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WDW Radio # 760 – Best of the Disney Parks Around the World: Part 2

We continue our journey through and about the best of the best from Disney Parks around the world, as we now venture into the parks and discuss the very best of the attractions, queues, shows, parades, nighttime spectaculars, shops, live entertainment, music, and much, much more. We’ll then wrap up our conversation with a look at the overall experiences, and invite you to share your answers to some comparative and reflective questions.

Thanks to my guests for joining me this week:

The key moments in this episode are:

  • Essence of the Haunted Mansion
    • Janine and Jeremiah’s preference for the original Disneyland version
    • Becky’s agreement on the original as capturing the Haunted Mansion’s essence
  • Favorite Mountain Attractions Worldwide
    • Janine’s choices: Space Mountain (Disneyland), Thunder Mountain (Disneyland Paris), Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars (Hong Kong)
    • Becky’s sentiment for the Matterhorn
    • Jeremiah’s mention of Expedition Everest and Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
    • Lou Mongello’s favorite: Mount Prometheus and Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Immersive Queue Experience
    • Beci Mahnken’s pick of Rise of the Resistance for immersive queuing
    • Jeremiah Good’s appreciation for Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure
    • Jeanine Yama’s mention of Tokyo DisneySea’s Tower of Terror
  • Disney Shops and Merchandise
    • Discussion on standardization in Disney shops
    • Mention of World of Disney and Doc Gondar’s in Galaxy’s Edge
    • Jeremiah’s praise for unique and seasonal merchandise at Tokyo DisneySea
  • Hidden and Unique Disney Park Experiences
    • Mention of the Camp Discovery Challenge Trails
    • Desire for character interaction experiences
    • Nostalgia and skepticism about bringing back retired attractions and shows
  • Park Transitions and Themed Lands
    • Beci Mahnken’s preference for Magic Kingdom’s holiday transformations
    • Lou Mongello’s combination of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure celebrations
    • Guests’ admiration for lands like Mysterious Island, Cars Land, and Avengers Campus
  • Advanced Attractions and Iconic Disney Elements
    • Conversation on technologically advanced attractions like Shanghai’s Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Discussion on favorite attraction soundtracks and castles
    • Debate on the best overall attraction
  • Disney Parks Comparison and Final Preferences
    • Comparison of Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea
    • Discussion on Disney parks that capture Walt’s original vision
    • Favorite areas within the Disney parks
    • Thoughts on introducing overseas attraction concepts into home parks
    • Guests’ impossible choice of one Disney park to visit for life
  • Live Entertainment at Disney Parks
    • Lou Mongello’s mention of Main Street’s House of Magic
    • Guests share experiences of live entertainment across various parks
    • Discussion of favorite lesser-known attractions
  • Character Interactions and Experiences
    • Enthusiasm for free-roaming characters at Disneyland parks
  • Transportation and Water-Based Attractions
    • Enjoyment of various Disney park transportation methods
    • World of Color and Pirates Battle for Sunken Treasure as standout attractions
    • Holiday transformations at Disney parks like Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland
  • Final Reflections and Listener Engagement
    • Lou Mongello’s thanks to guests and invitation for listener feedback
    • Group’s shared cravings for Disney park food
    • Personal plans and wishes to revisit Disney parks soon
  • Uniqueness of character experiences at Tokyo DisneySea
  • Empowerment of cast members in character roles at Galaxy’s Edge

Timestamped summary of this episode:

  • [00:00] Desire to incorporate Haunted Mansion technology elsewhere.
  • [03:09] Passionate love for Phantom Manor’s uniqueness.
  • [08:34] Prefer “Rise of the Resistance” for queue.
  • [12:26] Rise of the Resistance: Immersive storytelling blurs lines.
  • [14:25] Disney World is my go-to shopping place.
  • [16:59] Japanese tradition of Omiyage: unique cultural souvenir.
  • [23:08] Enjoy Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree and Pooh’s honey Hut at Tokyo Disneyland.
  • [24:27] Hidden Disney attractions, physically engaging, lawyer concerns
  • [27:36] Updating Great Movie Ride, choosing timeless films.
  • [33:10] Excitedly discusses rare Disney characters and experiences.
  • [37:42] Pirates Battle for Sunken Treasure & Small World
  • [40:09] Prefers Magic Kingdom due to lack of experience.
  • [42:59] Impressed with Adventureland in Disneyland Paris.
  • [48:05] Balancing nostalgia, sentiment, and recency bias in attractions.
  • [49:13] Disney Sea captures Walt’s original vision best.
  • [55:05] Feedback wanted: Call 407-900-9391 or visit www.clubhouse.com/clubhouse.
  • [56:13] Delicious dumplings, crave more, tails too.

If you could spend an entire day in just one area or land of any Disney park, which one would it be and why?

Share your thoughts in the WDW Radio Clubhouse at WDWRadio.com/Clubhouse, or call the voicemail at 407-900-9391 (WDW1) and share your story on the show.

Episode Transcript

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Lou Mongello: All right, let's go. Let's go from nighttime spectaculars and parade. Let's sort of, let's get our hands dirty and talk about some of the attractions. And I'm leading off with one that is not just one of, if not arguably my favorite, but one that has various versions around the world.

And it's the haunted mansion. And your question is yes, it's the quote unquote best haunted mansion, but. Which one captures the essence, right? The essence of what that attraction is the best. Um, Janine, Jeremiah, and Becky. Becky is asking Jeeves, what is the haunted mansion? Oh my gosh.

Jeanine Yama: Um, I guess if you ask which one captures the essence, I would probably have to go with the Disneyland version because that was where they made the essence, I guess.

Um, I think that there are other versions that I think are arguably smoother. Um, better use of technology now, like, uh, uh, Mystic Manor. Um, but I think that the original has, um, sentiment value to it that the others do not. Yeah,

Jeremiah Good: I'm right there with Janine. Uh, I would love to see Some of the technology from Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion moved in there.

Like, mostly like the surround sound, not the bad projection ghost. But, yeah, the original one is, is the classic. I mean, yeah, Mystic, but when you, when you phrased it, which one do you think captures the essence of the attraction the best? You know, in my head, I want to say Phantom Manor, because that is the most amazing attraction.

