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WDW Radio # 769 – Top Ten Romantic Places in Walt Disney World – From the WDW Radio Archives

It’s Valentine’s Day, and possibly the most romantic time of year (although shouldn’t every time of year be romantic?), and so I wanted to bring a little bit of romance (and some ideas for those last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for the one that you love… or like).

So this week, I went back into the WDW Radio Archives to bring you our Top Ten Romantic Places in Walt Disney World from show 619. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, planning a surprise proposal, or simply looking to infuse a little extra magic into your time with a loved one, this episode is a treasure trove of romantic inspiration and experiences. You’ll discover free and spontaneous romantic moments, unforgettable experiences, and simple yet profound gestures that turn every day into a fairytale romance.

From spontaneous fireworks cruises and moonlit carriage rides to indulgent private dinners with views of the Magic Kingdom, we uncovered that the essence of romance at Disney isn’t just about grand gestures, but about those shared, unexpected moments that truly leave a mark on your heart. Whether it’s sipping wine around World Showcase or taking a nighttime stroll by Crescent Lake, the power of love thrives at Disney. So next time you’re in the parks, embrace the adventure, cherish the small surprises, and let your fairy tale unfold. Join us to discover how every day can be Valentine’s Day at the Most Magical Place on Earth!

Thanks to Tim Foster from Celebrations Magazine for joining me this week.

Timestamped summary of this episode:

  • [00:00] Sharing a failed romantic engagement at Disney.
  • [05:19] Ways to be romantic at Walt Disney.
  • [15:35] Discuss dining options for Disney enthusiasts briefly.
  • [18:53] List of special and romantic places with others.
  • [26:47] Favorite free activity: piloting small boats at Disney.
  • [28:18] Scenic boat rides offer magical nighttime escape.
  • [35:19] Enhance your Disney stay with room surprises.
  • [42:47] Elegant and indulgent experience with delightful choices.
  • [46:07] Wilderness lodge is my top choice.
  • [52:51] Plan romantic surprises with thoughtful, inexpensive gestures.
  • [59:14] Magical Christmas TTA rides are unforgettable.
  • [01:04:19] Romantic walks in Disney World locations mentioned.
  • [01:10:08] Sharing magical moments with someone special is meaningful.
  • [01:13:05] Proposing love at romantic places like Disney.
  • [01:17:17] New subscription offer, contest, show notes details.

The key moments in this episode are:

  • Introduction to Romantic Experiences at Walt Disney World
  • Host Lou Mongello and guest Tim Foster set the stage for a discussion on romance in the parks.
  • Tim Foster’s reflection on spontaneous romantic moments, like the private fireworks cruise.
  • Free and Affordable Romantic Activities
  • Tim’s favorite free activity: Riding launch boats around Disney resorts and parks.
  • Lou talks about renting amphicars and water taxis at the Boathouse for a romantic experience.
  • Afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian is suggested by Lou as an affordable luxury.
  • Sampling international wines and snacks at Epcot’s World Showcase.
  • The romantic appeal of walking, particularly around Crescent Lake at night.
  • In-Room Surprises and Staycation Enhancements
  • Discussion about Disney Floral and Gifts’ offerings to make stays more memorable.
  • Tim recalls finding a surprise case of Dr. Pepper in his room.
  • Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides
  • Tim’s romantic sleigh ride through Fort Wilderness Campground during Christmas time.
  • Lou’s mention of including chocolate-covered strawberries on the ride.
  • Romantic Attractions Across Disney Parks
  • Thoughts on romantic train rides including TTA, Skyliner, and Amtrak auto train.
  • Preferences for attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Spaceship Earth where couples can share moments alone together.
  • Epcot attractions as romantic spots, highlighting personal stories.
  • Highly Romantic Activities and Dining Experiences
  • Characters in Flight at Disney Springs for unique private views.
  • Indulgent private dinners with a private butler at various Disney locations including Grand Floridian and Tower of Terror.
  • Lou’s personal approach as an unapologetic romantic and belief in fairy tale romances.
  • Surprise Proposals and Celebrating Special Occasions
  • Tim discusses a surprise proposal with the assistance of a travel agent at the Grand Floridian.
  • The importance of utilizing travel planners or Disney for special celebration arrangements.
  • Proposal memories and the idea of proposing again in special places.
  • Celebrations Magazine Promotion and Special Offers
  • Tim announces the return of the magazine alongside a discount offer and merchandise contest.
  • Lou promises to include coupon details in the show notes.
  • Disney Resorts as Romantic Getaways
  • Tim’s views on the Grand Floridian and Wilderness Lodge as the most romantic resorts.
  • Discussion of activities and experiences specific to the Grand Floridian.
  • Plans to save a detailed romantic resorts and rooms discussion for a future top ten list.
  • Making the Most of Simple Romantic Opportunities
  • Emphasis on the value of simple gestures like window shopping or enjoying surprises at the resorts.
  • Suggestions for making every day special with clues or trinkets leading to surprises.
  • Importance of shared experiences in creating romantic memories.
  • Disney’s Complimentary Perks for Celebrations
  • Mention of complimentary perks such as engagement and anniversary buttons that can lead to free desserts and special experiences.
  • Closing Thoughts on Romance at Disney
  • Recap of diverse romantic options, from simple to extravagant.
  • Importance of shared magical moments and experiences like visiting new attractions.
  • Upcoming discussions about romantic Disney songs and films.
  • Tim shares a detailed story of a surprise private dinner at the Grand Floridian.
  • They conclude by reinforcing the idea that what makes a place romantic is sharing it with someone you love.

What is your most romantic place, restaurant, or experience in Walt Disney World?

Share your thoughts in the WDW Radio Clubhouse at WDWRadio.com/Clubhouse, or call the voicemail at 407-900-9391 (WDW1) and share your story on the show.

Episode Transcript

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Lou Mongello [00:00:08]:
I have a confession. I am a hopeless, unapologetic romantic. I believe in fairy tale romances, the power of love, and not just the Huey Lewis song. That chivalry is not dead, at least not for me, nor will it ever be. I believe in giddy schoolboy and schoolgirl butterflies, and that romance isn't and should not be limited nor focused just to one arguably, potentially over commercialized and sometimes yet worthwhilely expensive single day. But with Valentine's Day coming up, I think a lot of people start thinking about romantic things to do. Oftentimes, gentlemen, usually the morning of places to go and ways to celebrate. Not just the day, but really relationships and romance itself.

Lou Mongello [00:01:05]:
And so this week, I thought we would finally, literally, I have thought about this for years. Look at our top ten romantic places, spaces and things to do in Walt Disney World. And when I think of romance, of course the first name that comes to mind is, no, wait, that is so very wrong. When I think of top tens, I think of Tim Foster from Celebrations magazine and guide to the magic. Wow, that was awkward.

Tim Foster [00:01:39]:
Well, I must confess I'm a little sad because when you threw this topic out, I went right to this is going to be a really awkward show.

Lou Mongello [00:01:52]:
As if it's not already.

Tim Foster [00:01:54]:
It's going to be so much fun. And like I said, this is a long, requested show. Is it?

Lou Mongello [00:02:00]:
Is. It is. And I think we've passed over this a few times. We've alluded to it in other conversations, sure, but never really got down to it. And look, like I said, tim, I am a romantic. I am a very sentimental, not mental, emotional guy. And everything that I said at the intro about romance and chivalry are true. And you said, like you, you're a romantic guy.

Lou Mongello [00:02:31]:
Have you ever done anything that you would consider romantic that you are comfortable sharing? Don't make it weirder. Have you ever done anything romantic in Walt Disney World? Or do you want to save that for one of your top ten entries?

Tim Foster [00:02:47]:
I have and I'll save it. There's a few things I'll talk about. Yeah, I'll share them a bit later.

Lou Mongello [00:02:58]:
And I've been back and forth on this and look, I say all the time, and this is really going to be proof of it, that you, the listener, are my friend and Tim's. I'm going to practice what I preach and I'm going to trust you by sharing a story that has to do with romance in Walt Disney World. I was at one many years ago, engaged briefly, very briefly, before being engaged to the woman I am currently married to. And of course I did it in Walt Disney World. It was in front of that castle cake. It was not as I drew it up in my head at all. It was not what you see in the romantic movies. It lasted less than supersonic.

