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WDW Radio # 778 – Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort Report

On this week’s Resort Report, we look at 10 reasons to stay, play, and dine at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort, and share why it is a hidden gem of the Walt Disney World Resort.

In this episode, Lou Mongello and Beci Mahnken from Mouse Fan Travel discuss Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort and share reasons why it is a hidden gem of the Walt Disney World Resort.

They highlight the size and intimacy of the resort, the lively atmosphere of Scat Cat’s Club and the delicious beignets available there. They also discuss the convenient transportation options, including the Sassagoula River cruise to Disney Springs. The Mardi Gras-themed Blue Lagoon Pool and the unique atmosphere and design of the resort are also mentioned. The conversation explores the New Orleans culture and architectural elegance of Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort.

The resort is known for its thematic consistency and immersive experience, allowing guests to feel like they are walking through the streets of New Orleans. The dining options, including Scat Cat’s Club and Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory, offer a variety of New Orleans-inspired specialties. The resort also offers a range of activities, such as horse-drawn carriage rides and seasonal events. The conversation highlights the lost backstory and fictional history of the resort, as well as the room options and moderate pricing.

Finally, there is a discussion about future plans, including a possible WDW Radio group trip to New Orleans!?

Detailed Summary

Welcome back to WDW Radio, your magical podcast destination for all things Disney! In this enchanting episode, join hosts Lou Mongello and guest Beci Mahnken from Mouse Fan Travel as they whisk you away to the charming cobblestone streets of Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. Get ready to jazz up your Disney vacation knowledge with the delightful secrets and wonders of this New Orleans-inspired escapade!

Find out why this quaint and picturesque resort, with its intimate 1008 rooms, is considered a hidden gem amongst the grandeur of Walt Disney World offerings. Explore the quaint touches and magical experiences that give Port Orleans French Quarter its unique heartfelt allure, from the mesmerizing live music and entertainment at Scat Cat’s Club to the irresistible pull of those famous, injectable beignets. As you listen to Lou and Beci’s animated conversation, you’ll discover the top ten reasons that make this resort a must-visit spot for Disney lovers of all ages.

Dive deeply into what makes the French Quarter a standout experience including the blissful Sassagoula river cruise, the jubilant Mardi Gras poolside celebrations, and the enchanting horse-drawn carriage rides. Marvel at the intricate storytelling woven into every nook and cranny of the resort, captivating guests with its architectural homages and vibrant ambiance echoing the captivating spirit of New Orleans—transformative at every twilight with its hushed streetlights and serene vibe.

Curious about the resort’s dining scene? Our hosts will be your guide to the plethora of palate-pleasing options, from savory sliders and sandwiches at the Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory to the festival-worthy flavors of seasonal pumpkin spice beignets.

But that’s not all—tune in as we discuss the convenient location of Port Orleans French Quarter, offering easy access to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney Springs, with diverse transportation options right at your doorstep. Plus, we’ll share behind-the-scenes looks at how this moderate-priced resort ensures a magical and immersive experience that rivals even the most deluxe accommodations.

Get inspired, as Lou and Beci also ponder the possibility of doing a live show from this bewitching resort and even drumming up ideas for a group trip to the heart of New Orleans. It’s an episode sprinkled with Southern charm, Disney magic, and plenty of enticing reasons to book your next stay—or staycation—at Port Orleans French Quarter.

Don’t forget to join us on this auditory journey that’s as rich and flavorful as a New Orleans beignet. Hit that play button, and let the good times roll with our look at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort on WDW Radio, where Disney dreams are always on the air!

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  • Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort offers a unique and intimate experience due to its smaller size.
  • Scat Cat’s Club is a must-visit spot at the resort, offering live entertainment, delicious beignets, and a cozy atmosphere.
  • The resort provides convenient transportation options, including a river cruise to Disney Springs.
  • The Mardi Gras-themed Blue Lagoon Pool and the overall atmosphere and design of the resort contribute to its charm and appeal.
  • Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort Atmosphere:
    • Intimate and charming due to its smaller size with 1008 rooms.
    • Reflects a strong New Orleans influence in theming and decor.
    • Offers a personalized guest experience.
  • Dining and Entertainment Options:
    • Scat Cats Club described as a vibrant New Orleans-style jazz club.
    • On-site cafe serving specialty beignets, including seasonal flavors.
    • Live music and entertainment at the club is family-friendly.
    • The resort lacks a sit-down restaurant but features Scat Cat’s Club and Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory for dining.
    • Room service includes pizza delivery.
    • Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory offers a variety of options like burgers, pastas, and New Orleans-inspired dishes.
  • Resort Activities and Amenities:
    • Bike rentals, fishing, boat rentals, and jogging paths available.
    • Campfires and movies under the stars for night-time entertainment.
    • Horse-drawn carriage rides offered as a unique activity.
    • Sassagoula River Cruise provides a scenic mode of transportation.
    • Doubloon Lagoon pool with a Mardi Gras theme and a sea serpent slide named Scales.
  • Special Features and Events:
    • Mardi Gras celebrations create a festive atmosphere at the resort.
    • Connection to the upcoming Tiana’s Bayou Adventure attraction is a point of excitement.
    • Lou Mongello discusses the possibility of a live show from the resort.
  • Accommodation and Booking Information:
    • Variety of room types to accommodate families and solo travelers.
    • Special secret bar menu and unique food selections mentioned.
  • Transportation and Location:
    • Easy access to other Disney areas via riverside transportation and boat transfers to Disney Springs.
    • Resort’s proximity to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney Springs highlighted.
  • Lou Mongello and Beci Mahnken Discussion:
    • The hosts express their affection for New Orleans culture and the resort’s connection to it.
    • Plan for the next business meeting at Scat Cat’s Club based on the live entertainment and food options.
  • Architectural and Night-time Ambiance:
    • The resort’s architecture is reflective of New Orleans, enhancing its charm.
    • Streetlights and the ambiance at night mimic the city’s peaceful, transformative vibe.
  • Storytelling and History:
    • There is a deep backstory to the resort, steeped in history and storytelling themes.

