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WDW Radio # 709 – Top Ten Restrooms in Walt Disney World

An episode that I wasn’t sure I would ever do, this week we look at the Top Ten Restrooms in Walt Disney World. From what makes a great restroom, to the where and why it’s on our lists, it’s where to go when… well… ya know.

Thanks to Tim Foster from Celebrations Magazine and Garrett Longhofer on Instagram @garrettl_15

Where is the best restroom in Walt Disney World? Why? What other theming could Disney include in a theme park or resort restroom? Is there an amenity that you think Disney should offer in their restroom facilities?

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[00:00:00] Lou Mongello: This is an episode, 18 years in the making. And the first time I ever received an email from a listener suggesting this topic, I wasn't sure if it was a joke, uh, a prank or if someone was just being silly, but I got the same suggestion again and again. And in time I came to the realization that when you gotta go, you gotta go.

And you asked a lot, by the way. And so here we finally are with our list of wait for it. Top 10 restrooms in Walt Disney World. And when you gotta go, I mean, when you think of restrooms, I mean, when you hear top 10, you think of Tim Foster from Celebrations Magazine and guide to the magic.com.

[00:00:58] Tim Foster: When you, when you said, when you go, you gotta go.

I, I'm on the floor laughing. I'm collecting myself just to talk to you right now. That was, oh, this is gonna be so

[00:01:08] Lou Mongello: much fun. I'm, I am, I'm, I'm very, I'm very scared. I'm very scared. I'm very concerned. I'm very concerned. , we'll see if this ever actually makes it to the broadcast. But when this topic came up again, excuse me, a, a few weeks ago during a Wednesday night live show, like a number of people volunteered to join me.

Like, Hey, I'm in, I'm in for the, for the restroom conversation. , but only one member of the www nation family made an actual plea, p plea plea with an L . He says, and I'm, I'm gonna read his email says, per your request, I'm sending you my list from my comment. Um, I'm not sure if you want the list of actual bathrooms.

So I put [00:02:00] one together and here's my, I'm pleading my case for a top 10 bathroom review. Number one, I consider myself a bathroom user. Number two, as a residential construction superintendent, like he's legit like pitching himself, I have the experience in the functionality of such facilities and can accurately assess their performance as well as their appeal.

Number three, the world needs to know just how cool the bathrooms can be. Not many people actually pay attention to the details they put into spaces such as bathrooms. Number four, I'll be in Walt Disney World February 4th of the 11th, and my sources have confirmed that bathrooms are in fact used during this time.

And I was so moved. No pun intended. I'll stop. Sorry. Oh my goodness. That I had to, to say yes. And so please welcome to the first, who knows, maybe the last time to the show. WW Radio Nation member and self-proclaimed bathroom expert, Garrett. Long Hoffer, eh,

[00:03:04] Tim Foster: you know, I.

[00:03:07] Garrett Longhofer: Hearing that again, it makes me wonder why

[00:03:13] Tim Foster: I put so much effort into it. , you wonder that too. I wonder this every time. I mean when I say, you know, that's Yes, go ahead. No, no.

[00:03:23] Garrett Longhofer: But uh, yeah, like you were saying, like I said, um, w dw they put a lot of, lot of attention in their, their bathrooms that they, they build and, uh, you know, I, it just blows me away how great they can be sometimes.

And, and, you know, I think, I think not enough people pay attention to it

[00:03:45] Lou Mongello: for years that so much to say. That's right. I've always preached me, you know, you have to look up and look down and look around. I never necessarily meant. In, in these facilities. And gentlemen, we have not discussed this at all, so I have [00:04:00] no idea where this is going to go again, pardon the pun, but first things first, I, let's get something out of the way.

These are restrooms and not bathrooms. There. There's actually a big difference, like restrooms, like we're talking about, are public facilities and, and spaces. While bathrooms traditionally have like it, it means the entire room, which includes a bathtub or a shower or some type of bathing enclosure. Do you know why they're, do you know actually, do you know why they're called restrooms?

[00:04:37] Tim Foster: I

[00:04:38] Garrett Longhofer: can't say that

[00:04:38] Tim Foster: I do. No. So , does it have to do with the Romans?

[00:04:42] Lou Mongello: It does not. It, it sounds like, it sounds like there was gonna be a history of the world. Part one joke in there. No, but nah. In the, in the early 19 hundreds, um, upscale theaters and restaurants and facilities like that would have like these comfortable sofas and chairs located in or next to a room where the sink and toilet facilities would be.

So you literally would go in there to sort of rest because you were sitting down. So they are restrooms. They're not bathrooms. You could get cat, fancy and cold, A water closet, a lie, a la, a lavatory, a washroom, a powder room, not a John. Wait, do you know why it's sometimes called a John? I'm full of useless knowledge.

Do you know why it's called a John?

[00:05:29] Tim Foster: It's the, it's, it's, it's named after

[00:05:31] Lou Mongello: some dude . Wow. Tim. That's John.

[00:05:36] Tim Foster: John. This is where I pause and let you fill

[00:05:41] Lou Mongello: in the blank. It is named after I'm way, I'm way off. Oh, dude. While you're right, but it's the dude. All right. Who literally invented the first flushing toilet, sir John.

He was a sir. He was Sir John Harrington. Who by the way, I have a poster of him on my wall. . [00:06:00] Wait, get, wait two. Wow. . He was the godson of Queen Elizabeth. The first. Get outta here. Listen, you come for, you come from Mickey Ma Black. You learn the history of toilets. . This is . Alright. Before. Enough with that. Um, enough with that, before we get into it, And, and each of all our, our lists.

Let's just talk for a second of like, what makes a great restroom? Like what did we sort of include in our considerations? Like is it location, is it design, decor, theming, the, the size and the number of facilities in there? Uh, is, is background music something I took into, into consideration? Is it where it is?

Is it maybe some of these hidden more secret restrooms? Because in the Disney parks there's more than a hundred, including by the way, like 30 or so companion and family restrooms. Um, oh. So what were some of the things that you included in your decision making process? Garrett, since you had the plea first, and Tim has no preparation whatsoever.

I'll let you answer first and I,

[00:07:16] Tim Foster: yeah, I gotta invent my answers. Uh, well,

[00:07:20] Garrett Longhofer: I think one of the first, first things I took into consideration is theme. Um, you know, the, the restrooms in the different lands, they're all themed to the specific area they're in, and how well they hit on that theme is something I took greatly into consideration.

Um, the next one was cleanliness, um, and then, uh, usage. Um, and, and the, those two kind of go together. Um, but yeah, that, that's kind of where I went with it. [00:08:00]

[00:08:00] Lou Mongello: I think Tim's list is, I just go wherever is close, and that is sort of where he, he made his list from. No, I, I, how do I,

[00:08:10] Tim Foster: this is a tough show. This might be the toughest show we've ever done, Luke, because I don't know how to, all right.

So criteria for me, I mean, themeing, of course, I, themeing was probably a top of all of our lists, but, uh, this is a very personal subject act, , and, and I'll tell you, like restrooms I will be talking about, uh, to me, privacy and location are at the top of my list. Location, location, location, and privacy and all of that.