But it doesn't capture the Haunted Mansion. The Haunted Mansion is fun and, you know, a little bit spooky, but not too much. Phantom Manor is just, you don't take kids on that ride. I

Beci Mahnken: went round and round and round about this because, yeah, Phantom Manor, beautiful, awesome technology, but then you got the uniqueness of Disneyland Paris.

But again, to the spirit of your question, what captures the essence, it's going back to the original Disneyland Haunted Mansion.

Lou Mongello: So would you say that Phantom Manor is the quote unquote best of, objectively best of the mansions? While Disneyland's original sort of, it is the first, it is, as Janine said, sort of the essence of what the attraction really is.

I think Phantom...

Jeremiah Good: Go ahead. I think Phantom Manor tells the story that if Mark or Roly got in charge of doing the Haunted Mansion originally, we may see... A story, not two different parts stuck together, but no, the best is definitely Disneyland. It, it, there's nothing wrong with it, they've, you know, they, to the point where they haven't gone in and tweaked it and changed technology, other than the hatbox ghost and the bride over the years.

So yeah, that's still the best, and the elevator.

Lou Mongello: Yeah, I think maybe I just wanted to interpret the recovering attorney and me wanted to interpret the question to, to suit my answer because I, the first time I saw a phantom matter, I fell in absolute love with it because it does capture the essence because it is a unique storyline.

It's tied. To the surrounding, not just land, but the, this fictional town of Thunder Mesa, it blends not just the Gothic themes of the mansion, but the Western theming of Thunder Mesa. And I liked a little bit of that darker tone. I'd like the fact that there was, there is an additional scene that we don't get in other parks.

So in terms of being. Like the essence of what the mansion originally was, technologically innovative, unique storytelling, um, you know, amazing technology that's being used to buy amazing technology, some of its old technology, but technology that's being used to not just for the sake of technology, but to further the story.

It's why I love Phantom Manor so, so very much. So let's go from mansions to mountains. And what mountain attraction worldwide, space, splash, big thunder, whatever you want to include in the mountain ranges is your favorite and why Janine, Becky, Jeremiah.

Jeremiah Good: Um,

Jeanine Yama: so this one was difficult for me because, um, in general, I'm not like a huge thrill person, although I don't have an aversion to them either.

Um, I'm very fond of space mountain over at Disneyland, but I would say the. The very close ones for me also are Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris and that big grizzly mountain runaway mine cars, uh, over in Hong Kong. I think all three of those are, are very good for a variety of different reasons.

Beci Mahnken: Mine is totally sentimental. A hundred percent. Totally sentimental, which is actually the Matterhorn because it was one of the very first mountain rides I ever did as a child. And it used to be that the, uh, the, the Skyway went right through it. And I remember when I was 7 or so looking straight down and seeing all the tracks and seeing the Yeti from, from the Skytrain, and it was something that really inspired me to want to ride the ride because it didn't look as scary when you actually could see down into the bones of it.

I have a wonderful memory of me and my dad riding the Skyride and then going and riding the Matterhorn. So for me, 100 percent sentimental.

Lou Mongello: If I was a chiropractor, I would just stand at the exit of Matterhorn and just hand out business cards.

Beci Mahnken: It depends on what side you choose. Do you choose the fast side?

It's like, do you take the red pill or the blue pill?

Lou Mongello: After you get off of it, they should rent like butt pillows. So you can like buy a pillow if you need one. All right. Go ahead.

Jeremiah Good: Jeremiah donuts. Yeah. Um, I, I was going to include one that, you know, we don't really say as much of a mountain, but we always forget about it.

Expedition Everest, but as you know, that could be up there with most thrilling as far as my favorite, and I only got to ride this two or three times while I was there. Um, like Janine said, big grizzly mountain runaway mine cars in Hong Kong Disneyland. It really takes the best of Everest and big thunder and everything and puts it all together in a fun story.

You have the backwards part, you've had animatronics. And it's a, it's a lengthy coaster. So that's one, you know, there are plenty of reasons to go out to Hong Kong Disneyland. Not saying Mystic Manor is the only reason it is, but Big Grizzly is a good reason to go out there for more than, you know, five hours on Mystic Manor.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. So for me, I thought, you know, fly that look, remember the first time you walked into Pandora and you saw those mountain, the mountain range of flight of passage, you're like, well, it's technically not like a mountain. Attraction same thing like for cars land and radiator springs and and Everest almost made my list Were it not for Mount Prometheus and journey to the center of the earth It was a far like clear and and a far and away winner for me.

It is a true E ticket attraction. It is a wonderful in terms of theming Rewrite ability. It is breathtaking and magnificent in in in scope and scale. It's beautiful in the day. It's beautiful in the night. Um, it for all the reasons Janine mentioned before, too. And and theming wise alone, like you don't even ride the attraction just to sort of walk in and through Mount Prometheus.

Um, and journey to the center of the earth is also a remarkably good, um, throw ride as well. So, but the story often doesn't begin when you strap yourself in or sit down in, in your seat, but begins in the queue. So what park, what attraction offers the most immersive queue experience that helps to set the stage for the attraction you're about to experience, Becky, Jeremiah, and Janine.

Beci Mahnken: I think I'm going for the obvious answer. There were several in my brain that I was kind of rattling around with, but I think for me, it's rise of the resistance. I think the immersion that you get in that, depending on where you say the cue starts, because I think that was. Or, or ends. That was part of the things that was going on, on in my brain is that, is it just when you get up to the point where they count you in and you watch the, you know, BB eight and all of that, go on, is that where the queue ends or is that still part of the queue?

And then you get onto the, the transport. That seems like it's still part of the queue in a way because then you have to queue up, go through the, the large, um, uh, storm tr, storm troopers room. Then you, you end up on the attraction for me. So considering that if the cue ends, um, after the, uh, the storm troopers room rise, the resistance is the one that, that is the most immersive, the most impressive, the most, um, bringing you into the story, telling you, telling the story along the way for cues for me.

Jeremiah Good: For me, and I'm pretty sure Janine will know this story also, cause she was probably there. Um, I waited. three hours to wait three hours in a queue at Disneyland's Indiana Jones and Temple of B'nai, the AP night. They had a line down Main Street that was just to walk through the queue because the attraction hadn't opened.

