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WDW Radio # 788 – Out of This World: Best Restaurants Near Walt Disney World

I introduce a new segment this week, “Out of This World,” where we look at some of the remarkable places you should make it a point to go to in Orlando on your next visit to Walt Disney World. And of course, we’ll start off with some of the best dining experiences that are worth a visit, whether you’re on vacation or a local. So if you want to know where I go when I’m not dining on property, here’s our list of favorite places to eat near Walt Disney World in Orlando.


In this conversation, Lou Mongello and his guests discuss their favorite off-property dining experiences in Orlando. They highlight restaurants that offer unique and authentic dining experiences worth leaving Walt Disney World for.

Some of the featured restaurants include Yellow Dog Eats, Ravenous Pig, Susuru, and Juju. The conversation also touches on the diversity of cuisine in Orlando and the growing food scene in the city. In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss various restaurants in the Orlando area. They mention Cafe Tutu Tango, Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar, Kung Fu Kitchen, Simply Capri, Stuff A Bagel, and Domo.

They highlight the unique features and menu items of each restaurant, including the art and tapas at Cafe Tutu Tango, the small plates tasting menu at Lazy Dog, the authentic Chinese cuisine at Kung Fu Kitchen, the Italian dishes at Simply Capri, the New York-style bagels at Stuff’d A Bagel, and the delicious ramen and wings at Domo.

In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss various restaurants and eateries in the Orlando area. They mention places like Domu, Bosphorus, East End Market, Gideon’s Bakehouse, Agave Azul, and more. They highlight the unique dishes and flavors offered at each establishment, as well as the overall dining experience.

The conversation also touches on the importance of venturing outside the Disney bubble to explore local cuisine. In this final part of the conversation, the hosts discuss various off-property dining options in Orlando. They mention restaurants like Sato Sushi, Kabuki Sushi, Akoi Tako Company, Lake Mineola Inn and Tiki Bar, Columbia Restaurant, Mount Dora, Bar Taco, The Glass Knife, and Mr. Potato.

They emphasize the importance of exploring off-property dining options to get a taste of the local food scene. The hosts also mention their favorite places for Italian food, steak, barbecue, seafood, Mexican food, bagels, and pizza. They conclude by encouraging listeners to venture off-property and try these amazing restaurants.

Thanks to Lisa Dinoto Glassner from The Castle Run, Jason Canapp from Here With the Magic, and Keneth Johnson for joining me this week!

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Restaurants Mentioned:

  • Orlando has a vibrant and diverse food scene beyond Walt Disney World
  • There are many unique and authentic dining experiences worth leaving the theme parks for
  • Restaurants like Yellow Dog Eats, Ravenous Pig, Susuru, and Juju offer exceptional food and memorable dining experiences
  • The food scene in Orlando has been recognized as one of the best in the United States
  • The city’s population diversity contributes to the richness and authenticity of its cuisine Orlando has a diverse range of restaurants offering various cuisines
  • Some hidden gems are located in strip malls and off the beaten path
  • The restaurants mentioned offer unique dining experiences and delicious food
  • It’s worth exploring different areas of Orlando to discover new dining options There are many unique and delicious restaurants in the Orlando area.
  • Venturing outside the Disney bubble allows for a wider range of dining experiences.
  • Local eateries offer a variety of flavors and cuisines, from Asian fusion to Turkish to Mexican.
  • Exploring the local food scene can be a fun and rewarding experience for both locals and visitors. Explore off-property dining options to experience the local food scene
  • There are many amazing restaurants in Orlando beyond Walt Disney World
  • Try different cuisines like sushi, Italian, Mexican, and barbecue
  • Don’t be afraid to venture outside the Disney bubble and discover hidden gems
  • Support local businesses and enjoy unique dining experiences

Timestamped Overview / Chapters

  • [00:00] Introduction to Orlando’s Food Scene
  • [09:03] Off-Property Dining Recommendations
  • [16:05] Ravenous Pig: A Farm-to-Table Concept
  • [32:20] Juju: A Unique Japanese Omakase Experience
  • [34:22] Cafe Tutu Tango: Art and Tapas
  • [45:23] Kung Fu Kitchen: Authentic Chinese Cuisine
  • [52:53] Simply Capri: Italian Delights
  • [58:44] Domo: Delicious Ramen and Wings
  • [01:01:27] Delicious Asian Fusion at Domu
  • [01:03:19] Rotating Ice Cream Flavors at Gideon’s Bakehouse
  • [01:09:10] Authentic Turkish Cuisine at Bosphorus
  • [01:11:13] Casual Dining at Agave Azul
  • [01:13:21] Exploring Downtown Winter Garden
  • [01:17:04] Authentic Deli Experience at Parati’s Deli
  • [01:19:17] Exceptional Sushi at Sato Sushi
  • [01:22:34] Innovative Mexican Cuisine at Black Rooster Taqueria
  • [01:29:33] Delivery and Cocktails at Sato Sushi
  • [01:32:10] Hidden Gem: Akoi Tako Company
  • [01:34:09] Columbia Restaurant in Celebration
  • [01:36:24] Mount Dora: A Culinary Adventure
  • [01:40:08] Casual and Fresh: Bar Taco
  • [01:45:41] Exploring Off-Property Dining
  • [01:52:25] Best Mexican: Black Rooster Taqueria
  • [01:54:35] Best Pizza: Paisanos


1. On the Diversity of Orlando’s Food Scene:
“I think the thing that surprised me about the area the most was just how ethnically diverse the population is here, and that leads to a richness in the food that I did not expect.” — Kenneth Johnson [00:07:54][00:08:11]

2. On the Growth of Orlando’s Food Scene:
“It was here when I moved here in 2018, it was, you know, there was an active, good restaurant scene then, but it really has exploded over the past several years.” — Jason Canapp [00:08:12][00:08:46]

3. On Unique Local Dining Experiences:
“I wanted to give you, like, good reasons to leave property if you were actually here on vacation.” — Lisa DiNoto Glassner [00:13:06][00:13:12]

4. On the Charm of Yellow Dog Eats:
“It’s super quirky. Like, there’s. It’s an old house that’s got, like, lots of different compartments. You can kind of go upstairs and find cubby holes to eat up there.” — Lisa DiNoto Glassner [00:16:37][00:16:55]

5. On the Authenticity of Susuru:
“It’s one of the most authentically Japanese experiences with this cool, retro vibe and that sort of traditional Japanese street food.” — Lou Mongello [00:32:01][00:32:32]

6. On the Unique Experience at Juju:
“My Kapo bar experience… it’s probably a top two, top three meal I’ve ever had in my life, period.” — Lou Mongello [00:33:02][00:33:33]

7. On the Atmosphere of Cafe Tu Tu Tango:
“It’s an art house and tapas bar. It’s a huge location. Super quirky, very, very cool inside. They have resident artists working there. They have live music all the time. And the food is phenomenal.” — Lisa DiNoto Glassner [00:37:43][00:38:46]

8. On the Family-Friendly Vibe of Lazy Dog:
“It’s a really, really relaxed, cool vibe. Whereas if you want to be inside where it’s a little more sort of, you know, I want to say raucous, but boisterous, you don’t have to worry about your kids screaming or whatever that, you know, that’s a good place to be if you want to be outside.” — Jason Canapp [00:45:06][00:45:48]

9. Engaging Insight on COVID-Era Innovations:
“This started during COVID and they’ve continued it since. And this is at all the locations, they have these frozen TV dinners, as they call them, to go. So they have some of their meals that are, like, made up and then frozen, and then you can buy them to take them with you.” — Jason Canapp [46:13][46:36]

10. Unique Dining Experience:
“It’s an import from New York. And I think we’re the only other location in the world other than New York. And it is a noodle house. Ramen house, like, dumplings extraordinaire. It’s amazing. My favorite dish is the scallion beef and scallion pancakes with hoisin sauce. I love that. I could eat a thousand of those, and they’re a thousand calories a piece.” — Kenneth Johnson [46:53][48:08]

11. Authentic Italian Dining:
“As someone whose last name ends in a vowel and is from the northeast, finding really good and authentic Italian food in Florida, like Lisa, searching for a black and white cookie, has been a challenge. There are a few locations here and there, but this is sort of the flavors of the Amalfi coast with wood fire, pizza house made scratch pasta, meat and seafood dishes.” — Lou Mongello [52:56][54:55]

12. New York Bagels Near Disney:
“What if I told you that you could get a New York bagel, a decent black and white cookie, and pork roll, like, within three minutes of the castle, because Stuff a Bagel.” — Lisa DiNoto Glassner [55:46][56:04]

13. Ramen Dream:
“For those of you who love ramen, you haven’t had ramen until you’ve been to Domu. It is insane how good this is. They make their own noodles there. It’s a fun space. It’s a fun menu that the names that they give some of the dishes, but it goes beyond the ramen.” — Jason Canapp [1:02:30][1:03:03]

14. Turkish Delight:
“The things that I love the most are the braised lamb shank. It is to die for. And the mixed grill is also, you know, it’s traditional Mediterranean mixed grill. I especially love the pickled cabbage that comes with all the great meat that they bring out. And the big showpiece, and it’s also delicious, is the lavash.” — Kenneth Johnson [1:08:11][1:09:36]

15. Hidden Gem for Mexican Cuisine:
“It is a modern, little bit of a modern tweak of Mexican cuisine. Great atmosphere, great spot for dinner, drinks, date friends. I am talking about Agave Azul.” — Lou Mongello [1:11:46][1:13:39]

16. Neighborhood Vibes:
“So I’m just gonna make a general reference to a phenomenal neighborhood that’s 25, 30 minutes north of Magic Kingdom that we’ve mentioned in passing a few times during this conversation called downtown Winter Garden.” — Lisa DiNoto Glassner [1:17:21][1:18:07]

17. Authentic Deli Experience:
“I don’t think there’s a. I haven’t experienced. Maybe there’s a better one. I haven’t experienced a better deli in this area. I mean, or even outside the northeast. It’s. I mean, they’re the guys are from New York. They. The menus very sort of deli. It’s sort of limited in terms of… they do sandwiches and they do sandwiches really well.” — Jason Canapp [1:20:41][1:22:10]

18. Gourmet Tacos:
“The pro move is the pork fat taco. It is so amazing. Now, that is not the only thing on the menu, but it is the thing that will change your life. And many of the tacos there are just crazy good. This is a gourmet taqueria.” — Kenneth Johnson [1:25:00][1:25:58]

19. On the Resilience of Local Businesses During COVID-19:
“I think Seito kept me alive during the first part of COVID, their deliveries.” — Lisa DiNoto Glassner [1:31:55][1:32:01]

20. On the Unique Dining Experience at Saito Sushi:
“If you are a sushi aficionado, like the food at Seito sushi… It will knock your socks off.” — Lou Mongello [1:29:43][1:31:45]

21. On the Hidden Gems of Orlando:
“It’s one of those places if you drove by… It’s a dump. And that’s how you know it’s going to be good.” — Kenneth Johnson [1:35:07][1:35:28]

22. On the Authentic Florida Dining Experience:
“It’s the most authentically, like, Florida dining experience I think I’ve had anywhere down here.” — Lisa DiNoto Glassner [1:37:38][1:38:11]

23. On the Importance of Exploring Beyond Disney:
“When you come to Orlando, yes, Walt Disney World has some of my favorite restaurants on the planet, but there’s also so many great options very close to property.” — Lou Mongello [1:46:58][1:47:37]

24. On the Value of Local Recommendations:
“When I travel, I want to eat where the locals eat.” — Lou Mongello [1:46:58][1:47:37]

25. On the Community and Family Feel of Local Restaurants:
“If you ever want to have a meal with, like, a family that just loves serving food and you can just feel the love in every bite, like Columbia restaurant and celebration.” — Lisa DiNoto Glassner [1:38:47][1:39:30]

26. On the Culinary Diversity of Orlando:
“One of the biggest influences here, of course, is Brazilian. And there is a place that I want to just mention. It’s called Mister Potato.” — Kenneth Johnson [1:50:03][1:50:19]

What is your favorite place to eat off Walt Disney World property?

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Episode Transcript

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Lou Mongello [00:00:02]:
It probably wasn't until I started talking about, like, Walt Disney World and dining on the show back in 2005 that I really started to appreciate, I think, just how good the food and dining options are in the parks and resorts. I swear I really was skinny at some time, and I don't think it was until I moved here in 2008 that I really understood just how many other dining experiences and other experiences there were beyond the four corners of the Disney property. And while there's so many, like, literally hundreds of dining locations in Walt Disney World, with some being my favorite places to eat anywhere on the planet, Orlando itself has some remarkable restaurants outside Walt Disney World property. So this week, part of a little experiment, I want to introduce a possible new segment idea that I'm calling out of this world, where we look at some of the experiences that whether you're traveling to visit the parks from somewhere else or, like me, have Disney in your backyard, are worth taking the drive for. And of course, we have to start with food. And so this week, we're going to share ten or really as many as we need, restaurants off Walt Disney world property that are worth the drive. And you need to try. And when I say we, I am not the only lunatic to pack up his family, leave their job, leave it all behind, and move to Walt Disney world, literally in the shadow of Cinderella Castle, and also who love food as much as I do.

Lou Mongello [00:01:41]:
So I want to welcome back to the show lisa denoto glassner from thecastlerun.com.

Lisa DiNoto [00:01:47]:
Thank you for having me back. I've been preparing for this conversation all my life.

Lou Mongello [00:01:53]:
Once again, lisa, before the show, just sends a message. I have notes, which I appreciate the research, but it's slightly frightening. I also want to welcome back jason knapp from heaterwiththemagic.com dot.

Jason Canapp [00:02:05]:
Hi. I have notes, too. I'm afraid to say that I have notes, too. I have some notes, too, and I'm hoping they're different than Lisa's notes and.

Lou Mongello [00:02:16]:
Completing, completing the it's not a trifecta because there's four of us. Whatever. It's Kenneth Johnson from Compuserve.com dot still does not have a website of his own.

Kenneth Johnson [00:02:27]:
You've got mail. No. Hi, everybody, and thanks, Lou, for having me on. Of course, food is a topic that I love to talk about, whether it's in Walt Disney World or just outside.

Lou Mongello [00:02:39]:
And look, we all love to eat. We have done a number of dining reviews together on the show, and we've also shared a lot, a lot of other meals. We've shared a lot of meals on property without a recorder, thankfully. But we've also ventured out, far out, to experience some of Orlando's best. And, you know, Orlando really has become a hotspot, not just for the arts, but for dining options as well. From Winter park to East End market to downtown Winter Garden, the milk district, restaurant row mills 50 and yes, obviously within the four corners of Walt Disney World, there's incredible v and a Takumi tay, blue zoo, copper, Everglaze, polite pig. But Orlando has been named multiple times, like one of the best foodie cities in America. Like people magazine in 2023 named it the best food city in the US and also the food capital of the United States as well.

Lou Mongello [00:03:45]:
So I wanted to share this week some of our best of the best places that we've discovered and have become, you know, some of our go to favorites and places that we individually and probably collectively, there's probably a lot of overlap here. We recommend that you take your car or your rental car or hop in an Uberland to go and experience for yourself. And if you're still not sure, just email me. I'll be happy to go with you because I am a giver. So what I want you guys to do is we're going to go sort of around the horn a little bit on our list and share either the first ones that come to mind. You can count up. You can count down, like the NFL draft. I'm sure a lot of you want to mention one before somebody else steals it, but just very quickly, like Lisa, Jason, and Kenneth, when you first moved here from wherever it was that you moved from, you know, we come here for Walt Disney World.

Lou Mongello [00:04:47]:
But how surprised were you, especially over the past, I think, 5710 years, just how much sort of the quote unquote foodie scene really has exploded in Orlando, beyond Disney?

