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WDW Radio # 719 – Top Ten Things in Walt Disney World That Are Better at Night – From the WDW Radio Archives

From the WDW Radio Archives…

On last night’s WDW Radio LIVE show, I spent the evening wandering my way through Tomorrowland, to not only celebrate the opening of Tron Lightcycle /Run, but speculate on the future of this land. As we explored the entire land as the golden hour dissolved into twilight, Tomorrowland was energized with new life… and light, and takes on an entirely new atmosphere at night. Riding the Peoplemover and looking over at the spectacular, color-changing canopy of Tron, I thought not only about how beautiful this (and other lands) are at night, but how some things in Walt Disney World are just better after dark.

So for this week’s show From the Archives, we’re going back to 2009 and show # 104, where we discussed our list of Top Ten Things in Walt Disney World That are Better at Night. In more than 18 years of podcasting, I very VERY rarely revisit a topic, but enough time has passed and new additions to the parks and resorts have been made that it may be time to reexamine this list on an upcoming episode. But for now, please enjoy this look (and listen) at our list, and I invite you to share suggestions of what else needs to be added when we make up our new list (spoiler alert… Tron WILL be on that list).

Share your thoughts in the WDW Radio Clubhouse, or call the voicemail at 407-900-9391 (WDW1) and share your story on the show.

But for now… sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode from the Archives on the WDW Radio show.

You can listen to the original episode in it’s entirety at WDW Radio # 104

Thanks to Tim Foster from Celebrations Magazine for joining me!

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Lou Mongello: Hello my friend, and welcome to another episode from the WDW Radio Archives. I am Lou Mongello, and this is show number 719. And each week I'm gonna select an evergreen episode to share with you that maybe you haven't heard before or one you haven't heard in a long time.

From interviews to like this week, a top 10 relevant reviews and guides and way back machines and. It's a great way to visit and revisit some of our favorite episodes, including ones that you have suggested I share from the Vault. And with this new episode in the feed, I'm gonna be able to introduce and experiment with some other types of content in a variety of other formats as well, including some solo top fives and Disney in a minute segments.

But in audio format, I'm also gonna look for and take ideas and inspiration from you and go from. Can also be able to throw in some more Marvel and Star Wars and other aspects of our fandom and love of Disney and see where it takes us. And for the archive episodes, like this week, rather than uploading the entire episode, I'm gonna take out the relevant segment, cutting out the intro and outro and contests and some of the out of date news and, and updates If you wanna hear the full episode.

I'll let you know the original show number so you can always go back into the feed or podcast player and listen to it in its entirety. And for this week on last night's WW Radio live show, which I do every Wednesday, 7:30 PM Eastern at w dw radio live.com, on Facebook, I spent the evening wandering my way through Tomorrowland to not only celebrate the opening of Tron light cycle run, but speculate on the future of this land.

And as we explored the entire land and as that golden hour that I love so much dissolved into twilight tomorrow, land was sort of energized with new life and light, and I think it takes on an entirely new atmosphere at night. And then riding on the people mover and looking over the spectacular color-changing canopy of t.

I thought not only about how beautiful this and other lands are at night, but how some things in Walt Disney World are just better after dark. And so for this week's show from the archives, we're gonna go back to 2009 and show number 104 where we discussed our list of top 10 things in Walt Disney World.

That are better at night and in more than 18 plus years of podcasting, I vary. Very rarely revisit a topic, but I think enough time has passed and there are enough new additions to the parks and resorts that have been made that it might be time to reexamine this list on an upcoming show. But for now, please enjoy this look and listen at our list.

And I invite. To share suggestions of what else needs to be added when we make up our new list. Yes, spoiler alert Tron will be on that list. You can share your thoughts over in the WW radio clubhouse at WDW radio.com/clubhouse. Be part of the community and conversation. Or you can call the voicemail.