Lou Mongello [00:03:56]:
Stitch's supersonic celebration. Well, I know it really was anyway, measured. It doesn't matter. Anyway, I did many of the quote unquote romantic things that you're supposed to do, right, including proposing in front of Cinderella Castle, sort of. Again, didn't go as planned at whatever anyway. But I thought it would be helpful and valuable to share some of the things you can do with someone that you like, love or want to love next time you're in Walt Disney World. Or if you're listening and you're in Walt Disney World right now. It's a great way to earn some quick points.

Lou Mongello [00:04:41]:
And there's some of these things you can do without a lot of planning. And I will tell you, Tim, because I know it makes you crazy that everything on my list is not just romantic places to eat. I thought that was almost a little bit too easy, but I really wanted to come up with some things that will help you look like and be a hero or heroine to the one you are with or the one that you love or want to love.

Tim Foster [00:05:11]:
Now, you didn't eliminate dining entirely.

Lou Mongello [00:05:15]:
I'm not an animal, of course.

Tim Foster [00:05:17]:
All right. I just want to make sure.

Lou Mongello [00:05:19]:
Yeah, but I think these are also things, we're talking about this now because Valentine's Day is coming up. But these are things that I think you can and should do all year long. You can do it on a date night. And we're going to talk about a bunch of different ways that you can get romantic in Walt Disney World and celebrate and have fun in your relationship, including some that I think might be surprising, too. Again, we are aware of the current state of things and that Covid procedures, protocols, limitations, and even some activities are not currently available in Walt Disney World. I'm still going to allude to some, at least on my list, because the hope is that when you are listening to this, Covid will be a thing of the past and things will be back to quote unquote normal. And a lot of the things that you can do and take advantage of in Walt Disney World will be there and will be back. But Tim, I am.

Lou Mongello [00:06:24]:
Of all the top tens we have done in 16 plus years, this is one that I am both intrigued and excited and remarkably frightened to hear what your idea of romance and romantic things to do might be. So please favor us with your very first of what I'm sure will be many go with me heres.

Tim Foster [00:06:50]:
Well, this isn't a go with me here so much, but I was trying to figure out should I lead with this or save this for later? But since you talked about stories we could share, I'll kick it off with a story I have to share about something. I did like you back in the day getting engaged. Though, as you know, I'm a single boy looking for love in a park and all by myself.

Lou Mongello [00:07:15]:
But is it Tim? This is not a dating app. Although if you want to reach out to Tim, I'm just throwing it out there.

Tim Foster [00:07:22]:
No, but back in the day, and actually, the tip to be taken from this is if you're planning a special occasion, like a surprise proposal or something like that, or a special anniversary celebration or something. I did it this way, and I encourage everybody, if you are planning something or you're trying to plan something special, but you don't know quite what you want to do, don't forget and don't be afraid to reach out to. If you're working with a travel planner, travel agent Lou, you've got some great ones you work with. Or you could even probably call Disney directly. In my case, I reached out to a travel agent pal of mine who worked with Disney, told him I wanted to do something, had no idea what to do. They had all sorts of ideas. And Disney does have all kinds of things that you can do that you might not know about. So definitely ask if you're trying to do something.

Tim Foster [00:08:20]:
And in my case, what I wanted to do and the way it worked out was this was very proposal. Not in front of Cinderella Castle and the birthday cake. Which reminds me, that was one of my first trips to Disney when it was the birthday cake. And I'm wondering if, in some weird, multiverse way, I was standing next to you and you were doing this. And who knew? Years later, here we.

Lou Mongello [00:08:43]:
Trust me, knowing the details of my story, as I do, I was not there. You were not the screaming family of children that were running and jumping all around me as I was trying to do it by what? Never mind.

Tim Foster [00:08:56]:
Okay, well, that was the ruckus, though, going on.

Lou Mongello [00:08:58]:
Okay. Definitely a ruckus.

Tim Foster [00:09:01]:
This makes sense now. Anyway, the way this happened. This is the grand Floridian. It was going to be a dinner. Now, the ruse that I was pulling was we were going to be dining at the Grand Floridian cafe, which is up on my list of romantic restaurants, which we'll get back to. Wow. Now what? The surprise was. Hey.

Tim Foster [00:09:30]:
One of, oh, my gosh. Wow. I didn't know we were going to be critical here, but that's okay. All right. I'll have comments later. Anyway, the surprise was. So I explained I would like to do something special. One of the options that they had was we could arrange for a private dinner up on one of the upper floor balconies, sort of overlooking the Magic kingdom.

Tim Foster [00:09:56]:
But we could see the fireworks at the appointed time. We were in the lobby. And to perpetuate the ruse even further, I actually went up to the hostesses at the Grand Floridian cafe and explained what I was doing. But she thinks we're going in here, so could you give me a pager just to make it look convincing? This is where we're waiting. And it's actually great when you talk to cast members and get them in on it because everybody's so happy and excited. They're like, oh, yeah, and we'll call you. We'll make it all sound really good. So we did that.

Tim Foster [00:10:34]:
We're waiting. And then our private butler wandered over and the surprise was, well, we're not going that way, we're going this way. And they did the whole nine yards. I had a ring that I brought with me. They had taken care of purchasing on my behalf a glass slipper, which they put the ring in, put it under a tray, ostensibly the dessert tray, brought it out, lifted it up. There it is written out, chocolate. Fireworks are going off. It was a beautiful so and again, one that I could only have done with the help of one my travel people, friends and Disney themselves.

Tim Foster [00:11:18]:
And I remember actually calling them quite a few times just to make sure everything was just so. They were absolutely wonderful. Make sure everything was perfect. So it was a night I'll never forget. And that's my first tip to everybody. If you want to do something above and beyond, reach out and ask. There's all kinds of stuff you may not even know about. Was there?

Lou Mongello [00:11:39]:
So I was expecting to be surprised, but not so pleasantly. Tim Foster, look at you being so romantic.

Tim Foster [00:11:48]:
And believe it or not, I did.

Lou Mongello [00:11:49]:
Not expect you to have this on my list because I did have sort of this indulgent best overall. Bet you probably haven't done this yet. Dining experience in Walt Disney World. And it involves a butler. Not Tim Curry from clue. But if you really want to do something extraordinary and extravagant and indulgent, there's a lot of different ways you can do that type of butler service. And again, we're sort of taking Covid out of the equation right now. But at grand Floridian, you can actually arrange for a private dinner at a number of different locations throughout that resort that comes with your own special menu and a private butler.

Lou Mongello [00:12:37]:
And like you said, the cast members work alongside you. Whether you want to do one of the upper level terraces, do you want to be over on the lagoon somewhere? And yes, it can get costly, but it also can be the best of the best of the best of wonderfully romantic, memorable. Like you want to leave a lasting impression on somebody doing one of these private dinners just for two. I know, for years, and I don't know if they still do it anymore. You were able to do a private dinner for two at the terrace at the twilight zone, tower of terror.

Tim Foster [00:13:18]:
Yes. I actually saw something about a wedding party that had, like, not the wedding, but a bridal shower or something there. Yeah.

Lou Mongello [00:13:28]:
I mean, look, that's expensive, right? It's good that we get this one out of the way. Like, this is the indulgent. Indulgent. If money is no object, Disney can do know if you, look, I have a budget of this. What can you do? What can you do to wow me? Disney will wow you. Disney will do things that can knock your socks off. And if you want to have dinner for, know, after hours at an attraction, I'm sure they could make that then. So maybe it's good that we sort of get this out of the way.

Tim Foster [00:14:04]:
And I get that one out of the way.

Lou Mongello [00:14:05]:
Yeah. We'll scale back, including. I have a lot of things on my list that are actually free to do, too.

Tim Foster [00:14:12]:
I have a few free things, but it was nice. Wasn't the icing on the cake, though. Proverbial icing on the cake. Whether you're. Well, in our case, as we leave and all the cast members are, again, so wonderful, congratulated. Two I just got engaged buttons that we could wear for the rest of the trip, which scored us even more free cupcakes and free dessert and free ice cream. Or if you're celebrating an anniversary, you can get a happy anniversary button or just marry.