And I waited all the way down Main Street to wait through a queue to exit before you got off. And it's the same as Crystal Skull in Tokyo DisneySea. It just As soon as you walk into the land, even you're already part of it, you know, that's the original immersive queue back in 95 when they did the first one and everything since then, I think, has just tried to be that

Jeanine Yama: for me, I had picked a tower of terror in Tokyo Disney see, because I basically I feel like that right is 90 percent queue.

Like, I think if people are looking for a thrill on a drop, that's probably not the Tower of Terror you want to go on. But I think that everything leading up to the elevator and the drop is just amazing. It's a completely different story from all of the other Tower of Terrors. And the part where you walk through it, you see, like, all of the artifacts that, um, that Joe Rohde, I always forget the name, collected in the, in the ride.

It's, it's just, it's an impressive.

Jeremiah Good: Accumulation Harrison Hightower the third Harrison Hightower.

Jeanine Yama: That's

Lou Mongello: right. You know, of all the questions, I think this is the one that I had the most difficulty with because I could make arguments for four different ones and be perfectly happy with my answer. So.

Indiana Jones, both in Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, that the, this recreation of the archeological dig site with the hidden messages and the backstory is so well done. Jeremiah, you're right. It's, it's a cue worth waiting for. Even Mystic Manor. Right. And I have deep, deep love for this attraction. The queue is like, it's like a prelude to the story of the man.

I'll take a forward to, to a book and there's artifacts and there's hints as to what is coming tower terror. The same thing, especially over at Tokyo Disney sea is so intricately themed to create this foreboding atmosphere with the lobby gardens. What? Forewhatting? Foreboding?

Jeremiah Good: Does nobody know back to Neverland anymore?

Lou Mongello: Sorry. I was like, wait, did I misspeak? Did I say, did I say a bad word? Um, but Becky, you're right. The Rise of the Resistance Q is a masterclass in immersive storytelling because just like when you exit, the lines of when the attraction begins and ends are incredibly blurred. And from the moment that you enter that base and the Star Destroyer, and you move through the forest, you are sort of part of the resistance.

And the way it blends into the ride experience Makes it very hard to tell where the queue ends and the ride begins, by the way, I told you there was no way we could answer 60 seconds for each of these questions. I don't know why you said that at the beginning, but we have, we have a bunch more, we're going to try and go a little bit faster just to, but there's, I think there's really good ones ahead.

All right, let's go from, from attractions to Disney theme parks, the merchandise of all the Disney theme parks, souvenir shops, what offers The most unique collectibles or merchandise in it, Janine, Becky, Jeremiah, I wasn't

Jeanine Yama: sure if we could go back to ones that don't exist.

Lou Mongello: Yes, you can because I did because

Jeanine Yama: I feel like as time has gone by a lot of the shops, it's hard.

It's getting harder and harder to find unique things. Um, I think that they're more standardized now, but, uh, the sitka hangers, one of a kind antiques and curio shop. Um, like the antique shop that used to be in Disneyland's New Orleans Square. Um, I think that those shops, although they did not sell strictly Disney merchandise, I think the fact that they sold outside merchandise really gave those, uh, areas a feel of reality that I think.

They could use more of today.

Lou Mongello: That's a really good. That's a really good answer. That is that is

Beci Mahnken: and I don't know how to follow that up. I am not a shopper. I will put it out there right now. So usually for me, my, my best stop is at the world of Disney because I can get everything that I saw in all the other shops in that one place.

Um, the, the only thing that I can think of that is unique. And please forgive me because I don't know the name of the shop right off the top of my head, but in, um, Galaxy's Edge, where they have all this, the Star Wars, um, hills and and so forth, that that's 1 of the most unique places. I like to hang out in there to see what, what the new thing is that everybody needs to get or when they brought out the, the Kyber crystals at 1 point and people were trying to flash, you know, put flashlights through to see what color it was.

There's just some unique pieces in there that, uh, for. Thank you. Obviously for Star Wars fans, it's, um, it's the place to go.

Lou Mongello: Doc Gondar's also like, it's a, it's a great answer. Thank you.

Jeremiah Good: Um, for me, again, I put down two words, Tokyo Disney Sea. Uh, when I went there, you know, every shop has something unique.

It's, it's amazing. The one that really stood out to me, I was just trying to look up the name of it, The Exit to the Tower of Terror. That's this, the, the pool that you could look at the tile work and it's all done and it's beautiful. One of the things about Tokyo DisneySea, just like Disneyland, they're a seasonal place.

I went there before one of their seasonal events started, like the day before, and I saw 12 different things, and I'm like, oh, that's great! And the next day, because they put in all their seasonal merchandise, they pulled it all out. But, you know, everything, same with, um, the exit to Mystic Manor, that shop was great too, but again...

As the years go by, they start losing some of those touches. And now it's a lot of, you know, it's the same stuff. Sadly.

Lou Mongello: Yeah. Jenny, when you asked that question, I was like, Oh, is she going to talk about the same thing that first came to mind for me, which was the house of magic on main street as a kid, you know, I told the story a million times.

Cause it means that much to me. It's like, it's where my dad and I would go on our way out. And I. Still somewhere in my garage have this red sort of a horror mask that we got and I can see and I can, I could smell the house of magic. I thought of things like Memento Mori, but I actually, I also went to Tokyo Disneyland and I went to Disney, Disney and Company.

And the reason why is almost less specific to the shop than it is to the culture. Um, because they have a lot of little unique. Gift items, um, because, and hopefully I'm pronouncing this correctly. It's a Japanese tradition in the culture of, to bring back Omiyage, which is, is a souvenir. Like if you travel somewhere, you are sort of, you're supposed to bring back a gift for family, friends, and colleagues and coworkers.

And it represents sort of this culture of giving and receiving that I love so much about Japan. And I remember walking through the store. with this huge smile on my face, picking up these little, you know, trinkets and things like that. I didn't even know who I was bringing it back for, but I just love this idea of wanting to share your experience that you have at this Disney park with people on the way home.

So that's why I mentioned Disney and company. Um, One of the things I love about all of the Disney parks, and I hope especially here stateside and in Walt Disney World, they bring a lot of this and these people back. But when it comes to live entertainment or street performances, which Disney park stands out the most, um, Janine, Becky, Jeremiah.