And clean, I think they're all clean. I mean, sure you run into some that are busy and all that, but you know, I think that's kind of a given. But, so I, I'm gonna be going more for where you are and then privacy and all that kind of good stuff. So,

[00:08:54] Garrett Longhofer: and sorry to interrupt, but the one thing I did also really hit on a lot is the tile work.

Nobody. I, I feel like nobody looks at

[00:09:05] Lou Mongello: the tile work. I'm raising my hand, Garrett, cuz I do,

[00:09:10] Tim Foster: I'm gonna, I'm gonna preface this cuz we're going, we're gonna talk about theming and details and all that, but again, this is more personal information. I feel like I should be sharing, but my eyes are firmly straight ahead at that point.

I'm not really looking around. So I I I'm gonna come up short. I think as far as details go, , you know what,

[00:09:29] Lou Mongello: you know what, you know what? And we're gonna keep double back to you. Let's keep the double ENT entres to a minimum. Um, couple couple of quick things. Yes, Garrett. I agree that the janitorial cast members, you know, Walter's World, all the Disney Park do an amazing job keeping the locations Yes, for the most part.

Very, very clean. Actually, I, I mentioned Walt Disney World, cause obviously we're only talking about this. Walters world in Orlando, although if we were including things like restrooms in Asia, it's a very different experience. Like go [00:10:00] back and listen to the show we did about Hong Kong, Disneyland, and Shanghai and Japan, which by the way, haves not just the best restrooms, like of all the Disney parks, they're the best restrooms on the planet.

Musical heated toilet seats. I'm not kidding. Like when I came home, I went on Amazon to try and find a Japanese toilet that I could put in my house. It's, it's an experience.

[00:10:25] Tim Foster: Not, I can't get those on shop Disney ? I don't think

[00:10:29] Lou Mongello: so. Not yet. Oh, I

[00:10:30] Tim Foster: don't get line up though. Yeah, that would be great.

[00:10:32] Lou Mongello: And I'm happy we're doing this as a podcast as opposed to like a video because clearly man, a live report.

Yeah. Now I'm hoping that you have no pictures because it's just beyond weird. Don't take pictures in the restrooms cuz it's just, and we don't, uh, we didn't sort of talk about any sort of, of parameters and limitations. I will tell you what the outset, I did not include resort rooms in my list. I did not include any, because I figured if you're staying at the resort or you're eating at the resort, like that's, you're not gonna sort of seek out those restrooms.

Although the restrooms in the star cruiser are, uh, are spectacular. But I digress. And

[00:11:08] Tim Foster: now, and now you're not pro precluding those from list. I'm just saying. I did not. Cause you will have wiped out 83% of my list

[00:11:18] Lou Mongello: Um, and I'll be I'll. Um, go ahead.

[00:11:22] Garrett Longhofer: I tried to avoid those as well because like you said, those are more bathrooms. Those aren't restrooms. Exactly. And, and the public doesn't really go in them. So I tried to hit on ones that, you know, the common man, as you might say, might stumble upon in need .

[00:11:40] Tim Foster: Right. Well this is fantastic cuz my list is safe.

[00:11:44] Lou Mongello: I was gonna say, Tim's gonna be like, he's that guy who's in like frontier land. I'm be like, listen man, I have to get on the monorail and get to Grand Floridian. I

[00:11:52] Tim Foster: know, I know. I've got a lightning lane, but I'll be back in three hours. So .

[00:11:58] Lou Mongello: Um, [00:12:00] alright, let, let's get into the list because I'm, I'm frightened and curious as to where this is going to go.

Garrett, uh, you made your impassioned to plea. You are my guest. You can go first and then Tim. And then me. Okay.

[00:12:17] Garrett Longhofer: Well, uh, After a lot of research digging and, uh, yeah, we'll leave it at that. Um, I had the pleasure of using the Pioneer Hall restrooms. Oh. And if you haven't

[00:12:35] Tim Foster: been there,

[00:12:36] Lou Mongello: look at you. Go. I was like, nobody's going.

I was like, nobody's gonna go to Pioneer Hall. That

[00:12:44] Garrett Longhofer: one, the, the theming is, is just 100% on point. Um, you have to leave Pioneer Hall, walk around the outside, go into a separate area. It's, most of the time it's very clean because nobody knows it's there. And then while you're walking there, if you're there for the hoopty, do review, it's probably nighttime.

you hear the bugs, you hear the waves on the shore of Bay Lake, and then when you walk in, there's hilarious and beautiful tile murals of cowboys and wagons and what have you. And then on top of that, on top of that, it's one of the few restrooms on property that I've found has mirrors actually in front of the sinks.

[00:13:39] Lou Mongello: Hmm. Really? I never thought about the mirrors in front of the sinks. I never, I never thought about that either. I was actually thinking, so I, I had this Garrett, that's why I was like, I'm like, nobody's gonna mention Pioneer Hall. I had it for, for one reason and one reason alone. The tile work there is a, a cowboy mural [00:14:00] inside the men's room, and I believe it's only in the men's room.

I do not, I've never been, but from what I understand, they do not have a similar mural in the woman's room. But there's this big, beautiful, probably five foot wide by two or three foot high tile mural on the wall, which looks like, you know, a painting from the 18 hundreds mixed in with a little bit of like the chuck wagon scene from Blazing Saddles, if you get my drift.


[00:14:32] Garrett Longhofer: Yeah. And, and that's, that's kind of, uh, one of the things that put it at the very top, and I don't know if you noticed, but there's another one right at the entrance. It's got like a, it's kind, kind of a landscape with a wagon on it. So there's kind of a hilarious one. And then a, a more, I don't know, it's not serious, but it's, you know, it's, it's more artistic.

And then on top of that, just the tile work in general is, is fantastic.

[00:14:59] Lou Mongello: And the color palette matches sort of where you are too. You talk about sort of the themeing, it's subtle in that, you know, there's not a lot of decor in, in the men's room, but it, it does sort of match where you are and does have that sort of rustic, outback western feel to it.

Yeah, yeah, for sure, for sure. Mr. Foster? I'm, I'm, yes sir. I have no idea what's gonna come next. In all the years we've done this, I usually don't know. Usually there's a go with me and I, this is one where I don't want you to say that, but we will, I follow along with you to where you're gonna take us.

[00:15:39] Tim Foster: I didn't think of how hilarious saying go with me would be on this show until you said that.

So I'm not gonna say that. Please don't.

[00:15:47] Lou Mongello: It's, this is so weird. I'm actually gonna go, I'm so uncomfortable. This is gonna,

[00:15:51] Tim Foster: I feel like this is gonna be one of those shows. Cause I know sometimes you find it hard to, you wonder if I've ever been to Walt Disney World [00:16:00] sometimes because of, you know, my lack of experience on, you know, the roller coasters and things like that.

This is very much probably gonna be a show where you guys will talk at length. A restroom like this one, and you didn't ask me and I appreciate it, where you're say, little Tim Foster, what did you think of that restroom when you were there? And I'll say, I've never been in that restroom, Luke, that's gonna come up

[00:16:20] Lou Mongello: a lot in the show.

