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WDW Radio Adds More Shows, Including “From the Archives,” and New Episode Formats!

WDW Radio brings back shows “From the Archives,” plus an additional episode with new formats in the podcast feed every Thursday!

February 11, 2023 marks 16 years since the very first episode of WDW Radio was published, although I have been podcasting every week for nearly 18 years since early 2005, when my first podcast, MouseTunes, debuted with me and my co-host. That ended on Feb. 4, 2007, and the following week, WDW Radio was born… in a 6 minute and 36 second podcast that was meant to introduce and kick start this new, somewhat scary, step into a new adventure.

That first show still makes me cringe a little, but it represents more than my awkward, initial journey down a very new, unknown, and circuitous path.

Along the way, I have always endeavored to improve the show, serve you as best as I can, and strategically innovate in creative, new ways. From our discussion forums, to my first weekly live video in 2007, to carrying my laptop through the parks to bring you with me live and connect you to the experience, to binaural audio from the parks, virtual audio tours, 360 degree video, etc. I am always looking to what’s next, and how I can improve the show and community for and with you.

I love that although we have been around for a long time, every day there are new friends who discover the show, site, and community, and become part of our WDW Radio family.

And inspired by that, I have always looked to create content on the shows that is evergreen, meaning that it is not necessarily or always time-sensitive. And, when appropriate, making the episode relevant not just when it is published, but years (or in some cases, over a decade) later. From interviews, to DDSI Disney Scene Investigations, Top Tens, reviews, reports, guides, and more, there is a lot that you may have never heard if you found the show at #700, #400, or even #200, etc.

And while they are all available in the podcast feed and on WDWRadio .com (each show has it’s own page, player, and show notes, and there is a convenient jukebox at WDWRadio.com/Jukebox where you can find and listen to EVERY episode from a single page), I know that with more than 839 episodes in the feed (as they include some of the weekly NewsCasts, and even a few videos from way back when), it is a LOT to try and navigate through and find.

Subscribe and listen…

I get questions and requests all the time about certain topics, places, people, and yes, even food that I may have covered on a past episode… and that one little spark of inspiration prompted something that is going to become even bigger.

Beginning this week, I am going to add a SECOND EPISODE to the WDW Radio feed. First things first – you don’t have to DO anything. Nothing changes for you other than getting an ADDITIONAL show every week.

I first intended on bringing to you a carefully curated past episode, which we’ll call “From the Archives” – Each week, I will select a past show from the WDW Radio archives, and insert it into the feed. I will do a short introduction for context, including explaining WHY I chose that episode, what to listen for, and… well… who knows. We’ll see where it takes us.

But that idea opened up what I think is another great opportunity. Because I continue to make shows not only evergreen but relevant, valuable, and consistent, (and have you noticed… other than that painful first episode, I have never monologued another show or done it without a guest or cohost?), I am sometimes constrained by a number of other factors, which precluded me some covering some things on the show in different ways.

But now, with this new episode in the feed, I am going to introduce and experiment with a number of different types of content, in a variety of formats. For example, instead of a show From the Archives, I may do a show about something that is time-sensitive. Instead of a Top Ten, I may do a Top 5 show… maybe I’ll do some solo… maybe even resurrect my Disney in a Minute segments, but in audio format. I can also take ideas and inspiration from YOU and go from there. We can talk about even more Marvel, Star Wars, and other aspects of our fandom and love of Disney and see where this takes us.

This opens up a world of opportunities, in an effort to do more for and with you, bring you more fun, value, laughter, and maybe even a little inspiration.

The new shows will appear in your feed on (or around) every THURSDAY, so you now will get the main show on Monday, the additional episode on Thursday, AND the WDW Radio LIVE video show and chat on Facebook STILL every Wed at 7:30pm ET at WDWRadioLIVE.com

Now one thing that is important and I want to make clear – while I am going to be creating and bringing you a lot more content, both from the archives AND new shows, I am NOT going to keep ANY of this content behind any type of a paywall or make it exclusively for the WDW Radio Nation Patreon community. If you like what you hear, all I ask is that you continue to spread the word, and if you like (it’s totally optional but VERY much appreciated and helpful), you can help support the show by being part of a Nation family for as little as $1/mo. at WDWRadioNation.com . Oh, and speaking of the Nation… stay tuned, as I have some updates coming to and for the Nation as well… including a NEW physical reward for all new members at the Bronze level and above.

Anyway, so there you go… more shows in your feed every Thursday – I’ll take you back in time and share episodes from the WDW Radio Archives, bring you new content in terms of timely conversations, short episodes with just me, min-reviews, Disney in a Minute and more.

If you like it, please let me (and others) know… if you don’t, that’s OK… just let me (NOT others lol) know. It’s an experiment, and we’re all in this together.

I am excited about what’s new (and old), and next for us on the show and as a community.

And NONE of this happens without you… so thank you… for the past 18 years… and hopefully at least 18 more.

Let’s tune in, choose the good, and keep moving forward. Thank you!