I'll play it on the air at four Oh. 909 3 9 1. That's 4 0 7 900 w DW one, and I'll share your story, your suggestion, and your voicemail on the show. But for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's episode from the archives on the WW Radio Show.

For this week's top 10 segment, we wanted to look at Walt Disney World in a whole new. Or lack of it as the case may be, as we wanna examine things in Walt Disney World that are simply better at night. Cuz we talk about how many attractions and even locations are completely different experiences at night as opposed to the daytime.

And there are some that rise to the level of even being better after the sun goes down. So joining me this week is a man who some might say looks better at night than he does during the. My man, Mr. Celebrations magazine. Tim Bananas, foster.

Tim Foster: Well, I gave you two minutes before you pulled out the eye.

Looked better at night. Did that was really good. Bananas open the dessert. I get it. I,

Lou Mongello: you know, I wasn't even thinking about food, but I was thinking, you know, like Chris Berman with the, uh, with the false,

Tim Foster: I think, I think you broke a record for food, getting it into the conversation.

Lou Mongello: But notice who I did not bring up.

Yes, I, yes,

Tim Foster: I did notice that, although you

Lou Mongello: kind of just did there, didn't you? I will say, I will not speak the name of Samantha Brown, so. Okay. Good. All right. So before we get into our list, um, and the many honorable mentions that are to follow, we, uh, we agreed right off the bat, even though we, we don't know what's on each other's list, we agreed right off the bat.

That we were gonna automatically eliminate two attractions because we've discussed these at length in the past. And the first is the jungle cruise, because we all agree it's very, very different at night and arguably better depending on how you look at it, pardon the pun. Um, and your skipper, of course, and the haunted mansion and, and not the attraction itself, obviously, because that does not change really at night.

But the approach, the exterior and, and the cue are, are just, you know, to use a, uh, a fism. They're downright spooky at.

Tim Foster: They are. Yeah, we're, we're, those are instant Hall of Fame classics. Yeah. And I think it's, and we mentioned 'em quite a few times as being better in the dark. Anyway. So true.

Lou Mongello: And, and before we get there, invariably I'm sure there will be, there will be overlap on our lists.

So, um, so I'm gonna go first try and avoid any overlap. Um, and the first one on my. Is, uh, is somewhat general, but it's world showcase

Tim Foster: because All right, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Oh boy. I gotta crash that one off my list. Thanks a lot.

Lou Mongello: Go ahead. So you got it in. Well, look for me and I think many other people wandering, Or, or in my case, grazing as I might call it, um, at the promenade at night, is simply wonderful.

Um, with the pavilions illuminated and dinnertime is approaching, which, you know, also means dessert is approaching, uh, obviously illuminations. The, the background music, spaceship Earth and some of the other pavilions lit up in the distance. Uh, I just think World Showcase is, is spectacular. And, and over the past, maybe five, 10 years ago, or.

I've really gained a, a greater appreciation for just spending what can be hours, um, wandering the promenade at.

Tim Foster: Well, I'm gonna cheat and kind of hang on yours for a little bit before I get to mine. I, I will agree with you. Illuminations is much better at night.

That was a good call and I, and I, I'm gonna tell you, you didn't say it, but if you, I was gonna mention that the funnel cakes actually are the same as they are during day

Lou Mongello: times. Listen, I will tell you something. Certain items like funnel cakes and Turkey, legs and hamburgers, I know they're the same. Every, they taste different depending on where, um, the Turkey legs in Frontier Land are better than the Turkey legs on Future World East.

I don't know why. They just taste better there. Much like the Funnel Cakes taste butter in adventure, uh, in intellectual land, well, I guess you could eat it in Adventure Land, but they taste better coming from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Liberty Square. Slightly better than what you get on the Promenade and World Showcase.

Tim Foster: Now this goes into the, if you say So Lou

Lou Mongello: category, and here's come the emails. What are you talking about? It's so much better on World Showcase. Uh,

Tim Foster: real quick with World Showcase. I had that on my list too. The one thing I noticed real quick before I move on to mine is, um, especially getting ready for World Showcase, I just get.