I, I pretty as soon when, as he said, pioneer Hall, I'm like, Tim's goo Googling right now, where that actually

[00:16:26] Tim Foster: is. Never. No, I I just gave up Claire. I just gave up So , but I'm gonna do one. And I actually, I had a little concern this was going to go off the list number one, so thankfully it fell to me. So, uh, I'm gonna go over to Hollywood Studios.

Oh, I'm going to go over to a land far, far away in a Galaxy a long time ago to that too. The, the Galaxy's Edge and, um, the, the restrooms there, especially in the marketplace, which is the one I frequented, so I'm familiar with it. Um, just inter, we've talked about Galaxy's Edge so many times about not just the themeing and the detail, which is.

Which is a, a common thing you talk about no matter where you are in Walt Disney World, but how Galaxy's Edge just takes that themeing to a whole new level with the immersiveness that you get as soon as you walk into that area of the park from the signage and the walkways to the cast members being in character and part of the.

and that includes the restrooms in, in bat two and Galaxy's Edge. When you go in, you're not in a, uh, polished, tiled, sanitary restroom from planet Earth. You're, you are in a restroom that you, you could very well imagine being in a place like this. There's, there's rock work, there's troughs, and it's, it's rugged and, uh, has all the same, same ambience of the marketplace and that you're on this backwater [00:18:00] planet at the edge of the galaxy.

Uh, and then as I say this, and I was actually describing this to my mother, and she went, Ew. And I hasten to add, no, no, it's the themeing. Rest assured the cleanliness and facilities are beyond reproach and top notch. So let's make sure everybody understand that. Just, again, just how that they carried that theming through to a place.

As mundane as the restroom was amazing. And, uh, if you took the time, and that's not a place I would spend a lot of time in for cause I buy places to go. But everything from the floor, the walls, the, the fixtures, uh, everything you see, just everything picks up on that theme. Uh, great testament to the detail that is found throughout Galaxy's

[00:18:48] Lou Mongello: edge.

So Tim, that was very intelligent, very articulate, however, overruled. However, there are no restrooms in Galaxy's Edge. Oh, I'm

[00:19:00] Tim Foster: sorry. I'm sorry. I misspoke. Okay, where did I go?

[00:19:05] Lou Mongello: So, do you know, and if you, Garrett, you know the answer, don't say it and don't Google it. What are the restrooms in Galaxy's Edge known as?

Wait, don't Say it. That's gonna be this week's trivia contest. Excellent. They are not called restrooms. They are called something else. That'll be the trivia contest for

[00:19:24] Tim Foster: this week. Googling madly, but I will not say it, but good. Good call. They're good call there, Lou. I didn't even think

[00:19:29] Lou Mongello: of that, so, but I have them.

I very much had this on my list because I agree with you. I love how. Worn and aged and utilitarian and, and industrial, but cool. They are inside. And the, you can see the, the floors are worn as you walk up to those double-sided cement sinks that sit in the middle of the restroom with all the exo exposed pipes.

So you almost feel that you are in some sort of a, like I said, [00:20:00] much more like, like industrial type of environment. Um, I, I love where I, I love especially the marketplace restrooms because of where they're located. When you come out into the marketplace, you can hear the people bustling and, and talking in the building upstairs, and you've got the, the DGA popping up in front of the, the water fountain and the water refilling station.

I, I think it is one of the most. Well integrated and themed of the restrooms like it flows. Again, not meant to be a pun, but it flows so seamlessly. You know, bef a, as you enter an exit into the actual land that you're in, like from the ground to the walls, everything just sort of fits exactly where you are.

[00:20:52] Tim Foster: Well,

[00:20:53] Garrett Longhofer: yeah, y'all took, y'all took the words right off my list. Um,

[00:20:57] Tim Foster: I'm just glad you didn't go number one or, wow, dude. Come on, man. . I'm gonna start soon, as soon as I said it. Nevermind. . Carry on, carry

[00:21:07] Garrett Longhofer: on. . I had those, I had those listed, uh, actually is my number two.

[00:21:14] Lou Mongello: No, you can't do that either. See, see, when he does it,

[00:21:19] Garrett Longhofer: That was completely un unintended.

[00:21:22] Lou Mongello: Just call the second one on your list. . It was the

[00:21:26] Tim Foster: second one on my list. This show is such a minefield. Um,

[00:21:30] Garrett Longhofer: but yeah, the i, the bronze fixtures, the bronze wall mount fixtures in those cement troughs, it, it just gives it that little contrast that that steps it up, you know?

Um, but that was something I really enjoyed about those.

[00:21:51] Lou Mongello: Yeah, I think I, I remember the first time I saw it, which is odd in and of itself, just being in so impressed at how the [00:22:00] storytelling and the aging sort of carries into an area that is, is very much offstage, but feels like there is no disruption in the themeing and, and the placemaking of where you are, which is one of the things I really enjoy most about it.

All right. I'm going to move on to the first one on my list. And I'm torn. I'm torn between two different locations and I'm gonna go with my hearts, which sounds bizarre when we talk about restrooms, but I'm going to take us over to Epcot Center and it'll always be Epcot center to me. It'll always be journey into imagination, period for me as well.

And I'm going to take you to the restrooms by journey into imagination. Now they are unremarkable. Right. They are sort of tucked around the side. They're normally quiet because they're not sort of on a main thoroughfare. You have to sort of either be going to or coming out of imagination to sort of look for them.

But the reason why, and the singular reason why this is on my list is not for what it has. It's not for the facility itself. It's because of what you hear. And don't make it weird, Tim, but in this restroom, right, we talk about the background music and the importance of music in the parks in this and only this location in Epcot center.

You can still hear the original journey into imagination. 1983, background music loop. There is a beautiful, like orchestrated version that you would do, have never heard on the, on the attraction in, in decades. But it's like somebody forgot to change the record in the jukebox as they kept on update updating like Epcot.

And I think [00:24:00] like nobody wants to talk about it cuz you don't want anybody to be like, oh yeah, we need to update that to the, to the most, you know, the, the current soundtrack for the attraction. It's not, and it is a piece of Epcot center that is literally frozen in time. And a again, it's, it sounds ridiculous when we sort of talk affectionately about a restroom, but if you are nostalgic, if you are a sentimental like I am and you love figment and his jour, his original journey to imagination, Again, without being weird, go sort of hang out a little bit and listen to the music loop that comes out of the journey into imagination.


[00:24:42] Tim Foster: I, I don't know how you did it. This was on my list for other reasons, but I'll, I'll piggyback on them there. That's not weird. I finally said something and it wasn't weird. Um, but, but, well, I can't talk about it cuz you stole it. So now I gotta just go off of yours. I had it strictly because what you said, it's out of the way and it's, it's surprisingly out of the way cuz I tell people about this.

When you go to the Imagination Pavilion, it's off to the right and there's nothing over there. Mm-hmm. . So there's no reason for you to go over there. Unless you wanted to go listen to the 1983 soundtrack, I'll come back to that in a second. But, um, so as I tell, if you're looking for somewhere out of the way and not crowded, that's great cuz nobody ever goes over there.