Timestamped Overview / Chapters

  • [00:00] Introduction to Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort
  • [01:34] Reasons to Stay at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort
  • [10:13] Scat Cat’s Club and Beignets
  • [21:47] Sassagoula River Cruise to Disney Springs
  • [23:38] Mardi Gras-themed Blue Lagoon Pool
  • [25:31] Unique Atmosphere and Design
  • [26:52] New Orleans culture and architectural elegance
  • [27:48] Thematic consistency and immersion
  • [30:07] Dining options and Scat Cat’s Club
  • [34:42] Activities and horse-drawn carriages
  • [39:14] Resort activities and seasonal events
  • [42:05] Lost backstory and fictional history
  • [46:11] Room options and moderate pricing
  • [50:22] Future plans and group trip to New Orleans

What’s your favorite part of Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort?

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Episode Transcript

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Lou Mongello (00:00)
In our continuing visits to every resort eventually in Walt Disney World and I think eventually all the resorts around the world. Yes, I just committed myself to that. This week we're going to dive into the heart of the bayou to explore what I think is a relatively hidden gem of the Walt Disney World Resort, Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter. And if you, like me, have ever, you know, stroll down the

wonderful and comfortable and I think special about this place. And if you haven't or if you have or maybe looking for reasons to go back, this episode is just for you because we're going to share 10-ish reasons that you need to stay at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. And it might just have you booking your next trip with Mouse Fan Travel by the time we are done, because I think from the unique architecture that transports you right into the heart of New Orleans to

The wonderful Southern hospitality, of course, the panniers, there's a lot to cover. And I think there's a lot that you're not going to want to miss, especially if you are planning your next vacation. So I think everybody has who loves this resort has their own special reason for loving it and wanting to go on it. And if that's you, and as we go through our list, I want to hear from you. Like, what is your favorite reason for staying at Port Orleans French Quarter? You can share your thoughts over in the Clubhouse at www.com slash Clubhouse. I'll put this question there.

or by calling the voicemail at 407-900-9391, that's 407-900-WDW1, maybe we missed something and maybe you and your favorite reason might just be the thing for somebody else to help plan their next vacation. And when I say that we are going to cover the resort in this sort of resort report, I wanna welcome back the Yzma to my Kronk, the Anger to my Joy, the Edna Mode to my Bob.

are the queen of hearts to my Mad Hatter and I think the Vanellope to my Ralph. She is of course Becky Mahnken from Mouse Fan Travel.

Beci (02:00)

I actually liked the last one, the Vanellope to Ralph. That's, that's a, that actually kind of, that one kind of fits in a strange way. Unlike your, your other, you know, anger to joy. If you actually look at anger, he looks a lot like you without, you know, the tie. If you put a tie on and then you like look straight into the camera, you could be angry or, or dude, seriously, the whole queen of hearts thing, you still haven't looked at your hair compared to her hair.

Lou Mongello (02:08)
I just came up, I like that one.

because I'm short and have spiky hair? I'm like the happiest person in the world.

Beci (02:35)
It is a one on one match. We put you in the dress and it's good to go. So now we're going to back up to the Vanellope. I...

Lou Mongello (02:39)
You know what's funny because I say these things as a joke and you clearly get very excited and emotional about this.

Beci (02:47)
I'll take the vanilla Peter Ralph. I think that was a perfect thing. And I've already got you all figured out about why you chose. Yes. I can, this is what I do.

Lou Mongello (02:53)
See, she's still going. She's... I think you've, I think you did more, you did more research on your rebuttal than you actually did on preparation for the show. And that's not helpful at all. That is all.

Beci (03:04)
You're probably correct. But having said that, I know, I know why you chose this one specifically. It's because you just want to go back to New Orleans. Mm hmm. Is it New Orleans or New Orleans? It's like, New Orleans, NOLA.

Lou Mongello (03:14)
I do. I love New Orleans. New Orleans is one of my favorite. It's Nolans. It depends on who you ask, right? It's Nolans. Nola. Yeah, I've been there. I was there when I was a kid, driving across country with my parents. We were there during when the World's Fair was there. And I've had occasion to go back a couple of times. He did a group cruise out of New Orleans. We were there for a race weekend. I was there for

Beci (03:38)

Lou Mongello (03:42)
an event with Imagineering a year or so ago. And we do need to plan a return visit because I think all the things I sort of talked about in the intro, the reason why I love French Quarter are some of the reasons why I love New Orleans. It is, it's the music and the food and the hospitality and the history and the architecture. Yes, the food is ridiculously good there.

And everything that I love about New Orleans does not take place on Bourbon Street. It actually is everywhere sort of but Bourbon Street because I think New Orleans has so very much to offer. Especially if you, if you live in America and it's easy to get to, I highly, highly recommend, you know, adults, kids, there's a lot, there's a lot to do and I think a lot to love about New Orleans. And I think for purposes of this show, I think there's a lot to love about this resort. It's why I wanted to do it.

Beci (04:10)
Ha ha

Lou Mongello (04:35)
I think there's a lot of reasons we're going to touch on that make this a unique choice among the, you know, 20 plus on site and even some of the, you know, the, the good neighbor hotels in terms of the various Walt Disney World resorts.

Beci (04:49)
Oh yeah. The first time I went to New Orleans was New Orleans, New Orleans. Now, I'm going to, every time I say that I'm going to question what the right saying is. But the first time it was there was for the WDW radio, uh, cruise. So I think we spent a couple of days there pre, which definitely was not enough. And the one thing that I loved now, I know my dark and twisty side, when we went and saw the graveyard, which I loved, which we don't see in the resort.

good, probably a good feature not to have in a vacation area. However, it was just so cool. And I loved seeing how different families express themselves and remember their loved ones. And the music and like you said, the food and the atmosphere and the decor, I mean, everything about that city, except for the humidity is awesome. And I wanna go, I really do wanna go back and spend some quality time there.

Lou Mongello (05:18)


And in the past, I have expressed my love for both the resort as well as New Orleans, including there's a lot of Disney connections to New Orleans. So if you go back to show 97, we did a very deep dive, a DSI Disney scene investigation of both Riverside as well as French Quarter resorts going into their history and their connections. But on show 439, we did a fascinating show, I think, about Disney's, both Walt Disney, the Disney parks, the Disney movies.

all the different connections between and through Disney and New Orleans. And I'll link those both in the show notes. But again, it's show 97 and show 439. But Becky, for purposes of this week, rather than sort of going, you know, through the entire resorts with a fine tooth comb, I wanted to look at sort of 10 reasons that people should think about going or going back to Disney's French Quarter Resort. You are my guest, I believe in Ladies First, and I'm wildly curious to hear.

what your first would be. So please, the floor is yours.

