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Author: Tyler Johnson

It’s Mickey Mouse’s 93rd Birthday!

Oh boy, how different this all would’ve been had he been named Mortimar… Nevertheless, Mickey has stolen our hearts across generations, country borders, from screen to shining screen, and all over our houses. We sure do love our merch. But he is more than just a plush that sits on the shelf or in the cribs of our children. Mickey Mouse is the triumph of the idea that a simple creation with just the right amount of heart, humor, and heroism can transcend the face value of those big ears of his and become a shared piece of magic to all those who call Disney home. Who doesn’t get chills when Mickey Mouse comes strolling down Main Street? Who doesn’t get excited when they see a new mickey backpack in a color they don’t have yet? Yes, this charming mouse has now been with us for 93 years, and the love for him continues to grow. So go out and celebrate Mickey Mouse today! Share your pictures of Mickey all around your house and your life; from phone backgrounds to car decals. Let those mouse merch pics fly! And we’ll see ya real soon.

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