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WDW Radio # 768 – Top Ten Things We Love About Adventureland

This week’s show comes to you directly from the heart of Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom, where we recently recorded live. As the sounds of the jungle and distant pirate battles fill the air, we’re diving into the Top Ten Things We Love About Adventureland.

From its mystical allure to the daring escapades (and definitely some food), join us as we discover together what makes Adventureland a treasure trove of wonders.


In this conversation, Lou Mongello and Tim Foster discuss their top 10 reasons why they love Adventureland in Walt Disney World. They cover various aspects of Adventureland, including nostalgia, music, transitions, views, details, history, smells, food, the Swiss Family Treehouse, and the Jungle Cruise skippers. They also share personal anecdotes and stories related to Adventureland. In this conversation, Lou Mongello discusses various aspects of Adventureland in Disney World.

He highlights the depth of storytelling and the connection to the Society of Explorers and Adventures found in Skipper Canteen. Lou also emphasizes the rich story and details of Adventureland, including the message boards and obscure references. He expresses his love for Adventureland at night and its ambiance. The conversation concludes with upcoming plans and projects, suggestions for top ten lists, and a mention of the spitting camels and misting tiki statues.


  • Adventureland in Walt Disney World is a beloved land that evokes nostalgia and a sense of connection with Walt Disney.
  • The music and transitions in Adventureland create an immersive and storytelling experience.
  • The views and details in Adventureland, including the Swiss Family Treehouse and the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, offer unique perspectives and hidden gems.
  • Adventureland has a rich history and is home to classic attractions that have stood the test of time.
  • The smells and food in Adventureland, such as the musty water smell in Pirates of the Caribbean and the iconic Dole Whip, add to the overall experience.
  • The Jungle Cruise skippers play a crucial role in creating a memorable and entertaining experience for guests. Skipper Canteen in Adventureland offers a depth of storytelling and a connection to the Society of Explorers and Adventures.
  • Adventureland is filled with rich story and details, including message boards and obscure references.
  • Adventureland at night provides a beautiful ambiance and a different experience compared to the daytime.
  • Listeners are encouraged to share their favorite aspects of Adventureland and suggest top ten list ideas.
  • Upcoming plans and projects include a spring issue, the 100 years of Disney Magic Anniversary Book, and new pins.


[00:00] Introduction and Behind the Scenes
[00:56] Favorite Aspects of Walt Disney World
[04:32] Nostalgia and Connection with Walt Disney
[09:38] Music and Transitions in Adventureland
[14:47] Views and Details in Adventureland
[17:27] Magic Carpets of Aladdin and Details in Adventureland
[19:02] History and Details of Adventureland
[25:38] Smells of Adventureland
[29:18] Pirates of the Caribbean and Queue Details
[34:02] Food in Adventureland
[41:36] The Swiss Family Treehouse
[42:27] Jungle Cruise Skippers
[44:15] Skipper Canteen and the Depth of Storytelling
[45:12] The Connection to the Society of Explorers and Adventures
[46:04] The Rich Story and Details of Adventureland
[47:30] Adventureland at Night
[49:18] Favorite Aspects of Adventureland
[50:30] Upcoming Plans and Projects
[51:12] Top Ten List Suggestions
Mention of Spitting Camels and Misting Tiki Statues
Closing Remarks and Appreciation

What is your favorite aspect of Adventureland?

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Episode Transcript

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Lou Mongello (00:56.022)
When you close your eyes and you think about some of your favorite aspects of Walt Disney World, what comes to mind first? Is it an attraction? Is it a character? Is it maybe a restaurant? Is it a certain place? Is it a memory? Is it a land? Is it the sound of those wheels on the carts as they go by in the background? For me, I am very much a nostalgic.

Like, if you ask me what my favorite park is, I'm gonna say Magic Kingdom. I love all the others for different reasons, but I love Magic Kingdom. I have so many fond memories here, and there's still something that is special about this place. And each of the lands within has reasons to love it and reasons to keep coming back. And today, tonight, we are sitting here on a chilly evening in Adventureland.

As we prepare to record live, our top 10-ish reasons why we love Adventureland. I say we because I can't do it alone. I say top 10 and you of course have to think of, he goes by many names. He likes to be called Little Timmy Foster, Tim Bananas Foster, Tim Samantha Brown Foster.

I just call him my longtime friend and publisher of listen to how the music the crescendo of the music as I introduce Tim Foster from celebrations magazine. Thanks, Lou. You should come up with a jungle cruise boat name for me Can you name you too? Can we name rivers that start with a T or an L? Tonga Timmy, I like it and you should ask those who are watching Zippy Lou

Wait, what? First of all, that's way too long. I can't... M-I-S-S-I-S-I-P-P-I. Let's... Listen, I'm a little man. I need a little name for the top of my boat. Timmy Foster, we do not get a chance to get together that often. We certainly have not done a live show together. We're actually broadcasting live. It's Wednesday night around eight-something o'clock, and we're broadcasting on WRELive and recording our first Top 10 Together live. You just said... This is how... You're watching...

Lou Mongello (03:15.78)
how this all comes together. What do you like? Excited? You're nervous? What is it? I'm excited, nervous and everything. I'm mesmerized and horrified at your preparation.

Lack of? No, it's a fascinating behind the scenes look at this. This is fun, we've never done this before. We've never done this before. This is a wild ride. And I love doing this, we have a live audience. We literally have people watching at home from around the world. We can make no mistakes. No, we can make lots of mistakes. We've made 93 so far. But this is what I love about doing it live. And it's also, and look, I, you know.

I don't edit the podcast. This may come as a shock. I don't because I think exactly the way it happens because I want you who's watching at home, you who's listening at home, you who's sitting with us. We have a special guest off camera. You want to pop in? No, she's like, no, no.

