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WDW Radio # 703 – Best Pizza in Walt Disney World

This week, we address and answer some age-old and important questions on our quest for the Best Pizza in Walt Disney World. From where to go, to what pizzas are the best on the menu, we’ll look at what makes a good pizza, and explore everything from the authentic to the adventurous, and whether it’s a pie or a slice, what and where you just can’t miss.

Thanks to to Victoria Nicolette Gist and Anthony Molee for joining me this week!

Where is the best place to get pizza in Walt Disney World? And what pizza is your favorite?

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[00:00:00] Lou Mongello: Recently it was National Pizza Week. I did not know that was even a thing. It kicks off on the second Sunday in January, which probably not by coincidence, is just in time for playoff football. Not that any time is not the best time for a pizza week, but I digress. And here in the United States, we love pizza like.

A lot, uh, and in a recent, probably very unscientific poll, but it's the data that I found in a poll of a thousand people. 98% of them said they liked pizza. 43% said that pizza was their favorite fast food, making it the second most popular fast food with hamburgers being the most popular. Bob's big boy.

I just visited you how I love you. So again, I digress, but I. Part of the appeal and the love of pizza is the variety and the versatility of pizza. We love the creativity that can be put into them. The ability for us to personalize our own pizza, to taste, and even in its most simplest form, just a plain tomato and cheese pie, I think is one of our greatest.

Comfort Foods. It's, it's a meal, it's a snack, it's lunch, it's dinner, it's sometimes even breakfast. When it's cold. It can, it is sort of the, the p the pizza can be the, the meal applicable to any time of the day or night. And when it comes to pizza in Walt Disney World, insert somewhat foreboding music here for many years.

Yes. I'm going back to like the seventies, eighties, maybe even the nineties. The pizza offerings in Walt Disney World weren't plentiful. That's being generous and what was available wasn't awesome. When I first moved here, the pizza [00:02:00] was so bad. How bad was it? The pizza was so bad that I actually questioned my decision to move to Florida.

Like is, was this a mistake purely based on pizza? Now has that changed? Let's find out as we look for or look at the best pizza in Walt Disney World from where to get it. To what pizzas are the best of the best, and joining me on this quest because that's really what it is, and it has been our friends and members of the W D W R O Nation.

I wanna welcome back to the show, Victoria Geist. You may remember her from such shows as the Connection Eatery Review on show number 6 96 Victoria, welcome back. Thanks. Spoilers ahead. . Don't listen hungry. By the way, let me just sort of get this, the, the legal stuff outta the way. First and first timer, I believe, right?

Anthony Mole.

[00:02:59] Anthony Molee: Hey Lou,

[00:03:00] Lou Mongello: I'm happy to be here. It, uh, I am happy to have you and I'm happy to have both of you because pizza is best when it is shared with friends. And in an ideal situation, we would be eating the, we would eat, be eating pizza together while we did this, but not that anyone needs to be qualified to eat grape, fine and judge pizza.

But when I put this question out on the nation group, I said, what are sort of your pizza eating credentials? In and out of Walt Disney World. So in a sentence, tell me Victoria, cause I think ladies first, and then Anthony, what are your pizza credentials like? What makes you the pizza expert? The pizza connoisseur?

[00:03:42] Victoria Gist: Um, I think mine comes from, it's not just about the pizza, for me, it's about the whole experience. I am a theater professional, so it's all about the environment as well. Also, I lived in Connecticut, which, um, Frank Pepe's was technically the first. Um, so, um, I guess that's [00:04:00] big. Most of my credentials, I love food.

That's a big third. Um, I could go on, but I guess that's it in a nutshell. ,

[00:04:07] Lou Mongello: you're in, it's like that commercial with slash playing guitar, like, yeah, you're in, don't worry, you got it. Anthony.

[00:04:15] Anthony Molee: Um, so yeah, I grew up eating pizza for breakfast. Um, grew up in an Italian household in northern New Jersey and uh, it was quite a normal thrust to have pizza in the morning that was leftover from what my grandmother made the week prior.

Um, I've probably eaten that. Most of the pizzerias in northern New Jersey, and I've also crawled through a lot of the pizzerias in, in New York City, whether it be Manhattan, Brooklyn, or the Bronx. I love pizza. I ate it about three times a week. Um, much to my Dr. Chagrin . Um, I have pizza every Friday night.

Uh, it's, it's a go-to. I usually get a regular pie with half something. It depends upon my mood, and then I get a grandma's pie. And then I just eat that for the rest of the week for lunch, and then rinse and repeat. It's, it's not the healthiest diet, but it's one that I'm proud of.

[00:05:00] Lou Mongello: I mean, you had me at Sicilian from Bloomfield, and then you sort of just pull the Peele juice like you think I'm qualified?

Like, yes, you, you absolutely are a hundred percent qualified. And before we get into the discuss, Possibly even debate, um, about the best pizza in Walt Disney World. Let's talk about, we've got your qualifications very much in hand. What about the pizza itself? Right? What makes a really good pizza? And for some pizza, for some people, any pizza is good.

Pizza. I respectfully. I'm not sure I agree with that. Right. There's bad pizza right there. There's really, really bad pizza. And I've had bad pizza sadly, in Walt Disney World and, you know, my, my short round physique wouldn't tell otherwise, but sometimes I'm like, you know, I, I wish I wouldn't have gotten this.

At all. So let's talk a little bit about some of what we think makes a good pizza. And I think at, at the most important part has to [00:06:00] be the dough, right? I think the dough is the literal and figurative foundation of a good pizza and. Even the ingredients that go into it, and I'm sure we're gonna talk about that when we get to one of the locations on, which better be the number one place on all of our lists.

This hand tossed crunchy crust, well-cooked, slight char on the bottom, that gives you that crisp bite and that crust, which has to be like toasted on the outside, but fluffy and light on the it, like on the inside. Things like the thickness and the firmness and the taste of the dough and the, even the ingredients that go into that dough is like of paramount importance.

[00:06:48] Victoria Gist: Yay. Absolutely. Yay. Um, yeah, you want a nice crispy edging to your dough, but you don't wanna have to fight it to, for the right to eat your pizza. Um, wanna have, and for me also, it's, um, the flavor and the consensus, consistency of the cheese. Um, I don't want a dry cheese. I don't want like the sauce to have essentially evaporated underneath or above, depending on your preference.