Beci (06:48)
See, mine is no particular order. That's, I have a ton of notes.

Lou Mongello (06:51)
And I don't think there has to be. I don't think, yeah, I don't think there has to be. I want to be all over the place.

Beci (06:55)
Uh, yeah, absolutely. And some of them will lead into others. So I, the 10-ish thing is probably going to be more ish than 10. Um, however, you know, I'm going to go with one of the things that I do really appreciate about the resort, which is its size. It's, it's not overbearing. There's it's easy to walk around. It's a small resort. Um, it's, it's made up of.

city streets or seems like a really small, charming town. And you can easily get from, even if you're out in one of the far out buildings, it really isn't that far. To be able to walk to the main lobby location where the great food court is and everything that's there, I absolutely love the cozy, charming, easy to walk around size.

Lou Mongello (07:45)
So I have this on my list as well. And you and I are not alone because as a wise man once said, size matters not. Judge me by my size, do you? This is actually the smallest Walt Disney World Resort in terms of rooms. There's, I don't wanna even say only, there's wonderfully 1,008 rooms. So in terms of on property room size, it is very small, it is intimate. And this was very high on my list as to one of the reasons why

I love it because I think it's part of its charm and I think its status as the smallest resort is an advantage for guests who are thinking about Stinger. Again, you talked about the intimacy, the quaintness, especially like at the end of the night when most resorts start to get, they feel crowded, right? Because everybody's coming back from the parks in the morning, everybody's getting ready to leave. There's a sense of a cozy, quiet.

atmosphere and ambiance that makes this, I think, sort of almost a little bit of a peaceful retreat. I also think because of its size, it's very convenient and accessible because no matter where your room is located within the resort, you're always a short walk away from the amenities, the pool, the dining, the transportation, which I think is an enhancement to the overall guest experiences. You know, if you stay at some other resorts, sometimes if you want to get to

the main house or the buses, you might be in for a relatively or not relatively, a very long walk. And I think because it's smaller, right? And I like, I love resorts like this. I will always take a smaller, almost more of a boutique resort over a mega resort any day, because I think the smaller scale allows for not just.

Beci (09:16)

Lou Mongello (09:38)
them to be able to do it, but almost an appreciation of the theming and the decor that's inspired by New Orleans. I think it also affords a more personalized guest experience because there is, there are less guests there. I think the sort of cast member to guest ratio is increased. I think there's also less time waiting and more time enjoying your vacation. So the size very, very high on my list as well.

Beci (09:59)

And everything you said is so accurate. And I love the fact that, I mean, you say the word 1,008 rooms, it doesn't seem small, right? On the grand scope of things. But if you look at some of the other resorts, which really are mega resorts and they're spread out and like pointing out the fact that getting to one of the buses might be your morning 5,000 steps to just catch transportation.

I really do like the variety of locations, the quiet locations, for it being small. There's definitely buildings that are farther out that allow you to have a little bit more of a relaxed and quiet experience rather than being closer into the main area where you've got the food court and everything. But I absolutely love the cozy, quiet atmosphere of that small, cozy area.

Lou Mongello (11:03)
Yeah, because I mean, you think about places like Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, depending on where you are, either in Jumbo House or Kadani, like they should give you a medal by the time you get from your room to the main lodge because it is and at the end of the night when you've got diaper bags and strollers and souvenirs and you're well, it feels like you are walking or running a marathon. So for size alone, very highly recommend.

Beci (11:14)


Lou Mongello (11:31)
But the number one, I'm going right to my favorite reason in addition to that, that I love it. And we're going to talk about some of the things as well. I have three words for you and they are scat cats club. I absolutely love it. And we did a sort of different than we normally do, like a late night ish meet of the month a few months ago at scat cat scat cats. So a couple of things, if the name scat cat.

Beci (11:43)

Lou Mongello (11:59)
rings a bell, it should. He was a character from The Aristocats and he was this smooth talking jazz playing alley cat who befriends duchess, voiced by, yes, Scatman Crothers, who I love, not just in The Shining, but I just dig Scatman Crothers as well. And so, let's sort of go back a little bit. Scat Cat has been part of the resort.

Beci (12:13)
No, I-

Lou Mongello (12:28)
since the beginning in 2019, it actually reopened almost sort of like as a two location venue. And the bar and the lounge moved to the space that was occupied originally by Bonfremil's restaurant. And then they introduced a new cafe area that was adjacent to the main lobby that serves coffee and these little, little puffy fried pieces of heaven known as beignets. So, let's talk about the lounge first.

Beci (12:52)
Ha ha

Lou Mongello (12:58)
It is this cool, vibrant, yet very chill spot that really sort of captures the essence of some of those New Orleans jazz clubs. It's very cozy. It's very relaxing. It's very inviting. So if you want to just go in, have, in your case, Becky, an adult beverage, a non-adult beverage, a beignet, a coffee, a place to sort of just chill, you can. There's, um,

bar service there. They have obviously cocktails, beers, and lots of other beverages, great food items as well. I'll get to that in a second. And then the cafe, like you said, also serves the beignets, which are pretty darn close. It's not quite Cafe DuMonde. It's not, but it's pretty close. And depending on when you go seasonally, they have limited time offerings and seasonal specialties. If you've ever had the pumpkin spice beignets, you know how your life has changed for the better. Yes.

Beci (13:42)

Wait, what? What? I've never had those.

Lou Mongello (13:53)
like, oh, I'm not kidding. Well, that's what you, that's why you, you need to come and stay at a moderate resort every now and then because that's the stuff that you get. Part of it too is the live music and entertainment and post COVID, it really only happens on weekends. Hopefully they start to expand that. We were there when they had, I think, I don't, it might have still been the big easy swag. I think

Beci (13:59)
Okay. Wow.