I want you to feel like you're sitting here at the table with us in Adventureland. The music is going, the magic carpets are spinning. It is a beautiful night. It's about 40 degrees out and we're going to share our top 10 reasons why we love this land. You are my friend, you are my guest and you have no notes so I'm wildly curious to hear what you're going to say first. Well, you know, you talked about nostalgia somewhere in the opening and that's one of the things I love the most. You can say this about...

Pretty much any land in the Magic Kingdom, but especially in Adventureland. I love how I walk in here and I feel a connection. I'm going nostalgic right out of the gate. I feel that connection with Walt Disney walking through here. And through the history. Mostly because these were attractions he was involved with, the Enchanted Tiki Room. It's named Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. And the Jungle Cruise.

Lou Mongello (04:57.194)
Pirates of the Caribbean like this is all I can if you know the history of how the Magic Kingdom came to be in a Disneyland came to be you just feel Walt's spirit and all of these Attractions again all throughout Magic Kingdom, but I think especially here for some reason We know how much he loved animals and loved the Jungle Cruise Which always brings up my favorite trivia question. Luke. How many animatronics are there on the Jungle Cruise?

You know, Tim, I was just reading the most recent issue of Celebrations magazine, where I think that you included this fun fact there. I believe the answer is, well, no, wait a minute. Wait a second. Are you going to... That answer might not be the same anymore, because now that they have the new scene at the end, because the answer was there were zero, right? Because they were all using hydraulics and not auto-animatronics. But now I wonder in that final scene, where there's sort of the quote unquote gift shop at the end. Yeah.

are any of the figures in there animatronics? I haven't, I've noticed new scenes in there, and I'm ashamed I didn't really notice them before, but they kind of, I think the new scenes kind of came without a lot of fan. So let's just say that there are none, there are no animatronics, and that's, there's an asterisk because we may be completely wrong. I will ask somebody who, whether they're okay? Who has very close knowledge to this project, if there are in fact any animatronics on the attraction.

But that being said, feeling Walt Disney's spirit in the attractions that he had a personal hand in putting together, even the Tiki Room has that special place knowing that that's kind of the birthplace of animatronics now that all came to be. And it's a long, fascinating story, but that's the first thing on my list is just that sense of history and connection with Walt Disney as you walk through. You know, Tim, I have to pause for a second because oftentimes when we do these...

Tim's not necessarily paying attention to my facial expressions, which is good. Because usually there's a lot of like head and hand, shaking of my head. I absolutely love that that's where you went first. Because I too, and maybe it's not just because of the season of life that I'm in, but I am, you know, I'm very sentimental and nostalgic and we've talked a lot, especially in the last few years, about the keeping of Walt in Walt Disney World and I love the fact that that's where you went first, right? It's Walt Disney's carousel of progress. It's Walt

Lou Mongello (07:13.764)
in Chinatikamu and I feel that there's sort of that spirit and presence of Walt here and just, you know, Adventureland hasn't changed very much over the years, right? Other than maybe the introduction of the magic carpets of Aladdin a number of years ago, the attractions that are here have been here and there's something about that, right? Walt said it will never be a museum, but I sort of like that, that there's not a lot that is really come and gone in Adventureland

a certain degree, you know, not that Walt walked here, but it's sort of like the way that Walt would have wanted it that way. Well, what, it's a quick story. This isn't an Adventureland story, but we had this yesterday, just this idea of the connection with Walt Disney and still remembering. And we talk a lot about how we feel like a lot of people these days, younger people, don't realize Walt Disney was a person and someone and so on. We were over in Epcot at the Walt Disney statue at Dreamer's Point, and I was taking pictures and Lisa, who's sitting over next to us.

was standing there, a random cast member, not the PhotoPass person, just a random cast member, sweeping up whenever, starting up a conversation. Young, too. Excuse me, sir, can you please stop climbing on the Walt Disney statue? But just started a conversation of how much he loved the Walt Disney statue as there, how much Walt Disney meant to everything we see here, how he started this, how much he meant to this individual cast member.

Again, I was a young person, it wasn't like someone who's been here 50 years. So it was nice to see that the connection is still there with a lot of people.

as much as we think maybe it's gone a little bit but it's still there. That was nice to see. Nothing to do with Adventureland but it's a nice little... No, but we've even talked about too that, you know, over time it seems like there's been a distancing of the presence of Walt in Walt Disney World. I actually just posted in the archives, on one of the archives shows, you know, finding Walt in Walt Disney World. References to Walt because as time goes on and there's less and less and... I remember being here October 1st for the anniversary and I was like, why is there not...

Lou Mongello (09:12.106)
Why is there not a rededication ceremony? Why is there not something about Walt for this very important anniversary? But maybe that's what we're trying to help do. It's like making sure that we keep Walt in the Disney box. Just to wave him a little plant a little Walt flags wherever we are. I'm going to go out of order to a certain degree because our conversation, the music that's playing in the background will bring me to I love.

love and you can't obviously hear it now because the fireworks are going off behind us. I absolutely love the music and the atmosphere of Adventureland. If there weren't so many steps, you and I would be skipping or taking the elevator up to the top of the Swiss Family Tree House, not just for the beautiful views, but to hear Swissapolka in the background.

Yo-ho, A Pirate's Life for Me, The Tiki Birds, like, and even just the background music that plays here, I think is so immersive in terms of storytelling, and I'm going to sort of maybe combine one of the other things that was on my list, because one of the things I love are the transitions, especially in Magic Kingdom, from land to land. The portal, to a certain degree, that used to be here is not here anymore. That, that...

heard that arched bridge which when you stood in the walkway coming from Main Street you couldn't see into Adventureland, right? Your view was blocked by the arched bridge but what did you see? You saw nothing but lush greenery. There was that sense of what is it over that bridge? What is the sense of adventure, right, in terms of... But if you pay attention to the audible transition that's happening behind you as you hear the

they start to sort of transition into those deep jungle rhythms and drums of Adventureland, it really helps the place making and the storytelling without having to necessarily stay or say a word. You can close your eyes and sort of make that walk.

