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WDW Radio # 727 – Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Closing… and the Good that May Come From It

I’m actually not diving into the Archives this week, because as I said when first added this new show to the feed, also opened up other opportunities to discuss and address important events as they happen… like this week.

On Thursday, May 18, Disney announced that they would be closing the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser, with the final voyage taking place in September. Based on numerous discussions that were going on in the WDW Radio Clubhouse on Facebook, as well as private conversations I was having via text, DM, etc. I felt it was important to go live, and discuss, with you, the announcement, our reactions, as well as speculation as to what’s next. I share my honest thoughts and reaction, including why I think the Starcruiser was forced to close, Bob Iger, the Cast Members, as well as the good that I think can and will come from this unexpected announcement and closure.

So I decided to take the audio from the live show and share it here on the podcast, as I understand that maybe you didn’t catch this live conversation, or missed the video replay which is posted in the Clubhouse.

And in addition to what we discussed here, I think there is much more to talk about in terms of the Starcruiser, your concepts and ideas of what should happen next, your experiences on the Starcruiser if you had them, and anything else you’re like to talk about.

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But for now… sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode from the Archives on the WDW Radio show.

Thank you for listening!

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Lou Mongello: Good afternoon, my friends. It is Lou Mangiello. It is an unscheduled WDW Radio Live. I don't get a chance to do these very often and sometimes different circumstances dictate a need. I felt this. I took a nap for like an hour today because I've been up since 4.

30 for my son's graduation and I wake up and everything is just gone. We'll use a Disney ism. Everything has gone a little, uh, topsy turvy. We're only going to talk about the Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser. Uh, other topics we will reserve for another day and another time. And normally when I go live unscheduled, uh, it's because I'm in a really cool place.

We've got something fun to share. This one is tough. This one is tough for a lot of reasons, but I want us, and then I've been getting lots of DMS and messages and phone calls, and I just figured it was better and easier if we could talk about it. Um, I almost did a zoom, but I thought that would have been somewhat unruly to, to try and do so.

I want to share a little bit of my thoughts and then I want to absolutely hear your thoughts as well. Um, first things first, let me preface anything I'm about to say with this. I know what, you know, I am not privy to any other official information other than what has been shared publicly. So anything that I say.

It's pure speculation and conjecture and somewhat sleep deprived and uncaffeinated thoughts, but I did want to share a little bit of what we know, what I think, and certainly what you know as well. So I think you've probably heard by now that the final voyage is going to take place September 28th.

Through the 30th, 2023. Um, this came out today, seemingly out of left field. I'm blaming my brother because he literally got off the Star Cruiser yesterday. And I'm texting him like, you killed Star Wars, like you broke the Star Cruiser. Um, Disney says they're going to be contacting guests for voyages that are departing on or after September 30th to talk about their options, modify their plans, give them first shot at Rebooking their reservations.

So Disney is pausing any new reservations until May until until I guess the end of May to allow those guests who had been booked previous to get first shot at Rebooking their stays After that, let the quest and the, uh, and the battle for the final voyage bookings begin, because I think while there has not been a full star cruiser, um, recently, I do expect that last one at the, at the end of September to be very full.

That's what we know. Anything else we talk about is pure speculation. And look, I want to, I want to. Preface my second preface with this. Um, I know personally and just in general You know, when we talk about things closing, my first thoughts go to the people, right? My first thoughts to go to, to cast members.

And I personally know, I will not name by name, but I know cast members who were very deeply, intimately, and for a long period of time. Very heavily involved in the Star Cruiser. Whether it was the planning, the execution, or the actual voyages. Whether you were an on stage cast member, whether you were a character, whether you were backstage, kitchen, it doesn't matter.

Um, these cast members put their heart and their souls and their tears into that. Going all the way back to the folks at Imagineering and Lucasfilm that worked on this concept for such a long time. I have shared multiple times and on the show and on live, I was fortunate to get a, uh, a media preview. And then, thanks to Becky Mankin and the entire team at Mouse Fan Travel, do a voyage with my family, do the Maiden Voyage with my family and with Becky.

