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Epcot International Festival of the Arts, Artist Profile: Michael Provenza

–Tiera Tanner, WDW Radio Team

Michael Provenzo at his Festival of the Arts booth

Oil paint, detail brushes and countless tiny dots create familiar Disney characters and scenes in the meticulous and mesmerizing art of Michael Provenza. 

In his third year at the Festival of the Arts, Provenza presented his unique “Realistic Surrealism” paintings.

“I developed a distinctive pointillistic style and traditional blending techniques that create a realistic and dimensional quality, yet surreal and magical,” Provenza explained. 

Surrealist elements found in Provenza’s work include whimsical stripes and paths leading through “dream-like scenery” of his imagination “capturing life’s journey…surrounded by earth’s ethereal beauty and glory.”

“My inspiration for the pieces I do is more from the classical [Disney] films and how I can make them fit in ‘my world,’” said Provenza. “My goal is to have a unique and original experience for myself and the viewer!”

Lost and Found is a new painting to join Provenza’s magical world. Ornery Lost Boys join John and Michael Darling through the lush green foliage of the Neverland forest — a landscape scene inspired by Walt Disney’s Peter Pan (1953). John Darling leads the boisterous bunch, landing on a signature striped path on the right side of the canvas. This path travels back into the forest – suggesting endless Neverland adventures ahead. The Lost Boys and Michael Darling skip, jump, and smile across gray stones placed perfectly in a sparkling blue stream coming from a white waterfall that frames the left side of the canvas. Provenza’s style fits seamlessly into the tropical landscape of Neverland.

Provenza said that each painting was a labor of love — striving to make each one better than the last.

“My favorite piece would have to be whatever I’m working on at the time,” he continued.

Provenza shared his excitement for his colleagues’ work at the festival as well.

“I’m always looking forward to meeting up with all my talented friends and colleagues,” he said. “They are all wonderfully talented!”

Provenza also expressed the joy guests bring to the festival.

“My favorite memories are always meeting so many wonderful people at all my art shows –  nothing better,” he said.

To meet Provenza and explore his artwork, visit the Promenade Fine Art booth (located at Future World Test Track) February 1-7, 2024.