But I, I'm a little worried now though that there's gonna be courtesy of this show and all the people listening. There's gonna be a lightning lane now for this place, , come listen to the 1983 soundtrack. A figment, you can hear it. No place. But here, so now we're gonna have to sign up and get in line and all that.

The other thing I like about this, and actually I honestly, I think I've talked about this on this show before, and I don't know if [00:26:00] you know Lou, if this is still there. I'm not sure if it is, but it's the figment signature that's in the cast member area. Is that, do you know if that's still there? It is because I haven't It is still there.

It's still there. So one thing, so it's a fun thing. This isn't really restroom connected, but it's close and it's another reason to go over there if you need another reason, um, is there's a cast member entrance exit there. And I, I tell everybody when I'm talking about this secret Honor the sign, don't go in there.

You are not a cast member. don't go wandering around back there and look. But if you peek around the. You can see one of my favorite details is in the cement, presumably as it was drawing there, he was figment scrolling his name in the wet cement. So you can find like sigmas, I guess we can call that as autographed for what it's worth.

But it's a fun find and it's obviously, it's outta the way. It's not even on stage. Technically. It's right around the corner of that cast member exit, but that's back there. The restroom's back there. She said, I just go there for peace and quiet, but now I'm gonna make that a destination all the other day.

Cause I mean, G gave me some imagination music from 1983.

[00:27:15] Garrett Longhofer: I'm just speechless. I don't, I don't know how to respond to that. Number one, I didn't even know these bathrooms

[00:27:23] Tim Foster: existed. That's why they've been private up till now until this show, and now everyone's gonna go. And then

[00:27:31] Garrett Longhofer: number two, I didn't even know Figment signed him.

I guess he liked him so

[00:27:36] Lou Mongello: much. I mean, like, like it's technically not at the restroom. And if you do wanna see it and you see the cast member, ask the cast member if they'll show it to you because it's just over the threshold. But, but please, like Tim said, do not go and walk into that area, but know as you walk by.

Yes. Honor the sign. Right? Know, know that as you walk by Tim, uh, uh, Figman did sign his name, like the, the, like the [00:28:00] little, you know, the innocent child that he is, he signed his name in the wet cement in front of his home.

[00:28:06] Tim Foster: Yeah. And I, and I believe you can see it from, from the stage here. You're just trying to poke your head around.

But yeah, so it's right there. But yeah, fun, fun. Find, I think Lou, I think you told me about that one actually. So there you go,

[00:28:20] Lou Mongello: Garrett. We're back to you.


[00:28:24] Garrett Longhofer: Um, I'm gonna take one that I think might be on one of your lists. And I, this was the first time I had ever been there. It's not in the parks. I'm gonna take a ferryboat over to Disney Springs.

Okay. And I'm going to go to the boathouse

[00:28:43] Lou Mongello: restrooms. Wow. Wow. I did not have it on my list.

[00:28:49] Tim Foster: I've never been to the boathouse cuz no one ever takes me, uh,

[00:28:55] Garrett Longhofer: you know, get you some filet mignon sliders. Take 'em over to the restroom. Just kidding. Don't

[00:29:00] Lou Mongello: do that. What, what,

[00:29:06] Tim Foster: all kidding aside, that one, the, uh,

[00:29:10] Garrett Longhofer: when you walk in there, the stall doors are made of solid wood.

[00:29:17] Tim Foster: That's just.

[00:29:19] Garrett Longhofer: It's so classy. You, you pull on 'em. They, they have that heft that a solid wood door has. The stain is amazing. The pattern in the tile floor makes a compass in front of the sink. Um, that you've got those wall mount faucets with that beautiful granite or marble, whatever it is, that stone selection on the countertop.

It's just a classy

[00:29:46] Lou Mongello: bathroom. I love it. I love it. I, I frequent the boathouse a lot. I have seen set bathroom, so with the, and with the interesting sort of figureheads on the doors for [00:30:00] the men's and the woman's room, they had this sort of like weird metallic eighties vibe kind of going along with.

[00:30:09] Garrett Longhofer: You know, I, I didn't see that when I looked, but you know, it's, it, the, those wood doors just, it, it really, really stuck with me. Cuz you know, the, you don't really see that often. Yeah. But I mean that's, it just, it was just a knockout of the park in my

[00:30:26] Lou Mongello: opinion. I dig it Tim, I promise I will show you the restrooms and the visit.

Yeah, I know .

[00:30:36] Tim Foster: Oh my gosh, I can't believe my luck that this is still on the list cuz I thought there is no way I'll pencil to them, but there's no way it's gonna be here when I get to it. I feel like when you talk about restrooms in Walt Disney World, there's, there's a. , top of mind, number one. And, um, I said to start this, we'll go back in our, in our way back machines courtesy of li back to the days in fantasy land when you would be walking around Peter Pan's flight, or it's a small world and you have to go find a restroom.

And the only restroom around was it was busy, it was crowded. It, it was circa 1971, so it might not have been the most state-of-the-art thing in the world. And then Rapunzel's Tower appeared. And the new rest area appeared and one of the greatest restroom areas in all of Walt Disney World appeared. And I think every time this subject comes up even very superficially, that's the one everybody goes to.

Cuz not only are the restrooms beautifully themed, clean, big, um, the whole area is such a delight to be in, especially at night. Uh, not just the details surrounding you in the courtyard, all the little elements from tangle that you can [00:32:00] see, the half eaten apples from Maximus, which I love to look for the hoof prints in the cement, uh, Rapunzel's tower, which is like yet another castle in Walt Disney World.

But that's a subject for another time. But, and, and I always find this a funny detail. It's so hard to think of it these days, but one of the first. Charging stations for those phone things we carry around. And at the time, that was so amazing, and thank goodness those are there, Lou, and I remember you and I walking through Liberty Square looking for that one outlet to plug into, so you can plug your laptop in or something like that.

But now they're there and now they're everywhere. So it doesn't seem like a big deal if you go today. But when, uh, whenever I talk about how beautifully themed that whole Tangled area is and all the deal detail that went into it, uh, the tower, the waterfall, all of the, the structure that went into it, and in the end of the day, it's a restroom.

and that's all because it's not an attraction. There's no ride, there's no show, there's no anything. It's, it's, it's a restroom. And to your point, Lou, I think taking the rest of restroom, that part of it to an extreme, like it's a great place to, even if you're not using the facilities per se, but it's a great place to hang out and relax and enjoy the ambience again, especially at night.

I love it with the lanterns when they're lit up and, uh, and the towers lit up and, and, and looking for Pascal hiding in the bushes. And it's such a delight. And, um, really took restroom to a whole new level when that happened. And as we saw with Galaxy's Edge and other places, and I'm sure we'll get to just another indication and imagineers, well leave no stir note stone unturned when it comes to adding details and magic

[00:33:47] Lou Mongello: to an area.

Tim, uh, I'm, I'm happy and, and not surprised that you chose Tangled and, and put it at this point of your list. Uh, this is what we like to call a softball. Uh, in the list of exactly. That's

[00:33:59] Tim Foster: why [00:34:00] I'm surprised it was still there. And I said, well, I'm taking it now cause like this is from here. It's downhill for me.