A, a greater sense of sophistication walking around world showcase at night. Um, obviously it's darker, the lights are, have you see people have the, uh, have their wine walking around and, um, it just, it just seems a lot more elegant and that's all I have to say about World Show, world showcase. But, um, my next one is also, I think, a rather obvious one that I'm gonna go for and that's Main Street and, um, rat it off.

See, I knew I was gonna get that one in before you got to that one, so I knew that had to be on your list, but it was actually an

Lou Mongello: honor dimension, but

Tim Foster: Okay. Uh, But, but to me it, that's, it's definitely a different place at night and, and for me it's much better. I, it just as the lights come on it, it turns into a more of a, a carnival old time amusement park atmosphere to me anyway.

And, and I, I remember back to my days going to, um, a great adventure, the six flags parked, that's in our area back, you know, before I discovered some other bigger and better park down south somewhere. Um, But it reminded me of those days when the, when the midway was lit up, uh, you know, all the rides are lit up and, and, uh, I dunno, it seems more magical.

It seems more fun. Um, but to me it's a, there's a lot more two main street at night than there is during the day. It's a lot fun during the day too, but at night it takes on a whole new

Lou Mongello: atmospheres. I agree, and I think there's different things that you can see on Main Street at night as opposed to during the day.

Uh, while you might not get some of the, the Stratosphere characters there, there are other elements. Um, and I'll save some of my other comments about Main Street because I do want, I, I, it ties in, in one of my other honorable mentions, but I will say when I thought about Main Street at night, I instantly thought of Disneyland's Main Street as as well, and I had to mention that because there's so.

Very, very special, I think, not only about ours, but I think the Disneyland one because it's, it's so much smaller in a good way and it's so much closer to you and so very quaint. Uh, there's something about the Disneyland main street that I, that I absolutely love. Um, you know, equally as much as I do our own in Walt Disney

Tim Foster: World.

So I, I like that you referred to the Magic Kingdom as ours.

Lou Mongello: I like it. I do. I feel, I feel a sense of, well, you know what, cuz it's home. It is home. Yes. What, um, the second one on my list is also very broad and, uh, it's actually Disney's Animal Kingdom. And I, I think that wandering that park and exploring that park, um, at night, um, you know, Everest from the back row and the sounds of, of the Tree of Life music, the smells of the Yak and Yeti in the distance, um, Harambe by the fort behind Tusker house.

The, the tree lit up in the distance. Uh, it's a complet. Different feel, obviously much, much cooler than it is. Animal Kingdom gets, it gets a little warm during, during the day, but, uh, a little bit. I, I, I'd love trying to get to that last ride on Everest that I can at night, and then taking as much time as the cast members will allow me to wander through Animal Kingdom and through some of the trails.

And it, it's, there's a, there's a sense of mystery about it even more so that you get at night versus during the day.

Tim Foster: I get the sense you've been shoot out of that park on a number of occasions. By that last comment,

Lou Mongello: I have been, um, kindly asked to make my way towards the exit. Could you please

Tim Foster: Harry

Lou Mongello: Lou?

The popcorn stand is closed. Move along well. That'll

Tim Foster: get you out of the park. Um, I'm going to get away from the parks for my next one. And I was trying to think of, um, obviously a lot of the resorts take on a different feeling at night. Uh, but to me the one that changes the most and really becomes a lot more dramatic, if you will, is the wilderness lodge.

And, and to me, it, it, even when you're inside and, uh, I think obviously because of the grand height of the lobby and, and the windows. When you're in the lobby at night, you get the sense that it's night, even though you're inside, and especially when you're walking around the grounds, uh, whether you're heading to the boat dock or heading back from the boat dock at, um, coming back from the Magic Kingdom.

