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WDW Radio # 739 – Top Ten Places We’d Love to Sleep Overnight in Walt Disney World

We’re going to have some fun this week as we let our imaginations run wild and share our Top Ten Places We’d Love to Sleep in Overnight in Walt Disney World. Not the resorts, but attractions, buildings, scenes, and even a few places that… well… I’ll let you listen and judge for yourself… AND you can share where you’d like to spend the night if you could!


  • Staying Overnight in Walt Disney World [00:00:05] Discussion about the desire to stay overnight in the parks and the feeling of entering a world of imagination and fantasy.
  • Invitation to Share Ideas [00:01:21] Invitation for listeners to share their own ideas about where they would like to sleep overnight in Walt Disney World.
  • Carousel of Progress – Christmas Scene [00:05:00] Discussion about wanting to sleep overnight in the Carousel of Progress, specifically in the Christmas scene, and imagining a comfortable sleeping arrangement.
  • Staying at the Hollywood Tower Hotel [00:12:12] Discussion about the immersive storytelling experience of staying overnight at the Hollywood Tower Hotel and the desire for a different type of immersive experience.
  • Spending the night in the Swiss Family Treehouse [00:13:11] Exploration of the unique experience of spending the night in the Swiss Family Treehouse, including the peaceful and mysterious atmosphere at night.
  • Sleepover at Tom Sawyer Island [00:17:33] Imagining the possibility of spending the night on Tom Sawyer Island, exploring the caves and fort, and enjoying the simple sounds and silence of the island.
  • The desire to stay overnight in Walt Disney World [00:24:24] The speaker discusses the idea of staying overnight in Walt Disney World and shares their own ideas for unique places to stay.
  • Staying in the Ratatouille courtyard in the France pavilion [00:25:18] The speaker expresses their love for the Ratatouille courtyard in the France pavilion and describes the atmosphere and beauty of the location.
  • Camping in the aquarium at The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion [00:32:25] The speaker suggests the idea of camping out in the aquarium at The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion, surrounded by water and fish.
  • The Captain’s Quarters on the Rivers of America [00:36:05] Desire to stay overnight in the simple and peaceful captain’s quarters on a paddle wheeler, enjoying the history and sounds of the rivers of America.
  • Mickey’s Country House or Minnie’s Country House [00:38:11] Contemplating the fun of staying overnight in either Mickey’s or Minnie’s country house, with a preference for Minnie’s due to the kitchen and garden.
  • Abandoned Discovery Island [00:41:11] Fascination with the idea of staying overnight on the abandoned Discovery Island, exploring the remnants of the buildings and experiencing a sense of lost Walt Disney World.
  • Staying in the Harambe Wildlife Preserve [00:47:51] Speaker 1 mentions the idea of camping out in the middle of the savannah in the Harambe Wildlife Preserve.
  • Staying in the back of the United Kingdom Pavilion [00:48:52] Speaker 1 discusses the idea of staying in a little apartment on Cherry Tree Lane in the back of the United Kingdom Pavilion, imagining a turn-of-the-century experience.
  • Staying in the Haunted Mansion [00:49:59] Speaker 1 expresses shock that they didn’t mention wanting to spend the night in the Haunted Mansion, specifically in the attic, reminiscing about their childhood experiences in an old Victorian house.
  • Staying overnight in Walt Disney World [00:58:18] Discussion about the desire to stay overnight in the parks and the lack of rules or restrictions.
  • Ideas for staying overnight [00:59:07] Invitation for listeners to share their ideas on where they would like to spend the night in Walt Disney World.

Thanks to Tim Foster for joining me this week. Find Tim and Celebrations Magazine at CelebrationsPress.com

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Lou Mongello: Part of what we love about visiting the Disney Parks is our ability to leave real life at the door. Because as we walk through the turnstiles and under the train tracks, we enter a world of pure imagination and fantasy. And the parks are a place where we can be a kid again and have fun and imagine anything that we like.

And it means that the parks are places that we love to spend our entire day and often evenings in. And I'm sure if you're like me, during at least one of those visits, you also imagined and wished that you could just stay there. Overnight. So what if you could, well, that's the subject of this week's what I think is going to be fun topic.

The top 10 places in Walt Disney World, we wish we could sleep in overnight. And when you hear top 10 and thinking about sleeping overnight and people that you just wanna cuddle with you, of course, think of Tim Foster. Or maybe I just do from Celebrations magazine. What? 

[00:01:17] Tim Foster: Okay, well I got my sleeping bag, got my PJ's on.

The cuddling thing is throwing me a little bit, but I'll 

[00:01:23] Lou Mongello: roll with Listen, if, if you're like me as a fellow podcaster, you always have your PJ's on. It's the beauty of podcasting. Opposed? I have opposed 'em on right now. That's right. And it's 11 o'clock in the morning, so. Or whatever time. So I, I think this is gonna be really like a, a nice light, fun topic because it's also something that I think has really come up in conversations over the more than 10, 15 years, whatever it's been that we've been doing.

Top tens, probably especially about the time that things like the Castle Suite had opened and the idea of staying overnight was sort of front and center for a lot of people. But I've also, I've received this question multiple times, like either giving an interview or like on the show or in the clubhouse.

Very recently, uh, listener and friend Thatcher Rouse presented this. So I figured it was probably a really good time to do it. Um, and I think, you know what, Tim, too, I think in addition to you and I sharing our ideas, um, this, this really is gonna serve. And what I want it to be is to serve as an invitation to you, our friend who's sitting around this virtual table, possibly in your pajamas, um mm-hmm.

For you to share where you would like to sleep over and get creative. You can share your idea or tell us how insane or wrongly are by calling the voicemail at 4 0 7 909 3 9 1. I'm also going to post this question in the clubhouse. So when I presented this to you via email, Tim, I can almost hear your squeals of joy from wherever you live in Pennsylvania, all the way down here in Florida.

Um, because I, I, I have to imagine this is something you've probably thought of as well. 

[00:03:10] Tim Foster: You heard that? I did. That's embarrassing. Wow. Yeah, no, this was a, this was such a fun idea when you sent it. I thought it was fantastic. And, and the fun part as always, I can't wait. To hear about the rules and caveats and restrictions you will put in place that will knock half the items off my 


[00:03:30] Lou Mongello: But like, like a a like the, the, the drag race in, in Greece, the rules are, there ain't no rules, so you can have at it. I mean, I'll make them up as long as we go along. But my, my thought process, I'll just say my thought process going in was, this is not what resort do. I wish I could sleep in overnight or Right.

See, right 

[00:03:52] Tim Foster: outta the gate. You hit me with one that, all right, 

[00:03:56] Lou Mongello: like this is, these are places, uh, so maybe, okay. My thought process, these are places that you can't book it. It's sort of a wishlist and the places might not even necessarily exist. 

[00:04:12] Tim Foster: Right. My big, my big rule, and I'll just say this in advance of everything on my list, except for one or two, it's a given.

That the imagineers will go in ahead of time and make that bed comfy and clean it up. So it's actually a place you can sleep at night, you know, and you'll, you'll see what I mean when we get into I, 

[00:04:35] Lou Mongello: I'm sure. I think that there's some place on my list that maybe that is not going to necessarily apply. 

[00:04:41] Tim Foster: Oh, okay.

