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My secret visit to… Walt Disney Imagineering and the Disney Studios!

This past week, I had the incredible opportunity and privilege to be invited to the Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering campus for a very special sneak peek at some of what is coming to the Disney Parks.

My visit to WDI was nothing short of mind-blowing, as I was able to not only see some of the incredible technology and storytelling that is being worked on, but spoke with a number of the magicians behind the scenes, who are bringing these stories to life.

Of course, I was unable to take photos of much of what I saw, but here are a few from what I am able to shoot.

I’ll have MUCH more to share on this week’s podcast and live video discussion, including:

?️ My exclusive interview with two of the lead Imagineers who are helping to bring Tiana’s Bayou Adventure to life!!!

⚜️ A VERY close up and personal look at what (and who) is coming to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure… and something that makes this storytelling in this attraction VERY unique!

✨ Incredible advances in Audio-Animatronics technology

? Meeting some of the new Star Wars BDX droids, as well as next-gen Duke Weaselton and Judy Hopps figures

? What’s happening “Beyond Big Thunder Mountain” and Magic Kingdom expansion

?️ Disney’s Animal Kingdom Dinoland re-imagineering, including the “Tropical Americas retheming, Indiana Jones, and Encanto… and a Coco carousel?!?

? A visit to the R&D labs!!! (I can’t wait to share my “7 year old fan!” magical… and emotional… moment)

?? The Blaine Gibson sculpting shop

? The HoloTile floor with Imagineer Lanny Smoot!

? A VERY special appearance and presentation and look at what’s coming (the “turbo-charging” of the Disney Parks) from Bob Iger and Josh D’Amaro!!!! (that’s me in the second row on the right)

⭐️ And sooooo much more!

Stay tuned (soon!) to the podcast, WDWRadio.com, and WDWrRadioLIVE.com!