Lisa DiNoto [00:05:00]:
Well, I think the population down here has exploded, and the people are coming from places where they had great food to eat. So it only makes sense that the demand is obviously there, to say the very least. And it's been so amazing to see all these. We have some great, like, old local establishments that I think we'll all kind of want to talk about. But also it's been great to see so many other things blossom up as the population has been demanding it.

Kenneth Johnson [00:05:25]:
Yeah, I think on that note about population, I think the thing that surprised me about the area the most was just how ethnically diverse the population is here, and that leads to a richness in the food that I did not expect.

Jason Canapp [00:05:43]:
Yeah, that's exactly what I was going to say. That's been the biggest surprise for me is the diversity of cuisine that it's just, I don't think for someone like me, who before I moved here, didn't really think about anything but the Disney bubble, I didn't. It just wasn't something that I realized would be here. And it. And it. It was here when I moved here in 2018. It was, you know, there was an active, good restaurant scene then, but it really has exploded over the past couple years.

Lisa DiNoto [00:06:18]:
I think the coolest thing for me, and maybe the surprise for me, is that we haven't seen an explosion of chain restaurants and, you know, things that you can find everything else, everywhere else. The thing that's been so cool is that it's not been blown up with strip malls, with everything you have everywhere else. We have some of those, of course, like, everybody does, but there's so many one off, awesome creative establishments that really reflect their ownership.

Jason Canapp [00:06:42]:
And I think I do have a chain restaurant on my list, though.

Lou Mongello [00:06:46]:

Lisa DiNoto [00:06:47]:

Jason Canapp [00:06:47]:
I do. But it's special. It's a special. It's special. It's a special, I promise.

Kenneth Johnson [00:06:52]:
Yeah, no, maybe we should. I have several.

Lisa DiNoto [00:06:54]:
That there's more than one of.

Kenneth Johnson [00:06:55]:
But maybe we should define some ground rules because, you know, a chain can be defined several ways. A local chain, a national chain. You know, there are a couple of restaurants on my list that started with a location in Winter park, and then the success of that location led to another location here in the Orlando area. So if you want to call that a chain, we can.

Lou Mongello [00:07:20]:
We're all nodding because we know what you're referring to, and we don't have it on our list.

Lisa DiNoto [00:07:25]:
Kenneth, nobody's going to say it. Don't worry.

Kenneth Johnson [00:07:30]:
I also think we should limit the number of japanese restaurants we're allowed to include.

Lou Mongello [00:07:39]:
It's going to be interesting as we go through our list again, like, trying to make sure we are the one that claims victory over certain places. But, you know, to all of your look back in 2018, I did a show about moving to Disney. And yes, I've been talking about this for years. I think now is the time. Now is the best time to revisit the moving to Disney show. And we talked about, it'll be interesting, sort of go back and reflect on dining options in 2018 versus what we have now, because you all made the point that I wanted to touch on, too, which is when we talk about sort of a diversity, not just of population, but in terms of the dining options that we have. Available. And these are not like.

Lou Mongello [00:08:20]:
And I don't mean this in a bad way. These are not sort of, quote, unquote, Disney fide versions of, you know, japanese, indian, you know, thai, whatever it is. These are, like, very authentic restaurants where, you know that what you're eating is, know, what people from that culture would eat. And that sense of authenticity in a lot of these places, I think, only enhances the experience. So. All right, let's get into it, because we could sort of wax poetic about how excited we are. I always do ladies first. I'll do it a little different.

Lou Mongello [00:08:58]:
I'm going to spin the wheel. I'm going to spin the wheel. And we will see, like, a game show, like, who gets to go first?

Jason Canapp [00:09:03]:
This ended very poorly in middle school.

Lou Mongello [00:09:09]:
All right, it's ladies first. It's Lisa. Lisa, k. H I j. K. We'll do Lisa, Jason, and then Kenneth. Just doing alphabetical order after ladies first.

Lisa DiNoto [00:09:19]:
So before I jump in, I do want to lay out, like, my own personal ground rules really, really quickly, only because I want to clarify.

Lou Mongello [00:09:27]:
Raise your hand. Wait. Very quickly, raise your hand. If you've been to law school and you're on this podcast, everybody raises their hands. You can tell the recovery learning. They're like, here are my ground rules. Here are my disclaimers.

Lisa DiNoto [00:09:43]:
The only reason you'll understand why in a second. So, first of all, things had to be truly off property, obviously. No, like, third party stuff that's anywhere, you know, within Disney property. I wanted truly, like, local joints. So, not that I would anyway, but I'm not going to be sending you to any other theme parks. But, like, the main thing I wanted to say was that they had to truly be worth leaving property for. So, like, if you're on vacation at Disney, it's like a unique experience that you couldn't replicate. And so there are so many just phenomenal restaurants off property in Orlando and the great Orlando area.

Lisa DiNoto [00:10:18]:
But I'm not going to talk about a lot of just really awesome restaurants because there's really awesome restaurants on property, and there's really awesome properties, restaurants probably in your hometown. So I wanted to give you, like, good reasons to leave property if you were actually here on vacation. So, with that being said, I'm coming in swinging because I'm writing down what.

Lou Mongello [00:10:40]:
I think your first entry is going to be on my little. My little notepad here. Go ahead.

Lisa DiNoto [00:10:44]:
Kenneth, like, has this expression on his face, like, he's right. So the very first night that we moved in, I opened up Yelp because that's what you did back then. And I searched for a restaurant because I wanted a good meal, and I wanted a local establishment, like, I wanted local Florida. And I did a search, and you can probably guess where I ended up. We ended up in gota at yellow dog eats.

Lou Mongello [00:11:10]:
Oh, I can't believe yellow dog eats was, like, my secret second round pick, like, not thinking anybody was gonna go for it.

Kenneth Johnson [00:11:19]:
Yeah. And, you know, yellow dog eats was the first place I tried as well. And I heard about it from a bartender at the. I keep wanting to say the top of the world, but it's the California grill. The bartender at California Grill recommended that to me. It was the first place I tried too.

Lisa DiNoto [00:11:36]:
Yeah, it's probably the best known secret in town, but it's in a little town called Gotha above Windermere. It's probably, like, a 30 minutes drive from Disney if you're kind of. If you're on the magic kingdom side, crazy. Just the whole space is creative. The town of Gotha itself is fascinating. It was established by this german guy in the late 18 hundreds who made his fortune in, like, printing press developments, and he took his fortune down to the woods in Florida and established this german colony that was Gotha. He bought up a thousand acres, and he established this little town and invited, you know, all of his, you know, friends who were german as well, to come be there with him. And so they basically established this german colony in the Florida wilderness called Gotha, and it's still there today.

Lisa DiNoto [00:12:23]:
And the house that yellow dog eats is in was built back in 1910, and it's still standing to this day. It served a bunch of purposes over the years, but they've been in it, I think, since the late nineties. It's a crazy creative menu. They smoke all their own meat on property. They've got, you know, craft beers. They do a lot of great stuff locally. Yeah. I'll let you guys talk to.

Lisa DiNoto [00:12:44]:
I'm sure it was on all of our lists. I just figured I would start with it and we could kick off strong.

Jason Canapp [00:12:47]:
Can I just begin with a confession?

Lisa DiNoto [00:12:49]:

Lou Mongello [00:12:50]:
Don't say it.

Lisa DiNoto [00:12:51]:

Lou Mongello [00:12:51]:
I will. Right now, in the middle of this recording.

Kenneth Johnson [00:12:55]:
They're close.

Jason Canapp [00:12:56]:
I just checked. They're closed right now. But I've never been there. I've seen it. I've driven past it so many times, and I've said, oh, look at that little place. And then I keep going because I'm on the way to somewhere I'm always thinking about.

Lou Mongello [00:13:07]:
You would drive Gotha is.

Jason Canapp [00:13:08]:
I'm on the way.

Lisa DiNoto [00:13:09]:
Why are you driving in?

Jason Canapp [00:13:12]:
Look, there's nothing wrong with Gotha fuku.

Lou Mongello [00:13:14]:
And. Wait, so. And let's be clear. Like, this, literally, Lisa, you said it's a house built. Like, this isn't a residential area. Like, it must be some sort of weird law that they were able to sort of make this a restaurant. It is a house. Right? Like, in the middle.

Lou Mongello [00:13:28]:
Like, I think there's, like, a church across the street, and that's it. And it's. It's very, like. It's very quirky. Like, it's on the way to all the.

Jason Canapp [00:13:36]:
It's on the way to so many places from my house. It's because, you know, you're always going around lakes here, so it's. It's on.

Lou Mongello [00:13:41]:
It's on the way of nowhere, but on the way to everywhere.

Jason Canapp [00:13:44]:
Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Lisa DiNoto [00:13:46]:
Yeah. The property. The house was actually built by a single woman who bought the property in the early 19 hundreds, and she built the house in 1910, and then later, her husband moved in and lived there with her. And then over the years, it was a market. It was like a grocery store that served a lot of different purposes, but I guess they just always had the commercial license, and so now it's this phenomenal. It's super quirky. Like, there's. It's.

Lisa DiNoto [00:14:09]:
It's. It's an old house that's got, like, lots of different compartments. You can kind of go upstairs and find cubby holes to eat up there. But, like, the menu is so creative. It's all these different flatbreads and sandwiches and pulled pork stuff and tacos, but everything is really just thoughtfully put together. I try never to get the same thing twice when I.

Lou Mongello [00:14:28]:
What's your go to item, Jason? This is obviously not for you. What is your go to item at yellow dog?

Lisa DiNoto [00:14:34]:
I think the what? The fig. I probably get the most. It's a pulled pork sandwich that has. I printed the menu so I would get it right. Yeah, it's a pulled pork sandwich that has goat cheese and this, like, fig. That sounds amazing production.

Lou Mongello [00:14:49]:

Lisa DiNoto [00:14:49]:
The jalapeno fig, goat cheese. It's so good.

Jason Canapp [00:14:53]:
Why didn't we do that? It should be there now. I feel like you guys secretly get together when I'm like, Jason's out of town. Let's all go to the. Let's all go to yellow dog.

Lou Mongello [00:15:05]:
That's accurate. That's pretty accurate.

Jason Canapp [00:15:06]:

Lou Mongello [00:15:10]:
Kenneth. Like, is this one, like, my kids love it. My kids, like, my daughter goes here all the time. Roan, like, this is one of the ones. Again, you're not going there because it's, you know, it's across the street from target. You're going only for yellow dog. And it is absolutely worth the visit. There's inside.

Lou Mongello [00:15:28]:
It's outside. It's pet friendly, vegan friendly, gluten friendly. But they have such, like, a creative barbecue and pulled pork and sandwich and wraps and tacos and nachos. And there's a bar there, too. Like, they do live music and stuff on the weekends. It's super.

Kenneth Johnson [00:15:44]:
Yeah, it has. It has kind of a. Has kind of a hippie vibe to it, too, with the VW microbus and the back and all that. Yeah.

Lou Mongello [00:15:54]:
Nice. Well done. Well done. I'm a little sad that I didn't get to sort of pull that one out.

Kenneth Johnson [00:15:59]:
Well played.

Lou Mongello [00:16:02]:
All right, Jason, talk about a place that you have been to.

Jason Canapp [00:16:05]:
Oh. Oh, that's so. It's. That's so mean. Well, the one place I've been, I was afraid. I was afraid that hopefully Kenneth, this. I don't think this is at the top of his list, but it's probably on his list is ravenous pig.

Kenneth Johnson [00:16:20]:
Ravenous pig or a polite pig?

Jason Canapp [00:16:22]:
Ravenous pig.

Kenneth Johnson [00:16:23]:

Jason Canapp [00:16:24]:
Raven. Yeah, because we're out.

Kenneth Johnson [00:16:26]:
Yeah, that was number one. That was number one on my list.

Jason Canapp [00:16:29]:
But I thought it would be the other place.

Kenneth Johnson [00:16:31]:
No, I was gonna do the tie in with Disney Springs and tell the whole story about.

Jason Canapp [00:16:35]:
Well, you should do it. Take it. Take it.

Lou Mongello [00:16:37]:
You can do it.

Jason Canapp [00:16:37]:
And. And I'll just show you. No, no, no. You sound like you're better prepared.

Lou Mongello [00:16:42]:
You guys are so cute. Listen to you say to me, well.

Kenneth Johnson [00:16:48]:
I have two restaurants on my list that have a relationship in some way or another to Gideon's bakery, which is really popular at Disney Springs. And both Gideon's and polite pig were I restaurants in the area that were so well loved that they were invited to put in a location at Disney Springs. And so that's why I included it. But it's also fabulous food.

Jason Canapp [00:17:16]:
That's the thing. It's just really, really good. I mean, it's a husband and wife owned restaurant, and it's not a chain. So they own rabbitus pig, and they own polite pig, of course. Amazing spot in Disney Springs. But also there's the. There is the. Oh, my gosh.

Jason Canapp [00:17:34]:
Now it's gonna. It's the lard and what's the name of it? It's the lard and cast. Yeah, you can say. Easy for you to say. It's that place. If you're going if you're taking a flight out of MCO, right. And you're. And you're.

Jason Canapp [00:17:48]:
I think it's in the same terminal as southwest, right? I think it's southwest terminal. It's a spot that you see if you're late for your flight. You see all these people, like, hanging out and look like they're having a good time and having delicious food. It's because they are. And it's amazing because it's owned by these same people. And it is some of the best airport food I have had ever. And even just call it airport food isn't fair. It's incredible.

Jason Canapp [00:18:14]:
But ravenous pig. It's a farm to table concept. The menu is changing all the time. All the time. Maybe even daily. There are some things you just can't get on certain days of the week because they don't get it from the butcher that day. It is, it appeals to all different sense and sensibilities. Like if you, you can be a vegan and have an amazing dinner at ravenous pig, which sounds weird, but it's true.

Jason Canapp [00:18:48]:
Their cocktail menu, I know they're known for their craft beer scene because they actually brew site there, but their cocktail menu is incredibly inventive. It's, it's somehow casual, but you feel like you're fancying it up. You feel like you're going to this fancy restaurant, but you're not. You feel you can dress Florida, as I like to call it, and still go there and have a good time. We actually went there as one of the restaurants we took some relatives to after Henry's graduation. So it's, that kind of has this sort of celebratory feel, but also there's people there on dates, little intimate dates, and that's, it just, it's so strange. The vibe is just really, really welcoming. The service is always incredible and is some of the best food.

Jason Canapp [00:19:34]:
It's some of the best food I've ever had.

Kenneth Johnson [00:19:36]:
And it really is. I mean, this, this group of restaurants is chef owned, and this is where the chef actually, I believe, just expresses himself, because the menu is different every night. There's no go to entree or, or main course because the menu changes every night. And it's all fresh, farm to table, like you said. And it's just some of the best food I've ever had. I would, I would characterize it as a. What do you call it? A gastropub.

Jason Canapp [00:20:09]:
Yeah, that's, that's fair. And I was, and I was looking at the menu to see if there's anything that's. That's.

Lou Mongello [00:20:14]:
Yeah, so, like, what's the go to say? Look, I'm gonna send. You're sending our friends to this. To ravenous pig.

Kenneth Johnson [00:20:20]:
There's no go to. The only thing that I hear repeated, and this will turn listeners. Some listeners off. It'll be really interesting to others, is they have a. They have a pig's head.

Jason Canapp [00:20:32]:

Kenneth Johnson [00:20:33]:
And it's.

Jason Canapp [00:20:34]:
It's not called that.

Kenneth Johnson [00:20:35]:
It's all the french term. It's a literal roasted pig's head. It comes out on a platter with tortillas and fixins, and you just pull off the head and make tacos out of it.

Lou Mongello [00:20:46]:

Kenneth Johnson [00:20:46]:
But not all the foods like that. So if that turned anybody off. Please, please, please.