And we loved it. We absolutely loved it. Um, I, I'm not going to sort of go into it. Um, I always felt that I said, if your Star Wars fandom is like a seven or eight and above, like, This is what you dreamt about as a child. Um, I also understood the issues that the Star Cruiser had, specifically in terms of the sticker shock, and that it was not affordable and accessible to everyone, and I absolutely acknowledge that, and I get that, and even though we sort of reverse engineered the cost on the show to sort of understand how they arrived at that number, I understand that A lot of guests for, for just very real reasons could not get past that number.

Um, I felt it was an incredible experience. Um, I will say, I don't think it was marketed very well. I think a lot of people never really understood what it was, including and especially mainstream media that were continually calling this a Star Wars hotel. So when you're hit with Star Wars hotel, you're hit with that sticker.

A lot of people just sort of tuned out and didn't want to hear it anymore because like There's no way I could ever do this. I can go on a cruise for half as much. I could spend my money. So I think there were some, some issues in terms of the execution of the marketing plan of it. Because once the hardcore Star Wars and the hardcore Disney fans, you know, had their voyage, or voyages, right?

I know people have gone multiple times because they loved it so much. Um, there was a huge, you know, decrease in the number of guests. Um, I know some folks who've been on recent voyages and, and there was not a lot of people on board, which makes for a great experience because you have the ship to yourself.

But it also makes for, I can understand how it'd be a different experience, not necessarily in, um, the best way. My thought from here going forward and, you know, again, some conversations that I've had with, with folks, um, today and friends and, and a couple of media outlets that, that reached out, um, you know, it's not, well, now come stay at a resort that has no windows and no doors.

I don't think that what's going to be my, Speculation, and if I'm reading between the lines in, in sort of the very sort of non descript explanation that, that Disney gave as, as sort of the release of the headline, I do expect this to, to become a modified version of the Star Cruiser in that it will become a Star Wars themed hotel, right?

It's exactly what media thought it was going to be. It is what is most likely going to become. I would guess it would have to be at a high, moderate or deluxe sort of rate because of what's going to happen. Um, certainly the price point. Is going to have to be far more accessible. Um, I don't think there will be any minimum stays.

I don't think it will be like a cruise type voyage. You'll be able to sort of come in and out as you like. Um, I think some things will have to be sort of modified in order to execute on that appropriately. And we'll be, be curious to see how the storytelling takes place inside the Star Cruiser. I think it would probably take place akin to walking into Batuu, that there are characters and there are stories going on, but not in the same type of interactive theater and an immersive theater way that had happened on the Star Cruiser.

I would expect that there would be optional add on experiences that you can have. If you so want them, but there, there will be sort of a, you know, an entry point that you can go in and then plus up your experience along the way if you want. Um, and again, I think it becomes that Star Wars resort that not only mainstream media talked about, but I think that guests want, I think that there are so many Star Wars and Disney fans that desperately wanted to get on board.

And couldn't purely because of the price point. I was texting with somebody earlier today and she's like, well, now finally I can see what it looks like on the inside and I can take my kids. And I think she's right. I think that's what is going to become. And look, I'm a choose the good kind of guy, right?

I think there is a positive to come out of this. And I'm look, I, I loved. The immersive experience. My brother just came off, he was in full costume. Like he was all in on it and absolutely loved it. And while that will certainly sort of be scaled back and we don't know what that's going to look like, I think the good that comes out of this is that you are not going to have an experience where there's less than a hundred people there.

Cause I think that very much probably impacts what your onboard experience is like. But more importantly, I think it affords so many more guests an opportunity that they would not have had otherwise in order to see it. Maybe not the same way, but I tell people this all time done is better than perfect, right?

So being able to get on board and experience it in whatever sort of modified way I hope it becomes is better than not being able to experience at all That being said I want to hear your thoughts. I'm going to go back and and sort of Scroll, uh, through literally like I, I took a nap for like two hours and I woke up and my phone had just exploded.