Want a Nice cheese that's a participant in the

[00:07:16] Anthony Molee: experience. Yeah, so when when I get a a slice and I fold it and I fold my slices, I don't eat it just as a triangle. So I fold mine in half and you should be able to hear a slight little break with the crust itself, with the underneath, but, but the actual out outer rim.

Let's call the outer rim cuz it's Star Wars, but outer Rim, if you fold that, you shouldn't make any noise, but it should still have a consistency that you do. And there should be a little bit of flour still kind of on, on the outside rim. Um, regarding the cheese, it's, it's all about the ratio of cheese. To, to to tomato sauce or gravy or whatever you want to call it.

But it, it's that ratio it, one should never overtake the other. Um, and it shouldn't be glocky. And, and when you fold it, you should be [00:08:00] able to fold it in half and then hold the pizza out. And it shouldn't just drop, it shouldn't just go glop and just fall off of the cheese shouldn't fall off. So you shouldn't, you should be able to hold it there and then turn it and just put it in your mouth and bite it and show it

[00:08:11] Lou Mongello: and you're happy.

I wanna hug you all like, cuz you're a hundred percent right, the, there, there is something up to. The thickness and the firmness of the pie. And you're right, when you do fold it, you get that sound, you get that feel, you get that crust, you do get a little bit of that flower in your hand, but that should, you know, sort of when you fold it and hold it out in front of you, it should sort of, you know, stay flat instead of sort of flopping.

Down. Like that matters. Cause when you bite into that, you get that little bit of a crunch. Now, not to sort of go down a, a, a tangent, but you know, especially here in America, there are different quote unquote regional types of pizza. We are talking about real, and I'm, I don't wanna start a dip. We're talking about sort of like quote unquote New York style pizza, not the deep dish Chicago pizza, which to me is more like, A lasagna pie.

Like it's, it's, it's something I think pizza has to be eaten with your hand, not necessarily with the knife and fork. Thank the fork.

[00:09:12] Anthony Molee: Yeah, I would agree with that. I, I do love a good deep dish, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a pizza. Um, and I know a lot of people from Chicago are just shooting me daggers right now,

But, um, I, I, I look at it, New York Traditional Pie, um, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, traditional pie. Um, when you get into the deeper dishes, it just gets super doughy. Um, and, and it just takes on a different, it's, it's, yeah, it's more like, like a lasagna. It is, it's more like a lasagna. There's layers to it.

There's different flavors. , but it's not the pizza that I grew up with.

[00:09:43] Victoria Gist: Yeah, it's kinda like what you hit on at the beginning, um, of the recording Lou, in that it, it is kind of like a, it's, it's a comforting experience pizza in a lot of ways. And you don't picture yourself in a, you know, kind of traditional like storybook scenario sitting down after ordering a big pie and everyone's [00:10:00] just holding it with their hands.

Sitting around having, after a long day of walking around the parks or at a sleepover, it's like, that's not what I picture. I picture just ha hanging onto a slice. Chatting away with friends. So,

[00:10:13] Lou Mongello: and look, even within sort of our definition of pizza, like there's, you know, Naples style, but, you know, pizza nadon is sort of the traditional Italian pizza.

There's, there's a number of different varieties in there too, including Sicilian pizza, right? Sicilian style pizza is that instead of round, it's the square, thicker crust with a. Spongier, almost fluffy, like consistency to it. And even what the types of cheeses that are put on the types of ingredients that are put on top are often different.

I will allow Sicilian in the conversation, but I think we're, you know, and I don't think you really can get sort of a traditional Chicago deepest peach, at least not that I've had yet in, in Walt Disney world, uh, that you're looking for, but, Again, it goes back to not just the ingredients that are, are put in, right, good Selina, but how they cook it, right?

When you cook it, like in a, in a traditional brick oven, you get that There's a smokiness, right? There's a smokiness that you can't find any other ways, and that's how you get the fluff in the crust. That's how you get the bubbles in the crust and, and on the pizza. Because of the way that moisture is sealed within that dough and it gives it that soft yet chewy texture.

And sometimes you drizzle a little bit of olive oil when run it when it comes out. Oh God, it's so good. It is so, so good. Um, and, and two, the sauce. I know Anthony, you mentioned the sauce. I think the sauce is important. has the sauces like bring out the flavor of the pizza, not overpower. Right. It shouldn't be something that's, that sort of drenches the pizza in your, it overwhelms the sauce.

All the things have to work together in this wonderfully delicious and delicate balance. [00:12:00]

[00:12:01] Anthony Molee: Absolutely. Yeah. And, and you gotta worry about how much salt, right? There's a lot of salt in the cheese. Sometimes they oversaw the. So, you know, you gotta be careful that the pie, you know, the pie that they make is not overly salted.

Um, and, and that usually, they usually do that to hide other flavors that aren't necessarily there, like, not good quality tomatoes or the cheeses of the lower, lower quality. Um, so, you know, going to a pizzeria that really takes pride in what they make is, is super important.

[00:12:27] Lou Mongello: Now for purposes of our discussion, and we did not talk about this ahead of time before we recorded, very deliberately before we get into this, we have to address a simple, yet very important question, which has plagued mankind for, I mean, probably only a decade or so.

The question I present to you is flatbread pizza. I will give each of you a chance to respond again. Ladies first is for purposes of our discussion today is Flatbread Pizza.

[00:13:05] Victoria Gist: Uh, I want to say yes because I want to be able to include some really unique things that I've had on property, and I think that when you get to a point where, for the purposes of this recording, if we're talking about telling people what are good investments of their time, money, and guts, , just in ingesting pizza or pizza ajac, which is maybe what we should be calling it.

I think that flatbreads are a part of the discussion because if you look at Pinocchio's in Magic Kingdom, it's very much like, Hey, this is the pizza house, but it's all marketed as flatbreads. So I don't know, I, I will, you know, honor whatever rules we set forward, of course. But, um, I don't think they are technically pizzas, but I think that they serve the same master, so,

[00:13:54] Anthony Molee: I'll, I'll agree with that.

For the, for the contest of this discussion, , I, I just don't think they're pizzas. They're near [00:14:00] pizzas. Um, you know, they're, they're pizza lights, they're faux pizzas, whatever you want to call it. I, I think that, um, they're quasi Sicilian in a weird sort of way. They're, they're kind of rectangular sicilians, but, um, I've had good flatbreads.