Lou Mongello (14:22)
But they sort of the jazz quartets or jazz trios come in and out. But it's super chill. It's not loud. Like you can sit there and just listen to the music. You can have conversations. It's family friendly. It's a really, really nice place. Whether you're staying at the resort or not, I highly, highly recommend whether you dig jazz or not to go in and just check out Scat Cats.

Beci (14:45)
You know, in the one item that you started with, you covered like three things that were on my list, just so that, you know, well, kind of, but you didn't because you know what the beignets.

Lou Mongello (14:52)
But I only talked about one place.

Was it you were gonna do something, you were talking about Scatman Crothers? No.

Beci (15:00)
No, the, the vignettes alone were one big bullet item on my list because obviously that's one of the best snack foods, but I didn't know there was a pumpkin spice one. We'll have to go back for that.

Lou Mongello (15:10)
Yeah, they so there's pumpkin spice ones. Becky, you'll like this. And I think they have it all the time, but they have been yeas that have almost like a little plastic syringe that you can sort of inject a an adult sort of complimentary beverage of your choice into the beignet itself. So for you.

Beci (15:22)

I need that in my life. Why, why, why have you not taken me there for that? What, what is going on with you? Well, now we know where we're having our next business meeting. When we get back. Um, however, when you're talking about the scat cat club, which say that 10 times fast, it gets kind of confusing, but it's, it's an overarching piece of the live entertainment as a whole. Like you said, you were talking about just sitting there and listening to the jazz music, which.

Lou Mongello (15:39)
Yikes. Oh boy.

Beci (15:58)
Um, I've, I really have a huge appreciation for just kind of having a, um, that type of atmosphere where you can still have a conversation, but you're enjoying the live entertainment around you as well. Um, so if I can like tie that into the overall, what, Ooh. Okay.

Lou Mongello (16:15)
Before, you know what? I just realized the one thing I forgot to mention, and forgive me, was the lounge. The lounge actually has an amazing, almost secret bar menu, because you don't think about going there for the food, but you should. Let me just quickly go through, because I've had most of these when we were there, all in the name of research. They have loaded potato puffs, like the little like potato barrels, like little tater tots with pulled pork.

and beer cheese sauce. They have Mardi Gras fritters with pimento cheese fritters and pepper jelly. Bayou wings with a sweet and spicy barbecue sauce. Baton Rouge beignets. These are the ones that contain alcohol. Oh, this, you're going to love this. Forget the show's going to end right here for Becky. You get two beignets that'll get jazzed up with your choice of Bailey's Irish cream, Kahlua or rum chata.

Beci (16:49)
those. Yum!

I'm sorry.

jazzed up. Oh my gosh, that's like, that's like heaven in a beignet.

Lou Mongello (17:12)
You get those, I'll get the scat cats that are two beignets served with red pepper jelly, pimento cheese, green goddess dressing and dusted with powdered sugar. There's also an oyster beignet po' boy and sassy, sassagulo sliders, which have fried green tomatoes with pepper jelly, barbecue jackfruit and slaw pickles, a fish cake with spicy remoulade and arugula. And I've had most of those or sampled some when we were at the meat. So, it's actually a super cool place.

even just to go listen to some music and get some food in a, I mean, it almost should be considered like a casual dining location.

Beci (17:51)
Yeah, it seems like that where the sliders is perfect for a small meal. And then you turn around and you get your dessert, which is obviously two or three beignets because you have to try every single one of the injectables, right? I'm just going to call them injectable. So it's like, you can have your Kahlua or your Bailey's or your Ramchata or all three. I mean, you can make a cocktail inside a beignet. Done. Drop the mic.

Lou Mongello (18:06)
You look great.

woman sleeping in the corner that would be Becky Manken if you've never seen her before.

Beci (18:23)
It actually sounds really good.

Lou Mongello (18:24)
We will go there next time you're there. All right, moving on.

Beci (18:29)
Is it me now? Okay. So I got to get rid of my beignets off the list. And the live entertainment is off the list. I think, um, the next one I'm going to go to then is, um, kind of.

Lou Mongello (18:30)
It is.

Beci (18:47)
One of my favorite things about some of the resorts is the transportation options, because you have that, um, the riverboat, which is very unique and cool for a moderate resort, being able to take one of the boat transfers to Disney Springs, which I like to be able to do. Um.

I think I talked about the buses earlier, where you have the, just two, I think there's only two bus stops rather than having eight, 12 or 10 out there too. So I really like that when you have an association with how close you are to Riverside. So pulling all that together, where you have that location that's closer to, or close to Riverside, so it's an easy walk over there, so you can actually take advantage of all the transportation options.

Lou Mongello (19:32)
Yeah, I was going to say, when you talk about transportation, your feet should be considered transportation because you can very easily walk over to Riverside. When you stay at French Quarter or Riverside, it really is like getting two resorts in one because you have access to the amenities and the entertainment at both. I won't even start going down the EHA Bob rabbit hole because he alone is a reason to go and visit. And I'll piggyback on that because one of the things I had on my list, Becky, was

Beci (19:50)
Ha ha

Lou Mongello (19:58)
the Sassagula River cruise over to Disney Springs because you do have access to the Sassagula, which Sassagula means, right, Mississippi. It's a Native American word for Mississippi. She's not even paying attention. But you do have a ferry service, not just in between French Quarter and Riverside, but you do get, you have transportation over to Old Key West as well as Saratoga Springs.

And Disney Springs, it's complimentary, it's relaxing, it's beautiful, it's so especially if you can go sort of during golden hour at sunset, it's gorgeous and you have very, very easy access to and from Disney Springs. You don't have to worry about getting on a bus. I will take water transportation over a bus any day of the week. Plus, it's just it's. There's something very relaxing about being on the water.

Beci (20:56)

Lou Mongello (20:56)
and seeing the resort, I think, from the water as well, because I think that the boats sort of reflect, to a certain degree, that those sort of very iconic, steam-powered paddle boats that you'd find, you know, on, in Louisiana.

Beci (21:13)
And that boat trip, being able to take that, it's like its own attraction, which I love that. If you just wanna take the boat to and from and just take a boat ride, that's really cool. The same thing you can do at some of the other resorts that have the boat transportation. So that's one of my favorite things about that area.

Lou Mongello (21:33)
What does that mean? You weren't paying attention. Oh my god. You literally weren't paying attention. It is a, it is, it is a chalked, it is a chalked tall word for Mississippi. It's fun. Spell Mississippi. She's reading it. Um.