Lou Mongello [00:14:43]:
Those are expensive. Free cupcakes.

Tim Foster [00:14:46]:
It depends on your point of view.

Lou Mongello [00:14:48]:
Right. But it's worth it. And look, I'm the kind of person that if something and somebody is worth it, like, I never begrudge spending the money on something that is going to be an amazing meal, an incredible trip, a wonderful memory, especially if it involves my kids or something like that. If I'm able to do it.

Tim Foster [00:15:12]:
Very good.

Lou Mongello [00:15:14]:
Wow. So now I almost feel like, how do I follow that up?

Tim Foster [00:15:18]:
I had to follow the birthday cake castle, so give me a break.

Lou Mongello [00:15:22]:
Stop bringing that up. I still get the heebie GB's when.

Tim Foster [00:15:27]:
I think about that.

Lou Mongello [00:15:29]:
Not really. It all worked out for the best.

Tim Foster [00:15:31]:
Yes, it did.

Lou Mongello [00:15:35]:
Okay, so I'm going to sort of take the idea of we said that we're not going to talk about dining first. We will talk about dining first because you don't necessarily have to do the full blown stereotypical romantic dinner somewhere. And yes, we will get to them. But I think that there's ways, especially if you're going to Walt Disney World. Chances are you or both of you are Disney enthusiasts and maybe you want to spend some time in the parks, maybe don't want to do a full sit down meal. And look, admittedly, I am not a big drinker at all, so I'm going to swap out. You could do either or both. What I'm calling either like a tasting around the world.

Lou Mongello [00:16:22]:
Whether it is a wine tasting around the world, it is a culinary tasting around the world. I think something simple and romantic that you don't have to worry about overly planning is going to world showcase. Especially if you do it and you time it just right. And the weather is beautiful and the sun is just starting to set. And you could do it on a weekday so it's not crowded and you visit each pavilion and you sample a wine or a beer or a snack or a food item, if you prefer, from each of the countries. So you almost can do these little wine and cheese plates or a beer and pretzel plate. So you craft your own sort of mini menus as you go around because it's less about the food that you're eating and what you're drinking than the time that you're spending together. The experiential aspect of it is really what is the romantic part? Holding hands, in theory.

Lou Mongello [00:17:28]:
As you walk through a world showcase having fun as you are expanding your culinary palate, maybe learning about some different wines and beers. It's simple and it's fun. And I think that too could be romantic without it being prohibitively expensive as well.

Tim Foster [00:17:46]:
What's your most romantic world showcase pavilion?

Lou Mongello [00:17:51]:
Wow. It's a great question. I think it depends how and where you spend it because there is something just inherently romantic about France at night with the music and Paris and it's this city of lights and know, we know my affinity for the Japan pavilion. Look, I think one of my personal favorite alone spots could also be one of my favorite romance spots. Sitting up in Japan outside Katsura Grill, all the way in the back corner with your back up to the bamboo forest with the soft hanging lanterns above you and the waterfall in front of you, and that view of the promenade and the music in the background is an incredibly romantic spot that you might not necessarily think of because it's not this formal, get dressed up, sit down dining location.

Tim Foster [00:18:53]:
It's interesting because as I was going through my list, trying to think of spots, I found myself repeating a lot of the same locations we would have talked about in favorite places to relax or most magical places we've been, that sort of. And which I thought, no, I'm going to repeat myself. But then it rang true, because these places and the Japan pavilion, my friend, no surprise on my list, too, as a place to be. But I think the thing to take away from that is that these places are so special to us and relaxing and magical. Part of what makes a romantic place so romantic is you sharing your experience with that person that you love. So it only makes sense that the places we think of as the most magical, relaxing, and wonderful are those places I want to share with somebody. So, yeah, whether I'm sitting alone in the Japan pavilion or wandering through France or the courtyard in the UK pavilion or whatnot, it's magical by yourself in a way, but just so much more when you're with somebody, of course.

Lou Mongello [00:20:13]:
Okay, so what is next on your list in terms of romantic places? Well, things to do.

Tim Foster [00:20:18]:
I was walking. Well, we'll keep walking because you kind of led me to that. One of my favorite just romantic activities, period, is just walking around. Like you said, hand in hand, not down main street as everyone's rushing out of the park, but in that quiet place, off by yourself. Invariably at night, when the lights are out, the music is playing, the crowds are a little less. World showcase was first up on my list of places to walk around, and I actually love walking around and done this a few times during the flower and garden festival. Well, all the festivals were flower and garden because, hey, flowers. And it's free to smell the flowers.

Tim Foster [00:21:08]:
Disney's done, as we know, a better job. It's evening out the crowds throughout the year, but anytime you can be there when it's less crowded, that would be great. And we can all remember back in the day when you could go in March and April, and it'd be not too crowded, not too hot, yet the flowers are out, and that's a wonderful time to walk around. But I also like walking around Crescent lake by the world. They'd be the Epcot resorts, just walking along the boardwalk. No particular place to go, but in the evening, you can see the lights playfully dancing off the ripples in the lake. Oh, that's romantic. I love, love.

Tim Foster [00:21:50]:
One of my favorite places to walk, period, is that the walkway that leads under the bridge going to the international gateway, which is straight out of Ratatouille, and walking around in Paris to me. And best of all, if you time it right, you can find yourself on that bridge, but on the top and have a nice, quiet place with just a few people around to watch the fireworks that evening. Whether it was illuminations in days gone by or harmonious in years to come, that's a wonderful place to spend with somebody, because, one, you have the spectacle of the fireworks, you have all of the ambiance and the beauty of the resorts and the lights around you, but it's in a not very crowded place. You're out of the park, you're away from the crowds, but you can still hear the music from the France pavilion. It all adds up to be one of my most favorite beloved locations in all of Walt Disney world that I really love spending with someone special.

Lou Mongello [00:22:56]:
I love it. Although walking sounds.

Tim Foster [00:23:01]:
A sur. Get a Surrey bike.

Lou Mongello [00:23:03]:
Oh, my gosh. Those hills are killer. It's like an endurance event for me, doing that.

Tim Foster [00:23:09]:
No, you sit in the back or you distract enough that you get away. You kind of fake a pedaling motion once in a while, but you're not doing it.

Lou Mongello [00:23:18]:
It's so romantic here, honey, you pedal. You pedal.

Tim Foster [00:23:20]:

Lou Mongello [00:23:20]:
Around. Well, you did say something, which actually leads me to something that is on my list multiple times. I'm going to sort of combine them here into one, because I think the water is romantic. I love walking by the water, being on the water, sitting on a beach or a lake or dining waterside. And I think at Walt Disney World, something that is an overlooked experience and maybe even more so over the past number of years. Look, when Walt Disney World opened, it was billed as the vacation kingdom of the world, meaning that Disney wanted. And because it was only one park, you had a lot more time to really take advantage of the resort. And I think that it's starting to happen again where people are starting to spend more and more time.

Lou Mongello [00:24:12]:
And one of, I think, the most wonderful ways and romantic ways to do that is by being on the water, and it's by renting a boat or renting a kayak or a canoe. There's a lot of different options that you have that you can either drive or control on your own or you could be taken out. So, for example, there are a number of different motorized boat options at yacht and beach club, polynesian, grand floridian contemporary, Fort Wilderness. There are sea racers. There are those little two person boats. There are Boston whalers you could take out as well. There's also, I mean, if you really want know, go all out, you could rent the grand one for a specialty cruise. We'll get back to that later on.

Lou Mongello [00:25:02]:
But there's also canoe rentals and kayaks at Fort Wilderness. There are the sun tracker pontoon boats you can take out as well. And I think that there is something about doing that activity together. You sort of having control over the experience. We talk about things like immersive and interactive and us sort of not being passive observers. Getting into your own boat and going around seven seas lagoon or Bay Lake or wherever it might be is such a great opportunity to do that in a much simpler form where you're not sitting waiting in a queue to get on an attraction to get off and sort of have that limited experience. And it's not that expensive at all. For example, the sea racers and these prices are obviously subject to change.