We're just walking around the trails. The um, the whole Pacific Northwest things becomes a lot more apparent when the sun goes down. And to me, I really feel like I'm out. Forgive me the wilderness, uh, uh, when I, as I'm wandering around the lodge and it's really spectacular at night, in my opinion.

Lou Mongello: I agree.

But I have one question for you. Uh, why how many times have you been out in the wilderness at night? Just so you have a frame of reference to compare. Well,

Tim Foster: well, uh, I've been camping at the Jersey Shore.

Lou Mongello: Oh. It's just like, um, you know, there's

Tim Foster: scary things out there.

Lou Mongello: There are, and um, most of the time, well, lemme put it ice, but

Tim Foster: if I were to imagine what it would be like in the great Pacific Northwest at night with the bears and the, and the wolves and stuff.

Lou Mongello: That would be, that's be an okay.

Tim Foster: Now everybody who really lives out there can write in and tell me how it's nothing like that at all. Here's, I'll tell

Lou Mongello: you what it's like. So that's, uh, Tim Foster, God. Anyway, I'm, I'm actually very happy you said Wilderness Lodge because not only do I agree, but it's not what I had on my list, Uhhuh.

Cause you started talking about the resorts there and I'm like, oh man, I have to think of something really quick cuz I too went to the. And, um, I went to sort of a resort area really, and it, it's the boardwalk and yacht and beach Club resorts. Uh, the boardwalk at night is beautiful, especially when you're looking a across the lake, um, from the yacht or beach club.

It, it's alive, it's fun. There's so much going on. There's music playing. I think really the view from either side of the lake, the yacht beach club at night with the lighthouse across the water is, is just wonderful. At the Beach Club on the beach, I've talked about this in the past, watching movies on the beach, you know, making s'mores.

There's the food aspect. Uh, go to the marina at night, take a ride on breathless too. You know, my favorite storm and Long Bay is awesome at night with the windmill and the light and so much going on. I've gotta say it. Beaches and cream. No way, Jose. Nice way to end off the night. Or you go to jelly rolls, you go to jelly rolls right there on the boardwalk.

And you know what? Speaking of the, we've gotta get more people over to the Atlantic Dance Hall. Awesome venue. Always empty. Gotta figure out a way to get more people over there. But, uh, boardwalk Yacht, beach Club, that whole area at night. Um, if you're looking for something to do outside the parks, you, you can easily make an evening out of wandering and strolling, uh, around the, the promen.

Tim Foster: So let me ask you, when I, when I'm coming back to the yacht club from Illuminations and I'm going by Storm along Bay, you, you are the dad that I see shivering in your bathing suit, dripping running across to get up on the slide when it's like. 10 30 at night. That's you, right?

Lou Mongello: No, no, no, no. That's not me.

If you look past Storm along Bay into the arcade or into beaches and Cream. Ah, that's the guy. I'm that

Tim Foster: guy in there. Oh, of course you're at Beaches and Cream.

Lou Mongello: Right.

Tim Foster: Uh, let's see, where will I go next? You know what, I have a very unusual one on my list, and I'm, I'm gonna get it out of the way, and I know usually you are the guy who goes, now stay with me, folks, but it's my turn to say stay with me folks on this one.

Um, my next one is actually the bus slash the mono. Slash the launch boat. And I, I think all of those obviously take on a different feel at night. And to me the monorail does become a lot more magical when you're riding in the dark. Um, and especially as you tour through future world at Epcot with all the lights are on and so forth, especially at Christmas when you go through the lights of winter display, which is phenomenal.

But the thing that's. Really extra magical about it in a way, and, and this is more along the lines of the buses, is when you're, you're done, your day at the park, you're leaving. You get on the bus, they shut the door and they turn the lights out, and you just sit there and relax and reflect on your day.

Now I will grant you, this works when you're staying at like, oh, we'll say the Yacht Club or the Swan. When you leave the Magic Kingdom and there's your bus waiting for you. I understand this really isn't a magical experience when you're staying at the All Stars and you've got five loads of buses of people waiting it on you and everyone's grumpy.