Lou Mongello [00:20:52]:
Some people just. Some people just wrote that off. Some people's kids are like, we have to go and get the pigs.

Kenneth Johnson [00:20:57]:
Yeah. And they don't always have it. You have to follow them on Facebook to know when they're gonna have the pigs head. Yeah.

Jason Canapp [00:21:03]:
There's also. That they also have on. I forget what the french term is for, but on one of their charcuterie boards. The charcuterie boards have insanely large. Feels like a table for six, almost. But one of the items, I think that's on that often, if not always, is a head cheese, which is also kind of made. I forget what the french term is. There's also a portuguese version of it.

Jason Canapp [00:21:27]:
I think some people call it brawn potted head, things like that. Anyway, that's really good. But that's at the edgy. That's the edge side of things.

Kenneth Johnson [00:21:37]:
Most of the dishes are very accessible there. They're just extremely high quality, fresh ingredients. I mean, you'll find things like fresh ramps when they're in season, you know, and charred eggplant.

Jason Canapp [00:21:49]:
There's a char. My. There's a charge charred eggplant dish there. That's amazing. And the core corn and crab beignet. That's there. Oh, so it's really good. It's worth the drive.

Lou Mongello [00:22:03]:
Yeah. And this is in Winter Park.

Jason Canapp [00:22:04]:
Winter Park.

Lou Mongello [00:22:05]:
40 minutes or so, depending.

Kenneth Johnson [00:22:07]:
Yeah, that's what I was gonna say.

Lou Mongello [00:22:08]:
Yeah. But Winter park is really, for a lot of people, like, that is where they put the pin in. Again, not just for amazing restaurants up there, but, like, wonderful arts. I mean, the art scene in Winter park is very, very popular. There's a lot of, like, outdoor festivals, so you can sort of make a day out of going to Winter park. This is not going to be the only winter park restaurant on our list. However, I've never been.

Jason Canapp [00:22:35]:
What? Okay, first.

Kenneth Johnson [00:22:37]:
Okay, that's the first place we're going.

Jason Canapp [00:22:40]:
And that's. Wait, wait. What about yellow?

Lisa DiNoto [00:22:41]:
I haven't either. I've never been either.

Jason Canapp [00:22:43]:
Okay, so he has been invited. Let's just be clear. Let's just be clear.

Lou Mongello [00:22:49]:
Yeah, but you're like, hey, Lou, we're at ravenous pig. Do you want to come? And it's too late. It's not.

Kenneth Johnson [00:22:54]:

Jason Canapp [00:22:54]:
Yeah. Lisa has not invited. To her credit, she has not been invited, but she is now.

Lou Mongello [00:23:03]:
This is awkward. Lisa's having flashbacks of high school all over again.

Jason Canapp [00:23:08]:
I'll trade you a ravenous thing for a yellow. We'll experience them both together.

Lou Mongello [00:23:13]:
Weekend coming up.

Jason Canapp [00:23:14]:
All right.

Lou Mongello [00:23:14]:
Was that. Was that like, whose was that? Was that jason?

Jason Canapp [00:23:16]:
That was counted as mine because I don't want to. I don't want to steal Kenneth's other one that I was.

Lou Mongello [00:23:20]:
All right, go ahead, Kenneth.

Kenneth Johnson [00:23:22]:
Okay, so look, my next one I picked because it's closer to property than 45 minutes. You don't have to drive too far from Disney Springs.

Lou Mongello [00:23:32]:

Kenneth Johnson [00:23:32]:
And it's a japanese izakaya. Do I need to say more? Okay. All right, Lou, we can do this one together.

Lou Mongello [00:23:42]:

Kenneth Johnson [00:23:43]:
It's called Susaru, and it is one of my favorite places in all of Orlando. And it's. Right, I would say, what, two minutes from Disney Springs, maybe.

Lou Mongello [00:23:54]:
Yeah. Yeah.

Kenneth Johnson [00:23:57]:
One of the things when you walk in the door, the thing I love about it is you have all this memorabilia on the wall. Some of it is from the founding of Walt Disney World. Newspaper clippings, things like that. You have shogun warriors, which, I don't know, they're kids of a certain age, maybe listening to this podcast, like Lou and me, and we had shogun warriors when we were kids. These, if you don't know what they are, they're like these japanese looking robots that are about, I'd say, about 18 inches tall, and they shoot projectiles and put eyes out and do all sorts of dangerous things for kids.

Jason Canapp [00:24:36]:
But we all ultraman. That counts. Does that count?

Kenneth Johnson [00:24:38]:

Jason Canapp [00:24:39]:

Kenneth Johnson [00:24:40]:
But the food, when you finally get a seat. I don't know. Maybe Lisa should tell us what izakaya culture is in Japan. But from what I understand, it's kind of a place you go after work casual to eat and drink. And the food here is just fabulous. My favorites are the jawbone of the Hamachi that they serve, and the ramen bowls are amazing. And the green tea tiramisu is just, like, nuts. So I love it.

Lisa DiNoto [00:25:14]:
Yeah. I would compare izakaya culture to, like, pop culture in London. So it's sort of the gathering place that tends to be very shareable. Really, really good food that's very shareable. And community sort of the whole idea is to be together as a community and enjoy good food and good drink. So things tend to be very shareable and very tasty.

Jason Canapp [00:25:34]:
And the vibe people have been to.

Lisa DiNoto [00:25:36]:
Be a little bit more relaxed.

Jason Canapp [00:25:38]:
If people been to shigisai and Epcot, then you kind of have an idea. But imagine shigisai probably maybe even a. I mean, it's a similar menu, but a lot more affordable.

Kenneth Johnson [00:25:54]:
Yeah. And I think it's a lot more. I don't know. Shiki sigh is great, but it was kind of a repurposed space. Yeah, this space was, you know, sort of done from the start this way. And, you know, some of the chairs are milk crates, and it's kind of a quirky kind of atmosphere in there.

Jason Canapp [00:26:12]:
And I have to say that this just to kind of confirm how high up the list this is for Kenneth, when. When the things began to thaw out during the. After the COVID lockdown, this restaurant was the very first restaurant that Kenneth and I put on pants that barely fit at that point and made our way to. And it was like a ghost town because it was in the early days of May of 2020, and that was my first time there. And I had a very different experience for, I think, the normal, because it was not as sort of boisterous and, you know, kind of. Kind of more fun atmosphere was kind of more subdued, but it was still amazing. Really delicious.

Lou Mongello [00:26:59]:
So I have a lot. I have a lot. This was number one on my list. Like, it wasn't even close. Susuru was number one on my list. And I have. I have a lot of feelings about Tesuru. Again, it's.

Lou Mongello [00:27:11]:
It's on Palm Parkway. It's about five minutes from Disney Springs and is located, as many wonderful restaurants are in Florida in a strip mall. You would drive right by it and never even know that you missed it. Like, you have to sort of know almost that it's there. Other than looking at the line that forms around 04:00 for a 530 opening on weekends, that's how popular it's been. I remember when Sasuru, I went for soft opening. Like, I remember how I found out, like, that it was soft opening. And I went and there was, like, four of us in the restaurant.

Lou Mongello [00:27:48]:
There was us, like me and my family and everybody else was japanese. And I'm like, okay, I think we're doing something right. Like, this is a good sign. Like, it's that total, like, when you say, like, japanese izakai, you think pop. It's a very. It's a completely family friendly environment, right? I dig all that, like, showa era nostalgia all over the walls. But where Sasuru shines is twofold. The service at Sasuru for this super casual, like, pub is some of the best service I've had anywhere.

Lou Mongello [00:28:21]:
Like, the nicest people, they remember you, like, super, super friendly. But it's really. It's the menu where this shines. And I. In an Izakaya like this, it's one of those. You order everything at first, and they just. Everything is fired fresh. So it's a scratch kitchen.

Lou Mongello [00:28:37]:
It comes out fired fresh, but as it's ready, it comes out. So you might get your ramen before somebody else gets the yakitori, and that's fine. But, like, there's a snacks menu and a yakitori menu, and, like, little, like, the. For me, the. The yaki ono onigiri chazuki is isdev. Like, that's my go. I don't even look at the menu anymore. It's this rice ball with mentaiko and sesame seeds and scallions.

Lou Mongello [00:29:02]:
But they also have, like you said, the grilled specials. They have, I think, five or six different types of ramen. But the menu is super affordable. Like, the snacks appetizer menu runs from about, like, six to $10. And they're. They're super, super sharable. They have incredible craft cocktails. It is, like, one of the most authentically japanese experiences with this cool, retro vibe and that sort of traditional japanese street food.

Lou Mongello [00:29:32]:
And it is a pleasurable experience, like, from beginning to end. So because it was number one on my list, and because we all sort of were in agreement about it, I want to sort of pair this with. This is, like, one. A and I was sort of going to put these two together because a couple years ago, Sasuro opened up a second restaurant called Juju, which is located on 50, which is about. It's colonial West Colonial drive, which is about probably, I don't know, 30 minutes or so away. Again, this nondescript exterior, it's built in an old pizza hut. So if you remember, like, the definitive shape of a pizza hut building, that roof line. But you walk in, and it's the same thing.

Lou Mongello [00:30:17]:
It's this izakaya type of experience, which has a completely different menu. There's a few things that have carried over. It's worth the drive. They don't take reservations for either place. It's walk in. So, like, get there at rope drop like you want a 05:30 p.m. if you can, especially on weekends. But juju has something that Sasuru does not.

Lou Mongello [00:30:45]:
And they have a kapo bar, which is like a japanese omakase. It's a six person kapo bar. And a few years ago, they invited me up to go and experience it. I took my son with me. I kid you not, my kappa bar experience. And I won't go too far in detail because I'm just gonna, like, gush. It's probably a top two, top three meal I've ever had in my life, period. Like, it was outstanding.

Lou Mongello [00:31:12]:
You sit at that bar, and the chefs are there, literally, like, deconstructing the fish. There's a lot of, like, smoke, but they explain everything to you. The presentation is gorgeous. It's gorgeous. You don't know what's going to be on the menu until you get there, but reservations fill up fast. It is absolutely worth every single penny. That's something that the four of us should do. I think Kenneth should take all of us and treat us to the top of bar at Juju one night, because it's.

Lou Mongello [00:31:41]:
It's that good. I'll take.

Jason Canapp [00:31:42]:
I second that.

Lou Mongello [00:31:43]:
Yeah. But juju, like, far and away number one on my list.

Kenneth Johnson [00:31:49]:
What's the least I could do for taking sasuru from you, Lou? I shouldn't have done it.

Lou Mongello [00:31:55]:
And it's like, it's so funny, because as I was going this, I was, like, putting these things down on my list. Like, there was a little bit of that double edged sword. Like, I want to spread the word, but I also want to keep some of the places, like, from getting too crowded. But, like, I remember, like, I post photos where I'm like, oh, I just went to, like, my favorite local sushi place. So, like, where is it? I'm like, I don't want to tell you, because. But, you know, the gates are open, and it's. It's. It's.

Lou Mongello [00:32:23]:
I mean, I post about tesoro every time I go just because I love the place so much. And that's the whole point of this, is introducing you to some of the places that are our favorites, so.

Kenneth Johnson [00:32:34]:
And now, just for clarity, Susuru does not serve sushi.

Lou Mongello [00:32:37]:
No, no, there's no sushi.

Kenneth Johnson [00:32:39]:
There's no sushi at Susurru.

Lou Mongello [00:32:41]:

Jason Canapp [00:32:41]:
But did you know that? So they do have a juju does do a Thursday night, different kind of omakase. That's Matsuri mini nigiri omakase. It's $79 per guest, and it's on Thursdays only.

Lou Mongello [00:32:58]:
And it's not.

Jason Canapp [00:32:59]:
It says quick and fun. This 1 hour omakase will focus on our dry aged niggeri and raw tasting. So that sounds like we have to do that, too. So we have to go twice, maybe three times, because we have to go to juju, like juju proper. Then we have to go to juju kappa bar. Right. And then we have. We can do the mini.

Lou Mongello [00:33:18]:
All right, so I see. Okay. So the omakase is only available on weekends, Friday to Sunday. The mini nigiri Omakasa is 79 on Thursdays. I think this. I'll pay for that. And then Kenneth can do the full blown copper bar.

Jason Canapp [00:33:30]:
That sounds.

Lou Mongello [00:33:30]:
So we can compare and contrast.

Kenneth Johnson [00:33:32]:
But now, you know, the other thing we mentioned price here. Some of these restaurants that we've mentioned can get pricey, like the, if you go to ravenous pig, you can spend a lot of money if you want to. But I think a person could eat there for less than dollar 50, wouldn't you say, jason? Yeah.

Jason Canapp [00:33:49]:
I mean, it depends because they have sandwiches, too, and they have. I mean, it depends on what you get. Yeah. You can get cocktails and expensive bottles of wine and appetizers and, I mean, you can do a full spread and spend a lot of money, but you could also go there and. Oh, my gosh, they have loaded hash browns now. Sorry, I'm looking at. I was looking throughout this big menu again, you know, loaded hash browns, for example, bacon, scallion, cheddar. Mmm.

Jason Canapp [00:34:14]:
$9. Right.

Lou Mongello [00:34:16]:
I will see. I'll see your loaded hash browns and I will raise you ready? Matcha tiramisu for not.

Kenneth Johnson [00:34:22]:
Oh, yeah, yeah. Matcha tiramisu is for seven, baby.

Jason Canapp [00:34:27]:
They're not usually exclusive.

Lou Mongello [00:34:29]:
Yeah. All right, listen, we've been talking for a half hour. We've wrenched in three restaurants. Let's go back. Let's go back to where we started. Lisa, you're next.

Lisa DiNoto [00:34:40]:
Yeah, I was just gonna say I have in my notes, never judge a book by its cover on us in a strip mall in Florida, because some of my favorite restaurants here, including a lot that are on this list, are going to be nondescript strip mall locations. However, I'm going to take a turn. I'm going a little off my original order just to mix things up a little bit, because I feel like we've been stuck in a different location. So I'm going to take us to idrive, which is 30, 40 minutes away, sort of in the tourist district of Orlando, to a very, very cool restaurant that we love called Cafe tutu Tango.

Kenneth Johnson [00:35:15]:

Jason Canapp [00:35:17]:
I haven't been there.

Kenneth Johnson [00:35:18]:
Now that. Is that a chain? I think it is, but I believe so.

Jason Canapp [00:35:22]:
That doesn't.

Lisa DiNoto [00:35:23]:
So they may have a different additional locations. I don't know. But anyway, it's an art house and tapas bar. It's a huge location. Super quirky, very, very cool inside. They have resident artists working there. They have live music all the time, and the food is phenomenal. So they have, like, it's mostly tapas style, shareable stuff that's super creative.

Lisa DiNoto [00:35:44]:
They also have, like, really good craft cocktails, they have sangria, they have beers and wines. They do a really, really good happy hour from three to six during the week, and then a great brunch with bottomless bloody marys if you want to add them on on the weekends. Again, it's just. It's a fun location. It's off the beaten path. It's some of the best food I've had in the area. And again, very reasonable price tag, especially if you stop in during happy hour, to say the least. And if you've got your kids in tow.

Lisa DiNoto [00:36:12]:
And they're sort of picky eaters, they do have a super friendly kids menu that they can just order off of, and then the adults can do their own thing.

Jason Canapp [00:36:19]:
And they have a small plates tasting menu. They have a small plates tasting menu for $40 a person.

Lisa DiNoto [00:36:24]:
Yeah. So just to, like, read off some of this stuff. So they've got street corn, crispy brussels sprouts, stuffed dates, brick oven roasted sweet potatoes, chilled udon noodles, and green papaya salad. That's like their cool tapa stuff. And then they've got chicken tikka masala, garlic maple chicken wings, smoked thai, spare ribs, sesame steakhouse. It's really, really good. And it's. It's just a super chill environment.