Typically they're appetizers. I don't necessarily necessarily see, uh, Flatbreads as a meal. I see pizza as a meal, but I don't see flatbreads as a meal. That's just my own thought process, but I if you wanna include them. , I'm on board. I just don't have as much flatbread experience. , um, I have a little more pizza experience.

[00:14:33] Lou Mongello: I, I mean, the answer to the question in, in its most basic terms is that no right flatbread is, is technically not pizza. Again, because it goes back to the dough, right? Flatbread uses an unleavened dough, right? A dough that doesn't use yeast, where pizza has dough that uses yeast and has to be allowed to rise for a certain time, right?

So pizza is almost like a yeasted flatbread as opposed to is flatbread yeas pizza, I think. Again, purposes of our discussion and wanting to introduce people to places they can go to get either just that good traditional individual slice or get a pie that you can share with friends or family or eat by yourself.

We don't judge here. and maybe want to include flatbreads in the discussion. I, I think that you can, right? They're, they're different because of the ingredients. You know, even like, I think flatbreads, when we think flatbreads, we start to think much more creativity and, uh, a broader spectrum of toppings that you might find on a quote unquote normal pizza.

I think chefs feel like they can experiment more. You can do. because our definition of what pizza is, is, is not necessarily as narrow. So when you start putting things like, you know, not that you should ever put pineapple on your pizza, but when you put, you know, [00:16:00] pineapple or balsamic or different types of cheeses and meat on your pizza, you can do that.

Uh, the shape is obviously different usually as well too. Uh, they're a little bit more, I think, Flat principle, almost a little more rustic, um, than than a regular pizza. But for our conversation, I think we will allow pizza and you know, to my mother and grandmother, wherever you may be, please un accept my apologies and understand why every, ever for everyone in Italy, just, um, understand why we are doing this.

I think what we should do is let's talk about what we think are our top five-ish, because a top X for WW radio is never really sort of beholding to a specific number. But where, where do we feel are the top five places to get pizza in Walt Disney World? Right. And, and you can sort of approach this, again, we don't talk about it ahead of time, we did not, you know, write down or compare lists.

But where you think the. Overall pizza experience is, whether it's individual slices, whole pies, location, environment, whatever you sort of include in your parameters. I, I would love to hear, and I'm sure there's gonna be a ton of overlap on our lists, and maybe we don't have, we don't have to go necessarily in order, but I think at the end we can all sort of maybe talk about where we think the place is to go for the overall.

So once again, Victoria ladies first, uh, what, what, first or last on your list, what was the first thing that came to mind for your, your top place to get pizza? Um, I

[00:17:40] Victoria Gist: think that it has to be said, um, and I debated whether actually to put this as one item or two, um, but because, you know, , the fact that it's seasonal, the fact that you can't get it all the time, and the fact that I rarely make dining reservations means that I put Pizza Al [00:18:00] Taglio at the top of my list, which is technically just like the fancy way to say villa, to go , but

Um, yeah, I think that, um, it does have a little bit more of that Sicilian factor, which I am a sucker for. I do love the little cloudy bread, the ke focaccia style. Um, I like a simple pizza. As much as I like a really interesting pizza, my list kind of goes all over the gambits. So, um, yeah, I, I love the idea of just grabbing a slice and walking around, uh, the world showcase.

[00:18:37] Anthony Molee: Anthony. So from, yeah, so for me, um, I discovered it maybe three years ago. Um, it had been there right before the pandemic actually. Um, I stumbled upon Pizza Ponte, and I was really blown away. Um, it had that char on the bottom. Um, it had the cheese held up. Um, I felt like, And I'd been to Vietnamese several times and I really wanted to, to, to put Vili at the top of my list.

But Pizza Pante is, is not only is it affordable, the slices are huge. Mm-hmm. , um, the quality of the cheese and the sauce is just top notch. Um, And they have a, a wide variety, but I just always go for a standard slice. I just go for a regular cheese slice. Um, maybe I'll put some pepperoni on it, but overall I find that to be the, the best and, and just like walking around Epcot, there's nothing better than getting a slice and walking around Disney Springs or, or just sitting at one of the tables there.

And they also have Italian sweets and stuff afterwards, but I don't wanna get into that on this conversation. But yeah, pizza Ponte would be number one.

[00:19:34] Lou Mongello: So I'm actually happy that the two of you put mentioned these two as one and two because I think they. Sort of go hand in hand because when we talk about the pizza experience at Walt Disney World, there is the sit down and have sort of a, a full meal, you know, table service versus the grab and go.

And I think these are the two sort of best representations of grabbing a [00:20:00] pizza, buy a slice. Right. And, and when Vietnam Opoly first opened, I think this was literally born out of demand. I think enough people sort of were knocking on the door saying, I just want to grab a slice or a pizza to go. They carved a hole in the wall.

They put some additional pizza ovens in there, and pizza Lio, which originally was called the. I think it was called the, the Vly just Pizza Window. Um, and so if you're staring at it from World Showcase, lagoon is on the left hand side of the entrance and the, the Sicilian slices there are different than the thin crust pizza you get at Vly.

But I do think, and there's a few tables outside, especially if it's one of those like beautiful, uh, days or evenings in Epcot, and you could just sit down at one of the umbrella tables out there, maybe get a drink or a glass of wine. Like it's a really, really nice way to just have a, a slice and, and a.

Quick meal, or if you wanna sort of walk and talk as you can do it, like you said, it is open seasonally, so you do have to sort of be aware of when it is that you, but when it's open, it's like the internet gets all crazy. Like, you know, it's open. Go now. Stop what you're doing and go grab your slice. Uh, and, and the same thing.

And I obviously had both of these on my list as well. Um, I had this and I had Pizza Ponte on my, my list too. There. This is a little, pizza. Ponte is a little bit different, obviously it's in, in, um, it, it's in Disney Spring, so you have to worry about going into a park. But I think what this offers too is, and when I say it's a, it's a good value, right?

The, the pizza's about it starts about $7 a slice, and you're like, wait a minute, man. Angelo, I come from New York, like, pizza's $2. The slices. Are huge. Like you can make a meal out of an individual slice. The size as big as your head is probably an understatement cuz I think they're [00:22:00] bigger than your actual head.

And it's about seven or $8.