We'll see where we go here. 

[00:04:43] Lou Mongello: So I am excited, enthralled nervous, slightly nervous, yet scared, wildly curious to see what, this is really gonna be a peek into the mind of little Timmy Foster. So please favor us with the first one. Now, hold on. You're, this is both, this is gonna be more than 10. I'm gonna let you know it's more than 10.

'cause I have, oh, well, yeah, I have 11 on my list 

[00:05:06] Tim Foster: already. Your, your psyche's going to be laid bare too for everyone to see. Let's be clear. And I can't wait to see. So my first one, I'm just randomly gonna pick one. One of the first things I thought of was actually, Over in Tomorrowland and the carousel progress up on stage.

[00:05:26] Lou Mongello: We just bonded. 

[00:05:28] Tim Foster: Ah. Now the thing was, I was trying, now I, it's not a mystery, I guess, which scene I'm gonna go to the Christmas scene, but I, I did go through, 'cause it, 'cause my immediate thought was the Christmas scene, but I thought, you know what, let me think about the other scenes. Maybe I would rather stay there, but I quickly knocked them off The first scene, I, I can't handle the pumping my own water thing.

That's just not gonna work. I don't roll like that. And July is too hot. If it's my, when I stay at a resort in Disney, I immediately put the air on 64 and I'm happy. And that's not happening in July October that that exercise machine, Patty's got the one that doesn't work then doesn't work Now. That's just gonna be too noisy.

So we're gonna do Christmas, but it would be fun. I, I think that's, I think for all of us, when we think about that Christmas scene, that's that. Ideal at Christmas scene. We all think we want to go, we want to have that Christmas scene. Um, I wanna sleep under the tree. I don't know where I would sleep, but there's no bed.

This is where I said the imagineers, they're gonna craft something for me, you know, perhaps in the dining room away from the bathroom. 'cause you know what's going on in there. But I wanna play the video game though. That's, that's the thing. I wanna see if I can beat grandma and get that high score. Being very careful not to shout my numbers out loud.

'cause you know, it happens. And. So, yeah, I think it would be fun to stay there. I, I'd love to really, I try and explore the whiteboard and the bulletin board for all little Easter eggs and stuff. And I found some, it'd be fun to just go up there and look and, you know, root around and see. But, uh, yeah, that's my first one, carousel Progress Christmas scene.

It'll feel like Christmas morning when I wake up. 

[00:07:11] Lou Mongello: So first things first, uh, Marty called Wants Changes. It's yes from the board. I love this. Um, the Carousel Walt Disease Carousel of Progress was very, very, very, very high on my list. May have even been sort of the first one that came to mind. And I think it's be, it's, it's for a, a few reasons and maybe, uh, I'm almost all kind of.

Stretching my reasons why. Right? So it's classic. It's Walt. Unlike you, though, I knew exactly where I wanted to go and I'm going into the second act, I'm going into the roaring twenties. Um, I know it's hot. I know it's July 4th weekend. But we, and I think I sort of sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong time.

Like I, I, I, I long for, and this is like real world. Like I long for a simpler time. Um, I, I love the idea of the twenties and thirties and, and forties, uh, not having the distract. And I chose the twenties over the forties. 'cause like, I don't want a tv, I don't want some of those distractions. I want to live in that simple time.

I want to gather around the radio with friends and families whether I'm listening to, you know, Babe Ruth, you know, and listening to the game or, you know, advertisements for, for Al Jolson talking and singing. There's electricity and there's electric starters replacing the cranks. And, and Thomas Edison has brought it into our homes.

And, and maybe everything doesn't work perfectly, but I, I do love that simpler time and I'd love to sort of, at least for one night in, in a fantasy way, be able to spend it there in Walt Disney's carousel of Progress. I love 

[00:08:57] Tim Foster: it. That that's the root beer scene. Right? 

[00:08:59] Lou Mongello: It's also the Uncle Orville. Uncle Orville is also in the bathtub.

I'm air pulling. I'm probably not gonna venture over to that side of the house. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't wanna see what's beyond the paper, if you know what I'm talking about. So I understand. I understand. But yeah, simpler time in, in carousel progress. Very, very, very high. All right on, on my list. Um,

I bounced around. And I'm trying to figure out where I, I want to go next. Um, uh, you know what, I'll stick with the theme. I'll stick with this theme of being able to transport back to another place and another time very specifically to the same time period. And I'm going to go, I'm gonna sort of make a night of it and I'm gonna start my evening off in the Tiptop Club with the Anthony Fremont Orchestra playing in the background before I retire to my fifth floor guest room in the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Fifth floor. Right? 'cause that's where the doors open, right? You go on the fifth floor. Oh, okay. 

[00:10:07] Tim Foster: Fifth floor. I don't know. I don't go, I can't 

[00:10:09] Lou Mongello: go on that. That's pretty scary. Um, I, I love the time period. I love the theming. Um, I, I love the idea of being able to wander the, the gardens at night with the misting fans going and, and the, the lighting, uh, wandering through the empty boiler room at night.

It's creepy, it's foreboding, but I know nothing really bad is going to happen. Possibly the elevator ride up to my room might be a little sketchy, but that's okay. And I'm going to avoid, I'm taking the stairs. I'm going to avoid the chalk outline of the doorway from little girl lost in the post show area.

So I do not enter whatever dimension that is. But I love this idea of, again, that, you know, spending an evening, and again, I. You are like, Mello, you're taking this way too seriously. Like it's just what ride do you want to spend the night in? But I would, I'd like to sort of have the, uh, the Hollywood Tower Hotel and the glitz and glamor of that time period of, of Old Hollywood.

[00:11:10] Tim Foster: Can there be, if I get this right, a talking Tina doll in your room. 

[00:11:14] Lou Mongello: I really hope not. That's, I really hope not. I'd rather have tele savala in my room than talking, talking Tina. But, um, and if Anthony Fremont is there, I wanna make sure I don't get on his bad side. So, 

[00:11:29] Tim Foster: you know, it seems like, I mean, I, I don't know the, the inner machinations of the entire building, but I, looking at the other things I have on my list, well, there's some other possibilities, but I'm thinking real world.

If Disney really did want to do that, make a suite in there. Yeah. Isn't there's room enough in there? They could or listen 

[00:11:50] Lou Mongello: is one that I even know. Listen, love the idea. And we've talked this about this, I think, on a past show about this idea of creating themed resorts. Yeah. Um, you know what, and remember, and I, we've talked about this on insert show number here.

When we talked about Tower of Terror, the original concept at one point was going to be a hotel. Um, it was going to be a hotel from the twenties. And originally what the, the, the, the idea was, was that if you were staying there, this was pre magical express. I. Disney would pick you up in this sort of like old woody station wagon and they would blackout, they'd have blackout curtains on the windows.

So as soon as you got picked up at the ho at the airport, you were immersed in the story and you didn't see anything on the outside until you got there. And as the door opened, you have traveled back in time into the late twenties and being a guest at this real sort of Hollywood Tower hotel, I would love to see some sort of execution on an immersive storytelling themed.

And I know we're, we're talking things like the Galactic Star cruiser, but in a different type of way. 

[00:12:58] Tim Foster: Yeah, no, that would be, that would be cool. I might even go to the tower Terror in that case. 

[00:13:04] Lou Mongello: You'll take the stairs. 