Lisa DiNoto [00:36:44]:
And there's just art everywhere. They're selling local art. A lot of times in the center space, there'll be an artist that's doing their work or music going on live. It's just a fun spot. And really.

Lou Mongello [00:36:54]:
Let me write this down. Lisa taking us to cafe tango.

Jason Canapp [00:36:59]:
So here's the thing.

Kenneth Johnson [00:37:00]:
I've been there.

Jason Canapp [00:37:01]:
I've not been here, but this is the thing. This. This. I said it. The small plates tasting menu. I'm not being paid to push this or anything. I didn't even know this place existed. But I'm looking at the menu right now, and this is perfect for me, because if you're somebody like I am who goes to a tapas place and you're like, you have so many options, you don't know what to pick.

Jason Canapp [00:37:19]:
And you realize when you're ordering with a group of people, you're not just ordering for you. When you're ordering tapas, you're sort of. And they just get a lot of pressure. Like, okay, what does this person like? Okay, this tasting menu, it's a guided tasting of signature menu items. So they've done all the work for.

Lisa DiNoto [00:37:35]:
You, and it's very, very reasonable. I know. I knew we had, like, a ton of overlap, and this is a spot that we never really talked about, so I figured it was something different. I didn't even put Sasuro on my list because I knew Lou was going to cover it in detail. Even though it's one of my favorite restaurants. Susuru is probably top three for me for off property, but I knew Lou would cover that one, so I felt at liberty to cover a few new things. But, yeah, no, this is one of our favorites.

Lou Mongello [00:38:02]:
We should mention too, like, this place, ravenous pig. Probably a couple other ones also have brunch menus too. Like, don't overlook brunch at some of these places if you're looking for a nice brunch option.

Lisa DiNoto [00:38:15]:
Yeah. Like I said, in three to six during the week. Like, if you're in the parks in August and you need a little bit of a break, you know, at the height of the heat, it's. It's a great meal. It's a great meal.

Kenneth Johnson [00:38:24]:
Yeah. And I think yellow dog eats and Susaru are more kid friendly than maybe some of the others we've mentioned as well. Something to think about. I don't know that ravenous pig is a place I would take small children, but no, not.

Jason Canapp [00:38:42]:
I think it depends, you know, it depends on your kids. You. Everyone knows their kids, and I think I probably would take my kids there when they were teenagers, even young teenagers. But before that, with two boys who are unpredictable. No.

Kenneth Johnson [00:39:03]:
Yellow dog. They can run around with your dog, no problem.

Lou Mongello [00:39:08]:
Yeah. All right, Jason, what's. What's next on your list?

Jason Canapp [00:39:11]:
So, I mean, since we're talking about dogs, and this is. This is where I'm gonna. I'm actually gonna go to a chain, but it's a chain that only. This is the only location in Florida. All of the other locations are in the west, mostly in California. And it's a place that I. I still go to when I go out to California to visit. And it was right down the street from where we lived.

Jason Canapp [00:39:35]:
And there's.

Lou Mongello [00:39:36]:
There's in n out burger in Orlando.

Jason Canapp [00:39:38]:
You wish. And. And I just went here this evening.

Lou Mongello [00:39:44]:

Jason Canapp [00:39:45]:
Yeah, it's lazy dog. Lazy dog restaurant. Lazy dog. I think it's lazy dog restaurant. And bar is the technical term. It is on 192 is right by Kiki's. If you know where the kiki's down there, it's pretty close. It's like a stone throw from.

Jason Canapp [00:40:05]:
Well, maybe a long stone's row from Flamingo west and east and so forth. And it's. It. I'm gonna. This is gonna come off the wrong way, but it's like an upscale millers. Yeah, for those. There's a lot of people who come to this country, visit from other. Especially from the UK, who.

Jason Canapp [00:40:26]:
Who swear by Miller's. Miller's ale house. They love that place, which. And I go there. I'm like, I don't get it. Right, but it's. It is a very family friendly sort of. Imagine, like a cheesecake.

Jason Canapp [00:40:42]:
You know, cheesecake factory has their crazy long menu. This is about a quarter of that in size, so it's. It's much more manageable, but it's a scratch kitchen. It is consistently great. Everything on the menu that I've ever tried in any lazy dog location has been amazing, including the Brussels sprouts. They had these crispy Brussels sprouts on the appetizer menu that are amazing. And. And they have these little tater tots, these little sweet potato tater tots on the appetizer that are amazing.

Jason Canapp [00:41:13]:
Their burger selection is incredible. They have meatloaf. Michelle had meatloaf tonight. Hope I didn't just out her by saying that they had. They have all sorts of different things, but the coolest part is this. They have. There's an indoor area, big indoor area, and, of course, a bar and so forth. But there's also this outdoor patio area, which in the evening, when on a cooler day, is really nice, and people can bring their dogs to the outdoor patio area.

Jason Canapp [00:41:43]:
And there's a little gate that you. Where people can kind of come and go from. From outside, and they'll bring out little bowls, you know, water and snacks for the dogs. And it's just a really cool vibe. On a cooler evening, they have a fire pit out in the. On the outdoor, you know, it's covered outdoor area with enclosure. If it gets cold, they put the sides down. But it's Florida, so I don't think the sides are ever coming down.

Jason Canapp [00:42:05]:
And it's just a really, really relaxed, cool vibe. Whereas if you want to be inside, where it's a little more sort of, you know, I don't say raucous, but. But. But boisterous, you don't have to worry about your kids screaming or whatever that, you know, that's a good place to be if you want to be outside. Just maybe the two of you, for a nice little romantic nibble on something. It's a nice spot to go. And it's right there. It's just right off of close to the intersection of 192 and 429.

Jason Canapp [00:42:35]:
Really easy to get to. Right by animal kingdom.

Kenneth Johnson [00:42:39]:
Oh, it's so far. Animal kingdom.

Jason Canapp [00:42:43]:
Who's waiting for it?

Lou Mongello [00:42:44]:
All right, now, jason can take us there, but he's driving.

Jason Canapp [00:42:47]:
Yeah, yeah, I'll tell. I'll drive. I'll drive. It's just a really cool place.

Lou Mongello [00:42:51]:
I've never been.

Kenneth Johnson [00:42:52]:
Southwest has a flight to animal kingdom.

Lou Mongello [00:42:56]:
I've literally never heard. This is. This is a brand new one for me. I've never heard of it before.

Jason Canapp [00:43:01]:
Yeah. So you're welcome. We should. And it's. And it's. It's relatively inexpensive. You know, it's not.

Lou Mongello [00:43:08]:
The menu looks great. Like, the menu looks really good.

Jason Canapp [00:43:11]:
The loaded potato. The loaded potato. Hush puppies are in. Are amazing. Incredible. The fish and chips, really good. They have a pop. Chicken pot pie.

Jason Canapp [00:43:24]:
So it's funny. So in California, I don't know actually what time they. In California, it's one of the places where. Yeah, they close at 12:00 a.m. here. Same there. So it's like one of those places that's open relate. So you can show up.

Jason Canapp [00:43:35]:
You can show up to the restaurant at 11:00 p.m. he's just literally trying.

Lou Mongello [00:43:38]:
To find a babysitter for kids right now.

Jason Canapp [00:43:45]:
Okay, so they also do this. They also have these. This started during COVID and they've continued it since. And this is. This is at all the locations. They have these frozen tv dinners, as they call them, to go. So they have some of their meals that are, like, made up and then frozen, and then you can buy them to take them with you, which I'm sold.

Lou Mongello [00:44:10]:
I'm in. I'm in. I dig. I dig every part of this. Lazy dog, yellow dog, lazy dog.

Jason Canapp [00:44:16]:
I know all the dogs.

Lou Mongello [00:44:19]:
Kenneth, what is your dog related? What? What is the next dog related restaurant on your list?

Kenneth Johnson [00:44:24]:
Well, I don't. I hope this one isn't dog related. Unless there's something I'm eating. I don't know. But this one I'm thinking about. You're in your resort. You're just too tired to go out. Or maybe you feel like going out.

Kenneth Johnson [00:44:41]:
This place, you can go and sit and eat, and it's great. It's very close to the aforementioned saussaroo. In fact, it's in the same strip mall, but it makes great takeout. And you can uber eats it or however you want to get it sent to your hotel or your resort, whatever. And I'm thinking of the kung fu kitchen. It's an import from. Is it Brooklyn or Manhattan? I can't remember. It's.

Kenneth Johnson [00:45:10]:
It's an import from New York, and I think we're the only other location in the world other than New York. And it is a noodle house. Ramen house like dumplings. Extraordinary. It's amazing. My favorite dish is the scallion beef and scallion pancakes with hoisin sauce. I love that. I could eat a thousand of those, and they're a thousand calories a piece.

Lou Mongello [00:45:39]:
So don't ruin it by talking about calories. We're having a nice night here.

Kenneth Johnson [00:45:43]:
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's just fantastic. I love everything I've ever tried there, from the fresh pork bao to what. Whatever you have is just gonna be amazing. Love it.

Lou Mongello [00:45:58]:
I'm happy that you mentioned it, and I'm really sad, because this was number two on my list. I slipped.

Jason Canapp [00:46:05]:
I put it on my list thinking, like, oh, they probably won't put this on their list.

Lou Mongello [00:46:08]:
It was number two on my list. I remember hearing about when this was coming down, and I also remember security going, lou, you can't stand out here for a month. Like, I promise you'll be one of the first people to it. Like you said, it's in a strip mall. You would almost. It's very easy to miss. This is some of the best. Again, it's.

Lou Mongello [00:46:29]:
It's the scratch made to order. Like, asian food I've had in the area, period. Like, it is very authentic. Chinese cuisine, traditional recipes, fresh ingredients, super, super accessible menu. Like, the prices aren't bad. I have never had a bad meal here. Like, from the soup and the dumplings. And again, like, the house made noodles, it's also super casual.

Lou Mongello [00:46:56]:
Like, you can just show up at any time. Again, weekends. I would highly suggest getting there earlier. Yes, you can have it delivered. Uber eats it. But I think part of the experience is going and eating it there. And, you know, I've been. We've been, like, together, like, the four of us going.

Lou Mongello [00:47:12]:
And I've also been with larger groups, and it's. It's. It is outstanding. It is outstanding.

Kenneth Johnson [00:47:19]:
And they have really cool souvenir to go bags, which you don't buy.

Lou Mongello [00:47:24]:
Like, if you just take your food to go, they give you, like, these.

Kenneth Johnson [00:47:26]:
That's right.

Lou Mongello [00:47:26]:
Like, takeaway bags.

Kenneth Johnson [00:47:27]:
Or. Or if you order takeout, you get them in these really still insulated bags. Yeah, they're still getting.

Jason Canapp [00:47:32]:
I thought for sure that wouldn't last.

Lou Mongello [00:47:35]:
And, yeah, they're. The prices aren't bad here. Like, the prices.

Kenneth Johnson [00:47:38]:
No, they're nothing.

Lou Mongello [00:47:39]:
$10 for dumplings, the scallion pancake with the sliced beef, or that. The peking duck buns are just. And they have desserts. They've got, like, dessert dumplings and taro puffs and mochi cakes and things. Like, it's. It's. There's something for everybody. It's super, super accessible, not just in terms of price, but in terms of the types of food.

Lou Mongello [00:48:01]:
And obviously, there's. There's vegetarian options. Like kung fu kitchen. The one in New York has a Michelin star. Like, that's how. How good is it? It has a Michelin star. So, yeah, you know, it's. It's super casual, but it's some of the best chinese food, I think, that you're gonna find, period, with.

Lou Mongello [00:48:18]:
And again, it's five minutes from Disney Springs.

Kenneth Johnson [00:48:22]:
Yeah. And I live about 20 minutes away from it, 1520 minutes away from it. And when I order takeout, the food arrives at my house, and it's just as good is eating in the restaurant, so. Yeah.

Jason Canapp [00:48:36]:
Cause that nice insulated bag.

Kenneth Johnson [00:48:38]:
Yeah, that's right. Nice insulated bag. And I only have about 40 of those. I'm gonna start selling them on eBay.

Lou Mongello [00:48:48]:
Kenneth's Christmas presents. I'm gonna be giving out kung fu kitchen bags as I go through my list. And now I'm, like, playing a defensive position. Like, as I'm drafting, I'm looking at the board of what's left, and I'm like, what can I say? So somebody else doesn't take it from me. First, I'm going to go with a recent discovery, because it's a relatively recent opening. We have not been there together yet. Although we should. I think we should go for dinner and then go back and try the brunch.

Lou Mongello [00:49:20]:
I have to put an asterisk next to this one because the rule was, this is places outside of Walt Disney World property. But technically, by the letter of the law. It's on Walt Disney World property because it exists in flamingo crossings, which you may or may not realize is actually owned by Disney. So the property is owned. So flamingo crossing is. It is off property. It's maybe, depending on where you're coming from, maybe a 15 minutes or so, 1015 minutes or so drive from property. It literally just sort of popped up over the past couple of years, and it's this great little sort of hub.

Lou Mongello [00:50:00]:
There's. There's residential there, but there's this sort of hub of shopping and dining locations there. And I think the star of flamingo crossings, while I do love skyline, Chile, that is not my entry, although I did get to sneak it in and mention it. I have two words for you, and they are simply Capri. And I mentioned this when I went.

Jason Canapp [00:50:26]:
Yeah, I don't know this.

Lou Mongello [00:50:27]:
As someone whose last name ends in a vowel and is from the northeast. Finding really good and authentic italian food in Florida, like Lisa, searching for a black and white cookie, has been a challenge. There are a few locations here and there, but this is sort of the flavors of the Amalfi coast with wood fire, pizza house made scratch pasta, meat and seafood dishes. They. I hear they have salads on the menu in this wonder. It's a beautiful environment. The servers, like the Italy pavilion in Epcot, the servers are all from Italy. So it's a very, like, every dish, every ingredient and decor detail.

Lou Mongello [00:51:11]:
And the servers are meant to be transformative and sort of transport you to Italy like, it is a very authentic italian dining experience. You can take it out. They have an outdoor pizza garden. They have a new Sunday brunch, which I haven't tried yet. And it's created by Nick Valenti, who is the CEO of the Patina restaurant group, who you may know from about ten other restaurants on Walt Disney World property. So the prices are affordable. The food is outstanding. I've gone twice.

Lou Mongello [00:51:48]:
I went once, like, for a little tasting, and then I went back again with my family. And the food is like. It's food that I would. If my parents, if my mom was still alive, I would take her here and know that she would really enjoy it, which is saying a lot. It's very casual. It's super inviting, fresh ingredients, traditional recipe. It is. If you are looking for really, really good italian food off property, like reasonable prices, casual location, I highly, highly, highly recommend simply capri.

Lou Mongello [00:52:25]:
None of you have been there before?

Jason Canapp [00:52:26]:
I've never heard of it. No.

Kenneth Johnson [00:52:29]:
I've heard Lou mention it before, and I have resolved to go.

Lou Mongello [00:52:33]:
Thank you. For one of you paying attention to what I did.

Lisa DiNoto [00:52:36]:
Yeah, you talked about it a lot when you went, but we haven't been yet.

Kenneth Johnson [00:52:40]:
All right.

Lou Mongello [00:52:40]:
I'm on the hook for simply Capri.

Jason Canapp [00:52:43]:
I thought it was just a pair of pants.

Lou Mongello [00:52:49]:
Lisa, quickly rescue us from Jason's really bad dad jokes.

Kenneth Johnson [00:52:52]:
Moving right away.