I understand it really isn't that magical at that time, but um, just the whole idea of leaving the park at the end of the day, it's nighttime. You get to relax, the lights are out. Um, something very mystical and magical about that to me. I told you, I told you to stay with me. I told you,

Lou Mongello: I listen. I was with you, you, you had me at monorail.

You lost me a little bit on the bus. Um, next time you go down on, I'm gonna give you a double stroller. And, you know, a, uh,

Tim Foster: a very young, there's a lot of caveats in there. You have to be alone. You know, a loved one, you have to have timed it right. So the bus pulled up right when you got there. There's only five other people on the bus, and I know I knocked out about 95% of the listeners right there with that,

Lou Mongello: right?

And it's gonna stop at your resort first, right in front of your room. But I will tell you that on my honorable mention list, which is now getting shorter and shorter, thankfully I absolutely had first and foremost, and almost made it onto my. Were the watercraft, specifically from the Magic Kingdom to the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian and Wilderness Lodge at night.

You want to, I mean, it, it's an add-on experience. It is, it's so beautiful getting on the waterways and if you time it just right, you can also catch the electrical water pageant on your way back. Very, very different vantage point that you would get it from anywhere else. Seeing it right there on the water.

And, uh, especially like if you're staying at the Polynesian, you stop at the Grand Floridian first. You get a really nice boat ride, or, or when you head. To, uh, wilderness Lodge at night. It's just, it's absolutely beautiful. I, I love it. I

Tim Foster: love it. Let me tell you how you timed that wrong. I can't remember if I've told this story before.

If I do, well, you know, you can edit it out if you need to, but if there was one time we were heading back to the Wilderness Lodge, And the electric water pageant must have been running and it was a wait for it, it was a dark and stormy night. Not really stormy, but it, it was, it was cloudy and I think it was lightly raining or something for, for some reason.

I, I think because of the water pageant we had to detour all the way around the Discovery Island Island out there, and it is dark back. Obviously there's, there's no lights and we, we must have been going around for 10, 15 minutes going around and that, that qualified, Hey, when Halloween rolls around again, I qualified as one of my scariest moments ever.

But, but it was still, it was different. It was very different.

Lou Mongello: So, and, and that's the thing. Even if you've done it before, you never know you're gonna get a different experience. And that's, and that's the whole point of the list. You're gonna get a different experience at night doing some of these things than you will during the.

Uh, you might not be quaking in your boots much like Tim was, but you will get a different experience. I was scared. So it's, you know, our, our lists are sort of paralleling each other in that our, our third one was a resort. Our fourth one is a Come on, people work with me here, because that's exactly what I was gonna say.

Oh, for my fourth one. And if you would've said this, I, I, that would've been a little. Creepy. Weird, little creepy. Um, but my fourth one and um, and please feel free to send your short jokes to lou wdw radio.com. Hmm is the Ewok Village by Star Tours. This is so easy. Go ahead. I left it open for you. I mean, I was

Tim Foster: giving it to you.

Yeah, that was a softball. I, I'll let you go.

Lou Mongello: Uh, I mean, it, it's, it's lit up so well, you can hear the ewoks and the music and the distance and if you sort of go underneath by where the fast pass machines, there's a little, there's, there's sound playing and you've got the at, at walker in the distance. Um, again, the studios too is great at night, but you got, you know, tattering traders behind it all lit up, you know, with that whole.

Episode four, feel to it. Um, love it. I, I love the Ewok Village. And again, the attraction itself has nothing to do with this. It's just sort of wandering past, um, you know, the Village Wow.

Tim Foster: Ewoks weren't in episodes,

Lou Mongello: but the little, the building like Cat Tatta was in episode four. I

Tim Foster: know, I know, I know. Um, hey, am I on my last.