[00:13:05] Tim Foster: Well, I'll take the stairs though. Yes, yes. But yeah, even then, I don't think that will end well for me anyway.

So, uh, let's see, my next one, let's go here. So back to the Magic Kingdom. This was a fun one. The attraction that I feel like nobody knows is actually there. 'cause you walk by it all the time and don't realize there's something to do there. The haunted man. So let's go s the haunted man. Let's go spend the night in the Swiss family tree house.

Oh, I love Tim 

[00:13:36] Lou Mongello: Foster so much. 

[00:13:37] Tim Foster: Which, which has the bonus of already having a bedroom so you don't have to build one. But, but maybe put some nice pillows on there. But I love, I love the Swiss family tree house at night. Uh, walking up at night, nobody's, nobody's there during the day anyway, but especially at night.

Um, I've talked before about how, when you. Go at night. And especially when you get up towards the top, how it's so different and it's so, it's somehow, it's, it's not scary, but it's kind of spooky mysterious. You're, you feel like you're miles away from the hustle and bustle of the magic kingdom and it's so quiet.

You look out over the, the dark surroundings of adventure land. But like you said, if you're gonna spend the night there, it's a house. It's got all the comforts of home with a little imagineering help, I'm sure pop down to the kitchen for a bite or, or ordering. But, but yeah, just be able to spend the night and not just to spend the night in Adventure land and like, Hey, I'm here.

But for those who remember the film and watched it, kind of reliving those adventures as best as you can by yourself. But, um, Uh, but you know, hanging out in the rooms and listening to the Swiss polka and, and, uh, getting water from the water wheel and all of that and living like you are on a Swiss family, Robinson vacation or, uh, it's not a vacation, I guess if you're maroon on an island, but hey, whatever.

[00:15:06] Lou Mongello: So Tim, you're, you are of same mind, relatively speaking, uh, and heart because this was also on my list and I, I never had a treehouse as a kid. I'm not saying like I was a, a depraved child. Far from my point, I just never had a treehouse. But this is sort of like one of those dream places that you would love.

'cause it does, it has all the comforts at home of home. It is that simpler way of living. I think you could only do it in Walt Disney World because if you took this tree and put it anywhere else in Florida, the dinosaur size mosquitoes outside would just, you know, smother you. But there's no mosquitoes.

And bugs at Disney. But again, I, I love the rustic feel, the, the labyrinthian, you know, sort of stairs going up and down the open air rooms, the 19th century little odds and ends and, and curios this is, you know, glamping plus to a, to a certain degree. Yeah. Um, it, it, it, and it, it does, it very much satisfies so many things that I wanted to, to do, including, you're right, possibly, or probably the best views of any of the places that we'll talk about on our lists.


[00:16:25] Tim Foster: Maybe, 

[00:16:26] Lou Mongello: maybe we'll see. We'll see. Because I some good ones coming. That's true. But yeah, I like the idea of the treehouse. I, I would totally dig the treehouse. I could live in something as long as it had good wifi and I could get Amazon Prime. I'm, that's 

[00:16:38] Tim Foster: true. Don't think that had wifi back in the back in the, those days.

But just, just watch your step. At night sleepwalking might be a challenge 

[00:16:47] Lou Mongello: also. True. You, yeah. Flashlights or candles would be helpful. Um, careful, you know, I'll, I'll stay, I'll stay in Magic Kingdom. I'll stay close by and, and I'll stay in the same similar type of vein because, you know, the Swiss family Treehouse, I think about, you know, as a kid, this is sort of what you would imagine your, your treehouse to be.

And I think there's another location that by, by virtue of story and by virtue of, of what it is meant to convey to us as guests is this incredible place that would be perfect for not just you to spend the night, but almost imagine this as a sleepover with some friends. Because by day. Tom Sawyer Island in Frontier Land is not just a wonderful sort of respite and, and escape from the, sometimes the hustle and bustle of the park, but you have the, the caves and passageways and the fort and bridges and all kinds, so you can run and play and hide.

But then the idea of, you know, spending the night here, whether it's it's camping out somewhere or spending the night in the fort and, you know, grabbing a flashlight and, and walking around and, and checking out some of those spooky but safe places and, and winding pathways. Again, incredible views. The, the simple sounds and silence that you would probably get.

Um, I, I would like if they offered some sort of opportunity to spend the night in Tom Soer Island, that is, that is something that I would jump on very quickly. 

[00:18:30] Tim Foster: That ex and I had that on my list with a caveat and I have, hmm. I had it as a two for one with something else, but I might come back to that. But my only, my only caveat was that it's a great idea, 

[00:18:43] Lou Mongello: not stock side has to be open so you can get fried chicken.

[00:18:46] Tim Foster: Two caveats besides that one. So besides that one, I'm, I've the idea of camping on Tom Sawyer Island sounds fantastic. Only problem is I'm not much of a camper. Um, I'm a kind of delicate, so I need imagineering to put one of those fort wilderness cabins. I. There. They can take it down the next day, but if the cabin's there, I'm good.

That's glamping, right? Is that what that means? Well, that's 

[00:19:10] Lou Mongello: why I think that I would sleep in the fort. In the fort, right. Okay. I I'm, let me also be clear. I'll, I'll accept that. But this, this is not, this is not the body of a camper by any stretch of the imagination, but the fort's cool. Right? The fort is a cool Yeah.

Place to be able to, to spend the night and you have all the, or at least most of the necessary, necessary amenities there, 

[00:19:32] Tim Foster: right? Were the caves that's inside. I'm not brave 

[00:19:36] Lou Mongello: enough for that. The caves could be a little spooked. I think the caves would be a little spooky at night. You 

[00:19:40] Tim Foster: scared me off of the caves.

I'm not, 'cause you've told me how creepy I can't do it. Uh, let's see. My next one. Okay, I'm gonna go here. Actually, one thing, when you presented this topic to me, one, one of the things that came to mind was I. The thing that kids do, and I don't remember doing this when I was little, but there's a lot of places you can go as a kid if you're in school with some of your friends.

If you have a birthday party, you can go to this place. Uh, like in the cities have museums and things like that where you can have a sleepover with your friends and spend the night. So I was thinking of places in Disney that would kind of go along that same idea. And in Philadelphia, up here in sunny Pennsylvania, we have the Franklin Institute, which y'all remember from National Treasure of course.

And they do that there. If you, uh, have a birthday party, you can go spend the night in the atrium with Ben Franklin and, and have some science fun and, and that kind of thing. So I thought in Disney, let's go to another institute. Let's go to the Dyno Institute. Hmm. And let's have a sleepover there. And I'm not talking at the feet of the Carna Taurus, that's not gonna work.

'cause I'm a light sleeper, that's not gonna work. But I'm thinking like in the queue, that big brown area, uh, you have, that is the Dyno Institute and it's like the museum with the exhibits and all that. And I, I was thinking how fun it would be if you were a kid and you had your friends and you had a slumber party there and you were in the dino thing and you had like dino activities and things like that you could order in food and you could run downstairs and put a little ketchup, mustard mayonnaise on your thing by turning the pipes on.

Which would be a lot of fun. But I think for dinosaur lovers, and I was one as a kid, I was a huge dinosaur kid. That would've been like the ultimate sleepover birthday party experience to have it at. A Dino Institute and thankfully there's one Indian Animal Kingdom, so I'd love to hang out there. They have to take the Q stuff out, the ropes and stuff, but, uh, they could put that back the next day.