[00:22:04] Victoria Gist: Yeah, it's seven something. I was just there. Um. To do research for this episode. So , it was, um, for the more traditional pizza triangular pieces like pepperoni and cheese, you're gonna be looking at closer to seven bucks and it goes up for more of the Sicilian based. Um, like I had to send Janero and this was number two on my list.

Yeah, because I love a hot pepper on my pizza. And the onions were just perfectly cooked in it. Um, the cheese was flavorful and, um, Melt in your mouth. And, um, the bread was exactly as we were talking about before where it was nice and crisp on the bottom, and it had that dewiness and it didn't resist me as I tried to enjoy it.

[00:22:47] Lou Mongello: and the pizza that you mentioned is absolutely on my list of the best individual sliced flavors for, for, for lack of a better word. Um, For the first one on my list, I, I think we should save, I think we should save what we think is going to be the overall best place for, for last. And we will, we will have a discussion about the place that rhymes with si um,

But I will also mention that. So right now we have Pizza Ponte on the list. We've got pizza Olio out outside of Vietnam, opoly. . I honestly think that, and I'm not saying it just cuz it's. Utilitarian place to get a slice of pizza if you desperately did a slice of pizza. But I had never heard of Blaze Pizza before.

It opened in, in Walt Disney World, and I was incredibly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Um, what I like about Blaze is that if you want, you can choose from some of. signature flavors of pizza, and I think there's [00:24:00] probably maybe 10 or so different ones from a, uh, a garlic, pesto chicken, uh, garlic, pesto chicken, barbecue chicken.

There's a meat lovers pizza. There's a spicy one. There's a vegetarian pizza they have in, they have great gluten free options there as well. Um, but they have more than 40 different toppings and sauce choices, so you can really. Like, make your own Franken Pizza here. Like whatever it is that you want from the type of dough to the type of sauce, to the individual ingredients.

And it's, it's a really good value too. Mm-hmm. prices range go from about seven 50 to $12. Uh, depending on if you are going to build your own, what types of ingredients you want. Uh, maybe it, it's maybe like, like $8 now, but still whatever it is for. A one topping or additional topping pizza, but anything that you can think of that you want to add onto your pizza, you can.

And everything is obviously made fresh. So the only way to sort of describe it is it's sort of like, Chipotle pizza. Like you go in and sort of move down the line and pick your individual ingredients. You watch them put it into the Open Hearth oven and in just a couple of PE a couple of minutes, your pizza is ready.

What's really nice too is their individual pizzas as opposed to just slices. So if you can't finish the whole thing and maybe you don't wanna share it with anybody else, you can grab a box and take it home. And as a local I can say I do this all the time. Mm-hmm. . Um, but really like Blaze. Especially if I want something quick or if I'm going with a bunch of friends.

They have, um, sort of family style, almost like long picnic tables inside as well as tables outside right by the water. So it's a great place to go if you wanna grab something to go or if you wanna go and eat by yourself or with, with friends and family too.

[00:25:50] Victoria Gist: and I will point out that, um, blaze Pizza has good gluten-free offerings.

Um, I love pizza, but pizza doesn't always love me. Um, so I have to [00:26:00] be choicey about when I get too indulged. Um, and you know, it's not necess again, it gets back to the dough discussion. So I, you know, sometimes if you really want pizza, you don't wanna be messing around with gluten-free, uh, keto crest or anything like that, but their keto pizza is a great option.

Um, and yeah, the hot link. Is, um, an, it's very similar with what's the top, what the toppings are in compared to what we're talking about with Pont. Um, but yeah, blaze is a great offering and if, um, it's something that people can feel comfortable with because it is, um, since it's at Springs, it's not necessarily a Disney exclusive offering.

You do have them across the country.

[00:26:39] Anthony Molee: And they have a rewards membership program too. So if you go there enough times you can get a free pie out of it or a, you know, some, some extra things. And they've also got really good drinks too. They have very unique, uh, teas and, and drinks offering. So it's, it's a great place.

That's a good place that I didn't even think of.

[00:26:54] Lou Mongello: How, one, how did I not know about the rewards program? Um, because I've eaten many Peter, his head, please. blue's just burning money. That's right. Yeah. Um, but you're right. You know, I was gonna mention later on sort of the, the gluten-free and some of the different options, please.

I think maybe the best of the best in that case, because they've got a gluten-free dough, a cauliflower, cauliflower crust, or a keto crust for a, a slightly additional charge, maybe about two to $4. For each. But if you have dietary requirements or restrict restrictions or specific interests, you can get that it plays in a number of other places too.

A lot of the places now have gluten-free PLE pizzas including, you know, Pinocchios and Pizza Far and, and Monopoly and, and, uh, the boardwalk and the pizza window. So you can find those options in, in way more places than you could in the past. But I think Blaze. May be one of the best of the best and I'd love to hear from other people if they had, um, other experiences and other, other places that have really good, um, dough related options.

So, alright, so we've got those, excuse me, three on our list so far. [00:28:00] Uh, Victoria, where else is on your list?

[00:28:02] Victoria Gist: Well, you might have seen this coming, but I'm going back to Epcot and we are stopping in connections. Because when we ate there, and this is where I'm gonna throw a curve ball, but I think it's gonna be home run because that curry spiced pizza.

The vegetarian plant-based option at Connections was delightful. Um, and I had it again like a few weeks after because, uh, which was funny because I was the person that was like, I don't know if I'll like, absolutely come back here. There's so much around World Show. I was immediately back to get the Curry Spice Pizza.

It's one of those savory flavors that I'm savoring to this day. Um, it's unique, so it's something that, um, while they do have more traditional options such as the meatball pizza, the meatball had a great flavor to it, and I, it was not like my favorite of the day that we did the review. Um, the Curry Spice Pizza just kind of stuck with me more because it was a unique offering and that is something I like to look for with a pizza.

I'm not as much of a straight pepperoni girl, so, um, I want some interesting toppings. Um, it didn't have that traditional sauce combo that we're typically looking at with pizza, so that's kind of, Off of our traditional path here, but um, it did have, um, a lime yogurt instead of a cheese, which was really nice and made it a very like, saucy experience.

Um, the plant-based mozzarella and yeah, the carrots and the potatoes and the peas were all just so nice. And, um, yeah, I just, I really think the connections eatery. Made another accessible offering for people, um, who haven't necessarily made dining reservations or who are looking for an option while they wait for their dining reservations later that night or when they're about to leave the park if they're hungry.