So I

[00:34:07] Lou Mongello: remember, I remember when this opened and there was this, dare I say, dare dare. There was almost a controversy about the opening of the tangled restrooms. There was one for some people like myself, lamenting the loss and the, the demolition of the Skyway station, which we had come to know and love since 1971.

But from the ashes of the Skyway Station, this Phoenix arises and it is beautiful tangled tower and like Galaxy's Edge, this entire area that is sort of themed after the village entangled, right? There's this wonderful tribute to this beautifully animated film. Yet people are mad because they get a, a restroom area instead of an attraction.

However, I think you're right, Tim. I think Tangled sets the new restroom standard by which all other restrooms shall here to four be judged because of, it's not just the facility itself. The, the theming in that courtyard, that village courtyard travels inside the bathroom where there's spectacular, gorgeous details.

The walls and the ceilings have these very, very intricately detailed vines and flowers and, and stars. And even the, um, like the globes for the lights are themed and they look as though they came right out of the film. There's the hunt for all of the hidden pascals. There's the wanted posters for the snugly duckling friends.

There's the, the pans and details from the films. It's the restroom area is so nice. How nice is it? It's so nice. There's a photo pass photographer stationed out there in [00:36:00] case you wanna take a picture near these wonderful resting areas.

[00:36:08] Tim Foster: That's okay. I think I saw a photo pass person with a whole, the whole lantern thing to take your picture with Tan.


[00:36:15] Lou Mongello: like people go to visit the restrooms, not necessarily to take advantage of the facilities. It's,

[00:36:21] Tim Foster: it's, you know what, there's no attraction, there's no show. But in an, in an odd way, it's uh, it is sort of an attraction in a

[00:36:30] Lou Mongello: way. It is an trap door, right? It's an trap door, right. You give him the trap door, right?

[00:36:34] Tim Foster: Yeah. You'll stop. I mean, I, and hey, just looking at the tower, which is an amazing. Uh, a structure to look at. I mean, to me that's an, that actually isn't an attraction in itself. Like, you know, the beast castle, um, over by Be our guest, it's, there's nothing in it, but I just love looking at, I take pictures of it and all that, so, yeah.

[00:36:54] Lou Mongello: And last time I was even, it's even more beautiful at night, by the way. Yes, yes. Absolutely. Super Not so secret. Pro tip. It is one of the best places other than standing in front of the castle to watch fireworks because the fireworks are actually, they're actually, they actually shoot off behind fantasy land.

So you get a new perspective of the fireworks, and if you frame it just right with the lanterns hanging overhead, you get some really, really, really beautiful shots. That's a good,

[00:37:26] Tim Foster: I did not know that. I'm going back. Oh yeah.

[00:37:29] Lou Mongello: Listen, that's what you got when you come here Timmy. You get the history of toilets, information,

[00:37:34] Tim Foster: I know. I was more valuable. That, or knowing the name of the person. I have to thank all of this. Goodness.

[00:37:39] Lou Mongello: Never forget. You never forget Sir John Harrington.

[00:37:46] Garrett Longhofer: You know the, the last time I was at the Tangled area restrooms, I noticed the PhotoPass person, but you know what? I also noticed about three or three or four other photographers just taking pictures in [00:38:00] front of it. Oh yeah. It was, it was insane. Yeah. There's, I mean, it, I guess it's not insane because of how beautiful they are.

Mm-hmm. . But I mean, yeah, the, the imagineers just took tangled and, and ran with it, even though we only got a bathroom. But you know, I, I don't, I can't add any, any words on top of that. I

[00:38:20] Tim Foster: mean, like you said, that, that's the thing that amazes me. And whenever I feel like when everyone, if anyone talks about Disney and their, uh, and I think mistakenly talking about how little attention they paid the things, uh, for whatever reason, um, clearly not people that have been there or been there recently, but, um, the fact that they did take this much care to create this area cuz they really, ostensibly, they really just need to create a new restroom.

And they could have just done that. They could have just. Built a new one. Utilitarian. There it is. It's big, it's clean, it's nicely decor and all that. But this is, this is Disney. We're not gonna stop there. And they made it this, uh, that's just an example. I look at how much they put into absolutely everything they do.

If they put it into this, what are they gonna do for, you know, the real attractions and stuff. So, just amazing.

[00:39:20] Garrett Longhofer: I'll say one last thing. The tangled restrooms walked. So galaxy's edge restrooms could run .

[00:39:29] Lou Mongello: Nice. . Oh, I, you know what?

[00:39:31] Tim Foster: That's it. I'm running it down. T-shirt idea. .

[00:39:35] Lou Mongello: Tim's getting like, right, Tim's getting fodder for, for his magazine.

I like that.

[00:39:39] Tim Foster: I like that .

[00:39:42] Lou Mongello: Um, I am, I'm torn. I'm torn between two restrooms, but I am going to go to one that is actually my favorite. For a variety of reasons. One, because of, of where it's located and, and again, all the things that we [00:40:00] talked about before. And it may not be one that you've ever been to before because you have to sort of almost go one place first in order to sort of get access to this restroom.

I'm talking about the facilities at the Hollywood Brown Derby, which I will argue still remains like a wonderfully, casually elegant meal inside of a Disney theme park reminiscent of 1930s Hollywood. Go for the Cobb salad, stay for the grapefruit cake, and then stay even longer for the restroom. They are, dare I say, the restrooms are a beacon for the show Business Elite.

When you step under that canopy and walk into the, the lobby of the Hollywood Brown Derby. You feel as though you stepped back in time, not stepped back in time to 1989, but stepped back in time to 1930s. There's this instant sense of elegance and refinement and I don't wanna say class to it, but it is and, and you feel like you're a celebrity, right?

You're surrounded by all of those caricatures, which are the hallmark of the original Hollywood Brown Derby. And this not nearly, it's nearly identical carbon copy here. I love, love, love the music of the thirties. It's, maybe I was born in the wrong century, whatever it is, but I love the music of the thirties and as you go, you know, the restaurant is when you enter the lobby, the restaurant is off to the right.

The um, if you go to the left and go around the corner, there's elevators there, which used to take you up to. Anyone, the catwalk bar, correct? Uh, now it takes you up to club 33, but around that corner, there's also restrooms. Tim, as you mentioned, the, the, the doors. [00:42:00] The doors here are like these big, heavy, dark wood doors with actually beautiful fixtures, like sometimes pay attention to the little details, right?

Michael Iser said everything speaks, even the handles and are, they're very ornate and they feel as though they are antiques from the thirties. And then when you walk in, they're, they're relatively non-descript because they really are just black and white. Checkered tiles and, um, you know, patterned tiles on the floor.

It just always seems and feels like incredibly super clean. Like you almost imagine there being a bathroom attendant, excuse me, a restroom attendant in there, as you would've seen probably in the Brown Derby in the thirties. Again, you can hear that great music in the background. They're never really crowded in there.