Lou Mongello (11:14.562)
careful of course but you can make it and sort of know exactly where you are just by the background music. I literally hit first thing on my list second musical transition I had that on my list and I wanted I'll just piggyback on that this is a small thing but I will throwing out there as far as the transitions go the Crystal Palace restaurant building I suppose right in one of my favorite buildings in all of Walt Disney World and

The funny thing is we could be having a 10 Things We Love About Main Street USA and could be talking about the Crystal Palace Building, but I think...

As far as the transition goes, and I'm with you, I think the transition from Main Street to Adventureland is one of the best. For whatever reason. It's so seamless, but it's natural. And the Crystal Palace Restaurant does a lot for that, being that it can be at home either in Victorian era, Main Street USA, or the colonial era of the setting of Adventureland, and it's just as much at home in either spot. So I think it's a beautiful building in its own right. Great food.

You'll take me one day. And brilliant transition, right? Yeah, and if you look at the on end. Yeah, it helps to bridge, yeah, as you go around, it's not an abrupt, this architecture stops and then this starts. It's like a nice, smooth transition. And as you walk around, you go from the Crystal Palace being one of the storefronts on Main Street USA in that old style, any town USA thing, to this glass.

Victorian era building is kind of lost in the jungles as it's overgrowing as you go over the bridges And it just kind of seamlessly puts you into this place and vice versa if you're going the other way Yeah and I love that you point out because that there's actually a little sort of cut out on the bridge and I love standing there because You can just sort of hear a little bit of that ragtime But you can sort of just pan your head from left to right and watch that transition happening Even from the version of delicate flowers and trees

Lou Mongello (13:13.322)
Main Street side to the lush overgrown sense that you get in Adventureland and how beautifully and seamlessly they incorporate different areas of the world. It's the Caribbean, it's Africa, it's South America, it's Asia, all in this single land that has no definition of this is meant to be a certain area. It all just sort of... It's this wonderful sort of cacophony that...

comes together seamlessly and that transition is a big part of it. There you go. Yeah, I love it. It also has a nice transition to Frontierland, but...

That's a tale for another show perhaps. It is, I think, the only top 10 things that we love about show that we're missing. A Frontierland? Frontierland. I need to come up with some. Why don't we wait? Why don't we do it? Why don't we wait until Tiana's opens? Because I have a sh- Fantastic. I have a sneaking suspicion. Splash Mountain was always one of mine, but I have to wait. But I cannot wait, by the way. I've seen, I'm down here seeing it starting to be unveiled slowly as the scaffolding comes up. Can't wait. All right.

your turn. I think it's your turn. Well, I stole a lot of them. Well, I was since I did I had musical transitions and Crystal Palace has two entries and I kind of talked about both of them. I'm gonna call that my next entry. So I'm gonna throw it back to you. This is why top tens are ish because they all sort of look because we were talking about the music. We're talking about the transitions. We're talking about the theming. One of the things I love about this land, I think there's and that's part of the reason why I love Magic King so much is

I can come here and don't have to ride anything because the views are part of the things that I love. Even where we're sitting right now, having this view out over the central square of Adventureland, I think the views in, into, throughout and from Adventureland...

Lou Mongello (15:06.398)
are some of the best. We just mentioned, for example, the views if you climb up the tree house and you get that shot, a wonderful perspective on the hub and Cinderella Castle that you can't get anywhere else. As you look from place to place, you get a sense, yes, this is meant to be more, you know, Southeast Asia where that is more Africa, that's more Caribbean. Depending on what your vantage point is and where you're looking,

not just in the land itself, but even places like, I love riding the Jungle Cruise not just for the skippers, but some of the incredible views that you get from there as well, and I love the some of the details and the thoughtfulness that was put into it. So for example, if you're in Adventureland and you're looking at the building that houses the Tiki Room, it looks like it belongs in Polynesia somewhere, but if you go to the Frontierland side, it was specifically designed that yeah, I can this those

those animals does the horn. The French, right, because it's not sort of divine. But they make sense in frontier land the same way they make sense in adventure land. Yeah, which is great. Actually speaking of views, one thing, I don't know why I know, just walking around the queue, or not the queue, the area leading down to the jungle cruise, finding views of the Swiss family tree house I never really take the time to appreciate. So yeah, there's so many.

I'm with you though, the top from the Swiss Family Treehouse is the best. Which reminds me, I haven't been up there in a while. Neither have I. I need to go. Maybe when we're done here. Maybe we should go. Because At Night was my part two of that, Swiss Family Treehouse, At Night. The views and the fact of how you feel so far away from civilization up there when you're not, but it is kind of eerie and spooky and creepy, but exotic and fascinating too at night.

It sort of sounds like walking up to Tim Foster's house. That's exactly right. Yes. Without the Swizzkapolka. I'll try, but... I'm sure Swizzkapolka has played in your house. Maybe, maybe. Buddy Baker. One of my... It really is one of my favorite background music anywhere, Swizzkapolka. Yeah. I agree. It's good. Can you play it? No. All right. Are we going to my next one here? We are. Wait, I have to check my notes here. Oh, let's see.

Lou Mongello (17:27.766)
Can I talk about since we're sitting? I don't know if I've told this on your show or not. How many other shows are you on? What? How many shows have I been on? How many other people? You're like, you just said, I don't know if I've talked about this on your show, which makes me think like now you're cheating on me, like going off, which you're a person like entitled to. Well, I'm glad you listened to our podcast that we have at celebrations. Religiously, religiously. Anyway, over there, we are sitting.