Lou Mongello: You are, you are. And that's why this is not gonna be a 55 minute segment of top twenties

Tim Foster: Nazi, cuz I have four and I love them all. Hmm. Which way am I gonna go here?

Lou Mongello: Ah, just do what Lou does. The honorable mention thing. It's such a easy out.

Tim Foster: Well, uh, I'm gonna pick this one. This is, because this is actually a very fond memory of mine.

Um, you kind of touched on it a little bit when we were talking about world Showcase, but I'm going to the other. Park and I'm gonna talk about future world and um, it's a fond memory of mines. And again, I might have told this story before, but when my wife and I first went to Disney together, we went to Epcot at night and it was the first time I had been there and it was, um, absolutely magical.

It wasn't very crowded. Of course the lights are on, uh, the music's playing and I'd never seen anything like it before. Um, and it, it's just really neat walking through future world. Cause it really takes on a totally different appearance at night. All of the pavilions, um, look very different from the imagination pavilion, the land pavilion.

Um, and, and the one thing I'm amazed at too is the. Within the, the future World Plaza, you have the, um, the fiber optic light pattern swirling in the ground in front of interventions. And I mention it, I almost hesitate to mention it cuz I think, well, everybody knows about that and I'm sure most everybody does know about it, but I'm continually surprised when I'm walking with people.

And I take 'em over that way and I say, look at the ground. Well, I never noticed that before. I don't know why you didn't notice it before. It seems rather obvious, but um, obviously that's something you can only enjoy at nighttime. And, uh, I still get a lot of kick outta seeing people. I haven't seen that before.

Uh, and, and that's, that's all I have to say about, I thought you were gonna, I thought you were gonna add in something there. Like I

Lou Mongello: haven't seen No, I do agree with you. And you know, that's the thing. There are, there are a lot of things I think. We or people that go a lot, take for granted. Um, some of the simple things like that, you might consider something simple.

Um, there are things that I've heard people say that, you know, you, you look at yourself like, God, how did you not know that? But you know that that's the point. Um, there, there's so much more that we need to help introduce people to and, and make them realize. That are there. And it's a simple thing like the lights in the ground that so many of us find so cool.

A little bit of added magic on the way out.

Tim Foster: So, and, and Ed there, it's, it's kind of nice to, as it gets towards illuminations time, um, assuming the parks aren't that crowded to begin with, it, it's really nice walk around future world cause everybody else is back in world showcase watching and, and you can just wander through and enjoy the ambience.

Lou Mongello: What I will say, As I'm a approaching the, the last one on my list, I'm a little surprised, Tim, I'm a little surpris did, I didn't say one. No, you didn't say there were no attractions. No specific attractions on this list. However,

Tim Foster: I have two on my list, but I have, however,

Lou Mongello: I am going to, uh, I'm gonna put a stock to that right here, right now.

Uh, better be one

Tim Foster: of the two I have.

Lou Mongello: Uh, I bet you the first one I mentioned, um, is probably one on your list and I, and I was gonna say Big thunder mountain rail. Um, I think between the, the lighting of the mountain, if you time, it just right, the castle in the distance, the, the dancing girls in the saloon.

Um, but instead you never saw the dancing girls. Nobody sees the dancing girls in the saloon. You can only see them at night. Um, if you, as you,

Tim Foster: it's hard to see when your eyes are closed and you're screaming like a little child.

Lou Mongello: That's not me. That's, well, you know what, why don't you have your daughter tell you about it?

Because as you're going through tumbleweed, if you look to the left, You know, if that saloon's rocking, don't come and knock it. And you can see the, you can see the dancing girls. Uh, upstairs, you know, dancing around, but that's actually not what I had. Fifth on my list. Um, a little more,

Tim Foster: but, but since you went into such detail that qualifies as number five on your list.