And just like the restaurant, those caricatures carry over into the restrooms themselves. A again, if you are one of the celebrities that's in there, you're like, oh, don't see me up on the wall and the brown derby. Where can I find you in the men's room? Right above stall number two. But you know, like, you know, that's what you find, like Shey Green or something.

I don't even know who would be in there, but those, those signature character caricatures carry over. So the theme of the restaurant, the theme of the building, Is consistent throughout, even in including the restrooms. And if you want a little bit of touch of an elegance with your restroom visit, I invite you to the Hollywood Brown Derby.

[00:43:37] Tim Foster: I have had the grapefruit cake very good, but I have not visited said facility, so it's going right at the top of my list. Maybe the one thing

[00:43:50] Garrett Longhofer: that steps up that bathroom for me is the penny tile floors. Mm-hmm. , the, the little, um, almost polka dot [00:44:00] floors interrupted by that almost Aztec print. It's not really Aztec, but you know, that, that design that borders it and then the checkered tile walls, I mean, that, that one just screams old Hollywood to me.

And like you said, if you're gonna imagine near a space, You might as well do it right. And, and they did it right for that one.

[00:44:26] Lou Mongello: Tim is still looking up who Shey Green is. So

[00:44:31] Tim Foster: I actually know who Shey Green is cuz we nicknamed one of my school Chums Shey. So love

[00:44:36] Lou Mongello: American style . He actually was in History of the World, part one.

Okay. There you go. Joey Bishop, ed Sullivan, whatever. I'm dating myself. I know who these people are. I think I'm dating myself. Ah, this is really more for Garrett. He just, he has, he has no idea who these people are, right. Garrett, you are What, what ? I, um, so wait, is that, where are we? Are we around nine somewhere?

Yeah, we are at Garrett.

[00:45:02] Tim Foster: Yeah, we are. All right,

[00:45:02] Lou Mongello: so we're around. So each of us, let's do one more and then we'll throw in any honorable mentions we might have. So, Garrett, make this one count.

[00:45:10] Garrett Longhofer: Okay, well let me skip around the list here and make sure I get, uh, oh. I can't believe nobody's taking this one.

Prior to the Caribbean.

[00:45:20] Tim Foster: Yes.

[00:45:21] Lou Mongello: Next I you what? I was torn between.

[00:45:25] Garrett Longhofer: You walk out of the, the, um, ride, you come up that escalator, you maybe buy some merch that they wonderfully place right there at the end of the ride. And you walk around the corner and there's a little, it, it's an entryway, I would say to restrooms both male and female.

Um, I am, I'm almost a hundred percent sure that they pump in that treated water, smell into those bathrooms. .

[00:45:57] Lou Mongello: It's the bromine, but . [00:46:00]

[00:46:01] Garrett Longhofer: It's the bromine.

[00:46:02] Tim Foster: No. Um,

[00:46:04] Garrett Longhofer: That, that old Spanish colonial feel with the, the clay shingles and then the Spanish gender signs, um, that mural on the back wall made out of blue mosaic that breaks up all that brown, red and tan.

Um, the deco accents, uh, if you walk into a stall, there's like a, a, a blue square with some really, really nice deco tile above each, um, you know, stall entry. It's, it's just a, the, like the, they, the tile work there is just fantastic.

[00:46:50] Lou Mongello: So we just bonded over our restroom selections. Uh, I had this one on my list.

It was the one that I was debating over. For all. So again, I love the m the mosaic accents. I I love that. Uh, heavy wrt iron detailing. I love where it is, right? Because I actually think for a long time, this is sort of like the secret restroom that I would show people because if you're just sort of walking from say, Frontierland to Adventureland, uh, maybe there is now, but I don't ever remember there being sort of a very prominent sign saying to sort of go off to the right and this sort of unmarked, um, doorway to walk through to get to these restaurants where, like you said, it's karos and damas on the wall, but there there's also like this small covered, almost like a little mini courtyard outside that have benches.

Like you can sit down and wait for whoever might be doing their thing, but it always felt like a little bit of a secret restroom. Even though it is directly connected to the Pirates of the Caribbean, uh, attraction [00:48:00] and the fact that it's small and the fact that it is a little bit out of the way is the reason why I had it on my list.

So, n never been there, Tim. We're gonna have to do a restroom tour. We have so many places to go, and then we'll end at the boathouse restroom. Comfortable right now. . Alright. Okay.

[00:48:23] Garrett Longhofer: The, the, the, just the way they're, they're placed in there, I think kind of turns people away, but they just don't know what they're missing if they're looking for a awesome theme space, you

[00:48:35] Lou Mongello: know, so, Tim, you don't know what you're missing.

You just don't know what you're missing. All right, Tim, get us to the next, probably, possibly last on your restroom list.

[00:48:44] Tim Foster: Well, all right, well, I'll take a couple. So, so my , so as I mentioned at the beginning, one of the things that was. When on my list besides steaming was for me personally, it's outta the way.

It's private. There's nobody there. So that's kind of where I went, was going with my selections. I am treading so lightly with what I say right now, but, um, anyway, uh, these are a couple that are actually in, uh, resorts. And even though you guys made some rules that I wasn't privy to, that someone

[00:49:19] Lou Mongello: not talking about wasn't the rule was my personal rules.

Yeah. Suggestions. I

[00:49:23] Tim Foster: get it. So, uh, one of the restrooms I, I always liked, and I I, I've told people about it, it hasn't ruined it. So I think I'm not giving anything away. Uh, is that the contemporary resort and these are the, the public restrooms, uh, to differentiate between Garrett, I think you were saying there's the, the public restrooms and then there's the ones in your room, which are very different things.

But this is, this is a public one. This is down on, and there are probably several in this area. This is down on the second floor, which is the convention level. At the contemporary, uh, which is a great place just to go hang out. Otherwise, there's [00:50:00] lots of, especially when there's no conventions going on, there's plenty of seating areas down there.

So I like to get a snack at the Contempo Cafe. Instead of eating there, take the escalator down, hang out there, find a nice spot, you can chill out. Your family's there. And there are plenty of restrooms there. And they're contemporary resort restrooms. So they're beautiful. They're, they've uh, they've got that, uh, metro New York cosmopolitan style, however you wanna describe it.

And it changes depending on how they rethink the resort, but very, very beautiful, very clean, very elegant. And for the most, Very unoccupied cuz there's nobody there. So it's a great place. The whole second floor to me is a great place to just hang out and get away from the hustle and bustle of not just the parks, but just the fourth floor right above you where it's very busy with the cafe and the shops and everything else.

And likewise, uh, we always. When we're at the Grand Floridian, we'll visit the restrooms there. They're not quite as out of the way and hidden as the ones on the second floor per se. But um, right outside like the Grand Floridian Cafe, you have that beautiful sitting area where you wait and they have restrooms there and they're beautifully decorated.

Keeping of the theme of the grand story. Pretty much any resort you go to, the re the restrooms will be beautiful but to the point, themed to that resort. So you can looking forward to it seems of what Rod way to put it. But know that the themeing of whether it's the Grand Floridian or the wilderness lodge or the yacht club or the beach club or whatever will carry through, carry through to the restrooms.