Not too far from the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. And you joke, because you said my top 10 rides I've never been on, and you joked that this was number four or five. I have been on Magic Carpets of Aladdin. And I think I just told you this story. And I'm going to tell these fine folks out here how your daughter, your daughter, who is a sweet child, she was four or five at the time, we went on Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

She was given control of the stick. I remember this. She turned magic carpets of Aladdin into orange team mission space. And to this day, when I approach magic carpets of Aladdin, it's with the same trepidation as I do when I approach the Tower of Terror, thanks to your daughter. I saw that. I saw you were a little ashen. This is getting so close.

Yeah, but how about this whole area, the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, and the detail that you can find here? Every time I walk around, look at the ground, and you find all the pottery shards and the hidden mickeys and the jewels. And I'm always feeling like I'm finding something new.

I take a picture of it and realize I've taken 27 pictures of the exact same thing. Does your wife yell at you go, Tim, you've taken this picture 10,000 times, why are you doing it again? I think the comment usually kind of goes along the lines of, oh, here we go. That kind of thing. Like really? Wait, I think we found a new one. But it's one of the most-

Lou Mongello (19:24.618)
Well, you even clued me into this, the detail that's found in the littlest of areas, the walkways, in the benches, the lava benches that you've heard of. And it is a fascinating place to walk through and just look out for the little tiniest of details. And when they did the magic carpet, I say it's new, it's been there forever at this point, but seeing those little...

little touches that you think are so above and beyond like why would they even think to do it but they do and they're fun to look for. Did you just call Magical Carpets of Aladdin new? Cause I think it's been your legend. I know I did but then it's not. Has it been here for 30 years? Cause it might not. No probably. What year did Aladdin come out? 94? 96? What?

Yeah, I think this is saying much more about me than it is about the magic carpet of Aladdin. That's how we know we're getting older, like, magic carpet of Aladdin was just a couple years ago. Did you hear about this newfangled thing they got? It's called the Haunted Mansion. They've got ghosts in there. It's great. Wait till you see it. But do you remember what was here before that?

This was a big open space with benches. That's where the tile came from, was from the benches that they took out. And that's how old I guess it really is because I don't really remember what was there before. But I was here before it came. But yeah, actually it's funny because the details are escaping me, but it's one of those, they made such an incredibly detailed backstory for all the details you found there that it was a lamp that was broken or something when it was, and that's why the-

pottery shards are there. I've kind of forgotten the details of that backstory, but to just come up with a story for... there's little pieces of pottery that are in the ground. Well, that's one of the things that I've always loved. And sometimes, you know, I don't know if it's just that we aren't as aware of it or maybe they're not as... but I remember for years, like, everything had a reason. Everything had a story. I've told the story a million times. I was researching...

Lou Mongello (21:24.274)
my audio tours and there was a box, I can see it, it was a black box in the Main Street train station that had the letters R.L. Nicholas on it and I couldn't Tim, I researched, I went to everything, I talked to everybody and then finally I got, I was Dave Smith from the archives, he literally wrote The Aid is the Encyclopedia, I was with Dave Smith and I became friendly with him and I said Dave, you're the person who knows.

I'm gonna get my answer, this is it." And it was like a very fatherly move. He said, Lou?

Sometimes a box is just a box. I'm like, okay, maybe not everything does have a story, but we all wish that there was this, like great big book of imagination that just had it all in it. But that's the thing though, cause whenever I'm walking around and I see anything, like we're in imagination and I'm looking on the desk, I'm always seeing what's new there. And there's an envelope marked with, kind of like three letters and I forget what it is. I, off the top of my head, it couldn't.

tell what it was been my head that must mean something so I took a picture and by gosh I'm gonna Google it and figure out what it is and it may be a folder is just a folder so yeah but yeah so that actually that'll lead me into one of the other things that I love about Adventureland we talk about our sentiment and history and I love the history of this land I remember vividly being here as a kid with my parents and you know it was only Magic Kingdom at that back then

So we did spend a lot of time in Adventureland and run in. But I remember what it used to be, and we were talking earlier, where we're sitting now.

Lou Mongello (23:03.026)
was literally part of a store. This was Zanzibar Traders. It had the little sort of weather vein and I loved this store because not only was the merchandise that was sold here unique and themed to this land, but there were such great details up in the rafters. I have pictures that I love of trinkets and treasures that came from Agarbond and was addressed to Jasmine and Aladdin and references to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea that when I came...

to the park with friends or anybody that could sort of grab off the street I wanted to show them these cool details. Nine times I attended like dude I just wonder why the jungle troops like this. But for me I love the thoughtfulness that was put into this. Somebody mentioned earlier Colonel Hathy, Tim was asking Jeeves who Colonel Hathy was, but I remember- Jeeves didn't know about this.

The very- what was the very first extinct attraction ever in Walt Disney World? Oh, come on! Right! That's what I'm here for! Because I'm a nerd! I swear I've dated before! The Safari Club arcade used to be right next door! No! Really? Really! And it went away! It like, it opened in early 72 and was gone by the end of 72. It was a small little arcade and had like those old like, shooting games in it. And uh...

It was really, really well themed and then it became Colonel Hathies Safari Shop, something like that. And then it's like a sunglass on now. But it was also a clothing store for a while, which I loved because up on top of the building, there was this huge spindle that had different colored threads on it and I'm like, oh, it's brilliant. They have all the different colored threads for the clothing shop underneath.

They sell sunglasses now, but it's fine. But it's fine. But it is that rich history that is here. Like, I still am taking people asking, who's Bowana Bob? Who's Bowana Bob? I don't know. Come on. Who is Bowana Bob? You know, Bowana Bob? You know who's Bowana Bob. I'm looking at the people watching live. Have you? Is he an Avenger? You see why I put my hands on my head? Is he Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Oh my Lord.

