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Dive into the Magic: ‘The Little Mermaid – A Musical Adventure’ Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Have you ever wondered how many wonders can one cavern hold, or what IS a fire, and why does it burn? Or perhaps you’ve been eagerly anticipating the return of a stage show to the Animation Courtyard theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If so, I have some thrilling news to share!

Get ready to be enchanted by “The Little Mermaid – A Musical Adventure,” a completely reimagined theatrical production. Drawing inspiration from the Walt Disney Animation Studios classic, this spectacular show is set to make a splash in the newly renovated Animation Courtyard theater in fall 2024.

Disney Live Entertainment is redefining the Parks experience with their ongoing commitment to innovation. This new production of Ariel’s journey to the human world is no exception. Audiences can look forward to breathtaking new set pieces, state-of-the-art effects, and a daring new design that vividly brings to life Ariel’s perspective and her emotional journey.

Imagine being transported under the sea with a rendering of the upcoming “The Little Mermaid – A Musical Adventure” show. This production promises to have guests swaying to iconic tunes from the film such as “Part of Your World,” “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” and many others. Plus, don’t miss the stunning concept artwork of the show’s “Kiss the Girl” scene, a novel addition that perfectly encapsulates the magic of this fresh take on a beloved tale.

Stay tuned for more updates as we eagerly await the debut of this underwater adventure at Walt Disney World in 2024!