Lou Mongello: does not. It was qual. I was qualifying my number five that this is what I was not gonna listen. See, I should have pulled that. Who's the attorney here? My number

Tim Foster: five. That's true. Go

Lou Mongello: ahead. I'm gonna, I'm gonna go with an attraction that's a little bit more your speed and arguably one of my two favorites in all of Walt Disney New World.

And that is the wed way people. Stop slash Kids The Tomorrowland Transit Authority that was on my list pacing Mr. Morrow. Mr. Tom Morrow, your party from Saturn has arrived. Please give them a ring. I Lovett. That's funny. I left every time. I love the tta. That ride never, ever, ever gets old for me. And the only ride, the only attraction I make sure that I do every time I go to.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority METROLINER nonstop. Now departing Rocket Tower Plaza Station for a round trip Super Skyway Tour. Welcome aboard. T T A Traverse. We hope you enjoy. Tomorrowland Transit. Authorities Super Sky.

Tim Foster: Except for the times you're going in the next few months, I

Lou Mongello: guess. Right. I will find a way.

I will, I will ride the speed ramp up and down if I have to.

Tim Foster: No, I, I had that, I had the whole of tomorrow and on my list and that in particular, so. So, um, Swiss family Tree, that's my honorable mention. So,

Lou Mongello: okay. Well that, okay, well listen Tim, if you're gonna have an honorable mention so much That wasn't really,

Tim Foster: that wasn't really my honorable mention though, cuz

Lou Mongello: Well, I, I will, um, I, I will follow along because when you were talking about Main Street, um, I, I thought about some of the other lands and the Magic Kingdom and I think each one, there's something special about it at night, but I think parti.

The west side of the Magic Kingdom main street that transitioned to adventure land with the torches. Even Frontier land all have a very, very different feel to it. Um, especially closer to the end of the night when there's not a lot of people there. I think adventure lands a little more foreboding. The facades are frontier land are, are very, very well lit.

Beautiful at night. Swiss family. Treehouse absolutely could have been in the top 10 list because that's a very different experience.

Tim Foster: Which I think we've talked about. You know, I'm throwing in there, honorable mentioned, I think this is another obvious one that we didn't throw in there, and I thought you were gonna get to it when we were talking about Main Street, and that's Cinderella Castle itself very good.

And yeah. Ooh. Um, I mean, it's spectacular during the day, obviously, but, but stunningly, I don't wanna say breathtaking. Where's the thesaurus when I need it. Um, but amazing at night. I, I, I swear there are colors I see. I don't think I'd ever seen before in my life as it as it shifts through its greens and purples and blues and oranges.

Um, and, and obviously it during the holiday season when the dream lights come on, that that actually will bring a tear to your eye and it has brought. Many a tear to my eye. But, um, I think that, that, that probably on my list was the granddaddy of the mall. And I'm surprised you didn't

Lou Mongello: mention it again, I tried to stay from away from something that I thought was gonna be so obvious.

It was just so easy. But

Tim Foster: what did we say? It might not be as obvious as we think it, it might not. And if we didn't say it, you know, the emails, I go, what about the castle

Lou Mongello: guy I know. Well, honestly, I mean all of all, all the park icons. Um, and I actually had 'em on my list and it almost made it to my. The sorcerer's hat and before the hate mail starts coming in for people that don't like it, I think at night when it's lit up, it's warmer.

Um, it's more attractive. Uh, it's a true, you know, weenie, it's definitely a, you know, one of Walt's weenies, it beckons you towards the end of Hollywood Boulevard. Um, and I think the lighting that and the paint on there is just spectacular. And they gotta just tell you that a, a bunch of resorts also come to to life at night.

And so I, I think Port Orlene Riverside, you got Yeha Bob the pool over at Pop Century, the Polynesian, the pools and the beach with the volcano, that whole area there, and. Last but not least, um, food just tastes better at night. Ah, unbelievable. I forgot to

Tim Foster: add Wilderness Lodge. My daughter will, will reprimand if I don't say this.