Lou Mongello (25:17.302)
He was the original super, this, Bawanna Bob was the original superhero. It was Bob Hope. You see? From the movie Call Me Bawanna, 1963. I'm the only nerd that, Lisa's just shaking her head like, really, Mungelo? Like, you sure you dated? Like, I swear. But I love that those little details still remain, right?

these classic attractions that have not really changed very much over the years, right? They haven't taken away the Swiss Family Treehouse and made it something else. They still have that connection to not just Magic Kingdom's history, but Disney history and some of these and some things have gone over time. So there used to be the exit of the Jungle Cruise. There were all these little crates.

that were addressed to different... I have pictures of those, yes. At least it says you have 8,000 pictures of them on the library. That's right. But they were addressed to characters and actors like Tommy Kirk, Esquire, from Swiss Family Tria. So I love being able to connect the dots for people from what was here to what is there and how the story of Adventureland came together. But I love, love the history that's here, the different shops that have been part of the Pirates of the Caribbean experience. Do you remember the Pirates League? Yes. Did you ever get made up in the Pirates?

League? Please say yes. What do you want me to say? I want you to say yes. What do you expect me to say right now? I want Lisa to pull out pictures. No, I regret it. Did you? I did. I took my kids. I did. And I loved it. You're gonna make me cry because my kids are back in school now. But yeah, I sort of think back. Lafitte's portrait shop that used to be there.

Way before your... no. No, before my time. Yeah, it's fine. I have a way back though. It's not there anymore. That my daughter and I used to do. You remember Shrunken Ned's Junior Jungle Boats? Aw, I love Shrunken Dredge. I love those. I could... I could never... She's watching? Hello, darling daughter.

Lou Mongello (27:17.198)
Darling guard, do you remember shrunken edge junior jungle boats? I could say a seer them, right? I mean, but it wasn't the point that wasn't the point of being a quarter well spent or whatever And it was the simple pleasures, right? The simple pleasures why we love this place when we love this part where we love this place Matt Adventureland is full of simple pleasures. There's no thrill rides here. There's a walking treehouse Wow magic bar bits on Auto-gun

Other than that, it's the beauty and the simplicity of this land that I love so much. Yeah, and the Shrunken Nets was one of those... We talked about these things a lot, the things that you remember you adore, but they're not on any guide or big, call it any guide map, they're not the E-ticket, they're not the D, the C, it's just you stumble across it, it's there. And I do miss them, I wish they would bring them back, but...

Somebody watching live Jessica Beanbridge-Furry who's watching live I'm trying to read the comments as well says is it true used to be able to send a coconut home for adventure land Absolutely from the store right here used to be able to you could buy a coconut and you could put and they would mail it And you can send her for it. I didn't get mine that you mailed me. It's the Postal Service. It's on its way I'm sure it's okay. Yeah, I'm sure the Postal Service is watching too. I love you Postal Service I'm gonna blame Lou for that one

What else are we being asked? I'm just quickly looking through some of that. All right, was that yours or was that? I think that was mine. Shrunken Ned's Junior Jungle Boats was one on my list. Which doesn't really count because it's not there anymore, but I remember it so well. I think we'd be remiss if we didn't say, and...

Not to sort of spark the debate which, quote unquote, which Pirates is better, whose Pirates is better. They're all wonderful Pirates. I think Disneyland has a better Pirates attraction, but I love, love our queue of Pirates. I love the fort, the Castillo de Moro. I love the story that is told.

Lou Mongello (29:18.518)
But then the fort, depending on which side you go in, you see a different part of the fort. You see the armory or you see where people worked and lived and played and slept. I love, love the Mark Davis story of the chess and stalemate. Wait, here's a football reference for you. I think I told you this once before. There's the two pirates that are at the stalemate playing chess. We know the Mark Davis story, right? I got an update on that story by the way. Oh, you do? Well, tell your story first. No, no, you go first. No, you go first. No, it's a long story.

But I'm gonna tell it anyway. So Mark Davis designed, who was an avid chess player, designed a stalemate. At one point, when it was being cleaned or refurbished, the stalemate was ruined. They actually found it in Imagineering on the back of, like, literally like a back of a napkin. And the stalemate is back for the pirates playing chess, which is why there's no sitting there. But, and I don't know if this is still there, and I have a picture of this, and I will find it. One of the pirates is wearing a white skull cap.

and the side of the skullcap that you can't see from the queue has something written on it. Do you know what's written on the right side of the pirate's skullcap, or at least it used to be there? It's not Go Birds, I take it. Oh, stop it now, don't cry equals cry. No, almost as bad as that, J-E-T-S jets, jets. No way. Way. Really? I will find that picture. Why? How? What happened? There must have been some kooky imagineer who, it was the Nameth era, so maybe he was still sort of. It's about how long ago

they won the Super Bowl. It's fair enough, I guess. So yeah, there's a little Jets reference in there. But yeah, I love, love. And if you spend time in the queue, we always talk about looking up, looking around. Really take your time to look up and see. It's a, the show building is huge. And there's parts of the fort that are sort of built almost full height in the queue. And then if you look at two, and it's, you could actually say this throughout the entire land, but even in parts.

It's a silly detail. I love the light fixtures.

Lou Mongello (31:14.994)
I love the unique lanterns and light fixtures, specifically inside the queue, the cobwebs that are there. As you start to round that first corner, the well that's there and the forced perspective of the stairs leading up to like the second level where you imagine people would live. It's really, really well thought out and designed and I think it doesn't get necessarily the love or attention it needs to. Or I'm just a huge nerd. Or D, all the above. All of the above is fair. Especially, was that C?

You being the... No, the chessboard, so...

I've heard this, we all know this story. And like many of you, I've taken pictures of the chessboard many times. This is one of those moments, Tim, you already have a picture of the chessboard, move on when we're going through the cube. And I looked at the chessboard and I'm looking at it, and I know the legend of it being a stalemate, but I can clearly see checkmate in one, what's going on here. And actually I looked at other pictures I had, I looked at pictures out on Google. And if you started looking, you'll notice the chess pieces are all over the place anyway.