Lisa DiNoto [00:52:54]:
This is the easiest segue ever. It's a very simple conversation and a very affordable menu, so I would happy to be on the hook for this one. So worth the drive is a huge understatement for this one because it's about 30 seconds from property. What if I told you that you could get a New York bagel?

Kenneth Johnson [00:53:18]:
Oh, my gosh. This is a good one.

Lisa DiNoto [00:53:24]:
A decent black and white cookie and pork roll, like, within three minutes of the castle, because stuff of bagel stuff and bangle opened a couple years ago in this beautiful little strip that is immediately behind Cass parking at Magic Kingdom and right by our houses. And it is a full fledged, like, proper New York deli spot. Like, you can get whitefish, you can get lox. Like, it's their second location. So it's a family that owns opened it. This was, like, their dream. I think they had it one location first in Cape Coral kind of nailed down there. You know, the process learned the.

Lisa DiNoto [00:54:08]:
And then I think this Disney world location was, like, their family's dream. And I hope that they make a million dollars and are here forever, because they. They brought, like, proper New York bagels to, you know, within a few minutes of our house. And it feels. It feels inside, like you're in, I mean.

Jason Canapp [00:54:30]:
Disney Cafe or something. Inside of New York, though.

Lou Mongello [00:54:33]:
No. Transported a little, like, italian bagel place from New Jersey and stuck it there. That's what it.

Jason Canapp [00:54:41]:
But they have these cool references to not just New York and Jersey, but also to Disney. There's, like, these. It's really, really a cool space, and. But the people, the family is so nice.

Kenneth Johnson [00:54:53]:
They are great.

Jason Canapp [00:54:54]:
So. So they're too nice. Like, I don't deserve people that nice that early in the morning.

Lou Mongello [00:55:00]:
And they're from Jersey.

Jason Canapp [00:55:01]:
That's how I feel.

Lou Mongello [00:55:02]:
Like they bring the jersey with them. Like, I walk in, I'm like, I feel like I'm sort of back home in New Jersey again.

Lisa DiNoto [00:55:10]:
It's worth mentioning to their hours are, like, 05:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m. like, which makes a lot of sense because they're right behind Cass parking. So I'm sure it's, like, a godsend. That people had it to work for the first. That first shift. But, like, yeah, you get in early, it's like, it's real. Like, they're making the bagels, you know, before 05:00 a.m.

Lisa DiNoto [00:55:27]:
their doors open at 05:00 in the morning, and then they shut down early afternoon.

Jason Canapp [00:55:30]:
Yeah, if you get there late, and if you go late morning, they may be out of your favorite bagel. Just. Just be warned, because so, fun fact.

Lou Mongello [00:55:39]:
You may or may not know this about me, or you probably don't even care, but there's a point to my story. My family used to own a bagel shop, so as a young kid, like, growing up, like, I worked in a bagel store all summer long, and when I was home and stuff like that from college, so. And clearly, I have the physique of someone who's eaten a lot of bagels. Like, these are, like, legit, like, New York, New Jersey. Like, water bagels. Like, they've got the right consistency, the crunch on the outside. They've got the locks. They've got, like, the Jersey turnpike.

Lou Mongello [00:56:12]:
Like, pork, rolling cheese, salt, pepper, ketchup. Like, on a bagel wrapped up and in wax paper and thrown in a brown paper bag. Like, that's the way it's supposed to be. Like, this is. This is a great call. This is a, like, kudos for this one, because I never would have even thought about it. If you're looking. If you're from the northeast and you want.

Lou Mongello [00:56:30]:
This is what I imagined Florida to be. Like, I always sort of knew, like, well, when you retire, like, if you're jewish or italian in New Jersey, you retire to Florida. So I just figured there'd be, like, a pork stores and bagel stores and, like, jewish delis everywhere. And there's not, because everybody's retired except these guys. They came down and, like, brought up taste and slices of New Jersey authentic pork roll. Some of you call it Taylor ham, but you're wrong. It's pork roll. Great call.

Lou Mongello [00:56:58]:
Great, great call.

Lisa DiNoto [00:56:59]:
And just to be clear, like, for everybody from, like, New York and, you know, my old area, who's rolling their eyes right now, like, Lou is, like, an italian guy from Jersey whose family owned a bagel shop, and I'm a jewish girl from Baltimore, New York. And they're good bagels. Like, we come with expertise. They're well done.

Jason Canapp [00:57:20]:
Yeah. And these are. And these are healthy smears, too, that you get really so good.

Lou Mongello [00:57:27]:
Tomorrow morning, I'm going to stumble bagel.

Kenneth Johnson [00:57:30]:
Yeah. You said you hope they make a million dollars. I think my family's already spent that much there.

Lou Mongello [00:57:40]:
And I just to be clear, a lot of people, there's a lot of buzz in the area, and mazel tov to him. Jeff's bagel run is another, like, very popular, like, local guy that, like, is hitting it and is opening up multiple locations. I had Jeff Bagel run yesterday. I was on my way somewhere, and it was in the area, and there's sort of the two camps. Right? Who likes Jeff Spagels more than I think? If you're looking, looking for a traditional New York, New Jersey bagel, stuff a bagel is where you go. Jeff's is good too, but different sort of consistency. They don't really do sandwiches at all. They do one thing.

Lou Mongello [00:58:12]:
They do bagels and cream cheeses, and that's it. A couple of different coffees, and that's it. But stuff a bagel is, without a doubt worth the drive. And like you said, if you're on property, like, you could walk there from the contemporary.

Kenneth Johnson [00:58:23]:
Yeah. If you're in a DVC with a kitchen and you are, like, in the magic kingdom resort area, I mean, gosh, why would you not go get a dozen bagels and have them there all week or whatever?

Lou Mongello [00:58:35]:

Kenneth Johnson [00:58:35]:
It's great.

Lou Mongello [00:58:36]:
So good. So excited for tomorrow morning. I think it's. I'm a little for clemped. Jason, I think it's your turn.

Jason Canapp [00:58:44]:
Well, I gave you guys plenty of opportunity to say this one. We've been through. This is, like, my third time, and I have no problem using this one. For me, it's Domo. I gave you a chance.

Kenneth Johnson [00:59:02]:

Lisa DiNoto [00:59:06]:
Other than susuru and juju, there were. There are. There's a cluster of three restaurants that I was just gonna leave to you guys. I was like, I'm not even gonna waste my time.

Lou Mongello [00:59:15]:
Number three on my list.

Kenneth Johnson [00:59:16]:
Okay. Okay, let's talk. Let's talk domu, though. There's one in Doctor Phillips, but I think it's worth the drive to go to the east end market and make your pilgrimage to the original Gideon's bakery, which is right there in the same shopping center.

Jason Canapp [00:59:34]:
Yeah, I was going to say that's the big plus. If you go at the right time now you have to hit Gideon's before you hit domo because of the hours that they operate. But there's nothing wrong with eating the cookie before, because, you know, you might be waiting outside because this. This. There's no reservations accepted here. It's this kind of first come, first serve sort of thing. So you do want to get there early. You do want to get there close to when they open.

Jason Canapp [00:59:56]:
And I think either location is worth going to. But if you are, this is the.

Lou Mongello [01:00:01]:
Other ones in Doctor Phillips.

Jason Canapp [01:00:02]:
In Doctor Phillips. Right. Which is going to be closer to Disney property. This is a ramen dream.

Kenneth Johnson [01:00:08]:

Jason Canapp [01:00:08]:
Like, if, for those of you who love ramen, you haven't had ramen until you've been to domo. It is insane how good this is. They make their own noodles there. It's a fun space. It's like a fun menu that. The names that they give some of the dishes, but it goes beyond the ramen. And I know that Kenneth and Lou are going to chime in more about these things, but it goes beyond that. The domu wings.

Kenneth Johnson [01:00:35]:
Oh, my gosh. That's what I was going to say. It's worth the drive just for.

Jason Canapp [01:00:40]:
So during. So again, so during the lockdown. During the lockdown, the. My prayers were. Were answered in that no, Disney wasn't reopening, and no, there weren't any nightly fireworks, but Domo started delivering food, and I ordered a refrigerator full of domo wings that I filled every tupperware, piece of tupperware I had with these wing, and. And I lived off of it for, like, a solid ten days. I had nothing. But it was.

Jason Canapp [01:01:14]:
I'm only exaggerating slightly. Like, it was. That's how good these are.

Kenneth Johnson [01:01:19]:
Like, these are so much more.

Lou Mongello [01:01:23]:
Maybe the best wings, like, in the area.

Kenneth Johnson [01:01:25]:
They are. They are the best in the world. They use kimchi or letter on. Oh, yeah, yeah.

Lou Mongello [01:01:31]:
Like, double frieden.

Kenneth Johnson [01:01:32]:
Like, their meat and double fried with the sesame seed.

Jason Canapp [01:01:36]:
They have the yuzu one, too, right? They have this. Yeah, yuzu.

Lou Mongello [01:01:39]:
They have seasonal ones, too. They'll do, like, special. Seasonal. Special wings, too.

Jason Canapp [01:01:44]:
So good. And they have. I mean, they. They have the. They have that dish called cheat cheeses, which just because it is biblical in terms of its experience, it is. It's. It's this roasted corn cut off the cob, kupai mayo, melted mozzarella, japanese spices, scallions, lime on a toasted baguette. It's insane.

Kenneth Johnson [01:02:05]:
I really like the lobster bun, too.

Lou Mongello [01:02:07]:

Jason Canapp [01:02:08]:
You know, I haven't had that. I haven't had the lobster bun.

Lou Mongello [01:02:10]:
Go to the Richie rich ramen. The richie rich ramen?

Jason Canapp [01:02:13]:
The richie rich ramen.

Lou Mongello [01:02:14]:
It's this chihatsu broth and pork belly and this black garlic oil. It. Is it, like, you want to talk about that, like, explosion of umami flavor? Like, even if it's 175 degrees outside. Like, you go for. Go for the ramen, but absolutely get the way. Do you know it's a. It's a. It's not a star.

Lou Mongello [01:02:33]:
Do you know it's a Michelin restaurant. It's a bib.

Jason Canapp [01:02:36]:
Yeah. It was recognized.

Kenneth Johnson [01:02:38]:
Yeah. Bib Gourmand. Yeah.

Lou Mongello [01:02:39]:
Do you know who. Wait. And I had to look this up because I thought it was fascinating. Do you know it? So Gourmand is like us. Like, it's somebody who likes to eat too much and do you know. Right. The fat. But do you know what bib stands for? Do you know what bib means? It's.

Lou Mongello [01:02:53]:
It's named after Bebendum, which is the Michelin man.

Jason Canapp [01:02:57]:
Oh, his name. Wait, the Michelin man has the name?

Lou Mongello [01:03:00]:
Yeah, it's the Michelin man.

Jason Canapp [01:03:02]:
The bendam.

Kenneth Johnson [01:03:04]:
It means to drink, I think.

Jason Canapp [01:03:07]:
Oh, and that. This is.

Lou Mongello [01:03:09]:
Yeah, this is quite a Michelin star. But it's like. It's a stitch. As close to.

Jason Canapp [01:03:14]:

Lou Mongello [01:03:14]:
As close to a star. It's worth it.

Jason Canapp [01:03:16]:
Like, can we talk about the ice cream?

Lou Mongello [01:03:19]:
I mean. Yes.

Jason Canapp [01:03:21]:
They have this rotating. They have this. It's never the same ice cream.

Lou Mongello [01:03:25]:
The black sesame ice cream.

Jason Canapp [01:03:27]:
But you can't. You can't know if you have to. I don't know if there's a way to know which ice cream they're gonna have because it rotates and it's different. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know if it's on a schedule or not. If it is, it's worth going on certain nights, but I think it just kind of rotates.

Jason Canapp [01:03:40]:
We. It's a weekly. I think it rotates weekly, but it.

Lou Mongello [01:03:44]:
Oh, gosh, it is out. Either location. I think the. I think the location in. On Sand Lake Road is closer to Walt Disney World property, but like you said, if you want to look and look, east End market is. It's up in the Mills district. It's about 45 minutes or so drive away. It's worth going to east end market.

Lou Mongello [01:04:05]:
Like, go on a Saturday. You can spend hours there. There's a lot. It's a two story. Like, it's almost like food stalls, but lots of different life. You know, arts and craft stuffs and food stalls and coffee places. Really?

Kenneth Johnson [01:04:19]:
Community market.

Lou Mongello [01:04:21]:
Yeah. Really, really good stuff. They do special events and stuff up there. There's a great japanese, like, Taiyaki place upstairs. Like a japanese donut place upstairs as well. We love going up there.

Kenneth Johnson [01:04:33]:
It's really the original Gideon. So you can see, you know, the early concept.

Lou Mongello [01:04:37]:

Kenneth Johnson [01:04:38]:
That tiny, like, tiny, tiny, tiny little stall.

Jason Canapp [01:04:42]:
A line, but no line around the block.

Lou Mongello [01:04:44]:
Yeah. Sometimes you can get your cookies fast. I will say for one of our. My momentum retreats, it's like the. The weekend, though. And I surprised everybody having Gideon's cooking cookies. It was faster for me to drive to winter, to up to Winter park to get them from the original Gideon's, and then drive back then to try and deal with the line in DC springs on a Saturday afternoon. I kid you not.

Kenneth Johnson [01:05:09]:
So I believe it.

Lou Mongello [01:05:12]:
Wait, whose turn was that?

Jason Canapp [01:05:15]:
That was mine.

Lou Mongello [01:05:16]:
Jason. Go ahead. I'm sorry, Kenneth.

Kenneth Johnson [01:05:19]:
Okay, I've got two more other than doom domo. That was. Were on my list, and I think I'm going. All right, we've had a lot of asian. All right, I'm going. This is. This is still. Well, it's a different part of.

Kenneth Johnson [01:05:35]:
It's where Europe meets Asia. This is turkish food. And I'm going. I know.

Jason Canapp [01:05:42]:

Kenneth Johnson [01:05:42]:
Jason knows what I'm doing here. This is Bosphorus.

Jason Canapp [01:05:47]:

Kenneth Johnson [01:05:48]:
Like this.

Jason Canapp [01:05:49]:
We had our first date.

Kenneth Johnson [01:05:51]:
Yeah. This is where I met Jason for the first time.

Jason Canapp [01:05:54]:
Not William. I mean, we met before, but this is where it really came together.

Kenneth Johnson [01:05:58]:
So there are now three locations. The original one is in Winter park, and it's fantastic. The one where Jason and I met for the first time is in Doctor Phillips, just like in the same strip mall as Domu. And then there is now one closer to property in the Hamlin area, so. And they all three have really cool, atmospheric decor. You feel like you've been transported to turkey when you go there. The things that I love the most are the braised lamb shank. It is like to die for.

Kenneth Johnson [01:06:33]:
And the mixed grill is also, you know, it's traditional mediterranean mixed grill. I especially love the pickled cabbage that comes with all the great meat that they bring out. And the big showpiece, and it's also delicious, is the lavash. And this pita bread is so wonderful. It comes out so full of steam that it looks like a basketball when it comes out. And then you just puncture it and the steam escapes from it, and it's just so soft and delicious. It's just turkish goodness everywhere.

Jason Canapp [01:07:07]:
And you do need to. Here's the secret, because there have been people who have gone. There's. And they. There's been some disappointing words and not around the quality of the food, but when it was with some of the. Some of the dips and things that you order, they don't really bring enough, like, crackers and things and other little to eat it with. I think it's because the assumptions. You're gonna get the lavash.

Jason Canapp [01:07:30]:
You're gonna get this amazing bread to be.

Kenneth Johnson [01:07:32]:
That's right. You have to get the lavash.

Jason Canapp [01:07:34]:
Yeah. You have to get it. You don't go without getting it. If you go without getting it, then you've done the entire thing wrong. So don't complain afterwards if you didn't have enough bread. Get the right stuff.