Lou Mongello [00:25:55]:
A sea racer is like $30 for a half hour. I think the Boston whaler is like 45, but the kayaks are like $13. The kayaks and the canoes are like $13 at Fort Wilderness for an hour. I think it's per adult. So for like $25 less than $30, you can go out for an hour kayaking, having fun and just sort of spending that wonderful. I'm not making fun of when I say, but you can. You can spend some of that simple bonding time together. And I think the water is a beautiful place to do it.

Tim Foster [00:26:34]:
Yeah, I love being on the water, which is very romantic. I was going to talk about fireworks, cruises and stuff. I have a story to share about that.

Lou Mongello [00:26:45]:
Of course you do.

Tim Foster [00:26:47]:
But before that, speaking of boats, though, one of my favorite things to do has to do with boats, and this one's actually free, so you don't have to pay for this. Although the cruises are fantastic, if you can't arrange one or like you said, get a boat and go out on your own, piloting around, that's fun. But if you don't have that available to you or if it's a last minute thing, the launch boats at Disney we've talked about so many times as one of our favorite things to do. And there are lots of launch boats of various sizes and shapes. Of course, my favorites, though, from just immersing yourself in the magic of Disney and being in romantic location, would be the smaller boats, especially the ones that go between the grand Floridian and the polynesian and the Magic kingdom. And similarly the boats that go from not the magic kingdom to the wilderness lodge, but the ones that go from the wilderness lodge to the contemporary to the campground, the ones that go in the circle. And these are smaller boats, so they're not the big chugging big boats that everybody's crowded into. And as long as you're not going at the end of the day when there's 100 people waiting to get into your boat, if you do it at an off time, a lot of times you can get that boat, hey, sometimes to yourself, I've been in that situation.

Tim Foster [00:28:18]:
Or if you leave very late at night, that happens too. And I think from going to the magic kingdom over to the grand Floridian, that's my favorite boat route of all. But from there you can see the lights of the magic kingdom and also the lights of the grand Floridian and the Polynesian reflecting on the water. If you time it right, you can actually see the fireworks, which is one of those serendipitous moments. But especially at night, it doesn't take long for you, once you leave the dock, to feel like you are worlds away from everywhere, which is a truly astonishing thing to do when just moments ago, you were shoulder to shoulder with 10,000 of your closest friends on Main street watching the fireworks. But getting on a cruise, one of those, even the launch boats, gets you far away from everybody in not too long, especially the wilderness lodge boats, especially night. If you go behind Discovery island and you're out by yourself and you can't see anything and it's scary. Hey, but that's romantic, too.

Tim Foster [00:29:26]:
Hold my hand. I'm scared. That's a good moment. But the story I'll tell this is one you can't plan.

Lou Mongello [00:29:33]:

Tim Foster [00:29:37]:
I don't know if this is disingenuous of me to say, but one of the great romantic things I would suggest to people is hard to suggest because it's those not planned moments, the ones that you just happen to luck into, but you'll remember them for the rest of your life. So it's kind of a fair thing to not fair thing to throw out there because it's not like you can plan for it. But in this case, for example, we were at the Grand Floridian. The grand Floridian is going to come up quite a bit in the show. Lou, I'm warning you now. But we went out the back. We went to Gasparillas, got a couple cupcakes and went out. We were just going to watch the fireworks, but a boat pilot wandered by and if you don't remember, when you're outside of gasparillas, you're right near the boat docks.

Tim Foster [00:30:26]:
And he asked how we were doing and we were doing fine. And he remarked, I have to take this boat out for a little maintenance run. How'd you like a fireworks cruise? Are you serious? Yeah. I have to go anyway. I got blankets. Okay. So we went. He had another couple sitting there.

Tim Foster [00:30:51]:
So just totally random, out of the blue. Can't plan for it, but we got a personal fireworks cruise. We went down to seven seas Lagoon, stopped in the middle, watched the whole show. It was great. It's not a fair thing for me to bring up because it is one of the most romantic things I've done. But it wasn't one I could have planned for or figured out how to do in advance, short of renting a boat. Like you had mentioned so clearly, when.

Lou Mongello [00:31:20]:
You date Tim Foster, romance, fortune shines upon you.

Tim Foster [00:31:24]:
Things happen.

Lou Mongello [00:31:25]:
Things happen. There was one I wanted to include. I was going to mention it separately, but I think it probably makes more sense to include it here. As long as we're talking about boats and telling boat stories. Look at this not so subtle transition over to the boathouse. And I'm not going to talk about having dinner there. But there's not one, but two different boat rentals that you can do there. One are the little amphicars, those little sort of 50s looking cars that are right on the boat ramp right next to boathouse, where you can fit as many as three people in there.

Lou Mongello [00:32:00]:
And they take you on a little tour of the lake behind Boathouse and sort of the waterway that goes down by paddlefish and then across to Saratoga Springs resort. And you can book a tour. It's like $125, I think, for up to three people. But if you really want to sort of turn the romance up to eleven, Tim Foster, as clearly I know you like to do. Yes. You can also book the Venezia, which is a 40 foot, breathtakingly beautiful, elegant 40 foot italian water taxi. And the boathouse's captain and crew will take you out on a journey through the waters of Lake Buena Vista and the scenic riverway. Again, I'm a romantic.

Lou Mongello [00:32:52]:
You can do it at sunset. It's amazing. And they'll bring out chocolate covered strawberries, a champagne toast. You can do other food as well. So if you want to do something for your anniversary, listen, the castle engagement thing has been done. Been there, done that. You want to do an engagement that he she will never forget the Venezia again. Not the least expensive thing that you could do, but relatively speaking, a three hour rental is $500.

Lou Mongello [00:33:25]:
So comparing against some of the other, the cost of some of the others, it is an indulgent thing. But again, it's something that you can only do here, and that doesn't include food and drink. You can add that on. I have actually done this in the past. I actually took the speakers out for momentum last year. Two years ago, I don't know. We went out on Venezia. I was on it once before.

Lou Mongello [00:33:51]:
It is a beautiful thing. And there's a truly memorable special event that you can do, and you can find out more, and you can book it by going to the boathouse or going to the boathouse's website.

Tim Foster [00:34:05]:
I can't wait. I'm still waiting for my first time to go to the boathouse.

Lou Mongello [00:34:11]:
I promise. Listen, I can't promise you the Venezia, but I can promise you boathouse.

Tim Foster [00:34:16]:
Okay. Well, we did have dessert there. Wait, I forgot about that.

Lou Mongello [00:34:21]:
What did you forget?

Tim Foster [00:34:23]:
You did take me to the boathouse.

Lou Mongello [00:34:26]:
So what, you're saying you're off the hook? All these years that you've been complaining that I've never taken you there, you now are admitting that I did.

Tim Foster [00:34:34]:
You did. And not only that, because you're you.

Lou Mongello [00:34:40]:
I don't know what that means.

Tim Foster [00:34:42]:
America's guest, you were able to score the entire new dessert menu in one shot for us to enjoy.

Lou Mongello [00:34:54]:
It was a tasting.

Tim Foster [00:34:56]:
It was a tasting. Had to roll me out of there. But it was a tasting.

Lou Mongello [00:35:01]:
Listen, if you roll out a boathouse, it means you did it right.

Tim Foster [00:35:03]:
You did it right. Yes.

Lou Mongello [00:35:05]:
So we love our time on the water. Time on or in the water? Where else will you go next? Or is it technically my turn? I don't know.

Tim Foster [00:35:16]:
I think it's technically your turn.

Lou Mongello [00:35:19]:
Okay. So I think whether you are visiting Walt Disney World and staying at a resort or if you're local and want to do something special and have a little staycation, I think there are, as we're talking about ways that you can, plus your experience. And I think one of the things to do is it's not necessarily where you'll stay and we'll talk about that, I'm sure. But things you can do in your room as well, and Disney Floral and gifts has an incredible array of very romantic in room surprises, touches, flowers and gifts that they can bring and have even ready for you when you check in at your hotel. Anything from cakes that could be personalized and decorated to gift baskets, floral arrangements. They'll do a rose petal turndown service with champagne and cheese and chocolates. And you can get embroidered Mickey robes. I mean, you really can take the in room celebration to whatever sort of level that you want, whether it's something as simple, know, a small floral arrangement, the bed of roses with champagne, balloons, whatever it might be.