Jeanine Yama: So live entertainment. Um, I was always very impressed with all the shows at Tokyo Disney sea, uh, from The first time that I, I went there, it just, they would, they would put on these shows that were just massive, that just had more cast members than you could possibly contemplate in, you know, three shows that you would normally see, like, in the, in the U.

S. parks, um, Mythica, um, Mystic Rhythms, uh, They were all amazing.

Lou Mongello: We're still

Beci Mahnken: thinking. This one's hard. Because one of my favorite street, well not street performers, one of my favorite live entertainment is in a park. But it's not necessarily the one that stands out the most from a park perspective. So, that's why I'm going back and forth.

From a park perspective, it's probably Hollywood Studios for me, just because I loved all the street atmosphere there. I loved being able to just walk in the park. Into the park and then be assaulted by four or five people who were street was fear who were pulling people, you know, out and doing funny things and, um, having that guest interaction.

It was it was so impactful. We see a little bit of it now, but not anything like it used to be so. All right, I'm going to put that other one, I'm going to put the thing to the side of my, who my favorite live entertainment is and just stick with Hollywood Studios.

Jeremiah Good: I, Hollywood Studios, the, the streetmosphere where it started really is, that is iconic, but really the only place that still has that.

Is Disney California Adventure with the citizens of Buena Vista five and dime. I wish that they'd bring back the red car news boys. Cause that show, I would see that five times a day. But they still, yes, they still have, they still have that. And that DCA for me is still, it's alive throughout the lands.

Lou Mongello: I had a real tough time with this one too, because I thought about things like Lion King, Rhythm of the Pride Lands, which really, really impressed me.

My daughter is studying stage management. Like she could have sat there and just watched that show the entire time. We were in Paris, but I'm going to lovingly combine street misphere at Walt Disney World together. I know a lot of folks who are and were street misphere performers. You are missed like probably more than, you know, main street, USA, the citizens of Hollywood brought a different life and experience to that park.

And are some of the most talented and gifted and funny performers that you'll find anywhere. And there, there, there is that, there's that thing that's missing. There's still that thing that's missing in the parks for me, you know, attractions and restaurants and shops and food items can come and go, but that I still feel that absence.

When I go, I still look for them. On Main Street, USA. So Streetmosphere, I give you all of my love and hope that you will be able to return much, much sooner rather than later and, uh, and never go away again. So, um, all right, we talked about a lot of sort of obvious things and attractions and shows and food and whatnot.

But I think there's also in the parks, a lot of, of hidden gems and lesser known things to do or attractions. So which one is your favorite? Hidden gem that might not necessarily be on somebody's radar. When they visit for the first time or even if you visited multiple times, uh, janine jeremiah and becky Becky's bouncing in her seat.

So she must have a good one

Jeremiah Good: Don't take mine. I was like, I think we all could have the same one at this point

Jeanine Yama: Uh, so one of the lesser known attractions that I thought was very impressive was over at shanghai disneyland the shanghai challenge trail um That was one where I thought well You could never do this back home because you could probably totally die on this and nobody would ever blink twice

Lou Mongello: She's not wrong.

She's not you're not wrong

Jeremiah Good: No, and that was one of my thoughts. Uh, but Really, there are two, and they both happen to fall into the same spot in Tokyo Disney Sea, and I'm guessing when me saying Tokyo Disney Sea, you both know what I'm talking about. Uh, Sinbad, Storybook Voyage, and the Magic Lamp Theater are both, those two were things, the Magic Lamp Theater wasn't even on my radar when I got, when I walked in there.

Sinbad, we all had seen a little bit. And that is, it's a small world taken to the millionth degree. Both those are things that, reasons to go to Tokyo DisneySea. Those

Beci Mahnken: are two good ones. I have one domestic and one in Tokyo. And obviously domestic is Mater's Junkyard Jamboree because I cannot let that question go without saying that.

Because so many people just walk past it like, it's scrambler ride. No, no, it's great. It's a great time had by all. And one of the places that I still giggle every time I think about writing that thing, write it, especially if you if you have a brother sister scenario and you want to like slam each other into the sides.

That's maters, but the one that really hit me besides that is Lou we were together Remember when we went to Tokyo Disneyland for the first time and you said somebody told me we need to do Pooh's honey Hut, haha And I'm like, why do we meet because we were on a really tight schedule We could only see a few things it was like and

Lou Mongello: there were so many children present So you were a little freaked out.

I get it. It's cool.

Beci Mahnken: You're You're, you're, you're cute right now. Anyway, so it's like, okay, apparently we have to go do Pooh's Honey Hut. We got off of Pooh's Honey Hut, and that was like, we need to do that again. Whoever gave you that advice was so right. And I think if you don't know that there's a lot of hidden gems within that attraction, you might just.

Go right past it, but definitely ride the ride. I

Lou Mongello: agree with all of yours, including one, especially because at first I thought about like the first time I went to the animation academy in Disney California Adventure, it's so sort of tucked away. It's very, very easy to miss. I think it's unique and it's interactive.

Sinbad was very much on there again, you will hear mention of Sinbad at least one more time, even Alice's Curious Labyrinth over in Disneyland Paris I think is something that especially adults will often walk by, but Janine you have it 100 percent right, the only answer to this question is the Camp Discovery Challenge Trails.

It's not just an interactive sort of like thing you see on the playground. It is a physically engaging and truly challenging experience. The lawyers in America would never let this attraction. And when we went Becky, I remember you didn't want to do it and it was raining and it was like slippery. And I'm like, I literally like this might be the storybook ending to my life because I'm going to live and die at a Disney park.

Like there's obstacles, amazing views of the park, but this outdoor adventure is so different from any other Disney attraction you will find anywhere on the planet. Um, it's not for everybody and that's not, you know, but it's, um, it definitely is a hidden. Potentially scary gem. It's not really

Jeremiah Good: hidden, it's massive.

Lou Mongello: It takes up a quarter of the land. But I think people will walk by and go, I'm not going to do that. It looks like, you know, it's like a kiddie player. It is not. It is not for the faint of heart. Um.