One of her fondest memories was swimming at night and going down the slide in the dark. One of her all-time favorite Disney moments and I would be

Lou Mongello: remiss if I did not mention it. And she ate after that, right? Didn't she go get something to eat when she was. Yeah, she had

Tim Foster: funnel cakes

Lou Mongello: and spinach pie loop.

Well, as always, Tim, not only was this fun, but I'm sure there are things that people are screaming in their cars or at their iPods or in their cubicles at saying, how did you forget idiots? Leave off blank. So, um, As always, I invite you to, to, uh, send hate mail to Tim or call in things that we left off the, uh, off the list, maybe into the voicemail.

Add your own to, uh, to the top 10 things that are just better in Walt Disney roll that night. So I'm sure there are things that we left off, uh, things that might have been on your list. So I invite you to call. Yours in to the voicemail Tollfree 8 8 8 7 0 3 21 71. Also, you can also go and post 'em over in the forums@disneyworldtrivia.com.

And uh, Tim, this always is a blast, but before I let you go, uh, uh, I'm gonna put you on the spot. I'm gonna back over that bus at night right over you.


Tim Foster: I wasn't ex this isn't on my script. Yeah, I know it's not. Go ahead.

Lou Mongello: But, uh, do you, do you think we can give anybody, everybody a little hint about Celebrations Magazine issue three.

Can we, I think we can a little, you commit to a date. I will climb through this phone and strangle you, but

Tim Foster: they will be in your mailboxes. On Lou

Lou Mongello: will be mailing them on

Tim Foster: now. Uh. Hey, it's shaping up to be real fun here. Um, well, here's what we got. We have, uh, in, in, uh, light of the news of Space Mountain going down for quite a lengthy time and taking the TTA with it, gosh darn it.

And, and my coincidentally finding out that, uh, this year is the 40th anniversary of our landing on. Uh, we're gonna take a look to the future. So we're the next issue. Celebrations is gonna have a tomorrow land theme to it. Mm. Um, we're gonna look at some history, some behind scenes, some attractions, that sort of thing.

Uh, we're also gonna have an article on the, uh, don't give,

Lou Mongello: huh? Don't give it all away. Don't give it all away. See now. All right. That's enough. Then. There you go. See, you dropped that imaginary, so now they're wonder.

Tim Foster: Well, more, more magic from Lu Mongie. Let's leave it at that.

Lou Mongello: Was I supposed to write something for this?

Did I leave it?

Tim Foster: Uh, yeah. No, I'm still waiting for it now. Could such I started, can I give away that piece or Go ahead, give it away a secret. Uh, no. We have a piece on Imagineer tributes to long loss but not forgotten attractions that you'll find through throughout the parks. And, and I actually enjoyed reading that very much.

I must have Why do

Lou Mongello: you say that was surprise? Like, wow. I actually enjoyed reading. As if it was, you expected it to be painful. Otherwise,

Tim Foster: when one outta 10 of yours makes in the magazine, I'm surprised one to one now. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Of course. No, it was, that was a lot of fun. Uh, especially with the pictures.

Look, looking at all these things, I think everyone will get kick out of that one. Awesome. And um, and there's more, but

Lou Mongello: you're gonna have to wait lots more to come. You're gonna have to wait. Not too much longer, not too long. It's not too long. It's, um, it, it is well under underway. Um, and Tim, I know you are doing a beautiful job.

On the layout and artwork. Once again, I'll omit the Easy Lou teaching you Photoshop joke here. But, um, don't forget to, uh, to see more of Tim's beautiful work. Head on over to guide to the magic.com. There he is, got Guide to the Magic for Kids and like six other books in the pipeline. And, uh, always, always fun doing these somewhat unique and creative top 10 lists.

Yeah, and you know what folks, if you guys have an idea for a top 10, you want us to. Please email me. Please email us and let us know. So thanks again buddy. Thanks.