Lou Mongello [00:36:45]:
And again, you're limited by your and Dizzy's imagination and budget, but you can have cakes delivered and they have a number of allergy free items as well, too. So I think doing something in your room, having that surprise, right. It's about sort of that surprise and delight where, especially if you have that incredibly exciting check in moment and you're just thrilled to be there. But like Disney, you're able to exceed expectations. And the door opens and that balloon bouquet is there. Or there's this Valentine basket with chocolates, or a dozen, or a dozen dozen roses, whatever fits for you. I think some of the floral and gift things that you can do, you can just search for Disney floral and gifts, and I've worked with them in the past, and they are just not just only wonderful to work with, but incredibly creative and will make that trip, that staycation, that night, that moment even more special than you could have imagined.

Tim Foster [00:37:56]:
Yeah, I love that. And that goes back to when I had the dining experience working with Disney. Like I said, they have so many great ideas and they're so creative. They'll think of things you could never think of, which is great. I do remember once, though, being surprised in my room by a cold. I don't know if this was a romantic gesture, but it was a nice cold case of Dr. Pepper soda. Like a twelve pack.

Lou Mongello [00:38:23]:
I sent that to you. That was my gift. You did you the card get lost?

Tim Foster [00:38:27]:
Yeah. No, I knew it was from you, but good stuff. My next one is a little different, so I have no idea if this is still something you can do, not even with everything going on, but I don't even know going forward. But one of the, and again, I did this, and it was very romantic thing was a horse drawn carriage sleigh. Sleigh. Which you could do over at the Fort Wilderness campground. And they had the haunted hayride versions you could do. They also had Christmas ones, which is the one I did.

Tim Foster [00:39:12]:
And again, Lou, I have no idea. This year, obviously not. But I don't even know going forward if this is still something you can do or will know. I don't know if you know for sure.

Lou Mongello [00:39:21]:
I believe that the carriage rides might still be on hold.

Tim Foster [00:39:27]:

Lou Mongello [00:39:28]:
Well, hopefully come back as of this.

Tim Foster [00:39:30]:
Recording and you can do this. I haven't done this, but correct me if I'm wrong, this is something you can also do over at Port Orleans as well. Or you could do. But anyway, the one we did. So this was at Christmas and it was a horse drawn sleigh ride. Sleigh ride with no snow. Hey, it's Florida. It's Disney, it's magic.

Tim Foster [00:39:53]:
But in this case, what you did, you went around the campgrounds at Christmas, which was very cool because all the people that are staying there all have great traditions and decorations of decorating their own campsites in their own way. So it's like you're going around your neighborhood. We have a tradition at Christmas. We always go on Christmas Eve or that weekend nearest to it. We'll just drive around random neighborhoods just to look at Christmas lights. But this is the Disney version of it with the clip clopping of the horses in front of you. You're a friendly driver who every time I think of him, I just can't help but thinking of Kramer on Seinfeld when he was driving Susan's parents around. But that's another story.

Lou Mongello [00:40:47]:
You don't feed the horse chili. That's all I'm saying.

Tim Foster [00:40:50]:
Beef arena is not a good. What do you feed that thing? But unless you get the wrong idea, that did not happen on the sleigh ride. So it being Christmas time, if you happen to hit it at the right time, it's usually cool. I know it's Florida. It could still be 87 degrees in December. But I know for us it was chilly enough that they have blankets and hot chocolate and all that. And you can do the whole thing upright. It was fantastic because it's just the two of you.

Tim Foster [00:41:31]:
You're off deep into the campground. So you're away from everybody, away from the crowds. You see all the Christmas lights around. You're cozying under the blanket. It's nice and chilly. So that was a very romantic thing I could do. And again, not sure if you. Well, it's obviously not Christmas anymore, but hopefully next year at Christmas and at Halloween.

Tim Foster [00:41:53]:
Although I think Halloween hasn't been going on for a while. I'm not sure, but always check because they're available. Like they have various horse carriage and riding activities over at Port Orleans as well. So if you like that kind of thing, that's available, at least at those two places. And very romantic.

Lou Mongello [00:42:18]:
It was awesome, especially if you bring.

Tim Foster [00:42:21]:
Along some chocolate covered strawberries.

Lou Mongello [00:42:23]:
Wow, look at you, Tim. Look at you. Listen, you're like a walking tinder ad right now because I can hear the swooning going on. It was on my list, and I agree, when it comes back, it's something simple and wonderful and elegant to do, much like what is next on my list, which is the afternoon tea at Grand Floridian.

Tim Foster [00:42:46]:
Oh, yes.

Lou Mongello [00:42:47]:
I think this and this can be both a romantic and non romantic experience, however you choose to enjoy it. I actually did a live review of this back on show 435 with a longtime friend of mine, Emma, from the United Kingdom. And between the atmosphere, the elegance, the music, the simplicity, the finger sandwiches, the tea, the cakes, the scones, all on this wonderful traditional afternoon tea platter. And again, it has this wonderful sliding scale, really, of how much you might want to do it. I think that the smallest amount might have been like $35 for a certain thing, but you could then add champagne to it. You can do one that includes all the sandwiches and scones and caviar and accoutrement, as you will with your choice of pots of tea. Either way, we sat there for a couple of hours. It was so simple, yet it felt so fancy and indulgent.

Lou Mongello [00:44:06]:
It's one of these things that you can do, obviously, in the afternoon, and if you want to dress for afternoon tea with someone that you like or love, you can do it. Or if you want to come from the park and go in, either is perfectly acceptable. The food was delicious. I love the little cucumber sandwiches and that they have like this sweet curry chicken and little egg salads. So nice. I need to go back and do it again. I did not go in a romantic context, but it is a very romantic, wonderful, and I think also overlooked thing to do for potentially not a huge amount of money. If you don't want to spend it.

Tim Foster [00:44:50]:
Well, let's spend some more time in the grand Floridian because actually one of my questions I was going to pose.

Lou Mongello [00:44:58]:
To you, much like, I will go with you.

Tim Foster [00:45:01]:
Thank you.

Lou Mongello [00:45:02]:
You know what they're going to do? Wait, I just had an idea. I want to go.

Tim Foster [00:45:07]:
We're going to do an afternoon tea.

Lou Mongello [00:45:08]:
Well, no, I was going to give it away as like a contest prize.

Tim Foster [00:45:13]:
I mean, that's wonderful. Yes.

Lou Mongello [00:45:15]:
And you can't win. Oh, wait, maybe we'll all go while you're. I mean, I'm not going to wait.

Tim Foster [00:45:21]:
That long, but whenever that will be again.

Lou Mongello [00:45:28]:
All right, so, I'm sorry. We're staying at the grand Floridian.

Tim Foster [00:45:31]:
We're staying at the grand Floridian. Well, your question, because I asked you what you thought the most romantic world showcase pavilion was. How can you choose? But speaking of resorts, what would you say is the most romantic resort? And really only two come to mind for me, but you might have some honorable mentions.

Lou Mongello [00:45:50]:
So I think we literally could do a top ten romantic resorts at Walt Disney World. But we could. I do not agree that there's only two that come to mind.

Tim Foster [00:46:01]:
I was hoping you wouldn't.

Lou Mongello [00:46:02]:
So, I'm curious. On your list is grand Floridian and what was the other one, Captain Rock?

Tim Foster [00:46:07]:
Well, for me, the wilderness lodge is the other. Okay, for a variety of reasons, but like you mentioned, any of the resorts can be romantic in the right setting, of course. But while we're talking about the grand Floridian, since we're there already, I had a couple other items on my list that revolved around that resort. So we might as well just do it all in one shot here. One thing I was trying to think of was, as far as restaurants go, and when we do get to dining, what my answer would be for the most romantic restaurant, and I will preface this by admitting I have not been asked nor have taken anybody to Victoria and Albert. So that's not on my list, but certainly would be up there. But me answering that question, I would stick with the grand Floridian and go narcosis or the Grand Floridian cafe. And I think the Grand Floridian cafe, just not being pricey or anything, but it's so beautiful and it's pretty wide open, so it doesn't take much, especially if you go at kind of an off time, to be sitting right by the window.

