Hydration is so important, it will keep you going. There are so many options out there, but a few faves on the running team are: IV Hydration, Nuun, Orange Mud Gear Vest with flasks, Fitletic hydration belt, and Nathan’s handheld water bottle. 

Fuel: They say nothing new on race day. This could not be more true then when it comes to fuel.  You will want to practice / train with your fuel prior to a race to help prevent any gastric distress…. Just remember if you go in the woods at Disney, they can see you from the monorail! Some favorite fuel sources include: Gu, Honey Stinger Chews & Waffles, Sport Beans, Huma Gels, Gummi Bears, Twizzlers, Uncrustables, oranges, and peanut butter pretzels.  

Tunes!: There are official RunDisney playlists on Spotify that you can download for each event. They are a mixture of songs from the parks, movies, and shows.  This ties in to another essential item, headphones. Headphones, like playlists are very personal.  Some of our running team folks prefer Shokz and other bone conducting headphones. 

Shoes & Socks: This falls into the don’t try anything new on race day category. It is a 100% consensus that you should not wear cotton socks on long runs, unless you love blisters. Socks like Feetures, Bomas, and SmartWool have sweat-wicking material that help to draw moisture away from the feet to help prevent blisters. Shoes are equally personal. The recommendation is to go to a running store and get fitted for a proper running shoe. This will make WORLDS of difference in your running/walking. The running store will also have recommendations for recovery shoes. After running a half or full marathon, changing your shoes can feel like walking on a cloud! As a rule, recovery shoes aren’t the cutest out there, but they sure are comfortable!

Sarah Niswender & Erin Van Quill on the 5k Course, 
Marathon Weekend 2023

Last but certainly not least, the most important and most essential item for a successful Disney run is… THE PEOPLE!

The people on the WDW Radio Running Team can take a VERY early morning and VERY long race and make it so much fun! I feel confident speaking for many of us in saying there is at least one race we would not have made it to the finish line without the encouragement, company, and sweaty hug from a team member. 

I love seeing the blue WDW Radio Running Team shirts out on the course! Even when we aren’t in blue shirts, we have a LOT of fun on the course!