Kenneth Johnson [01:07:44]:

Lisa DiNoto [01:07:44]:
You have to order the lavash separately. I think that's the.

Jason Canapp [01:07:47]:
That's the thing.

Lisa DiNoto [01:07:48]:
It's a beautiful space. And also, they have a really nice, like, if you like sitting outside at, like, nomad lounge or something, like, under the fans on, like, an otherwise warm day. It's that same vibe when you're sitting outside there, the fans going overhead. So even if it's hot outside, it's still nice.

Kenneth Johnson [01:08:03]:
And if you're able to leave having only ordered one lavash, then you've really accomplished something.

Lisa DiNoto [01:08:12]:
That's something to be proud of, because.

Lou Mongello [01:08:14]:
And if you go up to Hamlin, like, senepolis is up there, like, Hamlin really sort of exploded with a lot of, like, great little restaurants and places to shop and stuff like that, too. All right, I'm. I'm. I'm. I was gonna say I'm waffling, but then going to want waffles. I'm sort of in between three restaurants that are on my list that all serve the same type of cuisine that we have not touched on yet. And I think there's reasons to go to them all, but I'm going to go with the one that is not only closest to property, it's closest to my heart. I go there relatively often.

Lou Mongello [01:08:53]:
It's delicious. It's casual. There's indoor and outdoor outdoor seating. It has a cool vibe, like, especially on weekends. And the food is consistently incredible. It is a modern. Little bit of a modern tweak of mexican cuisine. Great atmosphere, great spot for dinner, drinks, dates.

Lou Mongello [01:09:15]:
I am talking about agave azul. Agave azul is just off of 535, probably maybe ten minutes from magic kingdom, just north in the sort of the Windermere winter garden border area. Huge menu, very family friendly. But there's also, like, this cool indoor outdoor bar. So there's this great sort of. If you want to just go, like, for, you know, drinks outside and appetizers, you can do that, especially when it gets cooler. The outside seating is wonderful at night, but the food is, again, consistently good. It's great for kids.

Lou Mongello [01:09:59]:
Huge portion sizes. Everything is super fresh. The staff is always really nice. They've got, like, the enchiladas are amazing. The beat burritos and chimichangas, the tacos al pastor, like, great steaks and stuff, too, obviously a lot of vegetarian items. Nothing like. And it's not what I like about agave Azul is. And this whole area, and we've talked about this on the moving to Disney show, the Windermere winter garden area, which is where all of us live.

Lou Mongello [01:10:29]:
I'll post everybody's addresses in the show. Notes is so close to property, but there's no tourism up here, so the folks that are eating at places like agave Azul are folks that live in this area. You're not getting a lot of tourists there. It is not overly crowded, but I think it is. I think for me, like, if I'm looking for mexican food, and I'll name a couple of the other ones when we do some maybe quick honorable mentions, but I think agave Azul is the best mexican food in the area, in a great atmosphere and environment as well. And the prices are, like, you're that close to Disney World, but they are nowhere near, like, they're not Disney prices for food, if you know what.

Kenneth Johnson [01:11:11]:
And it's right next door to poke Hana. See how I work that one in there when it's not my turn.

Lisa DiNoto [01:11:21]:
Yikes. I will say, this was like, this was one of the ones where I was like, do we really want to say it? Like, do we really want to say it?

Lou Mongello [01:11:33]:
I mean, agave is always having no problem filling seats. You're right, you know, but it's. It's that good. Like, I, you know, look, the people who are listening are our friends, and I want to share it with them because it's. It is. It's worth going to, especially if you're looking for, you know, and there's great. Look, there's great mexican food on property. I think Rosa Mexicana at the swan is sort of the hidden gem of mexican food.

Lou Mongello [01:11:55]:
By the way, we have to go there. I haven't done a live review of.

Jason Canapp [01:11:58]:
That yet, if you're buying, because the thing is about Rosa mexicana, it's delicious. And, and this and the, the staffers amaze. They're great. But it's not cheap.

Lou Mongello [01:12:09]:
All right, so you buy it.

Jason Canapp [01:12:11]:
As I'm saying, you go to agave, you could. You could eat. I would say you could eat at agave two and a half times before you get to the same price. Agave Zul is. It's. It's consistent. It's accessible. I've never waited very long.

Jason Canapp [01:12:27]:
Even when it seems crowded, I have had to. If you sit outside, sometimes you have to be careful. There's not birds around because they can be aggressive, but they have that cool little bar window area, too, where you can sit outside sort of undercover and. But you're sort of looking inside. It's. And it's just a really cool, really cool space.

Kenneth Johnson [01:12:51]:
You can make it longer.

Jason Canapp [01:12:52]:
In and out.

Kenneth Johnson [01:12:53]:
One thing I will say, if you go there on a weekend night, you want to eat inside. Sometimes it feels a little bit like a disco in there. The music is kind of.

Jason Canapp [01:13:03]:
You say it like it's a bad thing, but.

Kenneth Johnson [01:13:05]:
But if you want to. If you. If you go on a weekend night, I would eat outside.

Lou Mongello [01:13:09]:

Kenneth Johnson [01:13:10]:

Jason Canapp [01:13:10]:
Okay. Not, because then you. Oh, then you can go to the little ice cream.

Lou Mongello [01:13:13]:

Kenneth Johnson [01:13:15]:

Lou Mongello [01:13:15]:
All right, let's do. Let's do one more each and then do some quick honorable mentions. Lisa, Jason, Kenneth.

Kenneth Johnson [01:13:21]:
Or you can get a muji cake over at Pokehon.

Lou Mongello [01:13:24]:
Would you stop taking Pokemon? We have to almost have to mention Poke Hana now because he said it like 15 times. Is that, was that your, was that your entry, Kenneth? Is it that, like.

Kenneth Johnson [01:13:43]:
No, no. I have one honorable mention.

Lou Mongello [01:13:47]:
Ready to go very quickly. Poke Hana is in. There's, I think there's two or three pocahontas. There's one on Curry Ford Road. This one is in the same. It's in the, it's in the Windermere shopping center. This is a small, casual, like, think, like, quick service, custom poke bowl and, and like, like, healthy bowl. You know, tuna and shrimp and tofu and things like that.

Lou Mongello [01:14:13]:
Consistently good. Great menu. Like, super nice staff. You can eat inside. We're outside. It's fresh, it's healthy. You can customize it however you want. They do take out.

Lou Mongello [01:14:23]:
They do delivery. Again. I've never had a bad meal. And the folks that work, at least the one by here, are super, super nice as well. It's a great place for lunch, too. Really nice place to go for lunch. It was on my list. It was high on my list.

Kenneth Johnson [01:14:39]:

Lou Mongello [01:14:43]:
All right. Sorry, Lisa, go ahead.

Kenneth Johnson [01:14:44]:
Okay. This is an honorable mention, lightning.

Lou Mongello [01:14:48]:
No, this is, this is one more and then honorable mention.

Kenneth Johnson [01:14:51]:

Lisa DiNoto [01:14:53]:
Okay. So I'm gonna do sort of a general one for my last, and it'll probably have a nice little conversation where we all tie up some loose ends on our list. So I'm just gonna make a general reference to a phenomenal neighborhood that's like 25, 30 minutes north of magic kingdom that we've mentioned in passing a few times during this conversation called downtown Winter Garden, which is. It's just a. It's a great place to just kind of hang out for the day, hang out for the evening. There's, like, a lot of, like, kitschy shops. There's good restaurants. There's another great restaurant there called the whole enchilada that has great food where you can sit upstairs and eat.

Lisa DiNoto [01:15:29]:
There's some really. There's some nicer restaurants there. You know, some more casual places. Well, that. That was sort of going to be my punchline, but thank you, Jay.

Jason Canapp [01:15:40]:
Well, get around with. I mean, how much. How long are you gonna make us wait?

Kenneth Johnson [01:15:44]:

Lisa DiNoto [01:15:51]:
Yeah, but the location in general, they have a great farmers market every Saturday morning. There's great coffee shops, there's wine bars. But like Jason said, the sort of the one place, if I was going to choose one place to kind of go there and see and hang out and get the vibe, it would be plant street market.

Jason Canapp [01:16:05]:
Oh, that's such a good choice.

Lisa DiNoto [01:16:07]:
There's a. There's a local brewery there called crooked can that has an outdoor area that's very dog friendly. If you just want to go chill with your dog and have a craft beer and a notch. There's like a brick oven pizza place. There's a great cheese stand where you can get real raclette. There's a butcher stand area that's got great food. There's a sushi. There's a sushi booth, of course.

Lisa DiNoto [01:16:28]:
Yeah. So plant street market kind of has it all. But I would encourage anybody who kind of heads that way to plan to give at least a couple of hours to kind of stroll around otherwise and see everything else that they have to offer. I know we're not talking running right now, but also the West Orange Trail, which is a 22 miles running trail that is actually going to be connected to this thing that runs coast to coast soon. Actually goes straight through the middle of old downtown winter garden. So it's like a cool path that you can walk and takes you to some other cool areas. You don't have to run on it. You can walk on it.

Lisa DiNoto [01:17:02]:
Just a beautiful scenic trail.

Jason Canapp [01:17:04]:
They also have swinging chairs in that trail area. If you don't feel like running, you can just sit and watch.

Lisa DiNoto [01:17:10]:
Yeah, I mean, like I was saying, it's certainly not just a running show. It's just a beautiful place to take a walk.

Jason Canapp [01:17:16]:
And the little train, the little caboose. You can go in the little caboose. Yeah, they have bikes that they have.

Lisa DiNoto [01:17:22]:
Yeah, there's a train, little thing. But yeah, there's bike rentals along there if you want to just make a day of it. But there's. There's all kinds of stuff to do up there. But, yeah, if I was going to choose one place to go, I would say plant street.

Lou Mongello [01:17:34]:
Nice. Yeah, it is worth. And like you said, Saturdays they've got the market, and you can sort of make a really nice day out of going up there. Super family friendly. A lot of, like, I love going up to the. To the market, you know, supporting a lot of the local vendors and purveyors and stuff like that. So I tuned out when you talk about the running stuff, but. All right, Jason, what's.

Lou Mongello [01:17:54]:
What's next on your list?

Jason Canapp [01:17:55]:
So I wasn't. So this was going to be. This was kind of a. Maybe I was going to add, because I was like, I don't know, maybe it's too far outside of the Disney bubble, but since we said it got be a zul, now we're all the way up in Planet street market. I'm gonna go. This actually isn't quite as far. It's on the way. So you could hit agave, Azul, and then on the way to plant street market, you could go to Pratti's deli.

Lou Mongello [01:18:13]:
Oh, dude, that is such a good pull.

Jason Canapp [01:18:17]:
Because I. I don't think. I don't think there's a. I haven't experienced it. Maybe there's a better one. I haven't experienced a better deli. This area, like, I mean, or even outside the northeast, it's. I mean, they're like, the guys are from.

Jason Canapp [01:18:38]:
I think if they're from New York, they. The menus very sort of deli. Like, it's sort of limited in terms of, like, they do sandwiches and. They do sandwiches really well. And, yeah, you can get a wrap or something like that if you're interested. But they have, like, they have the cornbread, the beef and the pastrami, and they. I don't. I don't think they have any black and white cookies.

Jason Canapp [01:18:59]:
Don't have to worry about that. They do the. Do they? Yeah, I never get any desserts there, but they have, like, they have, like, 17,000 different versions of chips that you can pick from. It's a relatively small space, so it's limited seating inside. Really nice people, very affordable. I was trying to find their hours because they're not open late. I think they're open until seven the weekdays. And they close, actually close earlier on Fridays.

Jason Canapp [01:19:25]:
And it closed like 04:00 on Fridays because apparently they like to give their employees, like, some time off, I guess. But it's located. I'm trying to give a good. It's right off of 535. So if you are heading north, if.

Lisa DiNoto [01:19:42]:
You go to agave school and make a right.

Lou Mongello [01:19:44]:
If you, if you go north of magic, like you're headed towards the turnpike or 429, like, you'll, you'll pass it on the way up there.

Kenneth Johnson [01:19:51]:

Jason Canapp [01:19:52]:
If you're. Or if you're coming from, if you're on 429, so coming north, then you can get off at 535 and head south and it'll be on your right headed. It's right. And bonus, it's in the same shopping center as a Dunkin donuts.

Lou Mongello [01:20:04]:
Yeah, this is what I meant. Like, when Lisa was talking about stuff a bagel. Like, this is what the. This is sort of the lunchtime version of stuff. This is the New York New Jersey Italian deli with the board head, boar's head meats. Like, really good pastrami. Like, served on. Like, they import their bagels, right? They import their bagels.

Lou Mongello [01:20:26]:
So. And the people are super nice. Like, if you want a good pastrami sandwich, this is where you go. Like, when I want a sandwich, this is the place that.

Jason Canapp [01:20:35]:
What do you get? What do you usually get?

Lou Mongello [01:20:37]:
So I either get, like, a traditional, like, hot pastrami on rye. Like, hot, like, warm mustard. They also have something called the rachel, which give her the Rachel.

Jason Canapp [01:20:50]:
Not the haircut, but the sandwiches.

Lou Mongello [01:20:52]:
Right. It's a hotter, cold pastrami with Swiss, with coleslaw and thousand island dressing on rye. Chef's kiss. So good. But they have, like, you know, they'll do, like, regular subs too.

Jason Canapp [01:21:01]:
But, like, they have a lot of, like, stromaged. The pastrami geddon. That's the hot pastrami pepper jack, hot peppers, jalapenos on thousand island dressing and creamy horseradish on rye. On the marbled rye. Oh, my God.

Lou Mongello [01:21:14]:
Did you ever have the Grosvenor square?

Kenneth Johnson [01:21:16]:

Lou Mongello [01:21:17]:
The roast beef with melted cheddar, a one sauce and crispy french onions on a toasted kaiser roll. So good. So hungry.

Jason Canapp [01:21:27]:
He's so good.

Lou Mongello [01:21:28]:

Lisa DiNoto [01:21:29]:
Karate's was where we got. So their bagels are legit, too. That was where we went for our bagels before.

Jason Canapp [01:21:35]:
You've never gotten bagels from there. Never gotten bagels.

Lisa DiNoto [01:21:37]:
So they're, they just bring them in. They bring them in from Brooklyn Bagel. And they're right. They're. They're frozen in, like, freezer storage. Things in the front of the place, and you pull them out. But they're. They're properly frozen.

Lisa DiNoto [01:21:49]:
Like, they defrost and toast and taste perfect. Yeah. So they're not.

Lou Mongello [01:21:54]:
You get a traditional pastrami sandwich on rye, warm. They give you the pickle on the side. You get your chips, and you get a doctor brown's cream soda.

Jason Canapp [01:22:04]:
And they do have a big salad. The name of it, the big salad, which I think is an Elaine reference, like a Seinfeld reference, but nice.

Lou Mongello [01:22:13]:
All right, Kenneth.

Kenneth Johnson [01:22:15]:
Okay. I'm going to try to pick one that I think no one on this call has been to, and that is. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, but that is the black rooster taqueria. You guys ever been there?

Lou Mongello [01:22:31]:
We're all googling.

Kenneth Johnson [01:22:33]:
Okay. No, the black rooster taqueria. It's a little bit of a hike. It's on colonial as well. But the thing to go for there, the pro move, is the pork fat taco. It is so amazing. Now, that is not the only thing on the menu, but it is the thing that will change your life. And many of the tacos there are just crazy good.

Kenneth Johnson [01:23:03]:
This is a gourmet taqueria. And the other thing I really like, there are the pozole bowls where, you know, it's kind of a slow cooked meat in a broth and, you know, all kinds of goodness sort of stirred in. It's amazing. It's kind of like a mexican answer to a ramen bowl. And this place, I'm telling you, it is absolutely worth the drive. It is. Where is fantastic act. It's actually over.