And um, and I'll stick with that cause I have some thoughts about rooms, uh, bathrooms in your rooms. But I'll say that for honorable mention time cuz that's clearly breaking the rules. I know that

[00:51:50] Lou Mongello: I am pleasantly surprised. That the last one on my list has not been mentioned by anybody. Dare I say, [00:52:00] an argument could be made that they may be some of, if not the most beautiful of all the restrooms on our lists. I'm like a five-year-old. Forgive my potty humor, but when you have to let it go, go to Norway.

Oh my goodness. It's, I got that Shey Green taught me that one. So the, the restrooms in Norway, uh, obviously have been refurbished in. Since the time of the introduction of the frozen attraction. And what is nice about these is even though it is in such an incredibly popular part of the park, they're not actually easily visible, right?

They're, they're not sort of front facing to the promenade. So you have to actually walk past Anna and Elsa's, the Royal Summer house meet and greet and the wandering reindeer gift shop. That's where the restrooms are. They are spec like spotless. They have are always spotless probably cuz everybody is either shopping on the attraction or meeting Anna and Elsa.

But the themeing once again carries over and through two. The aesthetic of Erindale from the color of Elsa's signature blue, the woods on the floors, and sort of that almost like a, like a Wayne's coating, uh, um, you know, from the floor up that the, and, and it's tile. It's not sort of actually wood, but there's something, there's a warmth to the restrooms.

And the doors have, again, that signature bl uh, oh, sorry. Yeah. The, the stall doors have that signature blue color again with that sort of wrt iron, huge wrought iron hinges on 'em. Um, you know, I mean, it's hard to sort of describe the, the restrooms for the other thing too. They're, if you go there like in the middle of summer, I remember being in there.

They were freezing. Like I'm sure it's just [00:54:00] because it happened to be a super hot day outside and maybe because it's next to the frozen attraction, but it was such a nice respite from the incredibly oppressive heat outside. Actually one day I'll share with you the single coldest spot that you can find in any Walt Disney World theme park.

Tim, I may have shown you this once before. Um, and oh, by the way, when you're done taking care of business in the restroom, by the way, the bakery just happens to be right next door. Oh, right.

[00:54:30] Tim Foster: Top 10 placement. Now. You sold it. Now you sold it. .

[00:54:34] Garrett Longhofer: Top 10 placement of a restroom. Exactly. You can, you can go do what you need to do.

Grab a school bread and just relax underneath that beautiful grass roofed hut thing.

[00:54:49] Tim Foster: Um,

[00:54:50] Lou Mongello: hut thing. . But

[00:54:53] Garrett Longhofer: yeah, the uh, um, I think they did a great job blending that, those frozen colors, but also holding onto those, those Norwegian colors that, that, that red and the white and the, the wood. It really, really kind of feels like you're on a, on a Viking ship almost.

Um, but then also throwing in that frozen blue and then kind of blending in that, that frozen feel even pumping in the cold, as you say, .

[00:55:25] Lou Mongello: Um, so, so before we move on to our on mentions, I, I really, when I decided we were gonna do this as a, as a, as a show, I'm like, oh, this is fine. It'll be, it'll be a short show.

It'll be 15, 20 minutes. How much could you possibly talk about restrooms yet? Here we are. Okay. Um, Garrett, then Tim, and then me, any sort of quick on roll mentions that you just want to throw into the mix for consideration as well.

[00:55:55] Garrett Longhofer: Gonzo's Royal Flush, just for the name only .

[00:55:58] Lou Mongello: I love that[00:56:00]

Tim, any for you? Oh, um,

[00:56:07] Tim Foster: you know, I, I had a couple, I didn't put 'em on list cuz one's not there anymore. . So I just wanted to say this, that's kind of a look back and hopefully looking ahead, one of our favorite restrooms as a family for the longest time was in the Interventions West building in Epcot Center.

Lou, uh, just because it was huge. It was, you know, it was cold. I think that was cold there too. But one of those just weirdly overlooked places so we could always go in. There's a huge place to sit. It's not there anymore. I can't tell you to go visit it, but it makes me hope with all of the new stuff coming to Epcot and Epcot, uh, world Celebration and all that, what we have to look forward to, especially as we talked about Galaxy's Edge and Pirates and Tangled and Frozen, how the details are going to be everywhere and not that visiting the restrooms near the journey of water is high on the list of things to do when Epcot new Epcot rolls around.

But I have a feeling I will be pleasantly surprised, put it that way.

[00:57:17] Lou Mongello: So I have a couple of ones that, that I was sort of bouncing up and down around my list, not knowing exactly where to put. So I'm gonna go very quickly, sort of lightning round of other restrooms to be on a lookout for and or make sure you visit, uh, I'm gonna go to Disney Springs to T-Rex Cafe. Little bit off necessarily the the beaten kit path.

My son loves loved dinosaurs. I love Steve Schussler. So we had this love of T-Rex Cafe. The, the interior of that restaurant, if you've never been in, is incredibly well themed. The men's room is a he Rex and the lady's room is a she Rex. And inside there are fossils all over the [00:58:00] walls of like by the sinks.

There's like trilobytes and Ammonites and, and fish and whatnot. And even like the mirrors are sort of carved to look as though they are very organic. So very, very well themed. Over in Epcot center. We're gonna go back to the American adventure. The restrooms there are right, uh, next to the gift shop.

They're huge. Uh, and they right outside there's that little courtyard with the picnic tables in the shade. They play patriotic and colonial music. Inside as well. Speaking of Epcot Center, I have two words for you. It's not always open. You don't always, always have occasion to get there, but I will. I'm gonna, I'm gonna say that these are probably the largest restrooms on Walt Disney World Property and it's World Show Place.

World Show Place. The exhibit center that was sort of built for the millennium celebration, the restrooms there are huge, like dozens and dozens. I'm like, I can only speak to the men's room, but stalls as far as the eye can see. It's like going to a sporting arena. There are so many in there because that facility holds so many people.

They're massive. I got,

[00:59:16] Tim Foster: I gotta, I gotta jump it because I had this on my list, but I was afraid to say this cuz I thought you would shout me down that Tim, you can't just go there because it's not well. Oh, but yes. Oh, I can attest cuz we were. It had to been during a festival. So I think at night they were doing something, or maybe it was even a D B C holiday private party or something.

But we were able to go back there and, yeah. Huge. Yep. Clean. Well, they were clean cuz nobody was in there. But, um, and, and, uh, and my wife was there, so I, I can attest to you, we, we don't know Lou, but she reported Yes. women in Dream Justice. Huge justice. Massive justice. Oh my goodness. This is so big. This has to be on the [01:00:00] list.

But again, you can't just go there anytime you want to, so. Right. If

[01:00:04] Lou Mongello: there's, I think there's a special event and I'm gonna had to just mention it because every time I walk in there I'm like, this place is, it is

[01:00:09] Tim Foster: amazing though. It's like an, an airplane hangar. It's, it's

[01:00:12] Lou Mongello: cavernous like echoes. It's great , um, from the largest restroom to one of the smallest little hidden restroom.