Um, it's a great location. It. Um, you can mobile order, although it does take a bit of time. [00:30:00] Um, and it was a lot of time. Both times we've, I've been so, um, definitely take that into account, but if you're riding rides nearby, it might be something you can plan for. So connections ri. Check it out

[00:30:12] Lou Mongello: a and look, and I know that this is why you're happy that we decide to allow flat breads on the menu cuz it's called pizza.

It may be more of a flatbread. But if you walked into, you know, Ray's original pizza into York and was like, hi, can I have the plant-based T Masala pizza? They would look at you like you were a crazy person. But I agree with you, I loved it. I love the fact that it is, Uh, one, it's, it's a plant-based option.

Two, it is unique. You know, I, I haven't seen anything else like that with this sort of flavor profile on a pizza, flatbread, whatever you wanna call it, really anywhere else, not just in Epcot, but in Walt Disney World. And I think in terms of, again, we talked about the, the creativity that chefs can do when you sort of expand your definition of what pizza slash flatbread is, I think this, uh, absolutely fits.

It, it's a plant-based option, but it is not just for plant-based diners, like, because the flavor is that good.

[00:31:11] Victoria Gist: Absolutely. I am not like exclusively vegetarian or vegan or anything like that. I love a nice, um, you know, meat offering. I'm an omnivore, but, uh, yeah, I like to explore the plant-based options and the vegetarian options and it's really exciting to see not just like a simple, um, vegetarian offering in a restaurant.

This is something that is really, um, exciting and

[00:31:37] Lou Mongello: unique. Anthony, what else is on your list?

[00:31:42] Anthony Molee: Yeah, I, I had never heard of that before, so now I've got something to go try. Thank you very

[00:31:46] Lou Mongello: much for that. And if you need somebody to help you navigate, I'm, I'm here for you. Oh. I'm a giver and they are

[00:31:52] Victoria Gist: huge

They're huge pieces. You get two .

[00:31:56] Anthony Molee: That's cool. Um, yeah, so, you know, you [00:32:00] had mentioned this place prior, Lou and I, I never really ate there until, um, during the. Pandemic. Um, we go down every year as a family to, um, to, to Disney, uh, during Christmas. And it's, it's insane. It's absolutely insane. And right when Omicron was coming out, there was a huge concern about, you know, how transmissible it is and where can eat.

So we decided we were still gonna have the trip, but we were gonna try to eat outside as much as possible. So we booked different restaurants outside. We ate some. Uh, tables outside, but one night we just went and got pizza and we were staying at the boardwalk. So we went to the uh, t Boardwalk walkup pizza window and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the pizza.

Now was it as good as pizza Ponte? No, but it was. Awesome because we got a pie. It comes in a traditional pizza box. We sat at a table right outside overlooking the lake. Um, the sun was going down. It was a perfect December night for, for Orlando, which is like, Sixties, right? So you had on a little sweat like sweater and it was fantastic.

Um, the, the pizza was very good. Nobody, nobody complained. And usually, you know, one person's gonna complain that they didn't like it. Everybody all hands down said, we definitely get pizza from here. Again, we were forced into it because we were trying to think outside the box, but at the same time, it worked out great and we got pizza, which was always good.

We had to cancel Vietnam because we had Vietnam for that night. But it was a, it was. It was a passable second. It was, it was very good pizza. Um, and I think you can get slices there as well as full pies. Um, do expect a wait, especially if you're asking for a pie. I know that mobile order, you can mobile order, which is also a, a nice option.

So you can kind of order a pie and, and pick it up on your way outta Epcot. Let's say you don't wanna stay in in Epcot all night. You can order mobile, order a pie and pick it up as you're, as you're walking down the boardwalk. But, um, it's, it's a really nice option.

[00:33:56] Lou Mongello: So I'm gonna tell you, when you said the word boardwalk, I got [00:34:00] nervous.

I got nervous because, And, and it may have just been an off day, and I'm going back probably, it may have even been even before I moved here. Um, but I will say this, that the boardwalk pizza window was not my favorite . It was not, it was not an awesome slice of pizza. And that's where I was sort of in the back of my mind.

you know, are you talking about Well, there's no such thing as a bad slice of pizza. The boardwalk , the boardwalk pizza window may have had something to say about that because it was just, it was just, it was just not good all around and maybe I just got a bad slice. Right. Maybe just, just one of those bad slices.

Sure. That being said, I, I do agree with you. Um, that, that try all four has, I think they've got like maybe five or six different, um, types of, Whole pizzas that you can get, including a mm-hmm. seasonal pizza. Um, which changes, you know, per, per the chef in the season. When I did have it there, I was very, very impressed.

Right. It, it tasted like a traditional sort of Italian wood-fired pizza because you can see. That, that the, the, the pizza oven, it, it's sort of like a show kitchen and it's, you know, the wood, um, there's the wooden pizza trays and, and the jugs and the crates. So it gives you this sort of like, almost that you're in somebody's kitchen when, when you're eating there.

Mm-hmm. . Um, and I was, so it, I had this on my list too. Um, I what I do, they still have a breakfast pizza. I still believe they have a breakfast pizza too. Um, but I remember that the pizza tasted very, very fresh. It was cooked perfectly and, um, I, I agree it being on the list. All that being said, if we're gonna stick to our top five, We need to get to the one which you can tell me if you disagree.

I think for all of us, Ken should, will be our number one place to get pizza [00:36:00] in Walt Disney World. If you don't start shaking your heads, when I say the words ly in Italy and Epcot, this recording might get accidentally deleted somehow because I think it, it truly is. And. Maybe even far and away the best of the best of the pizza in Walt Disney World.

I remember when I went, when it first opened and I instantly fell in love. Because when I walked in the decor and that huge table in the middle and, and the way was laid out, it reminded me of gathering with family in my grandmother's basement around a big table. And then you see those huge wood burning ovens named after the, the Italian volcanoes, Etna, Vesuvius, and str.

And then hearing from the chefs about. Understanding the importance of using San Marzano tomatoes and real caputo flour imported from Italy. And even I'll, I'll never forget this because I've told friends when I first move here, like, well, this pizza, it, it's, it doesn't taste right. It's not, it doesn't stand right because it's the water.