[00:21:55] Lou Mongello: Interesting. You won't ride the attraction, but you wanna sleep there overnight. No. 

[00:21:58] Tim Foster: Right. I, no, I love, actually, I'd love the attraction. It's, it's just not the most, uh, sleep friendly attraction you might say in Walt Disney World. A little bumpy, little loud, we'll go on the ride. But we'll hang out in the, uh, museum 

[00:22:13] Lou Mongello: park.

Tim Foster's top 10 attractions to fall asleep on in Walt Disney World. You go, don't you dare say American. Don't you dare say American adventure. Okay, I will follow you over to Disney's Animal Kingdom where, uh, I have surprisingly, you know, like you, nobody wants to sleep over Disney's Animal Kingdom 'cause it's 17 degrees hotter with, you know, a hundred percent more humidity, but actually have more than one.

Spot at Disney's Animal Kingdom and this idea of camping slash glamping is going to follow along with us. 'cause I am going to sort of camp san slash glamp out. Not necessarily where you might think all that, all that's on my list as well. But I'm going over to the Navi River journey. Yes, it's on my list.

It's inside, it's air conditioned. You have the beautiful flora and and fauna that's glowing with the bioluminescent lights. And you've got the, the sounds of the, the shaman of, of song and all that beautiful music in the background. I love water and I love water features and the, the sound of like the gently flowing Navi river and that sort of lapping water.

And I think, I think there's something, there's something incredibly relaxing about that attraction to me and, and visually it's stunning. But if you've been on it more than once, and especially like if you're you're local or you have a chance to go on it again, go on it one time and close your eyes and just experience it with your ears.

Only because those, those exotic sounds of these alien creatures and the music, there's something in, in very, very soothing and very serene and very calming about that. So I would first pack a lunch and dinner and snacks from Sat canteen and I would glamp out inside the Navi River journey. 

[00:24:20] Tim Foster: I love that.

That's one, that's one of my favorite 

[00:24:23] Lou Mongello: attractions or what, I'm probably saying that Ron, I don't, I don't even know what that means, but, 

[00:24:28] Tim Foster: well, you get to sing it not to say it. That's all right. Uh, we don't wanna hear that either. But no, I sort of had that, I. I am gonna cheat 'cause this isn't my real answer, but I had Pandora on my list, but I was thinking more of, unless this is the other one you were talking about, in which case I don't wanna steal this from you.

You don't know what I'm talking about? Nope. No clue. All right. No, I just had Pandora more. No, 

[00:24:53] Lou Mongello: it, this is the only thing I have in Pandora. 

[00:24:55] Tim Foster: Oh. No. More of being out in Pandora and, and having, They definitely will need to make some accommodations for me. But having a, uh, place to stay on one of the mountains, like partway up and then being able, but then being able to look out over the Pandora vista with all of the bioluminescent fauna and the waterfalls and how cooled that be, because that's one of our favorite places.

So are you gonna, 

[00:25:18] Lou Mongello: like, are you one of those guys that's gonna like scale the side of the Pandora 

[00:25:22] Tim Foster: mountains? No, no, no, no. Imagineer. They need to make me a villa with a balcony, with an elevator. No, because you see those people, like I told you, I can't, I need a cabin. I can't sleep outside. I'm much less, I'm not scaling any mountains, much less a mountain that's floating in the sky.

Right. Did you ever see like those people 

[00:25:38] Lou Mongello: that like scale the sides like you? Yes. And then they like sleep there. They like put their little like Yeah. Um, I don't know what they're called. I wanna be 

[00:25:44] Tim Foster: clear. That is not what I meant. So I'm in the lap of luxury here. I want to be sitting in a hot tub looking out over this.

I'm not mommy. What is 

[00:25:54] Lou Mongello: that man doing on the side of, don't worry honey. That's just Tim Foster, right? He's he's sleeping over. It's 

[00:25:58] Tim Foster: like a little tent, like kind of hammered in the side and just don't roll over them. Yeah. No, no, no. Don't. That's all right. I'm not, no. All right. So my, my real next one. So I was thinking of Epcot and I was thinking of World Showcase and that seems like an easy one.

And I could probably do my entire top 10 by going around each pavilion, but I thought, well, let me pick the one I would want to stay at the most. And it wasn't actually that hard. It's one of my favorite. New places to go to in all of Disney, much less Epcot is the, the Oui courtyard in the France Pavilion.

Oh, nice. Just breathtaking. I, I love going there just to go there. Not, I mean, I love the attraction, but not to even go on the attraction, assuming I don't have my lightning lane passed and I'm not waiting in the 90 minute line. But just going there and exploring and hanging out and the France Pavilion is already one of my favorites for the, the atmosphere and the music and going into the new courtyard really takes you away.

'cause now you're off of the main thoroughfare of World Showcase and, It's so, it's so set up to be a place to stay. There's a hotel, hotel Dumar is right there. There's a sign for it. I don't know what's behind the door. It's probably a store room, but they can turn that into a nice place to stay. Go get a macaron when I want some visit La Daygo, if I'm saying that right.

The ego. It's some wine from Anton Ego and, but, but just hang out. It's like if without going to France and Paris specifically, I feel like, 'cause I've never been there. This is as close as I'm going to get. Uh, but again, it's just so beautiful and especially at night, I can imagine how beautiful when there aren't hundreds of people there visiting.

But how beautiful and quiet it would be under the, the glowing sign of Gustos and the Skyliner in the distance. Um, one of my favorite place to go and I would love to not just stay the night there. If I could spend my whole vacation staying there, I would be happy. But I'll take one night. 

[00:28:07] Lou Mongello: That's a good call.

Um, Allman, you could also just go stay in Paris too, which would basically be the same thing, but 

[00:28:13] Tim Foster: that's, well, that's not in Walt Disney World now, wasn't the, uh, premise of our question. That was not 

[00:28:17] Lou Mongello: the assignment. 

[00:28:19] Tim Foster: So I gotta take the, the shortcut here. 

[00:28:21] Lou Mongello: Uh, all right. I'll follow you around the world. I'll follow you around the room and follow you around the world.

And I will also go over to Epcot, specifically into World Showcase where I actually had two. But this is gonna come as no shock to anybody that knows me or has ever listened to an episode of the show before. Um, very, very, very high on my list was certainly going to Japan. Yes. And I, I'd give myself two different options here because I'm not a camper, I'm not even agler, but I think with the right type of tent, I would sort of move those red umbrella tables.

Push them aside or remove them. And I would camp up, up top outside next to Katsu Grill. Um, with, you have the sort of bamboo at your back rustling in the night. You have the wonderful, the beautiful, again, the, the serenity of the music and the waterfall and the lanterns and the sushi and the koi pond. I'm assuming that Kitora Grill is just open for my disposal, like all night long.

Of course, um, it, it, it for me remains one of my favorite places in, in all of Walt Disney World. I love the, the piece and serenity that, and the happiness that that simple location brings me, um, when I go. That being said, if we're gonna sort of have a little poetic and creative license, I would also wonder what it would be like to spend the night inside of the castle, the, the shi or the, the white egret castle that, that was sort of based off that, uh, Ji castle in, in Japan.

