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WDW Radio # 759 – Best of the Disney Parks Around the World: Part 1

This week’s show is one that I have literally waited years to record and share with you, as we embark on a magical journey through the best of the best from Disney Parks around the globe! From dining to resorts to attractions, shows, and spectaculars, we share your ultimate guide to the most unforgettable (and overlooked) experiences the Disney Parks around the world have to offer!

Welcome to show 759 of the WDW Radio podcast! I’m Lou Mongello, your trusty guide on this magical journey. Joining me today are three friends and well-seasoned Disney enthusiasts: Beci Mahnken, Jeremiah Good, and Jeanine Yama. We’re all set to share our thought-provoking and nostalgic conversations with you!

This week’s episode is bound to make you hungry as we bring you a savory discussion on the best dining experiences, snacks, and unique food items across Disney theme parks worldwide. You’ll hear all about quirky snacks and variety of popcorn flavors—including the surprisingly delicious tomato flavored one— in Tokyo Disneyland and at Tokyo Disney Sea, and an innovative pizza-making robot!

More than just food, we’ll be recalling our favorite Disney shows, the more thought-provoking of which have had a profound impact on us and our families. From stage shows to a deep dive into the world of nighttime spectaculars, our discussion includes the groundbreaking use of drone technology and the marvel that was a long-lost fireworks show in Walt Disney World.

We’ll also be discussing our favorite resorts for that perfect immersive experience. Is it Animal Kingdom Lodge’s stunning theming and immersion, or maybe the Hotel MiraCosta in Tokyo DisneySea’s luxury and grandeur that tops the list?

In fact, as we wrap up this enriching Disney journey, we’ve learned and experienced so much, including the completion of my very own quest to visit every Disney theme park around the world. And as we go forward, we continue to learn and cherish these beautiful and magical moments that Disney provides.

So, pack your bags, gather your pixie dust, and join us on this enchanting excursion. Whether you’re a lifelong Disney lover or a new explorer, there’s always something to learn and share on WDW Radio. Stay right where you are and let’s embark on this journey together into the enchanting world of Disney! Remember, you are always part of our Disney family and your thoughts are always welcome. Let’s create wonderful memories together. Always keep the magic alive!

Thanks to my guests for joining me this week:

The key moments in this episode are:

  1. Introduction of episode’s purpose and topic
    • Introduction of guests: Beci Mahnken, Jeremiah Good, Jeanine Yama
  2. Unique and Favorite Food Experiences
    • Discussion on unique food found in Tokyo Disneyland
    • Sharing favorite snacks at Disneyland and Disney World
    • Mention favorite dining experiences in various Disney Parks
  3. Favorite Shows and Performances
    • Sharing personal experiences of favorite shows at the parks
    • Discussion of memorable nighttime spectaculars
    • Praises for Finding Nemo the Musical, Tokyo Disneyland Dreamlights, and Disneyland Paris’s shows
  4. Most Immersive Resorts
    • Each guest shares their chosen most immersive resort
    • Express thoughts on resorts in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Anaheim, and Paris
  5. Best Value Resorts
    • Jeremiah and Becky’s highlighting of Pop Century
    • Becky’s emphasis on the value of Caribbean Beach
    • Further discussion on Alani and Animal Kingdom Lodge
  6. Listener Participation Request
    • Calls for listeners to voice their thoughts on their favorite dining experiences
  7. Most Memorable Character Dining Experiences
    • Discussion on princess dining in Disneyland Paris
    • Mention of unique costumes at Topolino’s character breakfast
    • Appreciation of the Enchanted Garden ambiance at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
  8. Best Themed Dining Experiences
    • Walt’s at Disneyland Paris
    • Blue Bayou at Disneyland
    • Volcania at Tokyo DisneySea
    • Explorers Club at Hong Kong Disneyland
  9. The Best Resort for Thematic Immersion and Value
    • Praise for Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Savannah View Room
    • Favoring Pop Century Resort for its value, theming, and proximity to parks
  10. Most Thrilling Attractions
    • Jeremiah’s choice: Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
    • Jeanine’s choice: Journey to the Center of the Earth at Tokyo Disney Sea.
    • Beci’s choice: Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout.
    • Lou’s choice: Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea.
  11. Most Memorable Shows
    • The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights by Beci
    • Encore, a musical review at Tokyo Disney by Jeanine
    • The original Disneyland Fantasmic by Jeremiah
  12. Most Favored Dining Experiences and Quick Service Options
    • Chef’s table experience at a counter service restaurant idea by Lou
    • Blue Bayou as favorite themed dining experience with amazing food and a relaxing ambiance by Jeremiah
    • Magellan’s and Walt’s in Disneyland Paris as Lou’s favorites
    • Disney California Adventure as the best quick service options by Beci
    • Counter service in World of Avatar as her favorite due to its benefits by Jeanine
    • Disneyland for having the biggest variety of quick service options by Jeremiah
    • Vulcania at Tokyo Disney Sea for its incredible theming and wide variety of Chinese and Japanese offerings by Lou

Timestamped summary of this episode:

  • [03:41] Different opinions, voices, interesting list from Disney.
  • [08:43] Loving Disney park restaurants, especially takumite.
  • [10:28] Disney California Adventure has the best quick service.
  • [17:32] Innovative food items & unique popcorn in Tokyo.
  • [26:37] Friendship, food, and themed dining experiences.
  • [30:35] Themed club in Hong Kong with artifacts.
  • [36:31] Luxury Hotel MiraCosta in Tokyo, Disney Sea.
  • [42:38] Best resorts considered: affordability, theming, atmosphere, quality, transportation
  • [48:20] Fond memories of Osborne Family Spectacle.
  • [52:44] Finding Nemo the Musical holds personal significance.
  • [01:00:07] Engaging listener to share favorite Disneyland memories.
  • [01:01:04] Jaw-dropping drone show with Marvel characters. Amazing!

What is the best dining experience from any Disney Park around the world, or which would you like to experience most?

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Episode Transcript

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