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WDW Radio “On the Road” LIVE from… Denver, Colorado!

LIVE from… Denver, CO?!?

Travels and Chat with the WDW Radio community: Colorado Edition

In a surprising twist, the August 23, 2023 episode of our WDW Radio Live show wasn’t airing from Walt Disney World or any other Disney destination. Instead, I found myself in a different kind of magical adventure, this time in Denver, Colorado, attending a podcast conference.

Adorned with my trusty, nerdy lanyard, I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with new friend and WDW Radio family member, Robert, who graciously drove an hour and a half from Colorado Springs to attend an impromptu meetup.

Beautiful Surroundings and New Discoveries

As we conversed, we found ourselves in the majestic Gaylord Rockies hotel and convention center. Despite current construction works, we had to appreciate the beauty of the architectural masterpiece, and… the 4am fire alarm.

Precious Puppies and Future Projects

A particular highlight of the conference was the presence of some adorable puppies brought in by a local shelter. Although tempting to take one home, to cope with the newly empty nest, I had to control myself remembering my lovable cats and the turtle back at home.

Quite a few exciting projects and travels are lined up for the future, now with more time at hand. For any of you hunting for a speaker out there, consider this my open invitation.

The Long History with Disney Nostalgia

Amidst our conversation, Robert unveiled that he had arrived with a piece of Disney history, a 1st edition, fourth print of my book dating back 19 years.

As I stared at the pristine book that was gently held in his hands, I couldn’t help but appreciate the support from people like Robert and you, the readers, that made this journey possible.

Mark chimed in, reminding us that being an empty nester brings more time to pursue dreams. And yes Mark, that is the plan.

Audio Tours and Challenges

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries regarding the Epcot audio tours. However, creating an audio tour is like writing a book. It requires meticulous research, compelling writing, proficient recording, professional producing, and more. If I ventured to release one audio tour each for an overall Epcot history, World Celebration, and every pavilion in the World Showcase, it would take 20 years. But worry not, as we have plans brewing to cover the content that would have been in the audio tours.

New Friends and Other Projects in the Pipeline

As the meetup shifted to the live part, we welcomed John from Boulder. The presence of people at the meetup gave me immense joy, and I couldn’t help but feel grateful. This event was part meetup, part live session, and it left me feeling exhilarated.

Not just Disney-related projects, there are several other ventures set to launch. This newfound time also brings focus to my annual event “Momentum.” There are a limited number of seats left, so please do reach out if you need extra information or discounts.

In Conclusion

I’m signing off from our impromptu and unique session, with a heart full of gratitude for spending this evening with you all. Keep an eye out as I intend to share my live experiences from Denver before I leave on Friday.

I also have exciting things planned that I’m thrilled to share with you in the upcoming weeks. Until then, you can join me in the Clubhouse, and tell me where on the road you’d like me to host the next live session.

Where on the road would you like me to go next?

GOODNIGHT ! Remember… Choose the Good, Be the Good.

Can’t wait to meet you again soon. Take care. Bye!