Jeanine Yama: I like how all the safety information. None of it's in english. So you have

Jeremiah Good: no idea. Good luck man. You have to put on a harness You have to put on a harness at a disney park

Lou Mongello: I was almost getting I was almost waiting for them to hand me a waiver to sign that would have been in chinese I would have signed it anyway, but um, it's perfectly safe and it is a lot of fun a little scary in the rain Listen, as you know, the Disney parks are not museums, right?

They are, they're constantly changing. But if there's, if you could bring back any one retired extinct attraction or show from any Disney park, which would it be? And why Becky Janine Jeremiah. All

Beci Mahnken: right. Again, I, I have been struggling with, but I'm going to go to one that you're probably not even anticipating that I would say, but I have it with caveats.

Okay. I would actually love to see Great Movie Ride return with caveats, updated with new technology, with today's technology. I would love to wonder, meander, and new animation. Aimlessly through movies with today's technology. So I, I really do miss that one. And I miss the event that we do over there. I miss doing the, um, the dinner, the progressive dinner inside so that you go from a scene to scene to scene.

But, um, that's one that I, while I, I love runaway, but I just really miss great movie

Lou Mongello: ride. I don't disagree. And I'm going to quickly challenge all three of you. Name three movies that you think can and should be in an updated great movie ride because the difficulty Maybe this is a separate conversation for a separate show.

The difficulty is picking something that is going to appeal to a very very wide spectrum and demographic of guests that is quote unquote timeless and classic without feeling like That was my grandma's movie and I don't know what this is and relevant and all those things It is the great movie ride, you know, V2 is very, very, very challenging to, um, to pick.

So we'll save this conversation for another show, but I will plant the seed and maybe post it in the clubhouse. Other than Jaws, I don't know what else you put in there. Shawshank Redemption. But again, I don't know what fits everybody. It doesn't matter. Let's move on. What's

Beci Mahnken: the gingerbread movie that you posted the

Lou Mongello: other day?

Janine, what's your extinct or retired attraction or show?

Jeanine Yama: I actually had Great Movie Ride also. That was always one of my favorites. And I'm bitter and resentful every time I see that very charming railway ride there. I would probably not update it just because I... I don't, I'm skeptical of any updates at this point.

I would be happy if they just brought it back as is. I don't care. Um,

Jeremiah Good: mine, and I hate, when I answer this, type in this, I hated myself for it because it's one of those things that every time a fanboy says it, I feel like an angel loses its wings, but I was lucky enough to go on it multiple times, and I do miss it horizons.

It is. It, it was the most technologically advanced attraction that had been done to that point. So many different layers, so many different stories, the continuation of, uh, uh, carousel progress. It was all just great.

Lou Mongello: I, you know, but part of the problem with horizons was you wrote it multiple times because it was never aligned for it, unfortunately.

And it was exactly. Listen, it was a ride before its time. Um, that maybe was, was part of what sunk, right? We did a DSI deep dive into DS, uh, onto horizons a long time ago, which we have to sort of bring back to the archives because we're really one of my favorite shows. Um, this was a no brainer for me. And I will not do another bad impression, but 20, 000 leagues under the sea forget.

I know it comes with, with challenges and ADA and all those other things. It was tight and it was cramped and smelly in the summer and all those other things, but 20, 000 leagues under the sea. Um, and man, there's a lot of, of personal nostalgia and sentiment there, but I bought into it, man. I dug it. So, um, all right.

In addition to the attractions and the shows, a lot of what makes Disney Disney are the characters and around the world, the characters and the character interactions can sometimes be very different. So which Disney park around the world do you think has the best, the most wonderful, the most heartwarming character interactions, Becky, I know you're a big character gal, so I'll let you and then Janine and Jeremiah go.

Beci Mahnken: Yeah, I'm a really big character gal. I like to watch from afar. I like to hug a character now and then. That's great. Um, but I'm just going to go with, with Disneyland right off the bat, because they do something unique, or at least it has been unique when you compare it to some of the other parks around the world.

Um, you can find them in different places that the characters roam. through a land. Um, you can even find characters hanging out in hotel lobbies and their handlers seem, they don't hover. It's not like they march into character in a certain spot and the care and the handler brings in one person at a time like they do at Disney World.

You can, they're Peter Pan and Wendy are holding hands and skipping through fantasy land to Disneyland and they'll stop and talk to somebody, take a quick picture and then hop, skip to somewhere else. And I just like that. It's so organic and natural, those types of character experiences.

Jeanine Yama: Yeah, I, I am not a huge character person either.

Um, I also went with Disneyland, uh, again for all the reasons you mentioned, that the interactions just seem like they're much more organic than the kind of everybody lines up at three o'clock to see Pooh that you see in a lot of the other parks. I will say though that I, I would probably not know to evaluate the character interactions in the international parks because I would probably not understand what they were saying.

Jeremiah Good: Um, yeah, I am a character person. I do enjoy interacting, um, but just like Becky and Janine, Disneyland, and even more so, DCA. Avengers Campus, those character interactions, the free roaming, I had an interaction with Thor, talked to him while everybody was trying to push around him, and he walked and talked with me, and then I went and sat down with my friend, who I told a story to Thor about, and Thor walked over to me and goes, Oh, is this your brother?

And we started talking and he remembered, yes, it was about a span of three minutes, but it's still just the fact that he could do that. Really stood out to

Lou Mongello: me. Yeah. I too am not normally somebody who would get online for, for character photos and things like that. And when I approach this question, I first started thinking about Tokyo Disney sea because they have rare characters and unique outfits and gelatoni and still a loo and cookie and, and.

I'm not, this is not, uh, I know this is a very broad stroke of the brush, but those characters and character interactions in some of the overseas parks is pretty intense, you know, even versus it is here. Becky, I remember when we went on some of the ABDs, you know, people will bring their Gelatoni and Stellaloos and Duffy characters with them to breakfast in different outfits every day and put them on high chairs.

Like the lines for characters are very, very, very long. Um, I also thought about galaxy's edge. And what I like about this is the cast members are characters and were empowered and are empowered to create their own legend and backstory. So they are not, you know, just attendance for attractions, but they are characters.

And I love that sort of empowerment that they get, but I agree with you, Disneyland. The first time I went there, I was like, why are these characters just roaming freely? Like it's mayhem. Anarchy in this park! And there was also like the fight between Cinderella and Mulan that almost took place at dinner, at breakfast at Goofy's Candy Company, but that's another story for another day.