Tim Foster [00:47:22]:
And of course, you're surrounded by the victorian decorations and the elegant play settings and the wonderful, wonderful food, and a server that may very well sing you a special anniversary song. If you mention that's the case, I forget his name. I would tell you to ask for him, but he's there. He's a good guy. But also the grand Floridian just sitting in the lobby. When you're talking about what can you do romantically that you didn't plan ahead for, you didn't reserve that cruise, you didn't plan this dinner six months ahead of time. If you simply just going to the grand Floridian lobby and relaxing, listening to the piano player, listening to the orchestra, if it's Christmas, looking at the Christmas tree and the gingerbread house. But again, if you go, hopefully you can get there.

Tim Foster [00:48:20]:
It's not overly crowded. Get a nice place to sit and just relax. And you can spend so much time there, even if you're going to be dining at the cafe or in arcosis or citricos or wherever. Going ahead of time, an hour, a half hour ahead of time. And just relaxing is great because it's obviously very beautiful, romantic resort, just how it's decorated and all the things you can look at. The other thing that's actually, I was going to ask you this as another question. If you're there particularly, I feel like in the afternoon more so. You may witness some romance playing out in front of you as a wedding party comes down the stairs for their photos, accompanied by Mickey and Minnie in their finest wedding attire.

Tim Foster [00:49:15]:
Or we were there once and we saw an impromptu in the middle of the lobby ball with princesses and their princesses in which everybody could join in. So you never know what you might happen upon if you're sitting there. And then finally shopping. Window shopping. And the grand Floridian is one of my favorite places. Of course, shopping at the jewelry store on main Street, USA. And the emporium is nice, too, but there can be a lot of people in there, and you might be a little hot from walking around the parks. But if you're just relaxing, say you're going for dinner at the grand Floridian, for example, or lunch.

Tim Foster [00:50:02]:
You can go shopping.

Lou Mongello [00:50:04]:
Listen, as your friend, I have to stop you and I have to help you, because what would I do? I have never seen somebody gain and lose points so fast.

Tim Foster [00:50:13]:
What happened?

Lou Mongello [00:50:13]:
As you did, you went, and I quote, I'm going to have the stenographer read this back from the quote.

Tim Foster [00:50:19]:
Oh, no, I feel bad now.

Lou Mongello [00:50:21]:
You said, go shopping. We can go shopping. Take her shopping. Window shopping. There's a huge difference between taking somebody shopping and then disappointed like, no, Honey, put that ring down. I meant window shopping. Big difference.

Tim Foster [00:50:36]:
Not what I meant. Wow.

Lou Mongello [00:50:38]:
I wanted to be clear.

Tim Foster [00:50:43]:
No browsing around. No, we've had many, like, in advance of a dinner or something like that. Just going around, sticking to the grand Floridian, going to shops, whether or not we're buying anything, but going into, like, basin White. This is something I always say, go to basin White, try out, get some of that sugar, scrub and wash. It sounds silly, but if you're both doing it, it's a little elegant. It's a little fancy. It's kind of neat. You go over to the other shops and look at things like wishful things.

Tim Foster [00:51:14]:
Like, if you were going to pick me out one, which one would you pick? And then you play that game, but then the next day you pick it up on the sly and you bring it to the next dinner. You see where I was going with that?

Lou Mongello [00:51:27]:
Now I do.

Tim Foster [00:51:34]:
I don't want to say a plan, because that sounds devious, but it's all for good. I like the recovery, but basically the whole experience at the grand Floridian, top to bottom, the monorail, the doors, everything else, and cuddling up by the fireplaces on the upper levels of the wilderness lodge. We'll throw that in.

Lou Mongello [00:51:55]:
You know, I was actually going to piggyback on that because I do have a list of romantic resorts and rooms. But you know what, Tim? I do want to save this. All right, as a separate top ten, because I have a few in there that I think not only might surprise you, but you might not even know exist.

Tim Foster [00:52:16]:

Lou Mongello [00:52:18]:
And I agree that any resort used look. And part of the takeaway of this whole thing is going to be you can make your trip romantic without having to specifically plan or pay for anything to make it romantic on your own. And I think that holds true for your resort as well. There's a lot of things that you can do. Surprises. Look, and I know I drive my family crazy with this. I love surprises. Like, I love surprising people, whether it's with a gift or just something unexpected.

Lou Mongello [00:52:51]:
That could be something simple and romantic that you do. Right. Bring some things that you purchased at home so you don't have to worry about trying to sneak away. And every day have a little surprise for them when they wake up with maybe a clue as to someplace that you're going, somewhere that you're eating a little trinket or a little item that gives a hint of what is to come from the next day, someplace else that you might go. I love those little things that make not just an event memorable, but it makes every day something that they're going to look forward to. Like, oh, what does he or she have planned next? And it's not about the amount of money that you spend. It's the thoughtfulness, I think, that you put into it that matters most to people. At least that's what I hope for.

Lou Mongello [00:53:42]:
I hope that it's a thoughtfulness.

Tim Foster [00:53:45]:
I love that idea. Now I got all these new ideas.

Lou Mongello [00:53:50]:
I told you I'm a romantic kind of guy.

Tim Foster [00:53:53]:
Oh, nobody ever doubted that for a minute.

Lou Mongello [00:53:56]:
And wait till I tell you. I'm hoping that you don't say what I think is potentially one of the most romantic things you can do for last. And if you steal it, so be it.

Tim Foster [00:54:08]:
Well, to be fair, I'm kind of at the end of my list. I'm kind of ending with something just sort of silly and free. But why not?

Lou Mongello [00:54:15]:
Well, that's what I'm going to do. I'll go for something silly and free because that's exactly where I was. I am a simple person. Some people might call me a simple tin whatever. And I do believe that you can have some of the most romantic, memorable moments by exchanging a glance or an embrace. Keep it g rated kids, a hug wherever it is, or just a moment. And look, like I said, I'm a romantic. I think that there is something incredibly wonderfully romantic about trains.

Lou Mongello [00:54:49]:
I don't know why. And whether it's a ride on the Walt Disney World railroad, just a trip to nowhere, just riding around in circles, enjoying the views, the breeze in your hair, just sort of sitting there together talking. I consider that the TTA, the people mover, I consider that to be.

Tim Foster [00:55:10]:
You took my.

Lou Mongello [00:55:11]:
Sorry. I consider the of their air rails. Right. I think the skyliner is incredibly romantic. And right now, and don't make this weird right now because of COVID it's actually even more so because it's only one party per skyliner vehicle, which means that you can enter a vehicle and do the two different loops and you have it to yourself again. Just hold hands, whatever, keep it. But especially at night and at sunset, it is incredibly romantic. And you know what, too, and I just thought of this.

Lou Mongello [00:55:57]:
Speaking of riding the rails and trains, I did this a couple of times as a kid. Amtrak has the, I don't know what it's called, something liner that goes from, I think it's like Virginia to not far from Orlando. And it's an auto train. So if you want to sort of drive your car, they put it on the train. And then you and your car and your family, the person you're with, whomever you get, sort of to experience the eastern seaboard to a certain degree by train and getting there really is half the fun. And it sort of extends that simplicity of a train ride. And I think you mentioned it too, Tim. Something simple like sitting on rocking chairs.

Lou Mongello [00:56:47]:
Whether it's at Wilderness Lodge Fort, wilderness animal Kingdom Lodge has a ton of incredibly romantic places. Or even just sitting out in Liberty Square, there's those two rocking chairs on the side of hall of presidents that you can sit on all of those things. Tom Sawyer island, the same thing. All of those things are simple and free, and they are moments that you can create without having to spend a dime.

Tim Foster [00:57:15]:
I love it. I'm going to have to check out that train. That might be possibility. I was going to kind of carry on. Then you took the TTA. But I'm going to talk about the TTA a little more, because just on its simplest, basic level, I was trying to think of if you're at Disney with that special someone. And again, short of all the extravagant dinners and plans you could do, just in terms of riding attractions, I was trying, what are the most romantic attractions? And I think every time we contemplated doing this shortest show, I think that was always the first question, like, where's the best cuddle spot on? What attraction? And I was thinking about it, and I have kind of words. The ones I would think of, the thing they would have in common is that you're sitting, they're slow moving rides and they're long.