Um, I, I love this idea of this replica of this castle that's, you know, 700 plus years old and what it could look like to experience it inside, and the views, the sort of commanding views that you would have, not just of the Japan pavilion itself, but, but all of world showcase from, from that location. 

[00:30:33] Tim Foster: I love, you know what, I, I was toying, I was torn between those two.

And I knew, I had a feeling you were gonna go there, so I gave it to you because that's how much I care. But yeah, I'm with you. That's one of my, I think, I feel like we say this on every single show we do together, but that's, that's one of our, both of our favorite places is that little courtyard up in Japan.

You know what we 

[00:30:55] Lou Mongello: need to do, Tim? We need to go to, to like real Japan together, you know that I'm gonna do another Adventures by Disney, like a group adventures by Disney to Japan in 2025. Right? You don't know I'm that. I'm, yeah, you have to come. Everybody would be so happy 

[00:31:12] Tim Foster: if you, I need that. That ultra super awesome first class little apartment plane though.

[00:31:19] Lou Mongello: Celebrations Magazine, by the way, is now on sale@celebrationspress.com. It's more the GoFundMe just to get Tim to, 

[00:31:25] Tim Foster: to Japan. We're doing a GoFundMe to go to Paris. Hey, forget that. You and I don't. No, I feel like we have, you and I have been together up in that courtyard in Japan. We have. We need to, we have, 

[00:31:36] Lou Mongello: there you go.

We need to like record something together at j I know you in the new restaurant Open we do. The the new IIA is open. Oh my God. I can't wait. As if Japan couldn't, it is if like the perfect Japan pavilion couldn't get any more. Perfect. The fact that it isia is, is opening. Um, it is has me incredibly excited.

[00:31:54] Tim Foster: Okay, well I'm, I'm also finishing up, uh, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, so we can share some good Nintendo stories there. No spoilers though. Let's see, for my, uh, you know, it's, it's funny 'cause I'll, I'll move away from World Showcase, but honestly we were doing a top 10. This could have been world Showcase all the way around.

Maybe that'll be another thing we could do one day. But getting away from there, you know, I'm gonna stay in Epcot though and I'm gonna go to that, that other part in Epcot, the part up front. And I thought this would be really fun to go to the Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion. Hmm. And not the attraction itself, although that might be fun.

But, and I've long thought about doing this ever since, back to the days of the living seas and when it rained and rained and rained. But just camping out in the aquarium and in particular up on the second floor when you go down that corridor and you get that circular viewing area, just planning yourself there and just spending the night surrounded by the water and the fish.

And it's, it's just so beautiful there. But there's so many places in the pavilion, you could stay out on the main floor, uh, underneath the, the diving tubes. And in with Bruce the shark, I'm not sure if that would be the most relaxing place in the world, but, but that place, uh, that circular viewing area, um, I just love staying in there, just.

As long as I can. Unfortunately, there's always a lot of people there in tour groups. Another great place. If you were doing, you're, you're a kid and you're doing your birthday party at a science museum kind of place, that would be cool. 'cause I know Aquariums, you can do that sort of thing. And, um, it's such a beautiful spot to hang out and have burgers.

I guess having fish wouldn't be a good idea having burgers. 

[00:33:51] Lou Mongello: Um, okay. I I, you know what, I'll, I'll come back then. Like you, I'll, I'll circle back to world showcase a little later. Um, I'm gonna go to one. I would be shocked if this was on your list. Mm-hmm. I'd be shocked if it's on a lot of people's list because I don't think.

And I think for some years now, even, even pre Covid, I think that this area has been off limits to guess, but at one point it used to be open and it used to be sort of my favorite. Like, come with me. I, you know, Tim, I think you're like me. You know, when we are with friends and family, we, we have these moments where we're just so excited to share.

A, a detail, a story, a sort of magical thing that, that maybe people don't often see in Wal Disney. It's why I used to love giving private tours. I used to give private tours of Magic Kingdom and I used to love sort of showing off these little things that, that people wouldn't necessarily go to. And this room is actually within an attraction, but it is not part of the attraction.

I think that one you could access anymore and really wasn't necess. A lot of people I think didn't know that it was there. I'm being very sort of evasive in terms of getting to it. But the place that I'd love to spend the night is the Captain's Quarters on the Liberty Square riverboat. Oh. So if you remember back when this of the gym sequence, um, back on the second deck of the Liberty Square, uh, riverboat, like outside sort of the, the.

Uh, wheelhouse are the captain's quarters, and I believe it's closed off now. It's a very simple, it's a very small room with a, a desk and a shelf and a small bed, and a nightstand and a mirror, and it's not big and it's not fancy, and it's very simple, which is part of the reason why I, I love it so much.

Um, you would never guess by looking at the room behind me and, and all sort of my, you know, Disney and, and fan art and stuff and, and collectibles that I have behind me. But I really sort of love this, this, and embrace this. It sort of goes back to my love of Japan, right? This idea of ma um, this, this celebration of simplicity and, and not the things, but almost like the space in between 'em and this idea of, of, of Japanese minimalism.

But that's what this very simple. Captain's quarters look like it. It is not elegant. It is not fancy. It is not the, the Cinderella suite. It is quite modest and it's part of what I love. But the bed has a little window next to it and the desk has a little window next to it. And I love the water. I love the history and the story and the sound of that paddle wheeler and the steam, like that chugging of the steam engine as you sort of ply the rivers of America.

I think it would be a very like, relaxing, quiet, peaceful and very restful night spent just sort of wandering around or even sort of docked, um, you know, in Liberty Square. But going around the rivers of America at night, sleeping in the humble captain's quarters. 

[00:37:20] Tim Foster: I love. So we are tooling around the rivers of America, right?

We're not just staying dock. Right. We 

[00:37:24] Lou Mongello: can tool, listen, I don't wanna put anybody out, but yes, if we could go around in circles, I'm perfectly, I'd like to Disney cruise line. I, I don't care about the ports. I don't care about the ports. Uh uh. Just so I can be on the ship. No, I was gonna say, 

[00:37:35] Tim Foster: this is fantastic 'cause I know you, you, you're per one of your perpetual goals, I think in life is to get me on a Disney cruise one day.

It will happen every time we meet you try and get me one and who knows? This one you got a real shot on. I can handle that one. 'cause I have my trepidations about cruising and being seasick and all that kind of stuff. I think I can handle this one. This one. I think you're okay. So you might, you might have gotten the solution.

So I think we're good. I love that idea. Let's see, where am I going to, Hmm. You know, I, I'm gonna do this 'cause you were saying this and it made me think of something else and they made me think of something else. And this one. You'll see what I mean. It's, you didn't throw this out as it can't do, but I'm gonna go back to something that isn't around anymore.

'cause you didn't say I couldn't. So when you were talking about the, the Captain's quarters on the boat, I was thinking, I think of another boat where I think there was a room, and I don't know if there were Captain's quarters specifically, but inside Donald's boat in Two Town Fair, there was a little place you can go in and look at the map and I thought that'd be fun.

But then, then I immediately thought, wait a minute, forget it. Mickey's Country House. Min's Country House. Oh nice. How fun. How fun would it have been to stay in either one of those? Nice. Can't decide which one I would rather 

[00:39:04] Lou Mongello: stay in. That's a nice pull right there. I didn't even think about that. 

