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Answer Our Weekly Disney Trivia Question on WDW Radio for a Chance to Win a Prize Package!

Do you find yourself often dazzling friends with your encyclopedic knowledge of Walt Disney World? Ever been called the “Disney Guru” in your circle? If you’ve nodded along, then the WDW Radio Disney Podcast’s Trivia Question of the Week is just the challenge you’ve been waiting for! Dive into our weekly trivia quest, not only to showcase your Disney prowess but also for a shot at winning a magical prize package.

Why Enter the Weekly Disney Trivia Challenge?

  1. Expand Your Disney Knowledge: Each trivia question delves deep into the world of Disney, ensuring that you learn something new every week. Whether it’s about the parks, movies, characters, or history, there’s always a nugget of knowledge waiting for you.
  2. Engage with the Disney Community: The trivia challenge isn’t just a personal endeavor. It’s a chance to engage with fellow Disney enthusiasts, share insights, and revel in the collective love for all things Disney.
  3. Win a Magical Prize Package: Your knowledge could earn you more than just bragging rights. Every week, one lucky participant stands a chance to win a Disney prize package. This includes a vibrant, lightweight, and durable WDW Radio 3D PVC keychain and premium stickers for your laptop, water bottle, car, mug, wall, or window from StickerMule.com… (and there may even be a bonus, mystery prize from time to time!)
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How to Enter:

To enter for a chance to win EACH WEEK, just listen to the trivia question on the podcast, then visit the podcast page here on the site and use the online form for that episode with your answer and contact information. Each week, I’ll randomly select one winner… and this week it could be YOU!

Don’t forget that you can subscribe to the podcast in your favorite podcast player, including Apple PodcastsSpotify, and your favorite podcast player! You can also listen directly from the WDW Radio web site!

So, if you believe you’re the Disney trivia expert, it’s time to prove it! Tune in to the WDW Radio Disney Podcast every week, participate in the trivia challenge, and enter a chance to win some enchanting prizes.