So clearly that was true at one point the story and how it came to be but for a long time now I guess that has not been the case because I guess the chess pieces do move around quite a lot as they get cleaned and They're not put back in any position. Sometimes they're put back Whether it's a stalemate sometimes clearly someone's gonna win. Sometimes it clearly there's it doesn't make sense like that's not even a legal position, but So it's one of those things it's kind of like the same thing. It's like the three

Mickey plate hidden Mickey and haunted mansion is kind of gone now it seems for eternity that seems like another detail that might be lost in the midst of times. My understanding about that one is that the cast members... And it never was. Right. It's officially not... There's only one official hidden Mickey in the haunted mansion. Right. And that's not it. I know where it is. But why? Wait. Are we talking about the same one? I don't know.

Lou Mongello (33:10.358)
Mine's in the hand of the ghoul in the crypt. Yeah. So as you're just about to exit the graveyard, it's almost like to sort of look over your shoulder to the right. It's almost like in a box, there is this silhouette of...

Specter and sort of holding what is a hidden yeah And I always look at is that when I lament that the three plate hidden Mickey isn't there I make sure that one is still there and I tell my good friend Steve Barrett It's still there seems little like a little old man like waving his cane that little hand that water mention That's not there when I was Aaron. Yeah

Lou Mongello (33:46.73)
If you're in the if you're in the haunted mansion you hear a little old man yelling It's me getting kind of want to ride a haunted mansion with Timmy and just like broadcast live so you can all see it All right. What else is on your list? Oh goodness me. Let's see. Hold on take off my glasses

Lou Mongello (34:02.754)
Can I say, it's another show, and actually, this was like the winning entry, I think, in another show. But the musty water smell in Pirates of the Caribbean. Wow. But not just the musty water smell, but the aromas of Adventureland in general, because I actually was going, that's the time I read Road Pirates of the Caribbean.

as now looking forward as we are to the musty water smell but noticing just other rumors that you smell like that begun powder smells knowledge other things that the pineapple in the air jorgen by told by the time imagining that i'm not sure but uh... but any event when you go to the jungle cruise in there's just that earthy watery roman and m i mean other lands in other parts of more uh... deliberate sense

attractions but there's still something about the smell of Adventureland to call it something else. But like I said the winning entry I think in our top smells of all time was the musty water smell in Pirates but it's not the only one and the Caverns in Pirates is still one of my favorite places in all of Walt Disney World just because of the smell but because of the music, because of the mood, because of the mist, because of everything. I literally, I'm not kidding, I remember recording the first time we ever did the top ten smells.

And when I said the musty water, I'm like, nobody's going to get it. This was like the seminal moment. Like we all bonded as a community because we all sort of understood what we were talking about. And that was sort of like the, I get you, you see me type moment because we all know what the musty water smell is. Well, I think because our daughter's watching right now. You see, we did this show, we did this topic later on our podcast, Not Ripping Up Here. She had the same experience. She thought musty water smell and then had the same thought.

Nobody, nobody thinks this is, how weird am I? And she Googled it and sure enough, pages and pages, and then she felt like, okay, I get it, you know? So, yeah, it's one of those, it's one of those few, well, I'm sure there's a lot of them, but when you're talking to a fellow Disney fan, you can spot them, all you have to say is musty water smell, and if you get that look of recognition, you go, yep, we're together, so, you know. How do you not design a musty water smell t-shirt?

Lou Mongello (36:19.978)
Maybe I have. Maybe I'm wearing it right now. You haven't said anything all night long, so it's not working very well.

Lou Mongello (36:28.234)
That's a good idea though. It is. A pin. Oh, I'm going to make a pin. We're going to make a pin. And a t-shirt. Maybe we'll write about it in this thing we do on the side. Me, Celebrations. Magazine. At cele Could be. Could be, yes. Don't do not drink the musty bromine water. Speaking of smells, how could we go without mentioning some of the food of Adventureland?

Cheeseburger spring rolls, which I'm not... It's a relatively recent addition, only like the past few... You haven't had one yet? I haven't had one yet. I feel like I'm about to have one, thanks to my good friend. If that stand is open, we're gonna get like nine of them. I feel like the line was wrapping out to... It was. The word is out about the cheeseburger spring rolls, and certainly, look, you can't talk about Adventureland. Adventureland put Dole Whip on the map.

I never nobody ever heard dull whip before and now you go other places and you want like a Pineapple whip product because it can't be called Dolph unless it's actually dull whip But it is a staple of adventure land whether you get pineapples over the other sort of funky flavors And now you can get it in not one But two different spots with the return of the orange bird a number of years ago Which I just thought about now too now if I put you on the spot and I gave you the whole menu Between the two you got citrus swirl. You got dull whip. You got dull whip float You got dull whip upside down cake

Thanks for watching!

What's your go-to? Are you a classic? Are you a purist? Are you going adventurous? So I'm gonna play, I'm gonna put my lawyer hat on and say, Tim, when am I having this? Because if it's 137 degrees outside, my answer might differ, because I might want a little bit of the juice. So I might want to do a little float. But I'm normally gonna say, I'm a straight, just give me the regular Dole Look guy. That's the way Walt and God intended. So you're a purist, but at worst you'll have a little pineapple juice with it, but that's where I'm gonna start.