[00:39:07] Tim Foster: I didn't even think, I think Min's Country House.

If you had to choose one, which one would you stay in? 

[00:39:14] Lou Mongello: That's a tough one. I remember. Wasn't it Minnie's house that had the kitchen with like the pies? Yeah. And stuff. But assuming that those were actually edible, she also had the nice garden in the back too, right? We went to the food. Yeah. I might, I might.

Yeah, I might go with Minnie's. 

[00:39:28] Tim Foster: I love it. There you go. Going by, Hey, the refrigerator full of cheese. Was that Minnie's house or, I think it was Minnie's house. That's my house. My house is basic refrigerator. Honestly, that's my house too. We went shopping and uh, my daughter came over and Wow. That's great.

Look at the cheese door. Yep. That's your kitchen pops. That's 

[00:39:46] Lou Mongello: my, it's, I loved going to Paris with my daughter when we went to Disneyland, Paris, because every restaurant is just bread and cheese. I'm like, this is like mage. This is what, heaven is this, and I got home and none of my clothes fit. It doesn't matter.

Um, okay. I'll stick with you again. Right. I'm following you around the world and this idea of places that no long, well, it's, it sort of exists, but doesn't really anymore, and this might be the most. Extreme and unrealistic of all the unrealistic places that we're talking about. And this one, I would really, I would be outside of my comfort zone in some respects, and very much within my comfort zone and others because I love the idea of, uh, I love abandoned places, right?

I, I love being able to, not that I get to go and explore them on my own, but, but virtually through the power of the internet, there are urban explorers and other explorers that go and explore and, and visit abandoned sites. And there's something that's incredibly fascinating to me about that. And one of the most intriguing of all the still remaining abandoned and relatively untouched sites in all of Walt Disney World that I would love to stay in now.

And yes, I'll deal with the camping 'cause I'm gonna have to camp there and I'm gonna to deal with the bugs. I'm gonna deal with all the stuff that makes me uncomfortable. Would be Discovery Island. Yes. I would love to go over to some, 'cause some of the buildings are actually still there. Um, you can still see there, there's remnants of the buildings and it literally is like, it's like a, I also love dystopian films and stuff like that too.

I know, I'm aware, but in Italy it's almost like this post-apocalyptic snapshot in time. This, it wasn't just, uh, a place where, you know, animals and birds and and stuff like that were, were kept, but it was this, you know, this this island that had shops and stores and, and things to do and, and recreational activities and stuff too.

And now that it's sort of the, and, and don't ever do this, but some knuckleheads have actually gone and sort of urban explorer there and they will never be allowed back into Walters world ever again when they get, whenever they get outta jail. But, There have been some, some pictures taken of a band Discovery Island, and I remember going there as a kid when it was obviously open.

And so the idea of visiting a place that's no one has seen in such a long time that I have memories of visiting as a kid and really has not been touched in decades. Uh, Disney has allowed the natural inhabitants, the the birds and, and the animals and the creatures that inhabit Discovery Island to take over Discovery Island, not like island of Dr.

Monroe. Kind of weird way, but, but those are sort of the only inhabitants and people that are allowed to go on there now. But I would love to urban explore sort of some of the building remnants that were there. Um, see if it sparks any kind of memories and just sort of get a sense of a little bit of lost Walt Disney World.


[00:43:05] Tim Foster: I love that. Actually I had that next to Tom Sawyer Island says, same idea. I need a cabin, you know, if I'm gonna stay there. But yeah, it it be nice if a great, was there a idea? I don't even know. I feel like I should know, uh, if there's, is there any like wildlife, nature preserve thing going on over there?

Like officially or was there so 

[00:43:27] Lou Mongello: there was or is kind of what It's right. I mean it, so remember at, at first, before Disney got here, um, before it was Discovery Island, it was Raz Island. Um, it was owned by a, um, a radio DJ Lake back in the thirties. And then it was, it became Riles Island after that. And then Disney purchased it in like 65, I think.

Then they made a Treasure Island, right? At first it was Treasure Island and you did this like Walt Disney World. Cruise tour and there was a very sort of loose pirate theming on top of these, uh, animal exhibits that were there. And I think there was like 400 different like, types of birds. Then it became Discovery Island in the late seventies, probably like 70, 78, somewhere around there.

And it closed, I think like a decade later, like 88, 89, um, somewhere around. But, but the animals that were there, like the vultures and all the, I believe that they're still there. Like, because so many natural inhabitants and predators and what sort of took over the island, they allowed them to just to sort of, um, stay there.

And I don't think that there's any plans to, to do anything with it at this point. 

[00:44:49] Tim Foster: It's fun 'cause we go staying at the Wilderness Lodge in contemporary. Quite often we, that's one of, it's actually one of our favorite non attraction attractions is the, uh, the boat loop there. Mm-hmm. When it's running.

Although last time I was there, I don't think they're running that. Hopefully they're running it again. But, um, now we love that like, going around, especially when you go out and around Discovery Island around the back. But just looking at the shoreline and seeing, uh, a, a big bird, what is that bird, you know?

And, and having that thought, like what would it be like to be there and wander around and is it creepy? Abandoned? Especially it's at night. Oh. Oh. 

[00:45:28] Lou Mongello: And if you, if you ever take out a watercraft or even sort of go like back and forth Yeah. If you, if you take out a watercraft. If you, you cannot approach the island.

The, the security boats will swar, swarm, swarm very, very quickly on you. But you, if, depending on how close you get or even some of the, the Disney watercraft, you can see little bits of Yeah. Remnants sometimes of, of what was on the island. Yeah. It's 

[00:45:52] Tim Foster: like a, a story waiting to be told. Yeah. Oh, love it. Um, I'm actually, I think we left top 10 in the rear view mirror.

Oh. While ago. While ago on this show. Sos ago. But I am running, running down on my list here. Let's see what I got left here. Uh, I'll, I'll, all right, I'll do this one. This was the other, and actually, this is the first thing I thought of, and I don't remember much about it. This is another one of those things.

It's not here anymore, but I loved it at the day, and that'd be, it'd be fun to go back and visit this these days. And this was in Epcot and in interventions. And for a while you could visit the House of Interventions. Wow. If you remember 

[00:46:34] Lou Mongello: this. Yes. Nice. Nice retro pull. I like this. 

[00:46:37] Tim Foster: Yeah. And that was always one of my favorite things to do was one of the few things that had a line you had to wait for, but, and I don't remember a whole lot about it, but it was the house of the future and you were the, the idea of interventions in Epcot, you would see what's the latest and greatest or, or on the horizon in terms of technology in this case, what's coming to the home.

And I remember like a big jacuzzi tub with a built-in tv. And I feel like if we went back there, 'cause this was when was this nineties when I would've been seeing this and they probably had things like a big. Uh, 32 inch plasma tv. Woo. Or a device that will talk to you and you can say, turn the lights, like 25% stuff we would look at and go, or your kids especially, look at this, isn't this fantastic?

This is my everyday life pops. What do you, what's the big deal? It would probably be fun to look at it, but, but back in the day, it was so fun to look at it, but, uh, to spend the night in the house of interventions. Mm-hmm. Yes, please. I like it. And then when the Rainbow Tunnel was in interventions for a while, spending the night there, but that's a whole other thing I might get to later, but 

[00:47:52] Lou Mongello: interesting.