It's the water. It's water. Like mange enough with you in your jersey, New York water. And when I spoke to. The chef and I said, the water, and he's like, yes. As a matter of fact, we import the water from a source. And a spring that has a similar pH content to Italy's Campania region. I felt vindicated, like I threw my arms up in the air, like someone hug me because I know that I'm not, I mean, I'm a crazy person, but not in, in this context.

The details in Vietnam opoly matter, not just from the decor, but. Everything we've mentioned before, the dough and the sauce and the crust and the temperature of the ovens, and what [00:38:00] I love about Monopoly is. You can, I mean, the pizza literally comes in all shapes and all sizes, whether you want to get an individual to a half meter long type of, you know, size of pizza.

There are 12 different types on the menu. Or you can build your own. It ranges from that 10 inch size to again, that, that half meter that will fill, fill, and feed the entire family. It is not the least expensive pizza on property. You are going to pay a bit of a pizza premium in order to dine there, but I.

Very easily, far and away say it is absolutely worth it, uh, because I think the pizza is not just some of the best pizza. I, I think it's the best pizza you'll find in Walt Disney World, but it's probably some of the best pizza you'll find in the area as well. And as we talk about some of our favorite individual types of pizza, uh, there's more than one on this list that, that made my list.

I have only one problem. With Vietnam monopoly and it's, it's very, it's a unique problem to me. I understand it. My problem with Vietnam opoly is that they don't deliver. There is no lubricant eats from Vietnam Monopoly because there are some times I'm like, man, I would love one of these specific types of pizzas and I just can't get it, uh, without making my way out over to Epcot, which I know I live close first world problem, but, uh, Vietnam, opoly far and away is, was at the top of my list.

[00:39:33] Victoria Gist: Yeah, when, uh, I begrudgingly decided that I wasn't gonna stand in line to get a table at Vietnam Opoly the other day when I saw that, um, pizza Talio is, uh, was closed , I, um, I was kind of bemoaning the fact that why can't I just mobile order a pizza right now, and pick it up to go and not take anyone's table?

Um, but yeah, that is, that is a sad thing is, uh, it is such a good pizza. And of course you're gonna pay premium when they're importing [00:40:00] water. But, um, it definitely does, um, stand out. I definitely have some favorite pizzas on the list as I should, um, from that location as well. But I think it's, it's everything about the pizza that you already said, and especially for me, the, um, atmosphere as well.

Everything about the pavilions, and this is true for, um, all of the pavilions from, in my opinion, just are so fantastic at transporting you. Just affecting your experience in a very, um, Heartwarming way. Um, my husband has fantastic memories of that and just, you know, sharing a picture of sangria and um, having some traditional Italian food, um, that feels authentic, that doesn't feel like it's just an auth, you know, an Italian restaurant in some other part of Orlando, you know, it's a fantastic experience as much as it is Fantastic.

[00:40:58] Anthony Molee: Yeah, I agree a hundred percent. It's, it's a, it's an amazing experience and I've had a lot of really fun times there, whether it be, you know, I'm from New Jersey. We travel down with friends sometimes and I like to show off, uh, Disney to to friends, and this is one of my go-to places that I bring. Bring people to, just because of the cast members were always amazing, especially when they're, they're from Italy.

Um, one night we spent, uh, a good three hours just sitting at a table. Um, we had pizza for an appetizer. We had our meal, then we had pizza for a dessert. And the, the waiter was just absolutely hysterical trying to. Practices English with us. He brings over the sous chef. The sous chef sits down and starts hanging out with us.

He, he breaks into a little bit of a wine, drinking, a little bit of wine with us, and it was just an unbelievable experience that my kids will always talk about whenever we, we talk about, you know, meals at Disney and, and how, how wonderful they are. It's something that I, I don't think it's hard to explain to people when I tell them, yeah, I love to go to Disney World and I love to.

Enjoy the restaurants and spend two, three hours just sitting at a table and, and [00:42:00] talking with, with the cast members and taking my time. And, you know, it's not, it's not, eating is not a means to an end. It is definitely the end goal. And, uh, bely is one of my go-to places

[00:42:10] Lou Mongello: for that. Yeah. And, and I think, you know, if we were to sort of say, at least for me, you know, Vietnam Monopoly is the best place to get.

Sit down slice of pizza. I think Pizza Ponte is the place, the best place on property to get a, you know, grab and go. There's places to sit outside and again, on one of those lovely Disney Springs nights. They're wonderful. Uh, it, it probably is no accident that. The reason why they're both exceptional is cause I think it sort of trickles down.

You know, they're owned by the same restaurant group, they're owned by the Patina Restaurant Group, as well as a number of other places like Enzos, et cetera. And I think the quality of the experience from the ingredients to the chefs, to the way things are made, to, to being, to, to understand the importance of tradition in the way pizzas are made and the way they are served and.

Family dining like experience I think has really helped is really important. And I think it comes through in the quality of the pizza that is served. That being said, um, on my very quick look, I mean there was at least 30 places that I had picked. I think there's a number of other places that do pizza well or at.

Serviceable pizza. If, if you had to just quickly throw any honorable mentions on your list, uh, any place else in Walt Disney World that, not just in a pinch, but you would go to for a good pizza.

[00:43:42] Victoria Gist: I mean, I guess I could give a, a, uh, shout out to the original Pizza Rat, uh, pizzazz Rizzo. But, uh, I, I mean, I'm not as much a fan of the actual pizza there, but, um, again, it's about the experience as much as it is about, um, if you wanna slice, that's where you get it in, uh, Hollywood Studios. And so, [00:44:00] um, yeah, it's, it's such a neat little, um, caricature of a New York pizzeria.

So gotta give a.

[00:44:11] Anthony Molee: Um, I, I, I would just stick to those ones, what we mentioned so far. I think there's enough there. And, and if you're eating pizza every single day, you're in, in Disney World, you're. You're kind of wasting, you're wasting some of those days. Uh, you should be eating something else. But, um, pizzazz Rizzo, I, I, we were just there in a couple weeks ago and, uh, we actually got a pizza.

We've never had a pizza firm. Pizzazz, Rizzo. We got a little, we, we, we like the plant-based sausage sandwich. We found out to be quite tasty and, um, we said, let's try the pizza. It was okay. Um, like I'm, I'm of the opinion there's no such thing as bad pizza. Um, there's levels of, of greatness. Um, the ones that we've mentioned are great.