So Corey's like, I got to find a way to get there, uh, before it closes. Ashley would love to trade it for an Avengers experience. I would as well, Ashley, I think I'm going to pause there for a second. Cause I don't think it's going to be modified from a star. There's just too much invested in it, right? You can't sort of change the theming, but I think there's a.

A very expensive, like Harmonia's, lesson to be learned here. I don't think Disney modified the experience along the way to prevent this one happening. I think sort of now that's what they're doing, but I think they're learning a lesson in terms of, okay, if we try and execute on these themed interactive overnight experiences in the future, what will that have to look like?

This price point at this type of commitment does not work in the long run. Right. Those first voyages were sold out in the long run and it's not sustainable. How can we do an Avengers type experience somewhere, but not sort of have the same potential shortcomings that this one have. Yeah. So many wheels were already in motion.

COVID, inflation, economy issues, Ashley, I agree, I think there's a lot of, there's a lot that worked against the Star Cruiser, um, and some that were mistakes, I think there was also a lot of things that were very much out of Disney's hands, and it doesn't, look, you know, you don't hit a grand slam every time I get up at bat, and I think that there's hopefully learning experiences that Will, um, will come from this.

Uh, I'm quickly sort of going down. Um, I know nobody's used to actually wearing, seeing me wear a, uh, a dress shirt, uh, and pink, Jennifer, nonetheless, I know. Some people said it didn't have any appeal to me. Kira says I'd love to repurpose this into an incredibly themed hotel, paid restaurants, paid lounge to make it.

Why? I think that's what we're going to see. I think there's going to be like any other resorts you pay to sort of step on board and there will be. Like a la carte paid experiences. I think it makes I think that's the thing that makes the most sense I love the idea of it being a cruise and it sounded great in theory And I'm sure it sounded amazing on the drawing boards and in the boardrooms, you know You sometimes you have to respond to what guests want and the way they want it and I think that is the thing that makes the most logical sense for for Disney for the The, the, the accountants, right, in terms of what it will cost to execute on that and what it means for us as a guest, but a lot of people, Rob says we were, we were priced out, especially with young kids.

I agree. I have a lot of friends who really wanted to go. And yes, I'd be like, well, let's get a bunch of us. So if, you know, Becky and I had talked about, we need to sort of like, we want to buy out the star cruiser one day, we realized at one point that wasn't going to be able to happen because the price point was way too high.

So, Joe, I do think it's going to be reworked to make it more affordable. Becky, I think you're right, and that's why I talked about cast members, that this was not just one person's baby, this was a lot of people's. Babies, although that sounds really weird, but it was this incredible long labor of love For so many people from wdi on down to the people who were day to day cast members I have to imagine today is heartbreaking for them, but I want to give them Like, Obi Wan Kenobi, like, there is hope for this, and I, and I think they should take solace in knowing that more guests will be able to enjoy this than had been before.

And it will take some of the sting away for those guests that felt a bit jaded, because, and I'm paraphrasing. But I think guests felt you dangle this amazing experience in front of me, but there's no way that my family of four with two young kids can justify that dollar figure. So by saying, look, we're going to, you know, we're opening up the gates and we're going to change the model for this.

I think there's a lot of good that can come from this. So I'm sad for those, those folks that didn't get to experience it this way. I'm sad for the cast and the crew, but I do believe that this is going to rise as maybe even a better experience, right? Like the Phoenix from the ashes. It's going to rise like a better experience.

To allow more guests to do it and all of a sudden the it's too expensive conversation For the most part goes away. Is it going to be a value resort? Not at all. Nor should it be It's a I think it needs to be a deluxe because it is a deluxe type experience based on like theming and accommodation alone But I think you can justify that price point So if you want to stay for a night You want to stay for two nights do something special for your kid or yourself who's a Star Wars fan?