Uh, I too have just a couple more on my list that I can just hit very, very quickly. Um, I won't even, I won't even do any honorable mentions. That's how quickly I'll go through them. You know, I had, 

[00:48:04] Tim Foster: well I have one. I have one I can add more before if you're gonna rattle off a bunch. I. 

[00:48:08] Lou Mongello: I'll save, I'll save one for last 'cause I have a feeling it's on your list.

Okay. Alright. I think it has to be on your list. I had the, uh, Harambe Wildlife Preserve on my list and I said, Ello, look, there's no way in any sort of reality that you are going to camp out in the middle of, you know, the, the Savannah with an outdoor fire pit, even though there's no animals there. I'm sure the views would be great, but I know you would never really do it.

So instead, I'll quickly pop over back to World Showcase. Um, and, and I, I, I know I can go visit the real place, but because of sort of the place and time that is, it is locked into, I would go into the back of the United Kingdom Pavilion and I would, uh, get a little apartment over there on Cherry Tree Lane and have a early 19 hundreds turn of the century sort of.

Evening with a little, I'm sort of in my mind's eye, Tim, I'm sort of imagining this very sort of Mary Poppins esque experience in, in, um, in, in the back of the UK pavilion, even though it would probably not be like that at all. That's the way I would sort of envision, you know, having a little tea with not even Mary Pop did a little tea with Julie Andrews.

And, I mean, as long as I'm imagining, um, and then falling asleep with sort of some, some music sort of wafting through the air and the very last place. And I am shocked that this was not the first or early mention on yours or either of our lists. Um, how did we not mention wanting to spend the night in the haunted mansion?

[00:49:54] Tim Foster: I, you know, what? It's, uh, it's the first thing I had on my list. It's the first 

[00:49:57] Lou Mongello: thing I had on my list and we never talked about it. I know. And then 

[00:50:00] Tim Foster: you said tower terror. And that kind of threw me off and then I never came back to it, 

[00:50:04] Lou Mongello: but because I really thought, I thought this was gonna be one you were like, yes.

He didn't say it. So I'm going to, I'm gonna take it as, as the first, and I 

[00:50:11] Tim Foster: darn it, I didn't do it, but go ahead. Yeah, I mean, 

[00:50:15] Lou Mongello: I love the mansion. It, it probably still remains, you know, my all time favorite attraction. And then I was like, well, where would I want to, where would I wanna sleep? I think I would have to sleep up in the attic.


[00:50:25] Tim Foster: Really? Because that was the question. Which room are you 

[00:50:28] Lou Mongello: thinking? I think I have to sleep up as, as wild and, and creepy as it might be. And I, so I grew up in an old, a really old Victorian house, uh, when I lived in New Jersey. And there's something about that attic. We, we had an attic. When I say it was like that, I just sort of mean, sort of the exposed wood and it sort of smelled a certain way.

Yeah. And that's what this attic reminds me. Now, mind you, the attic in my house totally creeped me out. I was pretty sure it was the Ville Horror up there and it was haunted. But, um, you know, because we know, like I could, I think that's where I would want to spend my time and explore and sort of, you know, rifle through some of the, the, the trunks that are up there and, and wonder what sort of stuff from Constance husbands might be locked away, um, in the attic.

Hmm. I, you know, '

[00:51:20] Tim Foster: cause I, I. Yeah, I had that and I was thinking which room? And I felt like if I would've said the attic, you would've, are you insane? Little Timmy Foster? So I thought like the ballroom would be, I mean, any room, the ballroom, the graveyard, you know, it would be fun. You have your free, this is going back to the, your kid and having a sleepover with your friends and stuff.

And you stay in the attic or the ballroom. And then you have, you have dares, you have to go on and you dare someone to go to the, go to the graveyard and like pet the dog or something like that. Or, uh, that would be fun. I don't know how much sleeping would get done, but, 

[00:51:56] Lou Mongello: uh, well after a while, that song over and over again too, it'd be like small world, like, all right, I got it.

Graveyard. You know, 

[00:52:02] Tim Foster: it's funny, there were, there were attractions I thought of like that and I, I didn't put small world on my list, but I almost did to thinking which room. But I knew, and even carousel progress, like at some point I'm trusting that they will turn the music off, you know? 'cause that's a lot, that's a lot to do.

[00:52:21] Lou Mongello: Uh, wait, quick. You got more, right? No, no. My question to you is this. Yes. Great. Big, beautiful. Tomorrow or now is the time. Great. Big, beautiful. Tomorrow. I'm just curious. Just question, right? I, I, I know like even the Shermans I love now is the time. I do. I love, love, love. Now is the time. Now is the best 

[00:52:44] Tim Foster: time.

I'm not, I don't think I visited the attraction when that was the song 

[00:52:50] Lou Mongello: I did a lot. I'm, I biased think it's probably why it's, yeah. I think that's probably why it sticks with me so much. 

[00:52:57] Tim Foster: Yeah. I don't, I might've when I was little, but I don't remember. So my, my carousel progress is the current one. All right.

Do you have more or can I throw a couple 

[00:53:08] Lou Mongello: more? That's it. I'm all done. 

[00:53:09] Tim Foster: You're all done. Wait, I, I'm the one that can do the 

[00:53:13] Lou Mongello: honorable mentions. It's all you baby. Now is the time. Wait, I didn't have, now is the best time. Life is a prize. I see what you did there. Live every minute. 

[00:53:21] Tim Foster: I see what you did there.


[00:53:23] Lou Mongello: right. Right here. And now you've got it made. 

[00:53:27] Tim Foster: Well, let's see. So really quickly, one of the things I thought when we were gonna do our self-imposed rules for this, I had a feeling you were gonna do a rule. I can't, and you kind of did in the beginning of the show. We're not talking about a place you can actually stay.

We're talking about places that you can't actually stay. But I, I did think of, if he's gonna let me include one. I was trying to think of what's a place I could stay that I have no hope of staying in my life and there's so many, but I just went, let's go to the grand Suite at the Grand Floridian. It's bigger than my house.

It's bigger than my house and five, five balconies and I mean, that would be cool, but the one, I didn't put the Castle Suite as a place I would like to stay. 'cause I'm not sure if I would get creeped out. I did find out, I don't know if this is accurate, but I thought a fun fact I think I learned was like, you can't book it right now as even if you wanted to.

It's not a place you can book I, I mean, if your name started with Tom and ended with Cruz, I guess they'd work something out for you. But for you and me, not so much. But I read somewhere, and I don't know if this is true, but they said if there's tours you can take and you can add on a visit to the Castle Suite on one of the tours for the low, low price of $12,000.

Which makes it not just the most expensive room to stay, which you can't stay at. It's just the most expensive room to visit. Now I read it on the internet, whether it's true or not, who knows? But that's fun one and one thing though, I think I'm surprised neither one of us said it, I held off it forever, was any building on Main Street, u s A, the second floor, put a place up there to stay and I'll stay there.

Just don't put it next to the voice lessons room 'cause that I can't take all night long. But um, and that was it. I did, I asked my mother this question and she went right to, this is a good one. I thought, she's gonna go living with the land, not in the gardens, but I wanna stay in the farmhouse. That's it.