Um, everything else is just okay. But Pizz Izzo was okay. Um, and, and you're right. I I love the one, the thing I don't like pizza, Izzo, and this is not pizza related, but I love the, the upstairs where they have the wedding going on. That to me is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my entire life.

And I always say I do mobile order and I always say, I'll go pick up the food. Cause I. I sit upstairs in the upper balcony cuz it was never crowded and I always go in it and I just walk through that little area just to, just to get a, the vibe. It's just

[00:45:16] Lou Mongello: wonderful. I laugh and I love it because it reminds me of every Italian wedding I ever went to as a kid in New Jersey.

Like, yep, it is, it, it is what the venues look like if you know. There would just been a couple of screaming people would've, I would've felt like I was with my family. Um, so I, I agree. You know, I like Pizz Rizzo more for the environment than, than I do the pizza again. But it's serviceable. And I look, there's people I know, especially who have kids, they love Pizz Rizzo, right?

Maybe just because. , they're desperate for pizza somewhere. I think there's a couple other places that I would think about mentioning, and this is where we start, start to start blurring the line. I think I milino at the dolphin has actually very, very good pizza. All, all the food there is really good. If only there was somebody, [00:46:00] anybody who would do a live review there with me, hope someday I'll find it.

Um, I think that, And this is almost more of a, if you wanna sort of, if you want a fancy pizza slash flatbread. California Grill, um, always has a, you know, you're not gonna go there for just a typical gimme an 18 inch, you know, plain pizza. But they use, you know, farm to table fresh ingredients. It changes seasonally.

I think for the 50th anniversary they have this like, Duck all orange pizza on the menu today. I would just be very interested. The Victoria's mouth just dropped open. Maybe we should go there and try it. Um, I'm just curious. I'm down , right? You're willing to take one for the team and, and, uh, and do the research.

So again, I think there's, there's. A wide spectrum of pizza that is, is good in a pinch. It's good for you or good for your kids. And I think there's also some, some very, very good, not just good in Disney, but very, very good pizza. Now tell me in no particular order and you can, we can go around the horn, give me one or two or three, whatever it's your best pizza types and I didn't know how to sort of, whether it's an individual slice.

or a a, um, a pizza that is on the menu at any of the locations that we may have mentioned that is your favorite or is your go-to, or is a must try. When you go to Walt Disney World, what are some of your, your favorite individual ones?

[00:47:33] Victoria Gist: I kind of hit on a lot of mine as I described it, which was kind of, um, breaking the format I guess.

But, um, so I mentioned of course, the San Janaro, um, at Pizza Ponte, and then the Kari Spice Pizza. Um, the reason my mouth dropped open for the Dran is cuz I love a sweetness, savory mix on a pizza. So of course I have to mention the annese prosciutto. I [00:48:00] can't speak Italian. Why am I even trying prosciutto?

Malone, or however you say it. It's got melons. It's got prosciutto. It's amazing. Um, and then, yeah, I, I guess, I guess that's a few. I'll have a, have a nice pizza cookie at Pizz. Orzo, um, . Do a, okay, so this is where I'll throw in a a, a curve flatbread. Idea is City Works Brewery does brunch on weekends from 10 to three.

And who doesn't love the idea of a pizza for breakfast? I wasn't able to figure out if they still have the one over by Boardwalk. But City Works Brewery does have easy, like Sunday morning, which is. A breakfast flatbread with sausage, scrambled eggs, bacon mozzarella, smoked cheddar, garlic puree, and arugula.

And it is in a way like it doesn't have that sauce that really like helps bring it back into the pizza conversation, but it is just as moist and like savory as what a pizza should be to me. So slide that one in.

[00:49:05] Lou Mongello: Interesting. That's awesome. The best. That

[00:49:07] Anthony Molee: is awesome. Um, I, I agree with you on, on Vili. The brut is un unbelievable.

I mean, that's a phenomenal pizza. Um, and it's not a traditional pizza. It's not what, it's not what you would think you'd get at a pizzeria, but it is just so tasty and, and I agree with you as well. San Janeiro is fantastic. It's like you're walking around at a feast with a, you know, saucers of pepper sandwiches with the grease stripping down your arms and you got a bag of that police hanging off your hip.

And , there's nothing better than that. Um, wow, I'm getting so hungry. The, the and, and the, the California pizza, uh, California Grill always has good, really good, uh, seasonals. And I'm actually going there in, in March, so I'm gonna try it because, um, I usually get to sushi as my appetizer. But, uh, I think I'll go with the pizza this time just, and I'll report back to everybody and let you know what I thought.

Um, but yeah, I would say Sandero, um, a standard slice or the standard [00:50:00] slice of pizza, Ponte, and then the Brazil at, at. At, uh, at Vietnam Player, probably three of my favorites.

[00:50:09] Lou Mongello: I'm vanished by the way. Um, so I'm with you on the San Janero Pizza, um, because I love that sweet sausage and the sweetness of.

Those caramelized onions and the two different types of cheese. If you don't like hot cherry peppers and you don't like sort of the, the, the added heat, you could obviously take them off, um, and still have a, a delicious slice of pizza. At I Mulino, which I know is more of an honorable mention, they do have a quatro forma pizza.

Uh, it's a four different type of cheese. It's Fontina Pecorino Romano, which is. Eat it. And I have, um, just by hand, uh, Ella Cheese and Herbed regatta cheese, but it's topped with marinated artichokes and roasted garlic and arugula. And if you've ever been to the original Ill Mulino, uh, one of the best Italian restaurants in, uh, New York City.

The, the fu there is outstanding it and so is the pizza. I, I almost. Mention Blaze because you can make it your own. And I love that it allows you to be incredibly creative in what you decide that you want to put on. But I think my overall, so I don't make this a top 10 list of, of pizzas, I, I want you to, um, expand your potential pizza horizons and your definition of pizza, because not all pizzas have a tomato sauce as a base.

And for some people who don't like or can't have tomato sauce, white pizza is something that they often get I normally don't accept. In the case of vie monopoly, They have a carro pizza, C A R C I O F I, which is a white pizza that has artichokes, fontina, [00:52:00] mozzarella, and truffle oil. It is to die for it and when it's made right and all the things we talked about, about that crunchy crust and that little bit of like the burnt it is absolutely.