That's the way to do it. You don't have to be locked into this two night, three day, 5, 000 per person, you know, 5, 000, um, per, per family type, um, experienced. Um, Mike says, I'm looking forward. I was hoping to do it, but I'm looking forward to Uh, whatever they decided to turn it into maybe, uh, so Bob says maybe it's a ticketed dinner show and guest experience to make it more affordable.

They could pump people through the scheduled times and not get used. So I had a conversation a couple of months ago with a friend of mine, and she suggested the same thing. I don't think that works only because. If you do sort of a hoop dee doo type multiple show per night dinner show experience, what do you do with those hundred sleeping cabins?

You still have this hotel that now is going to sit vacant. I think making it an actual hotel Making it the Star Wars Resort, I think also opens up other opportunities too. Because I think the interior, while not sort of being that dark, aged, gritty, sort of, episode 4, 5, 6 feel. You now sort of open up the floodgates from a storytelling perspective.

In terms of what characters you could have come in. What stories they can be told. You're not sort of locked into this Star Cruise that exists in space at a certain Space and place in time. Maybe I'm thinking this and this might make no sense because I'm thinking, you know Like I'm doing this on the fly, but maybe this becomes what all of us wanted from the beginning We want to sort of be able to feel some of our own Star Wars story and by own I don't mean create my own adventure.

I mean I love the original trilogy, bring Darth Vader in there, bring R2D2 in there, bring characters that I know, love, and are familiar with into that place in space, because it is this sort of, you know, free flowing, formed type of story, the same way that now like, oh look, Mandalorian's in Batuu, you can have these other characters appear, which I think will be interesting.

Have much wider and broader and I think deeper emotional appeal Becky. I agree. I don't think it was ever marketed correctly. I think it wasn't tested and adjusted early on. I think there needed to be a little bit more because I think When these new type of experiences, whether it is the galactic star cruiser, whether it is the changing of a layout of a Disney cruise line ship, I think you need to get real guests on board and get their feedback and be able to say, okay, we need to, we need to fix this because we see that this is A potential pain point for guests.

This is not being utilized. Maybe the way that, uh, we had seen it. Um, a lot of people are talking about, um, being more affordable Corey. I don't think it would be a day package. I think it needs to be an overnight hotel experience because of those guest rooms that are in there. Um, it does give you, it might be able to give you some, you know, maybe there's an add on experience where you can get that access into Batu.

That same way. I don't know, right? Because it was, it's not like there's this, you know, tunnel that was built in between you had to sort of take this, this sort of boxcar transport from there. But I think that there's, I think this is opening up a, uh, a wealth of opportunity and, um, possibilities. So Jennifer said something interesting.

Jennifer says, I'll say the price didn't turn us away. It was the fact that you had to do. The experience Jennifer. I think it does make sense because I'm getting the sense You might want to go and just go into the hotel. Maybe go to buy dinner somewhere Maybe you know go into the lounge maybe pay for add on experiences But you didn't want to sort of be committed to the full you're on board the cruise ship you're in you're in when we tell you're in and we out and you know, these are sort of the the confines of The structure of the cruise.

So I think that's what you're saying. And that's why I think a, a star Wars hotel actually makes sense. Um, because I think we, as Disney fans, we like the idea to sort of. Pick and choose a little bit more a la carte, um, in terms of what they do. Um, Lisa, I, I agree. Bravo to Disney for admitting it. They miscalculated.

Not digging in deeper. Same thing for the Harmonious Tacos. Look, I, I, I give, I have, you know, massive, ridiculous amounts of, of respect and admiration. And an appreciation for Bob Iger during his first tenure, and now he's making some very, very difficult choices. When I say difficult, it's not just difficult, maybe the way you think, I mean it, I don't mean difficult in terms of we have to just admit our mistake, which is huge, right?

Harmonious is a mistake We are gonna pay to get rid of it. Star Cruiser, the way we execute it is a mistake. There's also a financial mistake, right? There's a, there's a huge financial. Trashing, that's the wrong word, but, you know, metaphorically speaking, Trashing harmonious does not come at no great cost.