Tim Foster [00:58:12]:
Obviously, I don't know how romantic you can get on expedition Everest, say, now, I don't know if holding hands out of sheer fright counts, because that would be me. Romantic is probably not on the top of the list of things I'm feeling at that moment, but on a TTA, because that was one of my most romantic attractions. But it's one of those especially. Hopefully you can still do this if it's not that crowded. You could even ride it multiple times. There's never a way to get on, so you don't even have to worry about this is going to be romantic. But we do have to wait an hour in the queue to get there. But once you get out of Rocket Tower Plaza, and we've talked about this so many times with the TTA, you're off on your own.

Tim Foster [00:59:03]:
Two of you in a car. Confession. As soon as we leave the station, I take my shoes off and kick them up. You can play a little footsies there.

Lou Mongello [00:59:13]:
Stop it.

Tim Foster [00:59:14]:
Don't tell anybody you did that. But especially at night, especially at Christmas, I remember many a time being at a very merry Christmas party, riding the TTA. So not only is it magical TTa, it's magical TTA at Christmas where you can see the dream lights on the castle, you can see all the lights in Tomorrowland. And even better, when it's not that crowded, every once in a while you get that not so rare opportunity. Not only is it just the two of you in the car, it's the two of you in the whole train that leaves the station. And that's happened a few times, and that's really cool, because then you're really, truly off on your own. It's like your own personal tour that you might have ordinarily paid a lot for. Tomorrowland, it's just YouTube, but you have it all to yourself, oddly enough, I thought, and maybe this isn't od if people hear it.

Tim Foster [01:00:14]:
I had a vote for the haunted mansion as being a nice romantic. As you're by yourself, it's scary. Hold my hand. I'm scared, but it ticks off those things. It's just the two in your car. You're not with a bunch of other people. It's dark, it's long. You know, it's not like something like Peter Pan's flight, where, yeah, you're alone, but it's sober before you know it.

Tim Foster [01:00:38]:
This is nice and long, and if you have an affinity for Halloween, and a lot of people do, that makes it an even more special place and even more romantic and spooky, shall we say, during Halloween or a not so scary Halloween party. So the question to you, Lou, what would you nominate as your most romantic attraction again?

Lou Mongello [01:01:05]:
Keep it g rated. Keep it g. Remember, remember. Look, I'm a snuggler, right? So this very much is in my wheelhouse. Don't say, of course you are. Stop it. So there are a few. I think pirates is one.

Lou Mongello [01:01:21]:
I think Peter Pan's flight is one. You've got that pirate ship all to yourself. Spaceship Earth is one.

Tim Foster [01:01:29]:

Lou Mongello [01:01:29]:
Navi river journey. Again, you're on the water. I was going to say living with the land, but to a certain degree, if you get a boat all by yourself, it could be. But I think Peter Pan's flight, those attractions. Haunted mansion, very much high on the list. Attractions where it's just the two of you in a vehicle and you're able to sit together and put your arm around each other or whatever it is, inherently makes those attractions romantic.

Tim Foster [01:02:01]:
I like it. My cat's wandering in. He's got some things to say about this. But, yeah, I was trying to think of other attractions, and I forgot. Yeah, spaceship Earth definitely, too. You know what? I remember romantic nights. One more quick story. Was the first time.

Tim Foster [01:02:19]:
I mean, told you this, Lou, so many times. The first time I visited Epcot was in the evening. It was an October evening. We were at the magic kingdom. And actually, I was so new to this, I didn't realize that monorail went over to Epcot, and we found out it did. So away we was at. It was in October, so it was cool. There was hardly anybody there.

Tim Foster [01:02:43]:
Epcot was sort of still newish at that point, so everything was super clean. World like the original imagination, world motion. It was all still there. Music emanating from the shrubbery. It was fantastic. But any of the attractions in there kind of ticked off those checkboxes. Nice and slow. Just you.

Tim Foster [01:03:06]:
It's 510, maybe 15 minutes. Whether it was imagination or world emotion or spaceship Earth, like you said, or even the seas at that point, all of Epcot, but nobody there. El Rio del tmpo. Okay.

Lou Mongello [01:03:28]:
So as I was looking through, because I don't have a lot on my list left either, I do have, obviously, some restaurants I'm going to save those for. I think there's a top ten romantic restaurants in Walt Disney World that we can do because I think there are many, including some that I think are unexpected. And number one, this is going to sound like one of those clickbait articles. Number one on my list will surprise you, because it will. It might. And then again, it might not. But there's a few that I think are incredibly romantic, just like there are romantic resorts or romantic rooms, even, that you could ask for at certain resorts. So I will save those for another top ten, which we can do maybe very soon.

Lou Mongello [01:04:19]:
I'm going to quickly mention a couple of honorable mentions before I hit what I think might be possibly the best of the best of romantic things that you can do in Walt Disney World. So earlier, Tim, you talked about taking a walk, right? Taking a walk, taking a hike. I think there's a lot of different places that you can do that, whether it's the boardwalk, the resort trails, fort wilderness, like you said, even some of the quote unquote running trails between, like, old Key west and Saratoga and Disney Springs are really nice. I think you can take romantic walks in the parks. I think the gardens in world showcase is one the Maharashtra jungle trek, especially if you get some of that nice weather and the right time of day. So many of the resorts have wonderful grounds that are meant to be wandered and explored, especially some of the larger resorts that are a little bit more spread out. I am not an athlete. I am an athletic supporter.

Lou Mongello [01:05:21]:
I think miniature golf, it's almost like that teenage romance thing to do, but it can be so much fun and so romantic. So an evening or a morning at winter Summerland or Fantasia gardens could be something that is fun and romantic as well. It does not have to be the flowers and the champagne and the strawberries. Look, I think there's a lot of places that can be romantic if you approach them that way. Whether it's the Liberty Square river boat or to the opposite of your point, I think you can stroll down main street, USA and have it be something simple and romantic to do together. I think sort of romance is where you could make it. If you go to Animal Kingdom Lodge, the starlight safari is one of, I think, the most special and unique things that you can do. As you go at night and you're given night vision goggles and see.

Lou Mongello [01:06:24]:
I think it's like 30 different species of african wildlife. I know they did nighttime safaris in animal Kingdom, too. I think those are currently on hold as well. But what I think is the number one thing on my list to do is easy. It's romantic, it's unique, especially right now. It can be private ish. You don't even need a park ticket for it. And you don't need to be staying at a specific resort.

Lou Mongello [01:07:07]:
It's characters in flight at Disney Springs. Did you know it's the world's largest tethered helium balloon?

Tim Foster [01:07:16]:
I did not know that.

Lou Mongello [01:07:18]:
See that? Full of useless knowledge. So the gondola is this 20 foot diameter basket, that enclosed basket. And look, if you're afraid of heights, I am not the biggest fan of heights as well. You feel so safe and so secure because you can't go anywhere and the balloon can't go anywhere. So I never had any of that fear, although I do acknowledge that for many people, it does exist. While the gondola can hold up to, I think, 25 or 30 people especially, I've noticed over the last number of years, especially during off times, it's not often crowded. It's not often being used because there's not a line of people. So depending on what? Look, if you go on a Tuesday at 11:00 chances are you're going to have that balloon all to yourself.

Lou Mongello [01:08:13]:
If you're going to go at the end of a night, maybe after a romantic dinner in Disney Springs boathouse, and then you have a surprise, you think that you're walking to the buses or back to your car, and then you hook a right and you walk over to characters in flight, and you have this reservation for the balloon for just the two of you. The views are spectacular. It's not even that. It's that simplicity of the balloon ride. And it's only $20 for adults. Kids. I think kids are, like, 15, but it is such a unique view. And you can see for like 20 miles all around.

Lou Mongello [01:08:57]:
Like, you can walk all around the basket. You don't feel cramped at all. You should look at pictures or videos. I did this a couple of times. I haven't been in years. I want to do again, but timing it just right, it is just such a simple, romantic thing. And if it's just the two of you, and obviously there's the pilot in there as well, it is a wonderful, wonderful, very overlooked experience at Walt Disney World that ticks all the boxes. Like I said, you don't have to book this six months in advance.