Lou Mongello [01:23:33]:
Is that in the mills?

Kenneth Johnson [01:23:34]:
Yeah, exactly.

Jason Canapp [01:23:35]:

Lou Mongello [01:23:38]:
I'll make a deal with you, Kenneth. You drive. I'll buy you. I'll buy because it's.

Kenneth Johnson [01:23:46]:
I'll be at your house. I'll be hat your. I'll be at your house within five minutes of this podcast.

Lou Mongello [01:23:53]:
Done. Wow. That's a nice. I've never even heard of it.

Kenneth Johnson [01:23:57]:
It is amazing.

Lou Mongello [01:23:58]:
And sometimes, you know, like, we're talking about places that are in strip malls and up on 50, and you're like. And like, if you've. If you come to Disney World and don't sort of go outside the bubble, like, do not be afraid to sort of venture out. Like, these places are relatively close but very accessible, and you might pull up and be like, wait a minute. This is like a tiny little nondescript thing in a strip mall, and there's, like, a bail bondsman next to it. Doesn't matter. Like, these are some of the best places to find some of the best food. I'll tell you a very quick story.

Lou Mongello [01:24:30]:
My son, we were out one day, and he found a place on. It was either, like, TikTok or Yelp or whatever it was. It was this little, like, taco joint, and it had nothing but five star reviews. And so we're driving on 50, and I'm like, dude, I don't see it. I'm like, and I'm. The map says that we're here. I'm like, let's just pull into this gas station and figure out where to go. I'm like, maybe this was a taco truck that, like, used to be, like, in the parking lot of the gas station.

Lou Mongello [01:24:56]:
No, it was in the back of the gas. It was inside the gas station. It was on Tojiro's tacos. And I'm like, dude, are you sure, man? Like, gas station tacos is like gas station sushi. I'm not sure. He's like, dad, look. Look at the pictures of this food. Like, it has nothing but.

Lou Mongello [01:25:11]:
And we walk in, and the guy in the front of the gas station, who is behind plexiglass and iron bars is like, yeah, man, the tacos are in the back. The tacos also like. And I'm like, well, we're in. We're in for a penny. We're in for a pound. Let's do it. These are some of the best tacos we've ever had. Like, in a plastic bag, like in styrofoam, like lady in the back cooking.

Lou Mongello [01:25:37]:
They now, from what I understand, have, like, their own standalone location because it was that good. So don't let you know. Don't let the COVID of the buck necessarily fool you from what's inside.

Kenneth Johnson [01:25:49]:
That's right.

Lou Mongello [01:25:51]:
The last one on my list, because I don't think we've mentioned a proper place to get this food, and it's my favorite type of food. I get this question all the time. Like, where do we go for, like, legit sushi? And.

Jason Canapp [01:26:05]:
Oh, boy.

Lou Mongello [01:26:06]:
Yeah. Like, I was torn on this one. I was really torn. When we first moved here, there was a place very close by that was sort of. I called it my secret sushi spot, and it was amazing. It was literally right down the street, and it was consistently good. And then I don't know what happened. They changed owners or whatever, and it just it hasn't been consistently good.

Lou Mongello [01:26:27]:
However, if I want to go, and I know I want to have, like, exceptional, quote unquote, worth the drive sushi. There's a couple of places that come to mind, and I. And I had to pick one, and I. And I brought it down to two. And the one that I think is worth the drive is to head out to Turkey Lake Road, which is over by the dark place, down the. Over by universal. It's Saito Sushi. S e I t o.

Lou Mongello [01:26:58]:
Why do you have your head in your hands, Jason? Have you never been?

Jason Canapp [01:27:01]:
It's not a big space. It's not a large space.

Lou Mongello [01:27:05]:
This is this sado sushi years ago.

Lisa DiNoto [01:27:09]:
Can we at least send them to the one in Baldwin?

Lou Mongello [01:27:14]:
This is. This went from, like, this tiny, little, like, local sushi place. I remember when I first moved here, I went and I was like, oh, my God. Like, I. It's like I discovered fire again in this strip mall that has, like, a whole foods and, like, a Michaels in it. But you walk in the door, and it's just, like, beautiful, upscale, like, authentic, very innovative, like, japanese cuisine. And it went from being sort of this local, the place that the locals went to, to really something that. That has become, I think, one of the hot spot sushi locations.

Lou Mongello [01:27:51]:
But what I like is that the menu, yes. You can get all sort of a lot of traditional, you know, very, very fresh fish and hot and cold hot, you know, menu items. But the level of quality and creativity on the menu. And now they just redid the back room. They have this beautiful, like, cherry blossom tree in the back. They, too, have a Michelin star. They have an omakase menu that. That you can get as well.

Lou Mongello [01:28:22]:
But if you are a sushi, like, if you are a sushi aficionado, like the food at Saito sushi, which, by the way, super secret, if you go, like, I think between five and 06:00 can go during happy hour as well. But they have something called a distinguished. A distinguish. I can't. I speak for a living. I swear. It's a distinguished gentleman roll. It's wagyu beef, lobster, avocado, wasabi, aioli, masago, jalapeno, and truffle salt.

Lou Mongello [01:28:56]:
It will knock your socks off. The food is amazing. The service is exceptional. I love going to the one on Turkey Lake Road. So whether you are, like, new to sushi or, you know, you don't even like sushi, there's a lot of, like, hot things on the menu as well.

Kenneth Johnson [01:29:16]:
It is including the wagyu burger it is. So. Which is ground. Wagyu ground on the premises.

Lou Mongello [01:29:23]:
Yeah. Like, even, like, the bao buns and stuff are so good.

Lisa DiNoto [01:29:27]:
I was gonna say the bow. I think Saito kept me alive during the first part of COVID like, their deliveries.

Jason Canapp [01:29:34]:
Oh, you could get delivered.

Lisa DiNoto [01:29:36]:

Kenneth Johnson [01:29:36]:
Oh, yeah.

Jason Canapp [01:29:37]:
It wouldn't go out to me.

Lou Mongello [01:29:39]:
Okay, Lisa.

Lisa DiNoto [01:29:40]:
In fact, they would deliver. They would deliver cocktails along with their food, so. I'm gonna die.

Lou Mongello [01:29:46]:
Lisa invited my family over to a house at one point. It may have been during COVID and I was saying no. Like, my gut reaction to say no. And then she's like, I'm ordering Saito, and I, of course. I mean, that was sort of what sold. It's why I went.

Kenneth Johnson [01:30:02]:
It was.

Lisa DiNoto [01:30:02]:
Can we dilute that a little bit by mentioning the other one as well?

Lou Mongello [01:30:06]:
Yeah. So to sort of spread the love, kabuki sushi, which also has two lake locations. There's one off sand lake. There's another one. There's a. There's another one on colonial, which, again, we're talking. It's. It's.

Lou Mongello [01:30:21]:
Which is also referred to as 50. Same thing. It's. It's traditional sushi. Like, contemporary spins and flavors on it. They too, I think the one on. The. One on Turkey Lake on Sundays.

Lou Mongello [01:30:36]:
Right? Don't they? I think. Is it Sundays? They have, like, the ramen bar on. On Sundays as well. Kabuki was a very, very, very close second, but I think Saito is exceptionally good.

Lisa DiNoto [01:30:48]:
Yeah. Kabuki doesn't know Mikasa. They're James beard nominated as well. And again, just again, like, don't judge a book by its cover. Like, when you pull up, you're gonna think we're out of our minds, potentially. And it is, like, a little bit like a club inside. I prefer sitting outside there, but the level of creativity across the board in every dish is, like, unmatched. And there are, like, cocktails and mocktails and stuff.

Lou Mongello [01:31:15]:
And you can both have upscale. You can go in casual or have an upscale experience if you want to.

Lisa DiNoto [01:31:20]:
Yeah, you can. Absolutely. Like most restaurants these days, you can go and, you know, a nice pair of jeans on the top or play it up or stretchy.

Lou Mongello [01:31:27]:
Yeah, stretchy shorts is fun.

Lisa DiNoto [01:31:29]:
Yeah, definitely.

Kenneth Johnson [01:31:31]:
Pajama pants.

Lou Mongello [01:31:32]:
Pajama jeans. All right. I listened, and we, you know, I'm sure we all have tons more on our menu. Just very quickly, without going into too much detail, anything that you have that work that you feel is worth mentioning on an honorable mentions list.

Jason Canapp [01:31:51]:
I think I have one thing that you brought up, the tacos. This wasn't on my list, but it made me think about this place that it's been. It's been a bit since I've been there. It's still there. It still gets great reviews. It's the Okoie. I think it's the okoie. Taki tako koei Taco company.

Jason Canapp [01:32:12]:
And it's literally on the other side of the tracks. It's like. It sits, like, right next to the railroad tracks. It's. It is not quite in the back of a 711, but it is. It's one of those places if you drove by going in there. I'm not. Although they have.

Jason Canapp [01:32:29]:
They do have one of those giant. Giant lawn chairs outside that you can sit and have your picture taken, but I don't think I've had better tacos.

Kenneth Johnson [01:32:39]:
Yeah, it's fantastic. It was a food truck, and she, the lady who ran the food truck, decided to. She was tired of driving around, and she and her husband set up a little restaurant there next to a factory, next to the railroad tracks. And it's a dump, and that's how you know it's gonna be good.

Jason Canapp [01:33:00]:
And I think when we went the first time, it was, I want six large men, and I think we ordered two or three of everything. At one point. We ordered so much food. At one point, they asked us to stop. Yeah, please stop. Because they couldn't keep up. Right.

Kenneth Johnson [01:33:22]:
And you can get the lingua tacos there.

Jason Canapp [01:33:25]:
Oh, my God, that is good. That's so good. And it's cooked perfectly. But if I remember correctly, I think when we walked away from the experience, I think each one of us had spent maybe, like, including tip, like $27. Yeah, if that. Like, it was so, so affordable. Oh, I'm pretty sure Lumangella was invited. He's giving me this look, like, oh, yeah, I'll find the text.

Lou Mongello [01:33:55]:
My BlackBerry must not have been working, but it was.

Jason Canapp [01:33:59]:
We need to go back. There's so many places that we have to not just go back to you, but apparently try a new. Well.

Lou Mongello [01:34:05]:
Kenneth, Lisa, any other. Any others on your honorable mention?

Lisa DiNoto [01:34:09]:
Yeah, just a couple quick ones that are very quick, quick mentions. One of my favorite places to go, not so much, like, for the food specifically, but because it's, like, the most authentically, like, Florida dining experience I think I've had anywhere down here is. It's about 40 minutes away. Excuse me. In Mineola, Florida, or Claremont? Lou, I think we dragged your family out there one time, and you like you. Lou does not like going far to places. And I think he was ready to kill me by the time they parked their car because he did not know where we were. I was trying to take him.

Lisa DiNoto [01:34:40]:
But this. This place that's called the Lake Mineola Inn and Tiki bar, it is so cool. It sits, like, right on the lakefront on Lake Mineola. You can rent pontoon boats and take them out and fish or just kind of hang out on them for the day. But it's the most beautiful sunset in the world. It's right over the lake in Lake county. So if you can get there during that time of the day, it's gorgeous photo ops, too. It's just like, burgers.

Lisa DiNoto [01:35:02]:
They've got, like, a really, really good, like, seared tuna burger, you know, like fun drinks and stuff like that. Like, they have, I think, won some awards for their burgers. But it's, you know, the food is good, but it's just solid good food. Like, on a lakefront in Florida, it's just the coolest environment. And the in part, I can't speak to because I haven't stayed there. But it does look very cute. And I've gone back and forth with the family that owns it as well. And it's another one of those situations where it was just like a family dream to do this with this property.

Lisa DiNoto [01:35:31]:
And they've. They've made it happen, and I know there's super excited about it. So the inn does look very cute, but just to drive out there and sit at the tiki bar and spend a few hours, you know, watching the sunset is a really cool way to spend the night.

Lou Mongello [01:35:43]:
If your mom wasn't there, I would have been a lot more aggravated about her drive.

Lisa DiNoto [01:35:50]:
Oh, and also, I just want to throw out a quick restaurant to Columbia restaurant in celebration. It's one of seven. It's one of seven in the Florida area. I think the one in Tampa was first. And it's like the biggest spanish restaurant in the world and the oldest restaurant in Florida. But if you ever want to have a meal with, like, a family that just loves serving food and you can just feel the love in every bite, like Columbia restaurant and celebration, it's another one that's on the water. It's a nice place to take a walk and explore a little bit. But, yeah, if you're going to go out to celebration, that's a good spot.

Jason Canapp [01:36:19]:
Speaking of on the water, Mount Dora. How do I not think about Mount Dora?

Lou Mongello [01:36:24]:

Jason Canapp [01:36:28]:
So good. So we should be there, like, every Sunday. It is amazing. It's right there on the lake. It sort of actually sort of sits up on the hill above the lake. You sit outside. That's the move. And it's.

Jason Canapp [01:36:43]:
It's just really fresh seafood. Steaks. Steaks. Henry, I think, maybe got his favorite steak ever there. And it's just so beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. And the town, lake Mount door. If you haven't been to Mount Dora, walk around.

Jason Canapp [01:36:58]:
And there's so many great restaurants. We could have an entire episode about.

Lou Mongello [01:37:04]:
The antique market.

Jason Canapp [01:37:05]:
Yeah, yeah. Because in the pisces risings, right. Right next to that. That area where they do the market, it's really.

Kenneth Johnson [01:37:11]:
It's like, I have to go up there. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I have to go up there every so often because it's the only place you can get a Segway scooter repair. So my kids scooters, we always have to drive them up there. And we always eat at pisces rising. It's amazing.

Jason Canapp [01:37:27]:
So nice. And there's a. There's great.

Lou Mongello [01:37:28]:
There's a.

Jason Canapp [01:37:29]:
There's a british tea house there. There's one or two, maybe two german restaurants that wave sushi is up there.

Lou Mongello [01:37:36]:
Like. Yeah, wave sushi is pretty good, too. All right.

Kenneth Johnson [01:37:41]:
All right. I have one honorable mention, Lou. One. Okay. And this. This will go full circle back to our opening comment about the diversity in Orlando. One of the biggest influences here, of course, is brazilian. And there is a place that I want to just mention.

Kenneth Johnson [01:38:01]:
It's called Mister Potato, and it is a guy Fieri featured restaurant. And you can get excellent Feijoada there if you're a brazilian, you know what I'm talking about. And all kinds of just wonderful goodness. I recommend it if you're in that area. It's out way past. It's on the Conroy Windermere area, way past Doctor Phillips. But it's amazing.

Lou Mongello [01:38:29]:
Honorable Mister Potato, not misses potato.

Kenneth Johnson [01:38:32]:
Miss. Mister Potato, not Mister Potato head.

Lou Mongello [01:38:36]:
I'm getting all kinds of weird results on my Google search, so I need to clear my cash, but. Right, so I've never even heard this. Kenneth, you. You win the gold star for places I've just never heard of before, let alone having tried. So you'll have to take us to. Yeah, a lot of these I see. As we're all sort of furiously trying to look up what is the actual website because as of right now.

Kenneth Johnson [01:39:00]:
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's. It's misses potato. I'm sorry. It's misses potato. Yeah, it's misses potato.

Lou Mongello [01:39:07]:

Kenneth Johnson [01:39:08]:
Institute, according to Guy Fieri.

Lisa DiNoto [01:39:13]:
Are we sure still open? Because I thought that had closed.

Kenneth Johnson [01:39:17]:
I. I ate there. I don't know. I'm not sure, but I. There. It's been about six months ago, seven months ago.

Lou Mongello [01:39:24]:
All right, wait, let's. I'm trying to see what they're.