And I don't just mean the fiscal cost in terms of What sort of the long term financial impact that it was supposed to have and the way it was sort of financed out, but now having to sort of remove that and pay to remove that. But I also think there is a marketing and PR to be able to stand up, you know, and say, we made a mistake.

We made a clear mistake. We are going and we are not going to sort of force it down your throats We are going to get rid of it. You don't like harmonious. You don't like the barges. That's on us. We're gonna take him away You're not go you're not enjoying the star cruiser even with 30 percent discount.

We still can't fill it That handwriting is on the wall. We will admit it is I think it takes it takes massive

I'm trying to use the right word here I have massive respect for a company that can publicly say we made a mistake, we're going to fix it, and we're going to make it right. I think that's what the, the appointment of Bob Iger again was saying on a broad 30, 000 foot scale. I think that's what he is saying in terms of the things that he is doing and executing on like Harmonious and like the Star Cruiser.

I see a lot of people saying that you were glad that you were able to do it, um, Becky, I agree, um, that, you know, they are, they're not walking away from the experience, but they are going to, uh, adjust it. Some people said, look, I liked the concept, but I was an introvert and that's just not for me. I don't want to sort of feel like the only way to get.

My dollar benefit from the experience is by having to be so interactive. I think now you're not going to have that sort of pressure. And I know some people did feel pressure. There were folks I know who also were very introverted that wanted to just sit on the sidelines. And while I think you can do that, I think you did have a better experience, the more you allowed yourself to be immersed in it.

I also felt there was, there was. If you weren't sort of in the right place at the right time, you missed out on certain things, right? I missed out on The hologram experience which i'm sure you may have already seen by now Which it's great to give somebody a little bit of FOMO because you want to come back but not at that price point, right?

You could miss something in Batu and go. Oh god. I gotta go back tomorrow. I'm gonna go back next week I'll go back next year so I can see that again Um, it's different when it comes at that price point. So that I think hopefully goes away. Um, I'm quickly sort of trying to catch up through your, your comments are great, but, um, I'm going through as fast as, as I can.

A paid dinner with guy would be like, I think that I would, without a doubt. So that's experienced the dime, the, the, the captain's dinner experience at night. can and should be a hooptie do like experience because you have to, if you want to have that entertainment, I mean, you could, well, I take that back.

It doesn't have to be because the entertainment doesn't have to be sort of a. You know a three act show as that really was I think maybe maybe it can't be that Maybe it can't be a hoop to do like experience and it has to be sort of an open Reservation ADR based experience that can also have music in it as well But you take out the characters you take out the story because that story that takes place during dinner Is the second act to a certain degree of the story that's being told on your past star cruiser experience Again, Stacey says huge Disney fans, Florida residents thought the pricing was crazy.

We're all in for a Star Wars themed hotel So and we don't like I said anything that I'm saying here is purely speculation on my part so and I don't know Again, I'm not sure that Dizzy's going to say, well, look, in order for us to make this work, we've got to add more rooms. Let's try it out first. Maybe like, let's take some baby steps.

If, if they do decide to go down this road. Let's see what people are willing to pay and stay in a Star Wars themed hotel. What does that price point look like? What are people going to be comfortable with? And look, let's be realistic. Look at the pricing, especially during some peak times of year, and even moderate season, for deluxe resorts at Walt Disney World.

You know, if you want to stay at the Polynesian, you want to stay at the Grand Floridian, you want to stay at some of the deluxe resorts. You're paying somewhere sometimes close to almost a thousand dollars a night I've seen prices eight hundred nine hundred dollars for a room per night animal kingdom lodge the same thing Again, you start getting into, okay, where is that tipping point dollar wise, because this is a premium themed type experience.

I'm not sure that adding rooms at the beginning is the model. I think it's, let's learn, let's test, let's see what works. Let's see what the feedback is going to be and then can, can adjust accordingly. Uh, Bob says this opens up the timeline for Batuu and Walt Disney World locked, not locked into the sequels.