And again, technically you should be a patron of the dining Es establishment. And technically it's actually not in the land that it's in because there are no restrooms in Liberty Square, which is why the restrooms in Columbia Harbor House are technically on the fantasy land side of where the building sits.

There are only there. There's a couple. They're very, very small restrooms, uh, in Columbia Harbor House. I mean, like, I think there's like one and one and one sink and like, that's it. But they're very well themed and yeah, I was gonna say it's a great place to go, but it's a great place to go. Uh, I also like the restaurants over at Tomorrowland Terrace.

Um, they match the, the theming of the area. And most of the time, because the old noodle station is closed, there's usually nobody there. And the restrooms are like, it's a ghost town. Um, and it, it, so if you're, if you're looking for a place that's not gonna be crowded, Tomorrow Land Terrace and Space two 20 also.

Cool. Very clever. Um, well themed. But the last one I wanted to mention and, and I have to put on the list and it almost deserves a place on the main list, is in Disney's Animal Kingdom. I don't think any of us mentioned really anyone there.

[01:01:40] Tim Foster: No. And I was hoping somebody would.

[01:01:42] Lou Mongello: So these are not, it's not about the theming, it's not about the size, but it's loca, like you said, Tim, location, location, location.

I'm talking about the flight of passage, mid Q [01:02:00] restrooms in Pandora, the world of avatar. Let me take you back in time to the opening of said attraction and the lines and still sometimes they are, are two and three hours long. There literally used to be a sign at the entrance saying there are no restrooms.

Like once you're in the queue, you are in the queue. It's a three hour wait, do the math. So born from necessity, the flight of passage, mid Q restrooms were born. And thankfully they still remain. They are a godsend, especially if you have kids and, and things like that. So, um, this was more . Is there any other, any other ones that we missed?

Any other ones you wanted to throw in that we may have missed? I think, uh,

[01:02:47] Garrett Longhofer: I just got reminded of one, uh, if we're gonna go off the, uh, the, you know, secret access or limited access kind of route. Um, I had the pleasure of using one of the corporate lounge restrooms on my recent trip and. By convenience alone.

Those are just nice. It's a, well, it's a one room, you, you, it's only to yourself. So it's just, you know, it, it's, it's relaxing. You don't have to deal with the hustle and bustle of, you know, a billion people walking in and out and you hear constant flushing and water going off. So, you know, it's, it's a, it's a break from

[01:03:29] Tim Foster: the

[01:03:29] Lou Mongello: action.

I, uh, one of these days I'm gonna have to do, I'm gonna talk about the, the corporate lounges. Don't say you what it is, but just gimme a yes or no answer. Is this the corporate lounge that is in Disney's Hollywood Studios? I can either confirm nor deny . Okay. , why not? I think we're, listen to you deny it.

It's secret. Handshakes and ceremonies. It's, there's a lot, you know, if, you know, you know, but I wanna


[01:03:57] Tim Foster: such an outsider. Wait, I have one more I wanted to [01:04:00] throw in there. Go ahead real quick. I, I, cause I promised I was gonna do this. This is a guest room. Uh, bathroom, not a restroom, a bathroom , which you can't go into if you're not there, but I just thought it was cool.

So this is at the contemporary and I, the reason I bring this up is cuz as we all know, the contemporary had a big remodeling going over the past several years where they introduced elements of the Incredibles. We, at which point we heard that and we went, no, no. What happened to my Jetsons themed tomorrow land room that I also loved, which brought me back to the seventies.

But when we went there, we were ab actually delighted to see, yes, Incredibles, but I also like to think of it more as a sleek monorail Mary Blair kind of vibe in all the rooms combined with some graphical stuff of Incredibles but not in your face. And the bathroom was actually really cool cuz it did both of that.

I imagine if the monorail. Had an executive restroom in the last car, . This is what it would look like. , um, just sleek, modern, uh, or, uh, with the modern but retro with, uh, whites and grays, but colored panels. And the mirror had a glass etched circa 1971 monorail, sweeping across it. Someday I will get that installed into my house, , but until then, I have to wait till I visit.

So again, he can't go visit it if you're not staying there, but with the remodel and all that. And the bathroom is being very marbled and dark and elegant before, and we do miss that. But it was nice to see what they did do and, and carried that. I like to say monorail. Theming

[01:05:36] Lou Mongello: into the bathroom. And I'm sure even with such a comprehensive and detailed look at the restrooms in our favorite restrooms of Walter's world.

There are probably some that we missed. You, our friend may be sitting in your car on the treadmill, walking the dog, pushing the stroller. Putting away dishes, wherever might be screaming, saying, how have you possibly forgotten this one? [01:06:00] Well, which restrooms did we miss? Or, which restrooms do you love?

Which restrooms are your favorite and why? Which restrooms, Should you avoid at all costs? Which are the, the, just these you should not use unless you need to. What makes a good restroom? What, um, what's something you could put into a Disney themed restroom in the parks that maybe they are missing? I would love to hear from you.

Don't call the voicemail from the restaurant restroom, cuz again, that's weird. But you can email me lou@wwradio.com. More importantly, come be part of the community and conversation over in the clubhouse. I'll post this question there at wdw radio.com/clubhouse. Then when you're done, go and visit Timmy Foster over@celebrationspress.com because Tim, in one succinct sentence is gonna tell us what, what sort of magical happenings are going on there right

[01:06:54] Tim Foster: now.

Well, I can tell you one thing that's not happening is I wouldn't, despite what we just talked about, don't expect a. Wal Disney World restroom pictorial in an upcoming issue of celebrations anytime soon. So don't have to take a word for it. Um, now we have lots of, uh, our, our Epcot and 50th anniversary books are there.

We have new books in the works. I will just say Animal Kingdom turns 25 years young this year. Wow. And of course it's the hundred year celebration this year. So we have lots of magic in store spring issues coming out with lots of animal kingdom magic.

[01:07:27] Lou Mongello: So nice. And you can find all that@celebrationspress.com.

Garrett, thank you so much for. Petitioning yourself to be part of this conversation. You made the promise and you delivered on it. Uh, where, if anywhere, do you like people can find you on the Internets?

[01:07:46] Garrett Longhofer: Um, I'm on Instagram, Twitter at Garrett L 15, Garrett l underscore 15. Uh, that's just my personal account, but I'm thinking about starting a, a facility review account on

When I say [01:08:00] facility, I don't mean restrooms, I mean like cues or, or you know, just, just random places. Not restrooms. Just .

[01:08:09] Lou Mongello: I'm sure that there's, I'm, I'm sure that somebody has like a restroom Instagram or like a restroom blog out there somewhere.

[01:08:18] Garrett Longhofer: You know, they could be, but I'm not that creepy. So, ,

[01:08:21] Lou Mongello: thank you

Yeah man. I will, um, I will link to your Instagram in the show notes and gentlemen and that use that term loosely. Thank you very much for joining me, for keeping the conversation as relatively mature as we possibly could.

[01:08:40] Tim Foster: Yeah, for sure. Thank you. It was a rough, it wa You know what? I'm just gonna stop talking now.

It's a good idea...

[01:08:48] Lou Mongello: It was a rough go of it. Uh, sorry...