Beci (21:36)
Um, a river? Mississippi. I was looking at something.



I'm looking at you, hello! Unless you have Mississippi tattooed across your forehead. Dude. Wow.

Lou Mongello (22:00)
That's not where my touch, anyway, let's okay, moving on. All right, since I piggybacked and clearly we've just lost count of, I mean, we've lost control and lost count. I'm going to mention De Blun Lagoon, which is the swimming pool located at French Quarter like, excuse me, the rest of the resort. It is very much inspired by Mardi Gras. It has a beautiful and unique and fun slide, which looks like a giant sea serpent whose name is...

Beci (22:10)
I'm gonna go to bed.

Lou Mongello (22:31)
I should make that the trivia question this week, but I won't. His name is Scales and you sort of go down through scales and down his tongue. You can see King Deptude is sort of displayed right on top of Scales head. There's lots of Mardi Gras characters both in and around and in and around the pool area. There's also a lot of water features and sprays. There's a little aquatic play area that it's probably been.

seven or eight years ago replaced that children's waiting pool that has a cool little New Orleans feel to it. There's, you know, soaking water features and little playful areas. There's a hot tub. There's a Mardi Gras pool bar, a perfect place again to relax, you know, after swimming. Don't go into the water until a half hour after we eat. Plus there's a lot of poolside activities that all the resorts have as well. There's also a really like...

Beci (23:21)
Wipe still.

Lou Mongello (23:25)
One of the things I love about this resort and I'm going to save this because this is actually one of the things that I have on my list is the storytelling here, including the story of Scales is so deep and so intricate, unfortunately so lost, but I'll talk more about that when I get to that on my list. But the Blue Lagoon is a, and because the resort is small, again, that

pool has never seemed or felt crowded to me, no matter how crowded the resort itself may feel.

Beci (24:00)
So I have a question. Is Scales a sea serpent or an alligator?

Lou Mongello (24:07)
Skills is a cease skills. He is a sea serpent

Beci (24:07)
I just, you know, I just want to, it's a sea serpent, right? Well, because he kind of looks alligator ish. Well, in many Florida man videos. I can't help it. I wasn't sure. Uh, all right. Next on my list. I have to like skip around a little bit because you've taken a few of mine. Um.

Lou Mongello (24:14)
You've never actually seen an alligator, have you? Never smile at a crocodile. It's fine. It doesn't matter.

What is next on?

Beci (24:35)
How about just the general atmosphere? So I know we talked about the size, but especially at night or like right when the sun is going down, when the streetlights come on and it just has that really quiet, relaxing feeling just to take a stroll around the area down by the river and it's a neat resort to just walk around and take in.

So I know that we kind of talked about other pieces of that, but I think that it's so unique when compared to the other resorts. I just, I think it deserves its own bullet point.

Lou Mongello (25:17)
And it did. It was actually like number two on my list. And I thought about saving it for last because for me, it is in addition to the size and yes, the food, it is the biggest attractor. We've talked about my love of New Orleans, but, and it's the reason why I sort of keep referring to it being as, as almost overlooked because I think whether you go to resort, maybe to eat and because there's no, the one thing the resort doesn't have, we'll talk when we get to dining is there's no table service restaurant.

Beci (25:41)
Thank you.

Lou Mongello (25:46)
So a lot of times, Becky, unless you're staying at the resort, you don't get a lot of visitors to the resort. You know, you get some people that come in for scat cats. But the design and the atmosphere, I think, like many of the Disney resorts, is transformative and transportive in that it makes you feel like you're in the quarter. And you if you pay attention to the details, you see that inspiration of French and Spanish and

Beci (25:52)

Lou Mongello (26:15)
different areas of American culture. So on one hand, you get that vibrancy of the quarter with that soft jazz music sort of playing in the background everywhere, which creates such a wonderful yet energetic but not cacophonous kind of mood that sort of mirrors what you see in the city. There's always music playing, right? Whether there's a festival going on or there's street parades or street musicians, music is such an important and integral part of

Beci (26:39)

Lou Mongello (26:45)
New Orleans culture. I love, love the architectural elegance of this resort. The wrought iron balconies, the colorful facade, the brickwork even is amazing. Like this is a resort that I think is meant to be strolled through and savored. And yes, you do get some of the, you know.

Beci (26:50)

Lou Mongello (27:07)
sort of the, a lot of the on the nose tributes to New Orleans, right? You'll, you'll find things like the Mardi Gras themed decorations and the artwork, but you'll also find some more subtle nods to the culture and the heritage, even the street signs. Like even the street signs at the resort look like, and the names mirror those that you find in New Orleans. So you'll have Bourbon and Royal and Dauphin Street and, and there's, so there's a

Beci (27:24)

Lou Mongello (27:35)
A sense of thematic consistency no matter where you are in this resort, even you mentioned before the landscaping, it's gorgeous at night. It is absolutely spectacular at night. And I think that immersion allows you to almost feel like you are walking through the streets of New Orleans because it's small, because the street signs are there. It's a very easily navigable, navigable resort.

Beci (27:45)

Tch. Ha ha ha.

Lou Mongello (28:05)
I also think if you've never been to New Orleans, I think it's a great introduction to the culture and even the geography of the city, maybe sparking your interest to go and visit. By the way, New Orleans is only about an eight hour drive, nine hour drive from Orlando, if you ever felt inspired. But like for me, when I go through, and again, none of the buildings are higher than three stories tall. So, there's a sense of scale. And next time you walk through,

look at the wrought iron railings and balconies, right? New Orleans itself is well known for its very intricate medical work that goes back to the 18th and 19th centuries. You could even see a little bit of it on Main Street USA by the Crystal Art Shop. But there are such elaborate little patterns, again, no detail, right? Disney, the attention to detail is incredible. So you'll see these sort of scrolls and floral motifs and

classic New Orleans design that really sort of highlight the craftsmanship and the history that goes into this ironwork. Look at the balconies, look at the railings, look at the lamps, right? Look like, look at how the lamp posts and the wrought iron that's used in the lamp. I know it's ridiculous, but these are the sort of the things that I love because all this combined, like you mentioned, the landscaping, et cetera, the fountains and the courtyards.

