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Author: Kendall Foreman

An Easter Egg inside of an Easter Egg at PizzeRizzo

After the time has passed to play the music and light the lights, the Muppets leave the theater and get on with their lives just like everyone else. They have joys to celebrate and sorrows to endure, and evidence of both can be found in one of Walt Disney World’s greatest Easter eggs inside of an Easter egg.

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Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort: 50 Facts for its 50th Anniversary

With a history spanning five decades, it makes sense that certain meals at the resort’s dining locations have become tradition for Walt Disney World guests.  To close out this series celebrating 50 years of Disney’s tropically-themed accommodations, this last entry is serving up a buffet filled with the varied culinary delights of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.  

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Introductory image for the 2010s edition of the Walt Disney World Influencer of the Decade series

The Walt Disney World Influencer of the Decade – The 2010s

Following a decade which saw the addition of very few attractions, most of which were overlays or imports, Walt Disney World was about to debut a new nighttime show that would open the technological floodgates in a way that would impact and practically reinvent almost every attraction and entertainment offering for the remainder of the 2010s and beyond.

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