It is outstanding. Um, and if you've never had a white pizza before, that would be the one that I would, um, that I would send you to. But, uh, that's the beauty, right? The, the beauty is with all these different places, and I'm sure there's people yelling if you're gonna mention flatbread mange, how did you not mention this flatbread?

Because there, there's a ton. And from what I understand, I think, um, I think territory lounge jock. Oh, Jacque, Lindsay's, yeah. Just added some new mm-hmm. . Maybe we have to revisit this and be like the top five. Flat breads. Flat breads in Walt Disney World. I'm trying to see if there's a way that I could do this, like on a live show somehow, like send people out and then we all bring back like flat breads from different locations in Walton World and do a live eating taste test review slash challenge.

I'm not sure about the logistics. I'll figure that out later on as I'm staring off into, um, into space. Couple of things too. I, I get this question all the time is, listen, I I want pizza, but we're exhausted. Uh, we're going back to the room, like, where can we get good pizza from potentially delivered to our resorts.

Um, I, I do think that you can order from sort of the, you know, The, the dominoes and, and things like that, that would not be my first choice. Um, some of the, um, the food quarts have some pretty serviceable pizza and or flatbreads you can bring back if you ever wanted to go. Off property. And I know for some folks that's like blasphemous.

But, um, Gio, there is a Ginos, which is not far from Disney Springs. Giordano's again, famous for that deep dish Chicago style, as well as New York style pizza. It's maybe a five, 10 minute. Uber [00:54:00] from Disney Springs or any of the, the Hotel B Plaza Boulevard Hotels, uh, and north of Magic Kingdom in Wmi is, is Paisanos.

And I, I don't believe they deliver or do Uber eat, but if you have a car and you feel like making a trip and want to get some really good pizza, um, there are some great off property options as well. Um, I'm, I. For a fact, by definition, we are missing so much in terms of how did you not mention this place and how did you not mention this pizza?

That's where you, our friend who's sitting at this virtual table with us, come into play. Let us know what we missed. Let us know what your favorite is and let us know what maybe we need to go and try. If we haven't done before, there's a number of different ways you can let me, let us. One. I will post this question in the clubhouse at uh, on Facebook at ww radio.com/clubhouse.

That is our fun, family friendly, very welcoming community. Share your thoughts and your photos there as well. You can also call the voicemail at (407) 900-9391. That's 4 0 7 900. W d W one, please your case, yell at me. No profanity please. It's a G-rated show, but tell me mange, how did you people possibly miss this?

Which is of course the very best pizza in Walt Disney World. And if I don't believe you, next time you come to Walt Disney World, we'll go together and, uh, hopefully I will. I will. Repeat my words and the pizza. Um, but, uh, Victoria and Anthony, thank you both so very much for taking time out of your day to share your thoughts, your insights, and uh, and some of your favorites as well.

Uh, if anybody wants to connect with you online, other than in the nation or in the clubhouse, if you wanna share anything else or any final thoughts, any words about the best pizza in Walt Disney. Go.

[00:55:56] Victoria Gist: Um, if anyone wants to find me, um, I'm on most [00:56:00] socials at I T S T H E V I K A. It's the Vika. Um, and from there you can find my professional site as well for like costume design and such.

Um, and otherwise final thoughts. Just, you know, the best kind of pizzas, the pizza you share with your.

[00:56:18] Lou Mongello: I'm not, so if I'm down with the sharing part, but, okay. Well that's, it's . The

[00:56:22] Victoria Gist: bests kinda pizza is the pizza you eat alongside your friends who are eating their own pizzas.

[00:56:27] Lou Mongello: Much better. Perfect. . .

[00:56:30] Anthony Molee: So I, I don't have any like socials to share or anything like that, but I, this has been a really fun.

Fun discussion. Um, the one thing I would like to know is if Blaze was to come out with a Luman pizza, what would it be? What were the toppings you'd put

[00:56:42] Lou Mongello: on it? Wow, that's a great question. So I love sausage. I love sausage peppers and onions.

[00:56:48] Anthony Molee: Onions cooked. Yes. Okay. And sausage. Is it sweet or spicy? Yes.

It's crumbled or crumbled or cut? Crumbled their cut.

[00:56:56] Lou Mongello: Oh, crumbled. Cuz it lets you spread it out like you make sure it's really important to. Like the ingredients on every bite. Like am I the only person when you order pizza for home and you open up the box and you look down, you sort of like pick your, your, you pick your piece, you know?

I wanna make sure. Yeah. Like I wanna make sure the kids don't get that one, cuz it's got all the right proportion of like meat and like vegetables and stuff on it. Yep, yep, yep. Normally I dig in first. I'm like, let me just get the first one out. Just sort of start it up, you know, get it going for you

Cause that first one's a little tougher to get out than all the others. But it's really purely self-centered. Um, because so onions and sausage and what else? Sausage, peppers and onions would probably be the, the go-to. Um, if you're really feeling like maybe you wanna throw a little bit of meatball on there, but you don't wanna do too much, I'm gonna regret that.

I'll stick, I'll stay with, I'll keep that. Okay. A really good pizza with sausage peppers.

[00:57:56] Anthony Molee: That's the Luman at

[00:57:58] Lou Mongello: Blaze Pizza. . [00:58:00] I'm sure there's other stuff. Now I have to go to BLA Pizza. Now I'm gonna go to Blaze Pizza and I'm gonna figure out what the Luman, jello real. Oh. Oh. You know what else? I might put artichokes on there too.

Ooh. Yeah, I might do

[00:58:11] Anthony Molee: some. What about like, any fish on there, like any, are, are, uh, anchovies? Are you an anchovy,

[00:58:16] Lou Mongello: calm down person? Calm, don't, I'm gonna have to cut this part out because you said the a word I listen. , nobody was like, you know what this pizza means? It's a family show. We need, we need some small, dry, little, like cuddle fish.

No, I'm not an anchovy guy.

[00:58:30] Anthony Molee: No. And last but not least, what about like extra garlic, extra, extra cooked, extra well done? I mean, yeah,

[00:58:39] Lou Mongello: there's, there's nothing that is not made better by adding extra garlic. Yeah, that's true. I'd put it on my cereal if I could. .

[00:58:49] Anthony Molee: Cool. So thank you Luke. Thanks for inviting

[00:58:53] Lou Mongello: me.

Appreciate it. I'm, I'm famished. I'm famished.