Beci (29:23)
Oh yeah, it's...

Yeah. The detail, I mean, down to the hitching posts that you find around the area, which why would you put a hitching post, right? In a resort, but it's that level of detail that's amazing. And the, the flowers when they're in bloom and like you said, the, the gas lamps, um, all are just so reminiscent. Oh, cool. Excellent. Um, but I love, you know, the fountains you mentioned, just the whole.

Lou Mongello (29:45)
I'm going to explain why there's hitching posts in a little bit, but we'll move on.

Beci (29:54)
The whole landscaping is so true to story and so true to theme. Um, I just adore that entire area for the atmosphere.

Lou Mongello (30:03)
And if you and as you go through, you'll see that the way the buildings are designed to, especially if you go to some of the outbuildings like seven or one, which is sort of farthest from the main building, there are these wonderful little very serene courtyards, some of which face the sasagulla that you feel like you are all alone there. Like, and there's a wonderful little fountain in the middle. So it's that serenity that I really love about the

Is it my turn or yours?

Beci (30:32)
I completely... Yeah, it's your turn now.

Lou Mongello (30:36)
I mean, would I not be Lou Mungiello if I didn't go to the dining? Am I that where I'm supposed to go to next? Do I save?

Beci (30:42)
You know, you're starting to get down that list and I, I'm shocked that took you this long to get, but I think that you had a little bit of an appetizer, um, with scat cat lounge and the beignets. So that kind of tied you over to get to dining itself.

Lou Mongello (30:51)
I'm not a fan of appetizers. Okay. So, this resort, while it does not have a sit down and I know for some, especially if you have young kids and you're, you know, maybe you're by yourself and you're pushing a stroll, you got two kids not having a sit down restaurant. Maybe something to feel is something that's lacking. Remember, Port Orleans with boat rides is literally a short walk away. I like the fact

that it doesn't because we talked about the intimacy and how quiet the resort is. But there are a number of different dining options. So, we talked about Skat and Cats Club, right? So, you have the lounge and some of the appetizers that you can get there. I think there was also a mac and cheese. Now that I'm thinking back, I think there was like a little like mac and cheese trio or something. I clearly, I need to go back into a live dining review of Skat Cat's. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

Beci (31:43)
Yes, clearly, which we need to do together because I need beignets with Caloowet.

Lou Mongello (31:49)
I want to quickly just pull off to the side for a second and thank you who's listening. Thank you for letting this be what I get to do for a living. Like this is wonderful. I'm so excited. So you've got the club, you've got the cafe. I'm not even thinking about that. Over at the pool bar, there is Mardi Gras, which I don't believe it might have had food at one point, but I don't believe it does. I think it's just some small.

Beci (32:00)
Tax deductible beignets. I mean, come on. This is...

Lou Mongello (32:17)
bar snacks. You can get pizza delivery at to your room at night, but the Sassagola Floatworks and Food Factory is really where your main dining option is going to be. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's quick service, which I dig. I like being able to sort of, you know, come and go without having to commit almost too much time, especially if you're taking a leisurely day at a resort. I love the theming in there. We talked about

that Mardi Gras type theming as well. But like I said, they do have breakfast, lunch and dinner, everything from waffles to omelets to a loaded Tacho bowl. Hello? Yeah. Right. I'm not kidding. What? Stop it. Stop it.

Beci (32:59)

I still haven't had tachos. I still haven't had tachos! You're supposed to take me to the Hollywood studios for tachos and we haven't been there, so your fault. Moving on.

Lou Mongello (33:12)
Becky has never said, you know, I really want to go to a counter service location somewhere that's out in the sun with lots of children. I don't remember you ever saying those words to me. However, you can get the basic, you know, burgers and sandwiches and pizzas and pastas and things like that. But they also have New Orleans inspired specialties as well. There's a honey barbecue pork sandwich, there's ham and cheese. I believe there's chicken and they do some limited time seasonal offerings at Sassegoula as well. So.

I really think like if I was going or staying, I think I like the food at Scat Cats, especially just in terms of the location and the type of I think it's the most New Orleans inspired food, but they do have the quick service location there again. And because I sort of almost include Riverside as part of French Quarter because it is so close, you do have boat rights, dining hall and the other quick service location at your disposal as well.

Beci (34:05)

And it's so close, it almost seems like you do have a sit down restaurant within that resort, even though it's a separate resort, technically. So totally agree.

Next, I guess? Is that- unless, unless you want to spend some more time on dining, because again, we know you.

Lou Mongello (34:20)
That's you.

Wait, I did just real, wait, I do want to take it because I just checked Mardi Gras because they do have food again. So I know for what, so they have chicken salad sandwich, ham and cheese sandwich, Caesar salad. I'm not sure what that salad thing is. And a pretzel with cheese sauce. I never met a pretzel and cheese sauce I didn't like. I'm famished by the way. Look.

Beci (34:38)
That sounds good too. Thank you for doing this before lunch. I really, really appreciate that. Just so you know. All right. Next up I'm, I'm going to do a very blanket activities because at this resort, especially for a moderate.

Lou Mongello (34:47)
That's my secret, Becky. I'm always famished. Go ahead.

Beci (34:59)
They have a lot of options that you, you technically find, um, more, it deluxes than you find at the moderate resorts, which I think this is fantastic because you have everything from bike rentals and fishing from there and boat rentals. Um, a beautiful jogging path for those who partake, which I know that a lot of people are looking for those really nice walking paths and jogging trails to get their steps in. Um, I'm not going to.

Lou Mongello (35:20)

going to judge those people, but.

Beci (35:31)
We're not going to judge. Absolutely. Campfires and movies under the stars, which they have at many of the resorts. But the one thing that I really love is the horse-drawn carriages, which you get at Port Orleans French Quarter, which are it's romantic and a unique activity that you can do with your loved one or your family. And I just absolutely love the fact that you have that evening stroll or that

evening horse-drawn carriage ride around the property.