Lou Mongello [01:09:32]:
It can be private. It is unique, it is romantic. It's something you could do together, and it does not cost you a lot. It's $40 for two people.

Tim Foster [01:09:42]:
I love it. I am a little afraid of heights, but you've convinced me. I think I can handle it.

Lou Mongello [01:09:48]:
And it's even perfect. Like, oh, you're a little afraid of heights. Come here. Let me give you a little hug and a cuddle. Right. I'm not saying that's why you do make sure it's obviously completely consensual, but you know what I mean. I'm assuming that if you're there together, that that is not an issue.

Tim Foster [01:10:08]:
One last thing. I'll just add. I think the commonality to all of this was wherever it is, whether it's a restaurant, resort, attraction, or like, for me, the romantic part was just being able to share that magic moment, whatever it was, with that someone special. Especially when to both of you, it's that Disney special moment that means that much more to, you know, we're those weird Disney people, but this means a lot to us, and it is really special to share those moments with someone. It's also cool. And the last thing I will put on this list is if you get to both experience something new for the first time, that you're both looking forward to. Not even just an attraction or something, but, for example, I remember the first time going into Pandora at night with somebody, and not only was I experiencing this for the first time, but it was so beautiful and magical that we've talked about separately. But being able to share that experience with someone, too, who is just as in awe and mesmerized as you are, and you're both taking in this incredibly magical experience together is really cool, too.

Tim Foster [01:11:31]:
So again, you have to kind of plan ahead to be there when something opens. But being able to experience something together for the first time is also pretty cool because it's not just sharing the moment. But you're discovering a moment together, and it'll be that moment that you'll remember for the rest of your lives because you did it together, and you'll never see this thing for the first time again. I will never have another first time. I was at Pandora moment. So being able to share that with someone makes it extra special.

Lou Mongello [01:12:04]:
Yeah. Look, and as an extension of all the things that we're saying, especially if you've been with somebody a long time or you've been married a long time, or you're worried, know, budget and things like, know. That's why I wanted to really have a wide spectrum of things that you could do for free and things that if you wanted to celebrate and indulge. And look to your point, Tim, about this place, this experience together being special. Even if you are married and you've been married for years and the romance is gone, there's nothing that stops you from proposing again. Maybe you didn't have the wedding where you didn't honeymoon in Disney, where you found this Disney love after. There's nothing that says that you can't go and find or make your special place, whether it's in front of, now, the non pink castle cake thing. If it's in front of a favorite attraction, and you don't need another ring, you don't need another celebration, you don't need any of that kind of stuff.

Lou Mongello [01:13:05]:
It's just like what we're talking about. It's proposing your love. It's sort of reinforcing that. And forgive me for being all, like I said at the outset, as idealistic and romantic about it, but I think that there is something about making that moment of getting down on one knee, looking up into the eyes of somebody that you love, and then sort of professing that love, especially if it's in a place like Walt Disney World or Alani or a Disney cruise or Disneyland, wherever it might be, because now you have that moment, that place, that thing. And to all the things that we talked about, it doesn't matter what you do to know Valentine's Day, whether it's in Walt Disney World or anywhere, it's about the time together. But when you are Walt Disney World, it's about sort of making those memories in what I would argue maybe, is not just the most magical place on earth, it's not just the vacation. It's one of the most romantic places on earth as well. But I want to know from you, my friend, our friend who's listening here with us, hopefully jotting down ideas or making quick phone calls for last minute plans.

Lou Mongello [01:14:23]:
If you're in Walt Disney World, tell me what you think the most romantic thing you can do, you should do, or you have done in Walt Disney World, is share your story. You've already done it, so it's okay. Or maybe something that you would love to do when you find that special someone. What does your perfect romantic day and night look like in Walt Disney World? What is the thing that you hope someone would one day do for you? And there's a number of different ways you could let us know. I think the best way is for us to tell us in your own voice. Call the voicemail. I will play it on the air at four oh 7909 three nine one. That's four oh 7900 WDW one.

Lou Mongello [01:15:05]:
You can also go. I'll post this on our group on Facebook. It is the WDW radio clubhouse. It is fun and family friendly, of course, free and a very warm, welcoming place. Share your story. Share your idea there. Or you can email me just lou@wwradio.com or share it on social and let me know. And you know what else I think is an incredibly listen, if you don't know what to get her or him for Valentine's Day and you're looking for the ultimate romantic gift, look no further than not your service merchandise catalog.

Lou Mongello [01:15:42]:
But go to celebrationspress.com because it's literally the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Tim Foster [01:15:51]:
That it is, Lou. That it is. I feel like I'm quoting Christmas vacation right now. But the big news, Lou, the big news is we are happy. So proud to announce celebrations magazine is back in print. And we are so excited. Enter dramatic music so we are so excited. We've been working really hard.

Tim Foster [01:16:18]:
We're going to kick things off. What better way to kick things off than with a special commemorative Walt Disney World 50th anniversary gala issue, which we're putting it together now. So we're very excited about that. It's out. It's available. We love everybody to come check it out, see what you think. So we're super excited.

Lou Mongello [01:16:40]:
Awesome. Oh, there's more.

Tim Foster [01:16:43]:
Well, maybe we'll have a special something for your audience, Lou, which I guess I should mention.

Lou Mongello [01:16:58]:
This is me as a friend to you. It's like telling somebody, like, listen, maybe I'll have something romantic for you. But then again, maybe we're going, we're.

Tim Foster [01:17:07]:
Going to put together to celebrate the return of celebrations in print. We do have a special coupon which Lou will include in the show notes.

Lou Mongello [01:17:16]:
I will put it in, but she.

Tim Foster [01:17:17]:
Will include in the show notes. We're going to offer all you guys 20% off of the new subscription, and we're going to run a little contest where a select few winners that we'll choose will win. In addition to a free year of celebrations magazine, we'll put together a special gift package of our nighttime Memories hardcover book we just did, some of our recent back print issues, and some other goodies that we'll throw in there. Some booklets of perhaps illuminations or the main street electrical parade, how I miss you and that sort of thing. But Lou will put all of the details on all of this in his show notes and share with everybody. But we want to offer this to everybody because we just want to share it with everybody because we're so excited and hope you are, too.

Lou Mongello [01:18:11]:
Awesome. I certainly will go to wwradio.com, click on this week's podcast. You'll find links and all of the details once Tim gives them to me.

Tim Foster [01:18:22]:
We have to figure out what the coupon code is.

Lou Mongello [01:18:25]:
Actually, Lou is my Tim is a Cuddler 20. We'll figure it out. Check the show notes.

Tim Foster [01:18:32]:
That's a little long. We'll shorten it up to something much nicer.

Lou Mongello [01:18:36]:
Well, look, Tim Foster, I am so grateful for you being here. We're going to have to come back and talk about romantic resorts and rooms and restaurants and places to dine. But the takeaway, Tim, is that romance is still not dead, nor should it ever be.

Tim Foster [01:18:55]:
No way, my friend. No way.

Lou Mongello [01:18:58]:
What's the most romantic? Oh, top ten romantic Disney songs?

Tim Foster [01:19:06]:
Oh, I'm going to have to think about that.

Lou Mongello [01:19:08]:
I know. I got to write this down. Romantic Disney.

Tim Foster [01:19:10]:
I was even going to mention top ten romantic films because I don't know if I said this on the show. I mentioned you. I watched Endgame again last night and cried very romantic. Six more times. What better way to have a romantic moment than cuddle up watching your favorite movie? Especially one where you'll cry a little bit.

Lou Mongello [01:19:31]:
I'm a crier, too.

Tim Foster [01:19:32]:
Just like I cry.

Lou Mongello [01:19:33]:
I'm a hugger. I'm a crier. I'm a sentimental kind of guy. So what can I tell you? I wear my heart on my sleeve proudly.

Tim Foster [01:19:43]:
You're hopeless. But that's why we love you.

Lou Mongello [01:19:46]:
That's the power of love. That's the power of love. Let me be.

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