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19 Years of Magic: Celebrating the Journey and Community of WDW Radio

19 years ago today, the very first, 6 minute and 36 second long episode of WDW Radio was published.

I have many deep, very emotional feelings about this show, that day, and what you mean to me. My life changed profoundly all those years ago, and ways I never could have imagined or anticipated.

While my personal journey started with my first Walt Disney World Trivia Book in 2004, it was a pivotal moment in my life when this first (painfully awkward) episode dropped.

All I will say for now is THANK YOU. Thank you for listening, the family you’ve created, your friendship, support, and help… and so much more I can’t put into words.

I hope that the show, and everything that has come from it, continues to bring you happiness, value, and a place you call home.

You created and belong to something special… something that transcends the podcast.

So today, know that you are loved and appreciated, and that you have given me a gift that I don’t know I can ever fully repay. None of this happens without you, whether you realize it or not.

And in the spirit of spreading the word and choosing the good, share a link to the show or one of your favorite episodes with someone or on social. Invite them to not just listen and subscribe, but invite them into a community where they are welcome and belong.

I appreciate and love you. Thank you, and congratulations to YOU!

Lou Mongello