Lou Mongello (36:05)
So, I had, so I had the activities and they actually had the horse drawn carriage rides broken out separately. Because I think this is one of the most overlooked experiences in Walt Disney. I think, you know, we hear about some of the special things that you can do if you want to celebrate a special occasion. You can take a, you know, you can do a fireworks cruise and things like that. I think a lot of people don't, again, especially if you're not staying here, you don't think about the horse drawn carriage ride. Yes, you can do it at.

you can also do it from Riverside. But again, especially here because the resort is primarily occupied by guests who are staying there and not people sort of coming in and out. I think this is not just a romantic, but a nice family thing to do as well, especially if you can do it at sunset. It's $65. I think they last about a half hour or so you can book them. I think it's two months out. I think it's

And it's just this slow, quiet, sort of meandering carriage ride along the banks of the Sassagula River. You see the architecture, you see the grounds in a way that you don't have to worry about sort of walking through. You can fit four people in it so you can bring, you know, the whole family, you can bring small children too. The horses are beautiful. Usually the driver will let you sort of take pictures. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I just had a...

Beci (37:04)
or two.

Uh oh. I know that look. That really scares me when I see that look.

Lou Mongello (37:33)
Wait, maybe, maybe this week or next week, maybe I'll do the live show from Port Orleans and take you on a carriage ride with me live so you can see it.

Beci (37:48)
That would be so much fun.

with a beignet in hand. You're gonna have a beignet in one hand, the camera in the other.

Lou Mongello (37:55)
I'm so like I, I mean, we'll explore the resort. That's what I think that's what we're going to do to tie into this episode. We'll explore the resort. We'll check out scat cats and then maybe we'll take a little romantic carriage ride. I'll have a little me party and do a romantic carriage ride for one on YouTube.

Beci (38:00)

with you and a few hundred or a small thousand people in the carriage with you. Okay. I'm glad that we could plan out your shows ahead of time because I know how difficult that could be for you.

Lou Mongello (38:16)
Yes. Oh my gosh. I'm so excited. I'm so this is my favorite show ever.

But go, so, you know, go, I have the activities on there as well and I think you're right. And I think, Becky, unless you've stayed at the resorts, so it used to be that when you walked in, you used to get like the sassagula times. We'll talk about this, like this whole newspaper that had a list of activity. I think sometimes people were so, spending so much time looking at our phone that we forget to sort of go and look at the papers and see what that, because they do have, they have a running and a walking.

trail, they do fun runs. I believe they do them every week on the week. I think on Sunday mornings, they do fun runs that may or may not end with beignets because usually I just have me at beignets. Well, you know, you can have beignets without actually running. That's the secret. Like many of the resorts, there's movies under the stars. They usually do tons of activities out by the pool, but

Beci (39:10)
Ooh, that might give me to run. True. This is true.

Lou Mongello (39:25)
They also do some really cool seasonal events there. So during Mardi Gras, they have special decorations, activities. Usually there's a parade. I think they still do the golf cart a little like mini golf cart Mardi Gras parades. I think they also have King Cake. And if you've never had King Cake in New Orleans, it's amazing. And it's something that's served only during Mardi Gras. I also believe they do. I think we have to do a lot of activities around Easter as well as certainly

around Christmas time as well. They've got the campfire activities, lots of arts and crafts. There's also, you know, there's a lot, and I don't wanna even say that's crammed into this resort because it does not feel crowded or cramped at all. It's relatively sprawling for the number of rooms are there, but like any resort, you know, you sort of choose your own adventure and how you want to enjoy the resort. But I love the fact that there's things for adults and kids and families and couples and individuals,

You know, whatever your sort of fancy is, there's something there for you.

Beci (40:31)
I completely agree. I love this resort and now I'm jealous that I'm not going to be there Wednesday so that I can go and partake in the activities that you've just like laid out for Wednesday. I think that would be a lot of fun. Um, it, again, Disney does such a great job with not only having the theme parks, right, to go and play in all day, but at resorts like this, where they have so many activities for the families to enjoy, you don't even really need to have, um,

Lou Mongello (40:36)
I'm sorry.

Beci (40:59)
the theme park ticket every single day because there's so much to do with the resort itself. And this just kind of lends itself to the fact that you can stay there, enjoy the pool, have a wonderful horse-drawn carriage ride, eat, drink, be merry all at this wonderful, quiet, peaceful little charming resort.

Lou Mongello (41:20)
Yeah. You know, the last thing I'll have on my list is it's almost sort of a little bit of a lost add on, right? It's a lost because I think there's a little bit of a lost backstory to the resorts. And it's one of the things, Beck, I think that has sort of diminished over time because, you know, in the, I suppose, I think as new resorts are being built and in the 80s, 90s, there was a lot of attention that was paid.

shoe storylines to back, I think Wilderness Lodge is a great example. I don't know the show number off the top of my head, but Jim Corcus, my, the late great Jim Corcus and I spent a lot of time talking about the history and the backstory of that resort. And here was another one that's been really lost over time because originally these sort of twin sister resorts were Port Orleans and Dixie Landings, right? Before it was

the French Quarter and Riverside was the Port Orleans was its own resort and then Dixielandings was the other. And they created this beautifully rich detailed tapestry of fictional history that began like in the 1700s with the founding of the resorts by French settlers. And I'm going to mispronounce these names, but it was Pierre Dior and Philippe Lian, which sort of they combine these names to Port Orleans and that's how it became Port Orleans.

Beci (42:17)

Lou Mongello (42:46)
They craft this history talking about how this area was sold to the Spanish in the late 1700s and they established the Dixielandings further up the Sassagula River by, you know, Jonathan Colby piece. So, it went into a lot of detail. There was a fictional history crafted with all of these different characters that was detailed in a newspaper that they used to hand out called the Sassagula Sentinel.

and the Sassagula Times. And once the resorts merged in 2001 for a variety of reasons, in addition to getting rid of the negative connotations associated with the word Dixie itself. So, Dixie Landing was merged into Portolines to become Riverside. And I think a lot of this story unfortunately got lost. Yes, they still do have, I believe the Sassagula Times is what they still hand out.

when you check in, you could probably still get a copy if you walk up to the front desk. But a lot of that storyline was lost. So you were talking before about scales. They created this huge backstory for a waterslide, right? The story of scales began with the Native American exploration and explanation of how the Sassagoula River itself formed.

to prevent the sea from consuming the waters. The river split into a thousand little small rivers that created this delta. And in order to prevent kids from some of the dangers in the bayou, like alligators and snakes, parents concocted this whole story about scales, which was this creature that dwelled beneath the waters of the swamp that would prey on kids if they got too close to the waters. So it was designed to sort of,

Beci (44:37)
Oh my gosh, this is dark.