It was D23 Expo, Becky, you were there. Like, yeah, doesn't, we'll talk offline. Okay. Okay. One of the things I love in, in the parks are the different modes of transportation that sometimes are conveyances, sometimes are attractions, monorails, boats, and trains, et cetera. What Disney park has the most.

Enjoyable and efficient and story driven, whatever you want to, those sort of enjoyable transportation methods like in, in park, Jeremiah, Becky, Janine,

Jeremiah Good: uh, easy Tokyo, Disney, see the steam liner and the electric railway. They, there are attractions, but they are also transportation.

Beci Mahnken: Yeah, I would agree with that.

I had that on my list, but I also had the Disneyland monorail. Because of the path, I love how the Disneyman monorail goes between through the, um, through the Esplanade and then ends up in the park, how it like circles around and ends up in the park. I always enjoy that. Right?

Jeanine Yama: Yeah. All of those are excellent.

I would also add, uh, the, the train at Disneyland, um, which is 1 of the few. Trains that seem sort of functional as transportation and entertainment inside

Lou Mongello: the park. Jeanine, this is why we're friends and our love of Japan and the culture. Um, and it's for, for me, I thought about the Skyliner and the rafts of Tom Sawyer Island and Tokyo DisneySea, but the authenticity of that train and the connection to Walt for me, it's in Disneyland specifically, the Disneyland Railroad is, is, um, it's a meaningful attraction in addition to being a, Ride in a conveyance.

Um, one of the things I love in the parks and each one has its own, you know, oftentimes unique version of it. What Disney park has the most impressive water based attraction or show where water is sort of a requisite element to the attraction or show. I left this one broad on purpose. Janine, Jeremiah and Becky.

I think

Jeremiah Good: this could be another sweep.

Lou Mongello: I don't think

Jeremiah Good: it is. Um,

Jeanine Yama: I would go with world of color over at DCA

just because it was, it's, as far as I can remember, it's the biggest water based attraction that they have now. Um, I was also very fond of Bravissimo, which was a water based attraction over at Disney Sea that's, um, is no

Jeremiah Good: longer there now. Is it me? Yep. Um, easy. Pirates battle for sunken treasure at Shanghai Disneyland.

That is not only just one of the most impressive attractions, but the fact that it does take place on water and is a boat ride just

Beci Mahnken: Amazing. Interesting. Cause I had world of color thinking that is a show. But when you said that, cause I wasn't thinking that is a water based attraction, but I guess it is.

So I'm going to have to go with you, Jeremiah.

Lou Mongello: I know pirates is such an easy answer because it is, it's there's nothing like it. And the first time you go through that one scene and that thing happens and that thing opens not to ruin it. And you've probably seen it already, but when you sort of rise up and come out of the water and the, Ships are fighting and right in the middle, you're like, good, but then I was like, oh, maybe I'll put, you know, and I can't even pronounce it, but it's basically Disneyland Paris's version of the story of the Grand Canal boats.

And I was like, no, I really love Sinbad's voyage because, and then, so I'm, look. The answer is Pirates Battle for Sunken Treasure, but I'm also going to, because there's, there's the, you know, the balance of the old man and a little kid in me, I'm going to put It's a Small World, and if I have to rank the small worlds, um, Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Hong Kong, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo, much like the rest of the park, is a best of the best of the best of all the other attractions.

It has the characters and the whimsical sets and the, the, it's, It is a near perfect version of the attraction, um, with that charm of the original Mary Blair style from Disneyland and Florida. So, um, we're in the holiday season as we are recording this and. The holidays are not just, you know, the Christmas time holiday season, but there's a lot of holidays that take place throughout the year.

What's Disney park do you believe has the most magical. Holiday transformation, define your holiday. However you like, uh, Jeremiah, Janine, Becky,

Jeremiah Good: Disneyland, Paris, and that could be almost any holiday that are Halloween. They knock out of the park. Their pair, their Christmas is beautiful. Um, I do have to say I was at Tokyo Disneyland for Easter and for a country that doesn't really celebrate Easter.

That was one of the most spectacular days I've had in the parks. Um,

Jeanine Yama: I would say that I have not been to Shanghai or Hong Kong or Paris for holidays, I think, so hard for me to evaluate those, but I do enjoy how Tokyo Disneyland still does a lot of that. Sort of overnight transformation, which I always find very magical.

Um, you know, you could go on Country Bears one day and it's the vanilla Country Bears. And then the next day, everything is all decked out and they're doing their holiday Country Bear show. So that's always fun.

Beci Mahnken: I haven't been to any of the, um, overseas parks for That transformation to, to really see it. I think, um, Halloween is the only thing that I've seen in the, in the overseas parks.

So I'm going to go with good old Magic Kingdom, considering that they're turning it over from Halloween to Christmas in one magical night. I think that's a feat that, uh, that the cast members pull off and they do it beautifully, uh, with Halloween. Personally, would I love to see the castle lights back?

Absolutely. But, you know, this is one of those little missing things called progress. Um, but that's, uh, that's probably where we're going to go just for lack of experience at the other locations.

Lou Mongello: You know, I define this as magical holiday transformation. So I have to leave Halloween in Hong Kong out because it's downright scary.

The park is super cool. If you love Halloween, like I love Halloween, it is super cool, but I'm going to cheat. And I'm going to combine Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. I was just there for the holidays. I really, really love, not just the iconic decorations, but it's a small world holiday and a haunted mansion holiday.

And I love what they do over in Disney California Adventure with the festival, the holidays, the, the, the cultural celebrations, Cars Land and Buena Vista street and world of color and the entertainment, like really, really, really well done. Um, over in Disneyland, right? We're getting close to the end of our.

Um, in park list, but if you had to pick the best overall themed individual land in any Disney park around the world, very quickly, what would it be? Uh, Janine, Becky, Jeremiah.

Jeanine Yama: So if you had asked me a couple of decades ago, I probably would have gone with New Orleans square and Disneyland, but current of the current.

Lands in their current incarnation. Um, I would go with mysterious island over at Tokyo Disney. See, um, just the way everything is detailed and connected. You can see a machine boring a hole in the outside of the mountain and then you can go into the queue and see. whole from the inside. And I find that very impressive.