Uh, I, Marcus, I agree, 100 Rooms is not for a regular style hotel, but this is not. A regular style hotel. Um, this is obviously trying to retrofit a, an experience. It's like trying to retrofit a cruise ship, because that's really what it is, into, you know, we're just going to dock it at somewhere and we're going to make this like a regular hotel as opposed to something that is, um, experiential.

It's really interesting to see how many people want to be able to have their Star Wars timelines, their favorite Star Wars timelines. Addressed in this Steve Shustler. I miss you as well, brother. I'm going to text you back and hopefully we can connect tomorrow Um, yeah, but I don't I don't know you could make this a moderate I don't know because then you're gonna run into another problem, right?

Which is now there's only 100 rooms. It's a moderate resort. You're never gonna get in there, right? like you have I mean We've seen over the past number of years, right? The only way to a certain degree to sort of limit crowds Is by price. It's just, it's just the way the world works. It's not just a Disney thing.

I think if you sort of put this at a moderate level, um, the demand is going to far outweigh the availability, which will once again lead to a different type of frustration for Disney. You might not realize this. If you go on the internet, you can see Disney fans are sometimes vocal about their frustrations.

Twitter, I'm absolutely looking directly at you. I think so, yeah. Sometimes things happen for a reason. In the end, Disney will recreate the perfect fit. Marcus Val called what I, what I was trying to think of the word, we like to call it chutzpah. So Jim Rochowski says, never interested in the experience, but I think it will do well as a themed hotel.

I agree. And I look, I hope. That were all right, I hope that this is what happens. I hope that Disney is, is going to realize there's great, you know, there's, there's great opportunity here. Um, if they are able, which obviously we see that they're doing now, if they're able and willing to sort of modify what the original plan was, I think that's what any good, smart business and leader is able to do.

And again, I'm, I'm going back to Iger on this for a leader to be able to say, Hey, This isn't working. We need to sort of cut our we're hemorrhaging money right now. We need to sort of cut our losses This is not good for business. It's not good for PR. It's not good for all these different reasons. Let's let's fix it Let's make it better and get people excited again about this experience because there hasn't been excitement about this Since it first launched and I think that excitement was was tempered and and to a certain degree dampened by So much pushback about that.

It is a it's a commitment in terms of the number of days It's a huge commitment in terms of cost There was a lot of factors that I think took away from the initial launch I think there's a way to fix it. I think there's a way to sort of redo this and really, really get people excited once again and market it appropriately.

And I think there was some issues in terms of the marketing and the messaging. You're now able to completely eradicate, forget all that, forget what you remember about the star cruiser, because this is what this experience is going to be like, it's like taking, you know, like I said, an old cruise ship, what's the one in California, they took the QE2 or whatever, and put it in there and made it a hotel, that's what you're doing with the, um, the star cruiser.

Becky says, I was disappointed, they didn't, they, I was disappointed, they layer, Wait, I don't understand. I was disappointed they layer in the more personalized. Oh that they did not layer in the more personalized and changing the story finding ways to bring down the margin to bring down the price were things I missed.

I think all the things that we talked about were the things that contributed to that. Um, I think, I think you could have, again, I think so much wasn't sort of incumbent on the purchase of participation of the person on what your story. Became that it did not necessarily become as deeply personalized for all of the guests.

Uh, lorian says, I see becoming more of a boutique hype hotel, uh, getting rid of the theatrics. I agree. I think that's what it is going to be because not everybody is a star Wars fan, so this does not have a appeal to everyone. Jennifer says, we just booked animal kingdom lodge for September for 1, 200 per night using the AP discount.

So There's a supply and demand issue at Walt Disney World. They are getting the prices that they are asked for. So I think we also need to sort of set, and again, pure speculation. I know nothing. We need to potentially set our expectations. If this becomes a Star Wars resort, it is not going to be a 250 a night resort.