Lou Mongello (44:41)
Well, it was sort of like there was, it was a folk tale, right, that parents had created. And then as, you know, kids started to sort of doubt the existence of scales, some of the parents decided to sort of bring this myth to life and they constructed this large sea serpent from, you know, fence wire and painted all these different colors. And that makeshift serpent, you know, is what ended up becoming scales.

Beci (44:43)

Wow. This, that, that's.

Lou Mongello (45:11)
I probably butchered that story a lot because I don't have all the details in front of me. But that's, but what I mean is they create a water slide, but they create this, this legend that's behind it. And that's one of the things that I think sadly gets lost, right? Because there is no great book of Imagineering. You don't necessarily know to think to ask somebody. And I'm not sure that all the cast members there might know all of these stories anymore. And that's why I loved having Jim on the show because

Beci (45:19)
Good to know.


Lou Mongello (45:39)
We were able to, he especially was able to really keep a lot of those stories alive.

Beci (45:44)
I was gonna say he was a walking encyclopedia of all of that detail and truly miss him that's for sure.

I have one other. Yeah, I do have one other and it's just the fact that the resort offers so much at a moderate price. So you have a lot of room options from a standard view to a garden view to the Riverview. They are about 314 square feet. You can get a king-size bed for two or two queen beds that sleep for.

Lou Mongello (45:54)
So is there anything else? Did you have anything else on your list?

Beci (46:23)
Uh, and that resort, of course, it has a maximum of four for the two queen beds, but it is a moderate resort. Therefore it's coming at a moderate price. So you can still enjoy a Walt Disney world vacation without blowing out the budget.

Lou Mongello (46:37)
And I think, I think this resort is and should be attractive, whether you are going as a family or even like as a, as a solo traveler too. And I, and I love where this sits, like you said, budget wise, because I think you could have, you don't need to stay at a deluxe resort to have a truly magical, immersive, well themed, well fed experience at any of the resorts.

Beci (47:03)
Hehehehe. Mm-hmm.

Lou Mongello (47:06)
And I think it's, like I say, I think this resort is one of my favorites because it is unique in terms of its size, in terms of its theming and location, location. I think it's great. You're super close to Magic Kingdom. You're super close to Epcot. You've got the Sassagula River in order to get to Disney Springs. And obviously you have the bus transportation as well. Anything else? Is there anything else you missed? Anything else?

Beci (47:32)
No, I think that pretty much covers it. There were several things, like I said, that I had bullet points that we rolled into each other, but I guess the only other thing is if you could actually visit a Porter Lee, the Porter Leens French Quarter at Mardi Gras itself. How cool would that be? Cause I know that they do have some special things that happen during that time. Um, just some really cool entertainment options, a little parade here or there.

Uh, and then of course, um, just being in that whole entire atmosphere, if you can't be in New Orleans itself, that's a good second option.

Lou Mongello (48:10)
And I wonder Becky, with the opening of Tiana's Bayou Adventure coming very, very soon, how much more is this resort going to be on the radar of people that like me, not just love New Orleans, I love, love Princess and the Frog. I think there's going to be a lot of connective tissue between this resort and Riverside as well. I think not even as much as here and that new attraction that's opening up this summer in Magic Kingdom.

Beci (48:14)
Oh, help. Yeah.


Well, I think that there's all kinds of excuses to book your trip and stay at French Quarter, isn't there with all of this coming? And I'm with you. I, that's one of the reasons I think why we love Disney Cruise Line so much is that addition of Tiana's place. I love the music. I love just that whole storyline and to be able to, to envelop yourself in that story, either.

Lou Mongello (48:39)

Beci (49:02)
on sea or on land is a really, really cool option.

Lou Mongello (49:06)
I want to book myself a little steak. Wait. Oh my gosh. Instead of calling Becky Mahnken from Mouse Fan Travel, I could just tell Becky, maybe I want to do like a one day staycation there. I can show off the resort and the rooms and the food and do the carriage ride and the satsagulla all in one. It's a win for everybody. Well, if you are interested or want to learn more.

Beci (49:09)
Oh no, here he goes again.

I'm pulling up the booking engine now.

Lou Mongello (49:35)
about Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter Resort, you can certainly reach out to Mouse Fan Travel because Becky and her amazing team of travel advisors can help answer any and all questions that maybe we didn't cover on this. And certainly if you have any more questions, you can post them over in the Clubhouse. You can email me, lew.at.www.reo.com or call the voicemail at 407-900-9391. And of course, if you want to go and visit New Orleans in French Quarter or the French Quarter in New Orleans, please go and visit.

MouseFanTravel.com for their fee free travel services that can help get you wherever you want to go and make sure your memories are magic. Binye time.

Beci (50:15)
Yum. Just don't wear, just make sure. It was, that was so cool and surprising. However, just remember you can't wear a dark shirt. That's, that's the problem. You got to have like a white shirt when you eat beignets because, because it doesn't show that you've like scarfed them down so fast and powder was like flying everywhere.

Lou Mongello (50:17)
Pumpkin Spice Beignets. Pumpkin Spice Beignets I think was your favorite part of this entire segment.

No. That's why.

Becky, this is why I bring... Look, I bring a bib with me everywhere I go, just in case anyway, so...

Beci (50:40)
Yeah, but that powder sugar like flies to your shoulders. I don't think a bib's gonna do it. You need like a poncho. What? You never...

Lou Mongello (50:44)
So good. We need you know, I have an idea. I think I told you I didn't tell you what it is next. I have an idea for a future New Orleans group trip.

Beci (50:55)
You've told me that several times, but you never tell me the details. We can never do anything about it.

Lou Mongello (50:56)
I know.

write this down. Next time we talk, we're gonna, we're gonna put this on the books. Group trip to New Orleans. New Orleans is best enjoyed when you do it with friends and family. And but how come to him?

Beci (51:04)
Yum. Be-dee-es.

Binny A's with Bailey's. Binny A's with Bailey's and Kahlua. Yum!

Lou Mongello (51:16)
I need to stop this madness.

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