Jason Canapp [01:39:27]:
So are they serving you from around back?

Lisa DiNoto [01:39:30]:
No, it might still be. I thought they had closed, but I.

Lou Mongello [01:39:34]:
I don't see any sort of socials on here. Well, we'll see.

Kenneth Johnson [01:39:37]:
Let's see if their websites up.

Lou Mongello [01:39:39]:
The website 2021 misses potato restaurant. All right, so we'll have to find out. We'll have to find out more about potato head. I have a few more. I'm going to. I'm going to. I'll mention two very, very quickly. And I know we mentioned a mexican location before, but there's a place over in Doctor Phillips called Bar Taco, which I really, really.

Kenneth Johnson [01:40:09]:
Oh, yeah, that's Graham.

Lou Mongello [01:40:10]:
Yeah, we've been there before. It's. It's right next to Domo. Within that whole strip, there's a lot. There's, like, bosphorus, is there? There's also a great italian restaurant. Like, it's old school. Like Sinatra, like, big red leather couches. Like, italian restaurant in the back as well.

Lou Mongello [01:40:29]:
But bar taco is a super cool, very casual. Like, fresh, like, flavors and small plates. So if you're looking for something, like, totally cool and casual, not usually a long wait. And what I love is that everybody orders individually from your phone, right? So you pick the stuff you want on your phone, or you can order, like, for the group if you want to. Same thing, like, as it's ready, it comes out. So you just sort of order, like, a couple tacos here. All right, these are great. Now I'm gonna try one or two more.

Lou Mongello [01:41:00]:
Then I want to try, like, the plantains. And it's. I dig sort of being able to just continue to order stuff as, until you sort of explode, which is really sort of my barometer for when I stop eating. It's like four or $5 a taco. Like, the prices are really great. The staff is, like, from what I understand, somebody correct me if I'm wrong. Like, the staff, like, are all owners. Like, there's all sort of.

Lou Mongello [01:41:25]:
Like, they all sort of have ownership in the restaurant, too. So the staff is really wonderful. Worth the trip over. And the last place I will mention is a place that my daughter introduced us to in Winter park. Again, we sort of keep talking about some of these locations where there's there's a lot of great dining. It's called the glass knife. And it's really like this cool breakfast, lunch, brunch, bakery and cafe with, like, artisanal pastries and desserts. Very sort of light meals and this very, like, cool, relaxed atmosphere.

Lou Mongello [01:41:59]:
Like, they have a chicken salad, croissant, which literally is worth the drive to Winter park.

Jason Canapp [01:42:05]:
Great bacon, chicken salad.

Lou Mongello [01:42:07]:
Yeah, I do well. So if you want to do, like, a super cat, and again, you can go up to Winter park and spend the day doing a brunch. You go shopping, have a really nice dinner. There's always, like, art festivals and street festivals and stuff going on there. So the glass life is on. I see. We're all looking at the lightning that's going on outside.

Jason Canapp [01:42:27]:
We're all hearing it at different times.

Lou Mongello [01:42:32]:
And look, I know we've been talking for a long, long time, and I appreciate you sharing, and hopefully if you're still listening. But the point is, there's so many great restaurants, and I'll try and put these in a list, and I'll put them in the show notes with websites and addresses in it. But what I love about all the places on our list, which we did not obviously talk about ahead of time, there's a lot of overlap because we go out to eat occasionally. But I love that these restaurants are. They're not what I mean when I say this is. They're not Instagram restaurants, meaning there's so many places that sort of, like, become flashes because they're Instagram worthy. And you go in and they're very coolly decorated and they're neat and they've got a couple of, like, signature things that look great on Instagram but maybe are not consistent or maybe they're not like, these are all restaurants that you go to for the food and the overall experience. They have been around for a long time because they are consistently exceptional.

Lou Mongello [01:43:34]:
And for us, they are worth the drive as locals. And I think we're sharing because we also feel like they're worth the drive if you're coming to Walt Disney World and want to try. And, you know, when we look, when I travel, I want to eat with the locals. Eat. So when you come to Orlando, yes, Walt Disney World has some of my favorite restaurants on the planet, but there's also so many great options very close to property and some that are worth a little bit of a drive or renting a car or even taking an Uber. Go to downtown Winter Garden and walk through plant street. Go up to Winter park for the afternoon there's lots of great stuff up there. Go to Harry P.

Lou Mongello [01:44:13]:
Lew gardens and make a day out of it. Any last thoughts in terms of what we mentioned, you know, convincing people that it is these are or, you know, worth trying or taking the ride for? Any sort of last thoughts, Lisa? Jason? Kenneth.

Lisa DiNoto [01:44:31]:
Yeah, I mean, I think we all, like, what I let in with was the same thing I'll close with, which is that while there's, you know, I could easily name, like, 15 phenomenal restaurants on Disney property where you could have, like, you know, a remarkable dining experience. And so I think we've all been trying to focus on things that are sort of a little bit different, little bit of a twist on that, that are making that make it worth going off property. It's logical that so many great places have opened because so many people have come down here and they come from places with great food. So it's been exciting to see it, you know, take shape. And there's been. There was a little bit less overlap than I expected, so that was cool. I've got some good notes.

Lou Mongello [01:45:09]:
Speak for yourself. You guys took all the ones on my list.

Jason Canapp [01:45:11]:
Jason, I just think for a lot of people, if they're like me, when they go to Walt Disney World for vacation, you just really don't think about leaving the bubble. You don't think about seeking other places. And I get that. I totally do get that. But I think it's definitely worth, especially if you have a car, you know, I mean, if you don't have a car, you can still uber to. Some of these places are real close, or you could even order it, or candid will take you. He'll even bring a little souvenir insulated bag with him for you to take the food home with. But these are some really cool areas and some really special restaurants.

Jason Canapp [01:45:56]:
And I think it's definitely worth getting out at least maybe for one meal, you know, pick a night or pick a. Pick an afternoon or something to head out and see some of the town, especially, at least his idea of going up to winter Garden and spending some time sort of walking around a neighborhood, because you're going to get a very different sense of what the Walt Disney world area is. And it's not, you know, if all you've ever experienced is the ride from Orlando International to Walt Disney World property, you know, you don't realize how much, how many awesome things are happening around. And I don't know, I think it's worth expanding the horizon a little bit. And it also inserts a nice little break into your vacation, and it's going to taste really good.

Lisa DiNoto [01:46:50]:
It's interesting that you say that because I used to always look out the window on that drive from the airport to property and wonder about all those people that were lived in those houses, you know, that right there along the way and, like, how close they lived to Disney. And that was all I could think was, oh, their proximity to Disney is blank. And, you know, you start to wonder about those houses as you come here more and more often. And so, like, Jason was just saying, like, getting off the beaten path and kind of seeing, like, what the reality of living here is like. And that, like, we can be in the backyard of Disney, and it truly does not feel like you're in a tourist area at all. So there's just so much to explore here. So if you're a regular Disney visitor and you're kind of ready to get off the beaten path a little bit, I think there's a lot out there.

Kenneth Johnson [01:47:35]:
Yeah, I think. Especially if your vacation includes more than just Disney. Absolutely. And by the way, misses potato is still open. There are recent Yelp reviews as recently as the end of May.

Lisa DiNoto [01:47:51]:

Lou Mongello [01:47:51]:
So can look this time. Looked very concerned when he said it might not still be open.

Kenneth Johnson [01:47:57]:
Yeah, no more.

Lou Mongello [01:47:58]:
As we were just wrapping up. I haven't thought about this in, it's probably been 20 years, and this memory just came flooding. Something. Something one of you said made this, like, memory come back. And I still. I'm going to share a very personal story because I still have, like, residual guilt about this because, hi, I'm Catholic and Italian. I remember as a kid, I was probably, you know, 1314, somewhere around there. I was with my family down here in Walt Disney world, which is why I love this place so much.

Lou Mongello [01:48:33]:
And I remember my dad wanted to try this restaurant off property. And I was like, are you. What? Are you insane, man? Like, look around you. Look at all the places to eat. And, like, I remember being not very happy about, like, not going. And I'm sure, like, I gave my dad, like, so much grief about going to this place off property that he just wanted to try, like, so bad. He wanted to go to the steakhouse off property. And I remember, I'm sure I had, like, this pouty face and, like, I, you know, forced myself through it, and he just raved about how good it was.

Lou Mongello [01:49:14]:
And I remember how resistant I was to it. I still. And my dad has long passed. It's been, you know, a number, 14 years since my dad's passed. But I still have this like residual guilt. And I tell the story, one, because clearly I need to have this sort of cathartic release. And two, don't let yourself or don't let your kids be like, no, I don't want to leave property. Yes, there are amazing places to eat and you can come to WAlTerS World for 20 years and not eat at the literally hundreds of restaurants here.

Lou Mongello [01:49:42]:
But there are first of all, do it for your dad. Do it for my dad. But there are so many incredible places to eat off property. We have just scratched the surface. And I would love to know from you who is listening at home, who is probably starving right now. One, what's your favorite place? What's a place? Maybe we didn't talk about your secret spot, your go to location, the place that you want to or recommend trying eating off Walt Disney World property. And maybe we should do a live review. Like maybe we sort of take a little informal poll and see if somebody would like us to do a live review of one of these off property locations or many, many more than one off property locations.

Lou Mongello [01:50:29]:
Very quickly, Lisa Jason Kenneth, this is not going to apply to you. Please tell folks where they can find you and the stuff that you do on the Internet.

Lisa DiNoto [01:50:41]:
I am the castle runner on Instagram where I share our day to day life living a mile from the magic at Disney. I'm also a photographer in the area where I help you tell your Disney story. I do portrait work as well as fine art stuff that you can bring into your home. You can reach out to me for that or find the fine artwork over at thousand circlesimages.com.

Jason Canapp [01:51:02]:
And for me, you can head over to hearwiththemagic.com. you can go to YouTube and search for herewiththemagic or wherever you get your podcast. Search for here with magic. We do this cool little podcast called soundscapes. It's all about celebrating the sort of quiet moments of joy in Disney spaces and places and on Insta and all the other stuff here with the magic.

Lou Mongello [01:51:21]:
I think I just heard you do what my kids call the podcast voice. Like, you got like very low and very deep and it's soundscapes.com.

Jason Canapp [01:51:29]:
Well, it's very Asmr.

Lou Mongello [01:51:32]:
Kenneth, do you have anything to share other than your home address?

Kenneth Johnson [01:51:35]:
I'll just say good luck finding me on social.

Lou Mongello [01:51:38]:
Kenneth is the smartest one.

Kenneth Johnson [01:51:41]:
The only reason I have a Facebook account is because of Lou Mangelo and this group right here. Because if I, if I deleted my Facebook account, I'd lose touch with this wonderful community, but you will never find me anywhere else.

Jason Canapp [01:51:54]:
What about at misses potato or something like that?

Kenneth Johnson [01:51:57]:
Yeah, maybe. Maybe.

Lou Mongello [01:51:59]:
If you want to find Kenneth, just go to any of the restaurants that we have.

Kenneth Johnson [01:52:02]:
No, I'm on. I'm on LinkedIn if you want to search for me there.

Lou Mongello [01:52:06]:
So this has been great. This has been wonderful. All right, let's. Let's take it out with a lightning round. I don't want any sort of discussion. I want just your answer. Super simple. Lightning round.

Lou Mongello [01:52:18]:
Where do you go for the best italian food? Lisa, Jason, Kenneth, go best italian. Quick, quick. Lightning. This is lightning.

Kenneth Johnson [01:52:25]:
Apparently. Simply Capri.

Lisa DiNoto [01:52:27]:
Yeah, simply Capri.

Lou Mongello [01:52:31]:
Where do you go for the best steak a me? Anybody?

Kenneth Johnson [01:52:36]:
I would go to. I would go to Shula's on property at this. At the dolphin.

Jason Canapp [01:52:41]:
Interesting. I'm gonna go to Raven.

Kenneth Johnson [01:52:43]:
Absolutely. The best steak.

Lou Mongello [01:52:46]:
Best barbecue in the area. Can I think, guy, other than Kenneth's house, where do you go for the best barbecue?

Jason Canapp [01:52:52]:
I was gonna say Kenneth's egg.

Kenneth Johnson [01:52:54]:
Polite pig. Four Rivers smokehouse.

Lou Mongello [01:52:59]:
Yeah, four rivers is good.

Jason Canapp [01:53:00]:

Lou Mongello [01:53:02]:
Best seafood.

Jason Canapp [01:53:03]:
Ellie's. Ellie's good, too.

Lou Mongello [01:53:04]:
I've never been to ever into bubbalicious. Bubble ooze. Bubblicious.

Jason Canapp [01:53:07]:
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Kenneth Johnson [01:53:08]:

Jason Canapp [01:53:08]:
We got some food from there once. Yeah, it was good.

Lou Mongello [01:53:10]:
Best seafood. Oh, boathouse.

Kenneth Johnson [01:53:18]:
I don't know of any good seafood here.

Lou Mongello [01:53:21]:

Jason Canapp [01:53:21]:
Oh, wow. Really?

Kenneth Johnson [01:53:24]:
No, I mean, other than sushi.

Lou Mongello [01:53:27]:
Best mexican.

Lisa DiNoto [01:53:29]:
I got a zoo.

Kenneth Johnson [01:53:32]:
Black rooster. Taqueria, baby.

Jason Canapp [01:53:34]:
Yeah, I'm gonna try the black rooster now.

Lou Mongello [01:53:35]:
Kenneth take a black rooster this week. Yeah, we're totally cyber truck or whatever he drives. And go.

Jason Canapp [01:53:42]:
Yeah, yeah. And we need to go to the coat there. Towie. The Koi Taco company, too.

Kenneth Johnson [01:53:51]:
Best bagel that. No question. Right?

Jason Canapp [01:53:54]:
Stuff a bagel.

Lou Mongello [01:53:54]:
For sure. I put stuff a bagel over Jeff's.

Jason Canapp [01:53:57]:
Yeah, yeah. What about pizza, dude, it's.

Lou Mongello [01:54:02]:
That's a whole separate show. The whole best pizza. We, we. How do we not talk about a pizza place?

Jason Canapp [01:54:08]:
I don't know.

Kenneth Johnson [01:54:09]:
I know. Well, you guys are probably gonna laugh at me, but I really like Pisano.

Lou Mongello [01:54:13]:
Pizza nose is right. Pineapple.

Jason Canapp [01:54:16]:
Swear by Pisanos. People swear.

Lisa DiNoto [01:54:18]:

Lou Mongello [01:54:18]:
Pisanos. And Wintermere, I think, is the best pizza in the area, because we really.

Kenneth Johnson [01:54:23]:
Okay, suffer. So I don't feel too bad.

Lou Mongello [01:54:24]:
We suffered from. From a lack of a good pizza place. That's a great call. I even think about pizza. Pizza. No. Says great and great. Like, plates and stuff too.

Lou Mongello [01:54:32]:
Yeah, good call. The captain's pizza at Pisano's.

Jason Canapp [01:54:35]:
Captain's pizza.

Lou Mongello [01:54:36]:
The captain's is the way to go. All right, so you're picking me up right now. You're picking all of us up right now. Where do we go? Where do we go for late night snack?

Jason Canapp [01:54:45]:
Well, we still get me up. We can still get food at lazy dog. They're open till midnight and it's quarter of.

Kenneth Johnson [01:54:53]:
I really am dying to try this juju kappo bar now.

Lou Mongello [01:54:56]:
Dude, it's gonna change your life. It's gonna change. But we're gonna make reservations when we're done with this call.

Kenneth Johnson [01:55:04]:
But late night black rooster, baby, that's where you go.

Jason Canapp [01:55:10]:
I think he's actually going to go. He's so pumped up about. I think he's actually gonna. He's really gonna go.

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