I was 

[00:55:35] Lou Mongello: just, that's fun. I was just gonna say, how did none of us mention the farmhouse? That's 

[00:55:39] Tim Foster: fun. Order up from, from the garden grill for dinner or breakfast, but, uh, That would be fun. And that kind of rounded out my list, uh, for places to stay and so many we didn't get to. Yeah, the, the farmhouse was, I'm sure everybody's staying 

[00:55:54] Lou Mongello: up there.

The farmhouse was, was in the back of my mind sort of being up in, you know, uh, staying up in that second story bedroom and the way I'm picturing it and having a nice little living room downstairs. And 

[00:56:07] Tim Foster: I feel like through the magic of force perspective, that second floor is actually like four feet tall or something like that.

And that's perfect for me. So. Well, yeah, you said it. 

[00:56:17] Lou Mongello: Uh, I think there's other places too. So one place I had on my list and that I didn't mention, and, and actually the, the, the person who Thatcher had this on his too. Um, but I don't know if it's where I would wanna stay overnight. Again, I'm, I'm, I seem to sort of gravitate towards simpler places, simpler times.

I wonder what I. Those Echo Lake apartments look like mm-hmm. Near the fifties Primetime Cafe and the tune-in lounge. And if I could go downstairs and get some of the meatloaf and a pb and j milkshake and take it back up to my room with me, that's, that's a good night right there. Well, I'll do this '

[00:56:55] Tim Foster: cause you actually, I, I forgot about it, but I assumed you were gonna take it 'cause you threw it out as the example.

So I didn't even bother. But Galaxy's Edge staying there, like staying in Batou, like having a place in, in the marketplace, staying there if you're gonna go for the peanut butter milkshake, which is the correct answer. But I would go, I had to go get some blue milk. See what? That's nice. But I had, I had a random thought I was thinking of Galaxy's Edge and either staying in bat two or staying on the Millennium Falcon.

That would 

[00:57:25] Lou Mongello: be fun. Oh, that's, yeah, that's nice. You know, that's a good 

[00:57:28] Tim Foster: one. Or I thought I had a funny thought. And uh, star Wars, I. People go with me here, but like on, on Rise of the Resistance, and I thought it'd be f I'm not sure how fun it would be to stay there, being on a first order cruiser and the room with all the storm troopers could be fun, but it's a lot of eyes looking at me.

And then I had, I had a thought, and they don't have this in this room, but it just brought to mind a conundrum I always felt with Star Wars was, whenever you're on a Death Star, an Imperial Cruiser or something like that, you're in the hangar or the Millennia falcon. And there, there's always that big gaping chasm, that hole on the floor with the riser that comes up to bring the troops on and stuff.

And I can't remember if you're, if you're just a worker bee on, on the Death Star walking around and how often does it happen? You're talking to, Hey, did you see the game last night? Yeah. What. And you didn't see, and you fall. And I'd be afraid I would do that even though they're not there on rise of the resistance.

So I'd probably go to the Millennium Falcon. That was just a random, bizarre thought. That was so silly. I thought, I'm not gonna include it on the show, but 

[00:58:30] Lou Mongello: you opened the door, right? Just because of osha. There's no way that that's, you know, insert, insert will home screen here. I don't think OSHA exists in the Star Wars.

Clearly. Clearly it does not. I mean, a guardrail is it so much. Of course. There's no rails on the death 

[00:58:42] Tim Foster: star, laser cannon thing. Like what's, 

[00:58:45] Lou Mongello: geez, they call them 

[00:58:47] Tim Foster: lean rail rails. They think they couldn't spring the extra five bucks to put the rail on all. 

[00:58:51] Lou Mongello: Wait, what? What? Extinct attraction, they call them lean rails.

Oh. Oh. Timekeeper. Yo. God, I, if you were here, I'd give you such a hug. Oh, oh, I'd love 

[00:59:04] Tim Foster: that would be a fun monsters. Oh, all right. You know what that there's, there could be a part 2, 3, 

[00:59:09] Lou Mongello: 4. There's a lot and there's a lot that we missed, which is why you, who is listening, screaming at your car, screaming at your phone, potentially if you're on the treadmill screaming in the middle of the gymnasium, like a crazy person.

What did we miss? What is the place that you would love to, ideally in a fantasy world? Spend the night in Walt Disney World. Call me right now from wherever you are. Call the voicemail. I'll play it on the air. 4 0 7 909 3 9 1. That's 4 0 7 900 WDW one. If you're not a voicemail kind of guy or gal, it's okay.

I'll put the question in the clubhouse. Really curious to see where you would like to spend the night with or without little Timmy Foster and your copy, by the way of Celebrations Magazine that I'm sure you'll bring along with you. 

[01:00:02] Tim Foster: Woo-hoo. That might be the fall issue, which is going to press as we speak.

Stop it. I will not stop it. 

[01:00:10] Lou Mongello: We're gonna put it in the mail. Don't listen, Timmy. Foster. Don't stop what you're doing. Whatever. It's, do you know what else we got going on? No. We have a new book. What? 

[01:00:21] Tim Foster: 112? Disney list Volume two. I finally did volume two. 

[01:00:27] Lou Mongello: That would make it 220 

[01:00:28] Tim Foster: something. Yeah. List. We updated the first one.

'cause the fastest attraction might not be the fastest attraction since we did the first book and I'm hard at work. We have our 50 year Walt Disney World Coffee table book, our 40 year Epcot coffee table book. I'm working on the 100 year celebrations coffee table book with free pin, which I still have 

[01:00:50] Lou Mongello: to design.

You have, so you could literally build a coffee table out of your coffee table. Books. You could build a coffee 

[01:00:54] Tim Foster: table out of the book. A coffee table becomes a coffee. Oh. I'll put legs in it. Like the, the like Kramer happened on that show. Yes. So that's coming soon. Many details to come and I've gotta really work hard.


[01:01:09] Lou Mongello: and you can find all that good stuff and Tim Foster over at Celebrations Press. I'll certainly link to it in the show notes, but hopefully you know it, you love it and have it memorized and have your subscription as well. We'd also like to know what top 10 list would you like to have us cover on a future episode?

Again, put it in the clubhouse. Call the voicemail or email me lou@wwradio.com. Little Timmy Foster, I love you, man. I love doing these with you. I can't wait for you to come down here. We're gonna do one together. We're gonna frolic, we're going to eat and we're gonna hit all the places that we've talked about.

I mean, not staying over, but we'll, we'll, at least Japan, we'll at least hit, I 

[01:01:51] Tim Foster: think. Yeah, I think let's make a, put a call in. See if they'll let us spend the night in Japan. We'll have a slumber party. We'll do it. I 

[01:01:56] Lou Mongello: think that you should come here, and I think you've only been to maybe one in all the years.

One, maybe two. Maybe we need to do a meet of the month at Japan. Yeah. With Tim Foster. Yes. 

[01:02:08] Tim Foster: Oh yeah. Okay. We'll figure it out. We'll, we'll make that My people will get with you. I am. That 

[01:02:12] Lou Mongello: means I'll call you later. This is right. You are the best brother. 

[01:02:19] Tim Foster: I love being here. Love being here. Love you. 

[01:02:22] Lou Mongello: Aw, shucks, man.

Love you too.

I'm gonna stop recording before it gets weirder.