It just, it can't be for all of the reasons. For demand financially, every like, it just cannot be that. So, but can you have your family of four stay even at 1, 200 a night? If you want to just have like a fun, cool star Wars themed like night of your vacation, or if you're a local and you want to do a star Wars staycation for a night and go out to Batuu.

You absolutely can do that because 1, 200 is far more accessible than 5, 000 or 6, 000. The Queen Mary, sorry, it was the Queen Mary in Long Beach, that's exactly, I said the Kiwi too, same thing. Um, so yes, it, it does not have, it doesn't have things like a pool, it doesn't have that gym thing that, that people seem to be obsessed with for some reason, so, you, you lose out on those amenities, but I think that when you go to that resort, that's not why you're going there.

You're not going to the Star Wars resort because I want to see how cool the pool is. You got, I mean, can you build a pool outside? Maybe are there pools in space? I'm not even sure there's art. There are pools in space. We'll I'll have the research team check on that, but I'm, I think. That's why boutique hotel is probably the, the appropriate term because it does not, it, it is not a traditional type of hotel experience.

So, um, Chandler says, and I can't post it because it's too long. If they modify the Star Cruiser, I think, yeah, I think you're echoing what I was saying before. It could really open up the door to a more, more dialed back, but still heavily themed resort down the line. Pandora Hotel, Journey to Pandoro, Pandoro, Pandora.

Um, in cryo sleep or a spacecraft themed routine, uh, Marvel a la Disneyland Paris, uh, when contracts allow, et cetera. Uh, Rich says the costume preparations for the cruise was 60 percent of the experience, just so much fun to get ready for the cruise. But a lot of people rich don't want to make that commitment.

And I think that's where some of the disconnect, I get you that. And, uh, and I think that option will still be there because you can go to Batuu in costume ish, if you like, I think you, it, it, it almost made for a better experience on the star cruiser itself. Could they put a pool somewhere? Anything is possible with money.

So, uh, we never use the pool, pools. So, Stuart, I'm reading this the way I'm supposed to. Pools in space, right? That's the way you mean it? You mean it exactly like the, uh, the Muppets, I'm assuming? Eddie Kern, if there's a bar. And actually, I, I, I agree. I do not think. This messaging is that themed hotels don't work.

I think, I think the messaging that we're getting from this, and if they create a Star Wars themed hotel, which this is not, this is a Star Wars themed cruise in space, space, space. If they retheme it to a star, we will see that heavily themed. Remember, and I posted this not, I posted this thing not too long ago.

Maybe tomorrow, if I can, I'll post it. There were plans for much more deeply themed hotel rooms which were going to be the gateway towards themed Resorts all of the resorts to a certain degree are themed. We started to see pirate rooms princess rooms Do you remember this? I don't think I share this. Do you remember the designs for the haunted mansion themed rooms?

That's what this is, but it would be in a space pardon the pun that is specifically themed towards a single theme It's Star Wars related as opposed to a sort of generic pirate princess or even specific pirate of the Caribbean. Walter says losing SubLight Lounge is probably the biggest loss, our favorite Star Wars bar between that.

So Walter, but that's what I mean. So if all of a sudden this becomes a resort, and you can just go to the resort and go to SubLight Lounge. Or if you're staying at the resort, you can go to SubLight Lounge. However they decided, I, I think, I agree with you. I think SubLight Lounge. Is better themed than the hyperspace lounge on the Disney Wish.

Like far and away. I think it's a it is a different environment. It is a well much more well themed They had the sabacc table in the middle Just even sort of the design of the course because if you step back from the hyperspace lounge on the wish and there's nobody in There it's relatively sort of there's not a lot right does not look to it other than the screens So I agree about I I agree about the lounge Um, but William, you're right.

At least they've completed so much legwork and tech that can be used for future attractions. And I think the future of what this resort can be. So, um, Carlos, I don't think it'll take 500 million to turn it into a normal themed resort, uh, including windows, a pool, a shop and a restaurant or two, because you need those, those screens in the rooms, right?