Lou Mongello (38:22.32)
i'll even sort of every now and then you know i'll try one of the flavors of the that did the most world but i'm not such a swirl doesn't enter into your conversation also but that's what i'm saying because sometimes just i could i think citrus world is like breakfast you got your milk and you got that you got citrus you got great so it it's like the front one how do you think i got this about a slight body but just a point is that citrus rope for a record

Do you don't like the orange bird? Oh for those of you watching live I just heard for a reliable source off-camera Tim doesn't like the orange bird. I love the orange bird That's not what I'm hearing I might move the microphone to a to someone else who can confirm or look I have a fear of birds in general

Peck his brain out. Is that what you mean? He pecked his brain out that oh that explains a lot. Oh, I understand There was there was trauma. There was an incident So now when I see Orange Bird, I just see those dripping talons of death staring me in the face and I know what he wants To peck what little's of your brain because there's a you're just saying you're getting we're getting a lot of comments and Really not loving the fact about you not loving

Doris Ivanski school he says what I love the orange bird Mel picks as we love the orange bird Tim I'm not I am this is not me don't shoot the messenger she said sissy Tim Valerie loves the orange bird Karen has an honor from 1979 is Tim guano Joe I'm the don't ask me

I love orange bird. Why? See, this is how rumors start. Don't go. I think we need to get. I got a little stuffed one leaving what I call MGM, Always and Forever, going out and Tim's like, why? Why would you get that? A little stuffed orange bird. I love him. I don't remember that happening. I think we need to make up like an orange bird basket for little Timmy Foster. I will take it. I'm citrus swirl all day. I'm orange bird. I'm orange juice in the morning. Who sang the orange bird song? Anita Bryant.

Lou Mongello (40:37.55)
Tell me I don't love the orange bird. Who was the sunshine tree terrace originally sponsored by? The Florida Citrus Growers. The Florida Citrus Growers of Florida. Incorporated in Florida, growing citrus for America to love in Florida.

You used to get the free, that's right, you used to stop on the- I didn't get the, she got the free one. I think this trial of her trauma that's really sort of manifesting itself in the Orange Bird. Tell me about your parents, Tim. Did they not, what did, nobody- They had, they had parakeets. Oh. Let's just leave it at that. I'm also a little skittish in Flights of Wonder or whatever we're calling that show today, so.

And the Tiki birds? Well, I know they're okay. Emily says we're gonna have to vote you off the island. Ah, no. I love the orange. No, come on. I do. I do love the orange. Tim's like, he's literally kicking me under the table. Change the topic. All right. Is there anything else on your non-existent list that Honor will mention or anything else?

What are you putting the microphone in my face? There's something I want to mention. And I was just saying the most overlooked attraction in all of Walt Disney World is the Swiss Family Treehouse. That's all I had on my list. So I think, and I'm happy we're saving this for last, because I think a very, very wise man once said, it takes people to make a dream a reality. And there's one attraction here.

that lives and dies and continues to entertain millions of guests around the world. The number one thing that I love about Adventureland, and they just draw the other number one things I love about Adventureland, are the Jungle Cruise Skippers. Without your Jungle Cruise Skipper can make or break your Jungle Cruise Adventure. And there have been times, and if you've never done this before, and you get an exceptional skipper,

Lou Mongello (42:27.17)
When you get off your boat, there's usually a number of cast members there, including oftentimes a lead. I will wait and I will say, listen, can I talk to, I'm not going to, I talked to manager, but I'll look for a lead and say, listen, I just want to say captain Timmy was exceptional because a lot of times they only get complaints. Yeah. I want to make sure to recognize some of the skippers who

day after day, hour after hour, just the cycle of repeating the same jokes and narration over and over again. But when they make you feel like you're their first and only most important boat of the day, that is what sets the skippers apart. And I have had more exceptional skippers than I've had who, just okay. But it really makes a difference in the Jungle Cruise experience. Well, I mean, they're funny, which is great. Sometimes you learn something like we had one yesterday.

Tells like, did you know elephants have a great memory? Like, they never forget anything. And then she said, I wish I could remember that too, but you never know. But yeah, the great- Was that your Jungle Cruise joke? Was that it? No, actually we do, we've talked about what's your favorite Jungle Cruise joke. Do you have a favorite Jungle Cruise skipper joke? Oh man. I mean, there's so many. There's so many that- There's one doc, there's two docs, we call it a paradox, that's fun.

Now you see, now you're putting me on the spot. I don't know. Top 10 Juggle Groups. Because I love that there's some, that's right up, I love that there's some that you always get, but I also love, especially when a cast member has to riff at the end, when you're waiting, and they have to sort of like dig it into the archives and getting sort of unique jokes out, that's a talent. And the fun thing too, like sometimes they'll tell you facts and stuff which is cool, like did you know elephants have a really good memory, and they never forget anything? And I wish they would have memory like that. Didn't you just say that?

My goodness gracious Speaking of the jungle is all this throw one last honorable mention in there and I could have included this in food But it's not about the food. Although I do really enjoy He's about the food. I enjoy skipper canteen a lot Oh, but I love the connection to the jungle We told her that the depth in storytelling the incredible depth in storytelling the connection to the land the characters the extension of creating new characters

Lou Mongello (44:42.142)
And more importantly, the connection to the SEA, the Society of Explorers and Adventures. I love eating in that back room. If and when you go to Skipper Canteen, stop and look at the bookcase. And look at all the books. It is a treasure trove of punny and funny and wonderful references, not just to Adventureland and Jungle Cruise, but characters from Disney history, movies from Disney history, amazing books as well as individuals. And like other tracks, I've seen the books referencing the Skyway in Tomorrowland.

and if you had wings, things like that. So, yeah, and I actually meant to, I don't have a list, because I would read some off, but there's so many to choose from. One thing I liked, I discovered early, was the Businesswoman of the Year plaque for Alberta Falls, which is a nice connection to Albert Falls. Grandfather, I think, is the backstory. And I actually haven't been there in a while. I don't know if you have the backside of water, the joke we know, they have the backside of the menu, and they told this story. And I don't know if that's still what they do. This was years ago.

when we check but yeah but how rich the story is there and how it does tie in to the lore of the Jungle Cruise if you're paying attention. If you don't pay attention it doesn't matter. And take your time like when you're walking on your way out like look at like the message boards like not the ones online the ones inside like the ones like where messages are tacked up because it really sort of gives you a sense that.