Beci Mahnken: I'm going to go with the one that I, when I first walked into it for the very first time, it was the very first time I ever felt like I was actually walking into a movie. And I'm going to say Cars Land and DCA because every single bit of the there's detail everywhere is comes right back to story. And I, I remember walking.

Um, on that street when it first opened and seriously felt like I was walking right

Jeanine Yama: into the movie.

Jeremiah Good: I love Cars Land, but I think something that is taken to the next level with the inclusion of the characters, Avengers Campus. I

Lou Mongello: love all these answers. My first thought was to go Mysterious Island, but just to sort of give us a wider spectrum too, I was really, really, really impressed with Adventureland in Disneyland Paris.

It's huge. It, you can easily get wonderfully lost there and you can go through Africa and Agrabah, like it has this wonderfully. This wonderful sense of sort of exploring the exotic, um, in a lot of different ways. And that are really, really, really impressive. All right, quickly, um, from a technology perspective, right?

And then I'm curious, I'm really curious to see if we all say the same thing, because I think we can make arguments for a lot of different attractions, but what do you think is the most technologically advanced or innovative attraction you've ever experienced at a Disney park? Uh, Becky, Janine, Jeremiah,

Beci Mahnken: I knew we're going to say that.

Lou Mongello: Um, I sent you these questions in advance. Of course, you know, I

Beci Mahnken: was just trying to find where, where my thought process was going on this because technical pirates of the Caribbean in Shanghai, that's technical. For me, I know that rise is close, but that was the one that I would go to just from the experience and the technology behind it.


Jeanine Yama: thought one of the most technology technologically advanced ones I had seen in a while was that guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind, um, which was a much bigger attraction than I had anticipated. So many different parts to it and the way that they have to coordinate all of the, the right vehicle movement.

Um, I thought that I thought they did a good job with

Jeremiah Good: that. I know that I'm the 1 that's causing us to have to move faster because I have to depart soon, but I, I thought about all of those, but rise of the resistance. Takes what they wanted to do with indiana jones back in the early 90s and does everything with it from the animatronics to the drop to Just the room the amazement right as the resistance.

Lou Mongello: Yeah, I agree I think you could also make it. I think you can make an argument too for mystic manner. All right lightning round We're gonna go super fast the best attraction Soundtrack or song at any Disney park around the world, Jeremiah, Janine, Becky, it's a small road.

Jeanine Yama: Oh, um, you know, I had, it's a small world.

Also, it's so iconic and memorable.

Beci Mahnken: I didn't want to have that stuck in my head. So I'm going with Pirates of the Caribbean for Yoho. Yoho.

Jeanine Yama: Don't talk

Jeremiah Good: about Lou that way.

Lou Mongello: Richard Sherman. I love and respect you immeasurably. And it's easy to pick a Sherman brothers song. But I think compass of your heart by Alan Menken in, in, um, in, in, in Sinbad is one of the most beautiful songs ever in the Disney park period.

Uh, of all the Disney park, if it doesn't make you cry, there's something wrong with you. Of all the Disney park castles, which is the most majestic and impressive Becky Jeanine Jeremiah.

Beci Mahnken: Disneyland Paris, hands down.

Jeremiah Good: Disneyland Paris.

Lou Mongello: Disneyland Paris. Yeah. Enchanted Storybook in Shanghai is, is majestic, but Le Chateau Le Boulanvent is, is...


Beci Mahnken: doesn't have a

Jeremiah Good: dragon underneath it. I'm sorry, the what,

Lou Mongello: Lou? I can only get to Le Chateau, and then it's all downhill for me, so, yeah. Are we all going to say that in terms of attention to detail and theming and design? Are we all going to just agree it's Tokyo DisneySea? I wrote the question, I'm like, that's ridiculous.

All right, last in part question, then a couple of quick ones. What is, and this is the tough one, and you define it however you want, what is the best overall attraction in any Disney park around the world? And what makes it the best? In one sentence, go. Becky, Jared, Janine, and Jeremy. Me

Beci Mahnken: again. All right. I'm going to go back to Pirates of the Caribbean Shanghai, and I forget what the whole, what the actual name of it is, because it's just that again, it was one of those ones that you ride and it's so unexpected.

And the thing that happens when it happens, you don't believe it's actually happening, but it's happening. Um, that was one of the rides that I walked out with my jaw on the floor and I couldn't figure out how it was done.

Jeanine Yama: I would also go with Pirates of the Caribbean, but I would go backwards, and I would go with the, uh, original Disneyland version, um, probably pre Jack Sparrow.

I just think, you know, if you, if you watch game shows, whenever they say something like, name a, name an attraction from Disneyland, and most people are like, something with Alice in Wonderland, but almost everybody gets Pirates of the Caribbean, uh, because I just think that there's something iconic about it that.

Jeremiah Good: People

Jeanine Yama: that it's easily identifiable for across the board.

Jeremiah Good: So when I think overall attractions around the world, you have to take into consideration technology, story, music, characters, you setting. So mystic manner,

Lou Mongello: right? That's the challenge. How do you balance nostalgia and sentiment and recency bias?

Look. The Haunted Mansion is the perfect blend of humor and spookiness and technical innovation that still holds up. But you're right, the correct answer is Mystic Manor. It is a unique storyline, the trackless ride system, the advanced special effects and animatronics, It's immersive, the artwork. Danny Elfin's musical score is possibly the best musical score of...

Any attraction and it's not scary like it's accessible to Everyone. Um, all right last couple of questions What from from your personal experience what disney park do you think offers the best overall guest experience? Just just bark it out any of you. Tokyo disneyland.

Jeanine Yama: Yeah, tokyo disneyland probably

Beci Mahnken: Yeah, I'll

Lou Mongello: make that a third.

So you, you mean specifically Tokyo Disneyland, not Disney sea, or do you mean, Oh,

Beci Mahnken: I

Jeanine Yama: mean, if you could go with both, then I would say both. I think Disneyland has more attractions and sometimes

Beci Mahnken: that's important to people. I like sea over land is great,

Lou Mongello: but it's, it's the best of the best. Like land is just Disney.

Yeah. It's the best of the best. Um, is there a Disney park that you believe captures the essence of Walt's original vision best?