You need, you still have the, um, the, the data pads. To be able to do things you've got this infrastructure in place. Why gut it? Right. Why make it just another resort that now seems to have a star Wars overlay. It still is a very deeply immersively themed resort, which will command a premium, but you don't need a pool, right?

You're not going to a star Wars resort because you want to have a pool. It is sort of this idea. So. There will be, I think a little bit, and again, messaging and marketing is going to be critical if and when this resurrects as a, as a quote unquote, regular resort, but to know that you and your family can stay in a star Wars themed resort, maybe get, you know, sort of this, if they still order offer some backdoor access to Batuu, entering the park through Batuu half hour early, something like that.

So you can extend your star Wars experience, add on some other things that you can do in the hotel. Um, whether they be optional, whether you buy into them, whatever it might be, whether it's Jedi training, I mean, you've got these cool things that are in there and this is why when we broke it down, right, when we broke down our experience, say, what would we pay for to let our kids and us go in and do Jedi training?

Right. What would that ticket cost? Well, now we can sort of figure it out. What will that ticket cost? What will, what will that ticket cost to do some of the other type of, you know, bridge training experiences or, you know, go into play in the, um, in the engine room? I, I think there's a, there's a wealth of opportunity, but I really hope that Disney takes time and steps back and listens to guests.

Um, not just listens to imagineers and cast members, but, and I think they will, I think that's one of the things that they have started to do really, really well again, that maybe for a lot of reasons, including COVID they were not able to do, but get the guest input to find out what works, what doesn't work, what doesn't work and know what a guest satisfier is going to be.

Before you execute on what your internal vision might be. So, yeah, a lot of people are still talking about the idea of, of commitment. Uh, I think you can, I think retheming the outside is not, it is not a huge deal. Right. Relative to the amount of money that's already been committed to a project to freshen up the outside to change the outside a little bit.

I don't think that's. Again, it's not why you're going, right? It's not, you're not necessarily going because of the way the exterior looks. It's, it's the experience that you're going to have on. Um, the inside, but James, you're right. Um, this is not going to be something that is going to be abandoned, dismantled, sold on eBay, whatever it might be.

And that's why I think it is going to be, uh, what I think we all hope it will eventually become, which is a star Wars themed resort. So, uh, that's why I wanted to go on very quickly last minute live, because I think having this type of conversation and dialogue. is, is easier than trying to just have it on multiple platforms.

And, and certainly once conversations I was having with some of you privately in DMS and email and text messages, I'd love to keep this conversation going in this thread, I know there's other conversations happening over in the clubhouse at www dot com slash clubhouse. Come be part of the community and conversation and invite your friends to as well.

And, um, yeah, that's it, uh, again, I take a nap for a couple of hours, the, uh, everything sort of gets a little upside down, but I'm happy we had, we have this platform to be able to chat, um, a little bit, but because, and also from here, and the reason why I have my big boy shirt on is today, my son graduated high school.

I don't know how that happened. Uh, we're not going to the star cruiser. But we are going to dinner and I'm not saying exactly where we're going but chicken sugo rigatoni I'm coming for you. So I need to sort of drown my star cruiser sorrows and a little chicken sugo rigatoni. So That is going to do it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to join me today or tonight, wherever you are watching from and, uh, yeah, Becky, never a dull moment. This is, uh, you know, there's, there's always something, there's always something happening and, uh, we'll see what we'll see what comes next. So until next time. I love you.

I appreciate you. Uh, may the Schwartz be with you. Oh, by the way, don't forget, uh, tomorrow at 12 o'clock. I'm going to open up, uh, general registration for, let me find it. Let me find it for our London, Paris adventures by Disney. If you go to www dot com slash ABD 24, I'll post a link in the clubhouse again tomorrow.

The form. Will be live if you're a member of the nation you got your link today and thank you so many of you Who are going to be joining us? next may so Until then, I love you. I appreciate you and may the schwartz be with you