There are similarly like in Dinoland, right? So the boards in Dinoland were some of the professors and students have sort of posted things there. The same thing exists here, including if you look really carefully, there's a super obscure reference. Do you remember back D23 Expo, maybe 2011, the Jujus? Remember they made the little Jujus, the little sort of carved artifacts? Like they were little like there was like seven or eight different. It was like a little bird. There was like a.

Gecko or something do it one of the little jujus the little parrot juju is hanging inside one of the message board There you go. I didn't know see it. You know, it's like what's a juju. I'm not even sure that's so I think it's I think They were called jujus. Okay little sort of like carved wooden tokens. I'll take I want one eBay is your friend. All right Is there anything else that is on your list or that you forgot or that you're thinking of right now as you're looking as?

Lou Mongello (47:01.13)
No, that was really about, I'm watching everybody go by, having seen the fireworks all bundled up to take on some pirating adventures. Jingle Cruise at Christmas. Oh, the Jingle Cruise. How fun, how fun. Even actually Adventureland at Christmas, because Pirates of the Caribbean gets little bit of a Christmas, little bit, not much, but a Christmas overlay on the outside, and so much fun. So I will then finish with the very last thing on my list. It's this, it's this.

right here, right now. No, don't look around. It's literally, it's this. It's Adventureland at night, right? I think Adventureland is beautiful at night. I think Adventureland and Frontierland are spectacular at night. But just what we're doing right now, like look at this wonderful seating area together with friends, the music in the background, the cart coming by, is it on cue? One more time, like the jungle cruise off in the distance, like...

Just the overall ambiance of this land at night, especially when you can enjoy and spend it with friends and Tim, like, look at all, I mean, you can cry. It's podcast. Wait, you can see this, nevermind. They can see that you're faking online. What, yes. So yeah, Adventureland at night, Adventureland in general. And I'm sure- One up, actually, we've talked about plans that change at night versus the day. Adventureland is-

at the top of the list. I think we did. There's a lot of contenders, but this. I think we did a top 10. Adventureland's definitely one of those lands. Yeah, a lot of it changes from, I don't wanna say fun, but more lighthearted and adventurous to mysterious and spooky at night, which is really. But I think Adventureland and Frontierland compliment themselves very, very well, especially at night. I think Frontierland also, sort of walking down the street at night is beautiful. But for those of you who are watching live, and those, and you,

with us screaming into your Zune at your car at your dog if you're walking a dog like my god how did you people forget this I want to hear from you Tim wants to hear from you I mean he's not gonna read it but I promise I will read it to him I want to know what did we miss or what is your favorite thing with the thing that you love the most about Adventureland

Lou Mongello (49:18.914)
How can you let me know? There's a few ways. One, I'd love for you to call the voicemail. I'll play it on the air. It'll be on the air, like all time radio. 407. I could have phoned this in. You did. 407-900-9391, that's 407-900-WDW1. You can come over in the Clubhouse. I'll post the question there at www.rodeo.com slash Clubhouse. Or you can email me at lou at www.rodeo.com as well. And of course, of course, when you're done doing all that

getting all snuggled up in your bed and you've got the Swissepulka playing in the background, that's when you should go. I mean you can do it any time of day or night, but go to cele Why?

I can say you can go there first, you know. Go there. All right, go there. Now we have so much stuff going on. We have lots of plans for 2024. Lou Mungiello. What? We have a spring issue is in the works. Our 100 years of Disney Magic Anniversary Book is still out there for sale with its free pin and free shipping. And we're planning on some new books, new pins, lots of new pins. I'm thinking that musty water pin or some sort of sign. Yeah, I want I want the first one. So keep an eye out for that. So

All of that's at cele We have a podcast too. Maybe Lou will come on once in a while. I just, I literally, it's like high school all over again and college and all. I'm sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring. Mom, hang up the phone! Maybe Tim's gonna call right now!

Get off the computer, get off AOL, I'm waiting for Tim to call. He's going to make me look bad, I can't do it. This will happen. I would, listen, I'm ready. I have a microphone and everything. That's right, you have equipment. I do, I have a microphone. I can wing it. Well done. We'll come up with something. I will certainly link to Celebrations Press in the show notes and I would also love to know what is a top ten that you'd like to hear Tim and I...

Lou Mongello (51:12.81)
Maybe you, maybe somewhere from the nation we'll invite in again. I'll get it lightened to load for you. So you only need to sort of think of three or four, and then actually five. It can be top 10 reasons I love the orange bird, because I do love the orange bird. I really do. Do you hear that sound? Listen, that's the sound of you backpedaling. I didn't, see, I didn't say it. They said it.

You're in the Jungle Cruise. We all couldn't race to the joke. Somebody, a couple of people in the chat said we missed the spitting camels. How do we miss the spitting camels? Actually, they missed us. We've been sitting like 20 feet away from them and haven't gotten hit yet. It might be a little chilly for the spitting camel tonight. I don't know. There's a puddle out there. There's somebody sadistic over there. And the spitting, misting tiki statues. Which I have fallen for that one a couple of times.

Yeah, it made me fall. Timmy Foster. This was fun. The mic, did I say? Yeah. Mrs. Timmy.

Can I see your first name too? I want to make sure. Yeah, that's fine. Can you sign the release first? Oh, there she is! There she is! I was afraid! No, it's fine. The reason why, because I can't pay, you know, her fees for making appearances are very, very high. Nice. It's over for you, yeah. Yeah. Lisa, always good to see you too. I love these two. I'm not going to say it to them in person, but I do. You are a good man doing good things. Wait, you said it like six weeks ago. I love you too. I did? Yeah. I think I had it on video.

delete that. Oh I do, I do. You're a good man doing good things, I am blessed to know you and that fateful day where we met in Lodo's years ago, now look at us. We look exactly the same. I might be a little shorter and a little older. Me too. I think we're a little grayer too.

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