I'll make the argument for Disney Sea because I think it's that combination of innovation and storytelling that, um, I think, I think this is very much sort of follows along and in the type of vision that Walt would have had. Um, I'm going to skip that question because I know what the answer is. If you could spend an entire day in just one area, just one park, like just go to one place in one park around the world, which would it be?

Jeremiah Good: Mysterious Island, the rides and the food. Because

Beci Mahnken: there's like two places too, but you're right, because if I could snap my fingers, I'm thinking if I, if it doesn't matter, money, time, whatever, that's where I would go to because, um, I just, I enjoyed the atmosphere so much there and we just need to go back again and again, and maybe again after that, because there's so many rides and attractions and, And, um, cool, unique experiences there that you just don't get in the parks here.

Yeah. I think that, I

Jeanine Yama: mean, that is probably my favorite land that exists now. Um, I think my only issue with that is that it is kind of a, a small area. So if you're going to do an entire day, I would almost go with something like maybe world showcase. Cause at least you've got, like, you got like a long, a mile of stuff to, uh, Wander around and

Lou Mongello: I do love me some mysterious island like for all for all of the reasons Becky you want to make sure all right.

I'm gonna ask you one quick question today if you could introduce One attraction or one experience from a Disney Park overseas Into what you consider your home park, right? So for me, it's world for you guys That might be land if you're gonna choose one attraction or experience from an overseas park into your home park Which one would it be?

Jeremiah Janine and Becky

Jeremiah Good: Uh, to go back to what we talked about just a few minutes ago Shanghai Disneyland Pirates. I, I had a dream that after the destination, or D23 Expo, when they talked about Moana coming, putting Moana onto that type of ride system in Disney's Animal Kingdom would just have been an amazing attraction.

Jeanine Yama: Um, I was, you know, I had read, I had read, read this incorrectly. I didn't realize it was a prog, so I was going to be like, if you could bring the People Mover back to Disneyland,

Lou Mongello: that would be That's all right, we'll take that. People Mover is a, is a really good answer.

Beci Mahnken: This is a great answer. Okay, for me, I'm going really off the board here because this is what I would bring to anywhere that it would be would be Marvel's mission dimensions of danger, which is the walkthrough that we did it Hong Kong that to this day.

If you ask me if I could go to any attraction, that's. Not there anymore. That would be it. That was the one during our Halloween adventure in Hong Kong that we just looked and said, well, we got some time. Let's go do this because we had no idea what it was. And to this day, it's probably still one of the most amazing.

Attractions that didn't have billions of dollars of technology to make it work. And I loved it, adored it, and I wish they would bring it to one of the parks just so that we could experience

Lou Mongello: it. That's a great answer. That's a great. And now I see why you were winding up for that one since the very beginning.

Um, it go back and listen to our Hong Kong review show. I'll link to it in, in the show notes. You get to search for it in your podcast player, but that pop up, I look at it as sort of a test base attraction. Walk through, run through, interactive experience, like, yeah, talk about lawyers not allowing something like that in the, in the States.

Um, it was really, really well done, um, in, in, in terms of theming and story and characters, um, et cetera. So as much as I like having attractions and a reason to go visit, I would bring mystic matter. My love for Mystic Manor goes, goes wide and deep. Um, and we'll see if what we said at the beginning is true and all of our answers are the same, but if you could visit only one Disney park for the rest of your life, it's the only park you can visit, which one would it be?

Jeremiah Good: Disneyland. I know.

Beci Mahnken: It's, it's a toss up between Tokyo Disney and, and Disneyland. I really, that impressed so much upon me when we've been to, to Tokyo, the, the two times we've been there. I just, and we didn't see it all.

Lou Mongello: We still haven't seen it all too, which is. And the park is massive. I, I struggle with this. You know, Walt Disney World is my home park.

I, I love it for all the reasons. Disneyland is where Walt walked, but Disney Sea is, is nothing short of, of spectacular. So I'm not going to answer the question.

Jeanine Yama: Cheater.

Beci Mahnken: That's so mean. You put us on the spot.

Lou Mongello: If they could put Tokyo Disney Sea inside of it. Um, listen. So my idea of trying to do these in 60 seconds clearly failed miserably, but hopefully, um, for, for good reason.

This was a lot of fun and I appreciate you. This is a show, like I said, I've been looking forward to a long time and I appreciate you, your time and your input and your voices and your perspectives. And I'm sure there's a lot more we could talk. Maybe we'll get together on a live show when one Wednesday night and sort of talk about these together with, with folks who are listening.

And maybe you want to share some of their thoughts and yell at us. How do we possibly leave this thing off our list? And if that's what you're screaming into your phone or into your car right now, please call the voicemail 407 900 9391. That's 407 900. WDW one, let us know what you thought of the show, what we left off the list, or you can, uh, I'll post questions about these in the clubhouse, www dot com slash clubhouse, uh, Jeremiah from laughing place.

com Janine from Janine and Becky from travel. Um, I will link to all of your stuff, uh, in the show notes, but I really, really appreciate you. You're you're time today and you know for me a lot of the places that we visited memories that we shared The third of the four of us got to do, you know together At different times.

So thank you very much for helping me make these memories and and pull a show like this together. Hey words

Beci Mahnken: Spaghetti popcorn. No, I'm just craving it

Lou Mongello: If you could eat one thing from any Disney park around the world right now snap your fingers and have at it What would it be spaghetti popcorn

Jeanine Yama: mango?

Bacon rice roll.

Lou Mongello: Oh, it's so good. But those little dumplings they're so tasty and delicious and cute But I would probably tails the tails. Oh the chandu the chandu tails What I wouldn't give for five chandu

Jeremiah Good: tails right now tigger tales from disneyland are good, too I haven't had those tigger tales. Yeah exit and uh Who's thoughtful corner

Lou Mongello: what this has shown us Becky and you know, you've been resistant to this the whole time We obviously need to go back to these parks very very soon

Jeremiah Good: I'll be at Disneyland next weekend.

If you want to come down and hang out.

Beci Mahnken: Where are we gonna be? We're gonna be in

Lou Mongello: Budapest somewhere.

Jeanine Yama: Yeah,

Beci Mahnken: I'll wave a wave as the flight goes

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